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r - - iw"ms r.j & car
.TV ..Ik ' -"Til
Fc3pTiomt. ii5 ev
You Cannot Leave Me Now."
rt ill two l::ys .inil two nights
t!ic jri rl fought cu r.lone
j'.aiiist tin." ui.tcry of her
l.ciit inilil .'!io recognized the
lu'.i'.ity f it, ami then she ordered
Ii;!i:tiuie to be saddled. And Miriam
l;nrreH, sihtwi l?ar!uira's fat as the
latter wheeled toward the hills. Oew
lr :.i her window to scratch off a note
M Garry her third note that day, for
she seeinoil always omitlm? nit)st im
1 rtant things whi- h iseeiTod sayinc:.
" it s coiiie,' she scrawled in delight
ed hs::e. When are we oin to
lc married":"
Once be f -re I'.aibr.ra had ridden thai
road v.iih hii;: alone in her thoughts
.w she realized that she had loved
him then as she must have loved him
always and in.'.rvelod at swell biiml
r.o-s. O.ico. or. that other day. she
l::ul told her-elf all ignoble and
unworthy coin pardons of herself and
hini were done and gone. Now she
Vid not ntvd sin h reassurance, when
her bps were tremulous.
: Sfie prew pensive at times. At times
in an abandon of jrr"ty she chattered
ba k at a quarrel -ome squirrel in the
tlii l:cc. She could rest later, and if
she corud not to him immediately
at every step the horse took was
brinainir them for a little while closer
together. And her tomorrow was only
one twilight and one dawn away. Her
tomorrow would be his as utterly as
M as she herself.
I us'; came, and regretfully sl'.e told
herself that she must be turnin?: back
b"ine. Two lille shots, sharp and star
tlincrly close, whipped through the quiet
of that la7:y afternoon, but they meant
i. thin? to h.-r. She had reached the
height of land, where he had found her
the day her roan mare strayed ofT while
she sat mooning on a lop. Shb was
holding out both arms toward the spot
where the valley of Thirty Mile must
Lie when a team of heavy horses broke
around a turn iu the road, slowed to a
trot at the siuht of her and came to an
abrupt standstill. When the prill rode
nearer to them, merely surprised and
curious at first, tht y snorted and show
ed the whites of their eyes and shied
back nervously.
SoTnetliinp; chill clutched at P.arbara's
heart while she spoke peremptorily
to Kfiirtime who was dancing in synr
pathetic panic. There was nothing U
Tc 11 her, but sfefr knew that these were
Big Louie's horses. And Iiig Louie
was a dreamy incompetent. lie had
left them for a moment, that was all
and they had become frightened and
bolted. Jnt Ilig Louie never neglected
Lis tea 9 they were not wet they
had not been running far. And their
fright became less when sheTlismouut
ed and approached them, soothing them
with her voice until they let her touch
their sleek sides without rearing away.
I'uk had come and gone, for It was
growing dark. Uncertain, more and
mere unnerved as she stood and gazed
at the forbidding, black shadowed
ridges beyond her, the girl had to Cght
suddenly against an impulse to turn
and race back to the lower country
and Morrison and home. Lven then
the riile shots meant nothing to her
and pride would not let her run. She
remounted and rode on a rod or two
ami stopped to look back at the team
which .jvas watching her. She pressed
on and rounded the curve. Itagtime
reared and snorted there, and she bare
ly stifled the cry which his strange be
havior brought to her lips. Because of
her senseless panic she punished him
the more severely and sent him on.
And then she saw what the horse had
already peeu.
A b!u? shirt cd figure lay half in the
r:ad. half in the undergrow th that
fringed it, one arm crooked under him
and his face prone in the dust. A
bulkier mass wis stretched wholly
within the trail and she recognized
him too. Big Louie's face was up
turned, and the explanation of the two
lifle reports and the tlriverless team
vas here, for Big Louie's hand still
clutched the handle of a canvas pail.
They had stopped to water the horses;
they had been shot down from behind.
And first of all, unable to move, while
horror pa relied her lips, the girl re
i.'einbered words which the limp one.
half in the road and half in the under
brush, bjd spoken to her in a moment
of sternness.
"Hi has fired upon e from cover,"
t': man who loved her had said. "He
has been taking money from a man
who was bent on beating me at anv
"Blood sickens me I" she whimpered
aloud. "Blood sickens me!" But she
managed to turn him over upon his
ba k. With brown head against his
heart she listened listened and would
not believe that her tomorrow might
come too late. And then she caught
tiic slack pound of his pulse.
From there on she was less panic
. f 'l ichen. She gained control of facul-t.:-s
shocked Tor a time Into ueless-n-is.
Method marked her acts delib
cratiey. mechanical, but sure She wa3
the m. k fi-y coWAtir
horribly afraid of Eig Louie, but she
finally disentangled the handle of the
pail from those loose fingers and ran
to the brook which babbled near at
hand. Hettiming. she drenched Steve's
face with icy water. She lifted Lis
head and propped it as comfortably as
she might upon one thigh and opened
his flannel shirt. The ball had passed
through, for back and front the shirt
became immediately wetter with fresh
blood. Blood sickened her, but she
whipped off the coat of her boyish rid
ing habit and wrenched the sleeves
from her linen blouse. They were des
perately scant, yet they provided pads
with which to check that dreadful ooz
ing. And when they were in place
she turned again to bathing his fore
head. A folded sheet of paper came to view
when she tried once to ease his heavy
body from the position which was
numbing her leg. and she seized upon
it fiercely. It was only a brief line,
bidding him come to her. but it bore
her name. With instant, bodiless clai
4y which had marked all her mental
processes so far, its purport was hers.
She had not written the hand that
had traced her signature had been un
strung 'for once. She understood,
though such knowledge seemed of lit
tie moment now.
