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    Cedar Creek Department
and can make you attractive prices on
Monitor and Superior
Press Drills,
Henney Buggies,
Birdsei Wagons and
Wagon Boxes,
Steel Wheel Trucks,
King and Hamilton Steel Grain Dumps,
Empire Cream Separators.
Lee Puncture Proof and Firestone Tires and Accessories
Studebaker Agents
Mrs. Lylo v.i. an Omaha visitor last
IVtf Core was a Plattsmouth vis
itor last Friday.
First Security bank pays ." per cent
on time deposits.
France.-; Pace was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Friday.
Hans Schroeder was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Saturday.
Miss Morrison spent Saturday and
Sunday with home folks.
For good, fresh Candy, Fruit and
Nuts, see S. J. Reames.
Remeir.her the dance at Sayles' hall
on Friday evening, October 7.
P. II. Roberts made a trip to Platts
mouth last ThursJr.v evening.
Clarance Busche visited with friends
in Plattsmouth lat Friday evening.
Erai! Ptek of Plattsmouth was call
ing on the Cedar Creek business men
last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Gauer and Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Schafev drove to j
Plattsmouth last Thursday. j
William Keil and family took in the j
i i.l, -T41
play at the l'arniele tneater in i iatb- ;
mouth last Saturday evening. j
Jake Fornoff, who has been visiting
in Plain view for the past few days,
teturned home last Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson of Omaha
arrived in Cedar Creek last Saturday
evening to spend Sunday with friends.
Don't forget S. J. Reames when you
are in need cf paper napkins, paper
plates, ice cream dishes and all kinds
of crepe paper.
Mrs. Duff, who was called to Wausa,
Xeb., a few days on account of the
reath of her brother, Abe Walrod, re
turned home last Friday.
Mrs. Elmer Meisinger of Platts
mouth, depaited for her home last
Saturday, after spending the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Frank Ardale of Omaha was visiting
with Cedar Creek friends for a few
hours Monday morning, en route home
from a visit at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ragocs.
Johnnie Wolff, the rustling general
merchant of this place, was looking j
alter some matters ot business in me
unty seat last Saturday, making the
xrip in one of those fine Studebaker
cars that he holds the agency for in
this locality.
MI W C 'mum
- I have opened up my Ice Cream
Parlor and invite all who enjoy some
thing fine in the way of Ice Cream to
call and see what we :'.e serving out
to satisfy the hunger in the vray of
Harding Ice Cream
S. J. Reames. Cedar Creek. ,
60O tlSST
, .
Get your ice cream soda at S. J.
First Security bank pays 5 per cent
on time deposits.
Farm Loans, Insurance and Real
Estate. See J. F. Foreman.
Irven Meisinger was a Plattsmouth
visitor last Sunday evening.
When you want some pood reading
don't forget Reames. Library.
Jake Tritsch shipped his stock to
the Omaha market last Thursday.
Ed Gobelman and Clarence Busche
weie Plattsmouth visitors last Sun
day. Mr. Dunbar of Omaha spent Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Mrs. George Sayles was visiting
with her son in Plattsmouth last
Gus Keil and family spent last-Sunday
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pete
Mrs. Fvprrt arrived in Cprlnr C!reek
last Wednesday for a visit with her
Jahter, Mrs. Lyle.
Mr. and Mrs Phiiip stoehr were
Sunday visitors at the home of Mr.
nr,,i rrc pto KhmAr-
Remember that S. J. Reames sells
the latest books published. Harold
Bell Wright's latest works.
William Seybert and family of Cul
lcm, spent last Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Thomsen.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Albert and Mr.
and Mrs. Philip Albert spent last
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mra.
John Albert.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wagner
on Sunday evening, October 1, a baby
girl. Mother and little one are get
ting along nicely.
C. E. Metzger of Omaha was a
Cedar Creek visitor last Sunday,
spending the day with his mother and
sisters, east of town.
J. M. Roberts of Plattsmouth was
visiting in Cedar Creek last Thurs
day at the home of nis son, Paul,
manager of the Cedar Creek Lumber
Says He Likes the Mitchell.
For the past two years George
Stoehr, residing south of Cedar Creek,
has been in the market for an auto
mobile, and he has carefully looked
the field over and had a great many
cars demonstrated to him during that
time, but none seems to -win favor
with him like the Mitchell car, and
during the past few days he pur
chased one through the agency of
John Gauer, who has been selling a
large number of these cars this sum
mer and fall. The Mitchell is no doubt
one of the good ones, and Mr. Stoehr
has made no mistake in his selection.
