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I wLSV a I
!t in n'.inin 'i'cik, School Head- Educa
lioiial Nvtrds in Nebraska.
Kural high schools an t the elimina-
n of norma! training- courts in the
. i-ak-.r unii;, of .--..rdy in city high !
.-, .:;!.- were a .'vocuted by State Sup
ei i-.ur.dc rt Ciemmcns. in his address
'; lore the county sUjvrintendents of
at tiie Lirdell hotel Thurs- i
cit vouths should
I :! ani'- opp t uniti'-s fo'- aj
, . , i J-- . aid. pJ
u: get: more unity between country
a-..' city schools and more thorough
i: -tr.ict'on in common branches. I
7hv average high school graduate,
l.K- said, is rot old error; gh in training
i.p i iudgrneru to studv teaching, and
r.: advee '.tr-'. thai normal be j
r .-. r o-t-,-' a iuatc work in the high
..t: . -i-y i ' be undertaken after a
... i..." ' 'oar-ycrir course is completed.
.-.ip;vji,u-:Kie.:t Clem.mons has little j
consolidated rural
hoo-:. He dee favor, however, the
ris-.didaticn of ivral districts for
! r-h schoe! wok. lie wotikl leave the j
n.atier of trae! io and from these j Bil,Ic by the seo' e of l!4 to 1'.'.
:---!-.C'-: en.ireiy up t-J the farmers of ; jhc par.u. throughout was very in-ran.t-ni.y.
i leresiing and the high sehooi boys,
c : -t ntl. Ti v ii; ch-sc with a ! lat-jn,r :livantac- of the ovei -ct n.1; -
.-a.i. V ;.la t ; eii jo: . wLcre! i f tuc p.W.teriaiis. were soon
.ommt; uly cerue-.- wa. i.-e
-t 1 bv Super interaievt Aud.e
pa::g:er oi (. aase cojt:.
ljC-v' an' i
-:r - x:U Suf rr" -n'Km
B:ee.v o I cy.i-v-, count : stato
exhd it-, ivy (. 'tru-ie L. oon .-!
w;.,;tr curry; and, acy cer-
r'-' club work, by Suneria . ndent W
4.r..w : j-.o.: Wi -1 :
.. T : r, . , . .. ii :.,.,r 1 I. i
n-e-re county. L.r.corr. r-rar. j
'i';.. past w we. ks has b nought a
; , ;.; ,!e i! "i" slcknc to t!i- city and
: . re is -.rdly a Ironic in which the re
1 ;; some sick lAl suflerirtg from
::-Tt"- ""d other maladies peculiar to
t! : of the year and it has
thc physicians of tire city busy
I. ..:. n: after tium. A number of
e. do re.; in the
south part of the city
hai been uAeu v ith slight attacks
o:" dinthria i.ut the.-e cast.- are n t
ft st.-t adi rrg : n.'l oo r. t seeiu t(
" more than, usual in a city of this
si-re. Tiie e Sorts f tire school auth.r
i;iis ar.d patents united should be
ab'e to cireck this disease from
.-preadinrr among tiie children in that
seciin 'f the city. A great many
peiso:i- always enlarge upon these
cases of contagious diseases and make
it ;. great deal worse than it really
and it can be assured that what
i', w ca.-es tl'.c:e ;- existing will be
oa , :'u'!y w; t, ,eed to j.rwent them
ciiarr. Tile p,ubii-- shou'd assist
it ecry vay in seeing that the cases
: utagi-ii'-; disease are not spread
i.r.ii assisting in he. the ouar-a:'l.-
tegruktions wlr ich have been
e-rauli-licd for the protection and
then there v. i 1 1 U little danger of
o i it cases de eloping.
. o ,:e t- that;k our kind fn-uds
iiP'i n irrbboes who so kindly assisted
,!-; r. t'r - Y, of l."-c averrent an 1
4rh o:- ei- bcb.vr.I ";.ther. C. F.
. M. an i io, t! ,- h:'i!' (s- 1estow-d
l as duri:'.:- t! ' time of the fu
jMi.u. and ais for- th'.ir leautiful
fh .:! rihate-.
. s and Ikuighter- of Mr. C. F.