She kept the pads cold and wet. She
went for fresh water and stumbled
and fell more than once because of the
treacherous footing i the deepening
shadows. But she was no longer
afraid of the dark. She had grown to
fear Big Louie less, even though there
was no help for Big Louie any more.
It was the first time that Barbara had
looked upon the face of a man who had
died in violence. Big Louie's face was
trrowing indistinct now. but she knew
that he "as sinning knew tuat au;
eyes were dreamy and mild. Death
like life, had been a quite incompre
hensible puzzle to that slow witted one
who had no name. But he had smiled
seldom in life. In death his smile was
almost childish, almost sweet and
questioning beyond all elseN
Alone with him who still lived, the
pallid girl sat and waited and wonder
ed how long or how soon it would be.
When she bade him wait until she
could bring the team he nodded his
comprehension, lie was watching for
her retwrn. And he came to his feet
with a reaul.:urss that made her heart
lean with hone. But he fell twi.-e be
fore she lifted him, half with her
hands, half with her voice, to the seat.
She crawled in beside him, and the
next moment she had to struggle mad
ly to prevent his returning to Bij
"IIe will wait quiet until we come
for him." she protested. "There isn't
room for Eir Louie and he won't
Her logic made an impression upon
him. for lie smiled. There was no se
quence in his acquiescence, however.
"BLr Louie never could find his way
alone, be mused, "and that is strange,
too. for he was bom in these hills. lie
was always getting lost" And with
that he must not desert Louie! She
had even more trouble with him this
time. "He will lose his head." he ex-
Iostulated mildly his old. unfailing at
titude of uentleness toward her. "He
will lose his head and waste hi
strength in running from things which
do not exist.'
"Big Louie will find his way this
time." She was whimpering again in
her helplessness. "He is already
There- she learned that her voice
could control him when her arms avail
ed not at all against even his dead
weight. And so she talked as steadily
as she was able while she drove. Once
j he lurched against her. When he pull-
ed himself together he was so sanely
apologetic of a sudden that she search
ed his face with hungry eyes. But he
was talking now to himself.
,"I must not touch her!" he stated
firmly. And then, drearily: "I am sick.
I have never been so sick before."
With that he subsided, but Ids silence
was far more dreadful than his wan
derings had been, and as fast as she
dared she pushed the heavy team on,
with Iiagtime following behind like a
dog. He slipped back against her al
most immediately, and this time he
had not the strength -with which to
apologize nor lift himself erect. With
his head heavy in the hollow of her
arm, they came at length to the open
pasture hills. They topped the rise
and faced the loops on loops of high
way that ran down to Morrison at the
river edge. And so she brought him
home. At the sight of his "city" she
sobbed aloud, but be. sunken and slack
was conscious neither of distance cov
ered nor change of country. He climb
ed down from the seat, however, in re-
spouse to her urgiugs when the team
halted before Caleb Hunter's white
columned house. He turnedUnd start
ed stubbornly back the way they had
She ran after him and clung to his
"You promised, that you would coaa
back to me." sue cried up at liiin. "Oh,
vou cannot leave me now!"
That halted him momentarily.
"I must go back to my bridge," he
explained, plainly nonplused. "But
then I'll surely come back to you.
She pleaded with him raged at him.
"I must go back to my bridge," he
reiterated, grufUj- now.
Her arms went around him in des
peration, and -then, with one swing,
Ce had swept her yards away, reeling
before his blazing wrath.
"Take your lingers from my eyes.
Ilarrigan," he gasped in sudden agony.
"I am going to kill you now, and she
is looking on!"
The girl via afraid of hjm. She
dared not try to hold him. She scream
ed wildly for help and screamed again.
And he had gone on and wavered and
crashed over upon his face when Caleb
Hunter and her father came running
heavily across the lawn in answer to
her shrieks.
Between them they lifted him and
carried him into the house.
(To Be Continued.)
From Saturday's Daily.
Lewis Walter, oi Smith county.
Kas., is in the city enjoying a visit at
the home of his nephew. Judge INI
Archer and family, and the
Rcauaintanee with the old friends of
pioneer duvs. Mr. Walter came to counr3' tit an early Way and
ocnted on a farm in Ekrat Mile Grove
where he enga.ced in ftirminp but was
rot ve'-y successful us he met wit
hard iuck in being hailed out several
seasons. Thirty years ago he removed
to Kansas where he has since resk'.ea
and here has been very successful and
row has a number of fine farm? there
that will compare with any in the
state. Mr. Walter while an uncle of
Judge Archer is two years younger
than the Judge and they seem more
like brothers as a great part of their
2ar!y clays were spent together. Mr.
tValter will jro from here to Murray
to visit at the home of his trrand
nephew. Ed Sloeum and family and
view the old familiar scenes where he
spent so many years. He is enroute
,o Chio where the family originally
came from prior to locating in Ne
braska, and will enjoy sometime in the
Buckeye state before coming back to
Kansas. The occasion of his visit here
was very pleasant 10 Mr. Walter as
it has given him a chance to visit the
few remaining: pioneers of this lo
I Vo'.l Si. t :'T i;i 's Dili!. v.
L II. F.cjker, one of the lcuoMr.g"
farmers in the Eight Mile Grove
nei'rhboihood is arranging to cloc out
his interests on the farm ar.d will
move into Plattsrnouth with his family
to make their home in the future. Mr.
Becker and family will make tpplen
did addition to the city and will re
ceive a hearty welcome from the good
people of the city. The change will
be made after the first of the year.
Fiorn Sri 1 1; nln 's Daily.
