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    n:t R!AY. MARCH S, 1317. '
Vr.K 7,.
i'repared in the Interest of the People of Murray and" Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of the readers of tbe
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest in
this vicinity, and will mail
same to tbis office, it will ap
pear under this beadinz. Ve
want all news items Editor
i FOX l
Li Mitf
ieoiinels of the Home
There i!-- a deal of trJk on preparedness.
L1Z YOIT mrPAEED? Tlds world is full of vicissitudes. You may
in the bc:t cf health lousy, with ne prospects in business. There nay
cc::.c a siee of illness. There may come a leas cf position. Be prepared.
El art r. La r.k account.
1 "
Account With Us
Four per cent interest on thrye deposits.
0;ir deposits are nrotected by the State Guaranty Law.
.k; Graes was l:c-Il:r.,r con i Mr. ar.d Mrs. Jarvis Lancaster
' iic pa.-1 wi'iu. j h. v nidvwl to thei r iie"v he. vac south
Y. :v Yaruv was a M u rri. v ! " ' Vn.nn.
i.i u .'i o v' iiatiiav.ay we,'
i Charier Schwab , hi- market
i able eattle and hoes t. .Iir.i' rd v
. - ; 11. ;
1 1 i -
! Creamer t his week.
no i-. ' t-.f sn.--'i: 1 or f Uie .-v Hi; n.
Scinth'.y with home folk.-., j wo..d at 7"j per a;
.k:r.K. II:
:!K-k c 'tum
my ''ini.
v.-.v-n. M .irrav.
i M;.-. John Her.drick "ere1
:i .Mi.: :v.v friends Wednc.--- j The ihtle folks ai U c h.r.e of .Mr.
ar.d ""Mrs. Frar.K I.-Jlic have i,-er; on
(."has. Schwab a)i
a -L-!- ii.-: the pa-
;-.v. ta
Nick Fried l ich, Fai l -'. John
.: l '. t-'-r.i tneir oa none place to
xw la.m iii Ot .t. county th:.- ' Kn,is aml ('- yi- -i'-''' "t-!V v-:th
, . j Chual-.a visitors Tuesday, and u i.iie ia
-ii c- ;,hat citv thev tot-k in t!ie horse sale.
, . - . , ... I he trip was niaoe in . lcks J.eo.
ak a. i,ip to Omaha in the
. Maxwell Tuv.-dav of this Jackson de.-ires that the par!;.
who lioiroued liis siep-laddei-. remov
:n -j- it from his cal house witho-.:;
liavinc asked pyi-riiission to d' se.
would return it soon, as he has need
of it.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ilan.-t-n. T
:i t Mun ,;v. takmir rp tneir 1 , ,
, .1 v- ' n i I e;e to :::aKe a", fxi , !: :e... js:1 w i'u
' m the Act tie Connallv hoasj ' . . . ,
.... ' It)....; M-iiT.t-- ' r ::n A:-s. F ;im
rauinad irac.s. ' .
l!r.psCn and .Mr. and .Mrs. r ran..
- 'Is.:-. Mii-.f.-.d v. a vi.-itin.u:
i.-e folks o Sunday, return-
-eb ..j work in Lincoln
. i:-.y ii ! vr.ip.'L'.
. V". l'aik-. !:" ITr;..n. has niowd
: I.. N'uuman. iee-pi e.-idc-nt of
. I r.i-m State Dank, stopped in i
; Moore.
f. . CI. a: lev Wolfe, who has keen su f-
i uesday. ' . , , , ,
.e cni-oa(
the couatv seat.
Ti;e u-.r iiv.;-. at il;e I'uls .
:"t i 1 -t i la.- r Thursday even-
'.a- ';i ati nded. and a
'..: le tin-- wa had !y all. The
; v. ..s f-..;-r;i.-!ied hv the IIol'v
i :.e I s' ;.'.i!i.-')cr i hv - prir-y hc--.
-.'!- va. -i-. v'1: ar tiie' Ihus
i i:a r hall -n Fi hhiy weninir 'f
!:: -.. i It wa - tiie (.' .;.;er Quar
tet' i i.ey :.-ave a ho-- j.j- trara. one
t! . . !y ai by ail
p. The eoi.ii ;v ju-t closed was
' o m- ' s-'u-i. ul ever given
ir: -I : y. aad ii is I'.oped that the
! - w i ! la. ve .tiie couraire to
y !' ; : ;lie C'r.:ina- winter.
" ' i ferirar with heart trouble for sopa..
lime was taken to the hospital in
Omaha Monday, where the
that they can cure him, whi -h
will be yood news to his many fiieivh.
in this section.