;: iii i.n-'! oak po-t. : a l'"v, b'-do
lot-; 1 iVlarid- liina m de hog, -Jt)
po.-.i,ls; 1 Shorthorn bull; la head
shoots, 1 to mouths old. I 'hone No.
JU'.!:h C. E. Schwab, Murray, Neb.
Money in Eggs.
Eggs at e irot bank: bic but tiie
l'.o.iey frotti their sale i;. This money
i. jour for the effort. How do you
treat the hen that lays tiie Golden
1; -.,? Dr. B. A. Thomas' Poultry
Bemedy will keep thc poultry in good
condition ar.d Increase the yield in
eggs. We guarantee this ar.d refund
your money if not satisfied.
II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Gansemer.
Cwul furnished room for icnt
Lcated reasonable. Phone 200.
''esidcnts of our neighbor
'ty of Weeping Water arc greatly
tercsted in the plan.- for the rebuild
ing of the mill and elevator in that
! citv which was destroyed bv tire two
weeks ago at a loss of 812.000, and
the owners, of the mill are being given
the greatest encouragement to rebuild
at once. The owners of the mill are
Panning to rebuild tne mill ana put
u? a f,,st cla-s building with the lat-
Cat equipment for handling the pro
duction of grain, and expect to install
the best and latest machinery in the
plant when it is completed. Before
buikbrrg they will inspect a number
of the larger mills throughout the
state and get. a line on the kind of
machinery that is demanded in a mill
of the size tney propose erecting.
Lal t.v'nhitr o:i. of the best basket
baji ames of the season was staged
at tne royler skating rink when th
riattsmcuth High school team trim- j
mcj- lhe team of the Presbyterian
...5i,, ... n-,..t. le-c! th.-it it w-ns
impossible for their opponents to
f.'vrcomo. For the high schocd. Hilt !
U-i:dauin. Burdette Briggs and Johnnie
SalU... Wl-ri. aide to secure sever ai
, dIfik.ult .y, while Jur.o Marshall at
! fc .. v,a, 0.;e of eonuibuimg
. . i i
lactors to tne victory ny ms cie ei i
j,:ayinir. which kept the Bd.le class on
j the defensive the greater part of thej,- -. K. H. Fau-a. 1 . M. Yai
'.time. The lineup of the teams were ;;vkc. C. W. Coved. J H. i ::v. urtky.
as follows:
i Martin F.F. T.F. ... Krcnsteat
Sattier L.F..L.F Larson
Cecil F.
J. Marshall C. C F. Marshall
Elliott KG. K.G Neil
Briggs L.G.'L.G Speck
. In he girls' game the first high
school team defeated the second team.
J4 to 0.
1? Ev.
LfcPV F 5.5 ftQ I
P.U S f Hi&.ilLdl
On Thursday Mis. John
Bajeck was surprised by a number of
her lady friends in a most delightful
manner that will long be pleasantly
remembered by the niemlers of the
part-. Mrs. Bajeck was not aware
of the plot of friends to give her the
surprise and it was not until they
arriv '. at the home that she was
aware of the very pleasant treat in
store. Each member of the party
came with wcdl laiden baskets of the
good things to eat which formed a
very dainty four-course luncheon
by the ladies. The evening was .-pent
in playing progressive high-five and
a great deal of pleasure was derived
by the ladies at the facinating game
of skill.
The ladis also enjoyed the fleet
ing hours in visiting and. a general
social lime uniil a late hour when
ihrv wended their way homeward
feehrg that it had been a most event to ail. Those in at-U-ndance
wee Mcsdames Joseph
Hiber, Sr., John J. Svebod:;, Thunta:
Svoboda, Harold Thomscn. Jamc
Buiin, Ar.tim Trilety, Titn KahottU'k.
K. B. Moffcl. J. W. Peters. E. A.
Wiiil, Emmons Ptak, A. J. Snyder,
Antony Nesdehik, John Bajeck and
Mike Bajeck.
Were you ecr kept awake at night
by tiie howling or barkir.g of a dog?
