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Eliza's Feelings Change.
T tins dramatic struvrsrle Eliza
Appleton had watched every
phase with intensest interest,
but when at Iat .he know that
the battle "as won she experienced a
1 m ti i i;i r revulsion of feeling. So Ioir:
as ONei! fiad been working against
odds, with the prospect of ruin and
failure forever imminent, she had felt
an almost painful sympathy, hut now
that. he had conquered she leit timid
about eor.gratulating him. lie was no
hm-e;- to lie pitied and helped. lie had
attained his goal and the fame lie long
ed for. IJLs success would inevitably
take him out of her life. .She was very
sorry that he needed her no longer.
She did not wateh the fat bridge
member swung, but went to her room
and tried to face the future. Spring
was here: hor book was finished; there
was the need to take up her life again.
She was surprised v.-hen Murray
came to find her.
I missed you. Eliza." he said. "The
others are all down at the river bank.
I want you to congratulate me."
She saw. with a jealous twinge, that
exultation over his victory had over
come his weariness, that his face was
alight with a f!re she had never before
s-eon. FTe scorned young, rigorous and
masterful once more.
" f course." ho went on. "the credit
belongs to Farker. who worked tho
bridge out in caih detail he's marvel
ousand to Mellen. who actually built
it. but I helped a little. Traie to me
means praise to them."
"It is all over now. isn't it:''
"Practically. P.laine has cabled New
York that We've wm. Strictly speak
inir. we haven't as yet. fur there's still
the breakup to face. But the bridge
will come through it without a scratch, f
Thr ice may go out any minute now.
and after that I can rest." lie smiled
iit her gladly. "It will feci good to get
rid of all this responsibility, won't it?
I think you've suffered under it as
much as I have."
A little wistfully she answered:
"You're going to realize that dream
you told me about the day of the
t-tonn at Kyafc. , You have conquered
this great country as you dreamed."
lie acquiesced eagerly, boyishly.
"Yes. Whirring wheels, a cut rent or
traflic. a broad highway of steel that's
the sort of monument I want to leave."
Sfine time I'll come back and sec it
all completed and tell myself that I
had a little part in making it."
"Come back?'' he queried. "Why.
you're going to stay till we're through,
aren't you?"
"Oh. no: I'm going south with the
spring llight on the next boat pcr-luip-."
His face fell: the exultant light grad
ually faded from his eyes.
"Why. I had no idea! Aren't you
happy here?"
She nodded. "Cut I must try to
make good in my woik as you have in
He was looking at her sorrowfully,
almost as if she had deserted him.
"That's too bad, but I suppose you
must go. Yes. this no place for you.
I dare say other p. ople need you to
bring sunshine and joy to them just
as we old fellows do. but I've never
thought about your leaving. It would
not be right to ask you to stay here
among such people as we are when
you have so much ahead of you.. Still.
tit will leave a gap. Yes, it certainly
will leave a gap."
She longed desperately to tell burs
h'w willingly she would stay if he ,
only asked her. but the very thought
shocked her into a deeper reserve.
"J'm g'dng cast to sell 1113 book." she
said sfifily. "You've given me the cli
max of the story in this race with the
"Is it a love storj-?'' he asked.
Uliza flushed. "Yes. It's mostly
"You're not at all the girl I thought
you were when we lirst met. You're
i cry different. I'm sure I won't rec
ognize myself as the hero. Who or
what is the girl in the story?"
Well, she's just the kind of girl that
.aid appeal to a personike you.
She's tall and dark and dashing, aad,
of course, she's remarkably Lcautiiul.
She's very feminine too."
"What's her name?''
Miss Appleton stammered, "Why I
called her Violet until I could think
t f a better"
"What's wrong with Violet? You
couldn't think of a better name than
that. I'm fond of it."
"Oh, it's a good book name, but for
real life it's too delicate." Eliza felt
with vexation that her face was burn
ing She was sure he was laughing at
"Can't I read the manuscript?" be
t leaded.
"Heavens! No! I"
She changed :
Harpsr & Brothers.
the subject abruptly. "I've left word
to be called the minute the ice starts to
go out. 1 want to see the last act of
the drama."
When O'Xeil left her he was vaguely
perplexed, for something in her bear
ing did not seem quite natural. lie
was forlorn, too, at the prospect or los
ing her. He wondered if fathers suf
fered thus, or if a lover could be more
deeply pained at a parting than he.
Somehow Le seemed to share the feel
ings of both.
Early on the following morning Eliz.i
was awakened by a sound of shouting
outside her window. She lay half
dazed for a moment or two until the
signilieauce of the uproar made itself
apparent; then she leaped from her
Men were crying:
"There she goes I"
"She's going out!" '
Doors M ere slamming, there was the
rustle and scuff of Hying feet, r.nd in
the next room Dan was evidently
throwing himself into Lis rtcthe.s like
a lireman. Eii::a called to him. but he
did not answer, and the next moment
he had lied, upset! ing some article o
furniture in Ms La -to. Drawing her
curtains aside, the girl saw in tho
brightening dawn men pouring down
the street, dressing as they went. They
seeiued half demented. They wer.j
yelling at one another, but she conid
liot gather from their worC whether
it was the ice which was moving or
the bridge. The bridge! That possi
bility set her to dressing with tremu
lous lingers, her heart sick with iVar.
Siie called to Natalie, but scarcely rec
ognized her own voice.
"I don't know." came the mufh'ed
reply to her question. "It sounds like
something terrible. I'm afraid Dan
will fall in or get hurt." The
siou in the street was growing. "Eliza!"
Natalie's voke was tragic.
"What is it, dear?"
"11-help me, quick!''
"I can't find my other shoe."
