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AXumber of Local Sons of Herman
HighU- Entertained in Our Neigh
boring City.
Yesterday the members of the Sons
of Herman lodge of Plattsmouth de
cided to show their fraternal spirit by
a visit to the lodge at Nebraska City,
and accordingly, several anto loads of
the members left this city at 10:30
for tiie Otoe county metropolis. The
auto ttip through the finest part of
Cass and Otoe counties was most en
joyable and the writer, who was in the
car of G. 11. Tarns, which was in the
lead, was permitted to enjoy to the
fullet the fine prospective of the land
scape, with the many fields of fine
farms stretching on either side of the
load. The coin looks as though the
u.-ual bumper crop was being secured
and all the farm homes are in fine
r-hape. and make a splendid appear
ance for the industry and prosperity
of the residents throughout the route
traveled. The roads, too. as a rule
we;e excellent, with the exception of a
small piece about two miles long south
and west of Union in Otoe county,
where the road is just about as poor
as could bf imagined, but with this
exception the load is excellent and
makes fine motoring. The Cass county
r ads are in good shape almost the
tntire distance from this city to the
Otoe county line.
The expedition., under the direction
of William Starkjohn as generalissi
mo, leached Nebraska City near the
nou hour and the members of the
party at once proceeded to enjoy din
ner, preparatory to the pleasures of
the day. The welcome extended by
the Nebraska City members to their
visitors was very enthusiastic and
hearty and there was nothing that
could add to their pleasure and enjoy
ment. The Plattsmouth delegation wa;
5-iV.wn vwr the city by auto and made
a complete tour of the Otoe county
metropolis. The sightseeing party
was in charge of Senator John Mattes
x-.nd A. I. Younir as the guides, and
every point of interest in the city and
vicinity was reached by the members
of the party in the trip. Beautiful
Morton park and Arbor Lodge, the
h me of the family, was visited, and
this monument to the great man that
had contributed! so much to Nebraska
City, was much admired. The visitors
from this city were very much pleased
with th" trip and gratified at the
treatment accorded them by their
friends at the city.
At the Sons of Herman hall a num
ber of addresses were given and the
speakers. Mayor John P. Sattler, Sen
ator Mattes, G. II. Tarns and Max
Pfitzmeyer, all touched on the splen
did enjoyment of the occasion and the
gracious hospitality that had been
shown the Plattsmouth delegation dur
ing their stay in Nebraska City. It
was a very pleasant time' for every
one and the large number in attend
ance felt that it was an occasion long
t be remembered as one of the most
pleasant in the history of the two
lodges. Those who made the trip from
this city were: Mayor J. P. Sattler,
John Bauer, sr., Albert Sergun, Al
bert Lentz, William Starkjohn, Max
P: ies, August Rakow, Frank Steppatt,
John Hirz. G. H. Tarn. Charles Ul
rica, Max Pfitzmeyer, Emil Ilild and
Frank Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Sheldon and
laughter, Isadore, and Misses Anna
Peterson and Poena Pollard returned
borne from their visit and auto trip
in the eastern states last Saturday
afternoon. The trip was made in the
foimer's car. They were east as far
as New ILimpshire and returned
through New York. They report hav
ing had a delightful trip and that no
trouble was had to speak of. Ne
hawka News.
Henry Heebner, the Cedar Creek
t levator manager, returned this morn
ing to his duties, after an over Sun
day visit at Murray with relatives and
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Last night one of the heaviest rain
storms of the season visited this ciey
and for several hours the downpour
was intense, the water falling in
sheets and in a very short time the
streets were decidedly uncomfortable
to cross owing to the depth of water.
The rain seems to have been general
throughout this section and for sev
eral miles south and as a result the
roads are quite muddy and hard to
travel. The rain lasted throughout
the night but was the worst from
8:C0 to 10 o'clock when the storm
was at its height. The streets were
cleaned olF in fine shape by the rain
and presented a fine appearance his
morning. The lowering of the paving
on Main street several years ago cer
tainly has been one of the biggest
benefits to the city that was ever" car
ried out as despite the heavy rainfall
and the immense volume of water that
drained through the business part of
the city, there was not the slightest
damage done. The church attendants
as well as others who were down town
at the time the rain came up ex
perienced discomfort in reaching their
homes and the storm caused the auto
mobile owners who were out to seek
a place cof refuge.
