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Do it early for your own sake.
Che plattsmoistb 'Journal
EBteredat Postofficeat Plattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
. Man is not born to solve the
problem of the universe, but to
find out what he has to do. and !
-I- to rot rain himself within the
limits of his own comprehen-
J- hion. Goethe.
Buckwheat cakes and maple syrup.
. :o :
People are thankful for everything
hut the high prices.
:o: '
Wh'.n things go wrong take it as
Tiait of the game.
A proxy is said to work all right
in everything except marriage.
It is cbvicus that the unrest in
Mexico is not caused by hard work.
Dress any girl up like a Christmas
tur ar.d she is sure of lots of atten
tion: :o:
A pretty girl never needs to look in
her mirror. The I-aW-heads tell her
the story.
Some are crowing -and others are
eating crow, but it will all come out
in the wa ju.t the same.
"' you are afraid of getting your
r.i.-sis dirty you haven't any business
tiyirg to do a man's work.
:o :
When a wise man makes a fool of
him.ilf we all take a poke at him.
but the fool slides by without notice.
i o I'
The next fight in tl.t way of".
it inn should be tc prohibit fhe jfacture and sale of cigarettes.
Thi-y are really more harmful than
is irk, anl weaken the brain of those
who use them.
('oh.ncl John G. Maher, who has in
the pa-t opposed women suffrage, has
nt.w declared himnelf as an advocate
of the ballet for the lovely sex. The
colonel is an addition to the cause
that will do some good.
:o :
We heard an old maid singing the
other cvenintr, "Sad and Single, and
L'-ap Year Nearly Gone.'' Poor thing!
i'hc has been in the market a long
time, and yet she is better off than
most women who have husbands.
An Omaha retiring groceryman
s;'vs he i members when eggs "were
S cents a dozen. We can do better
li ar. that. We can remember, when a
b-y in Ohio, of buying eggs for
;tnd " cents a dozen and plenty of
them at that price.
A Chicago produce dealer is au
thority for the statement that greed.
and not a shortage, of produce, is re
sponsible fT the high prices now pre-
v.-'.i'ing throughout the United State?
inis is a conclusion which many
came to long before the Chicago man
:-; o ... The question is, what is tho
rem ov
" Who's to blame for Hughes' de
fr:it?" is a matter that is being- dis
t us. ed by some of the eastern papers.
The fact of the business is the puzzle
is easily solved. In the first place the
common pecplc were not for him; and
in the second place President' Wilson
was too popular with the people in all
s clior.s of the country.
Tre great ovation that was accorded
J r -ident Wilson upon the occasion of
n;r i.-it to Omaha, was a true index
to i:ie soiiit of Nebraska and the mid-
il ' west. His majority of 41,000 in
h:s stat was a little better than
could have been e:;pectcd, but it fully-
dorrr-.r:t;-;jtos that the people of Ne-
j.,a:V vert for rhfc m -indent from
the start to the finish.
Did you eat turkey?
Many of us could not afford it.
A very pleasant Thanksgiving day
Nobody cares very much about ice
Do your little stunt and keep in the
Birds of a feather invariably get
bagged together.
Do it yourself while the other fel
low thinks about it.
Teople who laugh at their own
jokes seldom annoy others.
The holiday air is becoming: very
prevalent throughout the city.
The attacks on high prices for food
stuff are spreading in the larger cities.
Every time we see a pretty face
we feel like seeing1 it again if our
wife is not along.
What has become of all the foot ball
players in Plattsmouth? Thanksgiv
ing: without a foot ball game!
We repeat, one can't be certain of
anything these days, except a monthly
statement from your creditors.
The hh;h cost of turkey should not
spoil our Thanksgiving dinner, as long
as there are plenty of ducks, chickens
and geese.
If Uncle Sam is getting a bit lean,
as the cartoonists sho"w, it must be
because of a prolonged diet of milk
and toast for breakfast.
The Chicago Grand Opera company
went to grief in Nebraska City, and it
was impossible for the company to
pay their bills and get out of town.
Can you realize, dear reader, that
the joyous Christmas time is only
three weeks from next Monday? You
can't do your Christmas shopping very
early, even if you start in right now.
Ted Sharon, husband and dancing
paitner of Ruth St. Dennis, says that
in ten years stage dancers will appear
in the nude. We are getting pretty
old, but we hope to live that long and
keep our health. '
The school bond question does not
seem to be settled yet, as a case has
been filed in district court contending
that illegal votes were cast for the
proposition to defeat it. We doubt
very seriously as to the plaintiffs'
proving that such is the case.
Now comes a physician with perti
nent advice relative to the best man
rer in which to reduce the high cost
of living. He says all that is neces
sary is to eat slowly and you will save
food. There is another way one
might cut out eating, entirely.
