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    -MO"DA7. MARCH 19, tftlT.
Page 4.
Protect and Preserve
Your Good Figure!
Nature gave you a good hgure. ia.
ture gives every woman a good figure
a figure possessing all the feminine
charm of healthful graceful poise and
freedom of movement.
A Natural figure is the most fashion
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Have you protected and preserved
your naturally good figure?
American Lady
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American Lad' Corsets enjoy that ease of movement and
cTf-ntJf ii;T-Tr.if timi is conch'.cti ve to health.
m t- w i i
?3 '
Meeting Held Long After Midnight
Decides Issue Supreme Court
Decision in Adamson Law
amson law, even if it should he ready,
basing this refusal on a long-recognized
objection to acting under the
appearance uf dines.-?.
New York, March 19. An official of
the conference committee of railroad
managers announced at 12: l". a. m.
that the railroad strike was off.
A few minutes after the announce
ment was made the railroad managers
went from the Grand Central terminal
to the conference hotel and were
joined immediately by the mediators.
They refused to make any statement
on the way to the meeting room.
It was presumed the announcement
would be made through Secretary
I he mediators and managers were
J-Mitor Plattsmouth Journal:
Tlie legislature is now making bet
ter time. Both the Democrats and
Republicans have good leaders, able
and square fellows. Taylor of Cus
ter i.-; the Democrat leader and Peter
son of Lancaster the Republican
leader. It would be hard to find two
better men. They are fair and
square with both old and new mem
bers, but they have got the members
well lined up. There is too much of
a tree lor all "do as vou o ease" leg
islature. While machines are wrong,
il carried to the extreme, a certain
per cent is absolutely necessary. A
political party should have a leader
on the floor and he should call on the
next best informed members of his
party and decide on a line of action
for the most of the work. It is safe
to say that 00 per cent of bills intro
had rtAMncf
iRER m
The President May Call Congress
Once and Ak Congress Author
ity for Aggrexshe Step.
State of War Ret ween American anii
(.'ermany Seems to Already
i ii.ii i
believed to be awaiting the arrival of j"ut ra. never nave neen drawn
ana ir introduced should have been
(' o'W
V :di
the brotherhood chiefs, who had re
tired, before making the announce
ment that the strike had been averted.
The brotherhood men arrived at the
hotel at 1 :20 and immediately went to
the conference room.
The managers left the conference
killed in the committee. The result
is that a good bill that has far-reach- j -ste-n the P"'sident is eor.t:-mp
ir., ntvordi.-g to a foreign
I:)!. Telegrams from virtu
tlv commanders have been
I nr-i ; d ;'-i!iing their support, guai
!:niUeu in advance by (Jeneral Micheal
i Al vi. fr. chief of staff.
Tn FBPftl ! Meanwhi'.. the last vestiges of the Willard, one of the mediators, had in- fel,ov
t HW V.llllf'A : i..,..,:' lormed the hotel management that he
I w'lii 11 SLilij.-t- t)(. (.!stvhiie members of the im. would give up his rooms this morning.
The managers, headed by Eli.-ha
ing results for good, will create op-j
position in the committee. The lob-i
byist will talk it to death before the
committee. They do this by creating
Washington, D. ('.., March IS. Wit!
the announcement of the ruthle.-s d
struction of three unarmed American
merchantmen by submarines, it wa
unofficially admitted here tonight lhat
virtually a state of war exists betweoi
the United States and (lei maiiy.
Technically, the United States re
mains in a position of armed neutral
lty. Whether this shall be chaneed he-
iore .-prii l., the oate lixed lor a
special .'cssion of conyre s, the war
making branch of the government.
President Wilson has not decided. One
lat -Aii
room at 2 o'clock, bi t the bvotherhood 7; . T , .....
chiefs remained in conference with the I .A ,
... T. , , . . , committee may have three or four
mediators. It was learned that Daniel .. - , , , .
iimiu memners ana n one aggressive
i"i ! i ri; 1
Armies in Field F.nthu-i;:stically
c;uiece in Abdication of
Vote of Assembly Will Pitormine
1'orm of the Future intern
ment .
familv, once seen upon the
walls of almost every government of
fice have been removed. While the
correspondent of the Associated Pres
waited in an ante room of the for
eign minister's o!iee a liveried at
tt n.l.-.r.t mounted a chair and quietly
took down the portraits of the former
e;n;-e: or and empress. The national
colors with their eagles have given
place to plain red flags, one of which
!'!-.: over the famous Winter Palace
ia I. r.d r. ,
! t in'.' '
'dar.h 1.
