The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 19, 1916, Page PAGE 3, Image 3

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THURSDAY, OCTOELIi. 10. lulrt.
PAV.t: t-
and can make you
Monitor and Superior
Press Drills,
Henrsey Buggies
Birdsei Wagons and
Wagon Boxes,
Steel Wheel Trucks,
King and Hamilton Steel Grain Dumps,
Empire Cream Separators.
Lee Puncture Proof and Firestone Tires ard Accessories
Studebaker Agents
First Security bank pays 3 per cent
on time deposits.
First Secuiity bank pays o per cent
on time deposits.
Mr. an J Mrs. John Wolff spent last
Saturday in Plattsmouth.
Walter Schneider aiv! family were
Omaha visitors la?t Friday.
The little child of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Meisinger is reported on the sick list
thL--. week.
Mrs. Keil of Plattsmouth was visit
ing with Cedar Cieek friends and rela
tives Monday.
Mrs. Aithur Stander and children,
from n3ar Louisville, spent Tuesday
at the Metzger home.
Carl Schneider of Plattsmouth vis
ited at the Win. Schneider home in
Cedar Creek last Sunday.
Remember that S. J. Reames sells
the latest-books published. Harold
Bell Wright's latest works.
County Commissioner Julius Pitz
was visiting' with his numerous Cedar
Creek friends for a short time Mon
day. Mrs. Elmer Meisinger carne in Tues
day evening to spend a few days at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Gauer. Miss Honor Seybert of Cullom
spent last Sunday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Andy Thomson, in Cedar
Wm. Meisinger and family of Sarpy
county, visited over last Saturday and
Sunday with Cedar Creek friends and
Earl Kline has joined the corn husk
ing crew and commenced work snap
ping eff the big ears for Ed Meisinger
last Monday.
Lcuie Henning? has commenced the
erection of his new farm residence
south of Cedar Creek. The excavation
is almost completed.
Miss Gregory, who has been visit
ing with friends and relatives in Om
aha for the past week, returned hom?
Wednesday evening.
Rev. Rinehart came down from Om
aha last Sunday to fill his legular ap
pointment at the church. He deliv
eied a very interesting sermon.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Gauer went to
Pmaha Tuesday, spending the day a
the Immanuel hospital, where thei
daughter, Mrs. Solbeig, wu:; operate?
Mr. Stivers of Glenwood, la., ar
rived in Cedar desk Tuesday even
ing for a visit of a few days with
his son, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stivers
and family.
C. A. Gauer went to Mynard Sun
day and accompanied his daughter,
Mis. S.dberg, to Omaha Monday,
where the underwent an operation at
the hospital Tuesday.
Jerry Schroeder has just completed
a fine new substantial concrete bridge
across the creek at his home, doing
all the work himself. It is a dandy,
and one that will stand for many years
to come.
The farmers of this community are
into the corn husking business up to
their eyes during the past few days,
r.nd in consequence thereof the small
lewns are rather quiet from a business
The trustees and members of the
German Presbyterian church of Cedar
Creek, met at the church Monday and
p. oceeded to make some decided im
provements about the premises. A
new coal house was also erected.
Creek Department
attractive prices on
First Security bank pays ." per cent
on. time deposits.
Henry Dasher was a Greenwood vis
itor last Saturday.
Be at the dance in Cedar Creek,
next Saturday evening.
Henry Thierolf drove to Platts
mouth Monday afternoon.
For good, fresh Candy, Fruit and
Nuts, see S. J. Reames.
Farm Loans, Insurance and Real
Estate. See J. F. Foreman.
When you want some good reading
don't forget Reames. Library.
G. P. Meisinger was looking after
ome matters cf business in Platts
mouth Monday.
J. F. Foieman was looking after
tome business matters in Plattsmouth
Monday evening.
Clarence Whitr.ker and family spent
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Stivers.
Don't forget S. J. Reames when you
are in need of paper napkins, paper
plates, ice cream dishes and all kinds
of crepe paper-.
Gentle But Sure.
Billiousness, sick headache, sour
stomach, gas, bloating, constipation,
dyspepsia all these distressing con
sequences of retaining a mass of undi
gested and fermenting food in the
"tcmach are avoided if the bowels are
kept open and regular. Foley Ca
thartic Tablets are first aid to good
health. Do not gripe. Sold every
where. FOR SALE
Two Poland-China male hogs, ped
igreed. George Perry. 10-1'J-Swd.
H. M. Barker of Holdrege, Neb..
: who has been"' visiting at the A. C.
j Carey homo near Mynard for the past
I few weeks, departed this morning for
i his home in the west. Mr. Cary came
! in with him to see him off on his jour
! ney.
