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    PAGE 4.
Cbe plattsmoutb lourrsal
Entered at PostoSlce at Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter.
it A. BATES, Publisher
PKICKl tl.5
. .
. .
The r,rid is so full cf a rum
lur of thinjrs, I'm sure we
t-'i"u!dall be a? happy as kintrs.
li. I.. S.
q "leak.-" for awhile.
:o :-
da v.
:e l-ills being introduced every
:o :
' da lives in '.iwn in one night
.d-'uit two too many.
. V I o:'.i:
:: t eau-en as
.'.o acci i ."i ts
u one wouki
:c :-
i T ' 1 .
;.k Led n a a l:i:k r.urn-
ire it
-lould he stiietly
tin i'
:o :-
-if.inir cmmitti c idiould I,cg;n
-v ii thry enert to pet
. oef-.; re ti'.'.e fvr the Lgisiii-
tu. :
i- ;-:d :
i:; Id.t
: . ,,?j,:,.r.. ,. j ,.rr, ! banking systems are being created foi
is a human pho-raph. and it ! fniargement of foreign trade, and that
hat we have several cf them j 'vc have won a foothold in wo: Id com
. .... ; merer formeily held by Croat Britain.
L'.ut. i.unt Governor E-igar
c-cntin-u-s to hold d-.-wn the senate in
good .-.;. pe, and with the dignity be-
curr.i. w president of the senate.
J. i.n Muitey i making an excellent
hi. i
trlive Lr Lass county, an.i
. ro!n'ier.: all know he is
ther.. He is r-n.e 'Wrapper, to,
v.lo:. ;t comes u asserting his rights.
We glory in John's spunk.
:o :
Ai: s-'me pt-opie of in the leg
islature :s getting a position for a
v.-;.l!-f'ouer triend or increasing the
s.i .u. :
( facials. It may be all
we don't think so.
:o :
The i . - tat- commerce commis
sion says the railroads are making
mo: . y. while the r:ti!!oa.d managers
say trey arc no. Nov.. which are we
to be!iee? One thing is certain, the
rail: oa is can't expect the whole earth.
A bill has been introduced in the to abolish the board of
reci ' "t- ar.d esta'olish a boards of edu
cation imnosed of s;x m'-mbers to
taxi' t:
Tay'i !
Olh- :
ir p'ace. We aie tealiy sui-
sec our old friend, W. J.
.'cirditg that old boss-back
atsythii'g of thi- kind.
i .'. o; . th;- home of the free
; ; . i- M,-.w undo" the control
of t!.c
becorr. . v.
,:tid c. ir.bires. and has
than a '.most any coun-
trv in Europe, en'y
eniv hc;-au.-e the people
con'i"''C t- "'v-.-t n.en i- loo highest
j i,. ite v.ho arc ton cowardly to de
fend ihc r'ghts of a idee peopie.
:o :
)" Dr. Huity two never heard of
him before) annun s that people of
In'-a.-.a aie living '.'.1 years k"-.ger
that tl oy wi'i-c iiftccp years r'go, but
Avhy ! .- not the learne i !'". tor give
us an e. liniate of how much higher
the are living. The tiuth of the mat
ter i ' that mt ny people sire living
f roiii ha id-lo-ir.oulh, while others are
mt living at all. because they are too
io get enough to cut.
A 1 i ' I has been introduced ir-o tin?
legi lature, which if passed will make
til! p. : son- receiving Nebraska new.--j.ap
;s in the mail liable for payment
i.f ti.- subscription prices. A better
law would be ore to c'umptl newspa
pers to stop papers at the expiration
of the term paid for. Everyone taking
a in. "--p;-per i an just as well pay fot
it in advance as at the end of tht
year. .;r: i: ' ' 4. -'' r-ral pu'. ren
du I a.y
Since the national campaign closed
we have heard less about the fear
some prospects for our national fu
ture. Predictions that the termination
of the war is certain to leave us in
the doldrums, if not to send us all to
the poor house, have practically
ceased. We will hear nothing of them
until the next campaign, unless the
republicans organize the lower house
of congress and open battle for an
other Dingley tariff act.
financial jousnuis? uiv !Mn,,r un.-vj
now to an optimism with respect to
our future which they did nt for.
like exploiting while the plea l'r
special privilege was at its height.