Thtre was quite a deification from
Murray and vicinity going to I'latts-n-.outh
Tuesday to meet with the
county commissioners in regard to the
cross-county road, one that cou'd be
made permanent, running from Mur
ray straight west. This is a move
ment that should hae the support :"
the entire county, as it will had up
to good i-oads over the entire county.
1 Th ere were delegate? from Xehaw
ka, We:, ping Water, Murd -ck and
Mauley present.
L Z r 7 TT; 5 i
J, ire .
is the- word for you and Sail
Cand rubber bootc will pro
tect your fcetarsd health when
Spring rains come. It is a
good time right now to pur
chase good, clean, new stock.
"Call Band" is the highest
- j
L. II. I'uls made a business trip to
the count v seat Monday of this week.
Wess 1 1 ill had a crew of men as
sisting him in the word sawing stunt
Schafer Ilros. shipped a car load of
hogs to the South Omaha market
For sale A lot cf block cotton
v. G"d at 75c per load at my farm.
James IJrown, Murnj.
There was quite a number of Mur
ray people i attendance at the Amick
auction sale in l'lattsmouth last Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Boedeker, ac
companied by Mrs. G. H. Gihnore and
Mrs Elmer Boedeker drove to Omaha
on Friday of last week
Mrs. John (formally, from the west
ern part of tiie state, is visiting with
her many friends at the old home in
and around Murrav tins week.
md familv, who
nave been living m the 1 nil uniwn
place, moved to Omaha last Saturday
where they will make their future
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. H. Drown and
Mr. and Mrs. L. II. Puis were attend
inir the auto show in Omaha last
Thursday. They trip was made in
the IJrown Velie car
F. Humphrey, representing a horse
'omniission company of Kansas City,
has been in Murray during the last
few days and :t is his intention to
buy a carload if possible.
Word comes 1'rorn the Fr.iaaniK-l
hospital in Omaha that Mi-. Wilson
uettiag along very nicely at this. time.
Mrs. Wilson and son, Albert, spent
the day with him last Saturday.
The building boom is on in Murray,
;uiJ you contractors will do well to
.-oiisuit our genial station agent I'ettit
ouring the next few days, if ou are
looking for an up-to-date contract.
Joe1 Barton, who has been confined
lo his home for the past few days
v. itn sickness, is reported about the
same. The many friends h'-po that
he will soon be able to be up and
around again.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sans, Mr. and
Mr.-. Ted Barrows and family, Mr.
. rd Mrs. C. X. Bai rows, Mrs. W. T.
Hutchinson, ?lrs. Jos. Sans, Mrs.
Goggiil and daughter and Mrs. Will
Oliver tof'l: dinrcr with Mr. and Mrs.
V. G. Boedeker in Murray last Wed
i a. day.
am Xovik went out to Grant with
Fiunk Vallery last week and. pur
chased a half section of land near .":;... The deal was made
th -oi:g'.-. "he Vallery & Cromwell
agency. Sam will see at some
good live wire fanner breaks out a
i.ood portion of the land this spring.
()'i Wednesday evening of last
week th home of .Mr. and -Mrs. Bex
Young was the scene of a very pleas
: nt gathering, whin some fifty of
their friends gathered in to celebrate
Mr.-. Young's birthday anniversary.
At the usual hour dainty refresh
ments were served, and a most ex
cellent time was enjoyed by all.
, There was quite a number of -My-uard
and l'lattsmouth friends who
came down to the Cameron
Cathey home hist Friday evening for
v few hours oh genuine good time,
and thev sure had it. It was a sur-
md Mrs. Cath
prise to .Mr.
tiie" were not long ;n ircpanng .o
show their mer'y visitors a royal
go-xi time at that.
Mr. and -Mr.-. C. X. Barrows, who
moved from tiie roiihern part of the
stale to M array a few weeks ago,
have purchased 1 ts from Mr. Latta,
in La t til's Second Addition to Murray,
and will soon be in their own home
again. The work has already been
started for the erect im of a modern
iit'le home for- them. More valuable
additions to Min i ay.
Mr. and Mrs. Win. Spiilt loaded
their household goods this week and
departed for their new home near
Impel ial, Nebraska. Mr. Splitt pur
chased a farm in that locality some
time ago, and expects to make it his
future home. "Bill"' leaves a host vl
friends im.Cyss county who join with
the Journal in wishing him all the
success imaginable, and thai his every
hope wilt be fully realized for the
f'u I m e.
The Missouri I'aei.'ie has been very
liberal in .supply ine Murray with cars
the past v tek. They set in five, all
at one time, thus enabling the local
elevators to load out 7500 bushels of
corn. They are again loaded to thod
top, anu the farmers have been torn
j pclled to call a halt on the delivery,
jit will require five cars per week for
jtiie next six weeks to clean up the
grain that is now in the elevators and
contracted for, so let u have more
J. D. Butler is moving to Weeping
Water this week.
