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IWttE 3.
32 S'ZtJ?A22-$
lilURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22. 1917.
i Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal lieadera
If a.njr of the readers of the
Journal Know of any social
event or itm of interest in
this vicinity, anil will mail
same to this office, it w ill ai
Iear under this heading. We
want all riewsiteuis Editor
c m
ra JipE Jro Ji
Apply B
usiness Methods
A bank account makes for HOUSEHOLD EFFICIENCY AND ECON
CIIY. WLei you pay the bills of the grocer, the butcher, the baker by check
?-cu know just how much it costs to run your home.
r rt
Hi ii eti oaven a cauiv
Start One Today
Mrs. Alf Gansemcr has botn on the
5ick list this week.
Miss Ruse Kline was a Weeping
Water visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. L. II. Puis has been number
ed anions the sick for the past few
days. Lloyd Capen and Arthur Voting
A-ere Plattsmouth visitors Wednesday
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Shrader at
ended the play at the I'armeie last
Friday nijrhL.
Charley Creamer and Mont Shra
ler were delivering iio.irs for Char
ey Wolfe Monday,
John Yallery and famiiy were vis
::inpr at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
retf Brenuel last Sunday.
Mr! and Mrs. W. G. Iioedeker at-
Ienoeii use n.wc siiw in
Mattsniouth last Friday evening.
For sale A lot of block eottoii-
vo d at T-.c jer load at my farm.
Janus Brown. Murray.
Mrs. Or.a Lawion antl little son, who
have been in South Dakota for the
pas-t winter returned home last week.
The 7th episode of
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Oar deposit? are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
and Mrs. John
moved to his farm
Howard ha
-y Scotton are workinjr on the
V, (.'. i l.i
P--r:;y Hr.e residence these days.
(". II. Miiler, of Plattsmouth, was
;. Murray visitor Tuesday of this
.Mi- Margie Walker attended a
par'-."" of lriends in Plattsmouth Wed
nesday. Mis. C. II. Gilmore and Miss Mae
Lu'rhbridre were Omaha visitors
C. M. (.'iiri.-wisMi- was a visitor at
: V ' m;ih:i Stock Yards Wednesday
of t.'ii- wek.
M - Vertia Tl i-rp and sister. Miss
!..;.' lie were Xebra.-ka City visitors
There were a ed many from this
!"-a'ny in attendance at the Doujrhty
-..le Wednesday.
The regular business meetinjr of
ti:. I.ibary will be held Tuesday even
it. Everbdy eome.
Alva Crejrory accompanied the
I : i ! f ii c cattle to the South Omaha
market Monday evening.
The members serving luncheon at
a week a;ro broke the rec-
ir. attendance and the total pro
amounted to nearly ?10.00.
M!Vik-r. the entertainers, jravc
tr.e iiorary
ft i
;rram Tuesday evening and
:i food crowd in attendance,
the renditions were extra
nei e wa.:
- i 1 V. . e "I
T.n n:uie .-ale held by Wileon Bros.
Vi the i Id Xick Klaurens place last
.i-ii-ciay was well attended, and pood
were paKl .or tnc stoek. the
v.c price beinjr SI "". "0.
Tmc Oldham Stock Farm made a
"Icsaie shipment of hoys Wednes
v. Thev shipped into Kentucky.
Ji.:i i.- and Wyominy. This makes
U n states that they have shipped hoys
ir.t.. in the past six months.
p! K
"Ben Xoell has resumed Ins duties in
the Puis
V.. S. Smith has been filliny ids
ice house this week.
C. E. Pettit was a business visitor
in the metropolis Saturday.
Frank Yallery was lookiny after
some business matters in Plattsmouth
VG. M. Minford was a business vis
iter in the metropolis Tuesday of
this week.
C. M. Chriswisser shipped a ear of
cattle to the South Omaha market
Tuesday eveniny.
Minford & Creamer shipped a ear
of hoys to the South Omaha market
Monday eveniny.
Philp ot's shipped a car of cattle
from this station to the South Omaha
market Tuesday eveniny.
Mrs. Wm. Hendricks, who was in
jured by a fall a few days ayo, is
yettiny aloiiy nicely at this time.
W. Ik Bobbins, who was so pain
fully injure! in a runaway last week
is able to be around ayain, and is
yettiny alony nicely.
L. II. Puis is riyht up-to-date with
his yaraye accounts, and has pur
chased a new McCasky Beyister
System, which was installed in his
yaraye last week.
W. H. Puis who broke his arm
while crankiny his car last Satur
day' is yettiny alony ery nicely, but
he finds it very inconvenient when it
comes to lookiny after business mat
ters around the store.
