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    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1917. 4
f ? ,
Admission 25, 35 and 50c
Seats on Sals at Weyrich & Hadraba's Wednesday 10 A. M.
Local ews
Frank Wokott of Weeping
Vat.r is i;i the city enjoying a visit
;.. the home of Mrs. M. A. Street and
f. rr.:!y.
V.m ry Tod I of near Murray was in
.::y ;i..!ay for a few hours, motor
iv.r -p from his home to attend to sev
eral matters at the court house.
Mrs. J. A. Murray 'returned this
n.-T-imr f ri m Omaha where she has
1 n s:;ur.diu.T-.a few days in that
;:v wuh relatives and friends
Mrs. A. F. Ploetz departed this aft-.
c : :. 'o;i for he-r home at Scotland, S.
I'., after a visit in this city with her
:'..:ie? and friends for a short time.
! in'y and J. E. Gruber came in
s from their farm homes
i . ;.r Mynard and departed on the B-rlirigten train for Omaha,
iiv.-: : they will spend the day on the
ile .-totk market in that city.
'neiifT C. D. Quinton was at Ne
V:aska City yesterday, where he ac
. omrar.ied Walter Wunderlich, clerk
i:i the Slieiuu store at Nehawka, and
Mr. Wunde-rlich identified one of the
G.ilesj f beys as the man who had
ei.terc ! the Nehawka store.
Mr-, r. II. Valiery and T. V. Val
' -:y cam- in this morning from their
hi rrn-s -cuthwest of the city, and de-i;:tt-d
n the early Burlington train
frr Orr.aha. where they will visit with
M -. C H. Valle'-y at the Immanuel
wheie he is recovering from
; operation.
Chr-iles S. Store, cashier of the
Klv-v. o-d St;;te Uank ar.d wife were
i i th city yesterday afternoon visit
i: ' at hme of Mrs. Mary Alli-
p. 'h .- of Mrs. Stone, returning
i .: --. evrnirtr. While in the citv
"t- p;.id a visit to the Journal
i-- satisfied with my
.1 '
sc I have the ability,
Ust care and highest
!:.-.'; moderate
!c-: .':i?i;lt;;tion free; strictly
g :;ra::' d. lon"t fail to come Sat-
U'tlay. Victor Johnson, expert opto
rretri.-t, at the Crescent drug store,
Safjrday. Tel.
hur-O.i eye-glasses shown Satur
tiny. You v. ill like them. See me at
tr.r Crescent drug store. Manv Platts-
rr..vJlh recommendations. One of the
t-st optometrists in the country at
your service. Phone 3G for appoint
Ignr.e Sthwind drove in from his
iarm li-n e v est of this city yesterdaj
afternoon to attend to some important
business. rr.aU;i'. While here he took
t'n:e io x:all r.t this office and have his
name enrolled 0:1 our . Semi-Weekly
li-t, in order that he might keep post
ed cn happenings in this vicinity and
throughout the county.
Customer near Plattsmouth, Neb., is
ural.le to finish payments on piano
c-ntrac-jT-We will tura piaiio over to
fcr.-.t satisfactory party who will pay
bi'LiiCC, cither cash or five dollars per Wsite Sc"".mollcr & Mueller
T'Litu Cu-., Omaha, Nvb. 2-8-ltwkly
Y 16
Fremont, Neb., Feb. 7. Railroad
men. who have been keeping watch on
the antics of the Platte river are
looking for a big flood when the ice
goes out this spring. The ice on the
river is over a foot thick and if the
cold weather continues a few inches
will be added.
Since the flood of. 1012 when mW-ts
of track wore damaged and nearly
every bridge from Columbus to the
mouth of the river was washed out,
the railroads with tracks running
along the stream or bridges crossing
it have done extensive protection
The dyke erected along the bank of
the river west and south of Fremont
four years ago at a cost of thousands
of dollars will be given its test this
year, railroad men believe, as the ice
is thicker than it has been for years.