Hut Eliza was sitting on the llocr.
lacing up her own stout boots, and
an instant later she followed her broth
er, pursued by a wail of dismay from
the adjoining chamber. Through t'i.-'
chill morning light she hurried, asking
many questions, but receiving no co
herent reply from the racing men.
Then, after endless moments of sus
pense, she saw with relief that the
massive superstructure of the bridge
was still standing. Above the shout
ing she heard another sound, indis
tinct, but insistent. It liiled the air
with a whispering movement; it was
punctuated at Intervals by a dull rum
bling and grinding. She found tiie
river bank black with forms, but like
a cat she wormed her way through the
crowd until the whole panorama lay
before her.
The bridge stood as she hart" seen it
on the yes tenia j- slender, strong, su
perb in the simplicity ' of its splendid
outline, but beneath it and as far as
her eyes could follow the river she
saw, not the solid spread ol white to
which she had become accustomed, but
a moving expanse of Hoes. At first the
wilder burden slipped past in huge
masses, acres in extent, but soon these
began to be rent apart; irregular black
seams ran through them, opened, clos
ed and threw up ridges of ice shavings
as they ground together. The floes
were rubbing against .the banks, they
came sliding out over the dry shore
like tremendous sheets of cardboard
manipulated hy unseen hands, and not
until their nine foot edges were expos
ed to view did the mind grasp the ap
palling significance of their moement.
They swept down in phalanxes upon
the wedgelike ice breakers which stood
guard above the bridge piers, then they
halted, separated, and the armored cut
ting edges sheared through them like
A half mile below, where the Salmon
flung ftself headlong against the upper
wing of Jackson glacier, the floating
ice was checked by the narrowed pas
sageway. There a jam was forming,
and as the river heaved and tore at its
growing burden a spectacular struggle
went on. The sound of it came faintly
but impressively to the watchers a
grinding and crushing of bergs, a roar
of escaping waters. Fragments were
upended, masses were rearing them
selves edgewise into the air, were over
turning and collapsing. They were
wedging themselves into every conceiv
able angle, and the crowding proces
sion from above was adding to the bar
rier momentarily. As theassageway
became blocked the waters rose; the
river piled itself up so swiftly that
the eye could note its rise along the
IJut the attention of the crowd .was
divided between the jam and some
thing far out on the bridge itself.. At
first glance Eliza did not comprehend;
then she heard a man explaining:
"He was going out when we got
here and now he won't come back.
The girl gasped, for she recognized
the distant figure of a iaan, dwarfed
to puny proportions by the bulk of the
structure in the mazes of which he
stood. The man was O'Neil; he was
perched upon one of the girders near
the center of the longest span, where
he could watch the attack upon the
pyramidal ice breakers beneath him.
"II's a fool," said some one at
Eliza's back. "That jam is getting
"He'd lietter let the bridge take care
of itself."
She turned and began to force her
way through the press of people be
tween her and the south abutment
She arrived there, disheveled and pant
ing, to find Slater, Mellen and Parker
standing in the approach. In front of
them extended the long skeleton tun
nel into which Murray had gone.
"Mr. O'Neil is out there!" she cried
to Tom.
Slater turned and, reading the tragic
appeal in her face, said reassuringly:
"Sure! P.ut he's all right."
"They say there's d.tnger."
Happy Tom's round visage puckered
into a doubtful smile. "Oh, he'll take
; care of himself."
Mellen turned to the girl and said
"There's no danger whatever."
IUit Eliza's fear was not to be so
easily quieted.
"Then why did he go out alone?
What are you men doing here?"
"It's his orders," Tom told her.
Mellen was staring at the jam he-
! low. over which the Salmon was hnrl
j ing a flood of ice and foaming waters.
1 The stream was swelling and rising
, steadily. Already it had nearly reach
; cd the level of the timber line on the
left bank. The blockade was extend
ing upstream almost to the bridge it
self. Mellon said something to Par
ker, who shoo?; his head silently.
Dan Appleton shouldered his way
out of the crowd, with Natalie at his
1 heels. She had dressed herself in
haste. Her hair was loose: her jacket
was buttoned awry. On one foot
was a shoe, on the other a bedroom
slipper, muddy and sodden. Her dark
eyes were big with excitement.
"Why don't you make Murray come
in?" Dan demanded sharply.
"He won't do it," muttered Slater.
From the ranks of the workmen
came a bellow of triumph as an un
usually heavy icefloe was swept
against the breakers and rent asunder.
The tumult of the imprisoned waters
below was growing louder" everymo
ment. Across the lake came a sten
torian rumble as a huge mass was
loosened from the front of (Jarfield.
The channel of the Salmon where the
onlookers stood was a heaving, churn
ing caldron over which the slim bridge
flung itself defiantly.
Kliza plucked at her brother's sleeve
imploringly, and he saw her for the
first time.
"Hello, sis!" he cried. "How did you
get here?"
"Is tie in danger, Danny?"
"Yes no! Mellen says it's all right,
so it must be. but that dam"
At that moment Natalie began to sob
hysterically, and Dan turned his at
tontion to her.
Hut his sister was not of the hys
terical kind. Seizing Tom Slater by
thf arm. she tried to shake him, de
manding fiercely:
"Suppose the jam doesn't give way!
What will happen?" Happy Tom
tared at her unooniprohendingly. Her
voice was shrill and insistent. "Sup
pose the water rises higher. Won't
the ice sweep down on the bridge it
self? Won't it wreck everything if it
goes out suddenly? Tell me"
"It can't hold. Mellen says so."
Slater. like the others, found it impos
sible to keep his eyes from the river
where those immeasurable forces were
at play: then in his peculiar irascible
manner he complained: "I told "em we
was crazy to try this. It ain't, a white
man's country; it ain't a safe place for
a bridge. There's-just one God awful
thing after another" Ho broke int
a shout, for Eliza had slipped past him
and was speeding like a shadow out
across the irregularly spaced ties upon
which the bridge track was laid.
