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    MONDAY, MA 2G, 11117.
The Celebrated Percheron Stallion
Will make the season of 1917 as follows: On Mondays,
Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Adam Stoehr farm five
in-les west of Plattsmouth; on Thursdays, Fridays and Sat
in daps at the George Kraeger farm, three miles west and
one-half mile south of Mynard. Jaloux is a beautiful black
Percheron, weighing 1950 lbs., foaled March 5, 1909.
Dred M. Durand, Department of Orne. He is a good
foal ,eUerk, standing seventy per cent breeding test.
TAJ.i.rX (i..!'')) was irported October, 1911, by E. J. Ilei.-rl, F re
tro it. and is recorded by the Percheron Society of America No.
s i-7.. Sive PatTon o'.;i72)- bv Artilleur (.20:J.V, by Regulator 2." 027
i l.y Jaks (;'.7:t7, bv Yidcrs 1X169 (8081), by Mriard .VJIT (lOO'.M,
b, Priiiia-'t :271 tTo.i, bv Brilliant 18'.)!) 750 , by Coco III (774), bv
Y Ch-.s'.in bv Coco (7122), bv Miirnon (715), by Jean le Plane
T::.'t. lu.ui r.ivorit;-" i.-.-2). by Nectar 21994 42303 . by Ea.7ab
(:.::-"2!. by J.av.-.tor 11412 14373). by Champeaux 0218 (221S, by Iajro
;-.-. t 7t: i.'bv Viimia 7S' : 7:'. 3 ' , by Superior 154 (730), by Favori I (711.
bv Yi-uv fh:-i;'i 7i:i, b-- Oeo (712), bv Mirnon (715), by Jean lo Plane
,'::;:. 2.1 l;.r.; "lalicv -"- S . by Kodrijrue. 922 (10020), by Vall'iini
( bv P r.-j -t v 8:;. ) . by Peciue S:2l. by Vieux Pierre (8'.4). by Ce-coc
i 7121, by Miirrtop (71"t. by Jean le Blanc (739). "d Dam Sophie (23500),
by ! a i-i oi ; v"'s 7i?. by "Superior 45 1 (730), by Favori I (711), by Yieu.v
( ' t713i. by Coco (712). by Mignon (715), by Jean le Blanc (739).
Ia:n Bijou belonging to M. Duval.
TERMS $15.00 to insure coit to stand and suck.
Ci-re will be taken to prevent accidents, but will not be re-spc-risible
for any that may occur. If mare is sold or re
moved from county servicec fee becomes due and payable
... 4
Pal Temple-, sr., is on the si-k
.:, surTV:1 injr with the eripp.
We are sorry to report the illness
' Doi; Urwin pneumonia.
air. ai'.'i Mis. Ernest Drtinkow of
1' ; Stone. Mii.n.. isited wit h rcla
t.cs here last week.
Arthur was at Omaha Tues
day where lie wmi to buy a caiio-i;1
..:' eat tie wh'.ch were shipped heie
Wliliam LchnholT came down from
I.".: . '.a Wednesday morning to look
after hi is farm interests and visit a
few days with old friends.
I.-,uis Mielenz of Omaha, a close
petsonal fiien.i of the Palmer fam
iiv. came d. wn Tr.cs day to attend the
DERBY 5085!
wid make the season of 1917 at my
;..!! in Cedar Creek Nebraska, for
r-rvue every day.
DvrOv is an iron rray Jack, eiyht
years "M, .-land 15 hands hi;h and
vii! weit.-h loiM pounds. He has a
e--e!!e!it reputation as a sure foal
L.-ter. He is without doubt one of
t! jacks ever brought to Ne
A .-. '2. r -8
4 -V- J,V.. i
. : ";. V- ': W i. S
Uiiney, the Black Breiieli (Jrade
Stallion, will make the season with
TEB.MS: For Derby .S15.oo, and
f -: Barney S19.O0, in both cases in-
si:i ir.y cult to stano and suck. Parties
di.-.po.:r of mares or removing from
1; :o ceir.riiunity, service fee becomes
dt!" and pa able immediately. All
rare will be taken to prevent accidents.,
Ip-.i'i owner will not be responsible
s!: n;Id fecur.
funeral services of E. F. Palmer.