' Lawyer.
East of Riley HoteL
Coates' Block,
Second Floor
'MH' .M-I-M. .fr4-M-
W. A. Tulene was a passenger this
morning for Omaha, where he will
spend the day looking after some mat
ters of business.
The public sale of E. R. Queen, that
was to have been held at his home,
nine miles south of Plattsmouth and
four and a half miles east of Murray,
on Friday, February l)th, has been
postponed until Tuesday, February
13th, owing to the fact that two sales
in this locality were billed on the same
Felt Like 90, Now Like 21.
Like a weak link in a chain, a weak
organ enfeebles the whole body,
Weak kidneys lower vitality. A. W.
Morgan, Angola, La., writes: "1
suffered with pains in the back.
am 4' years old, but I felt like a man
pt )0. Since I took Foley Kidney
Pills I feel like I did when I was 21."
50c and $1.00 sizes. Sold everywhere.
George W, Rhodcn was among the
visitors in the city today, driving in
to look after some trading with the
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
ths -Signature
otiii mi 111 Tiir
oi ill ui m inn
The injunction case over the Wash
ington avenue paving is still the
center of attraction at the court house
and the district court room has been
filled with an interested audience who
have attended the sessions. The
taking of testimony was continued
throughout the day yesterday and this
morning, but it is thought that the
case can be submitted to Judge Beg
ley this evening for his consideration.
There has been a large number of
witnesses examined on both sides of
the case to establish the legality of
the creation of the district and also
as to the value of the property along
the paved streets both before and
after the paving had been laid.
Tomorrow the hearing on the con
test over the school bonds will be
staged, providing the paving injunc
tion case can be disposed of, this will
also require some time to hear,
as there will be a great many wit
nesses to be called to testify. This
is the case where a number of the
citizens are seeking to have the re
cent school bonds for $15,000 declar
ed void owing to a fraudulent elec
tion. It is claimed that a number
voted who were not entitled to do so
under the law and for this reason
they ask that the election be declared
void. The bonds were carried by a
majority of five votes at the election
on November 7th.
The troop trains carrying the
equipment ar.d members of the Fifth
Nebraska Infantry from the Mexi
can border, were delayed in their ar
rival at Fort Crook where they are
to be quartered for the present. The
first train reached Pacific Junction
shortly after 1 o'clock last night
but was held there until this morn
ing and the first section of th"
regiment passed through this city at
5:25 this morning and the second sec
tion at I:U1, reaching the fart uL
daybreak. The delay in the train
was a great disappointment to a great
many residents of the city who had
hoped to be able to witness the return
of the boys from the southland, and
the Burlington station was beseiged
with inquiries as to the time of the
arrival of the trains but it was im
possible to give any accurate infor
mation as the government was direct
ing the movements of the trains from
the time that they left the border un
til reaching Fort Crook. The bar
racks at the fort have been arranged
for the reception of the troopers; and
they will be held there until the war
department finally decides on what
steps to take in regard to mustering
out the boys, but in view of the war
like condition of affairs it is not likely
that they will be released for sonic
time at least.
The Journal was more than pleased
to receive a call from our old friend,
B. F. Iloback, from near Nehawka,
on Tuesday of this week. Mr. Hc
back'.s visits to the county scat are
indeed few and far between, owing
to his poor health of late years,, but
he is always a mighty welcome visitor
around the Journal ollice.' He us
ually gets here about once a year
when his health will permit, and on
this trip we were indeed pleased to
learn that he is feeling much better
than for some time. He says that
he believes he has a second lease on
life, and has decided to remain with
us for some time. The Journal
joins with his many friends in hoping
that this excellent old gentleman may
continue to improve. He was ac
companied on this trip by Wm. Stine
from near Union.
A Letter That May Interest You.
N. W. McConnell, Riverdale, Ga.,
writes: "Foley Cathartic Tablets
absolutely cleanse my system thoroug
ly, and never gripe, and no nausea."