He is also just completing a fine new
garage on his farm, 12x18, with a
concrete floor, and constructed in
every way right to the minute. Mr.
Stoehr not only believes in buying a
good car, but wants a good place to
house it. He is one of the prosperous
farmers of this locality and the best
is none too good for him.
We desire to return our most sin
cere thanks to the friends and neigh
bors who assisted us with their loving
sympathy at the time of the death of
our loved one.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hayworth,
Mr. and Mrs. S. D. FitcLorn,
Mrs. Joseph Hayworth.
TT1 ft
rirst Security oanK
Sound, Conservative and Progressive
Wb are anxious to assist the farmer in feeding and
handling his live stock for market
Deposits In This Bank
are protected by the Depositors' Guaranty Fund of the
State of Nebraska, which has reached nearly $1,
000,000.00 It is back of us and protects you!
WM. SCHNEIDER, President
W. H. LOHNES, Vice-President T. J. SHANAHAN, Vice-President
J. F. FOREMAN, Cashier
- Hotel Cedar Creek-
JOHN LARSEN, Proprietor
Under New Management
Board by the Day or Week!
Your Patronafie Solicited
From Tusdav's Dally.
A rather amusing:, story is related
of the experiences of a Plattsmouth
young man in Omaha a few days aero.
It seems that he was walking from
the Burlington station north, in the1
direction of the Union Station, and in
front of him was a lady with several
small children and a great excess of
baggage. One of the little boys was
carrying a heavy'-suitcase, and the
young man from Plattsmouth offered
to take the ca-e and carry it, thinking
that they were going over to the
Union Station, and he failed to see the
glances of suspicion that were given
him by the lady. As they passed the
Union Station the young man started
on inside, and immediately the ex
citement broke fourth as the lady let
out several cries for the police, and
drew a large crowd before it dawned
on the Plattsmouth young man that
he was viewed as a suitcase lifter, and
it required several minutes before the
mixup could be settled, when the lady
proceeded on her way t6 the Pullman
hotel, where she was heafied for, while
the young man with the recollection
of his escape from a ride in the pa
trol wagon came on home. He says
"never again" will he help anyone.
Easier to Stop Now.
It is easier to check a bronchial
cough now than later. Coughs grow
worse the longer they continue. Fo
ley's Honey and Tar stops tickling in
the throat, allays inflammation and
irritation, restores sore and discharg
ing membranes to healthy condition,
opens congested air passages, and af
fords longed for relief. Sold every
where. 18 YEARS OF
Finally Relieved by the Old Reli
able Thedford's Black-Draught.
Traverse City, Mich. Mrs. J. W.
Edwards, of thi3 town, says: "I suf
fered for about 18 years with liver
trouble, and doctored with many dif
ferent remedies. At last, I was told
that an operation was the only thing
that would help me, but I heard of
Thedford's Black-Draught, and took
six 25-cent packages and it cured me.
can recommend it to all who suffer
from liver troubles.
I have influenced several of my
neighbors to take Black-Draught
Liver Medicine, and I give it to my
I can safely say that I owe my life
to Black-Draught, as it put me on my
feet after everything else had failed."
You know that you can depend upon
Black-Draught Liver Medicine for
quick and permanent relief in all dis
orders of the liver, stomach and bow
els, such as indigestion, constipation,
biliousness, headache, sour stomach,
tired feeling, and many other common
ailments, because, in the past 75
years, it has helped so many thou
sands of people, whose troubles were
similar to these.
Safe, gentle in action, and without
bad after-effects, Black-Draught is
sure to benefit both young and old.
Bold everywhere. 25c a package.
Costs only one cent a dose. ncb 4
News that will be of Interest
in and near Cedar Creek
The electrical parade in Omaha last
evening drew a very large crowd from
this city to the metropolis and made
this city quite in evidence in the at
tendance. The afternoon Burlington
and Missouri Pacific trains carried a
large number of the passengers, and
the special over the Burlington last
evening took the few' remaining resi
dents to the big feature of the Ak-Sai-Ben.
The special train of seven
coaches was loaded to the very ca
pacity of the train, platforms were
crowded, as well as standing room
being taken in the coaches. The
crowd by train was in the neighbor
hod of 1,500 per.-ons, and in return
ing this number was swelled by oth
ers who had spent the day in the me
tropolis and waited for the parade.
On No. 10, the passenger reaching
here at 1:40, a special coach was at
tached for the benefit of the Platts
mouth delegation who had remained
until late in the metropolis.
