The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 05, 1917, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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    i . j KI'c-Si--T. APRIL ". is;.
fciil1!! i Vir) ,Vi f irf nil i
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1 . . f Iff f f fflftiPmfMPi
r. tit r- . . m - -
. id CM
i k L L . KJ. X' I. i lib S
No Matter AVhat Action America
Takes, it is Said in Ucrlin. Ger
many 'Won't Begin Hos
tilities. I
Yankees in Fatherland Will Be Given
Same Freedom as All Other
' K "r "; -
r r V J I 1
V Plattsmouth, Nebraska
v ""'ft --: Jtr ioi-.--:on. Jtirt-j;. fr-.c:)o n '.I i " I ' ' -C;
V enctum Lrn.thtni the IJ. il1 tt---- ,-iT, " .TTVr - S?
Berlin, April .3 (Via London, April ! would be to an extent exempt from
4.) The press report of President ' the provisions of this law. State de-Wil-m's
state of war message reach- j partment officials revealed today that
ed Derlin at 10 o'clock this morning. Germany recently replied to the
It is declared here that there would American note refusing to accept its
be r., char ge in the German attitude proposal regarding the treaty because
even if congress adopted President of its "disregard of the canons of
So!d on Easy Payment Plan. Ride While You Pay
Drcp us a card and we will explain our Payment Plan, and demonstrate
this wonderful machine to you.
W. E. DEWEY, Manager
1C12 Cpitcl Avenue OMAHA, NEB.
Real rubber none of that puttyfied. near-rubber
look to Savage Tires.
The tough, grips-the-road tread the resilient,
shock-absorbing cushion the strong, yet flexi
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Stock always fresh, Sold from factory to you
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J LiS L3 V k
if iiT it
Hssp hig milsszjs!
TVil-.r.V. v,
Vv-,'-(; wr.r
Tne si:
tir.i:evi a .
:cv-. Germany
will not I
v ?:! take snv ?to)s to v Inst the United States. !
a:arine war will be con-;
neeii cuJH.iutea since :
vbruary 1. I.ut his, declare the olli
clals, is r.t direvted ir.;:e ualnst the
'nited Stales than any other neutral.
It a!.;o is declare:! that there will
ro char:;;e in t'r.2 treatment of
A m?ri:an citizens in Germany who
txy have the same freedom as ail
other neutrals. Hut Germany expects
that the United States will continue
the same treatment of Germans ia
that country.
Washington, April While Presi
dent Wilson has indicated the benevo
lent policy this government will pur
sue toward Germans in this country,
lesral officers of the administration to
day directed attention to a law al
ready on the statute books under
which, as scon as congress declares
war, every unnaturalized tierman
M -T' or r-1? or re:uu,eu uiieii cin-iiiics.
Under the old Prussian-American
trcatv of 182S German citizens here
S3 f
international courtesy'
and its "clear
Intior." of the trcatv itself,
jv.' ikanils were si'cn out
it is ;;:u;ei-
riend l!u;t Germany
d that it
-'.aa i.naitu me irea.;, aim e:oceu a ,
esire to uliue ov it. i
victims m SHIPS
New York, Apiil 3. The British
steamship Stanley, from Newport
News, March 7, with a cargo of grain
for Cherbourg, was sunk Ly a German
submarine without warning on March
21 and five members of her crew
killed. Fifteen survivors of the ship
reached here today on the steamship
Port Albany. Two other members of
the crew, one an American, died of ex
posure in open boats.
One of the small boats containing
the captain and eighteen more men
had not been heard from by the men
arriving today and they fear it was
When torpedoed the Stanley was
nearing the Irish coast and as the
men were taking to the boats the
submarine fired upon them and the
ship with a deck gun, the survivors
asserted. The men killed by the ex
plosion of the torpedo were three en
gineers and two firemen.
Two boats were lowered. The one
containing the captain and eighteen
men drifted away from the boat which
contained the men picked up by the
Port Albany, and has not been heard
of since.
The other drifted for seventy-six
hours before being sighted by the Pert
Albany. This boat had on board Chief
Officer Colo, Chief Engineer Jenkins,
and fifteen of the crew. They were
all but exhausted from exposure. Two
of their number, including the Amer
ican, died, and more would have soon
perished, officers say, had their res
cue been longer delayed. The officers
said they could not recall the name of
the American. His home was in New
port News.