How nice it would be for everybody
to do their Christmas shopping at
heme this year. By doing so all
would no doubt feel happier in know
ing they had done what they could to
patronize Plattsmouth merchants in
leaving this money at home, where it
will do the most good.
Let us this year be loyal to our
home dealers in the buying of our
Christmas presents. They are loyal
to us and the community. And in the
matter of prices, the Plattsmouth
merchants are holding their places
with any of the larger concerns in
Omaha, in many instances and on
various lines they are discounting the
larger city stores greatly. It is all a
notion in going to Omaha to spend
the money that rightfully should be
spent in Plattsmouth.
20"rESSoiie at Dawson's.
The chicken men, aside from the
technical discussion connected with the
poultry business, have been consider
ing some fundamental economic prob
lems. One of them said that a high
price of eggs, while it might be good
for the poultry men for a season or
so, would in the end be detrimental to
the business, for eggs at the present
prices would soon be discarded by a
large part of the population. They
would use them sparingly or no a
all. Another said he could not un
derstand the present situation at all
For some years there had been an ef
fort made to improve the poultry
stock and without doubt hens were
xi ii '.
laying more eggs man uiey uiu ieu
years ago, while larger numbers of
them were raised. There should be an
abundance of eggs, yet the claim was
made that there was a scarcity. He
was sure that there had been a great
many more eggs produced during the
ast year than formerly and yet the
price was so high that it was pro
hibitive to a large part of the popu-
ation. That was a mystery to him.
Another said that there must be a
arge quantity of eggs in storage for
which extortionate prices were asked,
and he hoped that the people would
not buy an egg until the first of Feb
ruary when the young hens and the
old ones, too, would begin laying
again, lie wanted to see every cold
storage company bankrupted and that
might teach them some sense. An
other said that from all the informa
tion that he could get, there were not
as many eggs in storage this year as
ast ilnd that in only one or two cities
were there a corner on eggs.
Then a long-whiskered old man, who
had taken a good many prizes last
ear in poultry contests, spoke up.
le said: "There are lots of things
besides eggs that have gone up in
price, things where there has been no
hortage in production. There may be
orners in eggs in a few places, but
the cause of the rise in price of eggs
s the enormous amount of money in
irculation. Of course the price can
e brought down if enough people
quit using them." World-Herald.
Sometimes those who shout the
oudest for justice simply do so for
j :o:
The high cost of living is no re-
spector of communities. The same
exists in every section of the country.
At the beginning of 191G, according
to the department of agriculture, there
were 08,047,000 hogs on the farms of
this country. ,
It is an old saying that "Money
makes the mare go." But it has been
changed to "Money makes the auto
mobile go."
Thanksgiving is over. Now for
Christmas; and be sure to do ycur
shopping early and late. But by all
means do it with your home mer
chants. President Wilson's Mexican policy
don't seem to please the Mexicans.
Well, we should not get dicsouraged.
because a Mexican has no sense of
liumor and you can't please him, no
The lady congressman from Mon
tana must be an awful good woman,
for if we are to take her pictures in
the paper for it, she is not very hand
some. Maybe it is better that she
isn't pretty. Most men who go to
congress love to associate with pretty
women, you know.
' :o:
The Press has long contended that
the management of the Nebraska Edi
torial association should be confined
to men who are actively engaged in
the business, who either own or man
age newspapers. &o-caiiect "news
bureaus," supply houses and such
should not have anything to say about
the policy of the association. We are
willing that they be granted social
privileges, but as for letting them run
editorial excursions and editorial ac
tivities we are in favor of putting the
kibesh on them instanter. Nebraska
City Daily Press. ,
v X
"After the war, what?" Socialism,
for one thing?
Germany, which before the war was
the most highly socialized state in the
world, and which by this means had
attained the highest state of industrial
efficiency, is now in the process of
organizing the whole empire upon the
theory of socialism. This is being
done as a war measure to insure that
every ounce of energy and every par
ticle of matter may be utilized tc
make Germany more efficient in win
ning the war. It is a tremendous trib
ute to socialism. And the tribute is
made the more impressive because the
other great powers are following in
Germany's footsteps oven though a
long ways behind.
All Germans are to be made em
ployes of the state by the new com
pulsory civil service bill. They are to
be as truly subject to the disposition
of the government for civil as for
military service. The capital of the
empire together with the workers will
be organized along military lines and
operated under state control. Con
scription will prevail in the industrial
the same as in the military field. La
bor will be directed, industries will be
operated not primarily for the good of
the individual but for the best interest
of the state.
