The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 27, 1916, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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$&J J JO La v'JUS J
J J 4Mb 1.J v ai 4 u vi
fin s p, n sgosr,7?
The Meeting Was Uriel" Hut C un
sdderabic Hu-iness Y'as Put
Through Just' the ame
Dt.-pite the rtiifhor heat and ui
ccnifcrtablc condition cf the v.'at:Wi
there was a full ati.endr.ricc oi l
rr.t-nibt r.-hip of the council pron:
lu.-t evening to take part in the seni
inomhly ir.oetins of the city th.ds an i
a great deal of business di.-po.-Vti c
by the members of that body.
A communication, was ret or. el
from C. V. Baylor, as manager t.L' u.e
i'aittrmouth Ice ar.d Cold Storage, asking that the company i e
j-r;inu d a iiineiy-nh1 year l.a-e c::
tiie lar.d oil the i iver
he.uum for tr-i?
j.urr-o-e t1
:rc ice ; h:
1. 1 1 a is - ii
-;:.h:!;c v.,..!:- to snpp.y
wi.h waior aiul a Ira lor
. h:y pipe on tirr.:-..'e
t r-.-et to c;.:ry tur water to n.e pani
o; ii:o c-onr.'..r,y. Ti:is v.-;s nia-.Io vit:i
ap: : in case tht vlty the p.-n.ini r
idi-rati'-n in regard to ti:e t.wiit r. l.:p
.: the h.::d. v)n nirtirn the
A.r.s r iwi re.l to th.J Hie and v;i i a- well as the judiciary
.- .r. ndttee i.-.r thir csi-siileration ;.r .
t- rep-v it the iv,:-.i LiWMi'.n: ci lite
i v. '.' r.e d.
A petition f r ni I-"re-' i'n-h::. ha airl
i t ; ; t 1 ' S5 I v v'li vCSC Oi'ia r . .'i-v t
:., ..el::..: to ay ivu.J ih Vat:r hr
t .-v' i.f tl.t ir j .-vr.te ":". -pci ly
chy v.-.ul 1 a.j'rr to ::te:rl the
r;!!:s .'i that . rt, v as .-
t the h;e ..r !
c j " .' :s r;:: .e:;..j.-.
h tic cn:::s i . 'nmm.e i'c-p -t :
c....r.i t l . !'. Vi: c tr. j . tin.
James iU-cris?n r'or co.--:s in ii
it" the City ... I 'ir 1 1 -r-rtit . :
J rii C . :: . ..:.:h: : : ;'!:'.
-!i r.:..-t:. n thi ; r-vi : t wa ; r
1 . ciain t: (.J. II. Ih.iir.vl '
: r i.v. y hirr t th.e p. hire a
1 aril lurdCn vr.s u..i.v.i ;
I , '. : th anrnnit av..s rhev
On "he c V.V.h. C:
tin- c r::rii,c ; rrtt-.
tacy c I'.dd v.'-l !'occ n:!r v. ;r i th.
I.l .
o. tine . c.ra : . x ,ns rri.o.
-' r r'l - --1 I '.
1 1; tie- 7-. k.v .1 c .' .kh.r
; th.e
. 7 . .Si. 1 v ;
Mr-.. L v--
ail-ad r: I
v. .
In l:-.- :a;.T , . : .- . 1 ; . j . : . . t j ' . " 1 .' ' -. h'ir . . . 1 . h:. ; 1,
i : t in 1 1 i . - is. j . i r.t t i s . 1. . h- L 1 - - -. i ' ' ' ss h . - Si . ! . . 1 " n . t m y -'-
tn.i corr.T'n it 1 1 r-.eo rn 1 1 t r .. ; : 7 , . . , . I x ' . t: . . 11 n -. s .'i -.a .
it eidng tip the .--tie,l iat di I r..-t c -:::-! y - 1 . . -y . . . . - - . . . ! - ' h en :k. . n !-7 t ha 1 !
