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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People ol Murray and Surrounding" Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
oosi i arry
ti r a
If yon hzxc made a few hundred dollars in a business deal cr a lucky
The possession of a large amount of currency is a temptation to spend.
Ycu Will Not Be So Ready to Draw a Check as
You Will to Spend the Ready Cash
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
For Insurance of all kinds see J. W.
"!"s. F. M. Young, sr., has been
t:y ill for the past week.
F.I Scotton and Albert Young were
Omaha visitors Monday of this week.
Mrs. Anna White has been num
bered with the sick for a few days.
Ol-ihams" shipped cr.e male Duroc to
-.u. 111., and two to Colorado this
Albeit Young is visiting with
friends and relatives in Plainview,
Neb., this week.
The little sur. of Mr. ami Mrs. Andy
Campbell has been numbeied with
the ick for the past week.
.i rs. ,J . (. Oldham of Ianvar, Colo.,
:i a one-day visitor at the Oldham
lioire in Murray the past week.
Mrs. Kittie Craig of Kansas City
fptnt a few days with Mrs. Oldham
a: 'i daughters in Murray this week.
Tin- usual lunch will be given at
the Iibraiv on next Saturday, and a
pood one at that, so be sure and come.
Filison Oldham of Omaha and Dick
Oldham of Canada spent one day at
the Oldham home in Murray the pa;t
H. C. Creamer, who has been suf
feiing from a severe attack of stom
ach trouble, has been improving this
wet k.
T.e iittle bdiv of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Reed has been quite sick for
the lat few days, but is improving
at thi.- t:nic.
M. and Mrs. James Rrown were
in Plattsmouth Tuesday evening,
where they remained over night at
the Zack Drown home, owing to the
death of Mis. Brown.
F. R. Queen was in Plattsmouth
Tuf-.-duy of this week making preparation-
for his public sale, which will
be hr! J pt his home on the Churchill
pl:tc- on Friday. Fobiuaty JUh. El
be't will quit farming for the present.
which it will pay you to investigate!
Medium size, extra heavy 20c
Regular " " " 25c
Colored border and stripes, big sizes 35c
Extra large size and heavy 50c
Wash Rags 8 and 10c
men don't overlook the big bargain Kiki
SJiirts, extra heavy cloth, $1.00
We handle "Ball
oil of Money!
John Farris has been numbered with
the sick for the past few days.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Tigner,
on Tuesday of this week, a ten-jKmnd
baby girl.
Hi Gruber of Wayne, Neb., has been
in and near Murray for the past few
days visiting with friends and rela
tives. Miss Margie Walker was visiting
with Plattsmouth friends Tuesday
evening leturning home Wednesday
The second crop of the ice harvest
is now on in this locality. All the
houses are expected to be filled during
the next few days.
Elmer Hallstrom, who was suffer
ing with a seige of the grippe last
week, has -returned to his duties at
the Murray State bank.
Bert Crawford of Laurel, Neb., who
has been in this locality for the past
few days visiting among old friends,
departed for his home Tuesday morn
ing. Mrs.' Ed Gansemer, who is still in
the hospital at Omaha receiving treat
ment, is improving slowly, but will
not be able to return home for some
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Philpot went to
Omaha Wednesday morning, where
Mrs. Philpot will make a visit at the
hospital with her sister, Mrs. Ed Gan
semer, and Mr. Philpot went on west
to his ranch in Custer county, where
he will spend a few days looking after
some matters of business.
Jim Hill, who has been suffering
with appendicitis for the past few
days, was taken to Omaha by Dr. Gil
more, where he was operated upon
Tuesday morning. The patient's con
dition was quite serious at the time
of the operation, but he rallied from
the effects of the same and was feel
ing quite well at the time Mrs. Hill
left the hospital, Wednesday morning,
to return heme.
Band" ovsrshoes
Towels -
Grandma McYoy has lcen on the
sick list' this .-eek.
L. M. McYey was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Saturday.
Morris Lloyd was a county scut
visitor Wednestlav afternoon.
Oscar Campbell has been on the I
sick list for the past few days. j
Chester Shrader has been r.;:mle!cd ;
with the sick-for the past few days. J
Mrs. Fiank Campbell lias been
numbeied with the tick for the- pa?t
few days.
