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LiTili rr i i 'il i - i . .il -
In Real Life Too. -
IIEIIE was no longer any ob
jection raised by Miss Sarah,
and Barbara spout every
fc , - - i uour ol ner uus wim uiu.
It grow warmer with aging spring,
and almost inmiediately lie was able
to sit with her and watch the stream
of logs coming in over the line from
Thirty Mile and beyond.
Miriam and Carry were married in
that week which followed directly
Steve's lirst days of convaieseenco.
'teve and Barbara were at the win
dow together, Steve outwardly still
a little pale and hag-'ard, lut for the
rest his old serene self again. He man-'
aued not to smile at her small and seii
nus face.
"It certainly has not strengthened my
vanity a little hit. either." said lie. "to
r::rn how smoothly tilings can move
a"ng without me."
Dny I'.v day the girl was linding her
way deeier into that innermost heart
oi him which lie had never shared with
:lier woman or man. Hour ly hour
she was learning to know him hotter,
ai:d yet his whimsical gravity still
co-iM docAvc hershe was sometimes
thoughts behind his thoughts. Hard
upon his reply her eyes flashed with in-d'-nation.
i'ooir." she scoffed. "Pooh! Most
any o'.d clock will run after somebody's
wound it iii!"
It was a trick of speech that she
had learned from him. but his employ
ment of parallel, lazily amiable for the
moi-t part, had never been so hotly par
tisan as was hers at that moment.
And suddenly self conscious, suddenly
confused and warmly disconcerted at
the quality of his gaze, she had to hide
her head. But she hid it upon a shoul
dn't' most conveniently at hand.
SpriDg gave way to early sumrqer,
and now Steve was able to be on his
feet again, so absurdly uncertain of
b ilancoat first, however, that she ridi
culed him unmercifully one moment,
only to rush to him in a panic, of so
li itude the next. There came long
walks and longer trips in the saddle;
crime hours of silence that were the
ii aire wonderful for want of words
hours in which, in a hushed vcice, sIk?
gave him shyly of her plans. But al
ways, pjo, the interruptions grew more
ami more frequent and insistent. Fat
J! and McLean and even Ilardwick
Flliott made more and more pressing
demands upon his time, until finally
ho insisted that he could no longer play
shamelessly the invalid. He must look
in upon the works up river if only for
the moral effect which it would have
upon the men. She assented grudging
ly. It would be but a day or two, and
then then he would come back to her.
The next morning, at the moment
wlnm Barbara and Steve were mount
ing their horses, for she wanted to ride
with him a little way. 1,'exter Allison
chose to disclose something which had
hi en but lately in the process of prepa
ration. He joined them at the edge of
the lawn before the white columned
Louse on the hill.
"Hasiiig bock into harnes. I under
stand." he began, not quite comforta
bly, however, for he was aware of a
leant of disapproval in his daughter's
e;. es at this interruption. "Wei!, there'3
lio great rttslt. but it's wise no doubt to
Me that tilings don't lag." He hesi
tated and shifted heavily to the other
f..ot. "We'll want to start through to
the lu nlcr by fall. I suppose."
"We'll be ready." Steve had to laugh
tit his lack of ease.
"No doubt no doubt." Again Dex
ter hesitated momentarily. And then
th re came to the surface that prone
r -ss to accept men for what they were
! Ju a man's world which had long be
fore convinced Caleb Hunter of A11I-
pin's inherent bigness.
"Elliott resigned the presidency of
Ihe Fast ('oast company last night."
The statement was brief to actual
li-pnoss. "I mereiy tell you this so
1 t you can begin to lay tentative
plans accordingly, because in view of
the immediate, need of filling that va--ca;
y I feel sure that there will be too
many demands rron your time h?re at
the Morrison office for you to plan on
much field work for yourself in the fu
ture." To Barbara at the beginning the
st -cecli seemed merely another of her
j'a'her's rather involved, entirely la
bored attempts at the facetious. But
v 'icn she saw the blood steal up and
Main Stephen O'Mara's face she re that it was the very sort of
v,4gPstion from which on her lips be
J': 1 turned roughly away. Coming
from the lips of her father, Steve ac
tepted gravely, with a 'matching brief
irT'vs that could not hide a surge of tri
i::i)ph. She rode with him that day until he
told her that it was time for her to
turn back. With Kagtime standing
ouiet. she laid her face against his and
complained that he had promised her
sL fcliouid never allowed to so more
than arm's length away from hirn cuce
fclje was hi&.