Mrs. E. D. Stevenson was caller:
to Omaha last week on account of
the illness of a little grandchild at
the home of her son, R. C. Stevenson.
Louisville is to have a base ball
team this season. A meeting was
held Wednesday night and an organi
zation was perfected with C. E.
Wood as manager.
( A. Richey of Omaha drove
down Thursday for a few hours in
town, looking after his sand busi
ness, lie was accompanied by Mrs.
Ritchey who was a gruest of Mrs. P.
C. Stander.
Earl Maytield has purchased a new
Ford and is puttintr in all his spare
lime iearnir.jr to operate the critter.
He has made it climb a few tele
Tiaph poles but aside from that is
ettinp: to be quite expert.
Louisville friends of Mrs. E. F.
Pettis will be sorry to learn that ?-he
has been seriously ill at her home in
Lincoln, but at last reports, she was
improving. Her mother, Mrs. Amos
Keiser of Louisville is still with her.
but is expected home soon.
M's. Fred Garrison and the chil
dren retained Saturday from Elm
wood where they had visited rela
tives several days.
Mrs. John Murphy of Melrose, la.
visited at the home of her brothe
Michael Slattery from Monday until
Tuesday morning.
Mi s. B. F. Miller came down from
Omaha Saturday to see her father
C. M. Che' ry, who had been poorl
but was reported better the fust of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Marshall of
Lincoln were visiting at the A
Laiston home and with old time
friends here from Friday until Mon
day evcninjr.
G. W. Dorsey and three childrc!
were Tuesday niht visitors with hi:
brother J. W. Dorsey. G. W. is mov
inr from Missouri to Idaho and
r topped off here over nijht.
Mrs. E. J. . DeWolf who returned
last week from R'-d Cloud where she
had been rarinir for her aed moth
er was called back Monday morninjr,
her mother not beinjr so well.
Mrs. (ieorpre and childrc
who had been visiting1 her parent
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parker left Fri
day for her home at Wray Colorado.
Mrs. Hagerman's visit was cut short
on account of the strike situation.
Mrs. D. H. Noddinsrham and link
child who had been visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cappen re
tuuieci to her honr at Tobias Satur
' ay. She was aceonmanied ;m f.-irsis
Lincoln by her mother.
Dick Koester drove 700 sheep thru
town Wednesday morning that he was
shipping to the Omaha market. An
estimate as to what the bunch of
rheep would bring on the market at
present prices was in the neighbor
hood of $10,000.
S. V,. Oiton returned Wednesday
eveniag from the hospital in Omaha
where he was taken last Friday for
treatment for nose bleeding which
he had had for 24 hours and caused
him to be quite weak. He was feel
ing quite well when he returned home.
L. W. Gregory and his brother Carl
Gregory and B. L. Philpot loaded a
car here Monday and Tuesday, with
machinery, stock and household
goods to be shipped to Imperial,
Chase county, where the Gregory
bovs will farm. The wives and the
children will be out later.
Mrs. H. B. Wolcott left Tuesday
morning for Pasadena, Calif., for a
couple of months visit. She will make
her headquarters at the George Car
ter home. The plans are that she
wi'l be accompanied home some time
in May by Mrs. G. W. Norton who
has spent the winter in California.
. 4 .
J. M. Stone of Nehawka was in
own on Tuesday and Wednesday
isiting with his son, Chas. S. Stone
anil wife.
Hern Stanford who is in a hospi
vd at Omaha for treatment of his
.yes is improving slowly and ex
"ecis to be home soon.
James Turner, who has been layed
); for some time was in town the
:rst of the week. His many friends
. eie glad to see him about again.
V.". H. Hardin is confined to his
onto on acfcunt of sickness. He was
hreatered with pneumonia but is
ome belter at the present time.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Jeary who
avo b i n making an extensive trip
n Cl'.!.:. and other points returned
o their home at Lincoln the first of
he week.
Mrs. John Moiford who has been
r.:".r.eJ to her home on account of
.ai;i:r broken her leg was up town
he time on Tuesday for several
Dr. J. M. Neely returned on Wed
esday afternoon from Lincoln where
e had been at St. Elizabeth's ho.-pi-a!,
having undergone an operation,
le is getting along fine and the peo
ple of Elmwood will be glad to see
around a:rain.