If you know bow it sounds keep vour
dog iocked up at right. Put rum m
your barn or outshod so that hii
music will not make your neghbors
say things which shoitid lie left un
said. Keep bur up :o that your yard
will not be filled with tin cans and
lochs aimed at the dog poor mr.o-
cetrt cteatuie. He is onlv moutningj
for l is friend who has strayed into
a sausage fictory. Lock him up
friend, and you will not o:Jv add
luster to your cn.wn in the hereafter,
T ... .... .1
oit your neignbor will rise ur and
call you
F. J. Henuings and wife of Eight
Mile Grove drove in Saturday frem ;
their farm home to visit for a short:
time attending to the week end shop-!
w,s, rir"W ii,w
Andy Taylor shipped -1 bead of
the finest kind of stcc-"s on Tuesday.
Andy i- the b y who can do it and no
J. X. Handle father- of the Handle
boys visited our town on Monday. The
old gentleman looks quite wee!, im
proved really.
Billy Weils started for Ids farm
Tuesday. Going to build a barn fjr
his team and go to plowing. "Who
wouldn't lacvh to bee him following
a plow. But he'll do it just the same.
They are kaiscrnir.'ng and fixing St.
Luke's church very handsomely. It
needed it badly, nut whether the
prayers that ascend will be avswered
ar.v belter t km Midi the beautiful
waiis. history leaves r.o record.
Our i'rierd at the p ,- house ( r.ol
an iramio b,ut Croft tiie boss), tells
us that lie has eight regular boarders.
Four inshne, tv. o vi'h c-r -umptino,
ore with rheumatism, arid old Mr.
Abbott, of old aire. He has some trice
fat cattle i .., but r.e boards dun;
out side.
C:ra;'!:;in W'-iglit has been r.ial-ing
.-erne of iJie bc-.-t avl mo.--t pe'-;nanent
itn'o ctu-. nt of all o'Jf t Her:" ir uil: i b:s added eii;l 'et t
ti'.e wf:-t eod of his house thereby
na.king a i;ar.dsome adduional room
..l d gaining that much ir.o?e house
! room.
Bedde.- he lu-.s built
i i e v
u:i-'c a r.! -ixed ttji m re nice things
n ' --e !'.-., t!::tr one can hui.gine
o an.d see t.'er.:.
Tin-: PisTiticr .c;ri:T
. , . i ) ; . .
i.aa v.
w :m i.;.- rc 'o ' ,"s. .. ! uupu u!i
!e:ic!i, (l. A. M uiicn. court rep m i.
jhis desk. W. I.. Weiis. clerk, atrd C. i.
thc LtV,t.,,
. .. ,VJ W(. , ,v ,. ..; t ....
jtil,.rty A Wi.t- hr. T. M
; j;, '. n s. 'smdm. S. M
rdnapman. Id. B. W
indiu.r.i. J. K. Mo!'-
! .dso-.t. 12. Ik Stone. Wdk-t I'otl'-nger.
t ;-t
i. .' grar.u jurors was
;t;u r t.;casinir ?uite a r.undci
trie following weie cmpanra he...
(.hatred by Cue judge, and sent t
their room:
T. W. Shvx.i-k. foreman: H. M.
Bushneil, C. d. Hoffman. Jerry Hart
man. II. W. Farley. James llrdl. J.
M. Higgins. W. J. Laugldin, John
Murlin. Jol n Kichanlsoii, Sam'l Stal
nacker. (',. V. Sliryder. Alva Iivw.
ilerrv Kirkhma.
The pettit juty was then called and
the following answered to their
; name: :
j M. I). Abbott. J. W. Barr. Chas.
!ikirr..w. Daniel Tbiugla.iu. -las. Mc-
Andrew Pitman. 1 .. B. HorTm:.r..
F S. plej,-er. Ptter Coon. J. J. :!..
erts. Thos Hill. M. L. White. Theo
dLite D. Buck. Austin Mutz. Atick.rsoa
iiv.ot. David Gtahain. L. Fik u". D.
Sampson, and Samuel Hector.
The rest of the day was spent in
arranging" tiie dorhet "J .il the jury
eases might b cubed this week, so
that jurors might be allowed t re
turn home as soon as possible, leaving
all cases in equity until the later
nart of the term.
That So Mrinv P'altsnieuih People
Fail to Kecegnize Kidney
A oii a ' ;i l had. victim 7
Suffer twinge-; headaches, diur.y
sped- 7
(in to bed tireii get up tired?