(To lie Continued.)
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The farmers from west of the city
who have been in since the storm of
Wednesday night, report that the rain
fall in their localities was very slight
and did not exceed that which fell in
this city. The full force of the rain
and wind seems to have been south of
here in the Rock Bluffs neighbor
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II. M. Soennichsen.
Puis & tTansemer.
Peter Spader of Osmond, Neb.,
I Coming season xiciting with her many
J old friends in this city, departed on
i the early Burlington train this morn-
ing for her home.
Strain of Modern Existence Wears
Many People Out Before
Their Time.
The strain of modern life apes many
people when they should be in their
Every other man or woman of fifty,
forty, even thirty-flv feels old; some
of them look it a few of them will
confess it ! "I don't feel so well," they
say. "Seems as if my stomach were
rroine; back on me. I'm getting along
you know, nearly forty." ,
They are wearing out because their
stomachs are wearing out, because
their digestive apparatus is giving
way under the terrible strain they lay
upon it. They feel ready to quit, to
"lay down." Their health seems to
have deserted them and their strenp-th.
vigor and energy and determination
along with their health.
They are "run down" and they think
they can't be wound up again! But
thousands and thousands of men and
women who thought they were run
down forever have wound themselves
up again and are running along as
smooth as ever.
They took Tanlac. They found in
Tanlac a stomach food and stomach
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while it heals starved, sore stomachs,
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Tanlac is designed to help these
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It is a purely vegetable reconstruc
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ach needs. It begins by stimulating
the digestive and assimilative organs
which make food into blo5d, bone and
tissue. Tanlac lays the foundation of
health and rebuilds strength.
Tanlac is being specially introduced
in Plattsmouth at the Mauzey Drug
Tanlac may also be obtained in
Springfield, at II. Fiegenbaum's store,
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Drug Co.
David Starr Jordan Tells of Recent
Conference With President
Stanford University, Calif., Sept. S.
That definite plans were outlined at
recent conferences between President
Wilson and peace advocates for bring
ing about peace in Euiope, was the
declaration made by Chancellor David
Starr Jordan of Stanford university,
who has just returned from Washing
ton. According to Dr. Jordan the con
ference agreed that any one of three
plans will be feasible.
1. Acongress of executives of neu
tral nations might take the lead in
biinging the- belligerents of Europe
2. Congress mijrht appoint pre
ventatives to meet with representa
tives of other neutral countries to
3. The United States might act in
dependently. Dr. Jordan said he was not at lib
erty to give out the details of the
plans as they would be handled by
Persident Wilson himself.
Must Wait for Election.
"In my judgment, without relation
to the conference with President Wil
son," said Dr. Jordan, "the president
can do nothing before the coming
election as, it would be unwise to un
dertake a peace movement that would
be attacked politically at home.
"It is probable that the president
and congress will join a peace move
ment, which will not come, however,
for two or three months as the en
trance of Greece and Rumania into
the war has given hope of victory
to the allies."
Dr. Jordon said he looked for peace
within six months. The movement
for peace, he said, must come from
the United States. The Ford peace
conference, he said, was growing in
"An honorable peaca," he asserted,
"is one which means the territorial
integrity of Belgium and France."
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The unknown heirs, devisees. Iet;ates,
personal representatives and all c.tlte
persons interested in the estate ;f
John Carrell, del-eased, et al. def.-nci-ants.
Notice f Suit to luie Title.
To the defendants the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal repre-s.
tives and all other persons interested
in the estate of John Carrell. deeeu.-e.i:
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees
personal representat i es and all ote-r
persons interested in the estate of M.s
John O.riell, first real pa:i.c unknown
I'foared: Justus . t.'oza-.l: Mrs. .I.i.-.tus
1.. Cozad, first real name in Uriow n ; ttu
unknown heirs. 'evisees, lesrite-'s. -sonal
representative:; and all ot:ier per
sons interested m the estate of .Pistus
I.. C'ozad, deceased: the unknown hea-.-.
devisees, lesratees, personal representa
tives and all other persons interested in
the estate of Mrs. Justus L. Cozad. firs:
lirst real name unknown, d-.-eas'd:
Samuel Catlin: Mrs. s'ainml 1 "at lin. tirt
real name unknown; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all otuer persons jn
trested in the estate of Samuel Catiin,
d ceased; the unknown heirs, ilf. i.-e..:,
legatees, personal representatives :wv.
nil other persons interested in the t
tate of Mrs. Samuel Catlin. first rt-.i I
i.fine unknown, dec-eased: Wi! ! it::. I..
Thompson: the unknown heirs, devi.-rs
legatees, personal representat i vis ;:r.d
all other persons
tate of William 1.
.avid Crai;; Ann
Amanda M Crnisr;
devisees, legatees,
interested in Ti e . s
Tliompson, deeeas-. d;
Craii? also known as
; the unknown heirs,
. personal repr.ser.
ler persons interested
talivcs an : all ot:
in the eslatr of JJavid era 1 jr. o t-e;: se.i :
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate of Ann
Craifr aiso known as Amanda M. Craitr,
deceased; the unknown heirs, devisees,
legatees, personal representatives
all other persons interested in tlie es
tate of Udward Carrell also known as
Kdward Carroll deceased; the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all ot;,er persons in
terested in the estate of Rebecca Car
1 el t also known as Rebecca Carroll, de
ceased: Andrew Yonnr; Mary Youni;;
tiie unknown heirs, devisees, lesratees.
personal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate of An
drew Younc, deceased; ihe unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal repri -sentatives
and all other persons inter
ested in the estate of Mary Vouns-. de
ceased: Kli B. Sprat len; -Mrs. Kli 15.