sider that tile ... . : t . h .1 - i . . ' . ' ". ' . ' . ' ... i-"' . C r ; -. ' : . k ' . --
v i,n, . - ...... ' "" h' ' ' ' ' - li ' 1 h - ; , - j . "
r...;-iire oih.e a iitke .-am. tk . s-h- j . ... . .h-.. ..'..p.y", ". ' 'Vi'. j k. n
rn'.:'. ikitttry v. r - 1 " hie : is." s. ;': '.. , ; : - ;.; j 'i'n- -xt . ih- '
th.--- wo.: hi ie iiie Vee i .d v :i k.e . .:-k-;'-"c k'i (. v t" ! "-,- e::rn;i ih li.kl y- i ;n:h j
.ik from Eighth to Ik nth str : I : t,.. 1 .... ' ... ;. . 1 c t ar 1 e.--. :,, ..;!. ,h-..v a
an-l tn..ieht tnat the trvet slnul . 1 y ; -: ; - -c ,: , - , , . ! - '- oas cal ;;j : , ci h . : . t h,
be v..: in a, -.v.d rh..:,- as pe. -hk . j :-s - ',' 7 'hh- . -V ki: I li - - 1 - ' j
Cn the motion tr.-j -eptrt of th. (-y; ;v :. ::... . u . ; ...h- , .-v.;:.; j --:-y- ' C" 7.i;-i- th- ,torf akn. ;
: trt-cts. : !i-v s and hi . kv - ecrnnkkce '..'kh-;, : k--- : t k-- ;i . .- . I . 1 .-. -! to b. a csihak in 7he k k
wa. ad-.pv.'d ai;-i the .-.tie-et v. id c- t- - -. : ;-;. y., 1, e- -1 t-.-v 'rr3.v, i-'..t he w u'al n-t t;o ,a any-
irain in its prestnt c'.:v:ltla:i f-r Ike .;.; .-;,. ..(-.;, ... . C '. -le livc-i thii ly ndtmu---
present. cre-k hehhiv, r-Ji-;. :;; Xk : : ks I ' ;!' ' " heI the feliuws b.n ie !
Cl.i.ii n.ari Harris of th; tt rtet..-ry ,;,.-. j ; ,. . ., j, :. . i ire bv-hh- the A!-':t U.' 'o-di
ecnnii-e stau-d that the Mtahes for y.;,..: ;,.hin;'n- .;'.-', f --k nkkt (h- :nip wa ; attaeived bid
th r ;;w r.-m.-tery lets were ;'. Iian.I ( r y y j .,.' n r, f t ncbo-.h wr-s ru.t '.:. h-r;,'t r.c- la; '
J ' ; irr-lruo-.c! thj tr, ,, ry . nr. I oar out post.-- drove ihe entr.ty
V a'-! V.. t they wese ; - :,, . , ; ' .. -.. ,1. . r.v.-ay vkh ! vr .:'... ana :.
kr a; desire-.! to Vrr- cern- .; . y , .t -r cv ...... .-' ,.' O.i the kn.h :.,thing bej ntnad. and
et,ry k-- ! at) in i:.:o-l . h:.;e :;o tr:k .,-.:,; ..' -y' ", .. ; ... .. t v-',,;,V- rnr-rb; only five r.iih.-. On the dkt
1 -.
1 1 i
the; c would find it In
J.r.-L i r.s- c: r.dit-n.
( .t rnu-.a I.ush.n.rky f ti; ii -' -. : . .
t- ;7.n:rtet' iep-'rtei a; an .atlon
from th-- ki..-ai.a Lightin.g ecm
j any in r gard to kie in. tailing f
inrters f--r tin- 1 hearer ga.-i and ih
-er.-pa!iy date. I in 1 h ir letter read by
City Warva that the g.-ars ;.'re the ri'-ters had nr. ive :
.'a test tne c.!e; :r;y vi-! y, ;; ; .
ind make a ui-cout o'' ." ;,er n. .-.
id! lib- pnid promr dv. 'kie e'-.s.r;.-'.
will Ining 1 hti gas rem nl.To tr
Councilman lh.!'i ry I : i-yuk-od a; te
tie.- status of the Mq,.e-t of the city
ta have the electric liyht pedes on
Elm .nreet moved f rom tlie itcel
bark t- ine adey w huh lias been the
cr.u.-e cf a groat d ed of discussion
s't several meeting-: of the tounkh
Chairman I.tudknshy - t.-i.r-d tliat th-F-ht
r i'mpany had njade the rtat -Tiient
that the changes would email
the expenditme of a. sum between.
$175 and $200 and th y oh- n-.t-:el
able at this time to .- ahead and
have the work carried eu-t.
the city roiify th
e'h t tomr-'o v
.) ahead 'and move Incii' po.'-s en ium
ttrelt from Sixth to Eleventh, bark
into the alley and if itc-t done the city
It) C.;i:C. I iiljll" Col. tract 'lilil U10 i:;uc
ctr.v.rar.y, who had, Mr. Buttery
ri:k:d vudr Led the tt-i r.s vi the eon
tr:ir; In not supplying the proper ev
vkv :.::d in putting- on ihj liyhc r.t
t V. " ll. U: .-.
