The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 08, 1917, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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Mr. ami Mr. Carl Day and little
son went, to Cambi idge Friday for a
week's visit at Mrs. Day's old home.
Mrs. F. W. Kruse was railed to
Omaha again Monday on account of
the seriousness of her brother-in-law
at the hospital.
Miss Anna Layman, who had been
spending the holidays here, returned
to Sterling, Colo., Saturday, where
.-he is teaching music.
The Misses Alice and Louise Stan-!-r
and their brother, Hugh, of Lou
isville, were over New Year's visitors
:.t the Pete Spangler home.
Lay Wiles -.nd sons .Sterling and
Robeit, returned Monday from Grand
l-'and. where they had visited several
ays at the Ira Paine home.
Mrs. ('. A. Iialdwin ri turned Tues
day evening from Sioux City, la. Her
visit was shortened by the fact that
th- water was running in the home
here and needed attention.
Mrs. John Johnson and little son of
Herman, who had been spending Xmas
with her mother, Mrs. Stella Butler.
.eturned home Saturday. She was ac
rompanied by her sister. Miss Hen
Klwin Hunter, who has been, wrest
ling with a case of typhoid fever for
the last seven weeks, is recovering
ideely and was able to walk downtown
and back the first of the week.
Lee Stoner and wife came in from
Canada Wednesday, where Lee has
been railroading. They are on a vaca
tion and will visit for some time with
Mr. Stoner's parents. Mr. and Mrs.
(ieorge Stoner.
Scott Davis of Scottsbluff and Will
Kennedy of Elm Creek were Friday
night visitors at the home of Mr. Da
vis' parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Da
vis The boys had come down from
Omaha, where they had brought Mrs.
Scott Davis to a hospital.
Albert Canaday of Sioux Falls, S.
1.. arrived Saturday for a visit with
his brother. II. P. Canaday, his sister.
Mrs. E. C. Giberson. and old-time
friends. Albert hadn't been here for
ten years and naturally he noticed
manv charges.
Mrs. Delia Anderson has been con
fined to her home this week, being a
Ktim of the grippe.
Frank J. Mullis of Glasgow, Mont
was in town Tuesday, the guest of his
.--i-ter. Mrs. Merle Decker.
Mrs. Dell Frans has moved from
the Rev. Taylor house back to the
country. R. L. Propst will occupy the
house in the near future.
Dan Lynn and wife, who have been
suffering from the grippe for the past
two weeks, are recovering and the
Ledger is glad to note the improve
ment. Miss Mary Novetney, who has been
employed at C. F. Morton's store, has
returnc-d to her home in Plattsmouth,
where, we have been informed, she
has accepted a position.
Matt McQuin holds the record for
hun'ing. He went out two days after
rabbits nnd came back and didn't see
a hare. Mill Mark finally took pity
on him and gave him a nice one.
Rae Frans says that turn about is
fair play. So when Rue recovered
from the grippe Rae took it home with
him for awhile, and at the latest re
poits we have his vacation is expected
to last about two weeks.
Rev. Lynde. a brother of Myron
Lynde and Mrs. J. H. Miller, is now
yaster of the U. B. church at Ne
hawka. He preached his first sermon
t v f week ago last Sunday to a large
; lid attentive congregation. Mr.
Lynde was recently pastor of the
ch'irch at I'lue Springs, Colo.
That new school bell that was
b . ueht some time last year seems to
have been a joke. After being used
some seven or eight months it has a
crack in it big enough to let all the
ling out of it. Next time why not
purchase a Sears "alloy" bell and
ha . e a good one, "at half price."
Milk in Winter.
Why do your cows give less milk
in winter than they do in summer?
Just because nature does not sup
ply them with grasses and green
food. But we have come to the as
sistance of Dame Nature with B. A.
Thomas' Stock Remedy which con
tains the very ingredients that the
green feed supplies in season, only,
of course, in a more highly concen
trated form. We guarantee that this
remedy will make your cows give more
milk, and better milk with the same
II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Gansemer.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kirkpatrick re
turned Mondav afternoon from a
week's visit with their children at .St
Joseph, Mo.
Mr. Ralph Beamer of Senica, Kan.,
arri -ed Thursday evening of last week
for a few days" visit with his sister,
Mrs. Jay Crom.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Crom and
daughter, Mildred, left this week for
Mulvane, Kan., where Mr. Crom will
preach for the remainder of the
Martha and Doris Yallery spent
their Christmas vacation with theii
.-i-ter, Mrs. F. R. Cunningham, re
turning to their home at Mvnard on
Stuart B. Rough, wife and baby of
Payette, Ida., arrived Tuesday morn
ing for a few days' visit with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Rough and
other relatives.