An ideal physic, invigorating and
strengthening the bowel action and
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The Ford touring car to be given by
E. G. Dovey & Son Saturday, Febru
ary 24th at 9 p. m. Your votes will
be appreciated.
For Sale Large safe. .May be
seen at Mauzy Drug Store. 28-tfd.
Yesterday afternoon at the court
house occurred the marriage of Mr.
Frank Stege, of Elmwood, and Miss
Lucy Westlake, of Avoca. The
words that made these two happy
hearts as one were pronounced by
Judge, Beeson in his usual impressive
manner.and was witnessed by Miss
Nellie Westlake and Mr. Wood. Af
ter the wedding the young people
spent a few hours in the city before
returning home to Elmwood. The
groom is a prosperous young fai-mer
and is well known in the . locality
where he has resided for almost his
life time. The bride is a very charm
ing young lady and one who posseses
a host of warm friends in her home.
They will make their home in the
future on a farm near Elmwood.
Vote on Measure is 73 For and 21
Against Three Douglas Men
Vote "No."
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 7. The limited
suffrage bill passed the house today
by a vote of 73 to 24. Three repre-
senatives known to favor the bill were
absent. A similar bill is in the sen
ate. Nine of the Douglas county dele
gation voted for it and three against
ss follows: For the bill Bulla,
Craddock. Hopkins, Howard, Keegan,
Lovely Nielsen, Shannon and Good-
all. Against the bill Jelen, Rich
mond and Schneider.
The bill empowers women of Ne
braska to vote for president and vice
president, all of city officers, all coun
ty, excepting county judge, and sehool
officials with the exception of state
Women cannot vote for any con
stitutional offices.
Aside from the three Douglas
county representatives who opposed
the bill, others opposing it were:
Representatives Anderson. Behiens.
Conley, Dan Flansberg, Foulon, Ful
ler, Gormley. Hutton Erick Johnson.
Knutzen. Koch, Leidigh. Meysenberg.
Neff, Osterman, Ileifenrath, Sass,
Segeike Waite and Ward.
The bill will probably be considered
by the standing committee of the
senate Thursday and may be report
ed out then.
Representative Bulla who voted for
the minimum wage bill Tuesday, in
voting for the suffrage bill said:
"I voted for the working girls yes
terday, and today I'm voting for their
Direct by owner, six acres with al
most new eight-room house, in the
best of condition; all fenced hog tight;
deep, rick black soil, all level; some
fruit, tine well, barn, chicken house
and other out buildings; large cellar.
This will be sold right and you will
have to pay no commission. It is lo
cated in the old fair ground:;, the
highways leading to it are the very
best; a splendid chicken, hog and po
tato farm. You" will buy it if you
hear the price. Leave word at this
office. C. B. Schleicher, 314f So. HUh
St., Omaha, Neb. Phone Tyler !05.
As the 22d of February is the In
dian day as well as Washington's
birthday, the Plattsmouth Cycle com
pany will give a free-for-all "Hare
and Hounds" race, and will give the
man catching the hare a ?87.50 New
Departure road racing tire, but if the
hare comes in first it gets the tires.
The hound that catches the hare will
also be the next hare, in the next
race. As this will be held every other
month, if there is enough interest, all
boys that have bicycles or that can
borrow them, arc advised to enter and
ask Dawson for particulars. There is
no advantage in being big or small or
in any one physical feature as in this
race it is judgment, skill, quick think
ing, speed and good eye-sight that
From my home, one mile east and
two and one-half miles north of Mur
dock, one 2-year-old heifer, red with
white spots, heavy with calf, weight
about 800 lbs. Anyone knowing its
whereabouts, please notify Herman
ScheeL R. F. D., South Bend, Neb.