1 ho r,n:viirc of t-v. i ok .-? oauiod
Coii.-'cIvL-iabiv dkc-.u k'm omcny; the-cc.i-kii.i
xr.-ir-i and (.xuiiollr.xc.i
I.-:. dy ;r:d "ik -lor a re-re f the
;,:.;: J rk t rrf .: Ci th-' P
i...;-K ti t'.K- cu:b li fie -e.dd 1 c-i'kiv.-u
In;: this would :iee.Mi.:i.t? th.-
C') ii a.
r.U-r c.
e: o
!.-.- i. r - li- ...n.. .,' a i iv vi. " - - j
ler arh : i . e .!:;:u:r :. i.ns e v
the rreuio.i "v. ere J -tu::;', ih1;
t.rv. Jvhr.: -i and I
tin. t
i. ,
i estt.r.
. The v
thj. r-irr.-rr ihr crded tite
v.hh:r; h-r the n:rd :
att v v
O 1."
;..ei r
hs to
Th i
ih i
net i -n
! . vi: r
r . a
d an i
1 1 at i'
'I he k
. :n J.
7 r
I tae Ck
n o :
; id-u.k
-1 Z:tha.
. to :
.u ri", :-2i.(
1 -UUp.-.iU is .-i.!; j j;
i..tvtu:i, noenuii v.'eigiit.
-o...!-. and r.urify thu i-'oo.i, a.;
i: . a s- ; -u ; 7 ... . - .
-.o .....- i... a: ; i..u; : . f,oiti at aii
(!reg scores. I'.ice,
( iva
yae ..reo. a; ceur.o e.owii tn.s att-
honi Oruahr.
to vi. it wun
fiientk Ik;- a Ik
hoers bekue ic-
tui.dng Lo his work in ()nn,.u.
Josersi V'it
d famiJv
nava oeeu nere for rcverul weed-::-, vis
iting with thkr re'utiv. u -ud fra nn.,
t.:..pai tv d th: i :.: tfriiOon fc.i- t..i.i:
home in A!b,-ilon, :do:itana, after a
very pleasant :kay in this city and
James Yvh Newell and wife of Chi
cago who have been here vi dtir.g for
a i.w :u.. t'udr leiativ-:; an!
foetk; id ; art; d t-euiug for
ihotr home m the windy city.
Interesting Letter I'rur.i Kalpli Miller
to liis lodur .'drs. Lovi .Miller,
of This City.
Mrs. i.i vi Milk-i- of this city hai
received tho lolh)vinir interesting let
ter :he:n he - son, ikdpii Miller, wiio
U at !,'! ,v ;P in hfar.lo Domingo, with
the Unite. I S'.ates r.ta.iny corps and
vhieh triv.'s on.1 a jrnod ieoa cf ths
cor.iutons: n . a:iir.:r at tne iinio me
c' ;.'.us
s . .i ; ,o ii'ir-; :in; marines
were ir.r.ue.i to cpae.i a reneuion oi
the re.-idient of il:2 v.enTo roptihlio:
antiae. July, iPKh
Dear Id -iher:
We haive lest ;vot settled down, so
I will wi lie yon a few line--; to let you
hno v what a hard time we ha i in
l'laki?"!., it io ir i -i city, which is the
e. t i'nl of Detoir. ;;. Or hip.
idi-tf) on the -hi tiny o'' .'-.we.
:;' n-al!
wc ri.ii lea n po a.-nc -
: a: : Ail the le-rh- .- ha
I cit;r t reept a few w.....
ram. V.h ma ie oe r canm ji
of i. a:r. it tr c:i .! i
i t oia
for orr eiu'nty ::u;e
hie n o? i . n t ! .; lif e .
: a. V-i. and had a;r
t- ih.cih t h c .e ;r
! in the ninivh.
a t
V. e
i r .
i in k
V. -at
s. I
ve slr.ited oat atstl had. only irons
nh'sk fwn mi'ea when we were ari
Iiu.hed. We had one man hd!r-d here
end'two wounded. We just pu.-.hed
' ight along we lia.-d f-niy gone
about a mile when they ambushed
us again, but we wo 10 looking for
:';rae1hing like, tiiat to happen so no
me was hurt that thee. We went in
to thai yight at the fifty-five
iidle post and stayer! the: e until thj
m'.Kr-.hv of the "rd trying to locate
the next trenches which were ouiy a
few miies fi-t-m us.