'This is" the last time, he told her
lu a voice vibrant and low. "This la
the last time for you and me."
He held her closer for a moment. '
"You will be ready when I eonio
She bobbed her head.
"Beady and waiting," she said.
The next night, In the cabin up river,
after Miriam had left them alone to
what she termed their complacent si
lence, Garry Devereau and Steve sat a
long while before the former raised a
face alight with his rare mirth.
'. "Well, here we are," chuckled Garry
"I, poor, but honest, already in the
toils of matrimony, and you, a pluto-
5 iff i!?
IMattsmouth, Neb., Dec. o, 1'JlG.
Board met .pursuant to adjourn
ment, present C. Li. Heebner, Henry
Snoke and Julius A. Pitz, County
Commissioners; Frank J. Libershal,
County Clerk. Minutes of previous
sessions read and approved, when the
following business was transacted in
regular form:
County Treasurer this day instruct
ed to refund John C. Kna'oe the sum
of $o!).10. the amount of personal
tax paid under protest on account of
being: doubly assessed on $9,000 mort
gage notes in rsenuwka precinct.'
County Treasurer this day instruct
ed to refund John Bukacek the sum
of $2.91 being the amount of personal
tax paid under protest on account of
being doubly assessed on $120.00 of
personal property. Plattsmouth Citv
2d ward.
The following claims were allowed
on the general iound:
C. E. Heebner, suly & mileage. $
Julius A Pitz, do
Henry Snoke. do & phone calls
C D Quinton, sa!y, Oct. 191G
Julius A Phz, phone calls. . . .
Lincoln Telephone Sz Telegiaph
Co; rent and tolls
lemir.gtcn Typewriter Co, rent
of machine Co Judge o.OO
Ci ozier Bros, to P Gl astro o.oo
II McMaken, repairing walk
it C. I J
"I am so happy," she whispered.
crat in sudden danger of a government
investigation, I'm told, and hovering on
the brink!"
"Here we are!" echoed Steve.
And that was as close as either of
them came to outspoken emotion. With
a lightness somewhat self conscious.
Garry had alluded to the property
which Caleb Hunter had turned over
to Steve. There was a trace of like
humor in the hitter's reply.
"I certainly am oppressed with the
cares of sudden wealth," said he.
Only her father and Miss Sarah and
Caleb were present when they were
married. And then, and not Plone be
cause she knew he wished it, but be
cause it was the dearest wish of her
own heart, they turned their faces to
ward the cabin ou the balsam .knoll.
lie dismounted and lifted her to the
ground, for suddenly she wanted to go
the rest of the way on foot.
She let her weight lie against him.
the top of her head scarce higher than
his chin, and sighed a little.
''Tired ?" he asked with that gentle
ness he saved for her alone.
The bright head shook.
"Happy?" he asked again as gently.
She swung around and clung to lijm
"I'm so happy!" she whispered. "Do
you suppose 'that any one will ever be
as happy again:"
There was ineffable content in her
question. Whimsically her own phrase
rose to his lips.
"Maybe," ho said, "maybe some time
-in books!"
She lifted her face then. He had the
Jusky glory of her eyes.
"Maybe." she echoed, her voire trcm
uloos some time but this time in
real life too."
THE e;.d.
Money in Eggs.
Eirirs are not bankable but the
money from their sale is. This money
is yours for the effort. How do you
treat the hen that lays the Golden
Eggs? Dr. B. A. Thomas' Poultry
Remedy will keep the poultry in good
condition and increase the yield in
eggs. We guarantee this and refund
your money if rot satisfied.