Berlin, Monday, Feb. 5. (Via
London, Feb. C. Whatever may be
the feeling toward the United States
Germans in Berlin, anel as far as has
been heard outside the capital, have
manifested consideration and courte
sy toward Americans since the news
was received of the breaking off of
diplomatic relations. Aside from an
occasional frank comment on the ac- '
tion of the American government, no
acts of an unfriendly nature have
been reported.
The only difficulty which has been
reported thus far has been at one
district headquarters of police which ;
is charged with viscing passports to j
go aboard. Officials of the passport 1
department refused to vise passports
until holders were able to show
steamer tickets to America. On the
other hanel, the police in the main
residential districts are accepting "re
turn to America" as an adequate
reason for departure, but are insist
ing that customary interval of fort
night for military investigation of the
application cannot be waived.
District Judge Janus T. Ilehy
iust annemnced the members of
county board of insanity for the
forthcoming Term and has selected
i'or the places on the board Judjre II.
Archer 01 this city, nr. i. ) . i,ren-;
del of Murray, as examining physi- j
cian and James Kobertson, cle:1; of;
the district court Judge Archer is j
really the only new n:er.ber on j
board as Dr. Brend.i served i:: ;hc j
capacity of physician during the ieini !
of the late Jude H. P. Travis, ar.d j
is well qualified in every way for tl.o i
position. Mr. Kobertson by virtue of J
bis ollice as clerk of tl'e ccurt has j
.-erved as a member of the bo-'iei dur
ing his entire term of offi.-o a.; ck-i !;.
The !, has h;.C a very busy year
duiir.g 1 -'io a" a large number of in
s! :: "c ar.d i::ei.'riate were
broi glit up
n lor acti"ii.
Two new additions to the topulalion
of the city have
ance. one Ieiiiir a
made th
fine little son that
arrived last evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J reel llirz on i-oa'.:i;
Sixth street, and a
Ferd Duda home en
daughter at the
T t'.esda v eve 1 i
Uoth families are well pleased with
the good fortune that has visited them,
and their friends are wishing the i it
tie ones a long and luipp bfe.
The many friends of Miv. ('. I. Gae
bel throughout the CO .i nty will regret
very much to learn that she is con
fined to her home near Louisville
with a very severe illness and that
her condition is very serious. Th.'
Gaebel family are well known over
the county anel the many friends of
this estimable lady will indeed be
sorry to learn of her sickness ar.d
ttrust that she may be able to recover
Yesterday was quite a busy day in
the naturali.ati 'U branch of the of-i'u-c
of the district clerk as a number
of the residents o! the western por
tion of the county were in to seek
their citizenship papers and become
ful-liedgcu Americans m every sense
of the word. Henry Kcike. H' A!v,
Autrust Klrmnie, of neat Greenwood
and Wilhclni Doetke, of near Mur
dock, foreswore all allegiance to Wil
liam II, Emperor of Germany, am
Joseph Wutschinck, a former resident
of Austria, swore away his former
allegiance to the Emperor of Austria.
He resides in the vicinity of Murdock.
There has been quite a gooel many of
the foreign born resident of the
county who have in the last few days
made application for their final pa
pers or filed their declarations of in
tent to become citizens of the repub
lic. August Klemme of Greenweod, Wm.
Rader of Wabash, Henry Rieke of
Alvo and Dan Schlaphof of Murdock
motored to this city yesterday after
noon to attend to some business mat
ters at the court house. Mr. Klemme
was a pleasant caller at this office.
1917 calendar pads at the Journal
23c single
or 5 pairs
"Everybody's Store"
New ties every week!
P. Rouse was in Lincoln Tuesday,
irry Parsell was in Lincoln Wed-
of Murdock was in
returned to Lincoln
John Miatey
.''unday evening.
Dr. L. Muir was in Lincoln on bus
iness Saturday.
Bob Sv.acker went to Lincoln Wed
resday morning.
Ellis Coon returned from South
Bend Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Coatmun visited
"londr, in Weeping Water.
George Sheesely and sister, Stella,
"ictorc-d to Lincoln Saturday.
