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    MONDAY, JULY 17, 1916.
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ence In every branch of the trade.)
The Exclusive Wall Paper and Paint Store
Hotel Riley Block, Plattsmouth
Local lews
From Friday's Daily.
J. R. Vallery of near Mynard was
in the city for a few hours yester
day afternoon looking after a few
matters of business.
Jacob Bengen of near Mynard mo
tored in this morning from his farm
home to visit with his friends in this
city for afew hours.
L. II. Upton of Union was in the
city for a short time last evening at
tending to a. few business matters of
importance and calling on his friends
Henry C. Long of Murray was in
the city today for a few hours look
ing after some matters of business
r.nd visiting with county seat friends.
John Beck, one of the farmers from
northwest of the city, was in for a
few hours yesterday afternoon look
ing after some mutters with the mer
James McNeil and Joseph Neselck
of St. Joseph, who have been here
visiting with relatives and friends,
departed this afternoon for their
Major A. Hall and wife and daugh
ter, Miss Elizabeth came in this
morning from their home south of
this city to visit for a short time with
M. G. Churchill and Dr. G. H. Gil
more of Murray were in the city to
day for a few hours, the doctor being
in attendance at a session of the
county insanity board.
II. K. Frantz, the banker, and AV.
P. Yoho, the merchant of Eagle,
were in the city for a few hours yes
terday afternoon looking after some
matters at the court house.
George P. Meisinger, jr., motored
in today from his farm home in his
fine new Studebaker automobile and
spent a few hours with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meisinger.
We are in receipt of a communi
cation from Mrs. S. E. Carrigan, who
is located near Valyrang, Neb., in
which she encloses a year's subscrip
tion to the Plattsmouth Journal.
Harry Krueger, wife and son,
Glenn, who have been enjoying a va
cation at Tampa, Florida, returned
home this morning on the early Bur
lington train and report a most de
lightful visit.
A. P. Young and Senator John
Mattes of Nebraska City passed
through the city last evening enroute
to Omaha where they visited for the
I at ITc AccietYmi i'n PS a
New Residence! '
You are no doubt in the same position that a great many others of this city
and community are in. You want a new home, and if you had a little assistance
in the way of plans, cost of material and a partial estimate on the cost of your
new home you might build now.
We have just received a most complete line of plans, specifications, estimate
of lumber bills for each and every structure in this great volume, all of which
will be of great aid to you in planning a new home, all free to you by calling at
our lumber office. This volume also contains the plans of combination barns
and silos, garages, outbuildings of numerous kinds, which we will be glad to
sliow prospective building of these sort of structures.
This is Our Line and We Will Be Glad to Help You!
I Our Lumber and Building Line is Complete
& .
Lumber and Building
Bring Your
problems to a practical
man. (Years of experi
day in that city looking after some
business affairs.
Mrs. Samuel Long of South Bend
and Mrs. Charles Olds of Lewis, Cass
county, Iowa, are in the city visiting
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. M.
Streight. Mrs. Long is a sister of
Mr. Streight and Mrs. Olds, a 'cousin.
A. A. Schoemann and wife of
Louisville, Peter Lenhard and wife
and daughter, Lena, of South Bend
were in the city today for a few
hours, driving over in the auto of Mr.
Lenhard and while in the city the
two gentlemen were callers at the
Journal office.
Mrs. F. E. Paxton and Miss Grace
Stewart, who have been here in at
tendance at the funeral of Mrs. Fred
Stewart departed this morning for
Glenwood where they will secure their
household goods and remove to this
city to make their home with their
son and brother, Fred Stewart.
From. Saturday's Dally.
Mrs. Nettie Staton of Union came
up to this city yesterday afternoon
for a short visit with friends.
C. L. Creamer and wife from south
of the city were here this afternoon
looking after the week-end shopping.
Mrs. R. E. Foster and children of
Union came up to this city yester
day afternoon for a short visit at the
Larson home.
Ed E. Leach came up this morning
from his home near Murray to spend
a few hours looking after some mat
ters of business with the merchants.
W. II. Seybert motored in this aft
ernoon from his home near Cullom to
meet Mrs. Seybert and daughter,
Honor, who were returning home
from Omaha.