Spratlen. first real name unknown: the
unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested in the estrto of K!i Ji.
Spratlen, deceased; tiie unknown heirs,
nevisees. personal representative and
all other persons interested in the es-
Itate of Mrs. KM 1-5. Spratlen, lirst real
name unknown. deceased: .!raham
Towner, widower: l"miiy 1 'a 1 1 er. oi. u
widow. Susan C. Cutler, a widow: ihin
ttie Tisiiue: Joe Tishue: Winnie liers;
Henry loers: Will I . Towner: Carrie
Towner: Clem Towner: Mrs. Clem
Town, r, lirst rial name unknown: Vera
Towner: Leonard Towik r; George Hen
ries: Mrs. cieorjie Ilcnnes, first r-al
name unknown: the unknown heirs, de-
isees. legatees,! representa
tives and all other persons interested in
tlie estate of (leorjro Keimes. deceased;
tiie unknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal repi esen t.t 1 i v s and all otiur
persons interested in the estate of .Mrs.
Ceoifre Kctmes. first real name un
known, deceased: Hiram K IVnnt-tt,
trustee; Hiram P. Bennett: Mis. Hiram
1 Bennett, first real name unknown;
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal 1 epresentatives and all other
oersoos interested in tiie estate of
Hiram 1. Bennett, deceased: the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested Vm the estate of Mrs.
Hiram 1". Bennett, first real name un
known, deceased; John H. Maxon: Mrs.
John H. Maxon. first real name un
known: the unknown hei.s. d-visees,
lesratees. personal representatives and
all other persons interested m in.,
tate of John .H. Maxon, deceased:
e s -the
unknown heirs, devisees, lesratees.
sonal representatives and all other
sons interested in tlie estate of
John H. Mason, first real name
known, deceased: Bennett Maxon. x:
Company: the unknown sri -an tees, suc
cessors and a;-s!rns of Bennett Maxon
iX- Company: I.nry d. Thompson, a
widow, Margaret CJ. Byers: S. H. Mar
shall Kyers: the unknown heirs, de
visees, lesratees. personal representa
tives and all other persons interested
in the estate of Annis S. Clayton, de
ceased: the unknown heirs, devisees,
lesratees. personal representatives and
all other persons interested in t ne es
tate of Clayton, first tea!
name 'unknown, deceased: the unknown
heirs, devisees, lesratees, peisonni rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate f Mary Storm,
deceased: Andrew Hopkins: ilannnu M.
Hopkins: the unknown heirs, devisees,
lesratees. personal representatives and
all other persons interested in the es
tate of Andrtvv Hopkins, deceased; the
unknown heirs, devisees, le-ratees, per
sonal representatives anil all other per
sons intt rested in the estate of Han
nah M. Hopkins, deceased: William
Searisrht. Mrs. William Searbrkt. first
i real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, lesratees. personal
represent.!! ves and ai! oilier per
sons interested in the estate of William
Seaiisriit, deceased: the unknown heirs,
devisees, lesratees. personal representa
tives anil all other ps-rsor.s interested
in the estate of .Mrs. William Sea; isj'iit.
first real name unknown, deceased:
Robert liorrsran: Mrs. Robert 1 "n rpii n.
first real name unknown: the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, person;. rep
lesentatives and all other persons iii
tt -rested in the estate of Robert ! oi r
sran, deceased; the unknown heirs, de
visees, legatees, personal represntatives
and all other persons interest c-l in the
estate of Mrs. Robert I im i sraii. lirst
real name unknown, deceased; the un
known heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives and all other per
sons interested in the estate of .lames
M. Ratta, deceased : the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal representa
tives and all other persons interested
in the estate of Mrs. James M. Rat in.
Hi st real name unknown, deci as-u :
Isaac Coe: Mrs. Isaac Cue, first real
name unknown : the unknown heirs,
devisees, legatees, personal represen
tatives and all other persons In'ero-teii
in the i-state of Isaac Coo. deceased;
the unknown heirs, devisees, legatees,
personal representatives and all other
persons interested in the estate of Mrs.
Isuiio Coe, first real name unknown, de
ceased: Howard l'attersoti: Mrs. How
ard I'atterson, first real name unknown:
isabelle Moore: Charles - Moore: Rilly
Joy: Joy. lirst real name un-
kTV'V'.n. husband of Ri ! I ie Joy: R. ca rsru.s
I'atterson: I lack:
Black, first real name unknown, hus
band of Rannie Black: Roltie Virts-.
. Virts, first real name un
known, husband of Rotlie Virts. John
Storm: Charles Carrell: Mrs. Charles
Carrell. first real name unknown:
("torsre Carrell: Mrs. lieorsre Carrell.
tirsi real name unknown: .lonn Cariiil;
Mrs. John Cariell. lirst real name un
known: Klijah Carrell: Mrs. Riijah Car
rell. first real name unknown: the un
known owners and the unknown claim
ants of all of blocks one l) south four
l east", two (;J south four 4 east :
three c; south four 1 east: four i li
south four i) eo.-t: five " south four
( -I east: six 6j south four t') east;
seven 7 south four ( -I east; eisht
S south four H east; nine ( ) south
Jour east: ten tlfli south four !i
east: eleven 11 south four 4i east;
twelve 1 south four M east: seven
7 south five (.' east: eiprht M south
five ( " c-pst; nine ( : south five t i
eaft: ten (10) south five (a) east; eleven
(111 south five ". east; twelve (
south five ( ) east; nine II south six
6 east: ten (10) south six ( i ) east:
eleven ( 11 south six t east: twelve
(H't south six enst: ten (1 south
seven (71 east: eleven U south seven
t7 east; twelve (1 south - seven (7)
east: and twelve ( 1' " south eisrht (
east, all numbered from - the - I'uMic
Soiiare in said Village of Rock Bluffs,
All tiiat part of out-lot one 1 of tiie
Villasre of Rork BlulT. described as fol
lows: ComenciiisT at notthwest cor
ner of said out lot one (1), running
(hence east 7.' chains- to a t-U-k.',
thence south 1 degrees -I", minutes
east. S..e chains aloriar a-ditch, theme
west 10. is chains to the west Fide of
said out-lot, thence north S.96 chains
to 1 1 i p place or" beainnirijr, con t ;i in i
sever. ' ( 1 acres mure i r less, also
known as lot five . in ti e southeast
ouarter SK4 of section sixteen (;).
t.vnship eleven (111. ranye fourteen
(14). d'ass coumv, Nebraska.