A want ad in the Journal will bring
And For Four Years, Could Nol
Stand Yi&cui Support.
Chillicothe, Ohio "Nothing pleases
me more than to speak a word cf
praise for Cardui, the woman's tonic,"
Bays Mrs. Ed Davis, of this town,
"for I firmly believe that it snatched
me from the grave.
I have been married 14 years, and
had two children. After the youngest
was born, I was not able to walk, and
for four years, I was not strong enough
to stand on my feet five minutes at
the time, without something to support
Nothing seemed to do me any good,
until, finally, I commenced using
Cardui, the woman's tonic. I only used
about four bottles, but, today I am
well, can do my work, and walk as far
as I want to.
I can never praise Cardui enough,
and my neighbors cannot get done
wondering at the change in me."
You, too, can depend on Cardui, be
cause Cardui is a gentle, harmless,
vegetable tonic, that can do you noth
ing but good.
Prepared from vegetable herbs, Car
dui has a specific effect cn the woman
ly constitution, and puts strength
where it is needed.
Try Card-u-i. NCBi
Sound, Conservative and Progressive
We are anxious to assist the farmer in feeding and
handling his live stock for market
Deposits In
are protected by the Depositors' Guaranty Fund of the
State of Nebraska, which has reached nearly $1,
000,000.00 It is back of us and protects you!
WM. SCHNEIDER, President
W. H. LOHNES, Vice-President T. J. SHANAHAN, Vice-President
J. F. FOREMAN, Cashier
f M
. .
Candidate for Representative Seventh District
'rom Wednesday's Daily.
Yesterday afternoon at his home in
Omaha George W. Covell, one of the
old and prominent members of the
bar of Nebraska, passed away after an
attack of congestion of the brain and
other causes incident to old age. Mr.
Covell was for a number of years one
of the leading attorneys of this city
and. during his residence in the state
has always been in close touch with
the old friends in this city.
Geoi.cre W. Covell was born 'April 2,
1S35, in llocsic, N. Y., and was for
.-everal years an instructor in Genesee
college, prior to coming to the west in
1S57. He then located at Maryville,
Mo., and for a number of years en
gaged in teaching, later taking up the
practice of law and rapidly forging to
the front in this profession. He later
came to Nebraska City, where he re
sided for a short time, and in the
early eighties came to Plattsmouth,
where he engaged in the practice of
law. While in this city Mr. Covell
was a partner of the late Judge Sam
uel M. Chapman, and while here was
one of the forceful members of the
bar. Mr. Covell was a man of rare
attainments and his friends here were
limited only by those who met him.
He leaves to mourn his death, Mrs.
Elizabeth Covell and a daughter, Anna
Covell. Mrs. Covell has been one cf
the prominent ladies in the temper
ance work in the state in the last few
We desire to express to our kind
friends and neighbors our deepest ap
preciation of their loving kindness and
assistance to us at the time of the
death of our beloved husband and
father, John Kelly, sr., of Manley, and
we also desire to thank the friends for
the beautiful floral remembrances at
the funeral. May these kind friends
be treated as generously and kindly in
their hour of grief. Mrs. John Kelley
and family.
The people are wise who buy sta
tionery at the Journal.
News that will be of Interest
in and near Cedar Creek
Jj. -is.
: . :v v.
Dr. J. L. Brown arrived in Mynard
Sat'irday morning and will remain
with his daughters, in hopes of regain
ing his health, which has been failing
for some time. Dr. Brown was op
erated on in March at the Nicholas
Senn hospital in Omaha, but failed to
get the desired relief frorr, his suffer
ings, and has been confined to his bed
at his home in Burwell for the past
five weeks, and was very weak from
his tvip. At present he is under the
care of a South Omaha physician, i.r.d
it is to be hoped that he will again
be restore-! to his former health. Mr;.
L'-or.aid oT Soulh Omaha accompanied
the (lector to Mynard. Mrs. J. L.
Brown arrived Sunday afternoon on
No. 2 from Omaha and will assist in
the care of Dr. Brown, who is still in
a very critical condition.
Wm.' Spangler, one of the Journal's
mighty good friends from near Weep
ing Water, was in the city for a few
hours last Saturday, visiting with old
county seat friends. He was accom
panied by his daughter, Miss Stella.
The Journal acknowledges a pleasant
call from him.
Attorney William Delles Dernier of
Elmwcod accompanied by "Ted" Jeary
came up last evening and visited here
for several hours with friends, while
Mr. Delles Dernier looked after some
matters in court.