Announcement has been received in
this city of the marriage on Wed
nesday. September (Uh ac Omaha of
Mr. John W. Panning of Stuardt, Neb.,
and Miss Hose Katheryn O'Donnell
of Union. 1m. th of the Young people
are well known throughout Cas where ti .' were reared to
manhood and womanhood and made
tneir none near Lnion tur a great
many years. The bride is one of the
mo.-t popular young ladieS in the
southern portion ot the county and
has for a number of ye-ais been a
member of the teaching force of the
count v and bv cliarm oi
has won manv yarm friends who will
wih her joy in her married life. The
groom, oas lor tne past lew vars
been engaged in the lumber business
t Stuart, in which he- has been very
successful and is a young man univer
sally esteemed bv thoe with nhom he
lias come in contact with. Mr. Pan
ning is a son of one of the leading fam-
ies in Cass county and is a brother
of W. P.. Banning and Joe Banning of
Union, and here the groom made his
home until removing to Stuart. Mr.
and Mrs. Banning are enjoying their
honeymoon at Casper, Wyo.. at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Foster Buck.
Mrs. Buck and Mrs. Banning are sist
ers and here the young people will
remain for some time, returning to
Stuart, November 1st and will then
be at home to their friends there.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Yoman and then
oldest daughter, Mrs. Elmer Smith
and husband of Denver, arrived in
town Saturday night. They made the
trip by auto. They visited at the A.
A. Johnson home until Monday morn
ing, when they drove to Plattsmouth
for a short visit at the old home town
of Mr. Smith, returning here Tuesday
for a more extended visit.
Mr. Smith was connected with
what is now the Nebraska State bank
about twenty-two years ago.
Mr. Yoman and family lived here a
number of years and were well known
throughout the county, especially Mr.
Yoman, who was deputy sheriff and
also special detective for the Missouri
It has been twenty years since Mr.
Yoman has been in Weeping Water
and naturally he sees many changes
and many strange faces, but it is a
great pleasure to meet his old friends
who are still here. Weeping Water
Mrs. Barbara Bookmeyer who has
been at Iowa City, la., visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Lillian Freeman, re
turned home this afternoon.
Hiss Hazel Tuey departed for Chi
cago yesterdayafternoon, where she
will enter the Columbia School of Mu
sic to take supervision work. She was
Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Wescott of Los Angeels, Cal., who are
on their way to Massachusetts, where
they will make an extended visit at
various points.
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make house to house demonstration
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The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. Will on Chicago avenue, was the
scene of a very pleasant gathering
yesterday when a number of the old
friends who are here visiting from
the Pacific coast, were entertained
for the day by Mr. and Mrs. Will. The
dining room was very prettily deco
rated in pink and white asters, making
the room one of great beauty, and
here the delicious and tempting din
ner was served, the color scheme being
carried out in the different courses.
A part of the afternoon was spent
in visiting and then the guests were
all taken bv automobile to Eight Mile
Grove, near where the former homes
of a number of the guests were lo
cated in the years gone by, anil the
occasion was much enjoyed in looking
over the old scenes. The event brought
many happy recollections to the mem
bers of the party of the old times that
have gone never to return. Those who
enjoyed the pleasant hospitality of
Mr. and Mrs. Will were: Mr. and Mrs.
Morgan Waybright, Mrs. Benton
Brown, Mrs Earl C. Wescott and son,
Shirley, all of Los Angeles; Mrs. Olive
Jeffers of Olympia", Wash.; Mrs. Eliza
Beverage, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mauzy
of this city and Robert Mauzy of
A very happy home today is that
l Mr. and Mrs. Albert Murrav due
to the fact of the arrival there tins
morning of a fine ei.uht and ::e-uai t
er pound girl baby, who made her ap
pearance at .'I :.". The arrival of
the litt'e "lie hrs be-".i the occasion
of much pleasure rv.t only to the par
ents in:: to the proud grandparent.