II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & Ganscmcr.
. Lawyer.
East of Riley Hotel.
Coates' Block,
Second Floor
Victrolas $15 to $150.
needles. J. W. Crabill.
Records and
1 lo.S
let fever ...
W R Egenberger,V0'al" ' ' '.' ;
-7 T).,ftnn K" - . Rlllk-
S7 and Worden V-
Weepir.g Water Repuv,j
printing to Co Supt
Kroehler Brosrepairs to pump
and smoke stack at farm . .
Louisville Courier, printing to
L Rotter, labor at C II
Waterman Lbr & Coal Co, coal
to C II
C W Bavlor & Co, coal to Jail
were allowed
iv V Clark, mdse to .Mrs ave
Louisville Courier, printing to
Treasurer '
John Kopia. muse Mrs llavir. .
M Massie, director, S I) No
80. room for electi on, general
ard primary in Mt. Pleasant
precinct .'
1) IJ Ebersole. financier, room
for general election. Ports
mouth, .'id ward
!ninn STrvrinl MllK v.rv.-n -fiV
The following claims
on the Road fund:
Tom Smith, R V, R D, 10 $
Will Baker, R W, R D 27
John Busche; do 2
G S Ray, do 27
Geo Harshman, jr, do 13
A B Kraeger, do 10 56.59
Johnson &. Jones, blacksmith
work, Ii D. No 13
Johnson & Jones, do 9
J II Foreman, do 0
The Olsen Quarry, powder and
dynamite 'to dist 13
F W Nolting, R W, R I) 1
John Ivcrson, blacksmith work
Carl R Cole, lumber for culvert
R D 10
Bestor & Swatek, wire to R I) 1
William I? r ot h we 1 1 . b 1 acks m i t h
work. R 1) 10
R B Lvfiler, R W, R I) 9
A J Engelkemeier, do 10.00
The following claims were allowed
on the Dragging fund:
Tom Smith, dragging dist 10.$ 20.22
John II. Busche. do 2 10.50
L II Young, do 9 12.3S
Wm Atchison, do 10 10.07
Frank Grauf. do 27 7.50
c vi iveau, uo x .i.u
George Jorgensen. do I I 3.0U
On motion the board adjourned to
meet Wednesday, December Oth, 1910
- County Clerk.
1. 1 o
Murtey, do
& Coal Co,
in a north westerly direction through
and across said north west quarter of
section 8-12-12. On motion said pe
tition was ordered received and placed
on file.
The following claims were allowed
on the Bridge fund:
Wm II Rush, bridge work $
Henry Wessel, nails and wire
1 om Smith, bridi-o work . . -
" Krapo-ov i.,.;,i 1.
Frehlich. do
1001 aumun &
material .
Waterman iv
Avoca Lbr Co, do . "
John II Busche, do wor
L Neitzel, .do material
Bestor & Swatek. do "
J II McMaken, concrete cui.
vert. Granite street
E J Richcy, bridge material .
General fund:
D C Morgan, envelopes to Co. .$ 32.88
Warga & Schuldice, mantles to
Remington Typewriter Co,
tvnewriter to recorder's office 59.10
Klopp & Bartlett Co, supplies
- to Co Judore 1912 81.00
E A Wurl, mdse to Hobson $10,
Monroe S15 25.00
A G Cole, salv and exp. Nov
1910 114.33
Mrs Clara Owens, care of dep
children. Dec. 1910 15.00
Fred Patterson, surveying and
office work 41.65
Neb Lighting Co, gas and elec
to Co 9.12
George W Kirk, land for road
Local News
In the County Court of Cass,
Neliraskti. In the matter or tne es
tate of Hans C. Nielsen, 1ccu.sp1.
;mon Social Llub, room
election Liberty pet . . .
Nels Anderson, do Nehawka
Mogensen & Hart, do, W. W.
d ward
James Laugh ridge, do, W Rock
Bluff Gen and primary....
