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    Monday, june s, 1916.
.H. ImT .T T, !l.I,I.sS..I..I.,T..I..f..I..:..H.
J..T..J..T..T. ,?J?3J.T.
Slip a few Prince Albert
smokes into your system!
Copyright iro fey
B. J. BtyBolds TebMs C.
You've heard many an earful about the Prince Albert
Datented Drocess that curs our bite and Darch and lptc vnn
smoke vour fill without a comeback! Stake vour bank mil that
?. . t r . 1 j
ii proves out every nour 01 me uay.
Prince Albert has always been sold
without coupons or premiums. We
prefer to give quality !
There's sport smoking a pipe or rolling
your own, but you know that you've got
to have the right tobacco ! We tell you
Prince Albert will bang the doors wide
open for you to come in on a good time
firine ud everv little so often, without a
regret! YouH feel like vour smoke oast
has been wasted and will be sorry you cannot
back up for a fresh start.
You swing on this say-so like it was a tip to a
tnousana-aonar Din ! it s worth that in happi
ness and contentment to you, to every man
who knows what can be
gotten out of a churnmy
jimmy pipe or a makin's
cigarette with
Prince Albert for
y fall Mm-!"
the national joy smoke
THE Prince
Albert tidy
L - 111 1
1 1rai'ffihim tsovsof-- astfdtesa,
WuuUa-Salea. N. C
This is the reverse
side of the tldjr
red tin
sm ri r j
red tin. and in
fact, every Prince
Albert package, has
real message-to-you
on its reverse Bide. You 11
read: "Process Patented
July 3tith. 1907." That means
tViut th IlnitH Clat,, f.nvvrn.
ment has granted a patent on the
process by which Prince Albert is
made. And by which ton$ue bite and
. f -. . . vw. . ' - J
wnere tobacco is sold you II find
Prince Albert awaiting you
in toppy red bags, 5c: tidy
red tins. 10c: handsome
pound ana nait-pouna
tin humidors and in
that clever crystal
glass humidor, with
sponge - moistener
top, that keeps the
tobacco in such
fine condition
ivyULC,LlJ u o
Commencing Saturday Morning, Uay 27th,
and continuing up to and including June 27th, we will offer all our big line of
Farm Implements at greatly reduced prices. This is surely, the golden oppor
tunity to buy your farming equipment, at the time all such goods are rapidly ad
vancing in price, we are offering them to you at a reduction. Look over the
following articles, compare the prices and come in and let us talk Farm Ma
chinery to you:
One wood wheel farm truck $45.00 value at $40.00
One iron wheel farm truck 32.50 " " 27.00
Four V. A. John Deere cultivators 27.50 " " 21.00
One John Deere shift seat cultivator 29.50 " " 22.00
One John Deere hammock seat cultivator 30.00 " " 22.00
One Sattley hammock seat cultivator 29.00 " " 22.00
One Sattley balance frame 27.50 " " 21.00
One Sattley Walker 17.50 " " 14.00
One two-row stalk cutter, all that we have left. . 51.00 " " 40.00
30 tooth harrows at per section 4.00
Three-hole cookers, Blue Bell oil burner 13.50 " " 10.00
Peerless Steam Washers 5.00 " " 3.00
John Deere Binders, (the best on the market) can save you from $20 to
$25 as long as they last.
Star Litter Carrier at wholesale cost price.
Big Discount on all Farm Implements, Bug
gies and Wagons for the Next 30 Days
J. L.
M &co.,
(Successors to G. P. Eastwood)
" Ed Young left Monday morning for
Buffalo county, on a little land busi
ness. Mrs. Eisler and children of Lincoln
are the guests of her sister, Mrs.
Elsie and Vady Davidson, -who were
thrown from a buggy during a run
away last week, are recovering nicely.
C. H. Stebbins and C, F. Robinson,
oil drillers, were in Omaha Sunday
looking over the beauty spots in the
big city.
Private R. A. Bramblet, a former
Union boy, who was stationed at Ft.
Mills, Corregdior, Manilla, P. I., has
recently been transferred, and now
orders the Ledger sent to him at Ft.
Warden, Port Townsend, Washington.
J. C. Mclntyre and family came
down from Lincoln Saturday for a
short visit with relatives. Mr. Mc
lntyre went back to his work on Sun
day, but his wife will remain with her
mother, Mrs. Myron Lynde, for a
Miss Jean Andrews, who" teaches
near Union, closed her school Friday
with a picnic. Miss Andrews taught
a successful term and was elected to
teach the same school next fall. She
returned to her home in Nebraska
City Saturday.