L. II. Puis, the Murray auto man,
has started the 1017 season out riyht
by purchasiny a car load of the
Yelie liyht six cars that were unload
ed here last Saturday. One of them
was sold to O. A. Davis, and the
otheii placed in the early spriny sales
department, and will no doubt be sold
before Louie will be" able to yet more.
wmMM The Standard of
Dress Ginghams
in aSI the very late designs for Spring dresses
e per yard
Muslins, Sheetings, Tubings, India Linens,
all under priced, accordingto market values.
Buy now and save advances.
Hansen, from
visitir.y this
Mr. and Mrs.
near Nehawka, were
week at the home of
Hlmer IVedekcr.
Bav Ch 'isveisscv moved to the
Bernei Chrisw . i.-cr farm this wees.
has liv
1 .ar.cater
the jias". few years.
Lucille Bene.iice, of Omaha, was in
Murrry List Sunday vi.-iliny at the
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Bice, west of town.
The cai-shortaye situation in Mur
ray remains about the suir.e as last
week. The elevators are all full and
no cars for the past ten days.
John is movin.y this week
to the oid Morrow farm, now owned
by G. M. Minford, ar.d will w rk for
Mr. Minford this summer.
Miss Morris in yave an entertain
ment at her school house last Friday
niyiit. It was laryely attended ar.d
an ecellent proyram was yiven.
Word hu been revived here from
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Pitman, who are
in Caliorr.ia. that they were enjoyiny
rooa health and havmy an
By special arranyement throuyh
tiie courtesy of local Modern Wtw.d
men, the Puis t Gansemer hall has
booked two reels of motion pictures, ifcj n
featuring1 Georpe Gray, in a tru? aitd j
realistic film story of his part in the 1
present war not of bloodshed but!
in the fiyht ayainst and conquest of i
that menacing monster of the human)
flesh tuberculosis. Gray is ore of:
the million members of the Modern j
Woodmen of America. Discovering 1 13
that he is afflicted with the disease, 'f$
he takes advantage of the comforts,!
care, and cure of the Sanatorium P
owned, maintained, antl operated by !
that Society, free of charge to its j
members. For several years that fra-j
ternal institution has thus actively!
and effectively cooperated in the :
world-wide movement advocated by j
the Bed Cross and medical author- i
ities t- stamp out the dread "white!
plague' and Gray is the beneficiary j
of this Woodmen life-saving station.
It is an intensely interesting and
heart-gripping story of the leave
taking of wife and children. Weak
in body and hopeless in mind he
iourneys to the beautiful Bockv
Mountain region near Colorado
Springs. Colo., where, in the rariiied
ciimate and constant sunshine, at an
altitude of 7,000 feet, he is destined in
spend nine months at the foot' of
.Mount etiar. m the care ol toe m.-1
n- .uern Sanatorium in the world, iiisj
experiences in "chasing the cure."')
his absolute rest from all cares and
labor, his gradual return to health
and strength, his "hikes" among ike
fragrant pines and over the rocky
trails of the U. S. forest reserve
-in two reels
Mash of Fortune"
a Laemmie dama
"I Got Yer Number
a Joker comedy
Also a two reel Woodman
drama, Var on Tubercu
losis" six reel show fotHe
regular price.
MONARCH Ka!!cac!e Ranf.cs Fttlhj
Protected Ainsi Rust Oamac
pf by Vitreous Ensmeied Lmin&s
f-7 V'4 WJ".
Families who are using heavy
afraid a Steel Banye will rust out
Families who have had unfortunate e
v-activ.g c.i-
Ie"Siy SdtieftctjrRi-vjs
es because they are
.perieme with citap Steel Kaliges "i"
before it was i oi;u
1 t':.'t
t was
Saturday Evening,
Show Starts at 7:45 Sharp
those built in eailier lay
l.roblem to be dealt with
r:ery family, in fact, who cook ar.d want it done '.veil and economically
MOXAJCCH MfidC'il-ic litn.yc arc i.tatic j-r-nf
v gain a1- l)a tn(U)-: iron lit lJ VitiTon Luhk I
Fhif Linirgy..
j.t mr.r.-i v,,n can now eniov th.e tcoromy ami satisfaction of an air-tight
Malleable kaiiir the quick s -vie; of
time a luraboity giviter than a'iy t p
:.' need to take this "on laitu.
feel the Vitreous F.namel co-eri:
You known what
i "s-tee! i.ii
of w
('(me in :mi sec
t he oven and cri r
itreous Fr.amel is. From
:c" and at the same.
er kr.own to have.
f'T ourself see and
flue w.dl.
iiitfere::t household
Mis Psther Bice has been number
ed am.ny the sick for the past few
Wm. Bice was looking after s -me
busii t.-s matters in the county .-eat
T ' .e i- J.ii t u i .. oil r li fe. ; t
tr.e 1 u:s .v i.i.,::mih
uses vou kootr that it is mt en'ected by Bust.
