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MONDAY, JULY 24, 1916:
I,1 '"" )C
There Is nothing quite so cool and com
fortable in which to do your housework
as an apron!
We have them all kinds:
Front Closing light and dark
Side Closing light and dark
Back Closing light and dark
All Closed light and dark
Breakfast Sets plain colors
We will be pleased to show you.
We have just received some new Sheer Organdie and Voile
Waists, new collars, striped tussa silk, sets, and the largo organ-
It die lace trimmed collars.
Have Some New, Nifty Middies Trimmed in Floral
Pattern Bandings.
He Got Hold
Of the Wrong
H. M. S
fi Call Phones 53 and 54.
We Like to Serve, fl
New York, July 22. Wilson is a fa
vorite in the betting on the president
ial election. Edward McQuade, com
missioner, wh places wagers on the
cui'). reported today. Ten days ago
Hushes ruled a 2 to 1 favorite over
the President, hut today McQuade said
neaily $2".0o() had been placed at 1
to 2 odds on Wilson. The best Hughes
supporters can obtain is f to 5.
The ladies cf St. Luke's parish will
serve ice cream and cake at the band
concerts at Garfield park during: the
season. Next week the Little Helpers
will sell ice cream cones during the
Fancy stationery In different vari
eties at the Journal office. Come and
fee us when you want stationery.
Two or three days ago we had a
pile of Comb Honey in our honey
house about as high as your head.
This is selling; pretty fast right here
at home and will soon be gone. Re
member if delivered at the stores, it
will be $4.20 per crate. Honey and
pancakes for your breakfast is a meal
fit for a kink. J. M. YOUNG.
The "Home Coming" letters of invi
tation are now off the press and can
be had by those wishing to mail to
friends and relatives by applying at
the banks and drug stores. It is espe
cially requested that any one having
the address of any old settler that
the same be given the Home commit
tee or officers of the Commercial
club. R. E. WINDHAM,
Chairman Home Coming Committee.
The Helpers of the Christian
church will meet on Wednesday aft
ernoon at the home of Mrs. Frank
Sivey and all members of the society
are cordially invited to be present.
V9 W f MM j 77T
If Ws w
mw 4$ TTT7 Tr
ffH In r
lO.b. Toledo
This rc-r O-.-crlan J ii
ffvet a car.
It hm a ZV y r,: po'xrr rn
I' nx t' r is a jHrrnrt
Miac! ir : ' .x-.J, f..i.r
ind en'Ju-'
By increisinr, !hc Vx rc cf ;!:e
motor fron; Z ' tv 3 ' ." -a
are able to of:r n ;.Ar
plar.t which ar 1950 R P.M.
dcclor fall horic
pouer. Tests cnclcr c.-ery co-i!;i:-a
in all par! cf tiie cou .Ir
demonstrate xYil it easily
deve'iops ltti:r than fn'.y
miles per huur cr: the r jai.
Speed of course varies under
du'ferert conJ'.tions. but in
practically every in it
hes been getting fifty miles
an hour a:2 w.'h ease.
V.'e hs -r r.r-rcs cf tr' s
hr'W.n vht c: ,rrctn t'-
t .vi-nrylf.vr liiM- pt : saI". .T
f iajn!:r.c ii x.c. l.:u--'.ul.
Tlif rerr.'" r.f :!.h otr is b'-'jo:-.d ix.i:tf.
Tike ary pth 'ov.-r.-icel
car en the rr.jr!;-.. P;t it
:?,zi.T-1 th:: r.r-.v Ovcrinrid.
Compare !!- . fc-r i.err
rpee. for t!-j-id.iec cf
po-v-.r, for ric p.; cor-.f-.t
r:ic! rc-ynnmy. and youH
fc;id llb ear will back anv
th:r. t!M2 Lltan oil" the
Thnt's n strong statement,
but a fact iievcrtheltii.
Try it yourself and see.
Here are more important facts.
It has four inch tires which
are more thnn generous for
s car of tlus sue.
Not only has it a large and
roomy body, but it has an
attractive, up-to-date
streamline body.
It has the latest and most im
proved system of ignition.
It has the cantilever springs
the easiest nding springs in
the world.
What's more, it's complete.
Not a thing to buy. You
get the lintit Auto-Lite
4 cy!irjc,er en LIoc motor
Zy3 ' lore x 5" ct.-o'-e
4-inch t:rr i
Cantilever rear springs
Streamline body '
Llcctric starter
Electric lights
Magnetic cpecdometar
Complete equipment
5-paisengcr touring J635
Roadster $620
The Willy i-Overland Company, Toledo, Ohio
jCoJf. Toledo
electric starting and light
ing system, magnetic speed
ometer, one-man top. de
mountable rims and practi
cally every accessory found
on the highest priced cars.