On Wednesday Mrs. Emma Cook
nd s".i Earl Cook took little Harry
ot u to Omaha where they placed
im in care of a specialist. The
it lie fellow has been sick for some
:me and k is hoped that it will be
jr.t ''end to him and that he will be
;-d -O heailh soon.
Ti.e rtaii : .-rvice between this place
id i i was considerably chang-
d Ti.ui- L
by taking ot7 the mail
,: the train going west in the fore
uor. and the one coming east in the
fternoon. As we get it now we have
rly ore train a day each way that
.-.rrics mail, the passenger service re"
lainlng li e same.
Mrs. Lo:ia Willcockson, who has
en spendinc- the winter with her
or, W. TL Vv'illcocl-.son, at Houston,
e-:., returned last Friday to Elm-
'oou. She reports that .she spent a
e:y p'easr.nt winter and had intend
d sta ?p.g ri few days longer but on
ccount of the threatened strike re
urned about ten days earlier than
he h.-.d expected.
. . .
L. E. Reynolds came down from
)iru.h-.i t spend Sunday with his
arents Mr. and Mis. J. T. Reynolds.
Mr. K. D. Clark and wife from
.Veeping Water came down Sunday
visit C. W. Clark and family.
Miss Mur.n who has been teach"
.ng the Sciota school has resigned
ir,d Mi-s Cle from Weeping Water
s taking her place.
Everything is already to commence
vork on the new warehouse at the
Farmers Elevator, as soon as the
frost leaves the ground.
Ilarley Thomas, who has been see
ing set vice on the border in the capac
ity of Uncle Sam, is visiting his
brother, Herman in Nehawka this
Ira Clark went to Omaha Thurs
day afternoon to return Friday with
his father who has been confined in
the Lord Lister Hospital for the past
five v. eeks.
Chas. Hall and R. B. Stone of Ne
hawka wore in town a short time
Monday. Mr. Hall was returning
from Omaha where lie purchased an
auto truck for his dray line
Another real estate deal was closed
bv Joe Felt hiiiis(r 1 h. rrvil ot(-,(n
----- - - - . v.. i v.tiuh.
man of Nebraska City last Wednes-j
day when Ray Frar.s purchased the
quarter section of land three miles
northeast of Union, known as the'
old Wm. Pell farm. This farm was
owned by Wm. Ost.
W. B. Banning was busy with a
four horse team Monday afternoon
putting the roads in better condi
tion with the road drag. The farm
ers of this vicinity seem to be very
good about this also and if a few
more would commence this we would
soon have the roads to talk about.
Mrs. Frank Sheldon returned to
Omaha Tuesday for further medical
treatment at the Hospital.
Miss Margaret Rodgers of the
State University spent the week with
her friend Miss Gladys West.
The stump land that Mr. E. M.
Pollard had advertised for rent in this
paper has been leased to Elmer Mor
ris. Harley Thomas, who has been see
ing service on the border in the ca
pacity of Uncle Sam, is visiting his
brother, Herman, in Nehawka this
Dr. Thomas and Miss Clara Kuntz
man and Mrs. Edwin Shumaker of
Union went to Lincoln on the early
Morning train uesday to purchase a
new piano for the Rebekah lodge.
This piano will arrive in a few days.
Chalmer Fweitzer has purchased
the well business, equipment and sup
plies of Lou Ingwersen, and invoic
ed the same Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. Ingwersen is forced to give up
this line of work by reason of plans
he is making to go west.
Theodore Nelson loaded his emi
grant car today, and it and himself
are now speeding toward Imperial,
Nebraska, where he wll follow
farming. All join in wishing him suc
cess in the new country he has select
ed as his future home.
Lou Ingerwersen returned Monday
from Monta Vista, Colo., where he
had gone several days since to look
after some land he has owned there
for several years past. He is highly
elated and impressed with the possi
bilities of that country as a farming
section and is planning to return
mere in dune to get nis larm in
:-hape to irigate.
Chas. Hall returned from Omaha
Monday afternoon where he secured
the agency for the Ford Auto Truck.
He will soon have these trucks on
exhibition and will use one or more
of them in his dray and livery busi
ness here. There is a bright pros
pect ahead for ligt auto trucks and
Mr. Hall is fortunate in securing the
agency for this class of truck.
From Friday's Daily.
