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    THURSDAY. .ri.V 27. i.PiG.
TAfiE 7.
sT ! "T IPCS?, y53. U
Copyright, 1913, by
GTeil's Men Have Faith.
"i:iT.' t::ik with Mrs. Gerard
ii;m.!! li'.r arrival from Hope
w.-:-; short mil businesslike.
N ,ir!nr lr word nor look did
!:-w t!:r.t !sv k:.iw or suspected
: i-.liiU f '!: real reason of licr
i u i:h Curiloi:. Toward both her
Na he prosc-i-ve-d Lis custoni-li'jariii.t-
. aiid their first eon
hit s"..:: disappeared. Mrs. (lerard
l? mi p! :i:uo'l in one of those black
Is i;t w!:i Ii it seen:. that no possi- j
:, . i
They Discussed the Wonderful Change
In Their Fortunes.
!i'- font aii brins even a somManrt'
of bapi inos--. but it was remarkable
bow sjon tbi f'ato of mind to
t.ivc v. ay boi'ove ll's matter of fact
r!ioTfuln'.---;. U f i"t'aeJ to listen to
ll.eir thanks and made them believe
that thvy were eonf jrr':;: a real favor
lipo.i Lim by aceepti:!? the responsi
li'iiiy of the new lutel. iVuding the
-o!iipleti u of that structure he was
hard pie-ed to find a lodging place
for t !i. i . i mail VAi.a and her brother
p!Miod that Ihey share the bungalow
wi;! iIl.-:::. a thii.c O'Neii had not felt
at liberty to ask under the cirenm-staa'-es.
Nor was the tact of th
b; and ister less than his. They
lei eivel (iie two unfortunates as bon
e:ed pue--..
I:adr.a!iy the visitors bepan to feel
that they wore webome. that they
v. e;e needed, that they had an impor
tant task to fulfil!, and the sense that
they were' really of service drove
away depresion. Nijrht alter niirht
tla y lay awahe discusshi the wonder
ful chaaae i.i their fortunes sind plan
ning their future. Natalie at least had
no: the slightest doubt tiiat all their
troubles were at an end.
niorniu?: they awoke to learn
!hat O N-il had one to the States.
kavi'iL: Ir. Gray in charge of affairs
at niar durii:- his absence. The phy
in a. w!i' va? fully in his chief's
.( ;.':itiden-e, gravely discussed their du-
:i" with them, and so dis?reet was
that tlioy had no faintest suspicion
that la knew their secret. It was typ
k al of OWei and his -boys"' that they
; iioal I sliow this chivalry toward twe
;'rie:idless out- a.ts. It was typical of
th'jin also that they oae and all con
f?i:ute:i themselves protectors of Nata
lie and her mother, h tiin it be known
t iir..:-.;i'. tiie town that the slightest
it; i.. -uo? toward the women would le
; : -.!:ip;ly pun'shed.
WhiiO O'Neii'.'; ua'-xpected deiiarture
au.-el some -iinmei't. no one excel t
Lis tiTisted lieutenant.; d'eaiuod of the
-riivo iniportaii'-e of his Ci'ssion. They
I. new the uecessitii'S that hounded him.
:L?y were well aware of th" trem-bi.:!-,r
in.-eci:rity in which uffairs uovr
r too.l. i;it they maintained their cheer
it I industry, they pressed . the w ork
u-na'aaied enertry, nd the road
rep forward foot by foot, as steadily
: a:- :-:noith!y as if he himself were
tlie r;ou:id to direct it.
Tim.--, far O Neil's rivaay with the
I rust had been friendly, if spirited, but
action in coming to the assistance
of Mis. Cerard and her daughter rais
ed up a new and vigorous enemy who.-e
i.ahods were not as scrupulous as
thoae i f the IIeid!eiunns.
J(jrdon was a strangely unbalanced
:a.;a. lie ws mat Jietic. his geniality
.vas rtaky heart warming, yet he was
icrl'ec'Jj- t'jld bluoded in his selfish-
1 6 i I
I X. - M - t ' .-
Mr :: f
Harper &. Brothers.