From a driving standpoint,
the new car is ideal. It's
light, easy to handle and
anyone can drive it.
Take one look and be con
vinced. And mark these words the
car is destined to be re
garded and referred to as
one of the really great
achievements of the great
automobile industry.
Yet it only goes to prove how
big production can cut cost
and save you money.
First come, first served. Place
V F your order now.
Within two weeks we will also be able to show you the new large Four at $795 f. o. b.
Toledo. This Four is an enlarged and refined Model 83, of which 100,000 were sold last
year, and the new light Six at $925, which are also startling values. The Willys-Overland
Company are producing 1,000 cars a day at the present and in spite of this enor
mous production are unable to keep up with orders.
The president of the G. Y. and W.
railroad was sitting in Lis office at fci3
rosewood desk when an official entered
in reply to a tap on his silver belL
Handing the subordinate a letter, he
"Take that into the office of the com
pany's attorney and tell him to treat it
in the usual way."
The letter was from a young woman
who made her living by stenography
and typewriting. She had traveled on
one of the company's trains, and as it
was nearing the station stood at tha
door, bracing herself against the car
end. The engineer stopped the train
suddenly, and the car door slammed
apainst the girl's hand and crushed her
fingers. The injury ended her ability
to make her living as she had been do
ing it. She asked the president of the
road if he would indemnify her. The
usual way" referred to by him was
to get an offer to settle, then pigeon
hole it- This was done, and, the girl
having refused to settle for a song,
heard nothing more from the com
pany's attorneys.
A few months after the pigeonholing
of the girl's offer the president sent for
his stockbroker and said to him:
"Mr. larker, I have noticed a very
slow rise for a month past of the shares
of our road. I know of nothing to put
them up. Our monthly statement shows
some fulling off in the earnings, and
there is pome doubt about our main
taining the regular dividend. Can you
explain the rise in view of the facts?"
Sir. Barker could not explain the
rise, lie tnouglit that some person was
manipulating the stock, putting it up
for the purpose of making money on it
when it went down again.
"Please sell a thousand shares for
my account," continued the president.
and every point the price of the stock
rises, sell another thousand shares."
The result of this order within a cou
ple of weeks was that the stock went
up five points, and the president wns
"short"' of it 5.000 shares. That means
that he had sold shares which he did
not own at less than the market price.
When the stock declined to a figure be
low what he had paid for it he would
buy it and make the difference. As
its president, he knew that the stock
was not worth what he sold it for and
did not doubt that he would make a
good thing of the transaction.
But the stock did not go down. In
stead it continued to rise. The presi
dent, who had good nerve, kept on
selling stock that he did not own, and
one day having called upon his bro
ker for a statement of his account was
informed that he was "short" 30,003
shares. This was somewhat unsteady
ing, and the president directed the bro
ker to hedge by buying 10,000 shares in
lots of one and two thousand.
The broker reported that his buying
of 3,000 shares hiftl put the stock up
2V1 points. The president looked grave.
The road was a small one, and its out-
tanding stock was not more than
500,000 shares, most of it in hands that
had held it for years. If the seller
could not buy the stock he had sold
for delivery he would lose a fortune.
He put off taking any action till the
next day, when there was a flurry in
the stock on the market, and the
shares jumped twenty points.
Then came a report that the stock of
the G., Y. and W. Ilailroad company
was "cornered." That meant that some
person, or persons had bought up the
stock and there was none for sale.
One, three, four, sis hundred per cent
was offered for it, but no stock was
brought out- Few persons had been
selling the stock except the president,
but he was ruined. In cases where a
stock is "cornered" it is customary for
the seller and the buyer to get together
and settle, agreeing on a certain fixed
price. The president sought his un
known enemy for this purpose. He
found him to be an enormously rich
operator. The president went to his
office in fear and trembling and asked
to what figure he was to be bled.
"First let us settle a little account
held against your company," said the
operator, "by a former employee of
mine. My stenographer has been so
seriously injured that she has been de
prived of making her living."
The president asked for further in
formation, which the operator gave
"How much damage do you think
our company should pay the lady 5"
asked the president.
"What will give her an income of
$2,000 a year. I think fifty of your
first mortgage bonds would be accept
ed." The president telephoned for . the
bonds, and while they were waiting for
them he and the operator settled for
the stock the former had sold the lat
ter. But the operator said that he
would not exact a fictitious value for
the shares he had bought and made a
settlement by which the president lost
"Thank you very much," he said,
"for letting me off so cheaply. When
another woman makes a claim against
our road I will inquire where she has
been employed."
"In this case you got hold of the
Forces Are Sweeping Ahead
With the Enemy in Dis
orderly Retreat.