It's siirp.t isiu.g h w few suspect the
B 's surprising how few hnow viiat
L o d .
Kidney trouble ik eds. kidney t-xat-mont.
Doaii's Kidoey Pdk ;: !'. the kid
neys only.
Have convinced Pratt-moult: people
of their merit .
Hut's a Pin! L-moid h rii-c- I'latts-tp-iu
t fi tesiirr.o:i .
Kidney sufferers hereabouts should
hi. I if.
M-s. H. Ihinkman. Vine St..
P!attsm uth, sav: "Vc keep Doan's
Kidticy Pills, in the house all the time
and whenever occasion requires a kid-re-'
rnedicirK'. th-y give good satis
faction. I take Hoards Kidney Pills
now and then, when, my ba-k bofhoiv,
me, and they soon remedy the trou
ble." Pru-e :U:, at all doders. Ilon't.
simply ask for a kidircy remedy gr-t
Doan's Kidney I'iil.s the same that
M'-s. Bririkman bad. I 'o-ter-Milbur rt
r- Props., Buffalo, N.
wi'd be unable to be in Pkittsmouth
.Wednesday to meet his debtors, but
will be here February llith. There'
will be no action taken to enforce col-,
lection until after that date. J
1-29-tf d&w
Bern, to Mr. ami Mrs. Simon Brack
hage, on Sunday, a buby boy. The
little son and mother are getting along
A fine baby boy was born on Tues
day to Mr. and Mrs. John Becker, near
Murdock. Both mother and baby
are doing nicely.
F. Buckemeyer was on the sick list
the latter part of last week and the
rirst part of this week. He is rapidly
improving -at present.
Charley Stock, who has been work
ing for Wiilard Clapp. left Tuesday
for Virginia. He soid his fine bay
driving riot se to Pearl Rover.
William John has again been con
fined to hi.- home on account of sick
ness, lie had just uassed through a
very severe siegv of blood poisoning
and a nuvse has been employed to
arc for him.
Word from Edwin Jtary of Lincoln,
Neb., and our former townsman, states
that he is going to Cuba to spend a
cw weeks of this winter weather-.
Mr. Jeary has made the trip to Cuba
veal tdnes before.
Clarence Irons has rented the place
former ly owned by James McCartney,
which, thds summer, was purchased
by his father, H. S. Irons, and will
farm this in connection with forty
teres belonging to Mrs. Lona Will
t ock.-ori.
G. orge McFar! of Brunswick, Neb.,
'rrived last Saturday on a visit to his
father. A. McFaii and other relatives.
He r' tu.tred home on Tuesday. He
.ays ihut crops in his section of the
country were exceptionally good this
Tom McCartney of Grant. Neb., ar--iv'i
Monday on a visit to his par
r.s, Mr. and Mrs. James McCartnev
of this city, and hi? brother, James,
who lives southeast of town. Mr. Mc
Cartney is wei! known here, having
been :aised in this community.
A ileal was made this week whereby
John Colbert of Weeping water pur
hustd the Lincoln Grain company ele
vator at Wabash. Mr. Colbert was
f' rmcriy owror of this elevator. We
are not informed as to his plans fo1
one! ating'the elevator but Mr. Colbert
is one of the best known men in
section and the people will be glad
to know of the change.
YV. M. Hunter, who was a resident
of Elmwood thirty-three years ago.
came to Elmwood last Saturday to
vis;; f r a short time. He came to
Lincoln from Sheridan county to at
tend the farmers' exhibits at that
uiace. and while there met William
Otrrnn. They did not know each other
a., it had been thirty-three years since
they had met, but Mr. Hunter decided
Io come on to Elmwood and mak Mr
Ouinn and other friends a short visit
before returning home.
V Beacon !
V ,nf. ------ -. .
Widle skating on the ice last Satur
day Odiie. Trumble fell and injured
ncrself quite severely.
T. i. Lane, who has been with II.
K. Frantz on the farm for the past
sc. en ytais, is assisting at the Bank
of Eagle.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Balderson of
I Vdrrei!, Neb., are visiting at the
home of iheir daughter, Mrs. F. W.