The Murray Hardware and Iraplemenl GO
Murray, Nebraska n Church C'iin.e.
;1 t .
i . i, r I
inov Ij
:y. i'eb
t amiiy
J ti
ll avi
l'i A.
leased by and adjoining the Sanator
ia is
Bobbins has been moving this
week to the Scail Davis farm, where
Will Bobbins has been living, ai.d
Will moves down rear Weeping
Bobt. Young, who has been in the
hospital in Omaha for the past few
weeks recovering from an injured hip,
leturned home this week. He is
slowly recovering.
At the last meeting of the M. W.
A. delegates to the county convention
in Plattsmouth to be held in April
were chosen, and were as follows:
Lloyd Gapen, K. L. Kniss and D. A.
See Charley Chaplin and Marie
Dressier in "Tillie's Punctured Bo
mance" at the Puis .t Gansemer hall
Wednesday evening Feb. sh. The
greatest picture ever thrown on the
Mrs. II. L. Creamer who has been
in the hospital lvr the past few weeks
returned home last Friday. She is
impiuving and hopes are expressed
by her many friends that she will
soon be restored to her former health.
Andrew Stohlman and A. A. Simo
maun, from Louisville, were in Murray
Wednesday of this week. Mr. Shoe
niann was here in the interest of his
nursery line that he has Jbeen plac
ing so extensively over Cass county.
Th" Llmer Bocdcker sale he8d Mon
day of this week was fairly well at
tended aiul the property, brought a
fair price. Mr. and Mrs. Boedeker
will soon move to Murray where they
will make theft- home for a few
From all appearances the robbers
who visited Murray last week made
their last ctdl at the Pitman elevator,
as one of the stolen rings was found
on the floor of the otlice. Here is
where they probably made the "ilivy"
of the sV'len goods.
Wilson Bros. ; hipped two cars of
cattle lo the South Om;ha market
Monday of this week. The cattle
were in excellent shape, and showed
the result of careful feeding and
topped the South Omaha market for
the day. F. T. Wilson was on the
market with them.
The Del.avel Cream Separator Day
at the Murray Hardware and Imple
ment Co., store Wednesday of this
week was a grand success. There
iu at, result in his final return to fam
iiv and friends, victorious over
foe. "The Value el a Life" is a
thrilling and dramatic story and
absolutely true as well; indeed.
Gray's experience has been duplicat
ed by nearly :;.ooa of his fello-v
Neighbors, who have already enjoyed
the benckts of this justly celebrated
insitution. This lilm is pronounced
by competent authorities to be one of
the very best in this age of highly
developed motion pictures, and is in
such great demand that it can be
booked only for one day and night
in each town or city. It is a rare op
portunity one can not afford to miss.
At the Puis Gansmemer hall on
February 2-ith, in addition the
legular program. '. reels in all.
Dr. Gilmore was a Plattsmouth
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. John Yardley has been on the
sick list for the past week.
Mrs. Joe Hathaway spent Sunday
with home folks near Union.
Fzra Albin shipped stock to the
South Omaha market Tuesday.
Mrs. L. Bushterhohz has been on
the sick list for the past few days.
Mrs. MaGee has been numbered
with the sick for the past few days.
The little baby of Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Leach has been quite sick for the past
few days.
Byron Bead, of Plattsmouth spent
the day with his son Charley, last
The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Bay Campbell has been on the sick
list for t!ie past week.
("has. Wolfe, v.lio has been quite iJ!
for the past few weeks, is improving
during the past few days.
Walter Sans shipped a car load of
sheep lown from Omaha this week
that were driven to his farm for
Mrs. Alta Candy, of Ilavelock,
who has been visiting relatives and
friends here for the past few days,
returned home Wednesday.
Joe Cook, who has been sick for
the past few days, suffering with a
gathering in his head, has been im
proving and is able to be up and
around again.
Frank Yallery and Tern Cromwell
were in Peru one day last week and
wlfile there Frank made a short visit
with Grandma Graves, who is mak
ing her home with her son Jule. This
excellnt old lady is now !)7 years old,
anil is nj, tying pretty good health, re
covering from her recent sick spell.
Vailery & Cromwell, the rustling
real estate men of this locality, sent
a number of men to Perkins, Chase
and Keith counties this week on a
land seeking trip. This firm have a
lot of mighty good farms in these
counties on their list and they are
selling them too. There will be a'
were quite a number of crippled sep- number of big tractors turned into
arators that were brought in for re- this section in the early spring and a
moved to Murray and will make this
ti.eir home for the summer.
Jal-e Miller, of Company F, Fifth
Nebraska, of Fort Cook, was visiting
with Dr. Gilmore Tuesday of t'.ii
week. Miss Beitha Pitman. from near
Xehawka, was in Murray this week
isiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Ik J. Pitman.
