The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 05, 1917, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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TAftE 5.
Murray Department
1 r any of lI'p of
Journal know of unr scnial
event oi iiem if imri-rst in
this vi-;rii!.v. H'xl will maM
same to i hi o'lwt . ii will ar
1 ar mi'ici' t in.-, Wo
waul all news iu?:i. s 1"i:tok
BnmaKimauurmiHa- '
Trepared in the Interest of the Teople of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Headers
secuvihg teller; l
r r
After the
Honeymoon Start Right!
Youn married couples starting off on life's journey should open a
bank account at once. Nothing makes more for independence than a bank
nccoun After it is once started you'll be surprised how it grows. It
g-ives young people a feeling of security.
Start With Us Today
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
Vv. Oiimore and L. D. Hiatt drove
'.. Line In Monday
Mrs. Ivan White has beer, numbered
v. i.ii tlu- sick f(ll- the pat few days.
Uiur $100.00 for your car if stolen,
if you arc insured by J. Y. Holmes.
!:. Jackson went down to Dunbar
Tuesday where he was attending a
church rieetinp-.
Frank Vallery was looking: after
- me business matter in Omaha
.Monday of this week
Mr. ami Mrs. E. S. Tutt and Mrs.
Elmer Boedeker were Plattsniouth
vi-iors Tuesday afternoon.
Jack Ehilpot and Lee Brown ship
ped a car of hoirs to the South Omaha Tuesday of this week.
L.oMi to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Shoe
matiev. a haby hoy, on March
Motiier and little one doing; nicely.
Mr-. I.ulu Loughridfre has been en-u-.:;red
as nurse for the past few days
at the home of .Airs. Frank Kendall.
'hris Shoemaker, one of the pros-
!.: :;- farmers from near Xehawka,
viitiny with Murray friends
Mi.-s Leora Brown, who is attend
i: 'r .--hool in Lincoln, came down last
I-'rirday evening to spend Saturday
i Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mr-. J. A. Drown.
'h;s. Wolfe, who is still at the
i.o.-jiital in Omaha, has I teen improving-
for the past few days, and will
.--.oil lie in position to stand the sur
idca! operation for goitre, from which
i " ha I -ten suffering- for some time
V. ro. Carper and wife, of Manley,
;a.-.-ed through Murray last Sunday
r.:".:te to I'lattsmouth, where they
isited for a few hours with Mr.
Kci.rt'dy, a brother of Mrs. Carper,
wh.. is a member of the Nebraska
N:v. i n.'A (Juard, who is now located
;.t i'
Offer $100.00 for your car if stolen,
if you are insured by J. Y. Holmes.
Harry Todd shipped a car l-md of
hogs to the South- Omaha market
Tuesday evening.
Mrs. Tom Eubv was taken to the Sunday at the home of M
Jim Fitch is sporting a new Ford
car this week.
Otto Schafer was , a I'lattsmouth
visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. Lena Lyman was an Omaha
visitor Momlay of this week.
Mrs. L. II . Puis and .Mrs. W. II.
Puis were Omaha visitors last Tues
day. Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman are
visiting with Murray friends tins
James Biown .shippped his cattle
to the South Omaha maiket last
For sale A lot of '.dock c ;ton
v.ood at 7oC per load at my 'arm.
James Brown, Murri.
Adam Schafer was looking after
seme business matters in the county
:;eat last Saturday.
The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Bar
rows is Hearing completion. It is
nearly ready for the plasterer.
Miss Birdie Eiimurton. of Kii-x
county is visiting this week at the
home of her aunt. Mrs. Kennedy.
Mr and Mrs. Chas. Herren have
H The 13th episode of
! i 77
frmii V".l!i"sii;iy's l;ii!y.
Last evening alter o'clock quite a
serious accident occurred on IVa'l
street near the Ihue-r garage, v. in n
the lajrc super-six Hudson automo
bile owned hy William Puis of Murray
clashed into the hose and wagon !e
Icnjrins: to William 11. Ejrenberjjer, the
coal dealer. The car had just swung
aiound the corner into Pearl street
when the accident occurred and before
the machine could be stopped when it
was seen that the wagon was in the
; ath of the machine ike crash came.
The hoie which was hitched to the
wagon was l adiy injured, having the
bene in o?-e of the front ee;s of the
animal badiy shatie'ed and the .-hoal-'.''?r-
of tl e w:i- a!-t b:d!y in
jured, makimr it a .-erious rr.aite!
been eniovintr a visit from some re- ir u';" in
- i
The wa-
latives from (klahoma foi
few days.
