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Senator Owen Delies Judiciary to
tfiM'vii.m His Ilernarks About
its Authority.
Va.-hirLrl'-n. Jan. 7. Declaring ho
v. -iul .-tart a row that would shako
the ti.iitiiKiit. Senator Owt-n of 0!:I.i
!. ,;na tomgkt defied the supremo court
of the United State-.-; to summon him
f'r contempt of--court for his utter
: .o l-fo:v '.k- national popular nv
i;mcnt le.igae. that it was "unpara
:'! i imp-idonee" for tho court to do-
.' re in :.ntitut''ji;;.l any act of con
"Lt thorn on re to si;mnK'Ti mo,"
.'.,-!i:it .r O.vt n i ' l nc! to a Ui.ii"d
I'n-.x . pre. ntative. "anil I will start
:i -ov th.:t v. ill shake this continent
Ti" very foundation."
The iiui;if court.' Owen said,
ii-urnltv.;- t tie power it now arro
i to it-M-If in overruling enact
ments of co-io ri-.-'s t ho chosen rep-i.-
ntative-; of tho pe !e. Those nine
n.e!i were never given this power
under Jho constitution. "
Owen will int induce a hill in tho
- nate "sccm" .-hearing the court of
:;- inwor to overrule acts of con-
s. l;o said.
ruing that the eourt he short of
: p r to overrule tin action of
i-i.iirre-. Owen declared that at such
a'ion til-- ("',!;". should "ipso facto
cat to e". ist."
Urtriritr a "gateway amendment to
tin- tor-tin .tioii to facilitate it.-: popu
lar amendment. Just ice K. M. Van:-i!:;,ki-r.
of the supreme eU!t of Ohio.
'...;:r-.-i-l "our t radit tonal worship of
: hi o!i.-t it ut i
"Wo have Uirv WoVshipped .t lho
-h'ine of" the co.. ti'.i.i"!i. What is,
i- riifht th: i- the en od of the ..!
st : i:ctioni-:- : rd ivacti-rni ies ; what
i. is aM wy.r-s is tho creed of
th.- revoj-.:;; whatever is, is
violt or wmntr, according as it
s.'u:tivs with reason this is the pol
icy of th.e tru- progressive with a
all "p" if u please. "
V:i!i.;PUikt'!- declared also in fav r
if r.-loa-:nr sovoial j ad ires frmn their
h'-nci os ill roe nvnths in every year.
"That the, no-.y 1 oep in tooeh with
Iho pu!-e of the common people." ,.
The "gateway amendment" proposal;!l provide f.r ;in amendment of
the constitution on a favorable vote
of a ir.:'.0''ity of the electorate in a of the congressional ''i.-ts.
Ti-" :iminivu'i:! could be in-iti-.i.
d by either hoes,. ,,f congress, or
i.nv ten .-late legislatures.
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We would be pleased to explain and
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Teuton Advance in Rumania Forces
Russ Out of fialatz and
London. Jan. 7. Calatz and Foc
sani appeared tonight to be domed to
imminent occupation by (Jermany's
from the smith and west. The Rus
mania. Cialatx apparently was under
bombardment 1-y Teutonic cannon.
Focsani is menaced by strong forces
from the south and west. The Ruc
sian onieial statement gave some hint
of the prodigal massing of men and
desperate attacks which the (Germans
are ee:ting hero.
Despite the (ierman success on the
front an 1 Calat and Focsani, it was
pointed or.t by military experts that
the oilicial statement from both sides
apparently indicated a successful re
sistance by tho Russians to what is
probably tho most serious German
rat naee to tho allies' forces in Ru
mania the attempt to flank the Russian-Rumanian
armies by a thrust
eastward fiom tin; Slonika Cituz and
Tr m a - A-;i.lloys.
Tito Rii-rian statement detailed a
sliglit withdrawal, but a later stop
page of the enemy advance.
Some idea of the ferocity of the
fighting over all this Rumanian and
Dobrudjan terirtory is hinted at in
the use twice in the Petrograd state
ment of the descriptive phrase, '"bay
oneted and prisonerod."
i;inK?y Fiifhtin;.
Previous Ilerlin statements have
been profuse in such terms as "storm
ing in hand to hand battles."