Thai part of out-lot ohm ti. in il
ViHaue of Cock I'.li.fls in "ass
N !n a.- ka. described as follow s, to-wit.
eomtneneinsjr fourteen 14 chains e;v t
of tl .parte!' section corner between
sections sixteen illii. u to! t w-nv-on.
tJli. in townshio eleven ill. 7-101 t!.'l.n l-e Yio'ntr. I t
tiuoie fourteen (ill east in Cass count''.
.Mhniska, at a 1 1 iii.s t or:.- on se, !
li.lL tltMtu.n -w.i'l. ; . 1 ...... .... .1 I
forty-five mi mites west. iM.r.o rha-rs
ii a inne."t( r;e, triune.- east e-.yht chains!
to h limestone llo-nee 1:011 t !. t-i .!, 1 ....,
1 ! ... -... -i.i.l 1-. .... , . ?- . . . .
'' 1 ..a i i:iit.v in .. iit,..t,.,.
t,, the
nioamle! t.,,rj,r i,eiwi,i sct'ops sp'-
I---M !.. an.; twent v-one c'li 'tiienee
west eiht s chair. s to p!a. . ot be-
u'inninc con la i n int; sixteen 1 1 11 1 acres
iiK'i e or less, also' known as ot seven
7 1 in ti..- sou t neasf .iiiartor iSK1:
of section sixteen (!;i. township . l.-vi'n
111. -., ... . , . ... . .
00. raiisre lotirtien 1 i 1 1 n -;,
county, Nebraska, io-'thc.-- w'th nil
ai'retions and alluvions foiiiH-d upon
an i asr.iinst said d scribed i stale
A strip of la. id bein-4 in north half
1 N. 1 :. 1 f.t .
ot section s-vieen . 1 : . 1 . .m-,,s . , ., "...
I 1 1 I e i-.r-t I ........... .. .. . .
.... ,..'.iii ii - r jimii etii .j... in rissj.iioies. ! M"s l rca I nam" 11 1 1 k 11 o 11 . 1 . -
county. Net. taska. south of a i-r v: - 1; p. h-j;---. b- is. l.-uatees. p.-i -street
in the Yihm.- of Rock BiuiYs in ' s..: ;.i reprcsei. t t i v.-s and all other pcr
sani eon my. and vxte(,ditisi east and j v.-.s i-t-.s(c.( in the -stj,te of Samuel
west mini the south en.', of Second , j j .1 , .es a 1 so k mi-vn a s S. 11 . .1 on. . . le -stleet
to the south end 01 Sixth street 1 ... ..... .t- .-. 1 .l. is. . s
a:et extendinir M.tillt to the soot!, Mm-
of toe north naif . N .a .f ih- south-
"-s 'Kianer 1 u , of sap section
ix teen 1 1 1 .
a ; s o
Also srovernmeni l..t .,,- Mi end h
noriii half i.i.a srovernno-nt lot
two ( J 1 in the northeast o 1 ; a rt r 1 . : ' , 1
. " ' ,.: . V;Uns':!!:
r 1 .' ' ' e.i s 1
in Casss county, NePi aska, v,-!.p- .
also known as i,,t t u e , t v ... i - i ., , , -,
the northeast Muarter iXlh,. . .? . i
section twem.v-o- l-m.
eleven (11., ra.asre f..u. ic,, ,11.. , ,-
aether will, a'l il(Wii,, and al!n io.;s
1 : : ....
101 im-ii u."ii auo .isiii.e 1, ' is.
. . . 1 . .
iinil also
Comme'icitiir at tin- iP!l:; .-.ui.e
.if I'nt fi'Mini'iil l..r 1 t-e .
souti.west Mtiartir .SV '- of : . ,:i
tWeUlV-tUO tl'.'l, tow;. ship eiee, 11 .
m.rtl. 'ra nire louit.-en .in. e-st in a
eountv, Necraska. thence 10 chains :-.s i .
t.,...L 1. . .-. .1... ...... 11 1 ,
ll. LI e. s West. 1 I
chains to the west line of said ov.-i
menl lot three '!. tiienee li'.rtii 1 '
cl.Hins to the place of b-.--i:: r.i ntr. !., e o t J, . hn ..(,!:. d,-.-. a -. d ; t h- un
known as lot fourteen (lti. in I !'"; ':. "'v :, t e.-.. pet
southwest .iiiarter S. 4 . of section j ."M:a I r.. pre-.-n? :n iv.-s and al! .111. r p.r
t -.vent v-t wo ii'.'), t.. ushio e'even I 1 . intcie ;! 111 1- ''ate id Af:e . ot
. . .... .... .:, : . . ill at k. d- 1 1 , - 1:1. .11 mn 1.. if:
I 1 .1 nr io.iiielt 11,., it 1 "i .-s.t mi, '
I. .... ...... ,. ;!- .. : . . 1. ... I ..I'..
fsOll. I Utl cNl III- . 1.'. .ill.. -
v ions farmed upon and against ail ,.f
said hinds. AH of s;.i I heads be.'. or in
the eiMintv of Cass, Nebraska.