Louie Rheinackle, wife and little
daughter were in the city yesterday
afternoon for a few hours looking
after some matters of business with
the merchants.
Dr. B. F. Brendel accompanied buy
his nephew, Lowell Parr of Zionville, !
Indiana, and Will Barker motored up
this morning from Murray enroute to
the auto races at Omaha.
Frank McCoy of Havelock was here
today visiting with his old friends in
his boyhood home. Mr. McCoy is one
of the former residents here who ex
pect to be on hand for the "Home
Mrs. S. S. Gooding departed this
morning for Rosalie, Neb., where she
will visit for a week or ten days at
the home of her brother, F. II. Rich
ardson and returning will stop at
Omaha for a brief visit.
Henry Horn and son, Harry and
George P. Horn, sr., drove in this
morning from their home in Eight
Mile Grove precinct and spent a few
hours here looking after the week end
shopping and visiting with friends.
From Thursday's Dally.
Editor W. H. Brown of the Union
Ledger and wife came up Saturday
afternoon an spent a few hours here
with friends.
C. .II. Vallery, who has been in
Omaha for the past week taking
treatment, returned home this after
noon feeling much improved.
Mrs. Claude Seivers of Louisvill
came over yesterday to attend the
funeral of the little daughter cf Mr
and Mrs. Jennings Seivers.
Miss Etta Nickles of Murray was
in the city for a few hours Saturday
evening enroute home from Omaha
where she was visiting there for th
day with friends.
Hans Tams, who is employed as
traveling carpenter for the Burling
ton, departed this morning for Omaha
where he will look after some wor
for the company in that place.
R. L. Propst motored in from hi
home at Mynard this morning and de
parted on the early Burlington train
for Omaha where he will spend
few hours looking after some bus
iness matters.
William Witte of Stanton, Neb
who has been here visiting at th
home of Mrs. Henry Martens and
family, over Sunday, departed this
morning for his home in the northern
part of the state.
T. M. Patterson and wife departei
Saturday evening on No. 2 for Chi
cago and Battle Creek, Michigan
where they will spend a month in
those cities as well as in other of
the cities of Michigan.
Mrs. Will Fitzgerald and little child
of Omaha, who were here in atten
dance at the funeral of the grand
father of Mrs. Fitzgerald, the late
Wash Beverage, returned this morn
ing to their home in Omaha.
T. F. Wiles, wife and family of
Omaha, who where here visiting for
a few days at the home of Mr. Wiles
parents. Captain and Mrs. Isaac
Wiles, departed this morning fo
their home in the metropolis.
Conrad Schlater of Oshkosh, Neb.
motored in yesterday from his home
for a short visit here with his rela
tives and friends in this city, while
enjoying a short vacation from hi
work in the bank at Oshkosh.
James W. Jones of Shenadoah, la.
who was here over Sunday visitin
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August
Cloidt, departed this morning for his
home. Mrs. Jones will remain for
more estended visit before returning
H. E. Pankonin and Ed Gloy ot
Grant, Nebraska, are in the city en
joying a short visit at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. August Roessler and
with other friends. These gentlemen
are prominent farmer of the vicinity
of Grant.
East of Riley Hotel.
Coates' Block,
Second Floor.
5 &
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
The Heavy Fighting That Has Ueen
Going on for Days Has
Dwindled Perceptibly
in Intensity
London, July 16. The heavy fight
ing that has been going on for days
in the region of the Somme has
dwindled perceptibly in intensity,
Sunday witnessing merely heavy bom
bardments on the British front and
comparative calm on the line held by
the French. In the region of Verdun
the French to the northwest of the
fortress have captured German posi
tiens and southwest of Thiaumont, on
the east bank of the Meuse, have
penetrated German first line trenches,
In the eastern theater, in the region
of Lutsk, heaw fierhtinr has com-
menced again, with the Russians on
the aggressive. According to Vienna,
all attacks have been repulsed here.
Neither the Vienna nor Petrograd
official communication touches upon
the operations in the Carpathians re-
gion, but Petrograd reports ine cap-
ture iVom the Turk? bv the Russian?
of the important town of Baiburt,
in Turkish Armenian sixty miles south
of the Black Sea port of Trebizond.