The lecture fiven by Dr. Andrew
Johnson at the Parmele theater on
Thursday evening wai one that was
most pleasing" to those who heard this
talented gentleman. The address was
very amusing an entertaining as the
speaker possessed a fund of rich
humor that kept everyone entertained,
while woven through it was a thread
of keen philosophy that was well
worth hearing, and it is to be regret
ted that more of the public did not
avail themaefvco of the opportunity
of hearing this able gentleman as it
was one of the best numbers that will
appear on the high school lecture
course this winter. It was-high clas:-:
and elevating in the extreme and so
well balanced and entertaining that
for two hours he held the closest at
tention cf the audience, and it was
with regret that the auditors tok
their farewell of the speaker. The
next number that,, appears on this
course is that of Judge Alden, one
of the able speakers on the lyceum
platform today and who will he fully
as entertaining as Mr. Johnson. Judge
Alden is a direct descendant of John
Aldcn of Colonial fame and is a gen
tleman who is well qualified in every
way for giving the people of riatts
mouth a rare treat in the lecture line.
LOST Between Weeping Water
and Plattsmouth, a gold friendship
bracrelet, 9 links, finder pltlase leaveJ
same at The Journal office and receive
reward. 12-4-wkIytf
I am a contestant in the Daily News
Tractor contest, and would appreciate
your votes. Tne best magazine club
of the year included. Or send your
, subscription direct to me.
JESSE DOMINGO, Weeping; Water,
Local Mews
From Friday's Daily.
Ralph Larson came in from Louis
ville Wednesday evening and Spent
Thanksgiving with his parents.
Dr. J. B. Duff of Cedar Creek was
in the city vesterday for a few hours
looking after" some "matters of busi
Miss Julia Kerr came in from Wa
bash Wednesday evening to spend
Thanksgiving with Mrs. Kerr's moth
er, Mrs. S. E. Kerr.
P. A. Hild of near Murray was in
the city for a few hours today vis
iting with friends and looking after
some matters of business. '
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Foster and
children of Union motored to this
city yesterday morning and spent the
day at the Larson home.
Mrs. B. S. Ramsey departed Wed
nesday for Lincoln to remain for a
few days there with her sister, Mrs.
William Foxwell and other friends in
the capital city.
E. S. Tutt, of Murray, came up this
ir.orring from his home and departed
on the early Burlington train for
Omaha to spend the day there looking
after some business matters.
Chris Tscliirren and two daughters,
Misses Ella and Ida, came in this
7norning from their farm home and
departed on the early Burlington
train for Omaha to spend the day.
Herman Comer of near Union was
in the city today for a short time,
driving up to dispose of a load of
poultry to the shippers in this city,
a.nd for which he realized a neat sum.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Kaffen
bcrger and Misses Gladys and Goldie
Kaffenberger. departed this afternoon
for Humboldt where they will enjoy
a visit over Sunday with friends in
that l-ity.
Mist Madeline Green of University
Place was a visitor, over Thanksgiv
v g in this city with her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boeck. re
tarr.iti" this morning to her home to
resume her school work.
County Superintendent Miss Eda
Marquardt and her guest. Miss Helen
Harp, of Prairie City, la., were
Thanksgiving clay visitors in Lincoln
taking in the football game between
Nebraska and Notre Dame.
August Stohlman, wifoand children
of 'near Louisville, were in the city for
a few hours today and while here took
the opportunity of calling and' re
newing for the semi-weekly edition of
the Journal for another year.
Miss Florence Valltry of Omaha is
visiting at the home of her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Vallery of Mynard
and attending the wedding of her
sister. Miss May to Mr. F. R. Cun
ningham yesterday at the Vallery
home. v
Adam Meisinger t-nd sons, Rudolph
and Aithur, came in this morning
from the:!" home near Cedar Creek and
d-paid over the Burlington for
Omaha where they will visit for the
clay iooking after some business mat
ters. J. W. Tritsch and wife of near
Louisville were here over Thanksgiv
ing, and while here were guests at the
heme of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Tritsch
for a family dinner, Mr. Tritsch while
in the city was a caller at the Journal
Mrs. Simon Clark departed Wed
nesday for Cedar Creek to spend
Thanksgiving there at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Robert Stivers and
family and will remain for a few days.
Mr. Clark who was in Omaha for the
day" also made the trip to Cedar
William Budig and wife and W. H.
Ofc and wife and children departed
yesterday morning for Gretna, Neb.,
where they remained over Thanks
giving, attending a family reunion
which was held there. George Budig
and wife ar.d Paul Budig and family
of Lincoln were also in attendance.
From Sa t to day's Daily.
L. A. Meisinger was in the city for
a few hours today visiting with h'is
friends and looking after some mat
ters of business.
Mrs. Dallas Gibson of Missouri Val
ley, la., came in this afternoon to en
joy a visit here with relatives and
friends over Sunday.
Frank Hawksworth of Denver is in
the city enjoying: a visit with his
mother, Mrs. D. Hawksworth and oth
er relatives and friends.
George Smith of Rock Bluffs was
in the city for a fw hours today look
ing after some matters of business
and visiting with friends.
Frank Finkle and son, Johnnie, a"nd
Harry McCorroll, from the vicinity of
Union, were in the city today for a
few hours calling on their friends.
J. II. Vallery drove in this morning
from his farm home near Mynard
and spent a few hours here looking
fter some trading with the merchants.
Henry Horn was in today from his
j hoe in Eight Mile. Grove to enjoy a
short visit with his many friends as
well as to attend the week-end shop
ping with the merchants.
Mrs. Joseph Tubbs returned home
this afternoon from Tecumseh, Neb.,
where she has been eniovino- a visit M
, , , , , ,r
for a few days with her daughter, Mrs.
' Jones end lamilj. I
Mrs. Albertina Ost and daughter J
Alma, and son, William, of Nehawka,
nn,trw . , - , "
lo cuy yesterday tor a
visit with friends. They were
pleasatlt ca,!ers at offi(
. A. pi?ht was .n yesterdav after
"T I 11,8 home near Mvnard.
