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MONDAV, JULY 17, 1916.
Cbe plattstnoutb journal
Entered at Postoffice at Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mall matter.
7 , Rf A. BATES, Publisher
?. ......,. JJlt3l
J. For God rewards good deeds
done here below. Lessing. $
"Home Coming." Tell your friends.
August ol to Mondoy, September 4,
Everybody is looking forward to
the great event.
Really very few women have ever
stooped to conquer.
i .... '. :o:
Eve even wore her skirts shorter
than the women of today.
Remorse so seldom gets in its good
work before the victim i3 caught.
They say a cat has nine lives, but
at that it is a mile in the rear of
Outlandish . fashions are the ones
we haven't had time to get accustoir-t-.l
By eating too much men are pre
vented from thinking but in some
cases perhaps this is just. as well.
There's one good feature about an
oratorical campaign such as is threat
ened this year you don't have to
What does a garment workers'
strike amount to with girls who have
leen taught to m&ke their own
A Plattsmouth wman is such a
poor bread maker that her husban i
intended to sell the loaves to the
paving contractor.
A woman may have a right to k'.ll
hoi husband, but she should be ycung
and good looking before deeming
such a right a vested privilege.
Most men manage their prepared
ness this way: If they have iwo um
brella:; and a rain coat, all aio at th-i
vrorg end of the line when Uit
U .wtr begins.
It begins to look as though Ne
braska would get her wheat crop
harvested and threshed in spite of J.
F-tivius and the other Industrial
Workers of the World.
After all, times have riot changed
very much in spite of our boosted
progress worries. People continue to
blame the postmaster if they don't
get a letter they are expecting.
There is some satisfaction in know
ing that while the Mexican army is
equipped with machine guns, the
American soldier's kit includes a bar
of soap, which, if used on a Mexican,
would land him in the hospital until
the war is over.
The wheat, h.i vest is virtually over
in this vicm;ry, and is turim.r oaf.
.some better 'nan expected. Ve hav
heard of fields yielding as low a
sixteen bushels to the acre, while
others are going as high as twenty-
five bushels and some fields still
The truth is, there is no better
town on earth in which to live than
this one. Nature did much for it, anJ
man came along and did more. It wa3
located here through chance to a cer
tain extent, but its development was
not; left to chance. .The 'splendid men
and "women who;:lived here early, and
the just' as' spendid men and women
who are living here later, have made
and are making it a fit abiding place
for all of us clean and wholesome
and robust in its every aspect as
pood an solid an American city as
Wi" ""
:o: ,
That 'this 'war in Europe has gone
. k- -
too far to be of pecuniary benefit to
any belligerent is a fact that ought
to be considered. The present war
would never have come about if it
had not been that Europe has, in
recent years seen wars that paid. It
paid Prussia to fight a few weeks for
Scheswig-IIolstein. It paid her to
fight a few days to whip Austria. It
paid her, in territory, in francs and
in political unity to fight France, who
paid "through the nose" for the priv
ilege of "being thrashed and gave up
Alsace-Lorraine besides. All these
wars were highly profitable for the
victor. The present war can not be.
It has gone too long and cost too
much.. No indemnity that could be
paid to any nation by any other na
tion could make it profitable to the
recipient of that indemnity to have
engaged in the fight. The total re
sources- of the central banks of all
the belligerents would be but a trifle
besides what the war has cost eitht r
England, Germany, France or Russia.
In other words there is nothing in
this war that ought to make any na
tion glad when the profit and loss
is figured up and it is through they
ought all to be willing to quit war
forever and turn to the paths of
peace and harmony. But right here
strikes a discordant note. It come?
from Prince Von Buelow, who, in
l is new book on "German Policies,"
boldly announces: "We muse make
ourselves stronger and harder to be
attacked on our borders ar.I coast
i.han we were at tb.3 beginning ot his
war. Our enemies, too, will strength
en armaments on land and water and
we, on our part, must meet this con
dition." Does this mean that any
pea"e that may be concluded at this
time will be only a breathing space
in -winch the contestants can gain
strength to spring at each jlher's
throats again? Heaven forbid Jf this
is true, it is better to have tin war
continue until the nations arc iorced
to come to an agreement of some kind
lhat will be permament. But there
ought to be a better wav.
It is a long way to Berlin, either
east or west.
If you are late, the chances .ire
the train is on time.
It takes more than a stagon to
reach the top of the perch.
The alarm clock does not sound
so unpleasant on the morning when
a man is rising early to go fishing.
We do not remember what became
of the terrible Uhlans about whom so
much was heard during the early
stages of the European war, but we
fancy they met somebody else who
had still a meaner disposition.