Petl ..L"T.. 1 (
Wi:h ii.-.- c- -
rcei :.. in e-?-.-i ti. :i of t'
V: - X g. . ; i : ": : I : 11 'i ' ' 1 1
i ;!'- i - -. .-.':! . ; o'lni
wre :.-wi re.!. Pi i f -s.-oi- I.-ii
M:?oko-r i ;K t!
!oC-ii:.? ti.. '!.!.. n,:;t:" ror-.-
st r.tctivc- of the tn.tcu;' a!!i?.s, ai"i
which hie entered up .n :r !'-r.' r--j in
t '
One of the ilr-t ;'-.cts of thi. r.:i,:i
ter was t notify Russian clip'onv
a' road that Russia w;,s v.itrvi
the dc.-ire to fii'l.t ut the wvr
A Rillious Attack.
Vi'htn vou have a bilious attack vour
Lee. returned to the conference room
at 2:20, and Secretary Lane sent for
the newspapermen.
Secretary Lane issued this state
ment: "Regardless of the decision of
the supreme court on the Adamson
law, the basic eight-hour day will go
into effect.
"The details are being worked upon
by a joint committee which will have
its negotiations completed by noon,"
Mr. Lane said.
Washington. D. C, March 18.
Word that the railroad strike had been
liv.r fails to perform its functions, j called off brought mingled satisfaction
1 . :t i. The food you and relief to administration officials
-ai iVr'Y:eus in your stomach instead tonight.
'.f :Vl.v :7n:'. Tins inflames the stom- Particularly in view of the sudden
.v i, an.i :.i;se nau?ea. vomitinc and a i increased tension tonight over the re-
goes wrong on the bill the re
sult is a majority against a good
meausre in the committee. It takes
hard work to get a good bill thru,
while a little foolish pop-gun" bill
that doesn't hurt anybody or interfere
with anyone's business will be recom- assembling of cor.gro.---s. There
mended for passage and will pass indication, however, that th p-t
an ior an immediate session ol con
gress to hear an address askjni- for
authority to dopt aggressive measures
against the submarine menace. Al
ready American ships are being a nvJ
to defend themselves; the rct move
must be to send warships wUh orders
to seek out submarines and clear the
transatlantic lanes.
Some of oho highest oiiicials of the
government hold that the executive
has the power to declare that a statr
of war exists and to proceed with ag
gressive protective steps pending the
is no
:v:-o-i. . Take Chamberlain's
They will tone up your liver,
r. the tomach and you will
as well as ever. They onlv
-t a quarter.
,r 1
th termination to cor
kt until victo'-y
stronger thun ter.
'.he allies, tae
tinue the coi?7
achieved l;iair
The arnde-; in the field have advis
ed that the abdication of tile era
jeror has hecn enthusiastically a; -
In-ure your automobiles, steam en
gines, threshing outfits, farm stock,
"ity and farm property. Low rates on
all kinds of insurance. I am repre
senting two of the best companies in
the state. Call Phone Xo. 440-W.
James Dvorak. 3--2vd
lations with Germany, it was felt the
settling of differences between the
railroads and brotherhoods removes a
big menace to proper internal prepara
tion for national defense.
News of the agreement reached
the White House after President Wil
son had retired. Some of the officials
pointed out that the rescinding of the
strike orders has the effect of remov
ing the situation under which the su
preme court might decline to hand
down an opinion tomorrow of the Ad-
; '
. . a t . -" ''T
7 e
i it
0 fn::in j.. N"i:it.
T!i above facsimile of check represents the land-lords share
from the 1910 crop raised on 100 acres of Chase County Nebraska
land. Mr. Peter M. jcrgensen, of Avoca, Nebraska, bought this land
from two yars ato, for $20.00 per acre. He had the land broken
out dt a cost of 4I2.50 pcracre. This made the land including break
ing cost Mi. Jorgenscn $2250.00. It was rented for the year 1910
on tin- terms that the owner "was to receive one-fourth of the crop
delivered to market, this check does not represent the total rent by
aboit $50.00 and means that the crop grown on the 1 00 acres brought
$2600.00 or $500.00 more than the original cost of the land.