One of them candidly directs atten
tion to the growing interest of Amer
ican manufacturers in export trade. It
ravs that our past failures to win an.l j
hold f reign markets, because of the disinclination to meet for
ci'"!! conditions, have taught an iff re
live lesson.
Published richt on Wall street this
voic? of the financial thus foregoes
its tacit to special privi
lege long en uch to say that suitable
Germany and Fiance, "from which i1
will be difficult to eleminate us.'
It concedes that those eountrie:
will make strenuous efforts to recovci
their lost vantages, "but fortunately
we have great advantages in enor
mous plants, high efficiency, greater
adaptability and. improved banking fa
cilities " As a matter of fact, tin
only new items in the foregoing list
are improved banking facilities un
the desire to conform our supplies tr
the wishes of consumers in othei
Further it says, with charming car.
dor tor a v all street oracle, that "it
is unnecessary for us to have anj
fear of so-called dumping, for Europe
will have no surplus to waste in this
fashion for many years, and costs c-i
production there must remain high be
cause of the scarcity of labor, high
taxation and other handicaps, the leg
acy of the war.''
Coming from Henry Clews, this i:
indeed a cruel refutation of arguments
advanced in the recent campaign uper
which the people put the 'bad order'
stamp. Lincoln Star.
A clothing manufacturer says woo!
is going to be a mighty scarce article
in the future and that paper suits
may become fashionable before very
long. Save your one, two. and five
dollar bills for you can't tell how soon
you may have to wear them. The U n.
twenty, fifty and hundred-dollar bills
will net answer as the cold may come
in through the hole in the noughts.
If" you arc in business and want to
sell goods, in this day and age you
must advertise to be successful. Thw
merchant who does not advertise is
considered a back number and people
pars his store with not even a look-in.
In some towns the cost of having
teeth pulled has beru advanced, but
it is loss painful to have teeth pulled
nowadays because alter paying th'.
price for edibles you have became ac-
cu-tnmed to the
;j ;
A nam at our left says that if the
contest in is to be between the
politicians and the voters the poli
ticians might just as well bury their
demand for votes right. :iow.
Tom Luvvson is still urging con
gress to investigate the New Y'tk
Stock exchange. But never a word
ubcut investigating Tom.
The mors
Friday is groundhog day.
:o :-
If jou are inakir.'.' good, keep at it.
Will we have i-ix more weeks of
: :-
Cheer u ! You ean't have every
thing yoi:r way.
:o :
The groundhog will teil us all about
it if he sees his shadow.
The man who is pregnant with sug
gestions does the least work.
The car shortage is still as bad as
ever, if not a little bit worse.
"iVacc by the sword" the u'.ti
nmdvni of Er. meror Wiihaui.
The allies sav thev w't. ;-i:d t.
Tiutous saj
iiht it o -;
ev won ..
N-.iw let 'em
No flr.etratior., however, hr.s beer,
noticed in the market (lactations ot
postage stamp::.
:n :-
1 ne
Idrthdny. is a hgal hoi
sd.i.idd b;- el erved as si'.eii.
. but
The:- are r. .
shooter :n trie united Ma I. as
, ,,
wk ear. Li! iPc mm
nc!' o:
ti.e qui sliCtt.
:o :
r-' h..o nic: i :;ne.
t. coded by any
; ::cir eai nanv.-, and
; v'-.'L Pii.e i- i'v eliie:
. . . - 1 :
thing that i- not
many would iwt
Lieutenant Go
much at ii'-m i
in the .-'en:te as
dev-n the t."dt'. oi;
ces in bc'!t.
