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MONDAY, JULY 21, 1916.
'Chz plattsmouth journal
Entered at Poatoffice at Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Sorrows are like thunder
clouds oer our heads they are
- scarcely gray; in the distance
they look black. Schiller.
August ol remember the date.
Heginning of "Home Coming" cele
bration. Ami enjoy the greatest event of
ycur life.
Meet all your friends here on that
date, sure.
Efficiency is the greatest hardship
to a shiftless person.
Saving starving Poland is a cause
which should receive unanimous sup
port. -:o:-
Men are not looking for jobs any
rimre, but the jobs are looking for
Everbody that is anybody, stands
up for the two P's Plattsmouth and
Progress. ' '
Fiancisco Villa may be physically
constituted to stand all these deaths,
but pargraphes are not.
A poo.- man always feels that he
lould bear up bravely under an in
come tax if he only had an income.
By the way, what has become of
the cabbage snake story, that u?ed to
go the rounds in the newspaper?
There are no raw recruits on the
border now. With the mercury at 10
Mid worse, they are well done on both
German dyestuff manufacturer?
are no doubt deriving some profit
f;om the advice in international cor
respondence. :o:
Speaking in a general way, candi
dates for office are the most agree
able people you meet now days. They
meet you with a smile that won't fade
sway until you have said '"no, I can't
support you.'"
A nickel is now worth six cents
'on acount of the war." This, how
ever, represents its intrinsic value,
not its trade value, so now we will
continuing to get 1; cents worth of
round steak for five nickels, as be
fore. -:o:-
A tr-ivebng man remarked to the
editor yesterday, that Plattsmouth
was the busiest little city he had vis
ited for sometime. "Stand up for
Piattsmouth," is our slogan all the
time. We never let up, but boom right
The republicans of Otoe county do
not seem to take kindly to the candi
dacy of Marshall T. Harrison for
iloat representative, and insist that
Zim merer remain on the ticket, al
though absent,. He is with his regi
ment on the border.
As the date for Mr. Hughes's noti
fication approaches there is not tho
.slightest flurry on the stock ex
change. Is it possible that those fel
lows have again got advance infor
mation and know whether he is go
ing to accept or decline that nomina
tion? -:c:-
Thc theater managers strongly re
cent the proposed war tax on their
.business. They say it will take 40
'million dollars a year from the poc
'kets of the' amusement men. It would
hi. a great relief to the amusement
'men if the proposition v.'-re dropped
"and a tax of five cents vpiv Vvied on
each loaf of bread.
We are solemnly advised by local
wise-acres that the new land bank
rural credit law isn't apt to prove of
much advantage to the farmer who
happens to be a tenant, and that it
is '"hard to understand" why the pres
ident gets so much satisfaction out of
the passage of the measure.
Of course this suggestion is easily
recognizable as an effort to discredit
the law because it was passed by a
democratic congress and approved by
a democratic president as a part of a
democratic constructive legislative
Yet the dispatches say that when
President Wilson signed the bill there
were present representatives of the
national grange, the farmers' educa
tional and co-operative union, the
farmers' national congress and the
national council of the farmers' co
operative association.
There was another present also. It
.as David Lubin. Now who is David
I.ubin? Why he is the originator and
head of the international institute of
agriculture, which has its headquar
ters at Rome, Italy. He is an Ameri
can citizen who has devoted his life
tc the promotion of agriculture, and
when he conceived the idea of the in-U-rnational
institute to gather world
wide information for the betterment
of the processes of agriculture, being
unable to find at home the encourage
ment necessary to establish and main-'
tain the institute, went abroad and
found backing that enabled him to es
tablish it at Rome with assurance of
financial aid enough to stabilize it.
David Lubin found in operation in
Europe certain forms of rural credit
promotion, and at once began agita
tion for the adoption of a similar but
modified system in the United States, j
lie lias kept up that agitation for a
number of years.