" lL illness and while not
entirely recovery he .g abe to be
around ana is icxiirK much beUer
111 KJlllUiia, v uc. iS a jrUes f
the Ortman home in that t-itv and
J 11 rot-irn tn"irnr.v i , I
j ij UUIO- I
mobile if the weather condition ;n I
Philip M. Schafer, wife and lamily
came in this morning from their coun
try home and departed on the early
Burlington train for Omaha, where
thpv will snend the day enjoying a
t -visit
with friends.
Miss Hester Gilmour, who was en
joying an over Thanksgiving visit witn
her parents, Mr, and Mrs. William
Gilmour and other relatives and
friends at their home south of this
city, departed this morning for he;
home in Omaha.
Mrs. Lydia Cole, who has been in
the city for a short time visiting her
son, County Attorney A. G. Cole and
familv. departed this afternoon for
Springfield, 111., where she will visit
for a short time before returning: to
!her home at Barnesville, O
Mr. and Mr?. L. II. Heil of Mynard
motored to this citv this afternoon tc
attend to some business matters ano
visit friends for a short time. While
lipr Mr !T.-m1 tr.r.l: timp to call at this
. . . . . . .i
onice and have his subscription to tne
Dailv Journal extended for anothei
I'ln'ii Siilrnlay's Ihiily.
Nebraska horticulture owes much of
its prosperity to Isac Pollard, the
founder of the Nehawka orchards, who
has just prone to his reward after a
useful and happy life of eighty-six
years, sixty of which had been spent
on his original homestead in Cass
county. Mr. Pollard was one of the
first of the early settlers to appreciate
the value of Nebraska land and to
foresee its possibilities. As a youn;r
man he had grcne to the California
crold fields and had traveled over a
considerable part of the United States.
With an instinct that now seems mar
velous he selected the valley of the
Weeping: Water in eastern Nebraska
as the ideal place for a home, and had
often remarked that he never reprret
ii ti ."u
tvti U.i vw.i. .i.v.v.i.
ilao lio pnntinno;! in Td:iit tif.?5
. . ...
experiment with orchards for halt a
. r- 11 - , , j 1 .
ICIIIUIJ, lilldltji iiruiuii.ii:oiiu
when the proper varieties are planted ,( i tf''' riri.
1 .a " f 1 1 i
and arc eivCn close attention south-
eastern Nebraska is one of the most
favored places in the country for the
production of sound and palatable
fruit. Mr. Pollard was a true poet,
many successful horticulturists are
He loved his trees and when he dis-
cusseu tneir qualities ana tneir carejin ,iu- i)i-trit t i mi. ? -f
for their protection, he was as clo-
qucnt as he was modest and unassum-
in-. By common consent Isaac Pol- ;'!:;';;,,! Zufl'u
lard now takes his place in Nebraska's tti-t ' or Ka ta ;:.-p a- conm ;. -. x--1
. ;.i- ii i, ..i a. .... oe i ,. -'.,t , o ,- o No-
hall of fame. Lincoln State Journal.
From Saturday's luiily.
Vord was received here this morn-
4V. r Aiihho
"s a""' -" iPv-tiitjL t.i.iTt,.-,. IJ1
Hanson, wno underwent a seriou:; op
eration at the St. Joseph hospital in
Omaha a week ag-o, which seems to
indicate that the patient is improving
nicely and is OT1 the highway to recov
ery, and will be able to return home
in a short time. This will be very
pleasinrr to the friends of the lady in
thi3 city
Milk in Winter.
Why do your cows ive less milk)
in winter than they do in summer.'
Just because nature does not sup
ply them with praises and preen
food. But we have come to the as
sistance of Dame Nature with B. A.
Thomas' Stock Remedy which Con
tains the very ingredients that the
rrcen feed supplies in season, only,
of course, in a more highly concen-
t rated form. We cuarantee that this
remedy will make your cows give more
milt- aril hoftrr miR-' with i.ho same
H. M. Soennichsen.
Tuls & Gansemer.
CREAM, 37c, at Dawson's store,
riattsmouth. 9-19-d:ttf
in tiii: mi tv in irr or tiii:
i oi.TV oi cass. m:iik Slv.V.
In lie Estate of Jcr.p Kelly, Oettaseil.
" Marv Kellv, wiilmv. Mai'tri
an. John Kelly, .K.Uvanl K. lly, .Wliit
Kdly, William K My a
ii:it ifst d:
ml to iill jii'i'sons
titic - :i 1 as ln-., lil.-.l th.- ill... vi- i-.uirl
?i,,,!'t.!rJ.1h" Xr"X"r! Vl'l
ii.-.i tistai- on m..i,t .;.'i'i.;.
aa - i n-nit'si inir il-nt an hi.-.l
tin r.-wit h i.- ;iii.v ,-.i tin- last w.n l -s l a in n t ) saiU i i-p;is,'il. ;nr1 au-
I'liucl t" ::-.liatf an, I tlia i.- it -is
.-s! h tii"ii t a r .- issui- ta Marv Kc!!v :mi1
William SheHian, ii svf livt-lv nniii. iJ
i-eout ri: an.i .'-", utoi' t lien !': that a
li-arii. will 1-f l.jt.l i ; i ti saM i-;itioi
t t lit- of t'i'-o i t ! if l ' u n t y . h ilc . Ciun t
ll:ius.-, 1 Ma 1 1 smor, t h, lass O'wnlv, N--
raka, on liH-cmlur 11th. 1!"10. nt J
K A. A'. t,(-lu!'c v:;iri imhi- ail ..!-
thins Uii'i'tto ! file! anl at
wl. tiniv oiu.-i's v- ill 1" nt. if,l in ac
''. la iicf wiili it. i' i: i,,: ! hps oi' the v. nit
My the court this Huh lav of Xnvou
' -', A. !., ltuti.