Tie?. tie was cool and calculating, but
Interference roused him to an aimost
insane pitch of passion. Fickle in most
things, he was uncompromising in his
hatreds. O'Neil's generosity in afford
ing sanctuary to his defiant mistress
struck him as a personal affront, and
it fanned his dislike of his rival into a
consuming ratre. It was with no
thought of profit that he cast about for
a means of crippling O'Neii.
Dan Appleton entered the bungalow
one evening, wet and tired from his
work, to tind Eliza pacing the floor in
"What's the matter, Sis?" he inquir
ed, with quick concern.
His sister pointed to a copy of the
Keview which that day's mail had
"Look at that!" she cried. "Head it!"
"Oh. your story, eh:"
"Head it!"
lie read a column and then glanced
up to find her watching him with an
gry eyes.
"Gee, that's pretty rough on the
chief. Kid! I thought you liked him.
he said gravely.
"I do! J do! Don't you understand,
dummy?- I didn't write that. They've
changed my story distorted it. I'm
Ian whistled softly. "I didn't sup
pose they'd try anything like that, but
they did a good job while they were at
it. Why. you'd think O'Neii was a
grafter and the S. Ii. and N. nothing
but a laud grabbing deal!"
"How dared they?" the girl cried
"The actual changes aren't so many
just enough to alter the eflect of the
story but that's what makes it so
devilish. For instance, I described the
obstacles and the handicaps Mr. O'Neii
has had to overcome in order to show
the magnitude of his enterprise, but
I "rake has altered it so that the phys
ical conditions here seem to be in
superable. a.nd he makes me say that
the road is doomed to failure. That's
the way he changed it all through."
"It may topple the chief's plans
over. They're very insecure. It plays
riirht into the hands of his enemies,
too, and. of course, Gordon's press bu
reau will make the most of it."
"Heavens. 1 want sympathy, no'
abuse!" wailed his sister. "It's all due
to the policy of the Iieview. Drake
thinks everybody up here is a thief. J
dare say they are. but how can I face
Mr. O'Neii?"
Dan shook the paper in his Ost
"Are you going to stand for this?" he
"Hardly. .1 cabled the office this
morning, and here's Drake's answer."
She read:
" 'Stuff colorless. Don't allow udini
ration warp judgment.' Can you beat
"He thinks you've surrendered to
Murray, like all the others."
T hate him!" cried Eliza. "I detest
"Who? O'Neii or Drake?"
"I'.oth. Mr. O'Neii for putting me in
the position of a traitor and Drake for
presuming to rewrite my stuff. I'm
going to resign, and I'm soing to leave
Omar before Murray O'Neii comes
"Don't be a quitter, sLs. If yo'.?
throw up the job the paier will send
somebody who will lie about us to suit
the policy of the oflice. Show 'em
where they're wrons;; show em what
this country needs. Yon have your
magazine stories to write."
Eliza shook her head. "Bother the
magazines and the whole business!
I'm thinking about Mr. O'Neii. I 1
could cry. I suppose I'll have to stay
and explain to him. but then I'll go
"No! You'll stay right here and go
through with this thing. I need you."
"You? What for?" .
"You can perform a great and n sig
nal service for your loving brother
He's in terrible trouble!"
"What's wrong, Danny?" Eliza's
anger gave instant place to solicitude.
"You you haven't stolen anything?"
"Lord, no! What put that into your
"I don't know, except that's the
worst thing that could hapieu to us.
I like to start with the worst."
"I can't sulk in the jungle any more.
l m a liaa loser. Sis.
"Oh! You mean i;atalie? You like
"For a writer you select the most
foolish words. Like, love, adore,
worship words are no good anyway
I'm dippy; I'm out of my head: I've
lost my reason. I'm deliriously happy
and miserably unhappy. I"
"That's enough!" the girl exclaimed.
"I can imagine the rest."