J I. .--ard is
.1' iM-WIt i.iS s,
v.'as in
dr. li-.' i.- a sae-
.o :-
vld er.ooses a caii
talis to tr.ciude
babv ea: flares. l i;
things, v.dil land at
gates !
t?ei n:ty witn a cor,M-ioui:css that trie
ha niissel son "idrg.
a it.,
s; ern : i a
.1 who is having a ;Tod time v. lid
d ii nds a! the chd at It.' 'o'eh-ck
ight to know tl a. his wife is at
? worrving about him.
It is best to let the primary law go
; is. for fear of making it m !-' --.
j legislature is un.
too much tinkering. Ev.
has his own vi- ws on the
mem be :
it sianus now die kr.v suits a majority
of the voters vi ihe state.
'111' IV
o: s giviu
v.,., .. r..M
iiow in the legislature la
the wor.ien the right to
vote lor presidential electors and in
municipal elections. If the right tc
vote is giver, the women at all, give it
to 'em straight, f ree and tint rami leu
let them vote for t verythir.g.
Since the passing of leap year the
matrimonial market in this old town i
has been rather on the cierdi
is r.o ciuse ior savn a condition, eittt-
er. Our girls will compare ui'o
voiabh" fo: beauty. mt !!igen. : ;:
g::od-nat ure and genialily than
town in 'ho w-- t. 'omo or;, bevs!
Colonel 31. A. Brtcs. vote
of tii- IT t(,n:.'.; ' ') .loom
un ier the high ro t ei lhi;i:
e h v. f es
id sot-tin
ge ts that our 2xpre-ei.tat'e. i
giess get a fit. r the t;usts v.
thinks, are being permitted to gou.e
tin- peojile 'oy a pet'-rnal goveinm-'iit.
Cof'ii"! la 's' deiie r.i - a c'or.mon
de.-ire. but thvr? is little likeliho J
d" I'elief aa h-rg as all the world is
at wa- Our !n:u"if"ai terers are '-clling
their prciuuct". ab.'oai at unheard-of
prges an.i
pa; ir.g ihe
pee nie
-1 e
ice. It i,; a phase
of huin-ui nature flint we cannot, avoid
Most of us are o't v- fi;;eu"ed by sen-tiire.-nf
.di oio- bvi. i:ie ss rtdation w .h
eaeii oi.'o-r. v.iii aece-pl ie;elily
what tl:e u'-n-i- f-dhov oi'e, - : yc cur
koods ai d it is jcjI i at.;ral that we
dtou'.d engage in
distinction -
and permit one breed of men to have
our goodz at a les j price than another
and larger six-tion of society is anx
ious to pay lor them. War prices are
alvvavs high, as our civil war proved,
anel until is declared we shall
c or. tin to -veal under the collar.
Nebiaska City Daily Pres.
Some of the hostility to the pro
posal io hold a constitutional conven
tion is cpuite sure to be abated by the
warning given by Mr. J. B. Haynes
of Omaha that such a conention may
result in the injection of the single
tax into our revenue system.
This warning is specifically directed
to the farmers, who, as large land
owners, have habitually misunderstood
the single tax, and as long as they
continue to believe that this tax is
upon land areas instead of land values,
ruth an alarm may prove effective.
But to many that kind of an alarm
will not be an unwelcome one, for
there has been a strong trend of senti
ment toward the single tax in recent
years. It is those who understand
"t who believe in it and advocate it
'I hey believe that the day is nut far
distant when the wisdom of it, and
the economy of it. will appeal to the
great majority.
It is a system whereby the burden
of taxes for revenue is placed, not up
: v. lands, as ir too commonly misun
dr r. teod, but upon land values, to the
end that land that is employed is not
tared for the benefit of land that is
idde and unproductive.- It is a sys
tem whereby the farmer who improve?
his land is not fined for doing so.
to the prof', ef the speculator who
pots no improvement upon his land,
v hilo others are by their own im
;: venients making hi.; land valuable.
The education of the masses as tc
ti principle of the single tax on land
value ; ha.; just begi
.-a:. est mui in the
;:t. Some of the
nation., many of
are avowed ex-
tr.'.n 1!1 p'U'j::
.;.T.ts of the plinciple. In many
states sentiment for the single tax
ha been so strong that the issue has
made its-If felt. Curiously, this senti
rr eut has been strongest in states
;nlzed as ultra conservative.