ThtHittk' son of Mr. and Mrs. Troy
Shrader has been Uite sick lor the
last few days.
Mrs. Lulu Loughridge is nursing
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. C.
Todd this week.
Ed Burke, from over in Iowa, has I
been here for the past few day vis-j
iting with friends. j
t v latuie .lct ice Has heen numooreu .
... . - . .... . 1
anions the .ick in this comnvjiiity for
the past few days.
L. H. Puis was looking alter some
business mattery in Plattsmouth Wed
nesday of this week.
Mrs. E. S. Tutt went to
mouth Wednesday evening to ;
the Eastern Star lodge meetinar.
Iiaillioii it". K i;;i.s weeo no i:i e i t j
with the sick for the past few davs, ;
suffering with a siege of the grippe, j
II It 1. 1... . 1 1
Mrs. Chas. Carroll met with a pain- I
fui accident Monday evening, bv fail-
. . . i
and quite severely spraining ner
Billy Barker went down to Avoca
this week where he has 1 em-
nt and will make his future
md -Mrs
! I'll"
quests at the home o
and Mrs.
Louie Puis.
Louie Puis has taken possession of
his new property, the old hardware
?tore. and has made a driveway into
the same for the storage of cars.
Ben Noell. Otto Puis, Fred Mei
singer and Will Reiiner were in
Plattsmouth Monti u v evening u t tend
ing the so-called wrestling match.
Walt Minniear vent up to Bancroft
this week, where Mrs. Minniear is
visiting with friends and relatives,
owing to the sudden illness of their
little baby.
Earl Lancaster was in Plattsmouth
Tuesday of this week looking alt '
the advertising of his public saie,
which will be held at hi.-; present home
or. Wednesday, February 7th.
Mrs. Wm. LaRue went over in Iowa
Tuesday of this week where .-oe will a few days' visit with friends
and relatives, and attend a welding
given by members of her family.
Green Pigtrott returned home from
Rosalie, Neb.. Monday evening, where
lie was visiting for a few ikiy;; with
relatives and friends. lie stopped in
Plattsmouth. to attend the wrestling
W. G. Boedeher. who lias been
wrestllrg with a seige of the grippe
for the past two weeks, is again look
ing after business .matters, but feels
rather weak after the tussle with the
"old winter friend."
The Murray school rooms nv.-ived
a thorough fumigating this wee!;, just
simply to prever.t the spread of any
ami all contagious germ.-, that might
t 11 t . i
te iu riving amunti t nose wir.ier .
months. This precaution is taken'
every few weeks. j
Remember the big wolf hunt 'n'
i '. t Monday. The start will bo made
one mile west of Murray and will lakcj
in five miles square. Everybody com"!
out with their shot guns, !ut leave!
all rides at home. The hour for meet-j
iiig will be about l':-'JU, be on hand at I
this hour. j
W. ' '. Brown, who hus b en here!
visiting amoi.g relatives and fiiends
for the past two week.-, has gone to
Council Bluffs ar.d Yalisca, la., for a
few days' visit v Ith relatives and
friends, but will return to Murray for
a few days' visit before taking up the
journey for his home in Canada.
Dr. P. F. Brendel was called to
South Bend Tuesday to investigate
whatN was feared to be a case of
smallpox but after thorough exam
ination the doctor found the rumor to
be without fundation, and it. was sim
ply the usual scare. But at that it is
always best to be safe in such cases.
Gus Lowther of Laurel, Neb., has
been in and near Muprray for the
past few days visiting with friends
and relatives. Mr. Lowther has been
very prosperous in his new home in
the northern part of the state, and
the best of all, they are happy and
contented and enjoying the bright side
of life, but like .m occasional visit
back to the old home.
If arr or tli readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of Interest in
this vicinity, ami will mail
same to this office, it, will ap
Iear under lliis heauinjr. We
want all tie ws items Editor
John Far is is visiting among the
sick this week.
Robert Nickles was a Plattsmouth
visitor Saturday.
Wayne Lewis, of Union, was a Sun
day visitor in Murray.
H. C. Creamer has been numbered
among the sick this week.
Frank Lilly was delivering corn to
the Murray elevators Thursday.