It seems strange how eagerly the
public will fall for some proposition
that offers something for only a small
investment and the more crude the
proposition is the more eagerly it is
grasped at by the gullable men and
women even if it is manifestly a
fraud and snare on the fact of it. The
United Etates government through
the postoflice department has repeat
euly sent out notices that a concern
operating in Minneapolis- had been
placed under a fraud order by the
postal authorities and that mail sent
to this concern which was known as
the National Mail Order Brokerage
should be detained by the
postmasters. Despite this fact there
a large number of letters being sent
to this company and the postoflice in
this city has constantly to be on the
watch to stop letters addressed to the
Minneapolis company and a large
number have been secured almost
every day, that are necessary to be
sent back to the parties writing them.
The Journal has received a card
from John J. Wcoster, now located
at Reliance, South Dakota, in which
he renews for his subscription and
also sends a few words in regard to
the condition of affairs in that state.
Mr. Wooster states it was a very se
vere winter in Dakota with the tern
peraturc reaching -12 below zero sev
eral times and several blizzards. He
reports their crops good last year and
ecellent prospects for the coming sea
son. The friends here will be pleas
ed to hear of the success of the
Woster family in their new home.
J. R. Vallery came in this morn
ing from his home west of Mynard
and departed on the early Burlington
train for Omaha where she will visit
his brother, C. H. Vallery at the hospital.
Plattsmouth, Neb., March 20, 1917.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment; present, Henry Snoke, Julius
A. Pitz and C. E. Heebner, County
Commissioners, Frank J. Libershal,
County Clerk.
Minutes of previous sessions read
and approved, when the following
business was transacted in regular
form :
Petition of J W. Honer and 32 other
resident free holders of Center
precinct, Cass County, Nebraska, pe
titioning the Board of County Com
missioners to grant Edward Kelly a
license to operate a Pool and Billiard
Hall on Lot 5 Block 3 in the village
of Manley, received together with
proof of publication and license fee
of $30.00. The Board on motion
voted unanimously to grant said li
cense as prayed for and Clerk in
structed to issue said license for one
year, dated from February 13, 1917,
to February 13, 1918.
As advertised bids were received
for building wood, steel, and wood
and steel bridges, concrete arch and
box culverts andother concrete work,
such as wings and abutments for one
year commencing March 20, 1917,
from the following companies:
Midland Bridge Co., Kansas City,
Western Bridge & Construction Co.,
Omaha. Ncbr.
Canton Bridge Co., Canton, Ohio.
Monarch Engineering Co., Falls
City, Nebraska.
The above bids were opened and
listed as advertised, and by unani
mous vote of the Board, contract was
warded the Monarch Engineering
Co., of Falls City, Nebraska.
A petition and communication was
reeehed from the Chicago, Burling
ton & Quiney R R Co., relative to
some alterations in its grade and
trackage from Ashland to Greenwood,
through Cass County. Same was
granted and approved by the Board.
County Assessor, Geo. L. Farley
filed his appointment of Frank E.
Cook as Assessor for Greenwood pre
cinct to fill vacancy and same was
approved by the Board.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet Friday, March 23, 1917.
County Clerk.
Plattsmouth, Neb., March 23. 1917.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment with all memlK'rs present when
the following business was transacted
p regular form.
The following resolution was adopt
ed by a unanimous vote of the Board
of Commissioners:
"Be it resolved that the County
Board of Cass County, Nebraska, at
said meeting, at the Court House at
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, on this 23rd
day of March, 1917, hereby make ap
plication for a State Aid Bridge, un
der the provisions of sections 2977 to
29S2 inclusive, of the Revised Stat
utes for 1913, across the Platte River,
between Cass and Sarpy County, Ne
braska, said bridge to be either of
Concrete or Steel construction, the
approximate cost of said proposed
pridge to be thirty-five thousand dol
lars. Be it further resolved that this res
olution be made a part of and consid
ered jointly with a like resolution to
be made by the County Board of
Sarpy County, Nebraska; and the
County Board of Cass County, Ne
braska, does hereby pledge the above
County of Cass for one-fourth of the
total cost of said bridge as completed,
and ask the State of Nebraska to
pay for one-half of the cost thereof."
There being no further business the
Board adjourned to meet Tuesday,
April 3, 1917.
County Clerk.