Miss Daisy Barton, who attended
school in Falls City the past year,
graduated with honors from the
eighth grade last Thursday evening.
Miss Daisy arrived home on Friday
morning and will spend her vacation
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
There was a meeting of the Union
Oil company last Saturday night.
Talk along the lines of progress thus
far made was discussed to some
length. The financial committee made
a report of all monies spent, and the
report was accepted by all present.
A new auditing committee, consisting
of F. H. McCarthy, W. B. Banning
and L. R. Upton, was appointed to
take the place of the old committee,
who were Jake Falter, C. C. Parmele
and Frank Slater, all of Plattsmouth
It was agreed upon by those present
to make an earnest endeavor to raise
$2,500 more so that the well could
be sunk down to a depth of some
2,000 feet, and it is the, general im
pression that the well will produce
oil at about that depth, or at least it
Frank Boedeker is driving a new
wagon since the latter part of last
week. It is a light six-cylinder Buick
Mrs. Charles Chriswisser and chil
dren were passengers to Auburn on
Monday to visit for a short time with
Miss Edwards left Saturday for
her home in Hamilton after teaching
and closing a successful school year
of our intermediate room.
Miss Linnea Lundberg, who had
been teaching school in Chappell,
Neb., returned home on the morning
train Tuesday to spend her vacation.
Miss Flint, who taught the primary
room, gave her pupils a picnic at the
Robert Caldwell home last Thursday
afternoon. She left Saturday morn
ing for Lincoln.
Miss Lillian Sutherland, superin
tendent of the high school, departed
for her home in Grand Island Satur
day after closing a very successful
school year at this place.
Miss Clara Rutherford left for
Parkston, S. D., Monday afternoon,
where she will attend summer school.
She was joined at Union by her cou
sin, Miss Dovey Barkhurst, who will
also attend the same school.
Wright Cook, who graduated from
the high school here last year, came
in from Tecumseh last Thursday to
be present at the graduating exer
cises and attend the alumni banquet
given the same evening. He visited
his old friends and returned home on
Saturday afternoon.
From now on Nehawka will have
a better mail service in the mornings.
The early train which carried second
class mail only will now carry first
class matter coming from Kansas
City to Omaha. As it was, this mail
had to go to Lincoln and then down
on the morning jmssenger. This will
not take any mail at thissplace, but
it will improve the service wonderfully.
LOST On Lincoln avenue yesterday,
an exhaust muffler belonging to an
Excelsior motorcycle. Finder will
confer a favor by leaving same at
the Journal office. 5-29-tfd
Sales bills done quickly at the
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gamble came
down from Omaha to attend the
alumni banquet. Mr. Gamble was a
former superintendent of our schools.
Miss Lena Dettman of Imperial,
Neb., is here on a visit with her
brother, Herman Dettman, and her
sister, Mrs. Ted Jeary, and family.
The interior decorations at the
American Exchange bank have been
completed and make a fine appear
ance. The exterior woodwork has
also been repainted.
J. F. Hoover shipped a car of hogs
to the Nebraska City market Thurs
day of last week, and on Monday of
this week had another car of hogs on
the same market.
Rev. C. Jannen came in from Hast
ings this week to help pack his house
hold goods preparatory to moving to
the above named place. The Jannen
family expects to leave on Monday.
William McCaig, old soldier veteran
of Ponca City, Okla., arrived here
Sunday on a visit to his sister, "Aunt
Sarah" Hall, and to be in attendance
at the Memorial day exercises.
Ted Cordner of Duluth, Minn., was
in town last Sunday, visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Minford.
He is their son-in-law and came in
for a few days visit from Lincoln,
having coma to the capital city on
business matters.
Dr. C. R. Trenholm and L. W.
Roettger motored to Hooper, Neb.,
Saturday evening to get Mrs. Tren
holm and children, who were visiting
at the home of her sister, Mrs. Wil
liam Roettger. They returned Sun
day evening and encountered some
pretty muddy roads and in several
places had difficulty in getting
On Monday of this week Tulley
Wall was unfortunate enough to have
one of the bones in his left hand
broken. He was hauling hay from
M. A. Miller's place. He was on the
rack when one of his feet went
through a hole in the bottom of the
rack, throwing him forward with the
fork handle in his hand, and striking
in such a manner as to produce the
above result.