Blomenkamp and family.
Mrs. E. M. Standley moved in from
the country Wednesday and is occupy
ing the George Oberie property,
which he recently purchased.
Dan Wilson and family arrived here
f i em Sox City, la.. Wednesday eve
ring ;t!i! took charge of Weaver's
restaur nr.. which Mr. Wikon recently
nui -chased.
Bo. n, in Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Sch
wegman, who reside five miles south
of Egk on Saturday, January 20, an
eight-pound boy. The mother and
h'ttie one are reported to be getting
along nicely.
The condition of Grandma Mick is.
lepo.ted to be quite serious at this
writing. During the past f'.w days
ad of her children., six sons and five
daughters, hae been with her for a
few day:;' visit.
Gt urge Ob: u le ami family moved
out on their farm northeast of town
the first of I lie week. After living in
town for the past three years. George
has decided that the farm is the best
pla'-e after all.
Mrs. Jo.-epn Bar.'rtl of Phiinview,
Tc arr'ved Ir re the hitter part of
last week for an extended visit at the
heme of her son. Claude and family.
She has been spending the winter with
her- son, Walter, in California.
i W. Blomenkamp la- been busy
this week moving the post office and
drug store into his new building just
south of the bank. He now has much
better quarters, as his new brick
building is of the modern type and a i
credit to the town.
Merril Sheldon visited his aunt
Mrs. Alford in Elmwood over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hennan Thomas
made a flying trip to Omaha Sunday
evening returning on the early
morning train Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. C. West were
passengers to Lincoln Tuesday after
noon w lire they will visit their daugh
ter, Miss Gladys.
Mesdames V. P. and Geo. C. Shel
don departed last Friday morning
for Wayside, Mississippi, for a visit
with Ex-Gov. Sheldon and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkpartrick moved
into their gne new home this week,
which is among the most artistic and
modern dwelling homes n the county.
Born, Thursday afternoon of last
week to Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Hadley,
a son of regular proportions and lung
expanse. The mother and baby are
getting along nicely.
George Sheldon moved his office
furniture and fixtures into thc pew
building the latter par.t of last week.
The Sheldon factory and office is now
idl under one roof, and this makes
it much more satisfactory in every
The death of R. Floyd Anderson an
old soldier who has long been a resi
dent of Wyoming precinct, just over
the line in Otoe county, occurred
List Friday morning, after an illness
of several weeks duration. The fun
eral was held from the home of the
deceased at ten o'clock Saturday fore
t don. the services being conducted by
Lev. G. A. Randal of Union. The
temains ef the worthy old gentleman
were laid to rest in Wyuka cemetery
The Royal Neighbors held their
Installation of officers last Friday
afternoon. Jan. IP. as follows: O.
Gertrude Carper. P. 0.. Alice Plyborn.
V. O. May Stoll; C. Anna Fulton; M.
Lena Anderson; A
Recorder, Chlona
Mae Lemon; I. S.
M. Lucy Schafer;
Allen; Receiver,
Karine Bashford;
O. S. Edith Duckworth; Manager,
Fern Bates. A spelndid good time
was had, and it was decided to have
a big feed and an extra good time
in two weeks.
John Lidgett -shipped a car of cat
tle and a car of hogs t" Omaha Tues
day. Abe Becker returned from Kansas
City Monday, where he shipped a car
of hogs.
A. W. Propst moved his house
hold goods from Mynard, last Friday
to the Rev. Taylor house. Mr. Probst
is the new Ford Agent.
Messrs Wade and Poling of Ne
braska City and members of the Key
stone Pipe Co., of this place, were
here yesterday looking after tlteir
interests in the concern.
L. G. Todd returned home from
Lincoln Saturday to tpend Sunday
with his family, and returned to his
outier in the legislature on Monday
John Frans who was taken to Ne
braska City last week for treatment
lias returned to his home. He was
injured by a belt breaking and hitting
him while engaged in work anound a
gasoline engine.
Miss Isabella Shrader, of Omaha,
was visiting with friends in Union,
the fore part of the week.
Joe Felthauser of Nebraska City
was a guest at the A. L. Backer home
Friday evening.