Now it would seem that if David
Lubin and the various representatives
of the numerous organizations of
farmers named above approve this
measure, as they did in being present
when the president signed it, these
r-wlish financiers in Nebraska repub
lican newspaper offices might with
propriety withhold adverse criticism
until a test of the merits of the law
shai! have been made. If these men
who have made, from self-interest, a
study of what the farmer needs, find
merit in the law, perhaps it is not the
but-in of the spokesman for a too
critical partisanism.
It has been urged before that the
farmer who wants to borrow money
can get it on better terms than can
some manufacturer and merchants.
The suggestion invariably meets in
dignant denial from the western com
munities, where interest rates on farm
loans recently ran as high as 8 per
cent. The growing plentitude of
notiey may have diminished this
western Nebraska rate during recent
This rural credits law may not be
perfect. It is possible that its ap
plication may bring out defects. But
it is an important first step. Possibly
in time it may be made to fulfill the
needs of the tenant farmer. In time
ii must also extend to the home-seekers
taking up government land, most
of whom really need help. It would
tend wonderfully toward rendering
new unused portions of the national
domain fruitful if the government
should provide a system of aiding
those who settle upon raw land in the
hope of making it serviceable to man
kind. Lincoln Star.
A man making an effort to take
defeat gracefully is putting on the
most painful performance.
Every town has a citizen who "has
buried two wives'' since he arrived
there, and is suspected of having
ethers planted around at several for
mer places.
He who is not for us is against us.
Are you
mouth ?
a boomer for Platts-
Then boom with all your might for
"Home Coming."
We don't expect any sluggards to
do anything of the kind.
Besides the physical and military
training you get in the army, you
don't have to eat salad.
The devil has but mighty little use
for the man or woman whe attends
strictly to their own business.
The rankest piece of business that
we ever heard of is the theft of seven
skunks from a skunk farm in Indiana.
Democratic postmasters are severe
ly scolded by Postmaster General
Burleson for officiating1 in politics.
Is there any more causes for complains
under democratic administration than
there was under republican rule? I
guess not.
The resolution adopted by the Otoe
county republican convention at Syra
cuse last Tuesday, endorsed John L.
Kennedy for United States senator.
and Congressman Reavis, but not a
word anpears in commendation of
Sutton for governor. But this is sim
ply a straw.
Prince? Henry of Bavaria has been
wounded in the head. This should
start rumors of a new gun of wonder
ful range, provided he was not like
the Prince of Wales, wounded by the
usband of a sergeant's wife. It will
te a long day ahead before a prince
s .-hot while fighting in the front
A newspaper man of long peri-
eiice observed the other day that be
cause of some trifling inaccuracy, o.
the belief of someone that there was
an inaccuracy, a newspaper will be
branded as being irresponsible. With
so many chance for mistakes to get
into a newspaper, considering the
large number of facts handled by a
daiiy newspaper, the "wonder is that
more errors do .not creep into print.
Often the person who criticises mo.-':
seveie'y the newspaper for an ia ac
curacy has neither the ability nor the
qualities that would admit of him
managing a newspaper for a single
day, and the mistakes he makes in
his own business every day, which are
covered up where the newspapers er
rors are public, would amount to a
far bigger average of errors com
pared to aeeuincics. The newspaper
is made by human beings with all hu
man deficiencies, and their critics us
ually have little to do and plenty of
time to do it in, a state of happiness
the newspaper maker never has op
portunity to enjoy.
However, complaints of scarcity of
lai.or continue, and farmers are now
feeling the pinch in this respect. New
buying of teel comes largely from
foreign sources, the orders indicating
an admixture of war's wants v.iih
materials u-ed for constructive pu -poses.
K . up reports barring th;;r
coriing Soai the Gulf sections of the
south and reports ef bii" rust eman
ating 7'om the northwe- are favor
able. Railroad traffic ; heavy, earn
ings are exceptional' large, and
c'l'o-s :vvi nues of larg.; nads for the
fiscal year ending June '.'.0 promise to
eveed VI P.0,000,00() largest sum dieted for an previous like
i'CT ". I ; ;.k cleaning; rve.i'.ly sur
pass those of one and two years ago.