Tho Petrograd statement declared
the Russian forces . voluntarily aban
doned Prai'.a. The Berlin statement
asserted that Russians destroyed "a
majority of the Rumanian factory es
tablishments" in that city indicating
that the Germans found the town of
scant valio to them.
Along the northern frontier of Dob
rudja the advantage 'in the fighting
will be Ct'i tinctly with the Russian de
fenders. The terrian i broke into
numberless rivers, ponds, lakes and
swamps, capable of easy defense and
offering the hardest sort of obstacles
to the attackers. Presumably the Rus
sian retirement from liralia was to
long prepared defensive positions
along this line and this line, it was
pointed out tonight, will probably be
along Russian soil.
Apparently there has been fierce
furhting along the northwestern front
south of Riga. Here the Russians ap
pear from the official statements to
have achieved a considerable measure
of success.
The residents of the territory in the
vicinity of Eight Mile Grove held a
wolf hunt this morning and were
quite lucky in their efforts, as five of
the animals were bagged by the boys.
The attendance was not large, but the
members of the party did some good
work in rounding up the wolves. On
Monday, January 15th, Jack Philpot
has arranged to hold another hunt,
and this will be held five miles south
of the Eight Mile Grove precinct line.
All the farmers are invited to get into
the big hunt.
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Washington Hopes for Information as
in Whether Door Yet Re
mains Open.
Reply to Wilson Note Scheduled This
Week, Numerous Reports
Washington, I). C, Jan. 7. Indica
tions increased in allied diplomatic
circles here today that the allied re
ply to President Wilson's peace note,
while following in the main the reply
to the central powers, will have some
additional features calculated to make
it more clear whether a continuance
of the negotiations is desired.
If the allied governments are deter
mined to press the war to a military
solution, it is expected that they will
leave no doubt that futrther exchanges
at this time will not be welcomed; if
not, the reply is expected to leave
tho door open for additional corre
spondence. The meeting of the allied premiers
in Rome today was regarded here as
of great importance because the en
tente governments were expected to
ake the opportunity to discuss their
whole fundamental attitude toward
peace and particularly America's part
in securing peace.
The decision reached is expected to
be final so long as the military situa
tion remains unchanged.
Whether the entente reply to the
American note will be forwarded to
the central powers is an open question
It is said such action would be en
tirely permissible diplomatically. The
reply is expected by the end of next
week, reports to both the state depart
ment and the allied embassies being
indefinite as to the exact time, but in
dicating its imminence.
There has been no indication
whether Spain's unfavorable reply to
the president's note saying the present
movement is deemed inopportune for
peace efforts would be made public by
ine state department. It was received
here shortly after its publication in
Madrid. Officials say the text is sub
stantially the same as that contained
in cabled reports.
Somo person or persons in the
south part of the city hus in the past
few days been busy distributing
poison around in that section of the
city, with the result that several val
uable dogs, including the one belong
ing to EJ Mason, and the latest vic
tim is the fine thoroughbred spaniel
of Dr. Sandin, which was poisoned
last night. The animal was a very
valuable one and Dr. Sandin is offer
ing a reward of $10 for the arrest
and conviction of the person admin
istering the poison. This is a very
grave offense in the eyes of the law
and makes one liable to imprisonment
and in addition, is just about as con
temptable a piece of work ah human
being can possibly carry- out.
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the trouble was beginning to disap
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(Statement given April 10, 1912.)
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The Q. Z. society of the Presby
terian church will meet with Misses
Nora and Mary Rosencrans tomorrow,
Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock. A
full attendance is desired.
Interesting Happenings Print
ed In Condensed Form.
Nws of All Kinds Gathered Frorr
Points In the State and So Reducec
In Size That It Will Appeal to Al
Classes of Readers.
Cord wood is now taking the plact
Of coal in Nemaha county. Thf Xobrasla sll,lS.t.mfJ ,.Urt i,:is up-
C.eorge Jackson of Nelson was ,,., t,(, constitutionality of tho le-is-
rhoson speaker of iho house and Joui; iaIjVo enactment of Uhi'.i requiring all
laltes president pro torn of tho senate, railroad companies, express an ! i-!-James
W. Sloan, father of Congress ' graph companies to in-'all telephone
man Sloan, died at Cenova alter more instruments in their stations am! pub
than a year's illness, aged eight y-i v. o
(Irou th of the divorce evii i:i Omaha
Is directly traceable to childless mar
riages, according to data gathered h.v
Judge luy.