Harvesting the ice crop is now-
drawing the attention of Nehawka's
commercial inteiests, and by many of
its private families. The crop is of
excellent quality and the weather
Ora DuClose, who left with her par
ents when they shipped to Mitchell,
Neb., about a month ago, returned to
Nehawka last Saturday and will finish
the term of school.
Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Adams were
called to St. Joseph last Tuesday by
the serious ilness of a nephew, Mr.
Kauffman, who died on Wednesday.
They arrived home New Year's day
on the afternoon train.
Mrs. Mollie Malone (known here as
Mrs. Yiall) writes from San Jacinto,
Calif., ordering the Nehawka News
sent to her address at that place. She
says they are enjoying the visit and
having a lovely time. Oranges are
ripe and hang in great clusters on the
dark green trees.
Stone camp No. 85, W. O. W. held
forth Tuesday night in regular session
at the Woodman hall. After the in
stallation of officers for the coming
rear the members and their families
sat down to an oyster feed. The of
ficers installed are: Consul command
er, Charles M. Bates; clerk, Frank
Lemon; advisor, Alvin A. McReynolds;
banker. Harmon Beck; escort, Frank
McConnell; watchman, Louis G. Ply
bon; sentry, Emery Kellburg; man
ager, Arch Trudean.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John S. Han
son, December 28, a boy.
Jay Peterson was confined to the
house the first of the week on ac
count of illness.
The elevators at Eagle are still
blocked with grain on account of in
sufficient cars to move it.
Ed Oelschlager returned home Sun
day from a week's business trip to
Plankington, S. D.
Work on V. W. Blomenkamp's new-
building is progressing nicely and will
be ready for occupancy in a very few
da vs.
Adam McFall of Addy, Wash., who
has been visiting relatives at Elm-
wood, is spending a few days with his
orother, M. McFall.
Mrs. E. M. Standley has purchased
the George Oberle property north of
the Missouri Pacific depot and will
move to town in. the near future.
We hear some talk of reorganiz
ing a band here. All the towns around
us now- have good bands and we don't
see any reason why Eagle can't have
one also.
Joe Ryons was in town Monday for
the first time since his accident on the
4th of September. He is able to get
out and around, but will not bp able
to do any work for some time to
Miss Maude Jack departed Tuesday
for Washington, D. C, to resume her
duties in the congressional library,
after spending the holidays with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Jack.
Mr. and Mrs. William Ossenkop are
the proud parents of a ten-pound son,
which arrived at their home Wednes
day, January 3, 1917. The mother
and little one are reported to be get
ting along nicely.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Most
"I have taken a great many bottles
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
every time it has cured me. I have
found it most effectual for a hacking
cough and colds. After taking it a
cough always disappears," writes J.
R. Moore, Lost Valley, Ga. Obtain
able everywhere.
1917 Calendar Pads at the Journal
.r'. ..'....
Announcement of the death of John
Kahler was received just as the Cour
ier goes to press.
J. M. Ward of the Condon Construc
tion company, has been bedfast this
week with an attack of bronchitis.
Mrs. August Carlson has recovered
from an attack of grippe which has
kept her bedfast through the holidays.
Our old friend, P. Petersen, is able
to be around again after a few days
siege of the grippe, which left him
somewhat weak owing to his advanced
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Tangeman of
Gretna expect to leave the lt'.th of
this month for San Juan, Texas, where
they will spend the remainder of the
winter with relatives.
Philip Kohler and Barak Teodorski
were called to Omaha Wednesday to
the bedside of Mr. Kahler's brother,
John Kahler, who is reported danger
ously ill with typhoid fever at St.
Joseph's hospital.
We are sorry to report the serious
illness of Mrs. P. A. Jacobson. who
is suffering from pneumonia and is
under the care of a trained nurse.
Hereon Paul of Omaha came down
Sunday to spend New Year's with his
mother and other relatives.
Miss Lillian MacMullin has returned
from Nyalis. New, where she has been
up in the mining district for the past
four months visiting with her father.
The mining camp is located ! miles
from a railroad and mail is delivered
but once xi week.
Miss E. Viola Everett of Murdork.
but formerly of Iowa, arrived this
week to take charge of the dry goods
department in W. F. Piers' general
merchandise store. Miss Everett comes
highly recommended as an experi
enced saleslady and stock keeper at-d
perfectly efficient in every way. She
is much pleased with Louisville and
finds her work verv agreeable.