At this time last year war orders
were diffusing activity in widely
separated lines. Money is firmer, de
mand is better and desposits at some
points are decreasing, but at the me
tropolis funds placed by trust compa
nies seem to have prevented the
market from maintaining the full ad
vance. The stock market reflects
bearish operations, which apparently
are shifted from one group of stocks
to another when and as conditions are
deemed propitious. Binding expendi
tures for the first half of the year at
120 cities equal the best aggregates
of past years, and are 27 per cent
ahead of a year ago. Bradstreet's
The calling out of the National
Guard has developed some facts that
are worth notice. In the states where
there has been a constant demand for
a large army and navy, where theie
has been the largest preparedness
parades and where the press has bee n
denouncing the peace proclivities of
the president, fewer men have re
sponded to the call in ratio of popu
lation than in others where no dis
plays ,or demands have been made.
The mobilization will be worth all it
will cost even if there is no war with
Mexico. The first effect of the ap
pearance in a few days after the call
of about 100,000 men on the border,
all well armed, fully equipped and in
splendid physical condition, was to
cause some Mexican politicians to
change their methods toward the
United States.
This mobilization beats all the
Plattsburg camps ten te one. The
men who have gone to the front are
ruder strict military diselinline, and
will be brought face to face with the
training that men of the regular
army are subjected to. There is vastly
mere of military gain in such an ex
perience than could be gathered from
many sessions of the camps in Platts
burg or elsewhere.
The mobilization has brought up
new questions that will not down..
The Sprinfieid Republican in speak
ing of the National Guard savs: -We
are all ready to pay them honor wnen
the government demands their ser
vice, nut not all ot us have bee::
equally sympathetic and regardful ef
them before the crisis came. The least
v.e can do when men go out from the
community life to serve their coun
try is to see that dependents they
have left behind are adequately cared
There has been some objection to
the severe physical requirements, but
that there has been no discrimination
letween them anil the regular army
is shown by the fact that five colonels
of the regular in service on the border
s:s well as several of lower rank have
lecently been retired for physical dis
ability. The result is that perhaps
no other army of 1 00.000 men of
equal physical ability to that on the
Mexican border was ever before as
sembled. Governor MeMehcad said
that '"every man had to pass an in
spection by twelve different doctors,
eaeh a sreeialist in some part of the
physical anatomy." The result was
that a man had to be perfect from his
toes to his teeth. Several were reject
ee! on the account of the condition of
teeth an l at least one man because
he had a crooked toe. World-Herald.
Never before in a national crisis
was the country so supremely con
fident of the wisdom and courage of
its leaders.
There are a good many things that
need modifying in this city, bClt it is
not our duty to take such matters
in hand. If it were, we would proceed
tc ek it.
There's an art in keeping cool an I
comfortable in hot weather and the
first rule is to keep cool! Those who
are by nature of a calm, placid tem
perament are those who on the hot
test days remain cool and comfortable.
Cultivate placidity, then, don't get
excited, don't run, don't fuss mental
ly or physically. Remember that it is
far easier to keep cool than to get
She-was a dream. She was fairer
than the dawn. She seemetl to float
across the big room, such was her
grace. Everybody looked. The type
writers stopped. Even the telegraph
instruments stopped. Not for many a
day had the office been freshened by
such a vision. She approached our
desk. Proudly we rose. With a smile
that hevealed the whitest of" teeth,
she asked, "Where's the city editor
The cry of "free trade" has gone
glimmering among the bowlings of
the past. Papers that have not suf
ficient brains to realize the fact that
we are enjoying the most prosperous
times we have experienced in fifteen
years are still howling some. But the
trouble with there little ignorant
sheets is, we aie enjoying these good
times under a democratic administra
tion. That's what ails them.