.LI.i:. .. MKKSU.W
t unty Jti'.lv
. A. !;,i,t , IsuriM.
...A"" " '
I "st ; i,, ., t !,,, Nov. 1 :: wKs.
i:iiii -k i.
!i re
' '-at. s of Kzel'.ial W . K
la K en to d , . I , , eased.
Ortlt-r lor Mejtrinii.
"Ti IMP dav ol Xovemher
V. I '.. 1'.!.:
' "'iK-s ('; aril's h k . ii ;. .1
ami i.ies i
i J . p"t ! t : n in this court a !
(J III a: mi
- i..'iviai v.. i 1 1 i i , 1 y , a r.s.-
:- of ':,' '. -ii i
l'.iss i-o;::,-
n the Hit:
'a :'l;a, t! a d i nt est a ! e
hi 'I'la r.v. 1 !"i . ,-('
' ' : to !.,t t :. rec i :: i
'"l!' of i 'la t ' sill, ia t ' :
.!' the lee .-i..,,.;
hloek t wen t y .
if the vaiui
e! I A.,,;. , .. , ,
i'onii-s Mao o i s a . ,
familv, and that t
surviving: him as
- 1 1
! i
!! .1
heirs at lr.w his v. ,.h v . . ,
n !, and three hii,'r. . ",, ; ... Si. ',"
Mlanche Northeytt, la-'.i :i , ', . i
ami Charle.- I;. Kennedy, a ' ': ',
ciial aet htil! t!;:t tu. a ; : ;. ; , . . ,, i .,
"-er heeti made in the S'.,, ,, ,
i-raska, or eisewlo I" . for I :, aia .....
net) l of an administrator s . ,
late, ami that m-Mf- than t v .-
,ue -hl!i-e,l sinie the .l.ulll o
i-a-ekia! V". K ti n ec', y : . t ! ai t on the 1 " ;
"lay of Sept em her, l!oi'. for a valiia
oiisidcr;; t ion, the three chMdieii al.iU'
men tija.ed p; :t-(hi ir.-d ail their riihl
inil i:. I. rest in th iLinn" ..h-seri he.i real
-".ale t' Aimeda K. :in(.i : that on the
.Mh ::y -f April. I'M':. Aim. -da Ken
itUji dted intestate, st . d in fee simple
f the ahve d'scTi hod n al estat", aii"!
left si; rvi inu her as h. r sole ami
ai,l' heirs at law the three children
lhove nan.e.l. iviii -:; t' ihlri.'i noon
'he death of said .timed. i Kennedy he-
.ame vt sted v. ii:i l ac ent ire o v. ere rs i r
I ! Ci!i,i a bove ies( ; , oe(! ;i: :;::ses. inai
j ,,e re-ii esi-e ai.cve -a rihcii is
ivlio'ly exempt fr.m atlac! I:i":i t . t :ecu
io'i oi- other ni sue proei -s. arol is not
ia' le for the j,am-nt uf t ! th hts of
-Hit', ilecc.lems. or i-.!i,i r ot mem.
lie iays tlie cfui't for :. r oi-o.-i-'ug
time aiol plac - tor a l--n rin.u n',"n
sahl petition: thai the i;-i;!ar ;al
i i n i.- 1 1 a t i'n !' sahl estates, an, I each
f them, may he dispense. 1 with, j'nd
'or lindiiis of facts upon the alle-
.'.ations m .-ani p. tiTion co:uai:ie,i, aioi
'oi- a decree of heirship.
lu l'. 'l'on it is o,-.l,-i-e.l aao ;.,Ij,l,'K.'d
h ;i t said ca;;s" he set down for hearing:
in the iOt It ilav of !".. inhnr. .. ! '.,
i'.ilC, at the laoir of I ' o ,!o, k A. Ah
Lt the ('niui'.y (' "lit ihioai in the I'ity
i I 'la ; waon i h. i'.:s '.i!l!t". Xehiasha.
:t1 that rll ier."!'s i n t r s t 'd in said
.states may he :i.t iiie-l of sin h h. a.rin:;
i.' pu oi 1 1 -a i :on it ti' is -! " lor tine
-u: ( eossive e k - pri'o- .o sa:! day l
'i.aiins in the 1 'ia 1 1 sn..o t h .lowrnah a
al newspaper puhlis!a.l in said
"outity i; r.d ;Si a. le. and that if they ;iit
... itppear aioi e..;itest said petition, tla.
aoiirt ma' i'i ii r a d.-ci o as askcl.
r.v the eolM t.
aij.i:x .i. j:ki:s x.
JuO.pre r-f County Court of t'ass County.
"-1' t a ha
IKKAhM M. l:i:i:V,
Attorney for I'ctuioner, 101 V. .
'.V. I JIil ir., Omaha.
l.V.ii i. mitici:.
no,,, ., t(. of X i a
i 'a.- s Co ii a t y.
In lite "iiiiJ? ( mirl.
In t!a- ri-.atl. r of the . stale
if .Ian;
Tiiolaas. U ,l h
I )n read 1 1.:.-: and tih',- tj.,.- petit;..:; of
.It! lia T'.aana.s praying ti,:t a-1 mi i i i -: ra : -"
ti.-n ot said .--ta'.e iimy 1 . - vn n ; e.l t-
Jaccli l(-...' as hi a t ra t or.
(M'.h l id. that I lee; nil er L"a',. A. I .,
1 i 1 1; . at 1" '' h"k a. in., is a s-i -; m-.i
fo- heat in."." said petition, we.r. al: p -ons
interesied in sail! mait :- Toa - ap-
I ..,.;,;;,( , ,, ; I ..- ( O .; 1 t i hi' ..'I'I ol
i for said county, and sl ow a':-'- iVh;
line iiiiiver ot leliiioner r'aa'hl ll"t i
I irrant'-.i: ami that notii .- ,.t -ni
I deli. '. of sai.T petition and t
a ri ;.