Ed Kellv. do Center pet
W Bavlor & Co, coal to Mrs
Lorenz Bros, mdse " to Mrs
E Hartford, coal, Mrs. Wor
den $3; O'Neil $7; Baker
W White, mdse to Mrs Owen
rank J Libershal, saly ard
C E Hartford, fuel to Co farm
Hans Sievers.'salv and laundry
Neb. Institute' for Feeble
Minded Youth, clothing and
shoes to Alex Hamilton....
a C .Marquardt x o, mctse to
Mrs Cottingham
Mrs Edwin- Metcalf, mdse to
Alice Allen, Oct, Nov. Dec
J II Thrasher, baliifs certificate
Plattsmouth Water Co, water
to C H and Jail 0.52
Morgensen & Hart, mdse for S
J Nichols lo.oO
1 ').!'!
Eda Marquardt, saly and exp. 144.10
Opal Fitzgerald, clerk hire Co
Sunt and Attorney 40.00
Dr Geo II Gilmorc, inebriate
case John Thamann 8.00
J E Douglass, do 3.00
James Robertson, do 4.75
Wm Barclay, do 4.20
Aucr Bach, mdse to farm .... 43.80
H M Socnnichsen, mdse to
Kinker ?7, Worden $0.50,
Kushinsky $5, Meiscl ?3, Col
lins S5. Clerk 75c 27.-
Johnson & Gaitcloian. meat
to Co faim . . P. 15
Dr E W Cook, insane ca.-c
Shirlc Miller 8.00
J E Domrlas, lo 3.00
James Robertson, do 5.25
Dr. Geo. II. Gi'.more, insane
case Oscar Eledge 8.00
J E Douglas, do 3.00
James Robertson, do 5.25
Ray Eledge, do 2.00
Dr Geo II Gilmorc, insane case
Mithilda Matschullat 8.09
J E Douglas, do .".00
James Robertson, do 5.00
C D Quinton, do 1.95
Mrs M Timmas, do ........ 2.10
C A Rawls, do 2.10
J II Tarns, saly for Nov 97.50
Mrs. Stella Persinger, euro of
dependent children, Dec .. 25.00
Mrs Dora Denson, do 25.00
Mr. Edith Duckworth, do 25.00
Mrs Margaret Leland, do .... 20.00
Mrs Lillian Baker, do 20.00
Mrs Belle D Grassman, do 10.00
Mrs Ida Schlieska, do 25.00
Ms Clara Matzke, do 25.00
Mrs Sigrid Schmr.rler, do 10.00
Mrs Emma C Miiler, lo 15.00
Mrs Virgil L Frady, do 25.00
Mrs Edna Denson, do 20.00
Dr B F Brendet quarantine
and trip to Earl Keller, scar-
Plattsmoutii. Neb., Dec. 0. 1910.
Board met pursuant to adjournment
witn all members present, when the
following business was transacted in
regular form :
County Sheriff C. D. Quinton filed
report of fees earned 3d quarter, 1916,
amount $57.50.
State Examiner, Edward E. Clark,
filed report of collections and dis
bursements of the olliee of County
Treasurer W. K. Fox from
dav of April to the 13th day
vember, 1910.
County Judge Allen J. Beeson
Wm II Rush,
E P Letts, do
C S Johnson
dragging dist
do 10
. 250.00
7 '00.85
. 22.50
. 16.50
the 3d
of No-
an order with the County Clerk di
recting the board to pay Mis. Clara
Owens the sum of S15 per month for
a period not exceeding six months for
the care and support xi her three de
pendent children. On motion same
was allowed as per orders of the
The matter of the petition of C. E.