The location of the promised Dou
las-Saunders county bridge across the.
Platte river has been left to the state
board to decide.
Peter Wyiuan, aged sixty, pioneer
hardware man of Omaha, was found
deal in bed in his homo, a victim ol
gas asphyxiation.
The Fourth regiment, Nebraska r.a
tional guard, arrived in Omaha Sun
day from the Mexican border and do
trained at Fort Crook.
The Nebraska State Poultry asso
ciatioii lias selected Kearney Tor ?U
thirty-fourth annual exhibit, whicf
will bo held Jan. 17, to 'Jn.
Professor Ceorgo K. Howard of th
University of Nebraska was elect od
president of the American Sociological
society, succeeding (J. 1-. Vincent.
The funoral of C. F. Semke was
held at the Methodist church in Su
perior. He was Superior's oldest cit
izen, being ninety-seven years of ago
Iiev. Irving P. Johnson, former reo
tor of St. Martin's Episcopal church
South Omaha, was consecrated bishop
of the diocese of Colorado at Denver
Nebraska will be a "bono dry" stat
If the law, drafted at Lincoln by th
executive committee of the Nebraska
Dry federation is passed by the present
Omaha ts the fastest growing cit
in tho United States, a. -cording; to os.i
mates of the population of leaCn;;:
cities made by the census bureau foi
Jan. 1, 1'J17.
liascom 11. Ttobison, founder am:
president of the Hankers' Uescrv
Life Insurance company, died unox
pectedly at his home in Omaha, a god
Eixty-threo years.
Nebraska received two distinct rec
ognitions when the government desig
nated Omaha as the central locitioi
lor a land bank, and for the distribu
tion of money to be used in good roads
Iars J. Ivaas, said to have boon the
oldest jeweler in the United States
died at his homo in Omaha, a get:
eighty-seven. He worked continuous
ly at the jeweler s bench for seventy
one years.
At a meeting of the stockholders ol
the Omaha Horse and Mule Commis
sion company, Perry W. Simpson, for
merly president of Hillikef-Simpsor
company of Grand Island, was electee
general manager and treasurer.
Springfield is without fire protec
tion, and the only drinking watot
available is that obtained from pri
vate wells, as the result of the burst
lng of the village water tatiu. i
flood of water demolished several
The Hart and Megann revival meet
Ings, in session at 1-airbury lor nvt
weeks, have closed. Forty convert;
were secured. A free will offering ag
gregating nearly $ was raised foi
Mrs. Hart and Megann the closing da
of the meeting.
The total receipts of live stock al
the Omaha yards for the year j:'u
was the greatest in its history. Ir,
actual figures 7,c.r,4,20r, head of stock
rMdiwl the vards. This is almost a
half million head more than was re
ceived there the previous year.
Reservation of sub-surrace rights In
the leasing of school lands is auvo
cated by the new land commissioner
G. L. Shumway. lie oeueves inai
there may come a time when oil ma
be discovered in Nebraska and he be
lieves that the state should reserve
its rights.
According to the budget prepared
,- Governor Morehead from reports
from the departments of the state and
from an estimate of the probable in
t-ome of the state, there will be an in
come for the coming hiennium of $11,
318,978, as against $10,381,377 for th
last biennium.
Tr, nn nnnlicfltion to the state rail-
way commission for permission to cul hunting rabbits. There has been con
its freight service 50 per cent on th siderable trouble in the neighborhood.
Talmage branch, the Missouri Pacific j Government food inspectors and
railroad denies "that the commission de,mtios f,om the United States mar
has any authority over train sched nals office are wondering what be
llies. The road admits tnat me com
mission has authority over service.
On a street crowded with theater
poers near the center of the business
district of Lincoln, Jonn btearns, 1
restaurant man, shot and instantlj
killed Mrs. Nora Nelson, a dressmaker
and then shot himself, dying In a few
minutes. Both man and woman wert
about thirty years old. Stearns was
jealous of the woman. Meeting hoi
on the street he upbraided her for go
lng to Omaha with another, as h
claimed, and receiving no satisj'actorj
explanation, shot her.