The Italians are still making head-
way against the Austrians, according
to Rome dispatches, especially on
Posonia, and have repulsed violent
counter attacks with heavy losses to
the Austrians.
To the south of the Somme, the
Germans Saturday night in strong
attacks under the cover of fog, cap
tured La Maisonnette and the Village
of Biaches, while further south they
penetrated first line French trenches
From all these places they were driv
en out later by the French in heavy
counter attacks
In the Champagne region there is
again great activity by the French
troops, who are being aided in their
meneuvers by the Russians, who re
cently came to France. Berlin tells
of the repulse of four British attacks
Saturdav afternoon in the region of
Ovillers and Bazentin Le Petit, while "Pn the operations in the Carpathi
the London war afiice admits the with- ns region, but Petrograd reports the
drawal of the British main line of a capture from the lurks by the Kus
force that had been thrown forward sians of the important town of Bai-
to the Foureaux wood and was en-
gaged in improving the neew British
Five British patrol trawlers and
five British steamers are reported to
have been sunk by German submar-
Suffered Stroke of Paralysis
From Saturday's Dally.
Charley Price suffered a stroke of
paralysis Wednesday morning at 3:30
and is now in a serious condition at
his home with slight hopes for his
complete recovery. His left side was
paralyzed and he suffers great pain
in his head. His sister, Mrs. C. C.
IvJcKnight, of Omaha, is here and a
brother from Cystal Lake, Iowa, has
been called. Eagle Beacom.
(One To Convince the Most Skeptical
Plattsmouth Reader.
The test of time is the test that
Doan's Kidney Pills have made
their reputation by effective action.
The following case is typical.
Plattsmouth residents should dc
The testimony is confirmed the
proof complete.
Testimony like this cannot be ig
W. M. Barclay, chief of police,
Fifth and Pearl streets, Plattsmouth,
says: "1 have used uoan's Kidney
'ills, procured from the Crescent. I
Pharmacy, and can say they are all I
right. For lumbago and trouble from I
the kidney secretions they are splen-
did. I found that after using ihem, I
the pain across my loins lef t immedi- I
ately." (Statement given December
29, 1908.) I
On February 22, 191G, Mr. Bar-
clay said: "I have taken Doan's Kid-1
ney .Fills for ears and they have
never failed to do the work when
ever I have had occasion to take a
kidney medicine."
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for Kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Ptlls the same that J
Mr. Barclay has twice publicly recom-
mended. Foster-Milburn Co.. Props.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. J. H. Meisinger and son,
Adam of near Cedar Creek departed
this morninsr for Pekin. Illinois. I
vhere they were called by the death
of a relative. I
Capture La Maisonnette and Biaches,
but Are Drove Out by De.
Heavy Fighting Resumed in Lutsk
Region Russians Gain in
London, July 16. To the south of
the Somme. the Germans Saturday in stroner attacks under the
cover ot log, captureu ..ont
and the village of Biaches, while
further south they penetrated first
I j. - i IT- n f ' lin
line French trenches
From all these places they were
driven out later bv the rrench in
heavy counter attacks.
Berlin tells of the repulse of four
British attacks Saturday afternoon in
the region of Ovillers and Bazentin
L,e 1'etit, while tne juonuon war oi
f ice admist the withdrawal to the
British main line of a force that had
been thrown forward to the Foureax
wood and was engaged in improving
the new British positions
The heavy fighting that has been
p.n;np. nn ror ,avs ; the reeion of tha
io " i
Somme. however, has dwindled per
ceptibly in intensity, Sunday witness
ing merely heavy bombardments on
the British front and comparative
calm on the line held by the French.
In the region of Verdun the French
to the northwest of the fortress have
captured German positions, and
southwest of Thiaumont, on the east
bank of the Meuse, have penetrated
German first line trenches.