The Stanley was a ship of 3,087 tons
gross, 3S9 feet long, and was built at
West Hartlepool in 1914. She was
owned by the Pyman Steamship com
pany of West Partlepool.
Am breeding from Scott Covalt's
best strain of Reds this year. "Only
one breed:" $1.00 per settine at the
hcuse, $1.25 per setting bv mail; $5
Der 100. bv express. Phone Platts- .
mouth 4021, W. B. Porter, Mynard,
l.TiT SO
Washington, P. C, April ?,. Colonel
Roosevelt stepped erf here today on
his way home from Florida to call on
President Wilson at the White House
and congratulate him on his address
to congress.
Colonel Roosevelt went to the main
door of the executive mansion, where
he learned that the president had sone
over to his offices. He told the chief
usher he wa. only in town between
train:: and wished to congratulate the
president cn "his great state paper."
The colorr.d left his card and depaited
without seeing the president.
Colonel Roosevelt, while standing in
thj mid-t of a great crowd in the rail
road station here, dictated the follow
ing statement:
'The preler.t's message is a great
state paper whic h will rank in history
among the great state papers of which
American in future years will be
pro -id. It now. rests with the people
of the country to see that we put in
practice the- policy the president has
outlined and that we strike as hard,
as soon and as effectively as possible
hi aggres: ive war against the govern
ment of Gei many. We must send
troops to the iiiing line as rapidly as
possible. Defensive war i hopeless.
We must by vigorous offensive war
fare win t Jit- right to have ou.' voice
count for civilization and jjstire when
th time fo- peace comes.
"I, of course, very earnestly hope
thai I may be allowed to raise a divi
sion for immediate serice at the front.
I guarantee that no finer body of
righting men could be gathered toe-ether
than there would be in that di
vision, but of course, the men to
a horn I would appeal, will come for
ward if it is understood that the divl-.-'on
is to be sent at the t'-a- liest prac
ticable moment into the lighting line."
Colonel Roosevelt did not intend to
stop here until this morning when he
read the or'ident's address. Then he
decided to stop over and congratulate
Followed through the station by a
Vnge crowd, from which many rushed
,OMK 1.1S
hand, the coljr.el toc-k
sent by Ins daugliter,
Lonwo: ih. and drove
V hke li :.: e. He in
a train later in the
ev York.
an automcbile,
::rs. u;.-ho;;.
tend'-d t-:
CAi. .;A)
1 .-:-.. I ' i 'y.
Commissioner C. K. I.'oel-
rer departed this -ifternoon for Oma
ha in response to a me-sage announc
ing the serious c ndition of his both-er-in-hiv.-,
James Fleming, who was
ir; tired in that city this afternoon.
??r. Fleming will be well remember
ed in this city where he operated a
hiuiKf'-y for some tim? and had been
a resilient of Cass county for a num
ber of years before going to Omaha
v heie he has re.-dded.
Eggs for hatching. Single comb
Huff Orphington, ?1.00 per setting or
sT-.OO per 100. Samuel Goodman,
Mynard, Nebraska.
Home grown timothy and clover
ed for sale. Gollaher Bros., Elm-
wood, Neb.
The Celebrated Stallion
3 crt-at-:
UL.YSSE, 6605
Will make the season of 1917 at my
home, three and a helf miles west and
one mile south of Murray. Ulysse
is an extra good Belgian draft horse,
weighing 220(1 pounds, a beautiful
dark bay in color, age. seven years.
Ulysse is well known in this section
of Cass County, and has the reputa
tion of being an excellent foal getter.
Terms $15.00 to insure colt to
stj.nd and suck. When parties dis
pose of mares or remove them from
this part of the county service fee
becomes due and payable immediately.
A11 care wiU be taken to prevent ac-
c5dents- but owner of horse will not
ue i:eiu responsmie snoum any occur,
fl. 0. ESAST, Ovner
So Everyone Thought, But Is Now
Weil And Stronger Than Ever.
Newton, Mo. "I can certainly
speak & good word for Cardui, the
woman's tonic," eay3 Mrs. Jay
Rhoades, of this town. "I suffered for
12 years with my right side, and the
last three years, I would have a bad
spell with it about every three months.