The live wires are the people who
do the work and they are doing it.
Quite a number of men know wo
men who can keep a secret pretty
well, but they are a very scare ar
The York Democrat: Judge Sutton
stand up! Did you ever have a gov
ernment liquor license made out in
your name?
The study cf domestic science per
haps could be made even more popu
lar, with the girls if cooking, sewing
and etishwashing were eliminated.
We yield to no man our admiration
i for the consuming sex. That's why
we elo not wish them te enter the base
ball game and the wrestling match.
A Wakeeney, (Kansas) young wo
man is nursing a sprained arm, the
result of a vigorous hug from her
finance! This is a warning to fiances
in Plattsnioii'.'i. Some kind of lifers
are dangerous
Henry Ford is not in the habit of
throwing away his money. He might
accept the nomination of the prohibi
tion party but he knows that no mat
ter how much he spent it wouldn't
t::ke him within miles of the White
They are all coming to Plattsmouth
oti Thursday, August Ml, and remain
during the active "Home Coming"
festivities, which end on Monday,
September 1, with a great Labor day
program, including the flag raising at
tlie Bmlington railroad shops.
Parents of girls and boys, under
14 and 15 years of age. should keep
tl.em off the street after 11 o'clock
at night, at least. Their tramping the
streets at this hour of the night does
not speak well for the parents or city
Farm loan hank race between Oma
ha and Lincoln will make . a warm
fijrht. Lincoln beat Omaha out of the
Reserve bank by her contention and
she will do the same with this. Omaha
shordd turn around and favor some
p'-ore central location than Lincedn
say Grand Inland.
The standj.att ir: are vkwlr., wiiii
r-'tm the fact t'1 .it Toddy's soil eut
i.ot jroinjr to ;:' v : out. Leaders can
:-at -hen thev ; -)." but thev
ii r pull the wed over iho cu
f ihe people to th
ti party th it
a v i e .ng tired
iness, and no one
in -.:". more so f.
ctent of vjiir.'.?
. r" t)v
t'u t kind of bus
can realize; this
t.'ia:: once pop-
ular Teddy Roosevelt.
Hetty Green leaves a fortune esti
mated at one hundred millions. It is
said of her that t-he always had on
hand more real cash than anyone in
New York, save, peihaps, the late
Russell Sage. The result was that
when panicky times struck Wall
ttreet Hetty was there with the ca.h
and was enabled to make short tinu?
loans at exorbitant rates of interest",
which yielded her enormous sums of
money. At other times she turned her
attention to investments and so uner
ring was her judgment that it is said
she rarely made a mistake. A popular
misconception concerning her was
that she made ail her money. This
was a mistake. At her father's death
she inherited some ten millions. And
so well developed was her judgment
and her estimate of values that she
speedily began to increase it. But in
all her long" life it is not relate.! of
her that she ever did anything to ic
lieve the sufferings of her fellow
men; that she never took delight in
the things that make life worth iiv
inrv. She raised her son with a single
idea in view to make money. His
v-iei.vs of life were the hard matter-cf-fact
ideas of how to make money.
-ha had no home life. She cared noth
ing for children or flowers. If she
lead books it was with the i-le i of
'discovering" new ways to make money.
A. ui when she had made it, she work
ed all the harder to keep it making
money for her. The money she made
did nothing for her or anyone else.
It proved a hard task master and
drove her on and on. Now no rus te
mains to say a good word to her
Children Cry
TIio Kind Yott Have Always
iu v.o lor over io years,
'' -j sonal
AH Counterfeits, Imitations and Tust-as-fe'ood 99 are but
i:xsoriiuents that trifle with and endanger the health of
luiants ;:iui Children Hxpcricnco against Experiment
Castoiifi is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, 3IorpIiino nor otlier Narcotic
substance, its age is its guarantee. It destroys "Worms
find allays Veverislmess. For more than thirty years it
has been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
ITatuIoT:r, "Wind. Colic, all Teething1 Troubles and
Diari-htea. It regulates tho Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates the Food, giving healthy and natural Sleep.