Given Piggott was a county seat
visitor Wednesday of this week.
Mrs. George Wagner has been num
bered with the sick for the past few
Mrs. Ray Davis, who has been quite
i1' for the past few weeks, is improv
ing Th re were quite a number from this
Iccality attending the Decker sale near
Plattsmouth Wednesday.
George Jenkins, who has been sick
.- f Iwi l.- jif" lti mt 1iai J lAtitfinil
'"" v'1 ...,,. i , i.-, ujJum-
.-nie better at this time.
A. I). Crunk, who has been visiting
in Missouri the past few weeks, re
turned heme Saturday morning.
Mrs. Wocdfdrd and son, from West-
Neb., were visiting at the home
icf Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Young in Mur-
vy the past week.
W. F. Moore and wife went to
dar Creek Thursday to visit their
urhter, Mrs. Hessenfiow, whose
:lldren have been seriously sick.
!h. B. O. Young came in last Sat-
evening from the western part
.' ti e state, where he has located for
t'.e purpose of establishing a medical
practice. He will make a few days
vi.-it with home folks.
Richard, the little son of Dr. and
Mrs. Jake Brcndel was quite seriously
i'.! Tuesday evening of this week, suf
A ling from an attack of stomach
trouble. Dr. J. W. Brendel was called
in consultation from Avoca, and after
a night of careful attention the little
fil'ow was somewhat improved Wcd
'.;!. -day morning.
of the Farmers
Elevator Go
annual meeting at the Puis & Ganse
n.or hall, on Monday of last week and
transacted the usual yearly business,
among which was to make the selec
tion of their officers for the ensuing
year, which was as follows: W. D
Wheeler, president; J. R. Yallery.
vice president; W. H. Puis, secretary;
G. M. M inford, treasurer, with John
Edmunds. IT. C. Creamer and C. D.
Snangler. additional directors. Albert
Wheeler was re-elected as manager
The annual dividend was declared,
hut will not be made until after cars
are furnished the company so they
v. ill be able to unload some of the
grain thov have in the house, which is
ii !! to the roof, and thus clean up the
yearly business atlairs. lhe com
pany has closed up a very prosperous
yetr and are in excellent financial
Services for next Sunday: Bible
school at 10 a. m. Preaching at 11
a. rn.; seimon topic, "The Paramount
Yalue of Christian Education."' The
subject of the evening discourse will
be, "A Great Man, But."
IWt"fctW'.i.W..Wi 1
The 2nd episode of
in two reels
Her Mother'
a Laemele drama
What Darwin
a Victor comedy
Ufa iu Esa Edsi
Saturday Evening
Coughing Tires the Old
Hard winter coughs are very tiring to
elderly people. They mean loss of sleep,
and they deplete the strength, lower vi
tality, weaken and wear out the system.
Foley's Honey and Tar
stops coughs quickly. It is a standard
family medicine that contains no opi
ates, and is noted for its quick effect on
coughs, colds, croup, bronchial and
la grippe coughs, and the chronic coughs
of elderly people.
J. B. William. Trenton, Ga., over 73 yean
old say: ' I have used Foley' Hooey and Tar
for years with the best aad rarest result."
John Hobschiedt was a Plattsmouth
visitor Wednesday.
H. C. Creamer put in his ice for the
coming year Friday.
For Sale at very reasonable price,
a square piano, fine instrument and
in good condition. Mrs. J. B. Jackson,
Murray, Neb.
Preaching at 1 1 : a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Sabbath school at It:tU. All
cordially welcomed to these services.
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock a
committee of Omaha Presbytery in
stalled Dr. J. B. Jackson as pastor of
the United Presbyterian congregation
of Murray. Rev. A. L. Gredfrey, of
Dunbar presided ar.d preached the
sermon. Rev. Hugh B. Speer gave the
address to the pastor and Mr. W. G.
Ure the address to the people. Mr.
Speer and Mr. Ure are both from
FOR SALE o-r. house; city water
in house, electric lights, well and cis
tern; 1 lot. Inquire of Harry Messer
smith. 12-lo-tfd
I To be given at the Puis and "
Gansemer hall at Murray. Neb.,
Saturday evening, January 20th. y
V Everybody cordially invited to
i attend. Music by Holly's or-
chest ry. Ladies free. Gents T0c.