Quite naturally, even in war time
when . the life of the empire hangs
in the balance, so drastic a measure
is arousing opposition. Many of the
upper and middle classes who for va
rious reasons have been able to escape
military conscription have rebelled
against industrial conscription. The
luxury trades," not working for the
purposes of the war nor for the na
tion's immediate wants, such as jewel
ers, florists, cafe proprietors, moving
picture owners, delicatessen rtores, ex
pensive tailors, have been active in op
position, fearing the loss of their
highly profitable businesses." Even a
segment of socialists has fought the
measure, on the ground that it is in
tended to give the government the
means to avert inconvenient and costly
But reports from Germany are to
the effect that popular feeling, as a
whole, is strongly with the govern
ment in support of the bill, and that
it will pass the leichstag with a large
majority. In France and England and
Russia, though not on so comprehen
sive a scale nor in so thorough a way.
the same plan is being adopted the
government is directing the activities
of the people, on farms, in shops, in
mines, everywhere, in order that the
people may the more efficiently serve
the government and thereby their own
imperative interest.
When the war is over will the people
e ready to go back to the old sys
tem, or will they incline to believe
that what was best in war will also
be best in peace? Will they use their
power in peace to convert the war so
cialism, administered by a benevolent
and enlightened despotism, into a gen
uine socialism directed by the people
for their own good?. If they do, will
the system work as well in peace as in
war? Will it be as efficient under
popular control the rule of the ma
jority? as under the despotic control
of the few ablest minds of Europe?
Many things are coming after the
war that we have known before only
in theory or by name. Is the social
istic state to be one of them? World
Herald. It makes not a bit of difference who
you are or what you are, this town has
done more for you than you have done
for it. You may be rich or you may
be poor, or in just moderate circum
stances, but in either case your home
town has done much for you that you
have never recognized nor repaid. This
statement iS worthy of serious con
sideration of every citizen who be
lieves in giving as he receives. If
you give it the consideration it de
serves you will get busy right away
and do your full share toward making
this a bigger and better and more
prosperous town in every way.
"Home first the world afterward,"
should be the motto of every, citizen
even in buying Christmas presents.
85 r, r .
Three weeks from today is Christ
mas. rot-
Wheat seems to be on the down
ward grade.
And .now the question is will we
have a white or black Christmas?
The fellow who foots the bills is
about the only one that has a right
to kick.
The renewal of Villa's activity in
Mexico is causing serious apprehen
sion in Washington.
There is no good reason why you
shouldnot continue to feel thankful
until after the holidays, anyway.
Mr. Bryan is going to build a new
home at Asherville, N. C, but will re
tain his legal residence in Nebraska.
:o: .
"What are you going to give us for
a Christmas present?" Will be the
salutation from now on for the ensu
ing three weeks.
In doing your Christmas shopping
early don't overlook the fact that the
Journal is the best possible guide to
Christmas shoppers.
It is not any of our business, but
we would like to know what a woman
wants with, or what she does with a
studded diamond garter?
There will be no "swearing off" the
first of January. The boys realize
that it will be tho real thing about
four months after wear-off time.
When a man and woman are in the
mood to get married thev don't care
a snap -whether the word "obey" or
anything else is said in the ceremony,
so it hooks 'em up.
The democrats of Nebraska don't
want to get too big for their breeches,
b-caure they made a clean sweep in
the state. They should remember
there is another election two years
hence, and those who have been elected
t positions of honor and trust should
attend strictly to their "knitting" and
make records that will insure us an
other victory. Of course there arc
fjur who will not run for the third
t-'im, because the democrats do not
believe in the third term business, and
their sucessors will be rew men. The
r.ew administration is composed of
efficient and good men, and we trust
they will conduct the affairs of state
so that it will insure .another victory
for the democrats two vears hence.
A half million dollars worth
of perfectly good farm ma
chinery is thrown in the scrap
pile every year in Nebraska.
Farm work is the hardest
work there is on machinery.
Castings break, bearings
wear out, shafts bend and
break. Things get dull and
pull hard, gears rattle, smash,
bang and crash, paint gets dull
Many farmers throw away
' machinery and buy new, lie
cause they arc not aware that
we can in nearly every case
re-make such machinery equal
and in many respects better
than new.
We do not care how bad your
machinery is smashed or worn,
they all look alike to us; we re
make them as good as new and
' , save you money.
A dollar saved is a dollar
earned, keep your money, at
home and you may get it back
again besides it helps us to em
ploy home labor.
Put your machinery trouble?
up to us, we have the bast
equipped machine shop in the
country; if you don't believe it
call and see us. - Visitors are
always weleme.
We make everything in metal.
Now is a good time to over
haul things for the spring rush.
L. C. Skakf.
GhESdircn Cry
The Khd Yoir Have Always Bought, and wliidi lias "been
in Xiso for over i0 years, iitxs borno lite sifjnaf ttro cf
. , anil lias been nudo under Lis per-y'-
r sortal supervision since lis infancy.
Ar'V, C:WcJZ A llov? no ono to deceive you l:i U:.r,.
