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    MONDAY, OCTOHEK 23. 1916.
. c
v - ..-
Candidate for Representative Seventh District
L. G. Todd.
Democratic Candidate.
G. Todd, the subject of our
sketch, is a product of Nebraska and
of Cass county, where he has spent J
his lifetime and is veil acquainted j
with the r.v-eJs of the community he
ilesires to represent in the legislature
ns float representative from the Sev
enth district, composed of Cass and
Otoe counties. Mr. Todd, while com
paratively a young: man, has been en
gaged in the farming line almost all
of his life and his training and gen
et al abilities are such a to make him
a valuable representative of this great
agricultural empire of the west.
Coming fiom on" of the pioneer fam
ilies of Nebraska, who had such an
) tun I patt in the development '
this section of the state, Mr. Todd ha.;
the rugged traits of character thai go
to make up a man of the people and
one who cannot be swayed from his
convictions of riht. He is fitted in
every way to serve the district with
honor' and credit to the good people
ot Cass county. A man who will be
found on the side of the people all
the time. Mr. Todd, in adition to his
' farming interests, is at present the
president of the Bank of Union and
keenly alive to the business interests
of his district.
Six-ioom house, two lts, good well,
hum an! outbuildings; eight blocks
from business center; everything in
first class shape. Oill at Journal of
fice. itw-10-18
If you have anything for sale adver
lise in the Journal.
Parrnele Theatre!
one performance only
r, .. s.:-- . , v. v.
Mil f i W
f -.3
y-V&hf w-r
A Delightful Comedy, Full of Tears and Smiles!
1 Year in N. Y. City. 6 -Months in Boston and Chicago
Not a Moving Picture
Seats on Sale at Weyrich & Hadraba's Tuesday Morning.
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Prnra Saturday. Dan v.
J. II. McMaken, the contractor on
the Chicago avenue sewer, is getting
along in line shape with the work of
construction and will in a short time
have the new sewer ready to be turned
over to the city. The tubing used in
the sewer is manufactured by the Key
stone Joint Tubing company of Union
and seems to be just the desired article
for this line of work and it is made
at a far smaller cost than any other
and gives the very best of service. The
sewer will be an all Cass county prod
uct, with the Keystone company of
Union supplying the material and the
local men doing the work of excavat
ing and laying of the sewer. It is a
great improvement for the south part
of the -city and will be a' big boost for
ths property in that section of the
I have some and Deuel
county lands for sale at prices belcw
the average prices. It you will gc
out with me I can convince you that
T :m right. Some of as good land
s there is in Chase county at price
from !Io.OO to $22.50 per acre.
also have a ranch proposition, 3,000
acres, all fenced with four barb
wires 200 acres of good hay land
which will crow fine alfalfa. Pasture
land is rolling hard land with gooc
grass; two good wells and windmills
Running water through land. Thi:
can be had for $10.00 per acre. 3
think I am in position to save any out
some money for I have been per
sonally acquainted with the west for
the past lifteen years. I am ready to
go at any time. Any one buying land
of me will get their railroad fares re
funded. There will be no hotel bilk
after you arrive in Imperial. Vil
show you the country in autos. Write
iv.e and arrange to go out.
Weeping Water, Neb.
Tfce Journal delivered at your doc
'or only 10 cents a week.
With Klaw & Erlanger
Founded on Mrs. Wiggin's
Famous Rebecca Books.
lUiiriliii) as !h? Breeze Tliat Play
Ovir a Main Meadow in .June.
"Not a Chance In the World."
' course ;ou ve found
ry?" She hastened (o swing
the conversation to n less
personal quarter. '"Is he
will you teli mo about it. pieaseV"'
)i!e small, gauntleted hvml made au
almost iuipercepliblo gesture toward
the, unoccupied piue beside her on the
fallen tree. P.ut he chose the frouud
at her feet. And after he had dispos
ed his long Iemith to his liking he an
swered her hurried question answered
it with nn amiably lazy deliberation
that promised a sure return to a topic
of his own choosing, in his own good
"Xo." he stated, nnd there was some
thing lugubrious in the bnldriess of the
statement. 'lie found me. And it
was the biggest stroke of luck that he
did. I grow more and more lucky this
morning. Wouldn't you say so?"