Hinderburg's First Line Penetrated
at Several Points, Petro
grad Says.
London, July 23 The entente allied
offensive, which swings between the
western iind eastern fronts with almost
clock-like regularity, and in a manner
almost copletely to prevent the Cen
tral Powers from making any consid
erable transfers of troops from front
to front, now is centered on the Rus
sian front.
Austrians Are in Flight.
The forces under General SakharofT
have taken the oensive energetically
and their victory in the salient formed
by the i unction of the Lina and Styr
rivers, southwest of Lutsk, today ap
pears to be much more important than
either the otlicial claims from Petro-
grad or the Austro-German admissions'
of yesterday indicated.
General SakharofF has the enemy re
treating in disorderly tlint belore his
forces. Having forced the passages of
the Styr and Lipa. the Russian troops
already are beyond Berestechk, having
in two days' fighting taken prisoner
since July 1T now totals 2(5,000.
Kuropatkin Pressing Hard.
Vy his success in driving the Aus
tro-Germans from the Styr-Lipa sal
ient. General SakharofT has estab
lished his forces on the right bank of
the Lipa up to about twenty kilomet
ers (about thirty miles) above its con
fluence with the Styr.
Meanwhile, General Kuropatkin is
still pressing forward against the
forces of Field Marshal Von Hinden-
burg on the Dvin front, south of Riga,
and north of Smorgon. According to
military critics in Petrograd. a battle
is inpreparation in the neighborhood
of Kovel. the objective of the Russian
drive across the Stokhod which will
prove one af the most important con
flicts of the whole war.
Captured 12.300 More Prisoners.
Do you need help to
harvest youir
We have in stock all kinds of Star Hay Tools,
Harpoon Forks, Hay Slings, Cable Carriers,
Hay Cars and Track.
counts, he is on the point of entering
northeast Galicia, General Boehm-
Ermolli and General Bothmer being
outflanked both north and south.
General Sakharolf's forces are sup
posed to be working in the direction of
Hrody and Sokal.
Haig Launches New Attack on
Whole Front From Poz
ieres to Guilleinont.
Kuropatkin Cuts Hinderburg's
and Pushes on Vienna
Admits Retreat.
Rosencrans & Bonner will run an
excursion to Chase county Sunday eve
ning, August 13th. They will have a
Pullman car of their own. This Pull
man will be our home from the time
we leave until we return, and will be
parked at Imperial, the county seat
of Chase county. We will leave Platts-
mouth on Sunday evening, August
13th, and return the following Thurs
day morning. The total expense for
this trip will be $17.50, including rail
road fare, Pullman service, hotel bills
and a 150 mile auto trip over Chase
count y. For further information and
reservations for this trip see W. E.
Rosencrans, Plattsmouth.
Berlin, July 23. (Via London, 7:17
p. m. ) Heavy attacks by the British
along the Somme front in northern
France, on the line running from
Thiepval to Gillemont, have been fruit
less, notwithstanding disregard for
T.. (rv.,rl T.,Hr oo rant -f iohtes iiiuong me laic iiuinucr ui mni
ioon,-k i- i i j. i empioyeu, me war ouice announceu
x,r nusiiu-vivi uiuiii iiiicu iiuiiui ru
of whom were oflicers, was announced
the war oflice tonight in reporting the
continued sweeping advance of the
London, July 23. The fourth week
Miss Vera Blinn of York, Neb.,
will speak at the United Brethern
church, south of this city Sunday,
evening, July 30. She will especially
speak to young people. Everybody in
vited. 7-18-5tdltwkly.
forces against the enemy
wrong stenographer."
"Most decidedly."
"Good morning."
"Good morning."
It may be expected that there Is a
sequel to this story; that the operator
would not have taken such pains on
behalf of his stenographer had he not
been otherwise interested in her. But
he .was an old married man.
In addition to this creat haul
prisoners, an entire Austrian regiment vfPments
the Thirteenth Landwehr was de-
cdared to have surrendered after hav
ing been surrounded and its command
er bayonetted
Fierce engagements have taken place
south of Riga, and Russian troops
have penetrated the German first line
at several points, saj's the official
statement issued by the war oflice to
J of the battle of the Somme begins
Clearance Sale
House and Street Dresses that for
merly sold at $1.25 and $1.50. Only
a small lot left to close them out we
offer them at each 98c.
Childrens Gingham dresses, 4 to 8
week, in which very strong German years of age, neatly trimmed at per.
forces were brought forward, is re- j,rTr,PT,t rq,.
well for the entente allies and is ex-
-fipecieu io ue iruiuui oi impui ictiii. ue-
Before Saturday mid
night the British began a new attack
on the whole line trom I'ozieres to
Guillemont, and the fact that General
Haig has been able to resume the of
fensive so soon after the unsuccess
ful German counter-attacks of last
garded here as a good augury.