W. S. Scott of Murray has arranged
to furnish lunches at all sales
throughout the county where it may
be desired, and will see that the needs
of .the hungry are looked after prop
erly. Anyone who is desirous of hav
ing lunch served at any public sale
should call on or address W. S. Scott,
Murray, -Neb. tf
The undersigned will sell at Public
auction on the Martin farm, one-half
mile east and a quarter mile south of
Murray, commencing at 10 d'clock
sharp, on Thursday, January 25th, the
following described property:
One sorrel horse, coming D years
old, weight
One black horse, coming 9 years
old. weight 1,550.
One brown mare, coming 12 years
old. weight 1,200.
One good milk cow.
One 4-months-old calf.
One two-row stalk cutter.
One seven-foot disc.
One three-section harrow.
One Deere riding lister.
One 14-iuch walking plow.
One lG-inch riding plow.
One walking cultivator.
One Hoosier seeder.
One six-foot Deering mower.
One six-foot McCormick binder,
nearly new.
One twehe-foot Deering hay rake.
One 8x1 1-foot hay rack.
One wagon with box.
One low-wheel wagon with box.
One spring wagon.
One thirty-gallon kettle with stand.
Two sets of heavy work harness.
Four work collars, and many other
articles too numerous to mantion.
Lunch will be served at noon by W.
A. Scott.
Terms of Sale All sums of $10 and
under, cash in hand; on sums over $10
a credit of six to nine months will be
given, purchaser giving note with ap
proved security drawing 8 per cent in
terest from date. All property must
be setled for before being moved
from premises. Everything will be
sold to the highest bidder.
J. M. McCULLOCH, Owner.
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
W. G. Boedeker, Clerk.
F. D. Hill and D. W. Merrill of
Omaha, were in the city today l"or a
few hours looking after a few mat
ters in the probate court in the W. D.
Hill estate.
Buy jour stationery at the Journal
, office, where the line is the best and
largest in Cass county.
uccess m
is the built-up result of a number of detailed
improvements over customary methods.
This is Januar y of a new year, the natural
time for planning ahead; getting your line
up for the Spring work. Look over your farm
implements and if you are going to need any
newones come in and tell us. Get our prices;
let us figure with you; we may be able to
save you some money. Give us a trial; we
will appreciate it.
We are interested in your success, be
cause the success of our business depends
upon the success of our customers.
One best line for the man who wants the
best the John Deere full line of agriculture
implements, wagons and vehicles, repre
sents more than 75 years of experience in
manufacturing QUALITY GOODS, and we
consider ourselves fortunate in securing the
aroware and
The hiehawka I1e!1s
are now Rolling and Manufacturing the
The Popular Cass County Brand of Flour
Also a Full Line of By Products!
C. D. ST. JOHP3, Prop.
JOE MALCOLM, Head Miller.
For Sale by Hatt & Son, Plattsmouth, Neb.
and Puis & Gansemer, Murray, Neb.
Advertise In
Fitch's Detroit
(They Wear Like a Pig's Nose)
Big Overalls or Jackets
at $1.25
On account of our heavy purchases and
early buying we are able to hoJd our prices
on Rubber Goods, the same as a year ago.
3c -a i
Drs. EVZach & EYZacii, Tlis Dentists
Th largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha.. SpfCia'.iiU la
charge of all work. Lady attendant. Moderate Vrlc e. Porcelain fdlinsa,
just like tooth. Instrument carefuby .teniueu niier uir..
Send for nut sample of Sani-Pyor Pyorrhea Treatment.
wcitc tns nnfu- o v Pir.i?; ivn
.aa"W:aaaaaa-W.araar-p-r llja i I 1 I rr P "I.-1 fe
a -arm-TP Wli'a-a
plornenf Co.,
The Journal
Grocery Stock
w r if
3rd Floor Paxton Block, OMAHA
All Rectal Diseases cured without a surgical
operation. No Chloroform, Ether cr other ecu- vi
eral aneasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED
- to last a LI FK-TIME. CiTEXAMiNATios fsze. J
nrrTA' .nKrPi wttj-t Tr.sTivnvni X.
Onuhi, liibr.ka H