I would get so bad off, every one
would think I could not live.
The first of July, I began taking
Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I
haven't had a bad spell since soon
after I began taking it.
Before taking Cardui, I was so ir
regular, and, at times, I could hardly
stand on my feet. Now, I can clean
house, and do any kind of work with
out its hurting me in the least.
Cardui will surely do for other
women, what it did for me. I am tell
ing all my neighbors about it."
Cardui is a mild and effective tonic
for women, that has been found, by
actual use, during more than 50 years,
to relieve the ailments to which all
women are peculiarly liable.
Card-u-i has helped thousands.
Why not you? Try it. ncbi
From Wednesday's Daily.
The Fetzer Shoe company in this
city has just made an addition to the
equipment of their store that will be
a great accommodation to their pa
trons and add greatly to the comfort
of those who trade at this up-to-date
footwear establishment. This is in the
shape of twenty-four new and modern
seats for the customers, which have
been installed in the salesroom. These
seats are placed in sets of six and are
of mahogany finish and upholstered
in dark leather, making a handsome
appearance, and with their comfort
able finishings makes it a pleasure for
the customers of the store. These
seats, which are in opera chair design,
will replace the long seats that have
been in use in the store for a number
of years, and are certainly a most
pleasing equipment to the store. The
seats will also give a great deal more
room in the store and permit a larger
-,rnbc r of customers to be waited upon
the clerks, and while waiting they
tan enjoy real comfort. This makes
the Fetzer store with its large stock
( nc of the most modern shoe stores in
this .section of the state.
i''rom Tuesday'. Daily.
Last evening quite a number from
Louisville motored down to attend the
temperance meeting at the Presby
terian church and to hear the address
given there. Among those coming
from our neighboring city were: Rev.
A. E. Wachtefand wife, Charles John
son and family, C. E. Noyes and wife,
II. G. Wilson and wife and Earl May
field and wife. The visitors after en
joying the meeting motored back to
their home feeling that they had en
joyed a pleasant treat.
From "Wednesday's Daily.
Mr. C. L. Deitz of St. Joseph, Mo.,
has just been placed in charge of the
Burlington lumber yard in this city,
the appointment becoming effective on
April 1st. Mr. Deitz has moved his
family to this city and will make his
future residence here and look after
his work for the Burlington. He is
a practical lumber man of several
years experience and comes very high
ly recommended for his new position.
The foremanship of the lumber yard
here has been vacant since the death
of Mr. J. II. Kuhns several months
160 acres of land, 10 miles from
Baldwin, Mich., in Lake Co., 3 miles
from railroad station. Price $1,250.
Address Louis Stava, Plattsmouth,
Insure your automobiles, steam en
gines, threshmg outfits, farm stock,
city and farm property. Low rates on
all kinds of insurance. I am repre
senting two of the best companies in
the state. Call Phone No. 440-W.
James Dvorak. 3-6-2wd
East Riley HoteL
Coates' Block,
Second Floor
From Wednesday's Daily.
Last evening at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Mary Fulcher in
Bellevue, occurred the death of Henry
Meyers, one of the pioneers of Sarpy
country, and the father of Mrs. T.
M. Patterson of this city. The
death of Mr. Meyers removes one of
the most prominent and highly es
teemed residents of that community
where for the past half century he
has been one of the active figures, and
his passing will be sincerely mourned
by a large number of friends. Mr.
Meyers was past ninety-one years of
age at the time of his death and for
some time has been in failing health
due to his advanced years, gradually
sinking into his last long rest. The
funeral of this estimable pioneer citi
zen will be held Thursday afternoon
at 3 o'clock at the home in Bellevue
and he will be laid to rest among the
scenes he loved so well. He is sur
vived by four daughters, Mrs. Mary
Fulcher, Bellevue; Mrs. George A.
Wilcox, Mrs. J F. Wilcox and Miss
Emma Meyers of Omaha and Mrs.
T. M. Patterson of Plattsmouth, as
well as two sons, Frank Meyers of
Pocatello, Idaho and William Meyers,
of Fort Crook. In the death of this
good man the children and relatives
will receive the sympathy of a host
of warm friends throughout this sec
tion of the state where the family has
so long resided.
From Wednesday's Daily.