O. A. lavis and the Ohihaon Sloe!:
nether or not the t
the future
the partU-' Ka'l!y in a- hed t'p r i !"-' ::
! an:! ::: the i duion of iiie owne:- ir
i . . . . .
no! he ao;o to rrrain oe u-c. I ut iu
Farm are idartinjr sweet clover on!1-' ,v'-:"("1 ,: 'n" r:"aI' lll-r !
m. ;.. n.A i- i.-i. ,u; ......... i.-iil-d i hue to be . . placed with a n. w wa'--.n.
out wiater.
Misses I.-abel'e. Mar-ie and Maru
Shrader, of :na'na. are wit!i
Murrav fi lends anc reititives for a!
few days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W;n. Puis an ! dai.-h
ter, 1-aui a. spent the ilay h. -
j Th.
m r.
o!i. wa
I thrown ri,,i U1..' '.;'"-or to t!ie i ; V"-
liien:, arr: ;;?, ere-1 a
up. as wt II as ( ivr !
: aKneUf.rn it is net t :
j in la: !es will pro e (i
I ear was oc'rinea b
.h i
oily brt-i-e
o :aht tia.t
a nt.'mii'.
i' .
d Mrs.
. ii' i ie-
mra Pais. Mrs. V.
A u. trust Ei-.trel! emtie;, wt-i o
April 7th, afternoon zndn
evening. Supper at S; a!
hospital in Omaha last Friday, where
she was placed for treatment. ! I-uy-
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Boedeker. j Easier BSZSr
Miss Eeulah Sans, Mrs. Jos. Sans j pres fcy f e r l a n ChUTCll OTi
imu iici. ouns uiuvc lo vmautt itisi
Minford & Creamer shipped a car
load of hors to South Omaha Mon- j Q'clock.
day of this week, also one the latter
part of lat-t week.
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
James Campbell, who has been sick
for the past few days has been im
proving this week.
The M. P. railroad company have
ds and iittie ;.ou. r
;,s Phdooi nd Mi-..
i ali of M u rray. a n i ;
iET2;ti,e paiiy reci i ed
f; ibt in the aeeide r.
v. . re ;:. :ure.j. 1 l.e
3t:;!'- iare'e v.v.i iu-a
Irs. L. H. i'uN.
e. Eul: 'doniei"".
i.e members i"
a vt-.-y s:ere
:. a'th'.t:v;h noae
automobile was
and was i;-t
v oamauxc v t-.e wreck.
l'raid. M'asei- ri'ceiwd a boo Dur
ham calf tids we.-h. that was pur
chased from the herd of J . L. Yoiuis''.
nea r v oieiaoe'e. .ir.' lias
enirajrei' in the line s.ock businesj
the past few years, and is jrettine- 'iie
i eo
r .
-Ne:t ...oii ttn the j
both iooi-ninu' and
Sahb.dh Sc'io..! wiii
thv ar rnh -ir sev. i-.
b-r v. ill preach
"ain.a' and the
e held lefore
Evei'v one i-
in two reIs
Any Old Duke'll Do
a Viclor comedy
A Trip to Palestine
Powers comedy one reel
Saturday Evening,
Show Starts at 7:45 Sharp
1 kIt" 7
rtiBS'?pssrii if 1 i I i r JiaV'A I II
A Barn Worth Keeping Is
A Barn Worth Painting
A larn needs protection just as much as a hous-e. in fact
more protection, because it is not built as substantially.
You can point to your barn with as much pride as you
do to your home if it is painted with
It is made expressly for barns, corn cribs, silos, fences,
etc. It is a durable, weather-resisting paint for rough or
smooth lumber. 1 1 sinks in, sticks tigh t and saves repairs.
Murrav Hardware and Imolement Go .
r' l.OO 1
I'm .n.
st ain; fertility iruarantccd; .
If.; ' So for 100, F. O. B. '
Call tr wiite. L. 11. Upton,; Neb.
ibme ri'"v.ii aii'a
lr rb t !" S. O. Cob
i ret U b"- sal
Myirrd, Neb.
4-"-ln.o v k
idle CelePaLed Perclieroii Sutdion
i -.v, s. , . ... , . . - - .At.
-"' A ti
3 - . -
'i ....
of tht
finest herds in th.e r.othern ; mvi.eJ
been uoinfr some jrrauinjr on tne part of the state.
north end of their siding here for the j c-h.., rhniKl. returned home from
purpose of laying about one mile of : Custer and counties last week,
new suhn- j he been for the past few-
Mr. and -Mrs. Frank Boedeker and ('a:s look in. tr after bis lan.i ii.tcre.sts.