On the morning of the third of
July w started cn our march and
when the advance guard had gone
about a rnilc they were fired on by
the niggi's, but they, drove them
back every time, and at 10 o'clock
the filing became quite heavy so we
toe!: up a brttho formation and began
io advance through ehe woods to their
trenches were supposed to be. The
machine guns were ahead of us and
For Irtfatits and Children
we soon formed a support. Then the
whole line advanced and the battle
was on. The v. ooij vtie so thick that
you could tee only a lew feet ahead
and all we coahl do was to fire in the
general direction of the? battle.
We fired over 1H,0C0 rounds of am
munition at the trenches before the
niggers stopped firing. We had two
men hilled and ten wounded in this
place and in the trenches there were J
iwenty-eiM'ht dead nivjp;era. I did not
mind" Icokin'c at them at all, they
really loclted ,e,ood to me lying tlicre
dead, after seeing our two boys kill
ed. We dug two graves and buried
our two boys under a big palm tree.
We never buried a single nigger, we
were so mad we did not care whether
they were buried or not.
We camped that night near a little
town and the outposts shot two men
that were sneaking through the
woods j'ust at dark. Everybody was
very nervous that night and the out
posts and pickets shot at everything
that moved.
The next morning we took up the
march and arrived at the railroad
where we met two comnanies of ma-
i Tina'., una came in irorn a O' io ruuu
and they had fought their way
through and repaired the railroa 1
.v ,, , , .,. . , r.
. . 1 1 n. 1 1 : i.ii i 1 1' i 'e v ' . i iti'ii'ii-i, i ' i t . v v i
I "oar m.. nths an I it was b:td!v in need
veoai'-. The next dav we arrived
! . :'i!.l
ten miles of tht
of San-
' I thi.e.o. A p; i oe conimir-sion came out
n.-;t ti,; and we were e;ive:i free
iniicc to tiie iorcs in tne city,
t..O -liii'e -.:.!; it-v. li iiivii nuu
in -s a'e yket here .iast now in
-.e thy. In the small towns there is
r II I s - ie tre Ide. Our mi-sien to
; hnntn l!ii.i'n . was .inniosed to be
j :. o r.cel'ul .ne. Vv e were sent here to
' 7-i n ti:) th.? -an road " tnat tney j
t roe tet 4 to ire
e. ..(!(''!), OCi
o- tn ! sugar am
! o; - ., ! ky Y
h. v e-.'kl n,.,
t ip warchoeses a;
:e; it out over Tai
' Well go.nddiyo for tlii-- time,
j lla!h Mider,
I C"-. k, Foii ah lies. U. S. Marine.
A kkid ki: I !ItId CAMAi'.A
r . . .:
t.. C
', ..iicncm-. i
".v: ;t.'
; . r "t"
as ikilaws: "'I
i-e: s . 1 n:ei lean
ill .1 Wsae is in ih-r: a
1. . I i v,- been troubled
.. - i. : i.:.v:ng us. ! !
!..".. 1 e'nee i.v ".'c.i ag.iiu
eras goo 1
. , -j.
vt ;. rosea .
,.t w:
to cranna
vr. 1 1,
it. As.
, M .-. i . i:
. k aha." V
!' iMter V
-V ,t..l
.:;-h Ict-.-r.-: fin
7 it man r ii'es,lecau.x-
hnien: of the
! lis1 kver anil tne box el is r.
v. iten;ui is con
tii the di-eae. in poor ap
nrci. :-u
;C-;t 1: n, voniitinc, ::c:vtu.-- I
s. 1 ah; in the hew. dr.
. !".. it wih a. r.p.iiy sive tiu-ek
.i.o-.). .t thug .-t.-icn
jr. rdanvfaeanine; Ciitmik,
1 .
".-ld.h! h
shian.l Ave., Chicago,
"iiggi .1 to get Triner'.s
i.nnnienv ,'or v.
It is r.u txttilent
or rn.u in muscles and I'-mts.
-vl ( : ' u
-1 . -
es. Ik ice 1'j and
I .. ill: .-.