Last evening Sheriff Quinton was
called down to Murray where William
March was reported as being in a
state of intoxication and raising sev
eral varities of shoel around his home
cursing and swearing and generally
conducting himself in a manner con
trary to the peace and dignity of the
law. The sheriff on arrival at Mur
ray found the condition of affairs as
represented and proceeded to take the
warlike Mr. March into camp and
bringing him back to this city to Je
lodged in jail. This morning County
Attorney Cole filed a complaint
against the man and on hearing the
evidence in the case Judge Beeson de
cided that it would be necessary for
Mr. March to spend thirty days as
the guest of Sheriff Quinton in the
county jail. This is not the first of
fense of the kind that the gentleman
has been found guilty of and accord
ingly he was given the limit of the
law. He has just recently returned
from Lincoln where he was taking
treatment at the dipso ward of the
tu te hospital but the treatment seems
to have been without and effect as
far as curbing the desire for strong
From S. C. Rhode Island Reds and
S. C. White Orpingtons, $1.00 per 15;
$5.00 per 100. Local delivery. A. O.
Ramge, Plattsmouth. Phone 3513.
In the County Court of Cans County
State of Nebraska.
County ot Cass. ss.
To all persons interested in the estate
of Julia K. Thomas-, deceased:
On reading: the petition of William
Seay prayinar that the instrument tiled
in this court on the 23 day of March
1917. and purporting; to be the last
will and testament of said dec-eased.
may be proved and allowed, and re
corded as the last will ami testament
of said deceased, may be proved and
allowed .and recorded as the last will
and testament of Julia VZ. Thomas de
c-eased; that said instrument be admit
ted to probate, and th administration
of said estate be granted to Jake Hoff
man as executor. It is hereby order
that you. and all persons interested
in said matter, may. and do appear at
the County Court to be held in and
for said county on the 23rd day of
April. A. I. 1917. at 9 o"elock A. M..
to show cause, if any there be. why
the prayer of the petitioner shoufd not
be granted, and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and that the
hearing thereof be given to all persons
interested in said matter by publish
ing a copy of this order in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper printed in said county for three
successive weeks prior to said day of
Witness my hand, and seal of sold
court, this 2.1rl dav of March, A. 1.
County Judge.
First Published April 2, 1917.
In Thf County Court
The State of Nebraska,
Cass County, ss.
Inthe Matter of Emma Alta Johnson
To the Creditors of said Estate:
Tou are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the County Court Koom in
Plattsmouth in said County on the
24th day of April, 1917. and on the
24th day of October, 1917. at 10 o'clock
A. M. each day to receive and examine
all claims against said estate, with a
view to their adjustment and allow
ance. The time limited for the pre
sentation of claims against said estate
is six months from the 24th dav of
April, A. D. 1917. and the time limited
for payment of debts is One Year from
saifi 24th day of April, 1917.
Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, this 26th day of March
fseal) Countv judge.
First TubHshed March 20, 1917.
l.r.5l. nTirr.
in 11i Ccmuiy t t.itn .f t urn rr.uiiirr;
.Citf- of Xel.rnskn.
. t't'UM V of , ss.
To .Mi Ida .Mil).r und Join TTrnrv Mn-J"-r
iind all per -"in- iriW-ifst ! in
estf.te of Hr.rj C. MilUr, .": .1 . ! .
tfi reriii inp ti. retiiioii i.r .il.ei ..
Miller l.r:ivinfl tliai 1 tie ir,t I irr.-. 1
liied iri ttil- . 1 r f on i.e ::m .i.t ..1
January. J 1 T . :H'id P'.ir fr 1 ir,r: 10 1..
1 in- J;isl will ;ifil 1 I :i riii-i. 1 ot : 1
-.lid dw'a -!. fr.:i l.- ".. :tfi.t ;i I
I11W1 il, Jiful I ... Ml.-. I ;is ll.i- l:i-l w.M
.'4 rnl li-vtii 'ruii t of iO-ritv '. Mill.-i
-,( i-i! ; lh:4l s;iii 1 n - I I 11 ftn-n I ! :n!-rnilti-d
to ioli:il-. :iinl ilu- . 1 rn i n -1 ? 1
tion of said stal- In- yi ;i N t ! ! i !'.