1 1 - i n -
Ml il'lHll ! "-!!n t" all 111
aid ni-i iter hv pu l d i - h i n;-"
- i- in t he r.attsraoi.l h
'eck'y ii.'vsaa:"-r ;,:'inled
in cur ly, i'or ti r-' sac, e: s;e
wef'kv, t ior to sal I 'la.', of I ,",i:
I lali d Xnvem! a r i . 1 "i
Ai.i.KX .i. i;!.i;' ix.
I',".!., I", .iii'h:'-.
:;-vks-Moii'.'.ay. In-. , 1 ! 1 1st i- ..'e.
nv ni:r?:i!;:c"'
I ! 1 I
! ranees i;mi
1'oihtiV. . pi a in lii
MarLui Kt'a i ;.i.!ei,. t ah. .i. (.. h.;,i-.
vera t'e,'. i: i'.. in a ai'.- e p-n.iins; iii
.-aid I'aari. v. I 'leiti I'laio r: Jlattie 1'oi
hird was Tilaieii'T. .;:.! I he f"" I , i ,-
named wete defend;-ni -. t! mi.-: 'hir1"'!
i-;tel ''.odd-.'!, I';;,!-!. : l'o:;ii... - (:,
.M;m-ie ;.d.ien. N'r-tlh- C'ediri. lla.-l
Tdariori Co. hi n, - ia' i-.!"l" h"hh-fi.
'iioai e IM in (h .hha. Sleli.i (h-doen
Vt illiams. Charh-s A. W'dl'aio: . :, l .! ..
!h lien, .i.ic -te.i u
an-o-i -i He.!, as
low i I, iles. i i ' ed
j . -1 . f f i p i . 1 1 T, il,
!'i'"n'l!,", aii ot - ! sitral'.d in
c.i-s Coi-t.t.. Xeh-a.-ki. h.-v.ii:
''!,. north half ; ;;,e roilheas!
(i:-ii i-t.-r of si'-li'iii aia. te.-j, ((!), lown
si.ip t tv. 1 ve 111'), poiah. rat:-ae nine (III.
s a .' t ,;" '.' 'ii'i 1'. Ah, I "Ml!, on To--da.
th. oi .laaaarv, I'i17. at ore-
0 cic j; I'. .Ah. al Ce ( 'a s (Viiii.h Court
i;ni: ... ,n tic (',! "1 1 ': a t i -lion ' h. X' -Ira
ha, 1 i a i i ! i 1 i vni'iii', to t!a
.;..-! ' i;,o.- j oi e,i.. h, j. : ... ( ihc ah ,v,.
d'sciihofi re;, I est lite, the ,-amc t ') ti.
free atal clear of e'1 z: o i U, n" .
T! ' rah- of iM. property is sahje. ;
to the eoj;iii ma lion o! tli Court. J'o.--sessiori
of i la- proper: v will he t;!veii
.Marti' 1. 1 ? 1 7. The hind is v.e'l i:n-
1 nivul. Ahsttii'. t sluavifs K'""l title
v.-ll! he fti-i'.ished.
lu. A. AVJtnjlhXIIclhX. Jlh,
A - h!a nil, XV lira k u .
Morrin'-r tV Le!'.vn !, Atioi r..-vs,
Lfm-oln. Xe- raska.
t n attki. ionTf;A;.; si.i-:.
X'djee is Kiveti that hy virtue of a
Cluitt?! Alorta-sitre, dalol Ausiifl iT.tli.
linr., arid tiler! in ;"fiep f County
Clerk of Cass t'liin!;.-, Ni-hiaska, fn I he
same date, executed hy (h-oia-ve V. Ol
son find wife piuI now due thereon
S -a :; . " r : Default has hen rna''e in jf y
ment of said sum and no suit at law has
litep insiiTuted to re'-over iaid dflt;
il,A...f... I u-tll tl A r.i-.r.r.,-t
! ;.f.T ri!ed. viz: l hay mare, aci-
l- JrlsarS
'.ariKss-. at mihlie- auetloii sit St h and
Main ktreets'in I hat ismou t li on the Sth
day ct Jjt-ceruLer, li16, at 1 o clock p.
IT1' D. O. D WYE It.
rterl November 1.1, 1916.
Fii.t publication. No-.-. 1ft. 191. 3 v--ks-
j A want ad will bring what you want-
mitk i: TO it:ii I OIIS
In tie ('" Court t l a.-s i. i i .
Nel.i a.-a. In the inatt.r ot il.e
t;:t- (I llans C Ni"lfn, ileieasej.
(. is . , i , i y pi f. to the le.iitors
f .-ahl ili'iv.iM-,1, that hearings will il
i ;tt! u;. on claims hud iiumihi s.iici --
rate, l.-l'ile Inc. CoUIilv .lll'lue of I 'a .-I!
i '(.iinl v. .x-l-ra -kn, iu to'- '- '
Ml I '.
T.c.j! at 1'!:: 1 1 r I'lon I ! . i !i -'a i'l '
,ii i :. Hil .in v "f .1 .i i ..a l ;.', 1 . . .
hi- J i ..a y of" .1 u!y. J : i T. at t en
n t : ,.- ; ol i- noon, ol ;.".! la . .
.. lot on
... !.
. . for -i
, i . vv a 1 :
at ! ; t It'll. : : I J u .- 1 1 . i c 1 . , . a I i
I lia 1
it!; . ia !to ,a ' 1 he :' "i . . i.
on ( . i.efoi s.i .l !; I i ' ' ' ' ' ' '
,-. : a tl.i't a '. - an.t a 1 1 . !.:i"i estate. 1' t Ii .1 oil ! I-'
.-:, hi la.-1 lt"l. !, he 1 ol e .