"It was a fatal mistake for her to
crmo to Omar and to this very house
of all places, where 1 could s?e her
every day. I might, have recovered
from the first joltif I'd never been her
again, 'but' ne waved his hand
hopelessly. "I'm beginning to hate
"You miserable traitor!" gasped
"Y'ep; that's me! I'm dead to loyal
ty; lost to the-claims of friendship.
I've fought myself until I'm black in
the face, but it's no use. I must have
"She's crazy about O'Neii."
"Seems to be for a fact, but that
doesn't alter my fix. I can't live this
way. You must help me or I'll lose
nry reason."
"Nonsense! You haven't any or you
wouldn't talk like this. What can I
"It's simple. Be irice to Murray and
and win him away from her."
"Is that all? Just make him love
Dan nodded. "That would be fine if
you could manage it."
"Why you you I" She gasped
uncertainly for terms in which to voice
her indignant surprise. "Idiot!" she
finally exclaimed. "You simply can't
be in earnest."
"I am. though." He turned upon her
eyes, which had grown suddenly old
and weary with longing.
"You poor, foolish boy! In the first
place, Mr. O'Xeil will hate me for this
story. In the second place, no man
would look at me. I'm ugly"
"I think you're beautiful."
"With my snub nose and big mouth
"l'ou can make him laugh, and when
a woman can make a fellow laugh the
rest is easy."
"In the third place, I'm mannish and
vulgar, and besides I don't care for
"Of course you don't, or I wouldu't
ask it You see. we're taking no risks.
You can at least take' up his attention,
and and when you see him making
for Natalie you can put out your foot
and trip him up."
"It wouldn't be honorable. Danny."
"Possibly. But that doesn't make
any difference with me. You may as
well realiz that I've got beyond the
point where nice considerations of that
sort weigh with me. If you'd ever
been in love you'd understand that
such things don't count at all. It's
your chance to save the reason and
"happiness of an otherwise perfectly
good brother."
"There is nothing I wouldn't do for
your happiness nothing. But oh. it's
She continued to scout suggestions
that she could help him bv captivating
O'Neii and stoutly maintained that she
had no attraction for men. Neverthe
less when she went to her room she
examined herself critically in her mir
ror. In the days before O'Neil's return
she suffered constant misgivings and
qualms of conscience, but the siirht of
her brother reveling, expanding, fairly
bursting into bloom beneath the in
fluence of Natalie Gerard led her to
think that perhaps she did have a duty
to perform.
She was greatly embarrassed never
theless when she next met O'Neii and
tried to explain that story in the lie
view. He listened courteously and
smiled his gentle smile.
"My dear." said he finally. "I knew
there had boon some mistake, so let's
forget that it ever happened. I brought
you a little present."
Slowly she unwrapped tne parcel
and then with a gasp lifted a splen
didly embroidered kimono from its
"Oh-h!" ner eyes were round and
astonished. "Oh-h! It's for me!"
It was a regal garment of heavy silk,
superbly ornamented with golden drag
ons, each so cunning worked that it
seemed upon the point of taking wing.
"Why, their eyes glitter! And they'd
breathe Ore if I jabbed them! Oh-h!"
she stared at the gift in helpless
amazement. "Is it mine, honestly?"
He nodded. "Won't you put it on?"
"Over these things? Never!" Again
Miss Appleton blushed, for she recall
ed that she had prepared for his com
ing with extraordinary care. Her
boots were even stouter than usual,
her skirt more plain, her waist more
stiff and her hair more tightly smooth
ed back. "It would take a tiuffy per
son to wear this. I'll always keep it,
of course, and I'll worship it. but I'm
not designed for pretty clothes. I'll
let Natalie wear"
"Natalie has one of her own done in
butterflies, and I brought oue to her
mother also."
"And you bought this for me after
you had seen that fiendish story over
my signature?"
"Certainly." He quickly forestalled
her attempted thanks by charging the
subject "Now, then. Dan te'ls me you
are anxious to begin your magazine
work, so I'm going to arrange for you
to see the glaciers and the coal fields.