The hotel commission, through the
business manayoiu vnt of Colonel
Aekennan, saved $ ::.usi; from the. ap
propriation Ot" $11, nod L-y the
Tho Nebraska stato music teachers
roiu ludod their sessions at. Lincoln iy
selecting tho following ofiieers in ad
dition lo President Willard Khni'ull:
View president, John Hoes of Hast
ings; seeretr.ry, John (liibert Jones of
Omaha, and treasurer, -Miss ilazo.1
Caman of Ueatrio..
The body of a oung man about
about twontv-four years of ago was!
discovered in a room of an Ox lord ho
tel with his throat cut. !! had regis
tered at the hoiol an Jl.-nry Wood,
() voi ton. There was a. note in his
!)' hot showing tho act was premedi
tated and indicated an unbalanced
. niinrl
lic olfiees for the convenience of tho
puhl'io when o ordered by the slat-
railway oa.misspjri.
There is a movement on foot to split
the Nebraska Slate Touchers" as-o ia
tion into two organizations. Accord-
in:; to the proposed plan the state as
sociation would bo divided into oast
ern and western associations. It i.
argued that tho programs are too ex
tensive and could bo well cut in halt
as far as the b netit derived is eon
Frank TIavir. seven-year-old son oi
Mrs. Joseph llavir of Plattsmouth,
I was probably fatally burned when lie
tried to ' play plumb, r and ukiko a
blow torch by forcing air on a pan
filled wiili burning kerosene, in ma
nipulating the to: oh, the boy i.irew
kerosene over hi body, lie was
burned from his knees to tho crown
of his head. His oars wore burned :i".
The following oflioers were elected
by the Nebraska liar association at
the concluding session ot its seven
toeiith annual convention at Omaha:
President, Frank M. Hall, o t;
vice presidents. 11. ll. Hendricks. Wa
boo: 1 II. Cheney, Stockville; A A.
Welch, Wahoo; so-rotary. A. O. F.lHeU.
Omaha: treasurer, ltaymond Cross
man, Omaha.
The case in county o".rt at We t
Point, wherein it was sought to p.o
bate the will of the late Pram-is
zomoyor, a pioneer settlor, was
hornly fought on Poth sides, the es
tate hing vorv valuable, and sumo of
tho heirs objecting becauso of
the a!-
leued iiieo!iinetene of the testa!
At the conclusion .Indue Dewalu ad
mitted the will to probate.
Director Page of the bureau of good
roads, department of agriculture, an
nounced that Omaha has been so!o t
ed as headquarters for tho fifth good
roads division, comprising Nebraska.
Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Quarters
will be in the Douglas county court
house. Tho offer of oMice quarters de
cided the contest between Omaha and
Kansas City iu favor ol Omaha.
Compliance of the failed l'!ysseS
Grain company with the provisions ol
the public warehouse law would have
prevented a loss to the farmers there
about s. according to the onclusions
reachod by Attorney Floharty. spe-.iil
investigator for the state railway com
mission. Attorney General Coed will
lie asked by the commission to prose
cute tho defunct company for operat
ing a public warehouse without a li
ct use.
Nine of the defendants in the fa
mous Arizona "wild horse" case on
trial in the federal court at Omaha,
were found guilty oT conspiracy to do
fraud through use of the government
mails. They are: J. Sidney Smith,
president of the United States Live
Stock company; C. M. Thompson,
treasurer; Clyde Smith. John r.olecy.
all of Omaha: Albert A. 1 last ings, Sil
ver Creek, Neb.; C. W. West. Linco'n;
P. V., Kiston, la.; William
Hinkley, Drayton, S. D.
Dick Rutherford, "Nebraska's great
est athlete," and now assistant all
year coach at the state university, will
probably bo head coaoh at Grinnell
college, Iowa, next year. Dick is be
ing considered for the position and is
the favorite, according to word re-
,.,,,,! frn.n the Hawkeve state, lluth-
erf0rd is receiving . salary of $2,m0
a year as assistant coach at Nebraska.
No friction has arisen between Mr.
stewarr, .Neurusivii m-uu ...v, ......
his assistant.
While the family of Oliver Kulcer
was seated about a table in the living
room of their farm house, near Shu
hert, an unknown person shot at them
from a distance of alout eighty yard
i he ioa(i of shot smashed the slass of I
lie window and embedded itself in thei
opposite wall of the room just over
tne heads of the family. Dloodhounds
Were lnt on the trail and three times
the dogs went to the home of a nei-ih-
r. The man was found in possession
of a shotgun which had been recently
fired. He explained tnat lie nan oeen
came of 727, cases of baked beans con
signed by the United Parking com
pany of Omaha to a Kansas City
wholesale grocery house and ordered
confiscated under the pure food act.