In the eastern theater, in the re
gion ot LutsK, neavy ngnting nas
commenced again, with the Russians
on the aggressive. According to
Vienna, all attacks have been repulo-
M here- Neither the Vienna or Petro-
olticial communications toucn
burt, in Turkish Armenia, sixty miles
south of the Black sea port of Irebi-
zond. The Italians are still making
headway against the Austrians ac-
j cording to Rome dispatches, especial-
j ly in Posinin, and have repulsed vio
lent counter attacks with heavy losses
to the Austrians.
Charley and William Bell, two for
mer Plattsmouth boys, now residing
at Davenport, la., came in yester
day morning to visit for a few days
here with their old friends and en
joy a short stay in the old home. The
boys are members of the team of the
Davenport Woodmen of the World
which has been taking part in the en
campment of the uniform rank at
Lake Manawa the past week. William
Bell is captain of the company and
is well pleased over the fact that his
team secured the second prize in the
competitive drill over several other
of the crack teams of Iowa and Ne
braska. There were 200 in attendance
at the encampment and the Daven
port team numbered twenty of the
fine appearing young men of that
city. The young men report their
father and mother as being in good
health and Mr. Bell has a very fine
position as foreman in the machine
shops of the Davenport Locomotive
works where Charley and Will are
both employed at present. While here
the boys are visiting at the Henry
Steinhauer home and will depart for
home in time to attend a big recep
tion that is to be given in Burling-
ton by the Woodmen of the World
lodge for the members of the prize
winning Davenport team. The friends
of the young men were certainly well
pleased to see them and to learn that
they are meeting with such success.
While here they were callers at the
Journal office to visit with the force.
A message received in this city
from Peoria, 111., announces that Mrs
Bruce Miller of that city who has
been in very poor health for the last
two years is critically ill and her re
covery is considered very doubtful.
Mrs. Miller is the daughter of Mr
and Mrs. Fred Heinrich of this city
and her relatives and friends here are
greatly shocked to learn of her ser
ious condition of health.
Clearance Sale Now On!
Will . Continue Until This Lot is Sold at
Prices Quoted:
House dresses, 1 lot made of a good
quality cambric, light gound neat fig
ure well made, bought to retail at
$1.50 to close out, at per garment 93c.
A small lot of street dresses made
of Tissue, these were priced at each
$3.00, to close out we offer them at
$2.15. 3'EO
One lot of House Dresses made of
neat stripes of gingham, formerly
sold at $1.25 each, to close out at 98c.
Bungalow aprons, 1 lot made of a
good grade of percale to close out
at per garment 49c. 1
One lot of Bungalow aprons that
were priced at $1., in good materials,
we offer same at per garment, 89c.
One lot of Childrens Dresses, sizes
for age 4, 6and 8 years, to close them
out we offer them at each 59c. These
are neatly made of nice materials.
Colored Silk Petticoats, the grade
that was priced at per garment $4.00
we offer at each $2.59. The grade
that was priced at $2.50 we now offer
at each $159. The $1.25 garment in
satteen we now offer at per garment
98c. '
Ladies White Petticoats, trimmed
with lace also embroderies, that were
priced at $1.50 each to close out we
offer same at $1.10.
The grade that sold at $1.25 we
will close out at per garment 98c.
The $1. grade we offer, now at 89c.
Corset Covers that were priced at
each 35c will be closed out at each
Ladies muslin pants that sold up as
high as 50c per pair we offer now at
per garment 25c.
A nice lot of Embroideried Flounc
ings, 45-inch wide, that were priced
Znckweiler Lutz
WW wwv
.t f
vw wwv
Morn, to Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Stoll a bouncing baby boy, Tuesday,
July 11th.
3lrs. u. L). Adams was a passenger
for Brownsville, Nebraska, Wednes
day morning for a visit with relatives
A number of the farmers in this vi
cinity were busy Sunday. Some, were
cultivating corn, while others were
in the harvest field.
R. W. Chriswisser who lives south
of town recently disposed of his Krit
oar and is now enjoying the pleasure
of an Overland.
J. W. Magney left for Oklahoma
last Tuesday where he will look after
his land interests. He expects to be
gone about ten days.
The addition which is being placed
on the rear of the bank has a good
start. The basement and foundation
is completed. This work was done
by G ruber and Miller.