It will be a hard trip, for the track
isn't throush yet. but"
"Oh, I'll take care of myself! I
won't get in anybody's way," she said
"I intend to see that you don't by
going with you. So make your prep
arations, and we'll leave as soon as I
can get away."
When he had gone the irl said
"Eliza Toilet, this is yonr chance.
It's underhanded and mean, but you're
a mean person, and the finger of Provi
dence is directing you." She snatch
ed up the silken kimono and ran into
her room, locking the door behind her.
Hurriedly she put it ou, then posed
before the mirror. Next down came
her hair amid a shower of pins. She
arranged it loosely about her face and,
ripping an artificial flower from her
party hat. placed it over her ear. then
swayed grandly to mid fro while the
golden dragons writhed and curved as
if in joyous admiration. A dozen times
she slipped out of the garment anil,
gathering it to her face, kissed it; a
uozen times slie Honnetl It, "strufting
, about her little room like a peacock.
! Her tiptilted nose "was red and her
eves were wet when at last she laid
"Oh-h!" Her eyes were round and
astonished. "Oh-h! It's for me."
it out upon her bed and knelt with her
cheek against it.
"Gee, if only I were pretty!" she
sighed. "I almost, believe he likes
Tom Slater laboriously propelled him
self up the hill to the bungalow that
evening and seated himself on the
topmost step near where Eliza was
rocking. She had come to occupy a
considerable place in his thoughts.
",Where have you been lately. Un
cle Tom?" she began.
Slater Avinced at the appellation.
"I've been out on the delta hustling
supplies ahead. Heard the news?"
"Curtis Gordon has bought the Mc
Dermott outfit in Kyak. He had a wild
cat plan to build a railroad from Kyak
to the coal fields, but he never got far
ther than a row of alder stakes and a
book of press clippings."
"Does that mean that Gordon aban
dons his Hope route?"
"Yep. He's swung in behind us and
the Heidlemanns. Now it's a three
sided race, with us in the lead. Mel
lon just brought in the news half an
hour ago. He was on his way down
from the glaciers when he ran into a
field party of Gordon's surveyors.
Looks like trouble ahead if they try to
crowd through the canyon alongside
of us."
Young Appleton came panting up the
hill. "Goodby. sis," he said. "I'm off
for the front in ten minutes."
"Anybody hurt?" Slater asked.
"Not yet, but somebody's liable to be.
Gordon is trying to steal the canyon,
and Murray has ordered me out with
a car of dynamite to hold it."
"Dynamite! Why, Dan." his sister
exclaimed in consternation.
"We have poling boats at the lower
crossing, and we'll be at the canyon in
two days. I'm going to load the hill
side with shots, and if they try to
come through I'll set 'em off. They'll
never dare tackle it."
"But suppose they should?" Eliza In
sisted quietly.
"Then send Doc Gray with some
stretchers. I owe one to Gordon, and
this is my chance." Drawing her
aside, he said in an -undertone: "Tou've
got to hold my ground with Natalie
while I'm gone. Don't let her see too
much of Murray."
"I'll do the best I can." she answer
ed him. "but if he seems to be in
earnest I'll renege, no matter what
happens to you. Danny."
He kissed her affectionately and fled.
Dan had a thrilling experience. He
planted shots of dynamite at various
places along the right of way. He
met Gordon and completely cowed him.
Gordon, desperate, appealed to Murray
O'Neii to call off Appleton and his men.
O'Neii told Gordon they were follow
ing his instructions to the letter. Gor
don then sought to strengthen his po
sition through the women. Vie prom
ised to marry Gloria if she returned
with him. Natalie persuaded her moth
er not to go back unless Gordon mar
ried her immediately, which he refused
to do.
(To Be Continued.)
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i i rw ia t Mi ii i.M.rvi u n nun
Local News
From Tuesday's Dally.
J Frank L. Rhoden w-as in the city to-
; day for a few hours looking after a
few matters at the court house.
Attorney C. E. Tefft of Weening
; Water was in the city today looking
after a few legal matters at the court
house for a short time.