The fighting has been of the fiercest
I i i 4 l. - l.; . ...:U
In Armenia, the forces of Grand ""'""s
nin MiVfc h.vo nnniprl Ardnha their utmost strength to prevent the
about thirteen miles northwest
Gumuskhaneh, on the Chit River.
Q Zritish from advancing to their third
line positions. Hut when the last re-
ports left headquarters in France, the
Australians had firmly established
themselves in Povieres and are report
ed to have placed themselves astride
A good selection of muslin under
wear, some slightly soiled, we offer
them at a bargain.
Ladies 35c and 50c muslin pants
at each 25c. ;
Ladies $1.50 muslin Petticoat each
Ladies $1.50 muslin Peeticoat each
uu i u uuies ooc corset covers eacn z&c
ing hands several times.
The post that had been placed at Fighting of Violence.
the intersection of Main and Third Late tonoght fighting was proceed-
streets for the guidance of the auto- ing with the utmost violence.
mobile drivers was last evening put The German counter-attacks recent-
out of commission by someone crash- ly delivered against the French front
ing into it and demolishing the post, have proved equally unsuccessful and
The mishan occurred shortly before 7 the entente allies now are fighting
o'clock in the evening and was caused slowly in the direction of Coumbles,
when a car iroine slowlv west on which is only two miles distant form
I -i. .Ml A.
TVTo in cfr0t vniri into lhp nnst. the uuinemoni.
driver of the machine being en
grossed at the time of the accident in
trying to avoid another machine that
was backing away from the curbing
nf TViJfJ eti-oot nnr? in rlninrr this the
. . nncri. rn,a ther reports of continued Russian sue
machine ran into the guide post. Ine 1 f
accident did not do any damage to
According to a reliable estimate,
captured, since July first, more than
26,000 prisoners, fourteen guns and
hundreds of machine guns.
From the eastern frontier come fur-
the automobile and they were able
to drive home without any difficulty.
Bring Calf to Market By Auto.
s-m t T Ml 1
cess. uenerai ivuropatKin nas cut
Field Marshal Von Hinderburg's line
at several points and, according to an
unofficiaj report, has penetrated a dis
tance of five miles.
Think it Significant.
Russian official reports of the oper
ations m this sector (Kiga) are ex-
The uses to which the Ford auto
mobile can be put are numerous and cee(jingly reticent, but Von Hinden
varied and one of the latest is mat burg's line was considered the strong
of a transport for animals, baturday, est on the whole eastern front, and
Charley Keil motored in from near that the Russians were able to break
Cullom, bringing with him a fine jt js reorarded as most significent here
young calf which he had securely tied At the other extremity of the long
and placed in the Ford and brought hjne the Austrians officially armit their
the animal in without the least withdrawal toward the main ridge of
trouble and disposed of the calf to the Carpathians and the Russians are
one of the local meat markets. Mr. I within four miles of the Hungarian I and white at per yard 12 c.
Keil feels that as a useful piece of frontier, moving toward Alaramaros. Ladies Handkerchief-? nf nr;MB
1 it. f ll.. TT I n I " UH
macninery arounu me iarm me rwu ozigei. heir nf 9 m ic 10
is without an equal. Except in the Dniester region heavy f' 2 5c' l0c' l5c' l8c and 25c.
fighting is proceeding along the whole wt w beiect im.
View the fine line of fancv station- front. There is no further official
ery at the Journal. We can fill the news of General Sahrakoff s opera
bill. Itions, but according to unofficial ac-
An odd lot of Corset Covers at
each 8c.
An odd lot of Corset Covers at
each 19c.
Children's Muslin Pants per pr. 10c.
Children's Muslin Skirts each 19c.
Children's Muslin Waist each 8c.
Ladies Gauze Union Suits at per
garment 29c.
Ladies Gauze Union Suits x size
Children's Gauze Union Suits age
2 to 6, 25c.
Children's Gauze Union Suits, age
6 to 9, 29c. ;
Children's Gauze Union Suits, age'
9 to 14, 35c.
Ladies Shirt Waists, a small lot to
close out at each 59c.
Red Seal Gingham at per yd. 10c.
Cotton Chaley, 30 inch wide, at per
yard, (new pattern) 10c.
One lot of 10c, 12c, 15c and 20c
Emboideries from 2 to 7 inches wide
to close at per yard 8c.
Colored Hose for Infants, size 4,
4 1-2, 5 5 1-2 and 6, Sky Blue, Pink,
Zuckweiler & Lutz
i v