This is not an'exception, we have dozen of Chase County land
owners doing this same thing year after year.
Do you know that Chase County led all Nebraska Counties on
yied of wheat? The past year the average being 30 bushels per
Read this over again Mr. Land Investor, it will do you good
then make up your mind to go along out with me and see for yourself.
I make regular trips every week, and have the real goods to show
you in Chase County.
along down the line because it would
hurt no one if it became a law.
At this writing it looks good for
the east wing of the -apitol building
to be built within one year. The west
wing later and then the main center.
Perhaps one million for the east wing
and one million for the west wing
and two and one-half millions for the
main center will be a fair guess of
the cost of what will be the new capi
tol of Nebraska.
will follow that course.
j Vessels Unloaded and Hound Hoie.
j Of the thrjc ships destroyed, two
were unloaded and homeward bound
and all were American huilt. American
j owned and officered and nrmned largc-
ly by American citizens. Meniror dis
patches indicate that all were sunk
with complete disregard for the safety
of those on hoard and that som of the
i members of the crews m i have been
! lost.
sw Perfection Oil Oook Stoves
-With Built-in Heat Retaining Oven!
Here is the popular priced cabinet style stove.
Two burners under the oven section. Just one burner
is sufficient for all oven purposes. The extra burner
is a convenience when it is desirable to preheat the oven
quickly. Open grate in
bottom of oven makes it
possible to use oven burn
ers for grate surface cook
ing by opening oven door
and removing racks. On
ironing day, for example,
the sad irons can be heat
ed on the outside burners
while the oven burners
may be used to cook your
mid-day meal.
Height 54 3 8 inches. Top 20x18 inches.
Inside Oven Dimensions:
Height 15 inches, width 18 3-4 inches, depth 17 inches.
I (' j !
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a Fav.
orite for Colds.
Another ware-house bill has passed Today's development.; brought the
the committee of the whole. About government face to face with the p: oh-
thp onlv d iffprenei' 1 it-t vermri it nml ihn , . i. . , . ...
" icm 01 lorniuiatmg a ueninte pc.Mcv
present law 1; that if the elevaoor
man had a farmer's grain in his ele
vator ten days he would have to take
out a ware-house license and keep
account each day of the amount of
grain received and shipped and report
to the railway commission. It would
make a lot of extra work for the
local elevator man; and a lot of ex
tra work and a new lot of high
priced employes at Lincoln and ac
complish nothing. Storing grain is
not practical at country stations and
why those foolish ware-house laws
should bob up and pass each session
of the legislature is a mystery. This
is one of Shorthill's bills and on his
recommendation it will get a large
for the nation in ca."c the United
States actually enters the war. This
possibility was mentioned by the presi
dent in his inaugural address March a.
All of the conditions outlined by the
president in his message announcing
the diplomatic break with Germany
'as leading to a state of armed, neu
trality have now been fulfill. -d. The
"overt act" described by him has act
ually come; if, in fact, it had not be?n
committed when the president went
before congress again. Since thin he
has established a state of armed neu
trality with the specific authority of
President Wilson was out automo-
lot of votes of country members and hiUnK when thc first Associated Press
the city members don't care. These
laws don't hurt them and they think
by voting for a farmer's measure
they in turn will get a vote back for
one of their pet bills. A combination
of this kind is hard to beat. The net
result will probably be two ware
house laws on our statute books and
neither one of any good to the farm
ers. The only place for a farmer to
store grain is in his granary. Cost
nothing for storage and safe.
To All Persons:
You are hereby notified that tres
passing upon the parkways with ve
hicles, or 'otherwise is strictly for
bidden by ordinance, and must be
stopped at once. Failing to observe
this notice will subject you to a fine
for misdemeanor. By Parkway, is
meant all of the street between the
curb and the lot line, in the paved
streets; and in the unpaved streets,
all of the street between the sidewalk
line and the lot line.
By order of City Council.
Chief of Police.
dispatch telling of the three disaster
came in quick succession. Through
Secretary Tumulty he was given all
available facts immediately on his rr
turn. In the meantime Secretary Lan
sing and other state department offi
cials as well as cabinet members were
given the information.