Miller as eyi-cut ri. If 1- I . 1 ,
ordcrid thai you. and all .r.-or :n-
fert-t., in said rii;iltf, 111:1 . afi l On.
iiin':ii' al lln- t'oinity . u r f to ' . -1 . 1
ifi arid for sai-l ruilfitv. on t h- Mill
dav of Al.iil. A. I. 10 17. al l ..... I.
A. ?!.. In sl.ovv i;iii- il :'ii linn' 1 .
why tli- ray-r of in.- t t i t ion- r
-lioiil't not l- k'i anti .l, an. I rn'to-o
of I t.i- p. - nil . n -y 0 1' i 1 ! it i'i!i ii '1 I
That liit- liearirijr thio..f ! ti'.-i
nil person?-- i 11 1 i-il in m.i 1'.. 1
i- pit"' inv a i-opv of Ihi- t mi
tli I'iat t'-.iiouth Join hul. f.',-
Ve-kly W p.l pi-f ptihil-d ill -;,;.! y, for ti.n Mn-i-i-y.-ivi. v -prior
to siii.l ikiv of hi :itin.
Vilii ':s in'.' ham!, add M ai of ' : id
eouri. ll.i- '',!!, .!;,.- of Maul;. .. I
I H 1 7 .
(S-al AI.I.KN' J. T:;-:nst v.
t ..;;r,f. .1 . l o
Firsl died April ', r17.
i.r.; i. Mini 1:
In Hit t on n 1 otirl
Tiio Stati- of N.dii ;i k;i,
as "on 'it .
In th- Matt.-r of tp- r.-tal.- of Kv.i K'
J 're 1 1 ii... 1 .- a - i .l.
fn resj.lititr atid lilintr the pi'titi' ii of
M:i IRJIH SattW-r tua.ihK that v.ln.iu
isttution of ;;i.t 1 t :i t - m:i !., t- r . 1 r . t . I
John I'. SattU-r as A Irn i n i - 1 1 a t . 1 r.
rd-ie.l. 'ihiit April A. I'. I'M 7.
at 10 h'i I'll k A. M ., is ji-iftn-.l
liearinsr suid petition, when all i. i"i.
intresteil in said matti-r ma'' i:t..
at a I'ounty Court to o- h.-i.l in . . r t
for said "ourily. atcl show au-.- wi.y
tlie pt-iyer of 1 j 1 ioni-i sIi'miI.I t;-.i h
profited; and that rioti- of tin- p.-n-l-eriey
of said petition arid lie h'-a r 1t.11
thererif , jrivri to all pMsoti .M 1-est-d
in said mali-r t.- p 1 1 I 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 a
eopy of this npl.-l- in 1 hn ..iu i - U ! .'
Journal a semi - w k I ro-w - 11a pi
Irinteil in said i-minty for Ui'i su.
(essiV Wi'. k.-' pr ior to .ij.l i iv of
1. '-a t ine:.
1 rated Marth m. lft 17.
.vl.l.CN J l!i:i:S'-N'.
ourit 1 .1 u-!;"-First
published April -. 1!M7.
xoTint to t Ki:iiTitv
State of Nebraska
Cass County, sc.
In the matter of th- estati of Ji.-.r.i
Oldham Moore. dec-as-l.
Notice is hereby Riven to tin- credi
tors of said deceased that heatitips
wlil be had upon claims 1'iImiI :iuinst
said estate, before me. County J mine
of Cass County, Nebraska. at lie
County Court room in I'latt.-tiioutli. in
said Countv. on the loth dav of April,
7!17. and on the loth dav of o toi.i-r.
1917. at 10 o'clock A. M.. each dav lor
examination, adjustment and allow
ance. All claims must be filed in said coutt
on or before said last hour of bear
ing. Witness my hand and seal of said
County Court, at Plattsmouth. N-bt a
ka. this titli dav of March. 1!M7.
County .In. lire.
itoi MiTirr.