The ice harvest is on in Union in
full blast. C. F. Morton is putting
up ice from the Weeping Water
south of town that is measuring 2'1
inchs m thickness. This is realjy the
best ice that Mr. Morton has been
able to get for some years and gives
rise to tho question, will we have an
ice famine next summer?
Hiigh Armstrong of Omaha, travel
ing lumber salesman, was the guest of
Lawrence Twiss over Sunday.
Miss Ruth Fitzgerald went to Lin
coln Thursday to attend thc wedding
of her friend. Miss Kathleen Doyle.
Raymond Phelps of Spencer, la.,
visited his grandmother, Mrs. Charles
Phelps, and other relatives in this vi
cinity last week.
Forest Hoover and wife and little
daughter. Doris, are here from Peetz,
Colo., visiting at the borne of Mrs.
Hoover's sister, Mrs. ClirToixi E. Wood.
John N. Petersen has accepted a po
sition with the Nebraska and Iowa
Grain company at Pleasant Dale, Neb.,
and will iTiovf his familr ti that olace. '
John Polk spent Sunday with thc
home folks. The breeze voices how
well John is making out up there.
That is what a combination of wit and
grit always does.
John II. Busche, one of the prosper
ous farmers in the vicinity of Cedar
Creek, is having a Delco light plant
installed on his place, and will have
his house, barn and other buildings
connected, which will add greatly to
the comfort and convenience of the
George Ringo was in town Wednes
day with a smile on his face that ex
pressed both pleasure and pride. He
announced that the cause of his joy
was the fact that he was made grand
pa again by the arrival of a fine baby
boy at the home of his son. Dr. Ray
Ringo, at Minot, N. D., on January 19.
Mrs. Charles Tbelps received the
sad news Monday of the death of her
sister, Mrs. Ellen Miller, at the old
family home in Mount Pleasant, la.
She died at 6 o'clock Monday morning
from a general breakdown due to her
advanced age, which was 79. Mrs.
Phelps is in Jelicate health and was
unable to attend the funeral. She now
has only one sister living, who is 91
years old. The friends in this vicinity
join us in extending sympathy.
.K- v
Harvey Philips, who has been at
tending the state farm school, re
turned home Friday night and is tak
ing work in the high , school , here
this w inter.
Miss Alice Crosier and her friend,
Miss Anderson of Union, were Satur
day visitors atithe home of Miss Cro
zier's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Day and son.
John, left Monday afternoon for a five
weeks' trip to Florida. They are
routed via New Orleans, with a boat
trip from that city to their destina
tion. Clyde Lacey of Colfax, Wash., ar
lived today for a couple of weeks
visit with her parents. It is five and
one-half years since he left Weeping
Water and he notices a number of
changes here.
County Superintendent Miss Eda
Marquardt was in town today en-
route to Lincoln to attend a meeting
of state educators. She had been to
Avoca to attend the Marquardt-Rc-walt
wedding, at which event she
played the wedding march.
Will Sperry, jr., who has been vis
iting here, left Tuesday morning for
his homestead near Burlington, Colo.
He was accompanied by his brother,
Ed Sperry, who was going out to look
at the country with the view of get
ting hold of a piece of bind.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Jenkins of
Utica, who were enjoying a week's
vacation, were Saturday and Sunday
visitors with relatives in town. Mr.
Jenkins returned to his duties Mon
day morning, while Mrs. Jenkins re
mained to extend her visit a week
John Yonko came in Sunday morn
ing from Aurora to accompany his
wife and the children home, who have
been visiting at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Morse. They
will go to their new home at Crete
where Mr. Yunko has bought a butch
er shop.
The friends of Walter Powers were
very much concerned the first of the
week when it became known that
Walter had rented the Mrs. Sarah
Gilerson property, and hIko, was busy
buying furniture, but iheir excitement
grew loss later on when they learned
that Walter had rented the house ex
pecting his father and mother to move
here from Murray, la.
Thomas Hiatt of Strong City, Okh.
arrived Tuesday to visit his only
brother, J. A. Hiatt, who has been
confined at an Omaha hospital since
his accident at the railroad bridge at
Plattsmouth early last fall. No doubt
these brothers will enjoy their visit
as they hadn't seen each other for fif
teen years. Mr. iiiatt of Oklahoma,
Mrs. J. A. Hiatt and her daughter,
Mrs. Orval Bill of Tabor, la., all went
to Omaha Wednesday to visit the un
fortunate man at the hospitals
l-'j-oiii Kri'biy's I v.