; t
!i .;, v.X a ?..! a :i 1 set -a i,, i . ("oiii t. a 1 I 'I ... I.- 1 ! h. ' "
,, lo:s ...... o.
1 ! '.
.!.:.;:n j. it! :i n
a '.
' , a : : t v i
Xi :i,l:i . 1 . -
I w i:.
M'TK i; ! !ti;illT.IHS.
of X. l'1-atka.
.-t a' e
( 'a -In
s .'. unty.
In I .in ii t i .:i r I .
. !,i , !.:- I 1 i - ; a I e "!'
i.h-si ,.i , .', fa.o U.
A-'o; ;, is i.ii iii t(a'"i to t '
,, of : a ,d , a j i a ! i ea I t
he had .. . o.i .lair.' I'm a ira i
. -la'c. !, f.oc trc. t'oi"i .l,eh.c
',.,. o ; ' - o a a s ha. a I t i ' a I: I
. i . , i a -i
.' e a I
. : I
loom i,i J ' I a I ; s I a o ! i ! a , : i
on ! he ih'.t I: da v of ! i a
on i I -',t h day of .1 . n
n ( h U a . m.. each d a '
.aid i' n t ,
her. 1 'J ! '.. aid
. r.uT. at i"
for ". a i: . i a a -
5.1' ti. a . I 1 1 . s I m . hi a i id a - h-wr 'H'"
All .!.' ii- a. t aha i a sa
, I
. 1- t.
..a or h. t .re sa m ,a l i
c j ; i . .. . , m v -1 a' ii.; a ;
.-..r.niy 'o'ii-t. a I .'.' "
' r
a I eal .1!
, I : . at "I .'
:i '!,. N"'" i
L'Tlh da-. "I ...
1 . I . ! 1 , I ' ' , . I '
,KX .! . !'. I : ! '- -' N .
A I.
: t i ' 11 -
' 1 I
1 1 - L'T - 1 1' 1 - 1 h.
( ,.
w i l
.1 ..
i i : r : .,,.
hi". .ha , ".,
and M . i I h
,lo. ami
.a. a ti
..a 1 1 a i d V. il
,. I. !"' 1'. a I -1
i v s ' , a in ; lal
! . . 1 1 . . . i o ! i . .
I e i i 1 1 - 1 .
!at : i- I a t . :.
'.', ,' i : o , l . . ' . 1
a ! lia!;;.- i.t
I '.o tn ;i n a ad
, ! 1 1 .'! i . a -
.- iu !. i ,. -i !.
.I. .a.e .' :.
t. . ., ,. ,
.".! t- h.a-
' ','i : I 'I". I ..
- : I .
I " :l.h I I 1
' . . ' i . - i a ' i -
'!: I ' . h !..
' . - ' I ! ' .
' ' ' , . 1 .
. ' ' , '
Mi a i
. . . - 1
.1 . 1 '
t " ' ' v K
A I v '- '; . -. i .
t 'la I I., ,. ,! : .-:,
hi; I 11 ' ; "; . I. I
h u - ha m : . '' . .
1. vim, her i
John l.o. n:..-. -.. ......
ar.d Mrs. Kr; !.
kr.nw n . his v. ... .
oVt r : I "!a; l ie;; 1 : .
devisees, U ra 1 e -,
tives an 1 a:l j-er.-o:
es : a t e. I i. C. I 'ea i
!);-.aa C. I'lr.rson. T . i . i . ,. .
,h;laski II. I'l-atsi'ii. I. ! : f. .',
aiai Iheir heirs, ii-viseeJ. nt'ieseritat i vi s wad ,
Sons interested ill t he est,.'. .; ' t . ,.
n: i'i ! . C. 1'i .irmti, I . Matihi. ;
Adalaka I !. Carson anil Ko.-a i ,
son, and the. unknown u.ii. i i
i. iainiants of the followiny . . .
ii a I estate, t.-Tit : A i I of lots
and :. north of Pali Cic. k, in
.-oulhWest iUaittr of tie soulhta
i.aarter of seetin 1'". the ie.uihea:
inaiter of the sonilica. t iuarter of ..,-.
lion "M, tla- mo t o a-.-t .pi.ii t-.-r of f.,,
sell ast i;ii;ir:ii' an I I h . ""
ipiar'.r of the so:;:;, ast .ti;iter of
sect ion th-- so-.: ; I es t .piartei- of
.-eetion -1. the o . t ! , . i s t ipiarter "if the
north.;. -l euni tir oi sfalioii ), h nl
the 1 1 . i i h "K e -1 . i a., i r of s . t ion 1' I . all
in township ', i.iii-c . 'a - s Cmni-.,
1 rasha. and any ; ltd all p. r.- .i.s
ha i :n i :rr to La-..- anv 'i",t, title r m-te!e.-t
1 hi r-i a. - I e fetid , a 1 s.
You. and e.-i' h of e,, , ... vt. lire!.y I
'a ,; thai 'Ml:. I 1' ? is. as plaint,!',
has lile.l an acl.on a:;a;n.-t you and ea 1 1
..I you, wi'h others, in t u- l-iaiiht
Court 'for I 'ass Court,. Nehra- ha. the, L and I'lirpo!-.- of v. hieh aie '
pii.-t and toti li i i 1 1 in i ! piainli,' t!