To All Whom it May Concern:
The Hoard of County Com m i-Ion rs
being of the opinion that the put. In
good requires a public biphwav to; t v
(401 feet in width ! ev-t a i-l i I .c.l oil
the section line, ioiiitio-n. inn :.l tl
Northeast coj-u'-i- of I'm- N. : : ; -1
Quartet- of Section tlllee i::, v.. . Il-I.,
Tell (lOi. Lnrite T.;iil'-,i !". i. ami
running thence wct on ac tion Inn one
mile, to t fe Northwest , oi n-r of !;:
Northeast ouarter of Seci,... !-..-ir i ll,
Towns l'ip '!'! !. C:t,l;.- '! :'cri
l.'i). East of the litii 1'. .i .. have 11 - n
fore ordered that said r..-ad -..ili-iished,
and a!i object i"i- '.!..
'.aims- for l.ttoa-. .-. m..-: l.i :,:. .1 in
the County Clerk's H'fice on oi bi-im,.
noon on the lttli ila- of May, A. I .
1!'!T. or such roa.l will be : a bi ; l e. I
without reference tl.etct.i.
E1ZANK J. Lir.r.!:siI.L.
Cmi n t v ''!! k .
Done at Plattsmouth, Nehr.. II is J.tli
day of !a( li A. I'. TM7.
Publish 4 Times. 'i!.-t i'ub. " -1 -1 '.M 7.
I.:(;L notici:
Notice to Non-Resident P"f nihr.l',
their Heirs, Devisees, Legate. r. t
sonal !:epresentat Ivr s cmi ail per
sons Intrested in tl eir Estate.
To Sidney Pulsii'er and i :i a.-t u- D.
Hardin, composing the firm of S. I'ul
sifer V CiiMii'iiiiv, the u n !; u-. u !..-:r,
devisees, legatees, personal iepie.i n
tatives and all persons iiititcti-.l in
the estate tf Sidney Pulsifer: tin- i n -known
heirs, devisees, legate, s, p t -sonal
repr-sent.itives and till pei-oiis
intt-rsted in the state of Err-tu 1 .
Hardin: Om-1 i:ii: the utikm-wri heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal t;ti-eii-tatives
and all j.eis.ns jnt.ti-teil Pi
the estate of Cur l Eli: C n- ;,ml
"ompauy: the unknown c la i::..i n t s if
the west half of the N'ottl west yu:uti r
Of the Nortliwest Qua! ter of Section
sixtteen (ltii Township twele ( ; t
North Range ten ilot Ka-t of the
1'. M. Cass Countv. Net-raska.
You and each of you ate herehv no
tified that Paul Pager as plafntir; on
tlie th day of March 1!U7. tiled his
petition in the District Coutt of Cas
County, Nebraska, wherein you and all
of you are defendants; the object iwid
prayer of which petition is that the
claim, interest, right, title and estate
of each and evervone of jou in and
to the West half of the Northwest
Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of
Section sixteen (lfi) Townsl.ip twelve
1 12) J range ten (10 East t;th P. M. in
Cass County, Nebraska, be declared in
valid, and of no force and effect.
That the title of said plaint i IT in and
to said real estate, and every part
thereof be quited as against you and
each and every one of you a ;i''
any and all claims of any pcr..n
through or ry you, and that they be
adjudged and decreed that i-;n h and .;!!
of you whose names are above set
forth, if living, and if dec-eased, the
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of eadi and
every cine of you, have no right, title,
claim or interest in and to said estate
or any part thereof, and that each and
all of said defendants, those narr.ei..
and those whose names are unknown
and not stated, be forever barred from
claiming or asserting any right, title,
interest or estate in and to haid real
estate, or any part thereof, and for
such other and further relief as to tlie
court may seem just and equitable
You and each of you are fut'her
notified that you are required to answer
said petition on or before Mondav the
20th day of April 1917.
C. A. PAWLS. Attorney.
First Published March 12th. 1917.
In The County Court
The State of Nebraska,
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of Sarah E. Young
To the Creditors of said Estpfe:
You are hereby notified. That I will
sit at the County Court Koom m
PJattsmouth in said County on the
24th dav of April. 1917. tnd on the
24th day of October, 1917. at 10 o elm k
A. M. each day to receive and examine
all claims against said estate, with a
view to their adjustment and allow
ance. The time limited for the pre
sentation of claims against said estate
is six months from the 2-ith dav -f
April. A. 1). 1917. and the time limited
for pavment of debts is One Year from
said 24th day of April. 1917.
itness my hand and seal of Fa id
County Court, this 2Cth day of March
(seal) Countv judge.
Eitbt Published March 0, u;7.