Vou arc h.reliv noinud 1 1 ;. : f.n Autr-
1 1 s i i ! i n e. . . ... i . i ; , . i ...i i . j
petition in tl, e ilisti!'.. .out I of the
county of ('ass. Ac Lie ska, to .piiet
phiintif:" title lojjie above described
lands, to-w it
-ll of blocks one (! south li
east: two i J i south four Hi east;t
three (.'It south fun: i I; ;:st : 1'niir ill J
soutn four it) east; li . e ( .. i south Imir
M ea.-t: six i. i south lour i 4 i east;
seven ti) south lojr ill east: i-i.:l.t
i l soutli l'mir i 1 I east; nine i : i .vuio
lie.M' 4i ea.-t: ten (ill .south four I 1 i
east: eleven I 111 soulu lour (li easi;
teive ll"i south four ( )) east: seven
(Ti soutli live .". I east; oiuht i) south
five t .". ) last; nine ".' I south nve ..
east: ten l Hh south live I ;is t ; c 1 1 v . ti
ill) south live . east; twelve
south live i .". I easl: nine ! i soui h : -, x
lot easl : ten i ! i I . u , . . i.c I I : -1 :
eievea ll.. .-I'M :i si. i e;.;-t . i . e ', e
i 1 J ) south six i..i east: ii-. i i I'M .-.Mith
si-veil ill east: ;-, cri 111) soul h S--V -il
K 7 last : -t v t i v iii'i iui.i n sevei (7i
east; and twelve ri'Ulil ei.uht Ol
east; all m,m)erel fi om the I'ublie
s.;ua!e in said village of Rod-: Blmls,
.Neb: aska,
:. let
AM that part ot out-Ioi. lu-.e i 1 i of
i . . e
villasre of Rock Bi litis, t. s. i ! b-u
as fol;..w.-: i ' i) in nie r: i n y al the north
west corner of said "iil-ict n-- ill,
i un:;.;n-r thence ra; I 7.'o. l iains to a
stake, (io-m-e south iv dcfriees ' I .'. min
utes east, :'.r,i) cii;ii;:s aioi.u a ditcu,
thence west 1 ciiS'.ias to the west
side id' Silio out-lot. tie hce m i In S.!0,
chains to the place ! nrini.ins, io'i
tainiUs? s". ' n ( i ) aci' -s m ! i i p ss. also
kncivvn as lot live ( .". ) l : the southeast
ipiaiur iSRhj) ui section N.iUi-n (!' i,
lownsiiip eleven (11), i,ri;;c l o ii !' t e-n
ill1. Cass immty, ciiaska,
Ti t pai' of .. u -. -. ' '. li m tin.- v il
ia 'e ..!' i Cot llhi.i la i ': s ( '.i::t.', .X' ' -in
ask;'. ..s. ri bed as I'.diow s. to-wit fourteen ill) chains e:t
ot the (ii;u tir section i-u n- i' iiri'iVun
sections sraoti 1, and t we;; : -one
. 1 ) . i'i to-; nship eleven ( 1 1 , ii..". ii: ot
raio-e f ourtei t ill), easl in ass
county, .xet rasKa. at a limestone on
section line, thence north i-iyhtcn ;
srrees a ndf ort y-nine niih'.il.s v.est, I'l.-O
chains to a 1 : t o ne, t, .eni--- ii.-t eisrht
chains to a liniestoue. theo'-e soutii
. Itrhteeu desrrces ami to. iV -:.. liiihlllis
ea.-t, i..".ii chains t- a li;n. stor.e to the
meander conu r lirin trn si cl ions six
teen i I'll, and twenty-one iri) th-nce
AV-i-st eint ; N ciiaii.s to phi . e cl be
rinninsr. containing sixteen ( 1 ti ) acres
more or less, aiso known as lot seven
(i) in the soutueast iui. iter SiI:i I ol
section sixt. en tlij), lownsl t; eleven
(111. ransre l.iurt'cn l.l!'. in e'ass
count.", .Nebra.-xa. t-'-,et:..-! it .i a.l ac
cretions and alluvion .. r;n. l i;;"-;. a:.d
uyainst sani described -Uu--.
. strip of ! a r.ri heir.,
(N) of the sot, 1 a . si
i i secitoii sixteen !.
11 uiiitii i, 1 1
i . r l r i . v -, i
'.'!:.- ':;; eleV'i
i I ' i i . : o ;. - .-
(11). norm ran '.re : on ; t .
i i."i)it..', Nr-braslca,
lit 1 1 o V, j. ; el- t r-
in tl.e villa:
ol l.o(-; ijihhs la .-a l-l
count., and exl .-i.d : i: .-a- ;.ni west
lrom the south f hd ol St cop-l .-.leel to
t!;e south erd of .-sixth st;e i, . n-l x-teiidin'-T
south to ti e ,:;: of tht
north half (N'ji x iie- .-ou i I. v.-i-sl
in artef ( S ' of said . e.tii n sixteen
( 1 'j ) .