The people are wise who buy sta
tionery at the Journal.
PVotti TuBrtivi Dal !
Theobold Rhin, a former resident of
this city and vicinity, was here yester
day visiting with his old friend. Peter
Madsen and other of the old asso
ciates, as well as his son, Phil Rhin.
Mr. Rhin is now living at Highland,
111., and is bound for Sidney, Neb., to
look after some business affairs be
fore returning to his home in the east.
He left here seven years ago and was
very much surprised to note the many
improvements made here.
Local News
From Tuesday's Dally,
Glen Perry drove in from his farm
home this morning and spent a few
hours here today looking after pome
matters of business.
William Heil came in this morning
from his home, nine miles west of the
city, and was among those going to
Omaha to spend the day.
Harvey Holloway, who is visiting
with his old friends, was a passenger
this morning for Omaha, where he
will visit for the day with friends.
George P. Meisinger of near Cedar
Creek was in the city yesterday for a
few. hours visiting with his friends
pnd attending to some trading with
the merchants.
William Stavkjohn and Will Tritsch
departed thh morning for Gothenberg.
Neb., where they will visit for a short
time looking after land interests in
that section of the state.
Mrs. William Ballance departed this
afternoon for Hay Springs, Neb.,
where she will enjoy a visit at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Paul C.
Morgan and family for a few days.
Ed Parriott of Peru was in the city
for a few hours today while enroute
to Omaha where he goes to consult a
specialist in thar city in regard to
his health which has ben very poorly
of late.
John Lowther, who was injured so
severely in a runaway several weeks
ago, was able to return to his home
this morning, and while still suffer
ing from his injuries is showing
marked improvement.
George P. Heil, wife and daughter
came in this morning from their farm
home, accompanied by Mrs. Henry
Urish, another daughter, and all de
parted on the early Burlington 'train
for Omaha to spend the day.
Otto Bulin and wife came in last
evening on No. 2 from Banner, Wyo.,
where they have been visiting, and
will remain here for a week's visit be
fore leaving for Arizona, where thej
will go for the benefit of Mr. Bulin's
Henry A. Guthmann, cashier of the
Bank of Murdock, accompanied by
Mrs. I. D. Jones and Miss Olga Olson
of Omaha, were in the city for a few
hours todaj motoring over to look
after some matters in the county
From Wednesfiaye Dally.
Attorney C. E. Tefft of Weeping
Water was here today looking after
a few matters in the district court.
Ben Beckman drove in yesterday
afternoon from his home near Murray
and spent a few hours looking after
some business matters.
Adam Meisinger drove in yesterday
afternoon from his home near Cedar
Creek to spend a few hours looking
after some matters of business.
Peter Meisinger and wife of near
Cedar Creek, were in town today for a
few hours looking after some matters
of business with the merchants.
John A. Whiteman, of Nehawka,
was in the city last evening for a
short time looking after some mat
ters of business and calling on his
Mr. and Mrs. John Meisinger, jr.,
came in this morning from their farm
I home to spend a few hours here with
friends and departed on the early Bur
lir.gton train for Omaha to spend the
Thomas Murtey, the Weeping Water
banker, was here for a short time this
morning looking after some matters
at the court house, and also found
time to drop in for a call at the Jour
nal office.
Don Rhoden and George Ray mo
tored up this morning from their home
at Murray and spent a few hours in
this city looking after some business
matters, and Avhile here were visitors
at the Journal office.
Mrs. D. M. Polkand daughter, Miss
Emma, of New Castle, Ind., arrived
in the city yesterday to enjoy a short
visit here with their old friends. They
were en route home form Lincoln,
where they have been visiting rela
tives and friends.
W. H. Puis and wife, Otto Puis and
wife, Mrs. L. H. Puis and Mrs. Al
fred Gansmer, all motored up this
morning from their home 3t Murray f
and departed on the early Burlington
tram for Omaha where tney will
spend the day in that city visiting.
Mrs. A. M. Wright of Deadwood,
S. D., who has been here enjoying a
visit at the home of her brothers, C.
H. and T. W. Vallery, departed this
morning for her home. Mrs. Wright
is quite well advanced in years and
has made this trip from her home to
Plattsmouth alone and greatly enjoj'ed
the occasion.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dys
pepsia and constipation weakens .he
whole system. Doan's Regulets ocv
per box) act mildly on the liver and
bowels. At all drug stores. j
- Combination Saie -
Saturday, October 28, '16
Commencing at 1 : 30 o'clock sharp.