Barney Wampler and family and
Sam Dean and family departed this
afternoon for Omaha where they will
make their home in the future.
Mrs. Georgia Creamer and sisters.!
,Mrs. Jennie Rhoden and Lulu Wolf
were in the city for a few hours today
looking after some matters of busi
ness. Ed S. Tutt came up this morning
from his home at Murray and spent
a few hours here visiting with friends
and looking after some matters of
M. D. Pollard, John Whiteman and
Allen Cox, of Nehawka. were in the
city today advertising: the bur a. u.
U. W. picnic that will be held in that
place on Saturday, August 5th,
' C. M. Chriswisser of Nehawka was
among those going to Omaha this
morning where he will visit for a few
hours in that city attending to some
business matters of importance.
L. D. Hiatt of Murray was in the
city last evening for a few hours
looking after some business matters
and returned home with James Tig
ncr who had been in Omaha for the
James II. Herold of Lincoln is en
joying a short vacation here visiting
with his mother and his many old
friends. Mr. Herold is now ejnployed
at the Rudge & Gunzel Co., at Lin
coln as one of their department man
agers. J. W.
a short
Newell and wife of Chicago
in the city this morning for
visit with their relatives and
in this city. Mr. and Mrs.
are expecting to he among
the visitors here during the "Home
Coming" week.
Harry Reed and T. W. Fleming, of
Weeping Water motored to this city
this morning to attend to some mat
ters of business in the county seat,
and visit with friends for a short time.
Mr. Fleming was a pleasant caller at
the Journal office.
Dr. C. S. Boggs and wife and J.
F. Boggs ami wife of Filley, Neb.,
who have been here visiting with
Edgar Boggs and wife departed this
morning for their home. J. F. Bcggs
and wife are the parents of Edgar
Boggs, and Dr. Boggs an uncle of
the young man.
From Wednesday's Daliy,
Nat Huston, the LaPlatte farmer,
was in the city for a short time today
attending to some trading with the
C. F. Vallery, the road supervisor
of Plattsmouth precinct was in the
city today for a few hours visiting
with his friends.
George A. Sherwood came
morning on No. 6 and will
in this
spend a
few days here with his brother, Her
bert and his friends.
Adam Meisinger of near Cedar
Creek fcas in the city today for a few
hours looking after a few matters of
importance vth the merchants.
George Mick and E. C. Clymer of
Greenwood were in the city for a few
houis today looking after some mat
ters of business at the court house.
Ralph Atwood of the Cedar Creek
quarries was in the city for a short
time today attending to a few mat
ters of importance and calling on his
William N. Baird of Salida, Colo.,
arrived in the city last evening on
No. 2 and will enjoy a visit here with
his mother and sisters in this city for
a short time.
James R. Hunter and family re
turned Jiome this morning from a
' short visit at Denver and other Colo
rado points where they were enjoy
ing their vacation.
Melville Kcar of near Alvo and sis
ter, Mrs. Harrington, of Lincoln, were
in the city yesterday afternoon for a
few hours attending to some mat
ters at the court house.
Don C. Rhoden of Murray was in
the city today for a few hours look
ing after some business matters with
the merchants and visiting with his
Miss Anna Hiatt of Sidney, la.,
who has been assisting in the care ot
her Grandmother, Mrs. I. S. White at
her home near Rock Bluffs and also J.
visiting her sister, Mrs. F. R. Gobel
man in this city, departed this morn
ing for her home.
Mrs. F. R. Guthmann and little
Paul, departed this morning for Mur
phy, Idaho, where they will visit for
a short time at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles F. Guthmann there and
"with the new son which has recently
miide his advent at the Guthmann
kame. Miss Minnie Guthmann accom
panied her mother as far as Omaha.
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Trip using our 'Commutation Books
Auto and Driver, round Trip .'50c
Extra Passengers, each, 5c
$10.00 Book; 55.00
$5.00 Book, $2.50
Commutation Books Good any time
and Transferable.