A six-pound girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Kulcinski on Tues
day, May 30.
Mrs. Ellen Rathbun came down
from AlVo to visit her children and
to attend the Decoration day exer
cises. Mrs. John Carter came over from
Weeping Water Wednesday to visit
with his sister, Mrs. Rachael Noyes.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Johnson and Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas Walters of Casey,
la., drove over in their car Wednes
day to attend the funeral of Mrs.
Vena Lee.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sinnard are
receiving the congratulations of their
friends on the birth of a son, who
arrived at their home last Sunday,
May 28.
Dr. and Mrs. Will Clark of Lincoln
and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Long of
South Bend were guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Nichols last
J. W. Waldron and family arrived
Wednesday Moffat, Colo., hav
ing come by auto, making the 800
miles in four and one-half days. They
will visit in this vicinity several days
W. F. Diers captured a two-ounce
carp Monday after fishing for ten
hours. He won't tell his friends what
he used for bait, but it must be some
thing new in these parts or such a
valuable catch could not have been
made. The carp is being stuffed and
kept for a souvenir of the great feat.
Attorney Arthur Palmer, while
fishing at one of the ponds on this
side of the river Monday evening, fell
asleep near some baled ha'y, when
rats that infested the hay gnawed
one of his shoes nearly off his foot.
He awoke just in time to avoid con
tributing some toes to the rat feast.
The cost of Bridge Tolls for Round
Trip using our Commutation Books
Auto and Driver, round Trip. 50o
Extra Passengers, each, 5c
$10.00 Book. $5.00
$5.00 Book, $2.50
Commutation Books Good any time
and Transferable.
Auto & Wagon Bridge Go.
FOR SALE McCormick hay sweep.
Only been used a day and a half.
Inquire of A. W. Smith or call
phone No. 475-W. 6-1 -2tw
For Sale.
My carriage and furniture wagon for
sale. Can be seen at the Parmele liv
ery barn. M. Hild.
LOST Fraternity pin, small diamond
set in center, three Greek letter
initials; has- nama of "Maurice
Loomis, Omaha," on back. Finder
please return to Waldemar Soen
nichsen and receive reward.
William Doty left Monday for Bur
ton, O., where he will spend some
time visiting his old home and his
Mrs. Clarence Gillim of Lincoln
visited several days the first of the
week with her sister, Mrs. Will Pres
ton, and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Spangler went
to Omaha Wednesday. Mr. Spangler
will take medical treatment, and Mrs.
Spangler will remain with him for a
few days.
The wise old bird called at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bill
Saturday morning and left a fine
young daughter, which the young
couple are justly proud of.
Miss Irene Jones left Wednesday
morning for Kearney, where she will
take a year's work in normal train
ing school. Her mother accompanied
her as far as Lincoln.
Mrs. R. Blaikie, who has been
teaching at Berlin the past year, was
a visitor in town Tuesday and left on
Wednesday morning for York county
to join her husband and son on the
Miss Cleo Jameson, who is studying
for a trained nurse at Chicago, ar
rived Saturday morning for a three
weeks visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Jameson.
Mrs. Cora Badgiey came in from
Genoa Monday for a visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davis.
She was accompanied by her niece,
Miss Alma Davis, daughter of Greg
Davis, of Genoa.
The stork visited the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Amos Cappen May 25 and
left a fine young son. Mother and
son are getting along nicely and
Amos was able to come downtown
Saturday night.
Mrs. Patrick Murphy and son,
Nicholas, of Greely, were over-Sunday
visitors with Mrs. Murphy's sis
ters, Mrs. John C. Murphy and Mrs.
Louise Bourke, of Manley. It was a
farewell visit for Mrs. Murphy as
she leaves next week with her family
to join her husband at their new
home in Montana.
Benjamin Betts, one of the oldest
residents of Cass county, died last
week at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Jesse Hudkins, at Valparaiso.
Mr. Betts had been visiting his
daughter and was sick but a short
time. The body was brought to his
home here Saturday and the funeral
was held Sunday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the Christian church,
Rev. Barkley of Burr officiating.
Mr. Betts was an old soldier, hav
ing served nearly four years in the
union army, and died at the age of
89 years. It iseemed peculiarly ap
propriate that the funeral of this
aged veteran should be held on
Memorial Sunday. He was the father
of a large family, nine of whom are
living. Mr. Betts came to Nebraska
at an early day, locating on a farm
east of town, but the last ten years
had resided in Avoca. He is survived
by his wife, who was also ill at the
time of his death and funeral. A
number of out-of-town relatives were
in attendance tit the funeral.
roi'XTV op cAss, i:iihsk.