Fine six-acre tract, close to city;
good house, barn and outbuildings
plenty of fruit; a bargain at 5 :!."(')
Call on Tom Bower.
Alvin Murray of McCook was ar.
over Sunday visitor with his mother
Mrs. J. A. Murray and other relative
and friends, returning last evening to
his home.
Mrs. Jennie Rhoden, who has been
visiting in Colorado with relatives and
friends for a short time," returned
heme this afternoon. She was met
in Omaha by her sister, Mrs. Georgia
Creamer, who accompanied her home.
Omaha's Noted Specialist
Will Spend One Day in
at the
January 1 0 From 10 a. m.
to 5 p. m.
He will examine all sick
and ailing free of charge.
This is a great opportunity
to obtain expert advice.
If you are suffering from any form
of disease that ordinary methods of
treatment do not seem to help, it will
be worth your time to investigate
this new and wonderful treatment as
administered by Doctor Barnes. If
you have any ailment that his treat
ment will help and you care to put
yourself under his care, you will not
have to wait months before vou see
improvement. If your case is one
that he cannot help he will tell you
so as he treats no incurable cases. He
is the only physician in this part of
the country who is. giving this new
and scientific system of treatment.
Doctor Barnes treats successfully
all curable diseases of the ear, nose,
throat, lungs, stomach, liver, skin,
kidneys, heart, nerves, brain, blood.
catarrh of any part of the body, bron
chitis, asthma, consumption (in early
stages), deafness, goitre, dispepsia.
constipation, piles, rheumatism, scrof
ula, ulcers, eczema, pimples, epileptic
fits, paralysis, neuralgia, sciatica, lum
bago, headache, dizziness, vesicocele
and diseases peculiar to men and
- Hotel Riley
Examination and Consulta
tion Free!
Remember, one day only, Wednes
day, January 10.
Offices, 513 to 520 Rose Bldg.,
Omaha, Neb.
This morning a complaint was filed
by County Attorney A. G. Cole in the
county court against Robert G. Le
land of this city in which the defen
dant is charged with incest on his
minor daughter, Blanche Lehtnd. The
complaint which is in three counts
charges Mr. Leland with committing
the crime of December ."!. IKJO. and
allege.-; that on this date the defend
ant did assault, beat and against the
will of the said Blanche Leland com
mitted the crime with which ht. is
charged in the complaint. The de
fendant, Robert Leland, on being
brought into court waived a prelimin
ary hearing and entered a plea of
not guilty to the charges preferred
against him by the state and protested
his innocence. The court in view of
the .-how iog made bound Mr. Leland
over to the district court for trial and
lived the bonds at the sum of $.".ou
which will be arranged for and al
low Mr. Leland his liberty until the
case is called in the district court.
Mr. Leland has been working in the
vicinity of Bellevue and was brought
to this city Saturday afternoon by
Sheriff Quinton and remained in his
custody "until this morning when the
preliminary hearing was had.
Saturday afternoon Miss Mavy
Hobsheidt. daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Hob-heidt passed away after a
long illness that has covered practi
cally her entire lifetime as during !u
twenty-four years of her life she lias
been a confirmed invalid. Miss Ilob
shcidt. although shut out from the
usual pleasures of life, bore her fate
with a Christian fortitude and faith
and awaited the time when she might
be released from her suffering and
sickness and enter into the eternal
life. The Hobsheidt family have re
sided on a farm in the vicinity of
Murray for a number of years but
last summer moved to Plattsmouth
where they have since resided and it
was at the home on South Ninth
street that Mi-- Mary passed her last
few days. The funeral service of this
estimable young lady will be held to
morrow morning at in o'clock from
the St. John's Catholic church and the
interment had in the Catholic ceme
tery west of the city. The many
frinds of the Hobsheidt family
throughout the county will learn of
their loss with a deep sense of grief
and extend to the sorrow stricken
family their deepest sympathy in
their deep and abiding loss of the be
loved one whom they have cared for
so lovingly all these years.
The wrestling match which will be
staged in this city on Monday eve
ning January l-th, promises to be one
of the best that the followers of this
sport have been treated to this season.
Cal Woods of Stanton is to face Frank
Schmarterer of Louisville on the mat
and a strong contest is looked forward
to as both men arc well matched. This
is the third time that the men have
wrestled and it is hoped to settle the
question of supremacy at this time
between th two fast Nebraska boys.
A number of the friends of Woods
from the vicinity of Stanton will be
present to take in the match and a
large crowd is looked for at the hall.
It is an athletic treat that will be
filled with the greatest of interest
from start to finish.