Meizger filed with the county board,
August 3d, 1915, requesting the board
to open a public road on section line
between south one half of section 34
and the south one half of section 35,
township 13, range 13,- came up for
the consiredation of the board apd dis
posed of by adopting tho- following
resolution :
Wiikkeas George W. Kirk, the own
er of the cast half of the south oast
quarter of section thirty-four (34),
township twelve (12), range thirteen
(13). Cass county, Nebraska, has
consented that a highway be establish
ed forty feet wide along the east side
of said tract and it being shown to
the satisfaction of the county board
of Cass countv, Nebraska, that the
proposed road is of sufficient import
ance to be opened and worked by the
public, and whereas George W. Kirk
tenders a deed for said roadway and
atrrees to accept the sum of two hun
dred fifty dollars in full for all call
ages caused by reason of the location
of said road. It is therefore ordered
that a road be and is hereto' estab
lished n and on the above described
Countv Commissioners.
clerk instructed tor ha
Deed from G. . Kirk et
and filed with claim for
by Commissioner
bv Commissioner
instructed tocall
al recorded
said land.
On motion made
Pitz, and seconded
Snoke, the clerk be
for bids for painting all the second
door of court house ar.d painting of
all outside wood work, as per speei
fication.s adopted this day and on file
in the office of County Clerk. Motion
carried unanimously. All bids to be
filed with the County Clerk on or be
fore noon of Monday, January 8th,
1917. -The Board of Commissioners
reserves the right to reject any 01
all bids. A certified check for !'200
must accompany each bid. Contract
to be awarded to lowest responsible
A petition was filed with County
Clerk signed by J. IL Thomas and
55 other-residents and freeholders of
Eight Mile Grove precinct, requesting
the board to widen out the public
highway, commencing at and on the
south line of northwest quarter of
section 8, town 12, range 12. running
Glenn Perry, do 10
J F Wehrbein, do 1
C F Yallery, do 1
John P Meisinger. do 1
T E Todd, do 1
Road fund:
Tool, Nauman & Murtey, lum
ber for R I) 7
Avoca Lbr Co, do 14..
Glen Perry, road work R D 10
Brandon Bros Lbr Co, lbr for
n D 11
J F Wehrbein, road work R D 1
F Vallery. do
John P Meisinger, do
Commissioner Road fund:
Keystone Pipe Co, cement cul
vert, dist 14, Commr dist 3 144.00
On motion the board adjourned to
meet Tuesday, December 19th, 1916
Countv Clerk
From Friday's Daily.
M. Fanger of Missouri Valley, la.,
came in this morning to spenu a lew
hours looking after some business and
calling on his old friends.
P. J. Vallery departed yesterday
for Lincoln and Havelock where he
and his wife will visit at the home of
their son, Will J. Vallery for a few
Mrs. Henry Born departed this aft
ernoon for Omaha, where she was
called on some business matters, and
will visit there with relatives and
Ed Rummell of near Mynard was
in the city for a few hours today en
route home from Omaha, where he
has been looking after some matters
of business in that citv.
Joseph Nejedley of near Creighton,
Meb., came in last evening for a short
visit here with his rl.itivs and
lends. He has been at Havelock
Whevp Vic m ht:i. ii
- .wo ois'.ci, jus. .MiKe tvarga, sr.,
is fcrv W.L-
TtT,. ,
Joseph Droece departed this
afternoon for Lincolnf where she wil,
remain at Vu. h,.;!.,! ,..:v, m,.
-a-jfii,i vt 1111 Ai 1 .
Droege until he is able to return home
r x .- i
rvepons 110m ms l.o.Uia,. ;,!;,.., 1,,.
is progressing luceiy an. will l.r.
restored to his former state of
.Lino.! anu - irvt 111m re
turned home yesterday; afternoon from
rrv 1 ,T i ...1, U . . , .1 . .
1 uiruu, v-f., n lie; e iiiej nave Ucfen in
attendance at the meeting of the
Overland dealers being held there at
the plant of the Willys-Overland com
pany and tlie gentlemen regard the
trip as one of great pleasure and ex
perience. 1
John Bauer, jr., and E. J.
who have been at Toledo,
tending the meeting of the
Overland automobile company agents,
came in this morning, having stopped
at Lincoln for the Shriners' meeting.
