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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People
Look Ahea
Be Independen
When You Grow
A goodly sum of money in bank is a source of comfort in one's declin
ing years.
Yon are young and vigorous and full of energy today. Yon are mak
ing good money.
Things may not always be so rosy.
A Bank Book Is Your Best Friend
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
For Insurance of all kinds see J. W.
Frank Yallery was a Plattsmouth
visitor Monday.
Mrs. Wolf is spending the week with
her daughter. Mrs. Cook.
Mr. nd Mi". Edmunds were Platts
mouth visitors last Monday.
Mrs. Eliza Younir was a Plaits
mouth visitor one day this week.
OfTer $100.00 for your car if stolen,
if you are insured by .J. V. Holmes.
Miss Mararre Walker was a Platts
mouth isitor op Monday of this wee!:.
Mrs. J. A. Walker has been num
lerei with the sick for the past few
For Sale Three thoroughbred Dr.r
KJerey males and one rilt. See
Chester Shrader or H. C. Lon.
There was a lare number of Mur
ray people in attendance at the pro Men
weddinp; at the Giimour home Monday.
Cha. Carroil went down to Weer
ir.; Water iast Saturday, remaining
over Sunday with his son. Ern, and
returned heme Monday.
John Lloyd met with a very pain
ful accident Thursday while hauling
hoys to Xehawka. He fell from the
wagon and injured his limb.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tigner are
the proud and happy parents of a new baby boy that arrived at
their home Thursday. September 2S.
Rex Young is building a sunshine
hog house, 20x40 on his farm east of
Murray. The sunshine house seems
to be the practical one for this locality.
Albert Young and his helpers are do
ing the work.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Barrows, Mr. and
Mrs. W. G. Boedeker, Mr. and Mrs.
Chas. Sans, Mr. and Mrs. Walt Sans
drove down to Nebraska City Sunday,
taking their dinner and spending the
day in Morton Park.
or Cream Whip!
This article usually sells at 15c, but as a leader, wo
are offering them at 5c each.
We have just placed in stock 250 dozen
Shucking Mittens
Extra heavy knap, well made, nothing better to be
found on the market
Miatt & Tutt,
of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
& t ' -Ta-VSi-; BAN I ?v
L. D. Hiatt was a Plattsmouth vis
itor Wednesday afternoon.
Will Seybolt and Will Burger were
Omaha visitors last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Smith were
Nebraska City visitors last
(..'ecn Piggott and Will Fight wen
Omaha v liters Ttie.-day of this wee!;.
Murray has been, well
at the Ak-Sar-Ik-n in
Omaha this I
T'.Iis Laura Pul was an Orcal.;
itor last Fridav. returning heme
urday morning.
E. S. Tutt was looking after some
;natters of business in the county seat
Thu rsday morn ing.
A. L. Baker, Dr. I. F. Brendel.
Warren Wiley and Chas. Reed were
Omaha visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phi'pot and
Ben Xoell were Omaha visitors last
Wednesday of this week.
C. M. Young, of Union, bought one
of the Oldham Hr. roc's la.-L Saturday
to be placed at the head of his herd.
Mrs. L. D. Hiatt was a Plattsmouth
visitor Tuesday
day, a guest at ant
I Wed,
the borne of
her par-
Born to Mr. and Mis. Will Cook
Wednesday of last week, a baby boy.
The mother and little one are doing
L. H. Puis went to Omaha last Fri
day and returned with a fine new 1917
model Yelie car. It is a dandy, and
one he will no doubt sell a great mat-y
of during the coming season.
Bert Young departed Tuesday of
this week for Chicago, where he will
enter the medical school for his final
course in medicine; at the completion
of which he will be ready for the
piM-tice of medicine, a full Hedged
M D. He will then be locking for a
place to hang out his shingle.
W. P. Ilutcheson and family were
iMattsmouth visitors Saturday.
John Hobschidt and family were
'.Itending church at Plattsmouth Sun
day. W. R. Good and wife were Platts
mouth visitors last Saturday after
noon. Peter Campbell 'and family were
Plattsmouth visitors Saturday after
:oon. Frank Dugay and Miss Henrietta
Creamer, were Plattsmouth visitors
Lee Kniss and mother were Omaha
visitors Wednesday evening taking in
the big parade.