C. II. Vallery who has been quite
ill for the past few months suffer
ing from a cancerous growth on the
neck is now at the Imrr.anua! hospi
tal in Omaha where he is taking
treatment in hopes of giving him re
lief from his suffering. Mr. Vallery's
many friends are hopeful that he may
recover from his affliction and soon be
able to return home relieved of his
Money in Eggs.
Eggs are not bankable but the
money from their sale is. This money
is yours for the effort. How do you
treat the hen that lays the Golden
Eggs? Dr. B. A. Thomas' Poultry
Remedy will keep the poultry in good
j condition and increase the yield in
jeggs. We guarantee this and refund
lyour money if not satisfied.
H. M. Soennichsen.
Pals & Gansemer.
Kj-oni S;i t r iiKi y's P;nl.
The campaign for new members
for the Plattsmouth volunteer fire de
partment seems to be meeting with a
hearty response from the business
men and clerks along Main street
judging from the visit of the com
mittee of the Commercial house to
the different stores yesterday, and in
sures the fact that there will be a
ccmpai y here on Main street that
can be on the job in short notice and
take part of the burden of the fire
protection of the city from the shop
boys upon whom the city has been
dependent for the last few years for
men for the iiie de aitment. This en
listment of new material in the de
partment is a good move that can
not but add to the efficiency of the
depaitment and will recruit the de
partment to somewhat its rightful
membership. There should be at least
fifty members in the depaitment and
as a fact there are only twenty-two
at the last report given on the mat
ter. A greater part of the older men
have served their five years in the
department an 1 retired as life mem
bers and this makes it necessary to
constantly keep adding to the ranks
in order to maintain the department
as it should be. The citizens in gen
eral have a keen npp: eeiatin eftke
fire boys in the pa-t and dt.-irc to
encourage them in their work and to
this end the additional members arc
being secured to help keep up the
department to its full strength. Wiih
the new members to assist in the
work there should be no belter vol
unteer department in the state than
in this citv.
ml i ill.!
The Mis-cu'd river at this point has
several feet in the last forty-eitrht
shown in the past two days the
fi' st signs of the :-pring raise follow
ing the npu;h;g jji :f the stream to
navigation and the water has risen
ror hour-. Th river is due to make a
further raise from row on from all
indications from the western country
wl:-rw the rivers and streams contri
butory to the Missouri are comment1-'
ing to empty their surplus flood wat
er into the main stream. The small
er rivers, the Flklu r'i and Niob'-:t-a,
corn lo I t gi :::g the :vi' ;.te ,t a?:xi
rty in regit i d to the food conditions.
? : these streams are coming up rap
idly and in the low lands thi eaten to
make troub!: for the residents a'ong
the streams. The Platte river which
receives the outpouring of the small
er streams has not yet diown any
iangerous signs of Hooding although
:t has risen a great deal in the last
few days I ut the width of the river
bel can take care of a great volume
of flood water. At the bridge over
the Elkhorn on the new Yutan-Chal-co
cut off the Burlington is fee ling a
great deal of apprehension for fear
the false work of the new bridge
might be swept away by the raising
waters of the streams. II is not
thought by thoe familiar with condi
tions that the high water will do any
trreat damage in this locality how
ever unless an unexpected valume of
water from the west headwaters is
poured into the Missouri river which
might cause a slight oveibow of the
lands on the bottom east of the Bur
lington right of way but this does
not look probable at this tini.
i. o i ! r:
In 'I !ie mi:i; Mirt
The State of .V I . ra ska,
"ass ( 'ouiity. ss.
Ill the Matter of Sarah l. Voin .-
I ii-i i i!:-w.
To the freditors of said i;-:- le:
Vo'i are .-m i,v noiined. Tlat I wil;
sit at the ('oniity "oi;!l il'ioi,! in
i i o 1 1 s t , 1 1 i i h in said i'hhi.iv on tie
-'1th 'lav "f April. I'M 7. and o., tl..
L'llh day of let o her. J 1 7. at la o io. k
A. y eaeh day to ii-ieive .Mid exami.v
all claims atiainst said esl.'t'-. wit., a
view to their ad.i t : -1 n t; t and allow
ance. T!ie time limited f,,r the (!.--senta'i'.r
of eia rio ,tL-a;i,-t va id e.-lat-is
six months from tie L'lt:. da;- ot
April. A. I . j:il7. and T!e t:tm li.Mit'd
for payment of d( hts is iiv,. Viat iiom
said nuh day of April, :I7.