Make the Mtst of Prosperity.
Every man should keep fit these
days and make the most of his op
portunities. No man can work his
best handicapped 'Td'Y" disordered kid
neys and bladder, aching back, swollen
joints, stiff muscles or rheumatic
pains. Foley Kidney Pills pay for
themselves a hundred times over in
health improvement. Sold everywhere.
The Pringle ranch produced wheat
that yielded as much as 62 bushels per
acre, one field of -0 acres averaging
over ."0 bushels.
Last fall we offered to sell a quarter
section having 110 acres in wheat for
! $2,500. The wheat was marketed last
'week and brought $4,400.50.
We are offering a few farms that
are excellent values and prospects and
will double in price in less th an one
year note the following:
48" acres, well improved, ;00 acres
of good plow land, ample supply of
water; ideal farm for cattle and
grain; price $12,000. This place is
worth much more.
j 840 acres, 200 deeded ar.d C40
; school land, good improvements, plenty
of good farm land; price, including
assignment of lease, $5,500. Splendid
for the man with small capital.
GOO acres, small set of improve
ments, close to town, 160 acres bot-
tom land; ideal for alfalfa or grain;
;440 acres upland, of which 2i0 is
; splendid for wheat and corn; all
I fenced and a money maker; price
.$12,000. You can't beat it for mixed
J 1,680 acres, the best big ranch in
I the county for the money, one good
crop would pay for it, 1,200 acres fine
black soil, balance good grazing,
splendid for grain and cattle; price
; $20,000 until September 1; fair set
oi improvements; good locality.
A few smaller tracts at $10 to $25
per acre and worth the money.
Mr. Renter, if you have a few head
of stock it will pay you to investigate
and learn what others have dime.
Good terms to a real farmer.
Information free, but better let us
show you the land. Now is the time
to get action, as the heavy rains have
put ground in fine shape for fall seed
Lincoln, Neb., 300 Little Bldg.
C. R. Jordan went to Plattsmouth
George P. Foreman was in Lincoln
A h is Cashner wont to Lincoln Sun
day evening.
George Swacker and family visited
over Sunday in Elmwood.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Glau
bit", October 1, J916, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Castle Shaffer motored
to Lincoln on business Monday.
Miss Cecil Newkirk is working in
the lumber office as bookkeeper.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kirkpatrick left
Wednesday for a trip to Plattville,
Joe Foreman left Friday for At
kinson, Neb., wh'-re he will live on hi
Ed Cassey returned Wednesday
from Omaha, where he visited his
Albeit Toland returned Monday
from Colorado, where he has been
with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kitzel spent
a few days last week with relatives
at Cambridge, Neb.
The members of the Farmers' union
were pleasantly surprised Monday
evening by their wives.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jo"hnson left Sat
urday for a visit in Oklahoma with
Mr. Johnson's mother and uncle.
Ed Stroemer and family of Barnes-
ton, Neb., came in Saturday by the
auto route to visit relatives and
Lafe Mullen and family were pas
sengers for Sutton, Neb., Friday even
ing, where they go to visit Mrs. Mul
len's cousin.
Sheriff Quinton, County Attorney
Cole. Clarance L. Beal and Major Hall.
candidates on the republican ticket,
were in town Saturday.
The Misses Genevieve Lowry anJ
Fio Boyle? gave a picii5 ne-ir Green-
M..-,d Saturday even in?" in the nature
' f a beefs cak fry.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyles and Mrs.
Dale Eoyles were among those attend
ing the great electrical pageant at
Omaha Wednesday.
Miss Marguerite Roper of Univer
sity Place, came down Friday even
ing and visited with Miss Aureal Fore
man till Sunday evening.
Byron Foreman, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. George Foreman of Val
paraiso, . motored down Saturday and
visited with relatives over Sunday.
Joe Foreman returned from Atkin
son Tuesday and went to Valparaiso
Wednesday. He will be at home for a
few weeks before returning to his
The fine new school wagons to be
used in the Alvo consolidated schools
have at last arrived and the school
children are much pleased, as also
are all concerned.
Sam Cashner returned home Mon
day evening from an extended visit
with relatives in phio and a week
spent with his daughter, Mrs. Jesse
Stone, at Morehead, Kan.
Mrs. Lizzie Lewis and son, Glenn,
and brother, Chris Dreamer, returned
Monday evening from Chappell, Neb.
They were pleased with the country,
but, so far, have not invested.