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Opp, from Ne-;He reports everythii.e: in that s.cti--n
h.awka, were Murray visitors . uf the state looking at this time
Sunday, quests at the home of Mr.Jof th.e year, especially .is the winter
and Mrs. Elmer Boedeker.
r ioi. :n i
! a
"Buddie" the little son of Mr. and i 7ll. t. r r,. , , , . ,
i i'r. i. 1 . l;cnue! has been
Mrs. John Kobbins met with a very ();.,.Jla fi;,. lK. ):lt ,vet.k w!u.rt.
painful accident last Sunday. While ! lectivil n-,tii(:ai treatment The
nlavin'" hall his hi-othei- struck him! ... . ,
' doctor nas r)ut m a nrettv .narcl wm-
-i . i . ii . i . ii i - ' -
ter in his practice, and is takimr a
e.-s sei ices.
ur.dav r.ftt m..on the Mirsionar;.
Sociel v v id iiave a ha:;::ct r, or sale oi
farcy foods ar.d nia.r.y useful artick's
at toe church., and wa! also sere :i
' o'clock dinner a food one.
Th.e rep -rts. ai. the annual meetini
were juite eiicourac inf. The con
f ref atitn closed the year without in-
in the eye with a ball bat, badly bruis
ing the eye, resulting in no perman
ent injury, but very painful for a
few days.
The Murray Board of Education
held their refular anual meeinf on
Tuesday of this week, and with other
business transacted, they selected the
teachers for the schools for the com
inf year, who are as follows: Miss
Rachel Livinfston, principal; Miss
Gladys Whitmore, of Lincoln assis
tant principal; Miss Sophia Ulrich,
of Plattsniouth, fiammar depart
ment; Miss Beulah Sans, primary.
much needed rest and treatment for
his future health, ar.d wiil return
home in short time fee! in. e: as food
as new. This is the wish of his many
e was quite a pleasant fatrr
Our P3ew
are being picked up rapidly by customers,
due to their style, beauty and price, which
range from
$1.50 to $3.00
Sport Hats for girls 50 and 75c
Fibre Silk Hose for ladies in blue, pink, white
and black 50c; Misses white lisle hose 25
and 35c; Men's silk hose in blue, cham
pagne, hclio, black and white at 35c.
and the canvass maue
provides for the work at home for th.e
new year, and insures an increase in
missionary cont; i'outians. Almost
three times as much as was contribut
ed for missions in the last year as
had been p'ei'fed at the befinninf of
the year.
Dr. and Mrs. -Jackson left Tuesday
merninf for Dunbar to attend the
s.-rions of the Omaha Presbytery,
and also to make a shoi t visit with
friends. They expect to return by
Tuesdav evt ninf .
P.emember t:iat next Sunday i
Easter and every Christian should b'.
on. hard at ike ir- rnirf worship, to
help celebrate the resurrection :
( Mi in J l oin u e oe.ol. I no sermon
ionic will be "The Calamitous Conse-
nue"ci.'s of an Fnrisen Christ."
Tiie eveiiirf tojiic will be '"Cluis
tian Warfare."
Be loe-eiit al-o a' the bible school
which begins promptly at 10 a. m.
erinf at the Adam Sc'nafer home in
Eifht Mile (Jrove precinct, lat Sat
urday cveidnf, at which time a laife
number of Mr. Schakr's friends fath-
jered in to assist him in celebrating
his forty-Jiist birthday. It was one
of the m.'tst pleasant occur ions of the
sea.-'-n. jdvJity to eat. plenty of music,
social conversation, fames of numer
ous kinds and a fenuine food time
for all.
Joseph Johnson, rcsidir.f near!
Plattsmouth, closed a deal this week
whereby be become the owner of the
Frank Campbell farm f Ibit acres,
cast of Murray, lie also boufht an
eifht y acre tract of Geo. Adams, lyitif
just east of this P',0, eivirif lr. John
son l' iO in the one piece. This i.s an
excellent farm, one that will prob
ably be the future home of Mr.
Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. CamnbeU
are movir- to the farm that they re
cently j uiihased of Chas. Schwab.