Glen Todd was visiting with home
folks' over Sunday.
Albert Young was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Saturday.
The little baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Beverage has been sick this
Mrs. W. E. Dull has been number
ed with the sick for the past few .
Misses Pauline and Fay Oldham
were Plattsmouth visitors one even
ing last week.
A. E. Satchell, of Mynard, was vis
iting with Murray friends Tuesday
of this week.
Lyle, the little son of Mrs. Ona
Lawton, has been quite sick for the
past few days.
Young & Scotton have the con
tract for the erection of Mr. Barrows',
new residence.
Miss Christina Metz, of Talmage,
was visiting with Murray friends one
day this week.
The two children of Mr. and Mrs,
Warren Wiley have been sick the
past few days.
Oliver Lloyd started his saw mill
this week and will finish sawing the
Dr. Hall lumber.
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
George Parks are numbered among
the sick this week.
Minford & Creamer shipped two
cars of stock to the South Omaha
market Monday evening.
The Library Association and
School dinner was a great success,
netting them over $."'..". 00.
Carl X'ickels, who has been working
for Mrs. Asch, moved to the Taylor
placeeast of Union, this week.
J. J. Toman and family are moving
from Plattsmouth to the farm lately
vacated by Itobt Shrader and family.
-Mr. and Mrs. Koch, of Council
Bluffs, is moving to the Asch place,
where Mr. Koch will work for Mrs.
James, John and Fritz Tigner are
moving to the Davis place this week,
where they will farm the coming
Mr. and Mrs. Henry 0t, of Mem
phis, Nebraska, made a brief visit
with Murray friends and relatives one
day last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Lutz were
Plattsmouth visitors last Sunday,
spending the day at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Lutz.
Miss Ermel Rich, of Louisville, has
come to Murray to make her home
for the present, and is assisting Mrs.
Berger in the hotel work.
Frank Dugay and Clarence Mason
were in Omaha last Friday, and from
there went on to Rosalie, where Frank
will farm the coming season.
The little baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Vance Pitman has been quite sick for
the past few days, suffering from a
threatened attack of pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barrows, of
Omaha, came down last Thursday for
a visit with their brother Ted Bar
rows and family returning home Sat
urday. Harry L. Creamer is numbered
among the new auto owners of this
vicinity, having purchased a Dodge
Bros, car from John Gorder agency,
in Plattsmouth this week.
The 8th episode of
in two reels
"The Small
Magnetic Hand!"
a one reel drama
"In Onion There
Is Strength!"
a one reel comedy of
Vice and Dice?
Saturday Evening,
Show Starts at 7:45 Sharp
1 I' -
.ML 1
The attendance at the Bible
.school Sunday was - the largest in
several months. This was encourag
ing to the faithful Superintendent
ard teachers. May we have a large
number present next Sunday.
The subject of the morning dis
course xrill be "A Conscience Free
from Self-Condemnation" and the
evening topic will be "A great Man
John and George Jenkins were in
Murray for a few days last week
visiting with friends and relatives.
John is living at Rosalie, and George
is attending auto school in Omaha.
Mrs. Glen Perry, -who has been sick
for the past few days, was taken to
the Presbyterian hospital Monday of
this week, where she will undergo a
surgical operation within a few days.
Fritz Henerich. of Plattsmouth.
came down last Thursday for a brief
visit with his daughter, Mis. L. D.
Iliatt. lrs. Hiatt returned home
with him, where she spent the night
with her parents. '
United Presbyterian Notes
The services next Sabbath will be
Sabbath School at 10:00 A, . M.
Preaching by the pastor at 11:00 A.
M. and .7::j0 P. M. The members of
the church are expected to attend
these services in fulfillment of their
obligations asmned when uniting with
the church, and all others are invited
to attend and will be made welcome.
The Women's Missionary Socciety
will meet Friday afternoon of this
week with Mrs. Jackson at the parsonage.
Commencing Monday, March 12th,
the business of the Murray Garage
will be placed on a strictly cash basis.
This will include all merchandise, re
pairs, gasoline and oils and all re
pair work done on cars. In taking
this step we believe that we will be
in better position to serve our pa
trons, giving them better service at
more reasonable prices. These are
the terms on which we buy all our
goods and all business done by us
will be upon that basis. We also
wish to thank all our patrons for favors and trust that we may be
able to continue our business relations
upon this basis.
L. II. Puis, Proprietor.
Cut This Out It is Worth Money.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose with oc to Foley & Co., 2833
Sheffield Ave., Chicago, 111., writing
your name and address clearly. Y'ou
will receive in return a trial package
containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound for coughs, colds and
croup; Foley Kidney Pills, and Foley
Cathartic Tablets. Sold everywhere.
From "Wednesday's Daily.