All (V.nui.ovicit:?, Iitsifaiions and ' Tnst-as-o:d " are but
I2il5'.'ri!i;c-f!ts that triiio ivitli and endanrrr tlto Iioalth of
larauta mid Ciiildrcu Experience against Hijcrkiient-
Carforin is a Imvndess snbslitufc for Castor Oil, Pare
r;vir, lir.'j; and Nonfiling Syrups. It is pleasant. Jt
t'cniain:; neither Opium, liiorphine lier oilier Nareoiie
!-ttIy?:in-. e. Its age is iis jruarantc-e. It destroys Vt'orrt:
n:;d r.llays I cvcrisbness. I'or more titan tliirty year. it
I:as ici ii in constant for tlie relief of Constipation,
I""lutult'iicy, "Wind Colie, all Teething- TronbIc3 and
I3iir-sx'a. It regulates the Stomach, and Uoivels,
ni'similates the Food, giving1 liealthy and nattiral sleep.
'Uio Children's Panacea Tbo -Iotiier's Friend.
Bears the
h Use For Over BO Years
I'rom Vt iliH-s.'.ay's laily.
Yesterday Curl Anderson, a resident
of Weeping Water, filed his applica
tion for citizenship papers in the office
of Clerk of the District Court James
Robertson, a.-s did Deitrieh Bernsr, a
resident of Avoca. T.Ir. Anderson is a
native of Denmark and Mr. Berner of
Genv.j'.ny an I both desire to become
f jll-lcdged residents of this free re
Adam KafTenbcr;er and son, Au
gust, returned home this afternoon
from Hitchcock, S. D., near where they
have been visiting for a short time
and after the land interests of
Mr. Kaffenbenrer. They report the
crops in that locality this year as be
injr line and the corn fully as jrood as
any in the state. Yir. Kaffenberprer
states that the weather conditions
there have been very fine this fall, be
ins? similar to that prevailing in this
Cough Medicine for Children.
Mrs. Hugh Cook, S'ccttsville, N. Y.,
says: "About five years ago when we
were living in Garbutt, N. Y., I doc
tored two of my children suffering
from colds with Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and found it just as repre
sentor in every way. It promptly
checked their coughing and cured
their colds quicker than anything I
ever used." Obtainable everywhere.
Drs. Mach & fVlach, The Dentists
Tha largest and best equipped dental offices in Omaha. Specialists ia
charge of all work. Lay attendant. Moderate Prices. Porcelain fillings,
just like tooth. Instruments carefully sterilized alter using.
Send for free sample of Sani-Pyor Pyorrhea Treatment.
'k If CB)
r. to last
41 DR. E. R. TARRY.
The BURLINGTON'S personally conducted tourist sleeper parties to Ca
fornia are . one of the best patronized features of its passenger set vice. Yo
should arrange to join these parties and go in this comfartable way.
BUIILINGTON Denver train No. 3 along the Omaha-Oxford line carrij
these sleepers for California; they all go via the Rio Grande through seen
Colorado by daylight, and direct to Southern California via the Salt LaJ
Route, or to San Francisco vja the Southern Pacific and Western Pacif
roads. Connections with these tourist sleepers are made daily in Denv
from Southern Nebraska main line train No. 17, and every Wednesday
the St. Joseph-Denver main line No. 17 there is a personally conduct
through sleeper to Los Angeles, via the Southern Pacific and San Francis
fos Fletcher's
Signature of
Have Always Bought
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Niday of Union
motored to this city this morning and
spent the day visiting friends and at
tending to some business matters
They were pleasant callers at this of
fice. John Bepsehoter and wife, who have
been visiting Mr. Benschoter's brother,
J. S. Benschoter and family in this
city since Thanksgiving day, returned
to their home at Falls City yesterday
Nothing in the printing line has
grown like the Christmas Greeting
card, and the Journal's line has grown
accordingly, until this year when
have the largest assortment ever
shown in the city. We know our olq
patrons will see them, but we have
an assortment large enough for ma
new ones.
Nervous Women.
When the nervousness is caused b
constipation, as is often the case, yo
will get quick relief by taking Cham
berlain's Tablets. These tablets als
improve the digestion. Obtainab
Sixteen head of pedigreed Duro
Jersey hogs, 4 head of May gilts, 1
head males, May farrow; 2 head o!
January males, all sired by Lieutenari
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A want ad will bring you a buye
3rd Floor Paxton Block, OMAHj
F8STULA Pay Yften CUReI h
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operation. No Chloroform, Ether or other een
i- A
eral aneasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED
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Omaha, Nebraska
Ask for "California Excursions" and let me ass
you to join these parties at the first available pk
en route. f
R. W. CLEMENT, Ticket Atfent
L. W. WAKE LEY, General Passenger Afient.
!0U Farnam St., Omaha. Neb.
' Store,