. :o:
Following the example of Lady
Mainwaring, English society women
have agreed to take care of their own
babies. Practically all of the mothers
have learned to recognize their chil
dren at sight, and the motto now is:
"Be sure it's yours, then go ahead."
A patronizing friend writes in to
tell this department that obviously
our fault is youth', and that we'll get
over that. And in a few days, our
hypercritical friend will return long
enough to say that our glaring fault
is age, and that we'll never get over
And now we are told that Sir
Douglas Haig commander of the Brit
ish army in Flanders, persistently re
fuses to talk for newspapermen.
Which is really not such a surprise
afcer all, considering that scores of
talkative men like Kitchener, Brusil
off, Joffre, Petain and Von Hinden
beig must have told all there was
J to tell long ago.
Thursday, August 31 big Auto
Have your auto ready to join the
If you are looking for a mountain
of trouble a mole hill will scare you
half to death.
The I. W. W. is creating consider
able trouble out in the state, as well
as in other section.' '
A man never gets so old that the
street parade doesn't interest him,
particularly if it is a young and good
looking parade.
One of the most difficult problems
of married life is for the man to
convince his wife that she can buy
things cheaper down town than an
agent will sell them to her.
Lincoln Star: Republicans manifest
much concern over the reputed repu
diation of the one-ierm presidential
plank. This is hard to understand be
cause, first, there was no cne-term
plank, and second, if it is a good
thing, why the republicans have never
declared for it.
:o: '
Altoona, WTis., has opened a muni
cipal saloon, the revenue from which
will be used on a municipal water
works, the idea probably being to
teach the natives the use of water
gradually, showing them first what
a wonderful help water is in the
washing of clothes.
There 'is wrath in the elephant cor-
lal and gnashing of teeth in the tents
of the tariff barons. The democratic
revenue bill now before the house
provides for a temporary protective
duty on dyes, and the republican
members cry aloud that the demo
crats are stealing their thunder. The
cry in natural, but not correct. The
democrats are taking a leaf from the
students of economics, not from G.
O. P. tariff makers. The proection
offered in the democratic bill it lim
ited to a brief term of years while the
new industry is getting established.
After that it must take its chances;
and here is the point where the new
bill diverges sharply from republican
practice, and agrees with the only
branch of economic thought which
tolerates the protective notion at all.
No educator of any standing dares
teach any longer that protection
should be continuous, that incompe
tent manufacturers should be saved
from the consequences of their in
efficiency forever and ever, world
without end, amen. Everywhere
save in G. O. P. tariff making con
claves it is admitted that protective
duties should be discarded or reduced
to a revenue basis as soon as the new
industry has had a chance to get es
tablished. It is this idea which is ex
pressed in the democratic bill, not
the "principles" which produced the
Aldrich tariff. Experience has shown
that when any group of manufactur
ers get their fingers into the public
treasury it takes a surgical operation
with an ax to get them out again.
There hasn't bean a murder tiail
of any importance during recent
years in which experts of one sort
or another didn c isagree with each
other, and the Orpft trail in Wau
kegan is not an excepetion. One of
the principal points in the state's evi
dence was the presence of some white
spots on the coat worn by the girl
Orpet is charged with murdering.
The spots, a physician and expert
chemist testified were caused by
syanide of potassium in solution. He
made this emphatic statement before
the jury a few days ago, and every-
body considered that settle it that
is, everybody but the defense. Last
week the defense produced an expert
of its own. "He said that the spots
couldn't possibly have been made by
cyanide of potassium in solution. He
spent three hours on the witness
stand elaborating his statement with
big words and mystifying terms. Con
sider the plight of the jury of inex
pert men, who must decide which ex
pert is telling the truth and which is
not; also whether either knows what
he is talking about.
In a single day two circulars ad
dressed to newspapers have come to
hand presenting reasons why this
country should not go to war with
Mexico. They are of a sort that is
altogether too common. One of them
is from a so-called American Union
Against Militarism, with headquar
ters in Washington, and bears no
rname by which the nature of the or
ganization may be guessed at.
i It assumes that the United States
is on the point of war with Mexico
and undertakes to , show that this
country has no cause for such a war
i "It is conceded by the state depart
ment," says this circular, "that up to
the Carrizal engagement between
American and Mexican troops noth
ing has happened that amounts to a
substantial cause for war," and the
letter of Captain Morey is quoted to
prove that Captain Boyd, who lost his
life in that engagement, was to blame
for the trouble and loss of life that
hen ensued.