i ti I O al.'l possession of tlie f o 1 o i j . , ;
!. rii.e.l real e:- tat", t..-ui: Alt ,.f
ads .', r, ." and li moth oC Salt C-e. L
in tin- so'ii I: v.-est ji..,'le!- of ll,o soi:; -ea-
1 ouaiter of .-ti i" I'd; t! .- tiort Ilea.-
I ! i -i 11 e-1- of the s intheasl ip aru t
of seel ion "(i; th.- : i " r t ; : v -t .paitu r
el li.e .-(a; 1 i,ea.-t ipiail. r i;l.d th- soiilh
eas I o na i ! r "f 1 he soot Least .,!.n lit .f
s ' - t t ' 1 1 -JO; the S"I IhWiet "lait'lel o f
s--. i i"M - : '.'i - ".. . !. v.". . t mi; a t 1 1 of l !,,
l.arth '..-t'e'- "," -.itioa '1. ainl
the a.'il h quart.-r of s.-.-tioti Ll: all
in town-!.). IV, ratM'e !, Cass I'outitv,
X.hra I.a; to caret ..rtaiti irttii
larit h-s in the rec fd t it '- to said i
esta ie. to remove oiords as' upon tl
:'tle to said I'- a I i - l,iH , and t o ; r
pet i :;. I : a . :ij in 'oil. and - j 1 1 of .n.
and a:,. -.cue claiti'.H.' 1 y, tht'.uh
i.ii'h r von, or ;i -i v of i,u, from itciv
h, i 'a ; ;. ir ;. .-.-i t l i r, any ril t p. or
i;;! ii -t in saal l'-a! e lute, or an- pa i t
' 1 et . .... or l ; .. j j,. t !a I ' of, a n-l
tor ,-Il' !".'l! eoili'a'ae I'M.
'i t. at .-' I ". a. ' upon .u, al.d taei, ,,
a, was ai ihori a d .v an or.o-r "t i , ,
lia-triii Court for c.v.s County, X. -
hra. -;'. -
Vou are re i ii i ! , t (., ai.-u-er - ,,) ;,, .
lition on fir h.-fo.'e .Monday. i, . eti,,. r
J .", 1 1 '. or said title will ,r. o a., t . u a lal
the iclief ratltfd a it;:v.
uT'lo t i -j ;t i : I
Chi n.l.::.
n. m !h"i iiMCiCs,
W.'thoo. X' h.
Ii'rst p;;h!i.-.-li..n 1! - J :: -1 : I ;. A Yt ). .
Mini i: in ::i:im tons.
S;at" of XehiaslvU,
Cass Cii-Uy,
I n 1 ia- p. a t ! i of t;.. ,. ; ;i . t. , ; j, ,u u
t a n i 1 1 ','.', i i ea.a I .
in ti e Coi.M v C ; .
Xot U : i- hen - h . l- : t, ft : i , ... I
"f said ilaiho-d that ,"iiriiu-s v : I a
had upon claii-i. ',h.! a'-iain-i -..ih . -late,
h, for.- me, O.nn'y .lad!.-" c;
County. J'.'i i,::eii:i, ;, i Com,). Co,,
' in ia I'la l ;.-.i.joo : . in c,i:,,,
o" 1 he 1 i i h da .' of i , . :n p, , . ., ,,, J
Mi t'e !.ia , (,f .Iu.,.. 1 :. ' ; ,,i ii
loc'i A. M . e:.. I. .1;, , to.- , Xll ,,, , ,, ,
;"!.! us t ii ' a t and a I low a me-.
All ilailas in u l.e a,., in Na,, e...
on or he 1 ore said hi - t I ., i j of i . , : , :,
itne.-s n;r liano .ii,, I -ai "I .-;.,.
Cotintv Coo:l. at I'ia i ; mo ;, t ! . ,. :fa -ka
this loih la.- of Xovem " t !'!',
Af.hi;x j. i;i:i:sn
i S ah) "..inty Jti !'-.
i iia: ion IJ-l i-I'Mt.
t.V.ti I, I !..
lii Hie on ii i tour.
-t.i t- ef ;'eht asl;a,
Coni ty .f Pass.
Ill the .h-'t!.-r of Hi,
K ui tz, de.-ea- ed.
tale of
sJI-" f I'IhmI Setflellienl.
U pf rsons in-.-i, .. j,, s,,j,i , vp,i..
ai" her, hy n-ti'ie! that ii.
day of Xo-.r m h.. , I'.'li;. ,-,.h in .M Kliu
'iii'i ! Is petition i t . ..Md Conn: ',,,,,-h!.-;.ir.'.;
tmit lis j; ( .. ii'lmip.i.-t ra u
aecoiir.I t.h-d la i:ip ; .. -.atp-M .
:o.-..i, cat hr t. j.-,, - . r,-,,,,, i
ll'USt fs a.lte in i--1 ra I or- ;,.,, ih,, i.
real estate and t,,. .. ..,,1,,,, ,.i t,,.. , .
rial proii'-rty he : ... liiiK-d hi ti p. - -"U.
r.lith-'l tl.f ?e, i l,.- lav. T .' ..
eai;;! Will he h;:,l upon - : I ; , 1 poif
rid p.Mi'ion helorf 111- Co a i t in f.
Court Hou.-e. at I 'hi t mo 1 1 I,, hi fid
l" 't'Mtv. on the 11th .lav Of I'.-' l-n;!,
h'l.:. and that if vo i fail to :u. i,, .'
for. s. id Cuiirt ti - ol l l t i . ..... ..i'
eoe:nhei, l!'lt:, sit ten o". )o It A. .!. a-,.;
Mite.-t sail petitior:. the Court mw
Ki'i'Ht the pravcr of aid I'.-titlo-i ar,,l
m :T" sac1, other and further orilo -.
!i.!!o anees and d.-crcrs as to this
Caiil t 1 ai V S'-em lotp.r. to the end t: at
!1 matters lie; 1 a in I n to sail --tal.
mav . tinully settle.'. a',d ,1. Id itiai. !
Vi"ies. my haiid and the seal oi ' ;
County Court of faid Cotietv thh, 10M-.
day cf Xovemher. A I.. 1 : 1 i .
.'.LLL'V .1 nrCSOX
O'Ul:!'" J'r'I '.
Frst publication X'fnemher '-'). 1 S 1 i .
wks . .... j --.'j .1