Witness i,;v land loel a ! of -aid
County Court, this Utdh dav of yfareh
ai.lkx .r. i:i:!:s' .v.
( sea 1 ) "on 1 1 1 v i i.d
l-irsl J'nhlished Mai . !: 1 : J V .
I.Will, mitki;
!m Tin- timif ( om I
The Siate of .Nelr:is;a,
"a.- s I 'mi ut y. ss.
Inthe Miitier of Kmniii Alia .lo, n.-oji
1 ei eased.
To the Creditors of -aid;
XOU ire hereby- notified. That 1 will
sit at t'c Count;.- Contt Itoom in
I 'hi tl.-moi, t h in sa.d ("oatitx on the
:.' ? 1 1 1 dav (f A!-il. tl'17, and on (!,-
1'itli uax of .'ctoi.ei . ai in n, Im k
A. ..!. -a' , day to receive and examine
al! claims s;iid i-'.nli-, w i 1 1 1 a
i i"XV to tit 'i' ;id.i i.-tnicnt and allow
ance. The time limited for the pre
sentaiion of claims a 'tisl s.-.jd istat"
is .-is iiiouMis from tin- liiii ihi- of
'oril. A. i . P'!7. ; nil ti e time limited
for pavmcnt "f debts is One 1 com
Mlltl .1111 UJi "I ,llll, l.'ll.
Witio-s my h:i mi ami seal .,f sa i i
I'olllltx- ('oelt ttils "lil'i dav ot l I I e i I
i r 1 7 .
..LLi;.v .!. i;i;i;s)N.
tscall Countx- jijUue.
i-'irst fulilibLtd il&rch o, l'J17.
(N'otico for service by publication)
!N Till-: IIMIIICT rol'HT U CAS3
(OINH. M;iK.MiA.
A :: tii js.ii.uta, l'litilitiiT,
15. A. i:i.ei sole. :inl Lis vil.
I :i.ei-yt... unknown owner anl iJuitn-
lir.-t ; i r l I it .i I limine niikn"u:i.
el.i i in i nir ;iri interest in lot two luin-
i eO forty tlo-ee :;)::. in tlie i!lmr?
i'f J.onisvilie, (."ass t'olinty. Nelr;i:--k.t.
.'.ml the unknown asineos.
heirs nl law aiul next of kin arid
divisees. personal represent at i',!
ii:.i other persons interested in the
est;ite of It. A. KI.ersole. and
Ki.elsole, if doeeased, or HIIV
persons interested in any manner in
said real estate hereinbefore Jc
scrihed ;
Vo'.i and eat h of you nff l erd y
mti!i-d that Anton s-'ohota has tiled in
i distrirt court of t'.iss County,
Nebraska, his petition in equity tditit
you and each and all of you as claim
uiii to have some riht. title or inter
est in and to certain lands lereinlie-tn-e
ieseri 1 ,ed. and as l. inn the un
known ownet and claimants of Mmo
riirht. title or int rest in said land,
and as l.einn the unknown I its, or
oTiur unknown parties claiming to
have son, i t i : . t , til I - or jnteiisl m
ai d to said 'and ly reason of the .!.--tease
of ai'i It. A. Khcrso; and I ! e.
if and all other patte - int'i-est-d
in any wav concern imi said iai
estat.1 iir.iii.own to plaintiff and his n t -toi!i".;.-.
The patiiro, oh.icit and pui-:..-,
,,f saio petition is a 0:11 i:i e.;iuty
to n;; ,et title aid perteit title in plain
tiff to the following i'. Mill . I rial
state, and to temove therefrom ail
etieiiml. ranees. !;t-ns and clouds upon
the title thet.-nf. to wit:
l.ot two 1 i, tidi ed forty t I (I't:: io
the illaue of I.on i s i i ;.. Canity of
Ca.-s and S-ta'e of l.nKa.
Vo:, and e,, h of aw M.Uirl to
an-wir the petition ot s,,j.l Anton
so!,,,ta hied in the i'isiii, t ..f
'ass Conntv, Nel.raska. as :ilioii.l,
on or i iit. the .nd d-iv Apr:'. 1M7.
l.y I is attorney l.i:i K. l'IiOi:.