John Foremtui went to Lincoln Tues
day to have his hand treated.
Ellis Coon went to South Bend Mon
day, where he hns employment.
William Casey returned to his home
i.i Sourh Omaha Saturday evening.
C"0!tp P. Foreman was a passen
ger on No. 14 Monday for Lincoln.
D:n McCurdy went to South Bend
Tuesday to do some carpenter work.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brown re
turned from Lincoln Saturday evening.
Mrs. J. A. Shaffer spent Saturday
: nd Sunday with relatives in South
Miss Pearl LeGant of Ruskin visited
Saturday and Sunday at the L. Lau
: it sen home.
Opoatnr Keltner left Monday even
ing for Tor.noa, Kan., where he has
a day job on the second trick.
The Misses Emily Strong and Laura
Parsell went to Lincoln Saturday eve
ning, returning home Sunday.
Mrs. Id am O.iling of Minneapolis,
Minn.,- visited her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. New-kirk, this week.
Lorin H. Mickle returned Monday
from a week's visit with relatives and
friends at Avoca and Weeping Water.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rasp spent
Sunday with the former's sister, Mr.
Mid Mr. Fred Manners, near Elm
wooei. Joe Foreman left Sunday evening
for his ranch at Stewart, Neb., after
spending the past three weeks with
bis parents.
Mrs. Ray Clarke and infant daugh
ter, Beth Rose, spent Monday after
1 oon with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
( has. F. Rosenow.
Mrs. Chris Eichmann left Friday
evening for White Lake, S. I)., to
spend some lime with her sister, Mrs.
Wm. Hinemann.
Mrs. Andr cw Christianson and chil
dren went to Lincoln and visited their
father who, though very low, was able
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Mrs. Ilattie Strain and daughter,
Fern of Bethany, came down Saturday
and visited her aunt, Mrs. D. A. Vin
cent, until Sunday evening.
Mrs. Claude Barrett came in from
Lincoln Saturday on No. 14 to visit
her old friends, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Kirkpatrick, before going to Texas to
make her home.
Miss Georgia Snoke from near Ea
gle, who has been visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Sam Cashner and other relatives
and friends the past ten days, re
turned to her home Monday.
Uncle Geo. Parsell passed away Sat
urday morning, February 4, 1917, at
the age of 88 years, after an illness of
only three days. He was buried Tues
day afternoon in the Alvo cemetery.
Among those coming home to spent
Saturday and Sunday from the state
university were: Misses Marie Stroe
mer, Marie Appleman, LaVerne Stone,
and Herbert Prouty and Alfred Stroe
mer. Dan McCurdy came home from
Havelock Saturday and reports F. M.
Grove slowly improving after having
had pneumonia in its worst form, and
liver trouble, but not typhoid fever, as
was at first reported.
Died, Andrew Christianson. aged 77
years, at a hospital in Lincoln, Sunday
evening. The remains were brought
to his home north of town Monday
afternoon in the auto hearse. Funeral
services will be? held at the home
Thursday at 1:30 p. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenow and
son, Karl, visited the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Franz Rosenow, at Elm
wood, Saturday anel Sunday. Karl, on
account of the cold wave, remained
over until Monday, when he returned
with Orville Ingwerson by the auto
February 1st the W. R. C. held their
annual mid-winter picnic at the home
of Mrs. S. C. Boyles. Notwithstanding
the bitter cold, fourteen ladies were
brave enough to venture out. Each ar
riving member being welcomed at the
door by the hostess in summer attire,
even to hat, fan and parasol. About
1:30 a delicious dinner was served in
the dining room, to whicdi all did am
ple justice. The ladios then adjourned
to the parlors, where various stunts
afforded much amusement, and selec
tions on the victrola were also enjoyed
by all. After partaking of ice cream
and cake the guests departed home
ward feeling amply repaid for having
braved the wintry weather. Here's
hoping we're all there next winter.
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