Bennett Chriswisser, who for the
last few weeks has been at the Pres
byterian hospital in Omaha, taking
treatment, has returned and is feeling
somewhat improved, and it is needless
to say that be is mighty glad to get
back home with the good wife and
members of the family. Mr. Chris
wisser's many friends am delighted to
have him once more with them and
trust that he may soon be able to be
in his former good health and enjoy
the activities of life.
Wall Paper, Paints, Glass, Picture
Framing. Frank Gobelman.
The undersigned will offer for tale
at public auction to the highest bid
der on the Levi Churchill place nine
miles south of Plattsmouth and four
and a half miles east of Murray, com
mencing at 10 o'clock a. m. .'harp, on
Friday, February 9, 1917, the follow
ing described property, to-wit:
One black horse, 4 years old, weight
One bay horse, 7 years old, weight
One gray mare, smooth mouth, with
foal, weight 1,150.
One gray mare, 2 years old, weight
One black horse, '2 years old, weight
One cow, giving milk, will soon be
Farm Implements.
One 12-inch John Deere gang plow.
Two 14-inch walking plows.
One Bradley riding lister.
One John Deere walking lister.
Two Jenny Lind fpring trip culti
vators. One Avery cultivator.
One tongueless cultivator.
One Deering binder.
One three-section harrow.
One Rock Island corn elevator, good
as new.
One grapple hay folk and 1)0 feet
of rope.
One hundred and seventy-five feet
of rope. . i
One Janersville disc.
One McCormick mower, ."i-ft. cut.
One McCormick hay rake, extra
One Ghi -inch wagon.
One u-inch wagon, good as new.
One new bob sled.
One top buggy.
One new Case corn planter.
One hand corn sheller.
One 30-gallon kettle '.vith stand.
One set of inch and three-quarter
One set of inch and one-quarter
One set of single harness.
Five tons of timothy hay, baled.
Two galvanized hog troughs.
One self-player Angelos piano, good
as new.
One wood base burner.
One kitchen cabinet.
One 12-foot table.
Three iron bedsteads, with springs..
Other articles too numerous to men
tion. Lunch will be served at noon by W.
A. Scott.
Tei -nis of Sale: All sums of sit)
and under, cash; all over slO a credit
of six to nine months will be gien,
purchaser giving good bankable paper
bearing 8 per cent interest from date.
All property must be settled for be
fore being removed from the prem
ises. E. R. QUEEN.
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
W. G. Boedeker, Clerk.
The undersigned wiil offer for side
at public auction at bis home on the
Bennett Chriswisser iarm. two and a
half miles west and one and a quarter
miles south of Murray, five and a
quarter miles north of Nehawka on
The following described property
to-wit h :
One black mare, nine years old, with
foal, weight l,0l0.
Six good milk cows, will be fresh in
the spring.
One heifer, two years old, will .-non
be fresh.
Two fine young buils, ten inontb;
Eight calves, coming curling .
Four brood sows, bred.
22 head of shoats. wt. ." lbs. each.
One Western Belle lister, cornl in d
Two walking cultivators.
Two wagons w ith ho
One hay rack.
One hay buck.
One 1-horse drill.
One buggy.
One feed bunk, 11 "feet long.
Two sets of heavy wor k harness.
One set of. singk? harness.
900 feet of new pine lumber.
Nine galvanize.! chicken p-.
Many other articles too numerous
to mention.
Sale to commence at lH;oo o'clock
a. m. sharp.
Lunch will be served at noon by
W. A. Scott.
Terms of Sale All .-urns of .Sl"."
and under cash; all over Slo.oo ;,
credit of six to nine months, will be
given, purchaser giving good bankable
paper bearing tight per cent inlet e '
from date. All property must be set
tled for before being removed from
the premises.
W. A. Young, Auctioneer.
W. G. Boedeker, Clerk.
Ben Wiles was among those visiting
in the city Saturday from thn count rv
districts, attending to iMu week-end