Your I-.t-l tiianee- to buy a d oh::
; 1 a !' ,u Ciad wagon crmplete r.nd
.y Jr.o'-.r.a 1 .rr.r.lcte and t .v.
..' -1 bencs at !es than riio!e.-ale
''.a- ..:ry yrhs; u io he : old at privide
ah Saturday, -hdy 2d.
J. L. Cart-oi ce Co.,
Fl dtsmoutb, Neb.
If you have anything for sale adver
tise in the Journal.
Airdbme Monday,
and a Big Beauty Chorus of Singing and Dancing Girls
and Funny Comedians.
Bsu'f Fall Io &Qzr i!;c Great Deoiio!
The Senate Agrees to Amendments to
Army Bill Expected to Pass
Changes Age Minimum for Enlist
ment From 19 to 21
Washington, D. C.,- July 2(5. In
creased pay for officers and men of
the regular army and national guard
in active service for the Mexican
emergency, improved camp conditions
to safeguartl their health, and author
ization for them to vote in the field
at the coming presidential election
were provided in amendments to the
aimy appropriation bill agreed to" to
day by the senate.
By a vote of 41 to 13 the senate
i alao saisnonded the rules to adopt an
: i
amendment changing the age mini
mum for enlistment in the regular
aimy from IS to 21 years without
the consent of parent or guardian.
! Under the provision boys under 21
... j -
be retained in the service unless they
tiled within thirty days the written
consent of their parents or guardians.
The amendments was adopted without j
roll call. The bill is expected to pass
Tlie continuous tlry weather ;drce
ih' Fourth of July, has began to itself felt in this county an 1
the corn has suffered somewhat
frcm the lack of tain fall and the in
tense heat that has prevailed. The.
pastures and gardens have been th?
greatest ftifferers from thr dryness
and it is beginning to be felt in p:o-
1 viding feed tor stock in the pastures
. 1 .
1 as the giass is drying up m bad
flutpe. A great many iif the farmers
st a to that if the thought is broken
in the next two week a greater part
' of the corn will not suffer much as
the reult of the protracted dry spell
but after this period the effect cn
the tern will be most serious. The
dry weather has permitted the thresh
irir to be carried on without interus-
liun and the ?mall grain crop in this
ee ink v will be a snlcndid one anil
v.-v,;!M-,t. , h,avt- n 1.1 st. vo.-.i- the
theat is of the verv highest tan-
.,,,,1 .;ii v,w.Ti t'h.o Mm mnnov
value' as the crop last year, which
was create:- in the amount but the
grain was decidedly of a much lower
standard than that which has been
harvested this year.
State of Ohio, City or Toledo.
Luc&3 County. C3.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is tonior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney z Co.. doing business in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that snid lirm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot he
eurott bvtheudu of II ALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before ir.e and subscribed in
my presence, this 6th day of December.
A. D. 1S3S. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine is taken In
ternally and acts through the Blood on
tre Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free.
1'. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold bv all tfruRpists. 75c.
llall'3 Family Fills for constipation.
From Wednesday's Dally.
To Mr. Glenn Perry and other
speeders admittedly, or otherwise:
In the issue of the PlaUj. ..u.. ..i
Journal of the date of July 20, 191(5,
one Glenn Perry addressed an article
"To the public" to wit: "I confess I
was going faster than the law says
we shall go on the avenue when I
was stopped by the 'cop' Saturday
Very well Mr. Perry in view of the
fact that you admit it (regardless
of the fact you might have done some !
trading with us if our alert cop ha"d
not pinched 'ou) it becomes our
bounden duty as law abiding and
safety loving citizens to impose upon
you, just as though you were an or
dinary individual, the penalty forj
your violation of the law.
Mr. Perry further states: "I deny j
I was going as fast as the he (the-
cop) said I .wash' But you admit Mr.
Perry thai you were in reality ex- j
ceeding the limit prescribed by law; j
going faster than the f ramers of that i
law who had the safety and welfare j
of the public at heart and wished to
protect them fiom the disastrous re
j u cf indifferent and reckless auto i
(Olivers nenevea you snouid go. A ;
man sentenced to the electric chair
for murdering his fellow man with
! a club three feet long might just as
consistently set up a defense that the
club was not to exceeded two feet
and eleven inches in length, and be
cause of that fact he was entitled to
Your statement of the conduct of
the "cop" reminds one of the ravings
of a disordered imagination. For if
he had have thus conducted himself
!QT H ? i towar' J0U' - ou were entitled to re
Ul iJiisJivJ k U iiia diess through the process of law to
lid yourself of such a nuisance and
annoyance, but you seem to incline
to the theory that because he may
have exceeded his authority you had
j n ri-ht to bre-k tht huv- a:'d 1 a?rce
such a situation might arise but there
fecms to have no element of such in
this instance.