"F.ut you must have an inkling as to
the man's identity:" she cried. "Why,
you've got t find that ouf before he
dot, more harm next time. Haven't
you a suspicion even?"
One foot swung free. She loaned for
ward in her eagerness, a slender and
entirely boyish figure in diminutive
breeches :ti;d boots iii:d straight lined
cont. And the iu:m laughed aloud up
into her Hushed face, softly and not
uile steadily at her hotile indigna
tion, her intuitive feminine curiosity,
and most of nil. most unsteadily, at
his wonder of her herself.
' Why, yei"' he admitted.' "P.oth .Toe
and I do believe we know who it was,
but Ave aren't sure because we don't
understand yet what that man's mo
tive ttiisht be. I'd tell you only I
don't like to accuse anybody until
there is cause for it r.ut that's what
brought me down here this morning
that and because I wanted to tell Miss
Bun-ell that Garry is safe and v. Ill
continue to be from now on. 1 hoie.
Those were two of iuv reasons for
coming at least. I had a mere impor
tant one than either, but"
Barbara did not wait for him to tell
her what it was. She was staring at
him in unfeigned nuprisc.
"To tell Miriam V she echoed. "Do
you you can't mean that you knew
slie cared for Garry?"
'TnMn't you?"
The girl shook her head.
"Never until just a little whilu ago
I -do you know, in the last few days
I've rfrrtn to realize how niu h more
you other people observe than I do
I've begun to wonder if I haven't bee::
very blindly self sufiicient. For I nev
er dreamed of sueh a thing until some
thing happened after I left you last
night." Her voice faltered, but hei
eyes clung resolutely to his. "She
came to ue and a sued mo if I knew
where he had gone. She had ee:-l hint
ride away, too. Mr. O'Mara. And 1
learned it then just from the terror ii
her face. But I didn't know until later
how much she cared.
"She came into uiy room this morn
ing, and that, although you can't know
it. was more than odd in itself, be
cause I have always been the one to
carry my woes to her. It must have
been between 4 and .", for I had count
ed a clock striking 4, and yet .she was
still dressed in her party costume.
Ilave you guessed what she had been
doing? Mr. O'Mara. she had Iteen out
looking for him! She had slipped out
and been waiting because she was sure
Ragtime "would bolt and and come
back Lome, dragging hiui by a stir
rup! Wasn't that a horrible thing to
wait for alone in the dark?"
With a little shudder the girl put her
hands over her eyes as if to fchut out
the picture.
' "She wasn't hysterical, cither. She
was just Ice and wringing wet and
blue with cold. Cool, proud, intolerant J
"Twic l'v-bscn ' bitterly u?kind to
you." .
Miriam Bnrrell! And I'd never dream-
ed of her caring for anybody until that
minute! I sent her to bed, and I
think I hated Garry Devereau for an
hour or two. Why, Mr. O'Mara, I d
never believed that a girl could care
that much for any man!"
She sat a long time, nursing one slim
knee between her palms.
"Mr. O'Mara," she appealed to him
at last, "how might one reopen a a
rather difficult subject with with a
suddenlv most difficult conversational
ist ?"
Without turning his head he made
"I think Fat Joe's method is as good
as any," he suggested. "Joe says the
only way to reopen any argument is to
take a running jump and land, all
spraddled out, right in the middle of
it. He insists that such procedure
leaves no doubt in the mind of any one
that the discussion is about to bo re
sumed." She laughed a little.
'Then shall we consider that I've
tahen the the jump and landed?'
Just when she was wishing most
that she could see his face he swung
around toward her. Again his gravity
was a totally gentle thing. It made
her rememler the self possessed kind
liness with which he had met her un
reasonable rage the night before.
'Twice I've leen bitterly unkind to
you," .she Ifgan. "once a long time
ago and and once last night. And on
both occasions you have just tried to
tell me, indirectly at least, that you
cared, hadn't you?"
"Indirectly?"' he murmured. "Was 1
as obscure as that?" And then whim
sically, "Won't you call that explana
tion enough and let me tell it to you
again so you can't misunderstand?"
"I've asked you to forgive me the
first offense," he hurriedly denied his
appeal. "And the second. Mr. O'Mara.
years ago you told ine I didn't think
you. good enough to to be my kaight
My outburst was only childish temper
that day. but did you think last night
that J still underrated you?"