C. D. St. John who has been have
ing his home remodeled of late now
has a crew of painters at work giv
ing it the finishing touches. He now
has one of the best residences in Ne
P. E. Ruffner and wife, of Platts
mouth, and Mrs. Reed, of Omaha were
down visiting over Sunday with Mr
and Mrs. E. A. Kirkpatrick. Mrs
Reed is a sister of Mrs. Kirkpatrick.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Stone and fam
ily spent Sunday in Elmwood visit
ing with the former's brother, Mr,
and Mrs. C. S. Stone. C. S. Stone
and wife brought them back to Ne-
hawka that evening in their car.
With the Sheldon Manufacturing
Company's new home going up at full
blast, the addition on the bank near
ing completion faster each day, the
new KirKpatricK nome almost com
pleted and a beter electric light
plant almost ready for continual ser
vice, who can say Nehawka is not on
the boom?
One of the best dances of the sea
son will be given at the T. J. Sokol
hall on Saturday evening and the
public is cordially invited to be pres
ent to take part in the pelasant oc
State of Ohio. City of Toledo,
iucas county, ss.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
la senior partner of the firm of F. J.
Cheney & Co., dolne business in the City
of Toledo, County and State aforesaid,
and that said firm will pay the sum of
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by the use of HALL'S CATARRH
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this 6th day of December.
A. D. 1886. A. W. GLEASON.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine la taken in.
ternally and acts through the Blood on
the Mucous Surfaces of the System. Send
for testimonials, free.
. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists. 75c.
Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
at per yard $2. We offer to close out
at per yard $1.45.
One lot that was priced at per yard
at $1.65 will be sold at $1.10.
One lot that was priced at per yard
85c will be sold at 65c per yard.
One lot will be sold at 49c.
The above are mostly of Organdies,
Batists and Voil materials.
A lot of 27-inch wide Embroider
ies to match the above at a cut price.
One lot of Embroideries that were
priced at 25c per yard, we offer now
at per yard 19c. Edges and Inser
tions to match.
One lot of Embroideries from 2 to
7 inches wide, former price 10c and
15c, now go at per yard 8c.
One lot to close at per yard 5c.
One lot of wash goods that were
priced at per yard I21&c, we offer
at Per yard 9c.
One lot that were priced at 25c
per yard, we now offer at per yard
One odd lot of white good, slightly
soiled, a bargain at per yard 13c.
One lot of Red Seal Gingham at
per yard 10c.
3C-inch parcales Grey, Blues, Light
colors at per yard 10c.
One case of Pepperell sheets 9-4
yards, 9-4 2 3-4 yards.
Fruit of the Loom sheets, 9-4 IV
yards, 9-4 2 3-4 yards for just the
price per yard of the same grade of
sheeting these are torn and hemed.
Ask to see them.
One small lot of odd shoes for
Misses at per pair 90c.
Saturday afternoon at
5 o'clock,
June, the little four-weeks-old babe
of Mr. and Mrs. Jennings Seivers
passed away at the home on West
Marble street. The little one has not
been strong from birth and gradual
ly faded away and was called home
to rest from suffering, to dwell in
the realms of the blessed, under the
protecting wing of the kindly Father.
The death came as a great blow to
the parents, who have devoted every
care to save their beloved little one,
but in vain. The funeral services were
held yesterday from the home con
ducted by Rev. F. M. Druliner of the
First Methodist church and the little
one was laid to rest in Oak Hill cem
etery. The deepest sympathy of
everyone in the community goes out
to the family in their hour of grief
at the loss of the beloved little one
who for a short time has been the
sunshine of the home and the idol of
the family circle. The funeral ser
vices were attended by a large num
ber of the relatives and friends to
express their feelings of sympathy
and grief at the misfortune that had
befallen their friends.
The best hammocks in the city can
be found at the Stanfield Book Shop.
Prices the lowest.
Poultry Med
A carload of live poultry, to be deliv
ered at car, near Burlington freight
depot, Plattsmouth, Neb., on Tuesday,
July 25th, one day only, for which
we will pay in cash:
lens 14 lie
Old Roosters 8c
We will be on hand, rain or shine.
and take all poultry offered. Don't
forget the date.