.so poveri" iuem ,.l ;i- i 1 I ;inl t!;-'
le.rtii naif i .N ! ) of ;ro i n n; -n '. in two
i J) in the northeast "iieri.-r ( . R ' ,
o I section t v.'i lit ' -olo- I'll i " li s i ! I . .
eicVcii (111 i ;. 1 1 " f -. 1 1 i t ! ' 1 ' ( c:; s t i li
Cass iiiiiiity, Nebraska. v..:cli i' also
KIl'ivv n as lot i v en l -c , : : i (.-!. in i.;e
northeast, ouatt. r (M.'i i of saoi se,-.
lion l. !,!.i -niji' ( J 1 . township ilcv. 'i
(III. r a ii ne 1 u l t c o ill), t .'S 1 1 ; vv 1 1 n
all accretions and alluvions loiine.l
upon and against said hiio;.-.
alio ,ii. ii
( 'ommenr'i h sr at tie norllv. 1 i oi -nir
of iiovernmi nt bu t !,ree . .. i In the
s. ti t it West ouarter iSW'i) ot s.ctii n
t went -t wo I 'i' i towrislop e!i ..u illi,
r.ortb ranire l'Mirteen (III. ea t in Ci-s
eountv, .x. hi aska, 11 ence I ) i-i,i, ins cast,
then.-e south ).. "biiis ve-i.
be Ills, to lie west line ot s;,.,l t'liViTH
Pierif lot" three ', Ihen'-e .io.-H, I'l
chain-; to ll-e 'place of i.emtiuiy. aiso
known as lot fourteen l!i, m the
Mii;!li..-i ijll.i! I.'.' (SV ;, ) ol section
twenty-two i.'i. township vi-h (111,
raii.-'.o foi;ite-n (111. a t ores., id. together
with all the ;n en tiiili;' and a 1 1 u v h 1 :is
formed ui.on and airaih-t all of s;iid
lands. A 1 1 of said lauds ! ::ir: in tin
i-uinty of ('ass, Nebraska.
Because of ht.- advii-a- j.os essiim by
hi!:isi:i, ids c.treesturs, and,
lor mole than ten years prior in tie
i'o ni tn e u ce in i it l of said suit i to! l- :,
.loin .all and all of cu !'i"!;i I .j vini; or
chiimiriK' any ii;,l l. tiiie. lien c,r inter
est. cub-M- lesral or e.piiiabl", in or to
said lands r any pail ll,.ieo'' lo l -O'lite
ymi to set form your riirht, title,
claim, lien to- tirteiest tueiiin, if any,
either leiral or ei) u i Ca b!e, aral to hay,,
the same adjinltred inferior to the ft
of plamtitf and for i;.neial e-j v. i ta ble
relief. This notice is made pursuant to
the order o; lie court. urn an- re
el Hired to answer said petition on or
before Monday. ()'tober :N;rd, 1 '.) 1 'i. or
your default will be duly entered
Ficuu l'ATTi: rest .
W. A. hiiliPi't.-nii, '
At torr.ey. ' '
"our wn-ks, .- f-ini-w cel.; , iiio.icnc
intj September 11, 1 !';.
FOR SALE My well improved forty
acies, 1 mile west of court house.
Inquire of A. W. Smith.
tm.NTV of :-, .m:iii: Mx..
Joanna Ilaxter. Pialntl.r".
C'iai-a !:. Yoi.ncr. also known as Clara
lOlleri Yonnif et ah. 1 ten.Ia nt s.
"Vofiee if Suit 'tulr Til If.
To tlie ib-lenth.nls Chirt K. '1 oui'ir
:ilso known Clam .'"lien Younu;
r.-;il name ui
known: husHitio or wid-wi
)f CbM.f
V,,ii:iiT al.-o know:, as Chira 1Im
Clara K ifiiu' 1 oe. r.a 1 iiauo
other than Clara I-:. . uii.iu unknown;
1 o 1 ; T 1 line, him a 1; o : ' i ' ; "y"1;-'"
! u
l'!id 1 -I" widower or 1 :.ii a 1.. 1 u o -
I I .1 vi 1
n !-- ; . . 1 w n h, ils. de
I a lees. , re,iir.-ri,i,iuef .
1 1 o 1 all
other persons inurei-tid in tie- estate
if -'':' i:- si!so known ji
KHe.-i Vouiiir. otherv.'i.-e described t s
"iaral" Y on n 1; 1 oe, real nam.- otuer than
h ra K. Yci-vr unknown, de.--.i-.-l: I! e
unkiio-vn !-ir.-. ii h legale'-, pei- ! '! v--u t a t , - :!!! Ml o-h-r
I ,. .1 ; . . ' . . . . t 1 r : ..- I ... ,
.- ..T. r..v , . 1:1 1 e esiaie 1
Y.oiirr. fir.-t ''en! name o - k " v u,
o- eased : the cnknov. ti heil-s, ii.;..e ,
;e:ratees, p.-i.-onal rc pi --S. n t a t i ves and
a'.i oiler .erso::s i n t I s : I in tie
tate 01' John Hoe. first real nani- e n -
o-. n. deceased: s I 1!...Io!m-s, also
1 j is 1,0
M rs S i m i.e 1 11.
I ! " .' ' ' . ' . 1. . 1
, U,,'; r-Mesentatives ;
11 ,:, persons imc,est.-d in the
'..-., ..r f.-s c-,,e,,..i 11 .!,.,. lii.i t
" -v ' ". .: . ".
li!ikt"iw;t. 1! ecea ed ;
I'a.kard .X
MUl.i . 1 .-i .-I i ... t. 1 i : .
d of St. 1 1:
1 - r r.ickard aivl Jason C .Milbr: s,.i-n
cr I'.,.-I;.:p!, KVH:i C.n-kard: the im-
Vtl heirs. .J.-V! see-, e-
--' .oi.i.emat:,., and all o,
, . , , , ,. . ,. ,,,1 , ,. . ,-. ,. . ., 1 ,. , ,r s . -, -
.'. , . ,.. , , . ,,. . , , ....
' " !. J'-1V':,"!- V ( : " . V ',- , V'
; ! ' ' 1 1 -levis es. b-; t-.;.-. p.!.nal I-,..
'V:'s.;'"" ?! , '!'V-'."'i-- ' '
I " '! y'" ;" ',!. ;' ' ' ' '', ' , . ' ' ' ' . i ."
!,K '' , ' 'j .