Our regular meeting will be held to
morrow evening (Tuesday). There
will be installation of officers. Every
member is expected to be present to
help make this one of the largest
meetings in the historv of our order.
Our captain, Mrs. Manskeaker, will
put on the floor work with her drill
team, a feature which is always en
joyed by the members.
Found a Sure Thing.
I. B. Wilcox, Farmers Mills, N. Y.,
has used Chamberlain's Tablets for
years for disorders of the stomach
and liver and says. "Chamberlain's
Tablets are the best I have ever used."
Obtainable everywhere.
For cattle and Horses.
New York, Jan. 7. Gold amounting
to .925.000,000, one of the largest ship
ments received in a single day since
the present movement from abroad
began, arirved here today from Hali
fax, Nova Scotia, and was deposited
at the sub-treasury.
Twenty automobile trucks, each
with aimed guards, were required to
transport the gold, which was packed
in X00 boxes, from the railroad sta
tion to the sub-treasury. A force of
thirty-five clerks was kept on duty to
day to receive the shipment. Unusual
secrecy was observed, it was said, re
garding the route of the gold, which
came on heavily guarded express cars
through Canada.
Saturday evening Frank M. Massie
and wife from Mt. Pleasant precinct
were in the city for a short time look
ing after a few business affairs, as
this is the first time they have had
an opportunity of visiting the city for
sometime. The trip to this city from
their farm home was male by auto
and everything went fine until they
reached the Peterson hill, in the south
part of the city when the automobile
skidded quite a good deal on the icy
hillside. and while the car was slightly
damaged from the trip the occupants
were not injured and the damage to
the machine will be very slight. Mr.
Massie has become an enthusiastic
good roads booster and is anxious to
see the roads put in first class shape
but he does not think that crowding
up the hillside roads is a very good
policy for the winter as it causes
automobiles to skid and slide too much
in wet and slippery weather such as
prevails during the winter months.
After a short stay here Mr. and Mrs.
Massie returned to their farm home.
Money in Eggs.
Eggs are not bankable but the
money from their sale is. This money
is yours far the effort. How do you
treat the hen that lays the Golden
Eggs? Dr. D. A. Thomas' Poultry
Remedy w ill keep the poultry in good
condition and increase the yield in
eggs. We guarantee this and refund
your money if not satisfied.
II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Gansemer.
A want ad will bring you a buyer.
T. L. Murphy came clown from Om
aha Saturday evening to visit in this
city over Sunday with his relatives
and friends in the old home.
J. H. Donnel'y returned this n;oi:i-
i:-- fo his duties o-i the r"ad as state
t- ir'v examiner, : 'ter ar over Suiuiay
vistt w't! his family in th:s city.
P. M. Meisinger of Benson who has
been here visiting his brothers in this
city and vicinity departel this after
noon for his home in the Omaha sub
Edgar Steinhauer was a passenge;
this morning for Gibson where he
was called to attend to some work
'here for the Burlington for a fev
State of Nebraska,
Cass County.
In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Harmon
I'.fstnr, ilecf-;i sf-l.
Notiee is lieiebv c:ivn to tlte credit
ors of sabl ileccasfil that hearings will
be hatl upon claims tileil atrainst saiil
fslatf, lit-fore me. Comitv Jiulsre of e?ass
utit y. Nebraska, at tin County Court
j-nom in I 'la 1 1 smou t h. in s;iiu County,
on the iMUh day of 1 u-reniber. 191'., and
on tin' ::'.tli day of .lune. 1917. at 10
o'clock a. m.. each dav for examina
tion, adjustment and : 1 Iowa nee.
All claims must be tiled in said court
on or before said last hour of bearing-.
Witness my band and seal of said
Countv Court, at I'la t tsmou t li. Nebras
ka, this -21th dav of November. 1916.
Seal County Judge.
First publication ll-2"-liU6-4 wks.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the County Clerk in the Court
House at Plattsmouth, Cass County,
Nebraska, up to 12 o'clock (noon) on
Monday, January Sth, 1917, for the
painting of the second floor of the
court house, and painting of all out
side woodwork, as per specifications
adopted by the Board of Commission
ers and on file in the office of County
A certified check for ?200.00 must
accompany each bid.
The Board of Commissioners re
serves the right to reject any or all
County Clerk.
Dated, Plattsmouth, Neu., December
G, 1010.
Local News
From Friday's I tally.
L. A. Meisinger came in this morn
ing from his farm to look after some
trading witi the merchants.