Mr. Bauer is the local agent of the
Overland company and found the ses
sions at Toledo rilled with great in
Xot ire is lierebv Kivrn to t lie creditors
r .said deceased, that heariims will l
had upon rlalms tiled apaist tald es
tate, before 1110, ounty J mine ot Lasii
ounty. Nebraska, in tlie county i.iuiri
ooni at I'litUsmoiitii, in aii county.
on the :m nay of January, i : i . anu mi
the Jd day of July. 1!17. at ten riot K
11 the forenoon, of rati) day. for ex
amination, adjustment, and a I Iowa me ,
hat all claims must be hleil lu Kahl
"curt, on or before said last hour or
leaiuif?; aim mai any ami an iianns
gainst said estate, not moo on or ie-
fore said last hour, will be loiever
barred. " ...
Witness my hand and seal or saii
ountv Court, at J'lattsmout h, in said
ounty, this rth day of November,
ALLEN J. IJI-.l-.SU.-s.
Sral) County .Iude.
wks, semi-wkly start Monday, 1J-4-10.
mtici-: riii:niioi:s.
ic State of Nebraska,
Cass C
il 11 1 y,
11 (lie
Coiiii( C'tinrl.
estate of John
! :i 1 he ma tt-r of
Kellv, deeaseti.
To the ereditors of .'aid estate:
Voii are hereby notiliod that I will
: it at the County Couit room in l'latts-
mouth in s:sil county, on January !.
lt17. mtl July !. 11)17. at 10 oeloik A.
M.. on eaeii of said davf to reeeive and
exaniine all claims auainst said estate.
v i 1 1 1 a view to tht'ir adjustment and al
lowanre. The time limiteil tor the
'resentation of claims against said es
tate- is six months from the ninth day
of January, A. I . 1117. and the time
limited for payment of debts is one
car from eleventh day of December,
1 !1:.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said countv court, this eleventh day of
December, lUl',.
County juufre
W. A. Kobertsoti,
At torney.
I'irst publication tl-ll-lOtr..
The undersigned 'will sell at public
auction at his home, one-half mile
north of Oak Hill Cemetery, common
ting at 1:C0 o clock p. m. sharp on
the folowing described property:
One bay marc, i) years old, weight
1200 pounds.
One bay gelding, t years old, weight
1500 pounds.
One crrav mare, smooth mouth, wt
l ion pounds.
One bay mare, coming 2 years old.
Three good milk cows with calf,
some giving milk.
Eight head of hogs, 5 months old.
Five dozen brown Leghorn chick
Cine sot of harness, 1 1-2 inch.
Two farm wagons.
One mower.
One plow.
One hay lake.
Two sots of buggy harness.
Two cultivators.
One lister.
One drill.
One 2-seclion harrow.
One cornstalk chopper.
Two cream cans.
One cream separator.
One rack.
One buggy, new and in gu'jd con
dition. One wagon box.
Many other small articles.
Terms of Sale All sums under $10,
c3sh. Over $10 six months time," pur
chaser giving note at 8 per cent in
terest. No property to be removed
from premises until settled for.
Wm. R. YOUNG, Auctioneer.
State of Nebraska,
Cass County,
In Co tin I Court.
In tbe matter of the estate of Harmon
I test nr. deceased.
Notice is heieby uiven to the eredit
ors of said deceased mat hearings win
e had upon claims filed lpainsl said
state, before me. County Jude of Cass
County. Nebraska, at the County C oui t
iiom in IMattsmouth. in said 'unity.
tin the in nay 01 neremoer. i:io, mho
on the 2ti day ol June, lHli, at 10
o'clock a. in., each day for examina
tion, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must be filed In said court
on or before said last hour or neaiintc.
Witness my hufld and seal of said
County Court, at IMattsmouth. Nebras
ka, this 27th day of November, 1S)1.
(Seal County Jude.
First puHk-etion 11-27-1916-4 wks.
( ill TV
col it r or
c vs
O., at-
C. F. Vallery, road overseer of
Plattsmouth precinct, was in today for
a few hours looking after some busi-
.iii i y
ness matters witn tne mercnanis anu
calling on his menus.