The Libary Association and Scho 1
will ehe .! dinner and .-upper at the
library room Tuesday. AH are in
vited to attend.
Wm. Bice and John Stones were
-isiting with Piattsmoutii friends and
looking after business interests in
the county seat last Saturday.
Bay Smith, from west of Platts
mouth, was a Murray visitor Wednes
day of this week, bringing his separ
ator to th Murray Hardware and
Implement Co. repair day.
C not fail to see the best pktuic
of the day at the Puis A: Gansemer
hall, on Wednesday evening, Feb.
2th. "Tiliie's Punctured Romance"
with Charity Chaplin and .Marie
Henry Shoemaker, one of the best
farmer; of southern Cass county, ac
companied by Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Thicle. passed through Murray Tues
day eni'iite to Plattsmouth and Oma
ha for the day.
The last number of the Lyceum
course, which will be a male quartet,
will be given tin Friday evening.
.March 2d. This will be the best
number of all, and should be well pa
tronized. Let us all attend.
Mo; mrg wors!
Sermon toioc
crease." Church
to be present to
Evening worship at 7 :".
i -i senr. n: " l r.e .uatcuies-
II umanity."
Gome and worship with u
1. .
it 11 A. M. oi iii-
mcmbers are urged
hear this topic dis-
u eject
Hero of
, and we
try to ct
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Fritz Lutz celebrated
iheii- seventh wedding anniversary at
their home west of Murray, on last j
Friday evening. The affair was a
genuine surprise to .Mr. and Mrs.
Lui., planned and carried out by a
number of friends and relatives.
There were a large number of friends
and relatives in attendance, and a
most enjoyable time was had by all.
Plenty of good things to eat were
brought along, ar.d at the customary
hour this was the feature event of
the occasion.
lieu- is good news for those that
were disappointed in seeing the great
photo picture "Tiilie's Punctured Ro
mance" at the Puis - Gansemer hall
last week. It will be here on Wed
nesday evening, Feb. -Jsth." in six big
reels- featuring the celebrated Charlie.
Chap'in. Marie Dressier and Mabel
Norm; nd. The management of tbu
theatre regret very much that the
many patrons were met with disap-poinimti-.t
on th.e former date, but
it was no fault of theirs, and they are
assured by the film company that
there will be no repetition as on the.
former date. So be on I, and, Wed
nesda evening Feb. tir-th.
Cemetery Notice.
Big Special Picture
Night for Murray!
Wednesday Night,
the world of this m broke'i land put into
pairs, and a representative of
company here for that purpose was crops. Another trip west will
kept busy most of the day. made Saturday of this week
6 REELS! 6
A Keystone Riot,
RE" n
Marie Dressier,
Friable Normand
ana Charley Chaplin
One of the greatest pictures
ever shown on the screen. r
You Should Not Miss It!
Regular Admission!
t'nii.d Fri
lei iu n ';
Notice is hereby given that theie.
wiil be no m ue lots sold in the Win.
Young cemetery except to persons
having near relatives buried there.
I The price from this date will be .51
per lot. Py order of the trustees.
S. G. LATTA, Preshhnt.
D. A. YOUNG, Secretary.
A. M.
Preaching 1 1 : "U
. M.
Sabbath School at lOrbti A
all a nc
st '-vices
.il invitation is extended to
those who can attend the
ill 1 j heartily welcomed.
Wanted Information a- to the ad
dress of heirs of John C. Marvin. Ad
dress was Cass county about 1874.
Small recovery can probably be made.
Address Edwin W. Spalding, Washing
ton, D. C. -J-12-tfwkIy
r& LI li w ti
Take advantage of our large stock and early buy
ing, we will save you at least
frfsi yy
on every pair you of us.. We carry the three
most celebrated lines, Viz: F. P. KiRKENDALL, THE
You will always find our grocery stock complete
and of standard brands.
Puis &
Drs. Klach Gk EVtech, Tfia Dentists
The largest and be equipped dental oTices in Omaha. Specialist la
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Moderate I'riccn. Porcelain Cilia,
just like tooth. Instruments carefuby storuued .ier u.Mn.
Send for frks sample of Sani-Pyor Pyorrhea Treatment.
M i i ii 3rd Floor Paxton Block, OMAHA
FgSo FISTULA Pay After You Are Cured
8 M v5 A miJci EyStea of treatment, that cures Piles,. Fistula and "other
Rectal Diseases in a short time, without a surgical operation. No Chloroform
Ether or other general anasthetic used. A cure guaranteed in every case ac
"cepted for treatment, s.nd no money to be paid until cured. -Write for book oa
Rectal diseases, vitb testimonials of prominent people who have beea permanently
cured. -QR.
TARRY Bee Building Omaha.