P. II. Meisinger was among those
visiting in the city yesterday with
the merchants and attending to some
matters of business with the mer
chants. L. D. Iliatt and wife came up last
evening from their home at Murray
to spend a few hours with their rela
tives and friends and to attend "The
Birth of a Nation" at the Parmele, re
turning this morning to their home.
C. II. Cobb, who was called here by
the serious condition of his son-in-law,
E. P. Stewart, departed this
morning for his home. Mr. Cobb had
intended leaving on Wednesday but
remained in Omaha with Mr. Stewart
until the injured man could In
brought back home.
J. A. Dlackhurst, who has been here
visiting at the home of his uncle. At
torney D. O. Dwyer and family, for
the holidays departed this morning
for Newcastle, Neb., where lie is en
gaged in teaching in the science ele
partment of the high school there.
Mr. Blackhurst is from Michigan and
this is his first year in teaching in
this state.
From Saturday's lai!y.
I. A. Horn was among those visit
ing in the city today, looking after
the week-end shopping.
R. O. Hutchins of Weeping Water
was attending to some business mat
ters in this city yesterday.
Miss Rachel Livingston was among
those going to Omaha this morning
to enjoy the day in the metropolis
with friends.
L: ids Born wa- amo ;; the visitors
in from the country disfi.u- today to
attend to the week-en': shopping with
the mercnants.
Miss Etta Nickels of near Murray
departed this morning for Omaha
where she will spend the day in that
city with friends.
J. R. Yallery drove in this morning
from his farm home near Mynard to
spend a few hours attending to some
trading with the merchants.
Charles Mutz of Mvnard was at
tending to some business matters in
this city yesterday and while here
was a pleasant caller at this office.
Matt McQuinn and wife of Union
were in the city last evening to at
tend the presentation of "The Birth
of a Nation" at the Parmele theatre.
Mrs. F. A. Schafer and eiaughtet
Miss Ethel, who have been enjoying
a visit in this countv with their rela
tives adn friends, departeel this morn
ing for their home at Sargent, Neb.
John A. Wolff of Cedar Creek, the
Stutebaker agent in this county was
in the city today for a few hours
looking after some business matters
in connection with the sale of hi
Charles M. Chriswisser came un
this morning from his home near Ne
hawka anel departed on the early Bur
lington train for Omaha to visit hi:
father, Bennett Chriswisser at the
Presbyterian hospital.
W. LI. Stokes, who Ti:;i- been here
for the past three weeks visiting his
relatives in this city, departed this
afternoon on his journey back to his
home :n Calgary, Canada, wheie he
ha.: It en for a number' of years en
gaged in farming.
Ed Tritsch was in the city today
for a few hours driving in from his
farm home a few miles west of the
citv. Mr. Tritsch has been suffering
from some very severe injuries re
ceived in an auto accident but is now
feeling much better.
Adolph Wesch of Niobrara, Neb.,
who dame to Omaha with a carioad
of stock, took advantage of the near
ness and came i! wn to this citv this
morning for a few days' visit with
relatives and friends. Mr. Wesch was
a pleasant caller at this office.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Reed of Murray
elrove to this city yesterday afternoon
for a visit wtih friends and to attend
to some business matters. While here
Mr. Reed took time to call at this
office and have his subscription ex
tended for another year.
H. II. Tartsch of Sioux City and
France Ballance, who have been tak
ing treatment at Excelsior Springs.
Mo., for a week or ten days, came up
last evening and will visit over Sun
day here with their relatives and
friends. Both of the gentlemen are
feeling much improved over their stay
in the Missouri health resort.
Mrs. O. E. Farnham and two little
sons of Newell, S. D., are visiting Mrs.
Farnham's grandmother, Mrs. Wm.
Herold and aunt, Mrs. A. L. Tidd, in
this city for a few days. She will be
joined by her husband, who will arrive
tomorrow morning from Washington,
D. C. Mrs. Farnham was formerly
Miss Fern Hagar and formerly re
sided in this city.
i Tin: DintKT foriiT tir tiiH
i in M t or , M:mt.i.
. I.. Tidd. Fi.mitH't.
vs. :T
.-' ; a. i I an i !i-r. t rtl. T i.-f'-n-1.. nt s.
.li-- of llil fo tjllifl 'J I lb'.
To tl - d.-f- nd lots Simps-! l:.:ltlM:
t !: onl!iovii h-ii s, l. i.-tr.i
p. nal t .-pi .-n I a t i -s : i i s i i i.l in l )-.-( .1 in tl- i -l:. of
.' in . a I : 1 1 . I , i . o f.t .-! : I '' 1 1 I '.