Mrs. J no. Farris was called to
Syracuse Monday by the serious ill
ness of a small nephew.
Albert Lillie. of Plattsmouth, was
looking after some matters of busi
ness in Murray Wednesday.
Ted Barrows and Glen Boedker will
make a business trip to the western
part of the state the latter part of the
Walt Minniear was down to Xe
hawka Tuesday for a load of apples
and cider at the great Pollard or
chards. Mrs. W. S. Smith and James Holmes
were Omaha visitors Wednesday, the
trip being made in the car of Mr.
Win. Renner, who has been quite ill
for the past few days, has been gain
ing strength and able to be up and
around again.
Harry Creamer and wife went to
Omaha Saturday where their little
daughter Eleanor is being cared for
by a specialist.
Walter Sans and wife attended
"Septem'cer Morn" at the Parmcle
Wm. Puis. Dr. Gilmoie, Elmer Ilall
strom. Ed. Tutt and Chas. Good at-
tnr.ilwl tho crw.iki'rMr i"n I!!ittcmn:i1l,
Tuesday even:ng
Mrs. Charles Tracy, of Plainview,
ar?ied here Tuesday morning and
will do some dessmaking in and
around .Murray for a few weeks.
Frank Moore sure made a great
haul in the honey line this week, hav
ing a supply of about SOU pounds that
he took from the bees a few days
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rice and daught
er. Miss Esther, attended the Frontier
day at Syracuse Saturday, being
driven there via the auto route by J.
B. Seybok.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Massie and
Mr. and Mrs. (J rover Hoback, from
near Xehawka, were Murray visitors
last Sunday, guests at the home of
Dr. and Mrs. G. II. Gilmoie.
Tom Smith, road overseer for the
western part of this district, has been
doing some excellent work on the
roads leading west from Murray. In
places where they are narrow he is
widening them and otherwise mak
ing great improvements.
All members of the Murray Wood
man camp are invited to Plattsmouth
Wednesday night, at which time the
home camp expect to have a num
ber in the class that will be taken into
the order on that night. All mem
bers are requested to be in attendance.
W. P.. Good closed a deal this week
whereby he becomes the owner of the
Frank Rhodon farm of eighty acres,
east of Murray, having purchased the
same from Harry Reed, of Weeping
Water. This is one of the good farms
of this locality. Gussie Pullen has the
place rented for the coming year.
There was a large crowd at the
Puis & Gansemer moving picture
show last Saturday evening to see
the opening episode of "Peg O' The
Ring." They were all well pleased
with the new picture, which is very in
teresting and exciting. The second
episode will be given on next Satur
day evening:.
W. P. Cook, who bought the M. G.
Churchhill barber shop a few weeks
ago, has, through the rustling quali
ties of our real estate man, Frank Val
lery, sold the shop to John Weslik,
the proprietor of the other shop. The
contents of the shop have been moved
to the shop of the new owner. Mr.
Cook returned to Plattsmouth the fore
part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richter and
daughters, Mrs. Frank Mrasek and
Miss Nettie Richter and two little
grandsons, Joseph and Charley, twin
sons of the triplets born to Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Richter about four
months ago, were in the city Wednes
day afternoon and paid the Journal
office a brief call. The two remaining
little boys are at this time doing nicely
and seem to be gaining strength and
growing. Joseph now weighs nine
pounds and Charley eleven.
If any of the rpadfrs of the
Journal know of any social
event or item of interest tn
this vicinity, and will mail
same to this offire. It, will ap
pear tinder this headinp. We
want all uewsitems Koixon
Miss Etta Nickels was transacting
business in Union last Monday.
R. R. Xickles was looking after
business in Plattsmouth Saturday.
Miss Cleonia Farris has been listed
with the sick for the past few days.
John Farris and wife spent Sunday
with the Schaffer family west of Mur
ray. Frank Schlichtemeir shipped a car
of hogs to the South Omaha market
Homer Shrader and family were
guests of Geo. Shrader and family
John Hendricks and family were
calling on the Plattsmouth merchants
Saturday a fternoon.
Burton Young left Monday for
Chicago where he will take up the
study of medicine again.