Fioi.i Saturday's Daily.
C. A. Gauer of Eight Mile Grove
was here today lor a snort time at
tending to a few maters of business.
John L. Smith came up this morning
from his home at Nehawka to spend a
hort time visiting with relatives and
friends. '
Albert Bauer of near Murdock was
. . ....
m the city today visiting witn nis
many old triends in the county seat
for a few hours.
Miss Louise Lohnes who has been
visiting relatives at Pekin, III., and
vicinity returned home this morning
on No. 5 after a very pleasant visit.
Taul Heil rame down this after
noon tor an over feunday visit witn
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Heil
at their home in Eight Mile Grove.
C. II. Vallery was among those driv
ing in today from the country to spend
a few hours looking after some busi-
... .
ness matters and visiting witn nis
many friends.
Ernest Ilolmberg, who has been
here attending the funeral of his
father the late E. P. Ilolmberg, de
parted this morning for his home at
Deadwood, S. D.
Mrs. C. II. Smith departed this
morning for Aurora, III., where she
will visit over Christmas at the home
of her daughter. Mrs. R. E.'Shcchan
and family in that city.
George II. Becker returned, this
moving from a visit of several weeks
in Pekin and other sections of Illinois
with his relatives and friends anil re
ports a very pleasant time,
C. II. Boedeker and son, Glen, of
the Murray State bank were in the
city for a few hours today visiting
with their friends and looking after
:;ome matters of business.
V. F. Gillespie, the Mynard grain
dealer, was in the city yesterday for
a few hours enroute home from Oma
ha where he had been looking after
a few matters of importance.
Uncle Ben Beckman accompanied
by Louis Rheinackle, wife and son
and two daughters, were in 'the city
today for a few hours looking after
some shopping and visiting with
II. II. Stoll and sons; Freddie, Earl
and Herbert and Joe Stoll, a brother
of II. IL, were in the city today for
a few hours motoring up from their
home at Nehawka and visiting with
their friends.
Frank Finkle and sonv Jimmic,
drove up this morning from their
home near Union accompanied by A.
F. Emge, an uncle of Mr. Finkle who
Has been visiting at the farm for a
few days and who is now returning
In re estates of l-'zekial V. Kenned),
Almcda Kennedy, deceased.
Order for HenrliiK.
No'A' on this lKth day of November,
A. D.. It 111, comes Charles Ii. Kennedy
and hies his petition in this court al
levriiiK that Kzekial W. Kennedy, a resi
dent and inhabitant of IMattsmouth,
Cass county. Nebraska, died intestate
ni the :24th day of January. l'i."i. seized
f the fee simple title to lot three C.t.
block twenty cjOl, City of lMaitsmouth,
ot" the Value of SI SOOOO which wax the
hom. -.-t. ad of said deceased and his
lHinil -,m hikI that the said deceased Jelt
po-viviii him as his sole and onlv
lous ;u law his widow, Almeda Kcn-
tbree children known as L.
Klancl.e Wuthcutt. Bertha L. Crabill
and Charles U. Keiin.-dv. all now of
lesal a !ln,j 1!lat ,,,, ., ,,,,, j,. l( ,i4S
over been made in the State of Ne
braska, or elsewhere, for the appoint
ment of an administrator of said es
tate, and that more than two veins
have elapsed snm- the ibath of .v;,.l
Ky.ekial W. Kennedy. ti1tt ,, n. i:,th
day of September, t(,,. ., valuable
consideration, the "three children above
mentioned quit-clai'int j all tl.-jr l iuht
and interest in the aboe ,,-, , ued real
estate to-Alineda Kennedy that on the
'Otli day of April. 1 y 1 ; . Aim-da Ken
nedy died intestate, seized in fe(. simple
of the ah-jve described real estate, and
left surviving ber as her so;,. H,,,i
only heirs at law the three children
above named, whicJi said cliildren upon
the tleath of said Almeda Kenneth be
came vested with the entire owene!Vi :p
of said above described premises; that
the said real estate above described p.
wholly exempt from attachment, execu
tion or other mesne process, and is not
liable for the payment of I lie debts of
said decedents, or either of them.