' in in i i.-a--- a i - i I; now t a - .1 ' u F. ' i ' . -mn.s
. Mrs. J. ..ti F. 'i i : mn : i. - .il-o
U'liOAP us Mrs. .loh-i F. ' ! "! i M -t
r -a 1 -,.ini- u ii ):;-v r; , !: - - ki-.v a
lull's. d-- b-ua t -. !- .... .'!-
I - - - f 1 1 .-1 1 i . - , and a I ot:,-i .r-."- i-i-tr.--'-d
in I ! slat-- of .).. im F. i':;m
I ui-.. known :i - .b.'.u !' '' ": .-.
.!:--' I : t ! utikl'ow II i r .
!-;; i L - -. -rsiiial I p' e n t .. ' .i'mI
nt1!.! i i-s-iins i i, : --. -1 --. T . .
:.i I .- -,r M i .1 i-!;'i F. ' J ti t , : i . - ! -.i
k-i'iWr as Ml--. .I'.mii I" (' ii'i-t !i'-t
a! r i ; : ; 1 1 - unknown, o -a-. I : S N
!! i'in 'ii. iirs! i 'ii 1 ip.aa' niika- v 'i :
M's. S. N. Mi rri.'iii', f. r-o i i - i n
InT.mwh: t'-c !i-:kn..'Aii l.--;rs. !.-,.--,
. -s,,l.i, I i. t., ! : - ..'.-I
a : : . .! I .-r ..-i.i..s i i , t . r-- t .1 , l -i - -!.!!
.if S. X. M'-rriam. t.i-t ! .' i.-.
u -iki.'uvi., i-a.-i 1 : t . . ii i; i ii
'.' vi.-. l:il.-, . .!-..!.;: t. i.-
1 1 t i ', -. iind .!.) -itl r " .-
I. i. in tbi- ...t;.i- of M ' - .-' V.
M. ii :;. oi. tir-l '.:', a. m-- .?(. i -
..- ..I . ! ii ... n . .- in.i. .1 . . i -i I I ' . u -
aid. til ' !:. i i, an:- "i k i ;-'. -
or '.,)....'..! of ::i.-p I I iv. a I i ; ? 1 ' ' . -
I- h --'A' '.- I I - . i I V i . I I . I . - I -
..I iiia.-- ;!: I i . s ,-, i.l : , I ..- . : i -
,s i il. . -!. .! Ml I - Illtl of I.
! ! o u a ! .1. ii--. a s. . I ; in.- ii-,, . i .-.' : .
.!- i-a-. s. b-a liis. pi-i s. ;.;,! i ,-pi - ! -I
. i I ! -s a nd a I : o! i..-- p--i - . - in!. I -
-s - o in , ; . . -1 .! i .- ..f .)..;. :i .... i '. ' -
.-id. Ii.'-! I in I I ant.- I k 'U I :. .!..! - ! :
I...,,: -.1 Mil.-: I : a-! ii-.- Mib -. i i -1
l.-al a.iai-- ' : i . k ii- w I . I i, I-.ip.i .i s ' -
w.-r of I ...lll.. I M : s ; t no I I - k I s 11
I'.-irs, ,1,-vis. ...s. i- '.:!. -. !.a t I p-
i s.-nt aU ' s a lc I all . I ' I 1 - in-
t .1 . s. ... ; u t ; ... - a ! !....;.-. Mi-,
.i .-a .-.-o ; 1 1 1 .- ii kti.o.v a i 1 1 - . i . s . ...
1 a i ,., st i a ..I i i at i ii-..- - nd
all . t i i-r I . -1 sons i n t v i . - I . -1 . - . . . - -tat.-
nl lii. ! a l d !:...- M -. I.i - . I ' I
llll III.- Illikli.i" II. lii-i r.'!--ll; I . i I .' i ' I
I ' i ii II i. I ; W ; I i . a mi I 'I i n i-1 : .' i ..
K'.-v.vs: Mi- .l..i,n I .. I vs. !'.- . al
1 1 . unknown: t ' " 1 1 . k 1 1 u 1 : i -.
I. Is s, i . a t -vs. p. s , . - . , t . -
t i vs and ill ! i vr ..-r . n 1 .- d
in li .- vstatv .-I' .lo'-n I, K- v.
i . a -1 . 1 r ill 1 1 a Is n . v' ' i I 1 1 - I -' -.