Mr. and Mrs. Mar!; Ik-, as well and
as the first grandchild is the object
cf the greatest admiration and direc
tion. "Uiu-le Earl lies is also feeling
mightily well pleased over his Iktle
neice and it is needless to say :i.:-t sho
is the bo.-s of the Murray household
Plattsmouth. Neb., Sept t'th, H'l.
Mr. E. J. Clark
Mr. E. Patterson
The above mail is unclaimed and
Hill he sent to the dead letter ctrice
September 2o, l'.'lO.
I). C. MORGAN. Postmaster.
S. S. Hall of Pender. Neb., who has
been enjoying a cw days visit with
relatives at Elmwood. Murray and
with his brothers. Major Hall and Dr.
J. II. 1 1 ill 1 in this city, departed this
morning for his home going to that
city on the early Burlington train.
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J. C. Lemon, one of the prominent
residents of Greenwood came down
yesterday to attend the base ball game
and enjoy the day in the county seat.
Mr. Lemon was greatly surprised at
the showing made by the Sox of the
city as he really expected a much
closer score.
Lafe Nelson, residing south of the
city, who, it was reported lost consid
erable corn during the wind and rain
storm of last Wednesday, states that
he has not suffered any loss to speak
of from the effects of the wind or rain
and his crop is in fine shape.
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From FrMnVfi Daliv
Word has reached us of the mar
riage of Miss Fern Ferguson and
James Iloteling, both of Lincoln,
which occurred at Lincoln Saturday.
The bride is the youngest daughter
of Mrs. J. D. Ferguson, one of the
oldest and most highly respected of
the pioneer families of Cass county,
now residing in Lincoln. The groom
was foimerly a real esbute dealer of
Lincoln, but expects to locate in Long
Beach, Cal. Miss Ferguson was mar
ried in her traveling suit of dark blue
cloth, and wore, her mother's wedding
ring. Immediately after the cere
mony, they left for an auto trip to
California, accompanied by the bride's
mother, and also by her sister, Mrs.
L. G. Todd and husband, expecting
to make the trip in the hitter's new
Pathfinder. As announced last week,
they all expect to be gone a year.
The many friends of the family in this
vicinity join us in extending congratu
lations and best wishes. Louisville
Leonard Meisinger is suffering from
a" very painful injury which he sus
taincd as the result of his foresight
in saving his fine Oakland automobil
from destruction. It seems that one
of the electric wires in the car ha
become short circuited while the car
was in use, and as a result there wa
clanger for a few minutes that the
car might be burned up but Leonard
realizing the danarer, tore
wire and saved the car, but in doin;
so both his hands were badly burner
and it was r.eces.-ary to take an er!
forced layoff from his duties at tin
C. E. Wescott's Sons store while tin
injured hands arc bandaged up. Whih
the acident was one th.'t was seriou:
Lccnaiil feels thankful tlrat it was no
wor-e and that his auto suffered no
m the effects
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i?'rri Friday's Dallv.
rdav afte rnoon Wiiliani Owens
was released from the cAinty jail on
0. and olfered as se
curitics for the sum. James Cier.::, the
grandfather of the young man, and
Frank and Ma: v Bash us. Owens was
charged wan ne'ng implicated in tne
assault of O.'iicer William Wilson in
this cit" on the morning of August
ith, and has been at the ImmanucI
hospital i i Omaha snce that time re
covering from the effects of a wound
from a revolver bullet he received in
the abdomen during the mixup. The
young man waived a preliminary hear
ing and was bound over to the district
court to await trial at the November
term of the court. The bond leing
approved, Owens was released and al
lowed to go to his home.
m IS.
From Friday's Dally.
Renorts from Omaha state that
Mrs. Roy Dodge, who has been very
:sick at her home for the? past several
days, was showing much improve
ment, and this has greatly encouraged
her family. It was thought at first
that it might be' necessary to have
an operation performed in order to
give the patient relief, but it is hoped
now this will be avoided and that
she will recover without the necessity
of the operation. This will certainly
be very pleasing to the relatives and
friends in this city and they trust
that Mrs. Dodge may continue to im
prove until she is once more able to
be up and around.