Mrs. Floyd Chalfant of Burwell.
Neb., arrived Saturday for an ex
tended visit with relatives and friends.
Frank Campbell and wife and son
Fred and Mrs. R. II. Fitch spent Sun
day with John Fitch and family near
Xehawka. :
G. S. Ray and wife went to Wood
River, Xeb., Saturday morning where
they will visit with their daughter,
Mrs. Glen Thompson.
Mrs. Lulu Loughridge. who has held
a position as nurse at the Van Tine
home in Otoe county, for the past
thirteen months, has returned to Mur
ray and is now in a position to ac
cept calls from those who might be
in need of her services.
Go to Sunday School and Remain
for Church day will be observed at
at the Christian church next Sunday.
We are looking for a large attendance
not only of the children but the par
ents also. Promotion day was ob
served in the Bible school last Sunday
and the little folks were delighted
with their diplomas. The sermons
topics next Sunday will be, "We Would
See Jesus," and "The First Martyr."'
The Carter Oil Co., of Tulsa, Okla.,
are still doing business in this local
ity, and their representative is now
busy making land leases for oil pur
poses. He has leased over 1,000 acres
this week and is paying the first year
lease money, 50c per acre, in advance.
This company is certainly meeting
the land owners with a fair proposi
tion, ami they do not want any as
sistance in making their search and
drilling for oil. They will accept
leases on many thousands, of acres in
this manner.
Red hog with split in right ear has
been taken up and is now at my place.
The owner may have san.e by calling
and paying for the advertisement and
damages. Ray Davis. Murray.
If you have anything for sale adver
tise in the Journal.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears
Signature of
"Peg 0' the
the second episode of this
great serial.
Love Laughs at
Dyspepsia "
an Imp comedy
Potts Bungle Again
a one reel Nestor comedy
Saturday Evening,
Show Starts at 8:30 Sharp
mimM n m mm mm ar a n mm k
i fit: MNUtf lib
W. B. Banning left for Kansas City
Friday night to look after some busi
ness for the Keystone Pipe company.
Dave LaRue, George Stites and
Dave Eaton, left for Colorado to look
over the country Tuesday morning.
Len Crawford is taking the piace
of Dave LaRue in the blacksmith shop
during the latter's absence.
While Clyde Lynde was away kill
ing big game his father traded oft" the
famous mule team he had, and in
their place Clyde found a real sorrel
driving team.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pauly of Doug
las, Xeb.; Mrs. H. A. Dutter and
daughter, Mrs. Dungan, of Lincoln,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Young la:-.t week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Strait and
their daughter, Miss Carl McSpadden
of Hamburg, la., visited at the homes
of J. E. McCarroil and Ed Young the
latter part of last week.
Rev. W. A. Taylor has received
word from the state chairman. Aid
rich, at Elmwood, that he has been
selected to lead the devotional exer
cises of the Sunday school convention
to be held at M unlock on the li'th
and 20th of October.
John Lidgett brought to this office
the latter part cf the week some sam
ples of good yellow corn. When we
asked John what kind of corn it was
he said, "Just common everyday good
field corn." So we refraned from ask
ing further questions.
Mrs. Arthur Ccpenhaven won the
piano that was given away by the R.
II. Frans store last Saturday after
noon. To be sure that the deal was
pulled oif fair and square a commit
tee of disinterested people was chosen
and Daniel Reynolds, a son of James
Reynolds, did the drawing. It was
decided that the tenth number drawn
from the hat would win the piano
and it was number 007700, held by
Mrs. Copenhaver, living southeast of
here. And it was by
will appreciate It as
niano in her home.
won by one who
the ladv had no
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Stone went to
Xehawka on Monday on account o
the sickness of Mr. Stone's father, J
M. Stone.
Fannie Eidman of Pekin, 111., is
visiting the Lloyd Eidenmiller, John
Eidenmilier and Will Nickels. This
is her first trip to Nebraska.
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, from Pekin
111., have been visiting Mrs. Bailey's
sister, Mrs. Geo. Stoc-hr and family.