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Ti. Cralp. deceased.
To all person Interested In the estate
of Charles R. Craljr. deceased:
You are hereby notified that Thomas
T. Yountr has filed a petition askinp for
admini.stration of the estate of Charles
Ii. Craig, deceased, alleging among oth
er things that said deceased died in
testate in Cass county, Nebraska, leav
ing personal estate to be administered.
Also that said deceased left him sur
viving as liis only heirs at law, bis
widow, Alice K. Craig, and Mildred
Craig, daughter; Bernese Craig, daugh
ter and Harold C. Craig, son.
You are further notilied that a hear
ing on said petition will be had on the
L'Oth day of June, 1916. at the hour of
ten o'clock a. til., at the office of the
County Judge, l'lattsmouth, Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
All objections or exceptions tn paid
petition and the appointment of and ad
ministrator of said deceased, must be
on file on or before said date, or the
allegations of said petition will be
taken as true and the prayer thereof
Hated this 27th day of May. 191fi.
By the Court,
alli:n j. bkkson.
5-29-Sw. County Judge.
Archibald Hohenshell, et. al.
Kate Hohenshell, et. al.,
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an order of the District
court duly entered on the dav of
May, 1916, in the above entitled cause
authorizing me as referee in partition
to sell the following described real es
tate, to-wlt:
The west half of the northasi
quarter, and the west half of the
southeast quarter; the seuth half of
the northwest quarter, and the
north half of the southwest quar
ter, all in Section twenty-three
tJ3) Township twelve K ) Itange
nine (9), all in Cass county, Neb
raska. for cash, and as upon execution, I will
on the 1st day of July, 1916, at eleven
o'clock a. m. at the south front door
of the court house, in Plattsmouth, Casa
county, Nebraska, sell to the highest
bidder for cash, the foregoing describ
ed real estate. Said sale will remain
open for one hour.
Dated this 29th dav of May. 191C
. . lieferee in Partition.
Q A. P. AWLS, Attorney.
State of Nebraska. Cass county, ss. In
County Court. In the matter of the
estate of LiOretta Ault. deceased:
Notice is hereby given to the cred
itors of said deceased that hearings
will be bad upon claims filed against
said estate, before me, county judge
of Cass county, Nebraska, at the
county court room in Plattsmouth, in
said county, on the 16th day of June,
1916, and on the ICth day of December,
1916, at 10 o'clock a. m., each day, for
examination, adjustment and allow
ance. All claims must be filed in said court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness my hand and seal of said
county court, at l'lattsmouth, Nebras
ka, this lith day of May, 1916.
(Seal) County Judge.
Attorney for Administrator.
iTi iThTmTm'm TiTmTTi
ill A" A i 4 4 "A""A4",4"""4,,A"A"4"
East of Riley Hotel.
Coi.tes' Block,
Second Floor.
i"Xm I"X M"!!!" ,II,"I,"M" ,X"I"I,,X J"
Notice Is hereby given to all persons
interested and to the public that the
undersigned, H. A. Schoemann and M.
L. Williams, have filed their petition
and application in the office of the
citv clerk of the City of l'lattsmouth.
County of Cass, and State of Nebraska,
as required by law, signed by the
required number Of resident freehold
ers of the said city, setting forth that
the applicants are men of respectable
character and standing ana are resi
dents of the State of Nebraska, and
praying that a license may be Issued
to the said II. A. Schoemann and M. 1..
Williams for the sale of malt, spiritu
ous and vinous liquors for the period
of one year from the date of the hear
ing of said application in a building
situated on lots eleven and twelve (11
and 12). in block, twenty-seven (27 .
In the First ward of the said City of
Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Mav 20. 11. ArmHent
From Friday Dailr.
The Journal publisher last evening
received a crate of the biggest and
best Nebraska strawberries we have
seen this year and which came as a
remembrance from our friends, 'Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Everett, of Nebraska
City, and were raised on their farm,
"Sunny Slope," near that place. The
berries are delicious and it is need
less to say were well appreciated by
the Journal family.
David H. Merner and wife of Cedar
Falls, la., who have been spending
some time in California and the Pa
cific coast points, were here Saturday,
visiting at the home of Mrs. Paul
Gering and family, departing Satur
day afternoon on No. 2 for St. Louis,
where they will visit for a time be
fore erturoing home.