'. a ' s ,. ... i i .-i 1 1. - - i t ',a s ; . . d
a!l .t I-.-- , !. us it.t.-l .-si.-.l :'. I:
tat. ..: Mis. .l.jln I . K'...-. i;. -t i .'
ii.irir unknown. d -;: s. d : t ! v -1 -known
o w i n r s ; n 1 1 i . i ' ' i 1 1 1 . ! i n -a
n I s . f I .. ! i v - u i 7 . in I I ' ' I
illi. I '! a I t-inoii i ii, 'a-- nis. N'v-
I I a s I a .
Vim! ' I I . ! .1 Hot Pi. d t ' O.I I
L"'lli da. of I ,-ni . I-.. !!.
Ida i n t i !'! V ! , I I. i -n.l in t 1 . I , - ' i
-.ill! of ti... ....nt'. of ''.I'-. '.-!" a- ka.
to . : ii : vi pla i n 1 i '! 's 1 j I ', to t 1 - a o
.!.--,- : ,,t. t.i-wit: - .-a i 7 i. ,'i
I I... k -i - . ., lli. i it-' .if I ' 1 1 1 v : i .
.'-- I V. N.-bi a -ka. In . I 1
ad'svi's.- pos, ', i i,-. i- :; and :
v I a n ! . i s fur in. a . 1 I i.i 1 1 I ii .-. i ! - p i i or
t i II.- . ..iniii.-i., i p.. -i.t of - . , ! -nil .,.,.!
I . . i i . i a .-. , . ' i and :. I i.l . . . i .
ha vinu or I.i i ni i i ' l' an, i U- 'it. I it !. a
or int.-r.--t. v,li vi I. ui.ii .a ... i.t ihic, -
to sa id I'd or a a i..- . t . i .-
To i.-.niii'.- o-i to s.-t I'-at! r. :. t .
til!, la i mi. I ii-n ur i at ! .- I t ' ! i n. '
a ti v. itl:. r l.-i-ai or -.oi ii ' -. :' 1
' a vr- II,. sa in .- a . I i ' i . I .-d i n I i i to ..
tit!- of phm.l.'T and l'..r i , i I .ini-
ta bio -.. j..f. Ti. i not:..- is .,.,.p- p.i
SIIMll t . t .- o'.. I of t I It '..l
al'.- '.-.;lii I c.l to answ.o- s., .1 p. I:!;.. a
on I. .-tor.. Mop.ias. 1 '.-1, in i n 1
I .."" 1 ! 1 7. or .. : i il.-f.i III I w.l h. d .
v'i t 1 ! V.I 1 I : I i t V
. I.. T I I I ', I in; i ,f.
A I.. T' id. I'm S.
w A I : ! : ! i "f s.
A t t o I in ' - f..r I ' . ' i i i
i.i rt; i. M i ii :
X". I i . . 1 1 . tv n - i , .' . i t s
tla-ir f.-irs. .l.-vis.-.-s-. '.-j a'.-I'.-nr.
o-ntiii i , - and ali p-
i.n.i t
I I - . a
: . s ifi'. i
est.,! in tn-ir .-stall-.
To tbi- unknown l.-j--. ,!, '-..,-, ,-.
at . .- -. o.,;i . ; . .--. , ! a 1 ; . . - i d .1
.... I son s j i, I . i s t . . I in 1 i I. ;"
Klia.s 1'iiviii k. !.- . a-. .1. and 1 : i;n
! no'A n . la in, a IP - of t ,- , ., - ! ' ' I" of
tin- ii'.rtl -a-t 1 1 1 : i I t ! ..f s. . i . M .. , -i
n I 1 7 i i o - ' ' p i ! . v - j . I'll i .i -'.-
1 1, i l t i east i t Ii I '. M . '..-- n : .
X.-liras ka
You and vnvh of v.m r- ! .-i .' voti-rp-d t Fbai i. -s C..i,i!".'ir.i:i a-
i ff . on tin- l:'t. ii., v ..f .in i..-i . r. ii;.
ti i -. 1 1 . is ji.-t it ion in i . n-u o t ' t
of 'a -' s .ounts-, X . -1 . - a s a . w i . ,. i ,- ., . , i ,
u:il a!! of vou an- d- !. t-.ia- t-. r .- ..I.