He prays the court for an order llx
iiiK time and place for a hearing upon
said petition; that the rgular ad
ministration of said estates,, and each
of them, may be dispensed with, and
for findings of facts upon tin; alle
gations in said petition contained, and
for a decree of heirship.
(OKI) Kit)
Whereupon it is ordered and adjudged
that said cause be set down for healing
on the 20th day of December, A. D.,
19K., at the hour of 10 oeloek A. M.
at the County Court Uooni in the City
cf IMattsmouth, Cass County. Nebraska,
and that all persons interested in said
estates may be notified of such heating
by publication of this order for three
successive weeks pi ior in said day if
hearing in the IMattsmouth Journal, a
lo'-ra! newspaper published in said
County and Uate. and that if they fall
to appear and contest said petition, the
Court may enter a tlecre as asked.
By the court.
Judge of County Court of Cass County,
Attorney for Petitioner, 1021 W. O.
W. Eldg.. Omaha.
i.i:;l .notici:
The ,
-tate of Nebraska,
, In file Ctm illy Court.
In the matter of the estate of Janus
W. Thomas, deceased.
On reading and tiling the petition of
Julia Thomas praying that administra
tion of said estate may be granted to
Jacob Hoffman as administrator.
Ordered, that December 2::d. A. I .,
1910. at 10 o'clock a. in., is assigned
lor hearing said petition, when all per
sons interested in said matter may ap
pear at a county court to be held in and
for said county, and show cause why
the pra-yer of petitioner should not be
granted; and that notice of the p n
deifvy of said petition and the hearing
thereof be given to all persons in
terested in said matter by publishing
a copy of this order in the IMatlsmoutn
Journal, a weekly newp"pe- printed
in said county, for three successive,
weeks, prior to said day 'if hearing.
Dated November 2Mli, 1!I.
County Judge.
3-wks-Monday, Dec. j, llHti 1st issue.
no nt i;
or m:ri:ii:irs
pahii no..
salu, in
In flic
District Court f
County, Nrlirankn.
I'liuices Jlattio l'ollurd, plaiuttlT.
Mari-m Kthel (lodden, et al., defendants.
Notice is hereby given that Ky vlrii.i
of a judgment and an order of i lit? Dis
trict Court of Lancaster County, Ne
braska, entered on the ;r.",th day of No
vember, 1MU, in u cause pending in
said O'Ul t, wl-erei n Frances llattie I'ol-
ard was plaintill", and the following
named were defendants, thus: Marion
Kthcl 'ioiblen, Charles i'ollard, Kloreiic
Maggie (.Sodden, Nellie 'Joddeti. Hazel
Marion fSodden, Vera! Victor (Sodden.
Ilorare Kdward (Sodden. Stella (Sodden
Williams, Charles A. Williams, and John
11. Itell, directed the undersigned, lis
referee to sell the following described
property, all of which is situated in
Cass County, Nebraska, to-wit:
The north bull' of Ihe northeast
ipnrter of section nineu en (liD, town
ship twelve II:'), north, range niti- (!.
east or ti e titb 1. Al., I will, mi Tues
day, tin- tub of January, 1517. at one
o'clock I. M., at the Cas Count) Conr.
House, in ,e City of IMattsmouth, Ne
braska, sell at public vendue, to the
highest bidder for -ash, all of the above
described leal estate, the same to be
free and leaf of all encijmhi anee.
The sale of this property is subjof t
to the confirmation of the Court. 1'os
session of the property will be given
March 1, 1!17. The land ii well im
proved. Abstract showing good titb;
will be furnished.
K. .f. WlCSGKNiiOKN. JII.,
Ashland, Nebraska.
Morning tt Ledwltli, Attorneys,
Lincoln, Nebraska.
CREAM, 37c,
at Dawson's store,
Office supplies at the Journal ofilce. .L