Fonulai discontent with existing tax
sv stems, grow ing out of their mani
fest and always exasperating hihpui
ties. seoms to afford some assuran-e
that any suggestion of a change, made
with the purpose of creating alarm,
may bear fruit of a sort different
from that anticipated. Lincoln Star.
An exchange says: At a church
gathering at Plattsmoutb a few even
ings ago the following foolism was
discussed: "Resolved, That good in-
tenuous never made Potter lives.
That is on a par with many other re
ligious epigrams and nonsensical say
ings long since deceased.
A Standard Oil man in Chicago has
been arrested for having three wives.
If he is able to support three wives
in these days of the high cost of liv
ing, while many a man is not able to
support even one, in decency, why, let
him take on a few more.
Sometimes when a man considers
the pi ices w hich articles have now
reached, he wonders why it is neces
sary to mint any small coins at all.
:o :
Sympathy fo- the d-ad and wounded
hi an automobile contest is so strong
..hat one idvips the harrowing details
to rind out who won.
It i ; announced that a couple ke'pt
tin ir marriage a secret for two years
and finally broke down and confessed.
They nearly all do.
Every time Jehn Skelton Williams
tells lis how rich we are we just keep
cur hands oil our pcket book and re
fuse to wake up.
: rj :
When one gets between the devil
an ! the deep sea, we unanimously re
: 'dve he don't want either.
!i :i ine in jc oiro anu 1 1 ee sccos
.i t i r . ..I-
begin to arrive, then you may look
out, for rpring.
Eighty-Seven Years Old.
JL H. Adams, ,Srihgfield, Mo.,
writes: "I had a severe attack of kid
ney trouble. I am getting ' old, 87
years. I tried different treatments,
but none did me so much good as
Foley Kidney Pills." Foley Kidney
Pillit build up weakened kidneys, help
rid, the blood of acids and poisons, and
iclieve bladder -troubles. Sold every
where. t
Remnant Sals
EgQgj&Sgl WOW ON!
We have gone through out- stock
and selected every short end and
remnant and we have marked them
at a reduction in plain figures. They
are all placed on the bargain counter
so you can make your own selection
easy. The goods consist as follows
and are figured at the prices shown
below. Short lengths.
Per Yard
Flanneletts 10c
Auting Flannels l'ac
Silkoline 10c
Domet 10c
Gingham (dress) 10c
Pillow Tubing 18c
Percale 10c
Stort Lot of
Woolen, fleece-lined and cot
ton. Ladies and chiklrens' at
10, lo, and Lc
Childrens' woolen underwear. We
offer a nice lot and at just 30 per
cent less than the regular price.
These are all separate garments.
Odd lots.
Embroideries: 1 lot of embroidery
and insertion to match at per
yard jOc
Laces: 1 lot of lace just the thing
for a trimming for your undermus
lins at per yard ."e
A small lot of Misses shoes to close
at per pair 00c
?dnny odd lots too numerous to
mention will be placed on the bargain
Se the new spring goo , in our
Wanted Man with family for gen
fa! wcrk: good wages and nermane-nt
sit-.afion to good man. Apply to W.
F. Gillespie. Mvnard.
!Adil iliihaidi.on, jr.. canie in la-t
from Lincotn. v. here he is at
tending the state univc:sity, a:;d will
vd-it C'--er Sunday with his parents.
Mr and Mrs. W. T. Richardson at
A MATTFK OF I'l N( "I I ! ! N.
A bach.'-lor had been perscaded by
the Lauit.- Aid o : chuivh t so--.. k
at a a es:tv rUiinment j'rovid.-d tiu-y
would furiosli him with suide--t mat
te;. In a spirit of mischief he had
ocen given as a subject, "Wonarj:
YVLhout Her, Man Would be a Sav
age." On the night of the eiuei ta innu-ut
he ; so a.nd said: "My sul-je-.-t,
whi.-h I consider -si -gvy tine one, i
nevertheless not of my own choos
ing, but has been furnished me by the
ladies, and is Woman, without her
man. would be a savage."