Auto & wagon Bridge Co.
State of Nebraska,
OOllUtv ol l rss. ss.
In the matter i t!.'' i-Mhk- i f'.iiii!: K
Van Doreii, deeeiis-'d
Nlti-0 is lielel'V 1 ' II to Ii.-- CTi'ii;.
tors ! sai J iIcc"hsi 1 that ! annus uil
be had upon the elainis 1 i i - 1 afain.-t
.said estate, before me. ('minty .luiit-t-of
C' County. Nebraska, at the 'nm
ty Court room in M:.tlsniii;; h. in said
i.itiTntr ,1,-1 tlir 1 1 1 1 1 it:i rif Aurriist 111!!
and on' the 14th dav I-Vbniar , : '. 1 7, a t
10 o'eloel; a. in., eaeh
day I .! exam i na - i
tion. adjustment t.nd
All claims must be
on or 1 efoie said las
Witness my hand
a ! lowan-'e.
tiU-d in said ciiuft
t hour of hta;ii!ii.
a nd si al of said
Countv Court, at J'lattsmout h.
ka, this Hth ilav of .Tu!y, 1 r 1 ". .
Countv .Judtre.
i '! !: ( oi n o i it t or tiik
( Ol NT O'' XS. M'.lii! M V.
In th" matter if the Kstat" of I.dvv.iid
(.!. lu'Viy, licci dsn!:
To "itm'Mh I lit rest e?! in the i;tnlf
of Kilwurtl !-v-v, Dcciumi il :
You are hereby noiifh-d tnat thre is
now on file in the County Court ol ("ass
County. Nebraska, the final report of
(ieorse 1C. 1 invev, as administrator of
the estate of Kdward .i. lo, t. , deceas
ed, and also exceptions mereio. ami i
cttnipnt f ii 1 t f -1 1 1 f- m ft s 1 1 ti- 1 1 si rir l n u
said report filed by Frank K. Sehlater
as special administrator of the estate
of .lane A. I mvey, deceased.
You are further notified that on the
L'rid (lav of August. 1 !!;. at the office of
the Court v .linlrc. in the Court lioo-e.
in l'lattsmouth. Cass County, Nebras
ka, at the hour ot t.-n cn.e-i a e- ;;
hearing will be had upon said report,
said exceptions and said statement fal
sifying anil si'iThais-'ing: said report,
such orders and decuees will !e entered
therein as to the court may seem proner
from sa;d heat-ins. includins the dis
tribution of the residue of 'said estate,
if any there lie found, to such persons
as are lawfully entitled thereto. To all
of which you. will take due notice.
Ill- the Court
.hLi;. 1 HfCKSi N
Countv .lude.
Hated July Jo. HMC
In Re-Estate of David L. Amick, De
ceased. NOTICE
To Ruth Ar.iic'x, Theodore
Amick. and to all other persons
terested :
You are herein notified that a
tition has been filed in the above court
alleg-insr the death intestate of David
L. Amick, a resident and inhabitant
of Cass County, Nebraska, on May
17th. li)l"; that he left his
as his sole and only heirs at law, the
above named persons, ar.d prayinp for
the appointment of Theodore L. Amick
as administrator; that a hearin"; will
be had upon said petition at the office
of the County Judpre, Court House,
Plattsmouth. Cass County, Nebraska,
on August 15th 1916, at 10 o'clock a.
m.. before which hour, all objections
thereto, must be filed and at which
time orders will be entered in accord
ance with finding of the Court thereon.
Bv the Court thU 20th day of Julv,
A. D.
, 191.
County Judee.
A. ROBERTSON, Attorney.
The name Dean's
dence Doan's Kidney
in -pi cs confi
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ney ills. Doan's Oitment fo- skin itch
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John, Miller ar.d bride returned to
this city last evening' and will makij
their home at Mrs. H. J. Streiprht's
'apartments in the Henry Boeck build-
Mrs. J. W. Jones and babe, who
have been here for the past few
weeks visiting- at the home of Mrs.