A deputy marshal went to the grocery
house to seize the beans. The firm
denied all knowledge of the food in
spector's act and said they had been
sold to different retailers. The beans
were not ordered confiscated because
of being unfit to eat. The govern:ne' t
inspectors sr.y the beans v.-ere 1
baked when they .were prepared ia a
different way.
A ?1 frVJ o ,.v- ...... wrf-j
v-Vrrr r- vS
fame way every day, it is a cooking machine. It is the
finest cooking machine known, the most beautiful range
in 'the world, and, belongs in every kitchen in this land
of ours.
Scrap that old range get a Copper Clad.
The undersigned will sell at Public
auction on the Martin farm, one-half
mile cast and a quarter mile south of
Munav. commencing at 10 fJ'clock
sharp. 0:1 Thursday, January 2oth, the
following described property:
One sorrel horse, coming ! years
old. weight 1JHH).
One black horse, coming
old. weight 1 ,""().
One brown mare, coming
P vears
12 years
old. weight 1,2M).
One good milk 'ov.
One 1-moTiths-ohl calf.
One two-row stalk cutter.
One seven-foot disc.
One three-section harrow.
One Deoie riding lister.
One l-I-inch walking plow.
One D'-inch riding plow-.
One walking cultivator.
One Hncs-ior seeder.
One six-foot Deoring mower.
One six-foot McCormick binder,
m aily new.
0;-.e twelve-foot Deering hay rake.
One Kxl-i-fcct. hay rack.
One wagon with box.
One low-wheel wagon with box.
One spring wagon.
One thirty-gallon kettle with stand.
Two sets of heavy work harness.
Four woik collars, and many other
articles too numerous to mantion.
Lunch will be served ut noon by W.
A. Scott. ' .
Teims of Sale All sums of .$10 and
under, cash in hand; on sums over $10
a creJit of six to nine months will be
given, purchaser giving note with ap
proved security drawing S per cent in
terest from date. All property must
be soiled for before being moved
fiom premises. Everything will be
sold to the highest bidder.
J. M. McCULLOCII. Owner.
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
W. C. P.oedeker, Clerk.
Remember the Journal carries the
finest line of stationery in town, and
can please all in this line of goods.
The Habit of Taking Cold.
With many people taking cold is a
habi', but fortunately" one that is eas
i ily broken. Take a cold sponge bath
every morning when you first get out
of bed not ice cold, but a tempera
ture of about 90 degrees F. Also
sleep with your window up. Do this
and you will seldom take cold. When
you do take cold take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy and get rid of it as
quickly as possible. Obtainable everywhere.
Cents 50c, Ladies 25c, Spectators 25c
Copper Clad
This range is designed
for the women who
takes pride in home and
harmony. For the wom
an who appreciates beau
ty and goodness.
The Copper Clad
Range is to make cook
ing a science and as it
does the same thing the
New York, Jan. 7. Leaders of the
socialist party and the socialist labor
party failed tonight for the third time
to restore unity between the two
A deadlock arose over the question
if industrial unionism and how it
should be treated by the united party.
The socialist labor party delegates
were strongly in favor of having the
united party support industrial union
ism, but they desired condemnation of
craft unionism.
The socialist delegates, while" not
opposed to industrial unionism, con
tended that the socialist party ought
not to interfere with labor unions. The
split between the two parties occurred
about sixteen years ago.
I.aJIAl Ak your l)raUi fttr .
Oil.rhfl lfr'1 IHumontl TtrmndV
1'ilUln IO-cJ and Uold meta.liAr
"ies. sealed with Blue RiUon.
Take pa other ItitT of v n v
I'rnmlil. Ak fTt'III-4 lfl-:!i-TEIl'S
years k m.wn as Lest. Safest. A U ays Kelia(;le
Poultry Wanted
Wanted A car load of live poultry
to be delivered at car near Burlington
depot at Plattsmouth. Neb., on Tues
day, January lGth, one day only, for
which we will pay in cash as fol
Hens, per lb ICc
11 y ou ng roost e r s 1 oc
Old roosters 9c
. .12c
. . 1 rc
Beef hides
Horse hides, each
i -i
rn r n n
okoD IHla