Ed Casey returned Friday from a
ten days' trip to Colorado and Wyom
ing, and western Nebraska. He is
much pleased with the country near
Holyoke, where he owns property.
William Uptegrove returned home
Let Us Assist You in Planning Your
New Residence!
You are no doubt in the same position that a great many others of this city
and community are in. You want a new home, and if you had a little assistance
in the way of plans, cost of material and a partial estimate on the cost of your
new home you might build now
We have just received a most complete line of plans, specifications, estimate
of lumber bills for each and every structure in this great volume, all of which
will be of great aid to you in planning a new home, all free to you by calling at
our lumber office. This volume also contains the plans of combination barns
and silos, garages, outbuildings of numerous kinds, which we will be glad to
show prospective building of these sort of structures.
This is Our Line and We Will Be Glad to Help You!
Our Lumber and Building Line is Complete
I mlAB onrl ? ilrllno'
j tm
Children Cry
The Kind You Have Always
in use lor over Ll years,
- and lias been made under his por
4"v7"7 sonal supervision since its i::fa::ry,
X yCCCC Allow no one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and ".Tust-as-good " are hut
Experiments that trifle with and emlanger the health of
liiiants and Children Experience against Experiment-
Castorla is a harml ess substitute for Castor Oil, Pare"
oric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. Jt is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, 3Iorphino ncr other .Narcotic
substance, its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. For more than thirty years it
lias been in constant use for the relief of C onstipation,
Flatulency, "Wind Colic, all Teething- Troubles and
Iiarrh;a. It regulates the Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
from Defiance, la., Wednesday for a
couple of days visit with his parents,
Rev. and Mrs. Upteprove and their
guests, Mr. and Mrs. Waldschlajrer
of Missouri.
The Ladies' Aid society met Tues
day afternoon with Mrs. S. C. Boyles
with a pood attendance. The society
decided to serve a chicken dinner and
supper cn election day, the place to
be decided on later.
Mr. and Mrs. George Towle and
daughter, Miss Rhena, of Lincoln, who
have been visiting: their daughtei-,
Mrs. Jerry McIIugh at Murdock, vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. John Murtey Wed
nesday en route to their home.
Mr. and Mrs. Art Klyver enter
tained at their home Sunday the fol-
J lowing guests: Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Grove and children of Havelock, Mrs.
Dan McCurdy, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Stout and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kliver.
Mr. ani ?.Trs. Harry Arj.-lcman wore
passenger.-, for Omaha Wednesday
rfnng to take in the Ak-Sar-Ben
fect!vlties and see Pre Icivn Wilson.
Among othe s w- John Mur ¬
tey, John " - ner, Alb. --. Toland and
Joe Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eird took their
son, Wesk-y, to Lincoln Saturday
morning, where he had his tonsils and
adenoids removed. They returned Sat
urday afternoon, and on Tuesday
morning Wesley was back in school
and is recovering nicely.
A Community club was organized
here last Wednesday evening with a
goodly number of charter members.
Superintendent Bradford of the State
Farm delivered the address of the
evening. The next meeting will be
held October 4th, in Jordan's hall.
i3 i 3
IV! sat finl SIn
' -" r -'
for Fletcher's
Bought, and which has hern
has borne the signature of
Sicrnature of
tt T iv irir i TTt- -fifc'iiiiiVMu
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hdii m turned
home from Morehead. K;m., wluie
they visited their daughter, Mrs. CU-i.
Bobhitt. Mrs. Ralph Uhley, who
companied them, remained at Verdon.
Mr. Uhley is now traveling auditor
on the Falls City division of the Mis
souri Pacific railroad with headquar
ters at Falls City.
Henry Heebner, manager of the
Cedar Creek elevator, was among
those going to Omaha this morning
to greet President Wilson and spend
the day.
James McCullough and son from
near Murray, drove in this morning
from their home and visited for the
day in the metropolis, taking in the.
George Smith came up this morning
from Rock Bluffs and departed on the
early Burlington train for Omaha,
where he goes to attend the Wib-on
meeting in that city.
Fancy stationery in different vari-tie-3
at the Journal office. Come and
. is whn vou want stationery.
Cut This Out It is Worth Money.
Don't miss this. Cut out this slip,
enclose with 5c to Foley & Co., Chi
cago, 111., writing your name and ad
dress clearly. You will receive in re
turn a trial package containing Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound for bron-
chial coughs, colds and croup; Foley
j Kidney Pills, and Foley Cathartic Tab
! lets. Specially comforting to stout
persons. Sold everywhere.
ffcrmnuth Nphracka