From Friday's Dally.
W. II. Seybeit, who for a great
many years has been a resident of the
vicinity of Cullom has decided that
he will hereafter enjoy a more easy
life than that on the farm and ac
cordingly will remove to Plattsmouth
the coming season and locate on the
Henry Hilbert farm-just west of the
city, to engage in farming on a
smaller scale and have more time for
the enjoyment of life. While he is
now moving a part of his equipment
to the new home, Mr. Seybert will
not remove until March to the Hilbert
farm to make his permanent home.
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From Friday's Dally.
Oscar Gapen returned home this
morning from Lincoln, where he has
been attending the state fair and vis
icing with friends.
F. J. Hennings and son, Albert, mo
tored in this morning to spend a short
time attending to a few matters of
business with the merchants.
W. F. Moore of near Murray, was
in the city today attending to a few
matters of business and visiting with
his friends, motoring up from his
Paul Roberts, the Cedar Creek lum
berman, was in the city today for a
few hours looking after some mat
ters of business and calling on his
W. II. Seybert of near Cullom, was
here today for a short time making
some arrangements for his rcmova
from the farm to the Hilbert place
west of the city.
Miss Eda 'Marquardt was among
those going to Omaha this morning
to spend the day in that city attend
ing to a few matters of business am
visiting with friends.
Miss Mathilda Vallery, who has
been making an extended visit with
relatives and friends at Chicago and
various points in Michigan, returned
home Tuesday morning.
J. K. Wiles came in this morning
from his home near this city and de
parted on the early Burlington train
for Omaha to spend the day looking
after a few matters of business.
W. F. Gillespie, the Mynard grain
man, was in the city yesterday for a
few hours en route home from Omaha,
where he had been for a short time
attending to a few matters of busi
John Wichmann was a passenger
this morning for Lincoln, where he
well spend the day in that city vis
iting with Joseph Droege, and will
take in the state fair while in that
Mrs. Annie Britt is spending a few
weeks in Chicago with her daughter.
Miss Dorothy Britt, and will enjoy tho
time in visiting in the windy city
Mrs. Britt will be gone some three
weeks or a month.
James Patterson, who has bean hero
visiting at the home of his grand
pa! ents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mc
C'auley, for the Home Coming, de
purled this morning for Lincoln to at
tend the state fair.
Mrs. Carrie B. Wilson of Omaha,
who was here over tho Home Coming
festivities visiting with her many
friends, departed this morning for her
home. Mrs. Wilson was a former
Plattsmouth lady and the daughter of
Captain L. D. Bennett, one of the pio
neers. From Satnrdav'a Dull v.
J. W. Ward of Algona, la., and a
former Plattsmouth man, was here to
day visiting old friends.
Ben Dill of near Murray, was in the
city for a few hours today looking
after some trading with the mer
chants. S. L. Furlong, the pioneer from the
i . 'sir 2
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vicinity of Rock Bluffs, drove in today
and spent a few hours looking after
some trading with the merchants.
L. M. McVey and wife from near
Union were in the city for a few hours
today looking after some trading with
the merchants and visiting with their
William Puis drove up this morning
from Murray to spend a few hours in
this city attending to a few matters
of business and calling on his old
Mrs. George Adams returned this
morning to her home at Western,
Neb., after a visit of some time here
with her mother and other relatives
j and friends.
L. A. Meisinger, wife and children
were among those visiting in the city
yesterday afternoon for a few hours,
attending to some trading.
Charles Butts of Bartlett. Ia., was
in the city today attending to some
trading with the merchants, and is
loud in his praise of the Plattsmouth
stores over those of nearby towns.
Mrs. J. R. Hunter and son, Paul,
and Mrs. Ileinmann departed this aft
ernoon for Hitchcock. S D.. for a short
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visit there with relatives and friends.
Mr. Hunter accompanied them as far
as Omaha on their journey.
Mrs. Isaac King of Superior, Neb.,
who has been here visiting over the
Home Coming season with her old
friends and her brother, J. W. Crabill
and family, and her sister, Mrs. W.
G. Brooks, departed this morning for
her home.
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