Steve finally tbook his head when
she persisted in waiting for his an
swer. 'You just "have finished now,' he
warned her, however. "I'm not going
t tell you tne single bit of what I
think of yon until it comes my turn!"
She tried to laugh at his stubborn
ness, but she had trouble with this ex
planation, which grew more vexingly
intricate and involved the further stc
'Then we'll say you didn't." she con
tinued. 'l told you last night, less
kindly than I might have, that I was
engaged lo Mr. Wickersham. And I've
just confessed, too. that I didn't know
a girl could care for any man as unut
terably, as blindly and pridclessly, as
Miriam cares for the man Garry is
That is the truth. Tor quite a long,
long time it has leen understood that
I was to marry Mr. Wickersham. I
have always admired him found him
above petty things; but, Mr. O'Mara, I
have alwayrleen sure for just as long
time that the ability to care for any
one tlie the way I think you believed
last Tiight I might care for you was
left out of me. And so it wasn't j"ou
who awoke my contempt, even though
I did turn It against you. It was I
myself. It vras I and not you who was
aot 'good enough.' for even if I am
the kind of girl who can't love any
body very much, except perhaps her
self. I should at least play fair. Isn't
Isn't that so?"
Minute after minute passed, while
she sat plaiting the cloth tight stretch
ed over ouo bnec. Lips softly a-quiver,
she waited, earnest, eagerhat he un
derstand from her explanation that
which she did not yet understand at
all herself. Again she wished that he
WOuld turn. She wanted greatly to
see whatever there might be benina
his heavy silence.
"Isn't it?" she faltered timidly.
And yet when his head did come
around she found she couldn't face
"Is it my turn now?" he asked.
Her answer was barely audible.
If if you have to have it But
I've told you how useless it is."
"Would you mind looking at me just
a minute?" said Steve.
The brown head drooped even lower
over the restless fingers. It shook ever
so faintly.
"I'd rather not. I'm listening."
. His laugh tilted recklessly in sheer
joy at her refusal.
"Then I'll have to tell you," he stat
ed, "that I'm smiling in spite of the
hopelessness. I'm smiling, even though
my throat Is aching and my lips pretty
"You've just finished trying to argue
my man's case from your woman's
point of view, one of the hardest, least
satisfactory things that could be at
tempted, no doubt Aud if it were pos-.
slble I know I'd be loving you right
now even more than I did before just
because you've been so entirely un
successful at it. Maybe I could straight
en out a point or two that must have
been not quite clear to you; maybe
bul73bnt want to argue back at you
'You say my telling you all I must
tell you can't help ruy case a little bit.
All right; we'll let it stand like that
for the moment. And you say you are
going to marry Mr. Wickersham. All
right again, but better prophets than
either of us have made mistakes be
fore now! If he hadn't forced on me
one condition which I would have liked
to Ik? different I'd rather have had to
mention no other man at all. This
isn't the way I'd have chosen to tell
you how much 1 cure. I'd rather have
told you a little at a time, but there
isn't time for that now. So maybe
it'll sound crude to you. I've not re
hearsed it with any other woman, yon
see. Ana u it aoes sound that wav it
won't help me much, either, will it?
But you're going to believe what I say!
"Yoa started back a dozen years or
so in order to make your explanation
clear. I'm starting there mysflf so
I'll be sure yon understand. You've
been giieviug because you hurt me
hurt me twice. Will you stop now if
I tell you that I wouldn't exchange
those two shall we call them wounds
for all the kindnesses of all the other
women in the world? I did believe
that you didn't think me good enough
that first time. That was why I was
cut deeper than you'll ever know, be
cause I knew it was only the truth. I
admitted it rememler? I admitted it
when I said I was coming back. Well,
I'm back now, and I'm still not good
enough, and not because I haven't
tried to be, either. I'm just not ad
mittiug any man alive could be that.
But I'm telling you, too, in the same
breath that the man who takes you
will have to prove he'.s a whole lot
better before 1 stand aside!"
For the first time since he had begun
the girl moved, ner head leaped bad
She half lifted one hand in protest,
but the very gladness in his face si
lenced her.
"My turn." he reminded her quiz
zical! v. You'vo just finished a rather
involved bit ot reasoning concerning
the wav other women love, a lot of
whieh I'll have to confess I didn't at
tend as closely as I should have. Per
haps that's lecause no man's method
of caring has ever interested me a
great deal, except my own.