iwt and Piii . ' of w : i. i P. I i ' on i -
Pa I 1 1 . ' !a i m. i ti t . t 1 . r i .: ; l . lit - aid
-s t a t .- of i - a v 1 1 and . i ' . .m- of i
ti a n d to I I" ti o i t ' a -1 i , i a ' t f of - . . -t
' o n s t-a-ri t i'i -ii i 1 7 i town ! 1 1 ' u
11 nort n raiiu.- ti i't- a-t tin I
M.. f'.is-s countv. Nebraska. P.- .bi'aivd
ilivrtlid. at d "f fp. toil ,. pn 1 . t. tin- t''tb- of sai-l plaintiff : n and
to said l.-al state, and cv.-iv p., i t
tla'l. of P.- iii:.-t.-d a s- aai'st and
f-avl; and every one of y.-ii. and .-iain-t
a i: v and all i l.iii'is of' a n s t . r - -i
t liroiurli "r by on. and t ' . . t it ' : . . -iud.Lied
and il. -creel that .-in '.. a- -1 a'l "
1 on 11." np-s a ;i bo v.-t ! '.. i .
if livittLT. and if d.-. eased, the l.-ir-.
bvi-ees. b-atv.-s. and p. ;-o;..,l .p..--sntaties
and nil t I -r p. tsons int..-.-stil
in t!'-- .stale of vp an.l ..iv
op- of vou. ) nve tm riLi! t. till.-. . la:m
or in and to said r.a!
n- an part tpceof atid t; at i.i' !i at -l
all of said d ft ii.iiints. tl -. n mi. d.
)!ld those whose nattps up- link! n. II
and not stated, be forever barr.-.l f-o.i
.hiiminir r asettin--: anv i ; u ! t. tit'.-.
ir:t.-. t or estate in .-.nd to said t. a!
estate, or anv part t hereof aid 1 ;
s-ip-ii otl.-r and further ..ii.-f as n
the court mav svePi ji.-t a' .1 e.,' Mah1.-.
Vou and i-avh of y.m at.- f.nt! et i,..n-
lp-d that .'.. M ale IvoUII" -I to ap-v.r
s-aid petition on or !,.!' M..i,.ln I i
".'i'tli da- of l.-inn.-.r -. 1 Mt7
f. .. t: wi.s,
A 1 1 orm-v.
4 v.e.-ks beinnintr 1 ? -1 -1 o
oTiri: oi- iii:nrm:i .-i.i-, in
p ii i i i io.
In (lit- lriaitrii't CiMirt if I ncl i-r
( iMinty, -lirnkii.
Frances- Ilattie Foliar. 1. vl.titifiT,
Mati -M Fihel n. . f a! . .b f.-n la- t
N'ot jo., is I, c t by i; i v e ti that b v i I '
of a j i ' .1 k ii n t and an . .rd 1 f t I - -trirt
l.'.-urt of Lancaster f'ountv. N -bra
ska, etteied on the .". t ! . day of No
vember, l!i;. i:i a iau-e p.-n.'iti in
said I'oui t, wIuti in Ft;iticcs- ll.itta I'-d-bird
was ph.iat'nT. and 11 e fo P.vvi
name.! wet c b-f enda n ' s. thus: Mii.on
Fthel Hodden Fhat b-s I'oiiar.i. l-'i.... m
Matruie ibiibbn. Velpe ;..dd. ii. H . I
Muriun Hodden. Vi-t-il Vi. ..r ib.dd.-n.
tlorace F.iward ibid.b-n. Sulla (",... ic.n
Williams, Charles A. Williams. .1.. hi
ll. Hell. directeil the U U i e l's i IT '1 -d . as
refer.-e to sell the fi.ilnH inf.' lb s. iih. d
!iiii.f!lv, :i 1 ! of which is situated in
Fav,s Countv, Nebraska, to-wit:
The port b half of 1 ha p.-t t I t
nuarter of section nineteen (I'.m. town
ship twelve north, i.i-il;.- niti-- Cm.
fast of the i:th I M. I will, on Tips
dav, the lull of .Tnmiarv. i:H7. at oti
o'clock F. M.. at tie CisS County Cutt
Hons,., in the City of I Ma 1 1 slii.ui t h. Ne
hr.tska. sell at public Vendue, to the
hi - li.-s t bidder for cash, till of the above
described real estate, the s:ime to be
free arid Hear of all eti ;.tu hi a n e.
The sab- of this pron.ity is subject
fo the confii iii.itioti of ti e Court. I'.is. of the property Will be given
March 1, I'M?. The land is w 11 im
proved. Abstract showing Koo.i iiiie
will be furnished.
K. A. WlGvJF.NIF'KN. .IF.,
Ashland. Nebraska.
Mnrnlntr Ledwitb, Attorneys,
Lincoln, rvelu-aska.
Mr. and Mrs. O. F. Farnham of
Newell, Si D., who have been here
visiting at the home of their ur.cle and
aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Tidd, de
parted this afternoon for their home.