Tho Children's I'anacca Tho Mother's Friend.
Bears the
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Yes. a bier time in Plattsmouth.
From August 31 to September 4,
Evcibody interested shoukl remem
ber dates.
The erreatest event ever pulled off
in the old town.
They are coming" from the east;
they are coming from the west; and
the north and south.
Evidently the Hughes managers
arj going to have a hard time to
even get the standpatters together.
That America may be free among
nations and that America may be free
among" men that is the democratic
A scientist claims to have dis
covered the germ of idiosy. It's so
plentiful that it is a wonder that it
wasn't found out before.
Did you ever hear of anyone go
ing to sleep at a ball game? Not here
in riattsmouth. But we've heard of
1 oys making eyes at the girls in the
Kx-Governor Handly, of Indiana, is
the nominee of the prohibition party
for president. The nominee is quite
an able gentleman, and a f ul!-fledged
temperance man. Will the temperance
people support him?
The government has undertaken
the task with local help to clean the
waters in thc vicinity of New York of
man-eating sharks. If they clean up
all the sharks infesting- New York
they will have undertaken quite a job.
Spend S17.50 on August 13th, and
go with Rosencrans for a three days
trip to Chase County.
You can cover the West's magnificent Hookies in one grand tour on the
$J5 Glacier Park excursion ticket from Eastern and Central Nebraska goin
one way via Denver. Our new Denver-Billings Central Wyoming mainline
takes you alongside Koek Mountain National Etes Park, alongside Yellow
stone Park.
A 70.) MILE MOUNTAIN PANORAMA, from Colorado to the Yellow-'
stone along the Eastern slope of continuous mountain chains. On this circuit
you can, by detours, make the tour through Estes Park or throuSh Yellow
stone via Cody, the antomobile scenic entrance.
Our through service routes to Denver, Billings, Cody, Gardiner or Glacier
and between Denver and the Yellowstone may be combined into a sweeping
scenic mountain tour that embraces more grandeur at Ihwpp miua ,
scenic tour on eaith.
for Fletcher's
Bought, and which has been
lias Dome tho signature o
has been made under his pcr-
supervision since its infancy.
no one to deceive von in this.
Signature of
The river of rumors that constantly
flows from the fields of battle in Eu
rope wearies the patience, but occa
sionally a few facts are printed that
are very significant. Among" these
facts is the resignation of Hungarian
leader with the announcement that
he will organize a party in the Hun
garian parliament that will propose
peace, regardless of what Austria
may do. About the same time a dis
patch from Petrograd announced the
departure from that city of the Coun
cil of Ministers for the Russian army
headquarters on the line that is pene
trating Galicia. At the same time
there was an outbreak in the whole
Hungarian press and the censor let
rp to an extent not known since the
war broke out.
When all these facts are taken into
consideration, it seems that there is
something under way over there look
ing toward making peace on the part
of some of the belligerents. There
may be nothing to the reports, but re
ports came from Petrograd and Hun
gary at the same time. The actual
facts are as hard to obtain in Europe
as elown on the Mexican border. The
people of Europe are just as uncer
tain whether Emperor Francis Joseph
is dead as the people of the United
States are whether Villa is dead. It
is rather strange that with press as
sociations better organized than ever
before, with cables, the telegraph and
the wireless all in good working or
der, the news is more unreliable than
for the last ten years. However, it is
pretty certain that peace movements
are under way in several parts of
Europe. World-Herald.
Perhaps the reason there are so
many poor efforts to write poetry is
that many a persons mis'takes a
lump in the throat for inspiration.
o iuu may
Write me for particulars; Homeseekers excur
sions to Douglas the first and third Tuesdays of ach
R. W. CLEMENT. Ticket Agent
L. W. WAKELEY, General Passen-er A-ent
1004 Faruum Street, OMAHA, Neb.