"I loved you when you were a little
bit of u girl because I loved you!
And I love you that way now. Your
face was the first woman face: I ever
looked on and really saw. And since
that first morning it's been with me
Iieen with me a lot of time when I
d'dn't have anything else to look up to.
I've lioen less hungry for thought of
you, less thirsty when the road got
pretty long at times. I I worshiped
yon. I)o you hear? Why. I've prayed
to you. dumbly, wordlessly, out of
black bitterness, when it seemed that
anv other divlnitv must be too busy to
give any heed lo to the ragged little
tad I was. Now. do you think I haven't
known what it was long before this
to go en when there wasn't any hope?"'
lie waited. Her breath came in a long
and quivering gap. "I I don't think
that I want to listen any more, she
His face went white at that, and
then he was smiling again.
"I tol.1 you I'd have chosen to tell
you differently" the drawling gentle-
uess was unaltered "but I'll have to
finish this way now. There may not
be many chances for me to speak, for
I've com? back to you almost too late.
And I don't want to hurt you. Why.
I'm going to keep the laughter in you
eyes and heart as long as you live, for
I thoi'ght it would be a woman I'd
find when I came back, and I've found
yon still a girl all save in those mo
ments when you've seemed half boy to
me. And that is strange, too. Isn't it
strange that I never knew how much
I wanted you to be like that until you
taught me the wonder of i yourself?
Mr eyes are stinging. I Jont talk
quite plainly. My throat is too tight
for easy speech, for it's just the old
wonder of you after all just the same
reverence, isn't it? I'll never let you
prow up now. You'll have to stay girl
hoy all the rest of your life! I've
learned to be fairly sure of myself, but'
I'm not asking to be sure of you yet
I'd never want to be too sure of you
unless all the rest of my whole world
had come tumbling down. And then
then I'd need to know always that I
could stake my soul on your keeping
faith. I'd want to know that I could
reach out and find your han5 search
big for mine in the dark. Your face
was the first, Rirl it's been the only
one. It'll be the last thing I'll see the
last moment there is sight in my
eyes I"
His slow, infinitely gentle voice stop
ped. He sat head up before her. Then
silently they mounted then horses and
rode toward the town.
She rode with wide eyes fastened
upon his face; rode with lips parted,
all else submerged in that wonder
whieh quickened her breath. Once she
leaned toward him as if lo seak and
then shook her head at the inade
quacy of the words. They topped the
last rise in the dusty. Avinding road
and raised. the river basin and the
town itself iu that long period of si
lence?. There once more she checked
the roan mare.
(To Be Continued.)
A want ad in the Journal will bring
A Lawyer. .
East f Riley Hotel.
Coates' Block,
Second Floor
t a i i r i i A A A mill
Mir.nii'F's sai.i:.
State of Nebraska
Coi'iity of Cuss
I'.y virtue of an Ordr of P.le issued
Ity James Robertson clerk of the Dis
trict Court witliln and for Cass county,
Nebraska. a:id to me directed, I will on
tlie SOtli day of October, A. I)., 1H16 at
10 o'clock A. M. of said day at the
outh Door of the Court Houxe in s;iid
county, cll at public auction to the
highest ladder for -ash the following;
I'fi-sonal pro-jerty tovit: L.ots t":;. Ii74.
",7i. Hli, 67". all of that part of lot
fts east of si straisrht lhne extending
south on tlie east side of Kim Street:
.ot iS 100 and 101: that part of Jsoutli
;treet lvintr South of und the full
li-tiwrtli of Lot t',7:;. all In the Village of
reenwood.- ftss. 'ii!ity, Xtlnaka:
1 he same boinvr levied upon and taken
as the property of Willjam M. Cope end
Matilda F. Cope, defendants, to satisfy
h judgment oi said i ourt recovered bv
XaM.aniel 11. Meeker, plaintiff, apraliif-r
et (oidant .
1'lattsniouth. Nebraska. September
U..IH, A. !.. I'll.j.
Sheriff Cass Countv Nebraska.
I-"i-st publication, Thursday, fceptem-
it i i : it i : i r s a 1. 1 :.
In tlie DiMricl oirt of Ihnj Count?,
Adolph Wesch. l'laintiff, vs. Katherine
leipel, et al.. delendante.