Yv". C. Bums is visiting at the home
of Geo. Nickel. Mr. Burns resides at
Albany, Ore., and is a brother of Mr
J. C. Meislnger, wife and family,
and G. II. Meisinger and wife mo
tored from Plattsmouth last week and
visited with George Stoehr and family.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Go bo- lett on
Saturday afternoon in their car for
Kansas Citv, where they will visit for
a few days with friends and relatives
On Mondav Otto Stubenbeck,
shipped a carload of hogs; Marion Mc
Crorv a carload of cattle and Grant
Crandell a carload of cattle and hogs
to the Omaha market.
to I
Mrs. 15. 1. (dements were
'eru on last I Imrsuay oy
the illness of their son, Vernon. II
is some better but not able to return
to take up his school work as yet.
Herman Dettman returned on Sat
urday from a week's visit with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. II. Dettman at
Imperial. Neb., in Chase county. He
renoits cron prospects fine in that
country this .year.
John Morford has a regular guinea
pig farm. He has now something like
three dozen of them ami they are all
colors, spotted, brown and white
They are quite a sight and a curiosity
to those who have seen them.
Last Tuesday morning Guy Shrove
got a sudden surprise. He happened
to be near the gasoline engine used
for the air compressor which was run
ning and his overalls were drawn into
the governor of the machine. The
pant legs of two pairs of overalls and
his underclothing were chewed off and
his leg was skinned up some. He is
fortunate that it was not worse for it
hight have broken his leg.
J. R. Mayfield, wife and son, Ray
mond, went to Broken Bow Tuesday
HI - 1
evening and win visit tne rarmeie
ase Burners
What can you get more enjoyment and comfort
out of than a ool Kase Jinrnur or Heater on those
winter days that will soon be here? Wa can show
you a complete line of Round Oak heaters, Monitor
Base Burners and the Old Reliable Monarch Ranges,
at prices that are absolutely right. While we handle
other brands of stoves, we mention the above makes,
as our choice of tho whole bunch, and we do not be
lieve you can buy better stoves no matter what price
you pay. Come in ;md look them over, then tell us.
what you think.
Hardware am
We are sorry to report that John'
Group is on the sick list with a se
vcie attack of yellow jaundice, which
has kept him at home for almost two
E. F. Steinhaus has accepted a po
sition in the Ford factory at Omaha
and moved his family to that city
Wednesday. The best wishes of many
Louisville friends go with them.
Band Master Ed Schulhoff of the
Louisville Boy Scouts' band, is plan
ning for a band concert to be given at
the opera house on Friday evening,
November 3, to raise money for the
purchase of uniforms for the band.
Andy. Sehmarder, who was called
home from the Philadelphia navy
yards ten days ago to attend the fu
neral of his brother, Fi-ed Sehmarder,
who was drowned in the lake hero,
returned to his post of duty Tuesday
Eugene Mayfield has purchased the
dray and transfer business of Bowen
Pres. at O'Neill, and will take charge
October 1. He went out Monday
morning to get acquainted with the
trade and will move his family there
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. August Ossenkop left
Thursday for their new home near
Oconto, Xeb., where Mr. Ossenkop will
have charge of a large stock and
f.vain ranch. The Courier joins with
their many Louisville friends in wish
ing them success.
Mrs. Alfred Goegiein and children
who have been here for the past two
weeks visiting with the former's sis
ter, Mrs. Andrew Stohlman and fam
ily, returned to their home at Will
iamsburg, la., Wednesday. They were
accompanied as far as Omaha by Mrs.
Tom Parmele, August and George
Ossenkop and Charles Heim get the
tip the other day that a flock of
ducks had stopped on the Platte for
Drs. Mach 8l Riach, The Dentists
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1 B
3 DR. E. R. TARRY.
k Complete Lin of
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Husking Pegs.
The kind of alarm clock that will wake you up. The
Famous "Biff Ben"
Let us order your Suit or Overcoat from Meyer
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we guarantee satisfaction or refund your money.
Puis '& G
and Heaters!
implement Go.,
a feed of minnows and they went in
pursuit. The boys say there were
nineteen in the bunch and they got
every one but two. Some shooting,
Candidate for
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No Mere I'ackaches for Her.
Mrs. J. M. Gaskill, Etna Green, Ind.,
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4 15