Fi:t I'Lih'i. a! ion ::-1 l1-1 : 1 7.
.TI S: ill 4 Klllll l Olio
Stale of ;;,-. raska
'avs '. . .1 n t , ss.
IN Ctd'NTV I'ul'ilT
I a t'e mat tef of the 1 state .,f 1
1 hd1 am M .0! e. dee. -as.. 1!
Notice is he,. t. II to I 1 -to. li
ters o, . id a d la .. 1 in-.- s
v: '. : 1 I-.- I ;,, upon , n;. .1 a ao,-t
si- id I a ' -. I,. 1 .i e in. . 1 . , 1, t .1 1, - .
of ';. .- s ' 1 ' ! ' , ra - ka . at t I
1 -. 1 out t I 1 i :. I ' . t ' - - 1 ... t I . ;,
said Cool t v. ot, t oe I'M,. !,! of . I li.
1 : 7, a ad o-. tie 1 "I o e f I, I. . I.. I ,
! ! ' 7. a . 1 " ..VI, . k A. M .. 1 a-- da r..f
e:.a tmnat h -n, a.l.i; t:a at ai. i .1 1 lov-
A ! I 0,1 - mu-' I ... id. ! in s.ild u r t
01 or I... -for" said last ;;..i;r 01 -i
a .
Wil ne -s .ne I...:. 1 and m-., 1 of -aid
I'.-liMtv '"o'llt. at "I a I - ". 111 t ! . Nei,.,--
ka. this i,l h .'a v of M., n a. T- ! 7.
1 SKA I. Al.KKN .1 i:-:i:s'n, ly ,J 1 1 i I " .
1:0 11 Mi nt 1:
To : 1 W .om i 1 .Ma v C . 1, :
'I'i i'.oard of o ..t' C,a,ii,:l-sioie.-s
:; j; of tl .- opinion tl a; in,. piM,:j.
ve-.d 1 en 1. ires a pit hi o- I i:;! nv fni -j c
I P'l feet in -width he o. ta hi is hei o.
tie seat 10 1 1 1 :.e, c o ! - . ! a e , , - t t..e
Nor; heast era, : f t Northwest
- ,a i t . 1 of s.., t i,.n t i 1 . 1 :: p . '!'. w 11 -1 . 1 o
l n (l"i, Kanne Ti.ii te. t, 1 1 :: . and
ra n n i u ; I n vest on :- 1 hmi line on..
Illile. t l tl e N -It ii W es l 10! la i- of ti
N'Mlhea-t O'lal'tef o Section l-'oil,- I h.
To'.'.' is 1 1 1 i Teti lllll. I;, !!.-; 'I'I tteitl
I 1 .". I . !-:.- I "f the lit h I '. M . ! a X e II,,-, .-
f. . re" o: dei.-d t-at s:,,, ( ..-i.ii.-
I IS I led. ,.!,.! all ! -. i..e !,,.,!.. 01
1 il' mi-- for ihimaues. m'i-t he tile in
tie- 'o-'iit ' Cli i k s 1HI111 or ,i i,i,
n "i on ti,.- 1 ; t I, da of Ma a. A . I
1.'17. 01- si;el, road will l.e s ' a h 1 1 s 1 , . , i
V. i I I ' o U ! 1 C 1 e 1 e !. e here! ".
ll..K .1. 1 .1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 A I
Co : ., 1 . i ;, , 1,
I a I I ha 1! si.,..:; t I,. Nela .. s 1 :; ! ,
da x . f .Ma-ah A. I '. 1 :M7.
Cii!.si i Tim..--. first 1 ;; ii .' -1 -i-l : ; 7.
i.i-iiiti. muki:
Notice to N'ofl- Kesid, f 1 ,,
t ! I 1 r II I its, I e jsees, l.e - t . I VI -
so :,a i I 1 a o ese l. t a 1 i X s and ii 1 1 pi I -sons
I n t I es t ed in their 1 7-1 a t . .
To Sidney fc.i-ifer and Ki.t-lii-- I'.