Notice of Sale.
Notice is herebv eivpn that bv virtue
of ait order entered on the 1Mb dav of
tM-tober, i:Hfi. bv Hih District Court of
ass I ounty, Nebraska, in the fore-
Kohi entitled cause. 1. the undersigned.
sole releree appointed by said Court,
will on tlie Jdli dav of November, 1!1;.
ai jf o ciock. -. M. at the South door
of tiie Court House in the "itv of
l'lat istnout h. in Cass County, Nebraska.
offer for sale, to the highest bidder for
cash, all of Ivts One til and Two ( J I
in block Kijhteeii Mm in Yountr 4i
uays -vji u ion to i -iau snioutn, l ass
County. Nebraska.
Dated: 1 Mat t sinou t h. October 21. D16.
"m. A. UOUEUTSi X.
.7 NO. M. LKVKA,
Atty. for IMaintirf.
J 0-2" " weeks,
i.i;. i, notici:
noticj; to non i;i;sn ;i:."T DK-
visi'.ks. i,i:o.vri:i;s, iki:soxal
so.vs iNTi:i:i:sTj;D in tiikik i:j
William J. Scott, if living, if de
ceased, the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives and
all persons interested in the estate of
William .1. Scott: Ohio Seott, if liv
ing, if deceased, the unknown lieir.
devisees, legatees, pcrnonai- represen
tative.s and all persons interested iu
the estate of Otho Scott: Josephine
Scott, ii living. 11 deceased, the un
known lioirs. devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all persons
interested iu the estate of Josephine
Scott: Lucy Seott. w if liviniT. il de
ceased, tlie unknown heirs, devisees
legatees, personal itpreKenati ves and
all persons interested in the estate of
Lucy Scott; Kliza I'.. Scott, if living
if deceased, the unknown heirs, de
visees, legatees, personal lepresenta
lives and all persons interested in the
estate of L'liza K. Scott; Ithman Starr
f living, if deceased, the unknown
i:eirs. devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all persons interested
in the- estate of Ithman Starr: Jaime
. Neal, it living, if deceased, the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all persons
interested in the estate of Jairus iu.
You and each of you are hereby noli
hed that Asgn s. ill, as planum, on
the 9th day of September. 1910. filed
Ins petition in the District Court of
Cass Cotint-, Nebraska, wherein you
and all of you ; re defendants; the ob
ject and prayer of which petition is
that the claim, interest, right, title .and
interest of each and every one of you
in arel to the:
The Southeast Ouarter of Section
one il): the Northeast Quarter of
Section twelve 12i: all in Township
eleven J1 North Range twelve ( 1 '.
ilast ilh 1'. M., Ca.-s County, Nebraska,
and West half Northwest Quarter of
Section seven ; Township eleven
ill): North Kange thirteen 1 :' : luost
,.b i'. ai., Cass ouiil; . Nebiask.i.
L :ei ui'ui iiiwii.n uini oi no fore
und !'!( I;, end that tl, itle of said
iiai!;iii! in and tn said real estate jend
every pari thereof be qulted as against
von and each and every one ol you.
and against any and all claims of each
and ao oi yoii, and against me claim
ox each and all of any person claiming
urder, thiougn or by you, and that it
ue adjudged and decreed that each and
all oi vou whose- names are above set
lorth, if living, and il dead, the heirs,
o.e visees, legatees and personal rep
resentatives and oilier persons inter
ested in the estate of each and every
uiie ol .vou, have no right, title, claim
or interrl in or to said real estate, or
any part then of, and that each and ail
of" said defendants, those named and
those whose names are unknown, and
not stated, be forever barred from
claiming or asserting any right, title.
interest or estate in and to said real
estate or any part thereof, and for sin-h
oilier and further relief as to the court
mav seem just anu eciuitanic.
Vou and each of you are
untitled that vou are resulted
swer said petition on or before
to ji li
the llh
day ot December, 191i.
A 1 1 orney.
J wks, in weekly beginning
October 2o
In Re Estate of Davjd L. Amick, de
Notice lo Creditors.