Idler: the unKnovn l.eti-::. d.-vi.-.-e-. o i.- -
, , , .111
.' . cs- pet . or a 1 1 ( p r a t 1 v s ;. ,d ;, I
"liar pelsoIlS j e eles ) , (1 j.; t state
-1" Jason ".. Mill. r. d. ceased; ti un-
!-""'';' " 1, ,-e-
I-- '-. " ;","'.MU,"',; '" ' "r V !."
1 1 nit. res t : 11 lie 'state .,r ,.:ry I .
i 1 ' ' '!- -id: Jo,,, I.. 1 .ark: .Mik'H
. B. 1 lark: t u:..; 'iiiv. 1: 1, de I.-.-',
-a 1 ccs, ,.i:s.a::i r. . s . i; i 1 , - aii'i
I other ;., vs- :-s j. , ted i'l t! e- -
!' oViSoes. .' ' ' 1 !.-. t . I -.!,.'! 1. !"i - : t.t-
lv-s i!id a.ota-r p. i : ..!,.- 1 1. 1 t ...
' -tal.- - r u-n.:.': I .:-. . 1 ...-.! .
I.i:.- I-. Coo- aho !;.. u as 1.. wis
'' '"le: "ara I.. i'.J. , t(.
' 1: n o v. n 1 i i
h : 1 1 . . t .-i - l .-nr. sent ' . .- ar:d all
POISONS il i'-J. -le 1 i I 1 .
Of Rotlis I'. Co.'. . I-O k.'loS'. ' ir-
Re W i S 1'. 'o ! e, b I ' ;i - . . I ; ' i . i';k','i'V L
heirs. de i; f es. !::; i rs, 'i sonal ! p-
ntatives and all oih. r i-i im i- it -
terc te.l n '- 0 sRlt- of Chi i a K Cole.
leceased: Wi'liam I. C.r.. : M m I"..
Moore. i;t!a Moore. I; ibei;e Moot., aril
I he unknown i.'..'iti.,'i ;.nd 'I i.nknov. n
claimants of f i r ions i lots six ;. ;itd
s.- . n I 7 ). in the i it I .. n t .i...i'e-
l."i:i-4 oT the no; t )i A.- t lMatf
i.'."f-l of section I went v-four -l.
tov.nsh.ip eleven (11). forth rai.i;
thirteen (J::i. c."s-t of the i;th 1". M. m
ti e County of C:i.-, X. hraka.
Vu are hcTei'.v noti'icd on Apill
A. !.. RtlU. tihi'iitih' libil her suit in
the Pistliof Court of the Couetv ..I"
'es.--. Nebraska, to ouwt plaintiff's t.t,
to the aboio .les.-iibed lands, to-wit:-
Irnction tl bd six (; i. and sevi t, i7).
in tin northeast iiiai l' r i.M.-ti ..f t b
northwest i;i;aitn'.i'U'l.!i t,T se, t,,.r.
twenty-fo'ir (L'!. towtiship c l.-v.-n 1 t .
north ran ire thirteen R;i. cast of i
'd!i 1. M. in the County of i'a; v,.-bra.'-ka.
Ii-cause of her advcr-i- p,.--..s.
sion bv Ir-rsir ami her trtantors for
! ,,,, ,,o than ten years pi h.rt
o II
menc.iiierit of sa hi suit and to -!i.ioin
eacn and all of you from havini; ..
ch'iiniinsr any ti-ht, title. lien or inir
est. either eal ,,r eouib-ibb-. i ti ..r to
said hinds or anv p.ut theic.if; f. r-e.
ouire yoi to set forth your rfuht. titi-,
('aim. lit l or interest therein, if air."
either b--.ra ir i it a ble, and to b.ix.'
the sain.- adjudged i:if-.-rir to (l e title
or Ihiintirr and for c-nc ral eon if a I
relief. Ti i.; notice is made pursuant
to the order of the Court.
Van are ieonire.1 to answer ."aid pe
tition nn or before Mone.'av. o-tobet -A.
I. I'.tl:. or your default will be duly
entered therein.
w. a. i.o:;rrtson.
A I Loi ney.
In the matter of the estate of Har
mon Be.-tor, deceased.
Notice is hereby '-iven, that at the
ofTice of the County Jude in the court
hou?e, Plattsmcufh, Ca.,s County, Ne
braska, on the 2nd day of O-.-tobei,
1010, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. v....
the follow-in"; matter will be heard
r.nd considered:
The application of Ada R. Cost or to
admit to probate the last will ;-nd
testament of Iiaimon Bestui late o'"
the City of Plattsmouth, in (.'.(.
County, Nebraska, deceased; ar.d f o
letters testamentary to be i-ucd t-
Ada R. Bettor, and for a d.crec of
the court finding who all the heir-; of
said deceased are.
Dated this 30th ciay of Aur;td, lli''.
By the com L
ALLEN J. I5EKSOX, County .lu .'oe
.5u !. ;
State of Nebraska,
ss. In cour.! v co' 1 1 1.
County of Cass.
In the matter of the ct.-fo ,, j;,,,.
jainin F. Hornintr. Deccascl.
To all persons intetested
Your are.her-by notified that pi -
hus been filed in this.eouit tl.e- icpoft
cf the Executrix of .said estate, i'.
cther with her petition for final set
tlement and her di.-charL-o as .su -h
That a hearia;r v. ill lie. had in...,,
said reiiort and petition before this
court on the 18th day of Septembi r.
1 .)!(, at ten o'clock a. m. in the Co udv
Court Room at IMattsinouth, in sail
That all objections thereto, if anv.
must be filed with said Court on or
fcefoic said tday and hour of hcaiijir.
Wuress my hand and the seal oh
County Court of said Countv this 7th
day of September, VJ1G.
Allen J. Ueeson.
County Judge.
(Sual.) 1 wk.
Sales bills aone quickly at th