12 Fall Yearling Males. 16 Spring Males. 12 Spring Gilts.
A bunch of useful age and size. IMMUNE Everything
immvned by double or simultaneous treatment. PEDI
GREES Pedigrees viil be civen to buvers on the tLiv of r.ale.
I TERMS Cash cr rpn-.)v:l note for 6 inert r.t 8 per cent.
;For catalog scad to A. B. Cu:nrr.i:s, TrLc Z. V. O.vies,
Tab or.
Cumings -&- Davies
Auctioneers Col. E. H. Matthews, Tabor; Col. T. G. Byers,
Glenwood. Clerk A. J. Gettler, Glenwood.
Commends Administration for Hand
ling of Mexican Situation
Eight-Hour Law.
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 17. Gover
nor Ralston and Mayor Bell delivered
addresses of welcome to the 1,500
farmers and delegates interested in
the advancement of agriculture when
the Farmers' National congress con
vened today for its thirty-sixth an
nual meeting. Every section of the
United States is represented. Men
of national reputation in agricultural
circles are listed as speakers.
Prosperity, preparedness and condi
tions, including the Adamson eight
hour law, were among the subjects
discussed by H. E. Stockbridge of At
lanta, Ga., president of the congress.
In part he said:
"The American farmer has never
seen so general or widespread a period
of agricultural prosperity as that of
the present year. Though the farmer
may still fail to receive his fair share
of the consumer's dollar, the milk pro
ducers of New York, the wheat grow
ers of Minnesota, the hog raisers of
the corn belt and the cotton growers
of the south are too busy counting
profits to worry much over the other
"We are told by misinformed par
ties that the farmer is a mere inci
dental beneficiary from the general
prosperity resulting from the foreign
war demand for American products.
Careful study, however, shows no jus
tification for such assertion.
"It is primarily the products of our
soil which have made profits for our
merchants, and have overburdened
our transportation facilities. Those
who argued to the contrary have sim
ply mistaken effort for cause."
Mr. Stockbridge in speakirg of the
danger of war for this country re
ferred to Mex:co an: raiJ: "I con
ceive that the threat of incst immi
nent danger lies with our neighbor
south of the Rio Grande," He praised
the administration for its manner in
Parmele Theatre!
one performance only
L mm.
A Delightful Comedy, Full of Tears and Smiles!
I Year in N. Y. City. 6 Months in Boston and Chicago
Not a Moving Picture
Seats on Sale at Weyrich & Hadraba's Tuesday Morning.
Prices 25c 50c, 75c and $1.00.
handling the situation, but took oc
casion to condemn the poor facilities
for mobilizing and equipping an
Referring to the recent railroad
strike situation, Mr. Stockbridge said
the farmers must be considered as
employers of labor, and economically
the farmer is not a laboring man.
Calling attention to the assertions
that the eight-hour work day is a
non-arbitrable principle, he said no at
tempt as yet had been made to apply
it to form labor, "yet the farmer was
the chief immediate sufferer from the
recent attempt at enforcing this prin
ciple in another industry.
"I believe that there is no industrial
or commercial disagreement which
may not be equitablj' settled by arbi
tration. I believe that provision for
enforced arbitration should be made
for such disputes as cannot be ad
judicated by mutual agreement. I
urge this body to memoralize the fed
eral congress to enact laws toward
this and with provision for eliminat
ing the objectionable delays allowed
under the similar law of Canada."
Prom Tuesday's DrM
The Journal has received notice of
the marriage in Omaha on Saturday,
October 14th, of William Albin of
Union, Cass county, and Mrs. Mable
Williams of Florence, Neb. The wed
ding was a very quiet one and came
as a great surprise to the relatives
and friends throughout the county.
Mr. Albin has resided near Union for
the greater part of his lifetime and
is well known to a large circle of
fi lends in that community.
Twenty-three miles east of North
Platte, Neb., on Lincoln highway-.
Three miles to good town, all in the
bottom, the best of black loan and
every foot of it fine alfalfa land.
Plenty of fine prairie hay and alfalfa
on it now. Must be sold quick, $35
per acre, only for thirty days. Terms.
C. B. Schleicher, 3110 South 1G st.,
Omaha. Nob. Telephone Tyler 003. 2t
a wee:: in i! t f ; It w.
Fed !:;r"r-: I, vvr.'-:, run down ?
Headache? ?:o?. ch -i-lfr A po.d
remedy is BurJcn lc BI: od Bitters. Ask
yojr dri'ggist. IVLc S1.00.
With Klaw & Erlanger
Founded on Mrs. Wiggin's
Famous Rebecca Books.
Retireshlnjr as the Breeze Tliat Plays
Over a Main M endow in June.