To all persons interested:
You arc hereby notified that hear
inprs upon claims ag-ainst the above es
tate will be had at the olTice of the
County Judp;c, Court House, Platts
mouth, Nebraska, on the 14th day of
November A. D., 111C, and the 14th
day of May A. D., 1917, at 10 o'clock
A. M., on each of said days. All
claims not fifed before said hour on
said last day of hearing will be for
ever barred.
By the Court this llth day of Oc
tober, A. D., lyio.
County Judge.
W. A. Hubert sou.
Attorney. 10-1G-1 wks.
' There will be a b'ox social at the
Horn school, district No. 2, Saturday
evening, October 28th. Everybody in
vited. Hallowe'en supper.
MAY BORNE, Teacher.
J. D. Foster, of Taconia, Wash., a
former resident of Plattsmouth for
t t i
a great many years is in uie city
enjoying a pleasant visit with his
old friends and acquaintances. Mr.
Foster is enjoying very much the visit
in the old home.
notice or nn.niNi.
KHatc of Charles D.
Canrpbell, do-
erased, in the county
court ol Cats
county Nebraska.
Tlie State of Nebraska, to all Per
sons Interested in said estate, creditor
and heiru take notice, that Ida. M.
Campbell ha filed her petition al-
leg-ine that CliM it. CTHtnpKii oieu
intestate in Cass county. Nebraska, on
or about March 23rd. 19u7, being: a resi
dent and Inhabitant of said eoanty and
tlie owner of the following rivuurttieu
reai estate, towft:
Lots three mid four , ultiek thir
teen M3, in Hung A.- Hay Hdflitlou
to tlie City of Plattsuiouth. Nebraska.
Icavinvr :;s los sole anfl only jicir at
law tlie following' nanv'd pcrsonp, to
wit: Ida M. Campbell, widow, and
l'hillip Thomas Campbell, son. and
praMiiK tor a decree barn hit claims;
that said decedent died intestate; that
no application for auminifti-atiou lias
been made and the eatate ot sa-id cic
cedent i not been administered .a
th- Mate of NVbracka. and thri tuo
!r.:r ; at lav- of j-aid decedent aa herein
not forth xhall be decreed lo be the
owners In fee simple of the above, de
scribed real estete, which has been set
for hen fine on tlie 1st day of Novem
ber A. !.. 1516.
Dated at 1 'lattsmonth. Nebraska, this
iSth day of September A. I. Jl.
County Judare.
10-f-3 weeks.
To whom it may concern:
Notice is hereby given that the under-
nined, Hans Sehroeder on the 3rd day
ot October. A. D.. lilti tiled his petition
before the Hoard of County Commis
sioners of Cass County, Nebraska, pruy-
ins said Hoard for permit and license
to conduct and operate a lol and bil
liard hall in the Village of Cedar Creek
in Kitrht Mile Precinct, Cats County.
Notice is
further Kiven that the
applicant lor such license
will apply to said lioard
I'omm issioners of Cass
and permit,
of County
County, for said license, and Die grant
ing of the prayer of his said petition
on ttie llth day of November. A. D..
DK at the hour of 10:o o'clock a. m.
of said day, or as food thereafter as I
may be heard by said Hoard of Com
missioners. To all of which you will
take due notice.
i Tin-: coi tv coi'iiT or tiii;
In the matter of the estate of Henry
W. Liiton, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
claims and demands of all persons
against Henry W. Kuton, deceased, late
of CJrecnwood in Cass, County. Ne
braska, will be received, examined ml
adjusted by the County Court, Cass
County, Nebraska, at the office of tlie
County .ludge in the Court Room,
l'lattsmouth in said county on the i;tli
day of November. 191. and ou the tli
day of May. 1917 at the hour of ten
o'clock A. M. Also that six months
from and after the 1st dav of October,
1 ! 1 is the time limited for tho-vn-0-itors
of said deceased to prsef -their
claims for examination and allowanen.
Dated this 4th day of .X-tOier. 1SU6.
Dy tlie Court.. ' "
. Allen j. whkwix.
County Judge.
I. Till: COI TV COI IIT ok thi;
Iu the matter of the estate of Alvara
A. Kisli. der-sed.
llre- of Final ( lenient.