No attention is given to the fact
that bandits had been crossing the
Rio Grande into this country and pre
cipitating wholesale murders of
American citizens before the Carrizal
episode occurred, nor is recognition
given to the fact that it was to aid
the Mexican government in prevent
ing that sort of thing that the troops
were sent into Mexico, as it had been
found impossible to prevent raids by
stationing troops here and there
along the long dividing line.
Nor is recognition given to the fact
that Captain Boyd, in taking the step
that invited the Carrizal murders,
was simply carrying out orders. He
had been directed by his superior of
ficer to go a certain place for a
certain specific purpose entirely
friendly to the Mexican government,
and no objection from any Mexican
commander absolved him from obey
ing his orders.
The other circular letter referred
to at the beginning of this discussion
comes from the office of The Survey,
and contains a protest against the
United States engaging in a war with
Mexico from Senator LaFontaine, of
Belgium, a winner of the Nobel peace
prize. It, too, is based upon an os
tensible fear that this government is
about to engage in an unwise and un
just war against Mexico.
It is hard to attribute fulmina
tions as these to disinterested or al
truistic motive. It is the very worst
sort of buttinski. The president knows
quite well what he is doing. He is not
anxious to bring on an unjust war.
That these circulars are at fault is
shown by the fact that no war with
Mexico has ensued. Should such a
war ensue it will be for cause, ample
and . compelling.
"Write or wire the president and
your congressman today," says on,
of thew "What a passion has- arisen
of late to have the n embers of the
American congress intimidated."
Lincoln Star.
Sometimes the girl who marries for
a home is paying too much rent.
"Don't do that," seems to be the
most popular slogan where there are
children in the home.
Those waves which Great Britain
rules don't extend as far as fifty feet
below the surface, apparently.
If the prohibitionists nominate Mr.
Henry Ford for president, such an
act may put a new face on the
political moon.
Many of the newspapers through
out the country are cutting down
the sizes of their papers on account
of the high price of printing paper.
The Journal has not attempted to
reduce its size yet, and we hope we
will not have to.
In 1907, during the Roosevelt ad
ministration, the banks of the country
couldn't cash the checks of deposit
ors. In 1916, under the Wilson ad
ministration, the banks can not loan
all their money. Puzzle: Which situa
tion suits the banks best? Who was
president in 1907? One Teddy Roose
velt. Who is runing the affairs of this
government now? Woodrow Wilson.
J A f inej contrast, isn't it ?
Let's make it the finest parade
on record.
A little dry. A gullywasher would
help a great deal.
A man whose wife can whip him,
should be too proud to fight.
Cade Rodgers, and you all know
Cade, will be here "Home Coming"
"Stealing repubilcan thunder," is
what the standpatters accuse Wilson
of doing now. Oh. thunder!
The "Home Coming" committees
are all at work. And the people can
look for something great, too.
The weather bureau compels ad
miration. It never admits that the
weather is more than "warm."
It is small comfort for the aver
age bald-headed man to contemplate
the generious growths of hair in a
high-priced orchestra.
The trouble in America is too much
freedom is allowed the wrong people.
Some men will work at fair wages,
while others won't work unless they
double price.
The reg'jkv- republican nominee for
iloat representative had to go to
v'io Mexican border, with hi.- com
pany in the National Guard, and un
able to make the race, a new man had
be nominated. Consequently Marshall
T. Harrison of Dunbar, who had
served one term, renominated in 100$,
and defeated proposes to try it af;ain.
He will have to hustle if ho expects
to beat L. G. Todd, the democratic
Personal liberty got a hard crack
oer the littn rib the other lay at
Springfield, Mo., when the council
there put an anti-mashing ordinance
cn the records. The law provides a
fine of from $1 to $200 or not longer
than' sixty days in the city's weed"
gang, or both fine and weedi ng. The
ordinance should have been more
complete, making it equally as bind
ing on girl flirts, and make the fine
a compulsion on the part of the gitl.t
that she stay at home and help their
mothers sixty days.
Something of the hardships of an
American campaign in Mexico arc. in
dicated in the Washington dispatches
telling of the retirement for disabli
t:es due to the climate itself and the
task of chasing bandits there, of five
American colonels of the regular
army, it recalls the practice ot gen
eral Winfield Scott in the war with
Mexico when he kept his whole army
m camp and training around V era
Cruz, for six months, as we recall it,
before he would risk the march on
Mexico City."