Jones' mother, Mrs. Adah Moore, and
family, departed this morning on the
early Burlington train for their home
at Shenandoah, la;
Mrs W. F, Moore came up this
morning from her home east of Mur
ray and departed on the early Bur
lington train for Omaha where she
i will visit her grandson, Walter Hes-
senflow, at the hospital in that city
for a few hours.
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, Cameras
fcr Kent Weyrich &
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nil T.
( ol it I or k .
In the Sutler of I lie I HHe-. ot liiirirw
'I eipel. Id'i ( lll lh I .oil inn 'l -iiel. I -M'iit-il,
iitid HerniHii 'leifirl. I -ven-il. i on ii i : it i n ..
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Teip. 1. i
v rl. al
n sident
, Nebi ak
.ii.i i t 1 1 . . r.M;. inline
i In! hi- - his jiet 1 1 I'm ill
j ' i i a i i .
j t ! :s Ce
j la 1 e a
, ei 1 1; i, I y
intr that Cliarle Triiii !,
! l l. ! .:i b i ! :i ri t of
b-pH I t I'll this 1 i 1c 111
Mai eh ::rd, 1 !!'. t In-i-
of lots one (It and
M ''V
. on or a t.o' !
in ft siinpi
two ( I
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.ioek ejl.tei
ii ( 1 I. in Y nu ii i;
a 1 1 .-moo t h. ("ass
e value of about
homestead f
his family, and
ib 1 it io ii to I '
I 1 asiia. of I i,
I, i ; ! was t ! ,
: .-ase.i and
emi n i y .
I 5 4'" ml
I the sal
thai sa
! as lis
id d c
sole ;.;
Low isa
left s ti rv I vi n i; h'tn.
!y Inn- at law, l is
; nd seven einid-
W ; u o w .
ren. named as f
.trnsta Mall.
id lows:
iriee '
ip. 1 '.
1 1 e I II 1,1 I I
Ti i pi I.
. lienrv
Tejp!, Cl,;;lies
Clara S. !:v. ;n tz.
Teipe' and Flefi
i in e
'lei pi
I at'-,
i .
and that no n;
n mane in tl
t rv a i ipoi a t no i,i
S,i id est ;n ii rid
.All m
W ot lea
plication has
slate of .Wbr
of an admin..-
c er hei
i. l; a. Ini
tiator of
that more than
elapsed sine'- lue
ed, and th:.t l.oi
of said Charles
two years hnvc rev
(le; t!i lit said lli'lHH'-
isa '!' ipel. the widow
Tcipi 1, iW-'-cased. and
the mother of all t h
named, departed this
or a bout I leeem her 1
eh i Id ren in t.
lite intestate,
:. 111, seized
1 1
: o
' 11
inipfe of an undivided one-thiiil
interest in said real estate, and b-ft he:
surviving, as .-oie and onlv h irs at
law, t1,e c;iii!re:i before named, who.
on the death of their mother, became
vested with the entire ownership of
said premises in common jtud undivided.
And that Herman Teipe. late an in
habitant of Knox County. Ncbrasko.
and one of the ,ejs at law of sanl
Charles Teipcl and Koiii-.-a Teipel. de
ceased, departed this life, intestate, mi
or about August M h. l'.MTi, seizejl of an
undivided ime-sr i eni h interest in said
real estate, and left surviving him. as;
his sole and onlv heirs at law, his wid
ow. Katherine Teipel. and five daugh
ters, named as follow.-:
Louise Teipel. age 7 years: Vein a
Teipel. age .", years: Alice Teipel. age
4 years, (Jrace Teipel. age 2 years, and
Irene Teipel, age in months. "all resol
ing at Creighton. Nebraska, who ar
now the owners of an undivided one
seventh Interest in said real estate, and
that siid real estate was. at the date of
the death of said ilo-pilcnls and now i
wholly exempt from attachment, exe
cution or other mesne process, and is
not liable for tie payment of the debts
of said decedents, nor any of them, left
owing by said decedents and praying
for a hearing upon said petition, and
that upon sin-h hearing that an order
be entered dispensing with a regular
administration of said estates and eaclr
if them and
ior minings or racts upon
as of said petition and for
igning 'said real estate
law of said decedents as
;:i:foim-: oi:ikki:i. ti t.