You say you do not have to tie -
pend upon other peoples' speedome -
ters to know how fast you are going.
Sure you do not. But you may de-
pend upon this, that if you, while in
the city limits of the city of Flatts -
mouth, Neb., go tearing through the
strcets of same in your automobile,
not only endangering the lives of
your family and friends who may
happen to be riding with you, but ail ,
with whom you come in contact, you
will be promptly arrested and if the
court P1"-, fin
i in moncr or jail
As to the city's wanting your
"zsey" S5.00 bill to pave their ave
nues, we have this to say: "You with
! yur handsome nuta car will certainly
benefit as much as most anyone in
having the avenues paved.1
Now in the matter of the 8,000.00
worth of trade which we seem to have
forfeited by reason of our insitinpr
upon your obeying: the law, we have
this to say on behalf of our business
men. You trade with them because it
is to your advantage to do so and
not because of any exceptional af
fection you entertain for them. And
in conclusion, Mr. Perry, let us ad
monish you to come down out of the
mental clouds amongst which you
seem to have been soaring, and light
on the ground of common, horse
sense. Before running over anybody
give 'em a chance. Toot your horn al
light, but be careful of the car,'.
Very truly yours,
Ik F. Buttery,
Chairman of the Police Committee.
CCMniMfil nilT I CTTCB0
ua iei9i!Mf iuim iu nts.
An effort has been made to nlace
the circular letters and envelopes ad-
vcrtising "Home Coming" in every
i f-; : it .i j j u I
swic aiiu unite in Lilt; city iiu tut; I
committee has had them distributed
in the hope that the public would
avail themselves of the opportunity
to nut them in use. In case anyone .
has been overlooked in this matter
they can secure envelopes and cir-
i u.. n:,. v ir ti' n I .
tu;tia uy ttiuiiip ui i jo. 11. tt eatuti, . l
:j o i M -
j;iuaiufiii- ui tuu uniiiifi t iui
These envelopes are very handy in re
minding vour friends that there will
be something doing in Plattsmouth
during the big week commencing on
Thursday, August 31. Secure some of
the printed matter and see that it is
sent out to our absent friends at once.
George L. Meisinger, one of the
enterprising iarmers oi tugnt iMiie
GroVe precinct was in the city for a
few hours today visiting with his
ed and made to pav &1m
sentence; get that? bH?2l
m, ki.pj!tDTilch. K.-i,il,bkCT ' 4 Si
4IM1 meu them lot Two MdixIii. B tjl
if "Jr. tUl con! o. c 1 1 M
f- nu I en Lmti j Tl MB
F.ftjr CeaU or p. . Htw tttr i
Nw. I T
" zi r
t s a mm
was one boy's comment
when his mother pointed
out the Money Warranty
sewed in his pair of
His enthusiasm was no less
than the parent's - a big
ger, more liberal warranty
could not be.
It is insurance against the
vexations of ripo, tears and
missing buttons.
And besides all this, these
famous "knickers" are cut
for comfort and case of"
action and fit.
C. E.
Everybody's Store
II. E. Weld departed this afternoon
for Pes Moines where he will join Id.
J .con Earl and secure a location to tni-
f bark in the drug .-tore
George P. Meisinger of near Ce i 'i-
Ci.ek was in the city for a few 1k us
j today looking after some burns
matters with the merchants and vi-
iting with Ida relatives and friend
Office suppTTos at the Journal oiihe.
The Ancient
dressed quite differently from
the axon tcday. But Ins ill-
tained the three essentials of
j j fi , ,
uiuutni uicsn 11 was a nana
made garment- The fabric was
pure wool And it withstood
the severest wear.
These three essentials fire found
jn Societv Rrnnrl roAc
j rV 1 i
dav - 1 hey are ths base Upon
which modern art and crafts-
n.cL - ri-i. -r-i
ls reached in the extraordinary
models of Society Brand Clothe
iiia ocawu
ManAatta?i Shirts Car hart Overaslh
Stetson ITa is Hansen
tMkmrn: - . mil lym.-f .yt'.r.njii