This also brings to mind the fact
that the change of climate from Ne
braska to the Mexican border is more
than mere miles, for the National
Guard. Properly conducted the out
ing will do them good and harden
them in a physical way, and with
modern sanitary methods, there ap
pears no reason why this should not
be the case. But an actual march into
the heart ot Mexico would have to
bo undertaken with caution for purely
health reasons, by means not at all in
ured to the exigencies of climate and
cldier life. '
But as the days go by the likelihood
of serious trouble with Mexico di
minishes. So far as Mexico is con
cerned the present crisis, though it
promised to be disastrous to the
country south of us, may even result
in some good. When the foreign en-
emy threatened, there was a natural
tendency toward a union of factions
within the country. It may be that
this drift will result in a solidity of
relations that will exert an influence
in favor of a well established govern
ment. It is to be hoped that this will
be the case and that no emergency
will arise which will make it devolve
upon us to do a "police- job" through
out all Mexico and take upon our
selves responsibilities out of which
there can come little of what is label
ed "glory in battle," but offer the re
ward only that comes out of a disa
greeable duty well performed. j
World-Herald. "
rtcism'ommg lor-rnsirirome. f)Ulm U TAflHY ""O PAH
rWT?T ywr ru,",.i f-ryrn.
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lloi Cent zns 15 Fluid Brgxfaj
Aw.'e i alls Pre pratifjrAs
MnitalinS&c Fond cntlKcola
imo ihz Stocks ami Bowels rt 1
' Promotes DigcstionCtccfi Jt
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- V
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Signature of i
Jac Slim-
1 -2"
it. v,
Ezact Ccpy of Wiappsr.
New wheat at a dollar.
August SI, great auto parade.
Hats off, gentlemen to the Deutch-
Very hot in the east, as well as
Don't get discouraged; the other
fellow has his troubles, too.
Attend the democratic county con
vention at Weeping Water tomorrow.
The gcod Lord never intended that
you should have a good time all the
Truth crushed to eaith will rise
gain, but it's different with a busted
There are some men, not to men
tion a few women, who seem to en
joy being grouchy.
With some cleanliness is next to
Godliness, with a great many others
it is next to impossible.
The military training of women is
gcing to make it hard on the men
when the military discipline is intro
duced in the home.
The difference between the British
ar.d German submarine fleets is that
the former is submerged for keeps
and the latter submerged only tem
porarily. :o:
Cuba is having a presidential cam
paign, and it is going about it in quiet
orderly way. A few years ago it
would have been decided at the points
of guns. Another testimonial for
Uncle Sam.
-f-rx fn rr?
Do not let the Summer slip by without joining the vacation throng. With
Europe out of the question, with industrial, financial and agricultural prosper
ity throughout the land, you will lind large numbers of pleasure-seeking Amer
icans wherever you go.
TO THE EAST: A complete scheme of low excursion fares are daily in
effect to all resort regions of the East New England, Atlantic Coast.', etc.;
diverse routes that embrace the historical and most beautiful sections.
TO THE BLACK HILLS: Here is a Summer vacation region that is in
creasing its patronage each year.
THE YELLOWSTONE PARK: Commencing .July 1st we have through
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TO COLORADO: Low daily rates
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ii i rtie lours evtiwjiric. icii us miat jon nave in mint?
fedj I-et us help you.
tr.rit L- W- Wakeley. General Passenger Agent.
iah r
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castona
Bears the
or Over
irty Years
X remarkable fact which cannot
have escaped the notice of the intelli
gent reader is that hatred of the
United States has become general
throughout Mexico. While Villa was
doing all he could to embarrass and
injure this country he was the idol
of a large part of the people. When
Carranza became friendly towards
the United States, he lost the confi
dence of his people, and as his friend
ship towards us cooled, he became
popular again. Reports indicate that
his greatest popularity was attained
at the time war with the United
States seemed the most likely out
come of the controversy over border
crimes. Since Carranza capitulated
and resumed friendly relations with
Washington, Villa has come to the
front again, and his strength grows
It is up to the young man cither
to produce marriage or ice cream.
The Mexicans should keep their
heads, for where else could they wear
those enormous haystack hats?
The rapid auto driver want to curb
their speed within the city limits, or
they may wish they had. There are
eagle eyes upon you.
The progressives are not strong for
Teddy since he tried to sell them out
tc Hughes, Root, Barnes & Co. But
he has made a dismal failure in his
effort to deliver the goods. And now
the leaders of the progressives whom
Teddy could not deliver will have a
convention in Chicago to nominate
a head to the progressive ticket.
Parker, the candidate for vice presi
dent, is still in the running.
rta m n in n i
to Denver and Colorado Springs. CoN
low. 1 lie change is complete. Beat -
is reached over night. We have low
'IV-ll 1. .. , . .
amain otveei, umana, ieb.
TM rrfl rl" Jm -
I Hu tiiM VA" ri II 11 U U M It &!
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