We oil your harness for SJ.00 per
set, and now is the best time to have
it done. Also first-class repairing of
all hinds at reasonable prices. Ten
per cent discount on horse blankets
and robes. John F. Gorder, Flatts
mouth, Neb.
There will be another old-time dance
given by the old-fashioned orchestra
at the Wodern Woodmen hall on Sat
urday evening, February Jld. A good
time and good ortier assured. Admis
sion, gents 50c. Everybody invited to
be pre.-ent and have a- good time.
Says Mrs. Eads, in Wfitiag Ker
Praise For Cardui.
Circlerillc, Ohio. "All I have Faid
about Cardui, the woman's tonic, is
th? whole truth," says Mrs. Fannie
Eads, of R. F. D. No. , this town.
"I suffered with vromanly weakness,
and rains in my back and limbs for
two Ions years. I was so bad off, I
could hardly wallc at alL
My husband advised me to try
Card'ui, the woman's tonic, and I con
cluded to follow his advice. After tak
ing Cardui according to directions, I
now feel like a new woman, and can
do all of my work.
Before taking Cardui, I was a walk
ing skeleton; now I weigh loO pounds.
I recommend Cardui to everr suf
fering woman, for I know what it did
fo me. Mv dresser is never without a
bottle of Cardui on it."
There is no reason wny Cardui
won't help vou, just as it has Mrs.
Eads, as well as hundreds of thou
sands of other women in the past o0
Vears. So if you suffer from any of
the many ailments so common to
women, or need a good strengthening
tonic for that tired, rsrvcus, worn-out
.-.Hr,cr c-rt a bott'" of Card-ti-t,
today. At all druggists. XCB1
tint Security baaK
Sound, Conservative and Progressive
We art; aiixi-jus to assist the farmer in iVtdiiiy and
liaii'dlintr his live stock for market
sirs m
; :irt I'lMtoi-tt'.'! V-.y Uih J cpoHii'! .-' (iu.-i r:i!i1y Kiunl of the
Stale of Xehr-isi-.a. wiiieii $;;$ lvavlied nearly 1.
(M)O.(M)O.O') It is back of us and protects oti!
,VM. SCHr;rIDZn, President
W. H. LOHNES, Vics-President T. J. 5KANAHAN, Vice-President
J. F. FCMAN. Cashier
AfjT P QaC.ii tfaJc. 'wJLi,
First Security bar.k pays 3 per cent
on time deposits. j ba.n is also lighted with five lichts.
Jame s Johnson was an Omaha vi - v.-hich ena! !es Mr. Uusch.e to look after
itc: htst Tues.-av. j the eh-'e.. without caitying a lantern,
Tirst Security bank pays " per cent' an ! in the yard near the bain another
m lim? depcsito. '' '' d;;s b.-u jdaced that light up
j ?.-. t,VolT Piatt ,-'xV? !" - -" ilt ij-rt in fine shaj.e.
. . ,t ,v j ': h i c lights have ah bet a placed
E:i Wag Vi- r . as ; c
it or :;:;t Satu: r.y.
For g;"'d. fresh d'.rdv. i'iu:t anu '
uts, see S. J. r.eames.
John Gauet- ha b- - : hdd rp with;
th" g! ipoo for the - : '"v da ys.
h-.-me in Moo-efie'd M-
ovede 1 i'e-
Id:- TUOS-
nan s to trie etrug .- tc . e ir:-.;.'
r a . v . V . : . ; ' i .1 v .i i .
--ad of sierd to ou '.li n".aha on:
Monday. j
Mr. a-;. Mr: pi j .chafer spon.
: lav : : Ihe home of Mr. a- ! Mr -. !
John Gaue;-.
A. Gau'i- and 1 .e :-y l:;.'.d'r
; .v
in Orr ; a 1 ..-; V i-l'vv hdui ur
alter s'r.e o::,'::.-. '-.