1'ri.m a Plattsmouth Woman.
Is your hack lame and painful?
J Joes it ache especial v alter exer
is there a soreness in the kidney
egion ?
These condition, suggest weak kid-
Ji so there is danger in delay.
Weak kidneys get fast weaker.
i;ve your trouble prompt attention.
I Joan's Kidney Pills are for weak
lour neighbors use and recommend
-P.;ad this Plattsmouth testimony:
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ble stivets, Plattsmouth. says: I don't
he: -ttate to recommend anything I
know is good ront personal experi
ence, and 1 know Doan's Kidney Pills
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Ki hi' v PjlJ.j have been used in our
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ir.d the lesults have always been sat
's factory."
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nly ask for a kiJney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Cotner had. Foster-Milhurn Co.,
Preps.. Buffalo, N. Y.
J. L. Easley, Macon, 111., in speaking
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy says:
"During the past fifteen years it has
been my sister's favorite medicine for
colds on the lungs. I myself have
taken it a number of times when suf
fering with a cold and it always re
lieved me promptly."
Wanted 2 good teamsters,
of J. II. McMaken.
Five room house for rent; water
in house. Call Phone No. 4CS.
Clean. Cltny Entertainment Evarvbodf Goes: Aak
Six acres with 8-room house, al
most new; land all level, deep rich
b'ack soil; fenced hog tight. Will sell
cheap for quick sale. Good terms. Call
on Tom Patterson or write to C. B.
Schleicher, :il Id S. loth St., Omaha.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Dr. Bleick, 532 World-Herald build
ing, Omaha, specialist in eye, car,
nose and throat diseases, will be at
Plattsmouth every Tuesday, at B. A
McElwain jewelry store. Eye glasses
scientifically fitted.
How's This?
We otter One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
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five years, and has become known as the
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cine at once and ret rid of catarrh. Send
for testimonials, free.
F J. CHERET &. CO.. Toledo. Ohio.
Sold by all Druggists. 75c.
The undersigned, administrator of
the estate of David L. Amick, de
ceased, will sell at public auction, at
the Amick farm, three and a half
miles northwest of Murray, three and
a half miles southwest of Mynard, and
eight miles southwest of Plattsmouth,
on Tuesday, March 20th, 1917, the fol
lowing described property, commenc
ing at 1:30 o'clock p. m. sharp:
Fourteen head of cattle, consisting
of registered Hereford bulls and cows.
All farm machinery, wagons and
buggies belonging to the said estate.
Several tons of hay in the stack,
and many other articles too numerous
to mention. Also about 1,300 bushels
of corn in the crib.
This is all good stuff and will be
sold to the highest bidder for cash, or
approved note bearing 8 per cent in
terest. All property must be settled
for before being removed from the
T. L. AMICK, Administrator.
Wm. R. Young, Auctioneer.
C. G. Fricke, Clerk.
Aiways bears
s?1?' rjEEri iy
wiSmTj Baf aWSailik 1 if you r will.
inf? to work. A business of your own witb
hij? future. No experience or capital needed.
A Kood clean business riirht at home. Many
making $50 to (100 weekly. Write for com
plcte detail.
. ttti St. Lawrence, Kansas.
AiUUUJUULAAJAMliAfii!iiiNliil4 iti ifli A 6 4
I innpi n c n xt i rn
z JUfiii r. on i, t
South Sixth St., Plattsmouth I
Call answered any hour i
Thelephone 1 37 and
Residence No. 29
Picture Framtng and All
Kinds of Repair Work J
Owing to the disagreeable weather that prevailed
last week, Paxton & Gallagher Co., have instructed us
to continue the special sale of
utter-Nut Coffee
l!i is week. In addition to the Coffee Perculator be
ing given away free, they will also give one three pound
can of Butter-Nut coffee as second prize and one pound
of Butter-Nut Coffee as the 3rd Prize.
The Buffer-Nut Goffco Girl
will be here next Saturday March 24th, to give a final
free Butter-Nut Coffee demonstration and close the con
test. All coupons will be redeemed next week.
The contest will close Saturday, March 24th, at 4
o'clock P. M. Come in and witness the drawing. You
may be the lucky one. Coffee will be served free.
Lorejriz Brothers,
The Big Meat and Grocery Store