To all persons iutcrested in tlie estate
of A 1 vara A. Fish, deceased:
Vou are liereby notified that on Mon
day, the Jth laiy Of October. at.
the hour of ten o clock t. in., there will
be m Jiearlug oil tlw petition of Kaunlu
K. Guile, administratrix of said estate
for th' allowance of her fml acxiont,
and distribution of the ecsidue in Ikt
hands to such persons as are by law
entitled thereto., an-d for kuc.1i other
matters a' may prpeHy -ttHe- beforu
tlie court at said time.
Jf tin objections are lilei on or 1o
fore said date the prayer ol said .pe
tition will lc granted.
?ated this 7tii day of October. 11C.
Uy the Court,
County Judc.
10-K-lw. .
i tiii: oi tv coi ut or tiii;
(oi.mi or cask. .Mnm iMvA.
In the matter of tlie C3tate of Lauru
St and ley, deceased.
You are hereby notified that u hear
ing will be had on the petition of
Ulysses J. tstanclley tiled in said cause,
asking for the appointment of Thomas
Walling, as administrator of said es
tate and finding as to ail t;;e heirs ol
Laura Standley are, will be bad at the
office of tlie County Judgre in ltatts
mouth, Cass County, Neitrafka, on the
1st day of November, 1916, at the Jiour
of ten o'clock. A. M.
Objections to tlie allowance of said
petition must be on tile on or before
said date.
iiy the Jourt.
allkn j. i:i:i:son.
County Judire.
First publication Monday, October
l'Jltj. w ks.
i. tiii: roi'M'V nil iit or tjii-j
In the matter of the estate of AVIUiatn
JL Stand icy, deceased.
To all persons interested in said es
tate, creditors, and heirs, take nHico
that I'lysses li. Standley, has liled lilsi
petition, alleging that William M.
Standley, died intestate in Cass County.
Nebraska, on or about the 14tli day m'
October, 190.. being a resident and In
habitant of Cass County, Nebraska, and
the owner of the following described
real estate, to wit:
Southwest Quarter of Section thirty
fSO), Township ten HO). Itange nine.
J, Kast 6th W M.. Cass County. Ne
braska, leaving as his sole and otilv
heirs nt law the following named per
sons, to wit: his widow. Laura Stand
ley, and i h- following named children;
li'flie J. Standley, nmv Cffio J. Dillon;
flsugliter: Klfhu M. Standley. mmi;
Florence II. Standley. now Florerice II.
Shaw; daughter: Dick K. Slandlfy. son:
L'lyysses il. Standley. son; all of whom
ate now of lawful age and Irajiajf for
a decree burring claims.
That said decedent died IntCitate.
That no application for administration
has been made, and the estate of id
deeedent has -pot been administered in
the State of Nebraska, and that the.
heirs at law of said deeedent as herein
set forth should lie decreed to lie tlo
scribed real estate, whieh has been set
owners in fee simple of thu above Of
fer hearing on the 1st day of Novem
ber. Hated at l'lattsmouth. Nebraska, this.
i'fcth day of September, 191i.
iiy the Court.
County Judi''-.
First publication Monday. OetoLtr "
116. weeks.
lu Hie matter of ihe Cuardianship of
i niiiip jnuiiiitn luujpDcii, Minor.'
Khiv nn thi "III 1 1 ilu v nf W . t i
1 I K ..uiiu., ,-c,w. . . 1 , '
,,,.. . l . . - ' ''il IVI ' Jl VI II g
U")ti Hie petition. of Ida M. Campbell
guardian, prayintf therein for a .l.?eiis
lo sell Lot Four. In Ulock Thirteen, in
Young & Hays Addition to the City of
estate and iiomestead rights Of Ida &!
i 'ainplrell. for tlie purpose of relnve-t-.
i . . . . , i . i . . . .... : . .
ma me jji wt-iTu mcicui iu m' ueiicr au
vantage for said minor.
It is therefore ordered-tliat tho nent
..I If In b ,i,l u 11 liarunnu I. f u . ,
said matter appear before me at th
uisiiiei eouri room on ine List cay oZ
October, 1916. at ten o'clock A. M tt
show cause why a license should no
bc irranttMl to Ka Id trim nllsn ., - , "!
That notice of the time 8 nd place of
said hearing he sriven tn all ropunnu in
terested 1)V nilbl ikihtt tr a virXf 4 1. 4
order In the l'lattsmouth Journal, for
uiiee wetus prior iu saiu zist day or
October, 191C. 3
First publlcaUon Thursday. Sept. 2gLQ,