I'dc'.a:'! S.mlde ont c.UiO' down frn
Omr.h.a lart Saturday : ;:uv a dew:
days vi-:;ing whh old friends. ;
Jake Treitch h-aded three cars of
stock here Tuesdnv. wlo.-h v. is spin- :
.( ; In i r j ! o
II- n:y J-heldor .fid- e'd.' i c-.tev
in last Thui'sd-;y for ,i s'e-- days' vh
with Cedar Creek frknus and i e'a
tives. Mis. A: : r.'.:v S' a ne'er and Mis- ? : -main
of Louisville spent !aU Sati't-d.iv
at the; home, ea t of (ir
f .
S. J. Koame.: ban-r-d t'-e w: 'ir.g oi
:he garage f-.v J-hn Ih:vl.e Ti-., y
:ind hc ls n'nv r-y f(;r tlH' vx' ,1-ht
Fin' Lights at Farm ipinee
j Fright t v s, clear skins, alert brains
I.-.y Rosethal and M : . W.-gr-r ' ' and e n". -getic movements are signs of
Omaha, representing the i'dm li.rl;;- j goed he :t!th. You don't have them
it:g system, vvct'e ;r. t 'e.-h ;("-e ei" di j v.-h-.n digestion is impaired and fer
day and paid a visit to the farm iv:n rrenting, d eying food clogs the in
of John II. Ih.isOie. south of " dai test mes. Foley Cathartic Tablets set
Creek, w here one of the ntw Del-., j you right. Act without pain, griping
systems has ju-t been in lalhd in ! ! or nausea. Too stout persons wol
line farm home of M -. Uus.-ho. This e uue the light feeling they bring. Sedd
is a great improvement :t!:.l one that j everywhere.
men it m I
ts- rl
Wo have taken up the
in connec-ticn with the
in Esght rli!o C; ovc, Ficttsrcrcuth and Rock
Bluffs Frccsnct, and rrc in position to offer
curcu'sto.ners cars for GGS.CO, $940.00
and $1,120.00, i. Detroit. Have just
unScadcd a car load of the fYlaxwelis and can
moke immecii2te deliveries of Touring or
Roatistor bodies with 3C h. motors and the
new ignition system, which is a great im
provement. Let us demonstrate our cars to
mr cm
Ccchr Cr-!;
Li ii
) fas Bank
-.dives "Ay. liu-ciie and family a great
I ,: '-'5 ,,!" r!,sl,,v a,!'1 ij'.vnient. In
i in'-'- aousf eleven lights nave been in
stalled, which furnishes plenty of
light for all purpeses in the home an.i
n:ul-.e it a great ileal more conv enit iu
I ,rr thi, ni0mi,ers of the familv. The
i in '.!. now garage, wnicn na- .iust
;! ( :; corr pletod, and arc found a vast
i inn., 'ii e ment and (io.-s awav with the
(.: r. : ou.: u. e i iar.:erns m ine gar-
Tht imr! overru nt - made bv Mr.
p;...,.,0 :,!(. something that will never
e i'e!
First Security hank pays 5 per cent
j on time -.depos-ts.
Farm Loai-., Insrrance i nil Real
l ...... ! v. t. A I VHIUUII.
SFFi'LKLN'G l lid.M (iUll'ri:
fr-'tii Yv .'.ps.lav's Dallv.
d i; ! , W. A. Koi-tilson wa- con
'.re d. to his h,,me this moiiiing. luo ing
.. ...... ...o:.,.- : h with tin. 'ritmr.
b ha
;i!r'"-t got hi'y to the mat.
.-j-;; ;., js ,l,i:Iur his ..wn ard
k. pos to bo at the offeo as u-ual in a
r.. V dry.- at least. Th-.-e is the city
who kav n-.t had this annoying ma!-
aey ate vvry few and far between as
:L is no i e.-p. ctor of persons.
'"r Sr.!. 7-ro.'m m"dern lious--it.
orc-P.alf block for .'ddr-". ( oid l
r-'. b" du;!ie:!ted for .,imi. Wind
la ni Lean & Investment Co.
Mi:-. A. id Seybert was a passenger
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