i- allegatin
:, deet-e ass
t he hei I s at
provided bv
said cause lie heard bv the Court m t ho
, lfith day of August. 1 ! 1 r, . at 10 o ( lock
j a, n.. at the Countv Court l oom, in
I'lattsmotjtli. in Cass- Countv, Nebraska,
land tlat all persons inteiested in sa hi
states be notified of such hearing ty
the publication of this order for thn-o
successive weeks prior to said da of
hearing, in the l'lattsmouth .linirinil,
a legal newspaper published in -npl
county, and that if they fail to appear
and contest said petition the Court ma'
enter the decree prayed for in sabt
I5v The Court. .i. i;i:i:s
Countv Judge.
JNO. M. I.KYI ..
Attorney for I'etit ioners.
i.i:;i, Miiici:.
Notice tu on-IteNii!ent l-frudniil.
Their ll?ir, I e ieem, I.ege-i, I'er
feounl It eiirexeiitnl M ex null nil I'er
mouh I ul rrt-ttU in 'I'lieir Kutalr,
J. V. liii-i l.iiuir, if living, if,
tae unknown heirs, devisees, b g.itee-.
personal representatives and all per
sons interested in the estate of .1. V
ilinchman; P. T. .Moss, if living, if
deceased, the unknown heirs, de
visees. I gate'-S. peli-otial representa
tives and all persons interested in t bn
estate of . T. iloss: Alfred I . .lours,
if living, if decen----d. the iiiiklimi u
heirs, ilr Isio, I' aK-es. personal
representatives. and all persons
interested iti tin- estate of Alfred Ir
Jones: Clifford, first real
name unknown, husband of .Josephnu:
Clifford; the unknown heirs and de
visees, legatees, personal rep resen t :
lives and all persons interested in.
estate of 11 la. V. iJavis, deceased:
You aiid cadi of u. are hereby n'iti-fb-d
that I-', (i. I'rieke. as plaintift, o:i
the I'Sth day of June. 1M K. liled I is pe
tition in the Iiistrict Court of Cass
County, Nebraska, wherein you, and all
vou are iiefenua tits ; t he obje-f
and prayer of which petition i,
that the claim, interest, right, title and
interest of each and every one of vim
in and to
Lots four (-It five ( ."i and six r ; i
in block eight ( S i, in White's- .'.
fin ion to the City of I Ma t tsn.ou r u.
andios fori- i -i five ( .", i an.i u:,
Mil. in bioek ejehtv-nine iR?i Jn t he
(':;.- of I'ia ttsmouth, tas.- County,
he declared invalid an 1 of no force Mi l
effect : that the title of .said plaint ,ff f.t
pr.d to said real estate and every pun
thereof be iiuieted as against ou and
each and every one of you. ar.d against
any and all claims of each and all of
you, and against the claim of each ami
all of any person claiming under,
through or bv you. arid that it be ad-
r.m,ej ani decreed tnat each and all
of ou whose
ou whose names are above set
ti nvintr, anu ir dead. the. heir.-.
i devisees
legatees, anu personal repre-
sentatives and other
persons interested
in the estate of each and
every one of
claim or in-
you. have no right, title.
in"i in or iu hhi real estate, or anc
part thereof, and that each and uil i f
said defendants, those named and lu -.
hose names aie unknown, and .io
stated, be forever barred from claim
ing or asserting any right, litie. In
terest or estate in and to na.i.1 real es
tate or any part thereof, and for sucli
other and further relief as to the court
mav seem just tnd equitable.
You and ach of you ate further
-inr'n.ed rpat yon required to answer
sid petition on or before Mondav. the
-bth day of August, 191.
. F. G. FKICKt:,
C. A. RAWLS, Attorney. rialQtl-