Ilal.'in. mlii pos i n u the 1 1 till of S. '.;!-
s i ii t- .v 'on 1 1 a n x-: the unknown I i -.
devisees, liLi.itei.-, pel . Oia ' II ,i -I I,
till i i'.-i and a 1 1 o i, s 1 1 . 1 1 s t .-d in
the estate of S'dl.ev l'!llst,l; tie l,.-ktiox-:,
l.-iis. .Ii x, . .. t es, pel .
sot, ill I e pres. 11 ! a t 1 es alal ;:M pes,.,,,
i 1 1 t I s T . 1 I'I tie state if Ktilsti.s I i
llpi.iii': c.inl i;ii: the unknown lair-,
devisees, !eiite..s. personal lepre-en-latixis
;:!al all persons !i-.-Ii-di-i in
tho esliite of Ctiel I ; ' j . I ;ind
Compiinx: t e iitiktioxxn claimants of
the XVI . t half of the No! I h X . s ( I 1 1 a ! I I I"
of iiie Noitoxxist Muarii-r of Section
ott. eh I 1 ; I ToAtislij, tx-.elXe I 1 J
North I tan tie ten I K.i-t of the m Ii
1". M. Cass Coantx, Ntloask.i
'o I and each of Voll a t'e 1 etllx- t,o-
titied that fanl ll;i-i r as plamtirT ei
the nth day of M.inh i:!7. filed ! ts
ltiti", in the iMstrid ..;: r t of C,, s -Countx,
Ni'l nidiii. wherein on and all
of oil are defendant-; tie ohieit and
piaxer of w.hiih pititio'i is tnat the
.!;'.:m, interest. rint. title and .-stale
of each ;:tid I'Vi-rv m f o.i in and
to the West hillf of the .Northwest
j.;v v of tin N'ottcwest o i.uti-r ot
Section sit'-en 1 1 I Tout-hip tuelw
ill') Itane ten 1 u I M. iI(
'ass- County. Nehtaska. ie. land in
Xi'lid. and of no fone and effect.
Tliat the title of said ph.mtilT in and
to said leal estate, and oirv pait
thereof he iiiled as aiait, -t nil are I
each and exerv one of oi as a a 1 1 -t
anv and all claims of ;, n xr per-ori
through or ! om, and tlat t h. x l...
i i j a. I !.: ed and decreed tlai i-m-l and al'
of X oil Who-e lliitlli.- ate ahoxe s,t
forth, if lixini:. ami if d. .-cased, tie
; !' -. de ,-so, -, h "ati s. ,, ,.-of,al ! p
resi utatixcs and all other
I I I i - I ei i i u l he estate of ,o i i a te I
rvi ix on.- of xou, haxe te- ri;i;t, t 1 1 : .
(lain or i f t . .- t it. aid to said e-iat--or
iiiiv part t hereof, aim t ' it eio I, arm
all of sail d. t.-inl -mm -. t'o.-o i,iuii. a,
I : 'id tl'O-e X I is I 1 1 a 1 1 1 s ill. 1 1 1 1 k 1 1 o ' I
and i.ot .-tatid. le- hitio-i halted limn
i 'a i u : i : i --r i ; a -.- t t . n i; a n r i u h t , lit;.,
lllll I e 1 Of I t a t in and I Ml id I ea I
estaie. ei- at.v part th'tcif, and f-x
s,uh other and futther iilnl as to tho
co'M t ma'.' s, ,-in just atel i 'j i.tiih i .
Vial and i .n h of aiii ale I u t I Ii' t
untitled t! t on ate re.pi.n I to i,iimh r
said petition oil o hi foe .Iotidi the
IP'th oa- of April 11'17.
i-Afi. i;.;i:!:,
f. ai tit if.
A . I : I S. A t I oi ne v.
ft;, t lh.! h.-h. d .Man ! lit I . It' 17.
Milk in Winter.
Why do your cows v,ive less rnilk
in winter than they do in i.umrner?
Just because nature tines not suji
p!y thorn with jrrassej and irrcc::
food. I'.ut we have come to the ii -sistancc
of Dame Natuie with D. A.
Thomas' Stock KePH'dy vhi'. h cn
tains the very ingredients that the.
jrreen feed supjilies in season, ordy,
of course, in a more highly concen
trated form. We jr-iarantee that this
remedy will make your cows pive more
milk, and better milk with the same
II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Gansemer.
Wi!!iain Puis came up this moni-
. r .. . - f .
"UT ' 'om li;s home at .Murray to look
tiftor a few business matters ap.d :
enjoy the. day vibiting with hi- nu av
oid friends.