Halve Stockham. of Oconto, Ne
braska, has been visitinf amonf Cass
county friends for the past four
weeks, j-eviewinf the scenes of his
youiifer days at th.e oid home. He
was in Murray Tuesday for a few
hours. .Mr. Stockham was en route
homo from a business trip down io
Florida. He moved from Cas:; county
'.) years ;ifo, returning for a brief
visit a few years afterward, but has
i'ot been hero in the past 21 years,
and in that time many eharees hav To the Aiexartdcr Nu series, Lincoln
been brfuht about, the greatest of i avenue, Plattsmouth. N'eb., lo fL t your
wldch is that but few cf his old time supply of apple trees at 12tjC up to
friends are left. With those whom "Joe; frape vines, 10 to 2,"c; straw-
h.e met the visit was a pleasant one berry plants, Standard and Evcrbear-
for bth. In Murray he was a fuest inr varieties, and Flow erinf Bulbs,
of Dr. 'Giimore, and was met hy Henry Try and see us before phnvliuf time.
Heebner. a life loner friend wdth whom 4-2-2v.L;wkly
he a visit with count v seat i
friends Wednesday.
Forty acres of land in Cass County,
Minnesota. For particulars call on
Fred S. Bice, Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
The Aid Society will be entertain
ed by Mesdanies Anna White, Warren
and Lb-;, d Gapea at iiv home of Mr,.
A'-.v: White on Wcdiv.- dny afternoon.
April lldi.
Murray came cry near seeinf a
fenuine touch, of war last Sunday.
and enemies seemed to be approachinf
on e.erv side, and after a number of
i si
Teddy P.. is a line Percheron Stal
lion, black with white hind feet :;ol
fht front foot white. He was foil
u March :h. Ibll'. and weifhs 1T.""
ounds. His sire was Morton. ',72::i;
'.ty Epateur olMio (GPJ1L); by Boli
var, 40111 (4WG2); by Amilcar,
(l!!;T10; by Sultan, (4713); by Bay
ard (040", by Estruba, 187 (73(i) by
son of Jean Le Blanc, (730k
The Celebrated Younf Jack San
dors. Sanders is an excellent younf Jack,
cominf six years old, weifhinf 10o0
pounds, plenty extra heavy bone, black
with mealy points. Sanders, (52D8)
was foaled June l'Jll. II is sire
vas San Salvador 2d, by Salvador,
imported from Spain. Sandors wTas
bred and owned by Frank Busch, of
Villa Bidfe, Missouri.
Teddy B. and Sanders will make
the season of 11)17 at my home six
miles west of Murray and six miles
east of Manley, every day in the
week. Both are sure Boa! fetters,
.nd have been inspected for 1U17 and
found perfectly sound.
TEEMS : For Sanders .l.".oo to
insure coit to stand and suck. For
Teddy K. 12."0 to insure colt to stand
rd suck. Parties disposing of marcs
or removiiif from the locality, service
fee becomes due and must be paid
immediately. All care will be taken
lo prevent accidents, but owner will
not be held responsible should any
oi-cu r.
io no encounters tne siimKe oi i tat
tle cleared away, ami all warriors
went oil their way reji-icinf, with r
serious injuries.
'Jf!ice supplies nt t:i Jouruai ollice.
Stop! Look? Listen!
You may need an Auctioneer
if so
s still in the ring You will findl
on the Murray Exchange.
Reverse Ail Galls!
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Rates Reasonable
Piailsmsuth, Nebraska
Route No. 1
Just ArrivsngE
. s . . ',
Very Wice Patterns cf Thin
Press oods
as well as Percales, Ginghams and Calicos!
L I if
New and Up-to-Dale Line for Men, Women
and Children.
Remember CurGroccry Stock is Always
Up to the Standard!
Puis & Gansemer,
Drs. tVlach & Ellach, Ttia Dentists
The largest nd best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Sreialit
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Moderate Prices, forctiaia
just like tooth. Instruments carefully siwnuea aner using.
Send for mi sample of Sani-Pyor Pyorrhea Treatment.
3rd Floor Paxton Block, OMAHA
lalists la I
Fistula Pay When Cured
A mild system of treatrncEt that ceres Pile. Fistula end
other Recta I Diseases in short time, without a severe sur
fiical operation. No Chloroform, Ether or other (ereril
enasthenc iied. A core guaranteed in every cae acrepted
for treatment, aad no money to be paid nnti I co'ed. Write for book on Recta 1 Diseases, with names
and testimonials of more tuan 1000 prominent people who have been permanently cured.
DR. E. R. TARRY 240 Bee Building; OMAHA, NEBRASKA
um ElSylE
atorday JUvening
April 7th5 1917
Admission, Gents 50c; Ladies Free!
Music by Holly's Orchestra