Verner Perry of the vicinity of Wa
bash, has become the owner of one
of the fine new Paige "sixes," which
he secured from W. E. Propst, the
local agent. The Paige is one of the
pleasing models of the season, and
that secured by Mr. Perry is one of
the latest make and has a forty horse
power for traveling. The price of the
car is $1,225, and will be much enjoyed
by Mr. Perry and family during the
coming summer months.
"00 acres, in Cass county, all lying
within 3 miles of the city of Platts
mouth. Price right for quick sale.
Inquire of WT. E. Rosencrans.
Offer .$100.00 for your car if btolun,
if you are insured by J. W. Holmes.
Stop! Look! Listen!
You may need an Auctioneer
if so
17. R. YOUNG
s still in the ring You will find
on the Murray Exchange.
Reverse A!! Galls!
Rates Reasonable
Address N
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Route No. 1
We have just received our Spring shipment of John
Deere Farm Implements, consisting of the famous Model B
three-lever disk, harrows, stag gang plows, No. S99 corn
planters, two wheel listers. In fact everything that goes to
make up the well known John Deere line. We also have
in stock the Moline disk, harrows and Western Bell listers.
We invite you to look our line over before buying. While
prices have advanced rapidly in the last year, we were for
tunate enough in buying early and for this reason can quote
you prices on our goods that are right.
The Hurray Hardware and Implement CO.,
Murray, Nebraska
Members of Own Party to Disregard
Senate Seniority Rule Hitch
cock is in Line.
Washington. D. C, March 7. A
fight against re-electing W iliiam J.
Stone to the chairmanship of the for
eign relations committee will be made
bv members cf his own party despite
the seniority rule that has prevailed
in such matters, according t a prom
inent demociat, who was one of the
leaders in the fight to pass the armed
neutrality measure.
The new senate cannot proceed to
business until committees and chair
manships have been selected.
Senate Committee Continued.
, Senator Kern, however, la-t Friday
presented a resolution which was
adopted, continuing the senate com
mittees of the sixty-fourth congress
during the present special session of
the senate.
Senator Owen c-!e:iay hj i that
inasmuch as th.e sixty-fourth congress
died Sunday, they could not in any
way govern or even suggest rules for
the new senate.
Owen pointed out that the sixteen
new members had every right to de
mand a say.
Coughing Tires the Old
Hard winter couhs ere cry tiring to
elderly people. They mean lost, of sleep,
' and they deplete the fctrtnth, lowef vi
tality, weaken and wear out the tjitcm.
Foley's Honey and Tar
stops coughs quickiy. It is a k'arijr"-d
family raeuicitiw that con';rns no opi
ates, rind is roted for its quick effect on
co.a'is. colds, cr nip, bronhia! nr.r!
In grippe coughs, im.l the chronic coufihs
of c) -K rly p-or iv.
J. IV Will' 'ir-8, Trprfpn, G:i.. ov r 73 r:.r
o! 1 sa-. s: "1 u.fd i olty'i Ho.tcy ai d l ai
lor jcars w;h the bes; anj urest re.ultt."
S(.!!; t"r Hitchcock, who ranks next
to Sto a on i he f : cie.ii relations com
mittee in r-eniority, will, it is bclieve-1.
suecieo Stone a - chairman, should the
hcht on Stone de ilop the strength
mces-arv to oust him.
Am breeding from S-ott Covult".-.
strain of Kids this year. "Only
one breed;" SI. 'Jo per setting, by mail;
5 per KM, by express. Phone Platts
mouth 4CJ1, W. 15. Porte:-. Mynard.
Neb. :s-dw
Offer 100.00 for your car if stolen,
if you are insured by J. W. Ilolmi':;.
Take advantage of our large stock and early buy
ing, we will save you at least
'on every pair you purchase of us. We carry the three
most celebrated lines, Viz: F. P. KIRKENDALL, THE
You will always find our grocery stock complete
and of standard brands.
Puis & Gansemer
Drs. Mach & CYiach, The Dentists
The largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Specialist In
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Moderate Prices. Porcelain fillinji,
just like tooth. Instrument carefully stern ueu a.ter using.
Send for fbek sample 01 bani-fyor I'ycrrne ;reaiEea-..
3rd Floor Paxton Dlock, OMAHA
fpSlo FISTULA Pay After You Are Cured
IlVi? A mild system of trsatment, cures Piles, Fistnla artd Tthcr
Rectal Diseases in a short time, without a surgical operation. No Chloroiorm
Ether or other general acactnetic used- A cure puaranteed in every case ac
cepted for treatment, ar.d no money lo be paid until cured. Write for book on
Rectal diseasss. rnih. testimonials of prominent people who have been permanently
DR. TAKHY Da Cuildins Omaha.