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plattsmouth lournal
Entered at Postoffice at Plattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mall matter.
gUBSCRIPTIOlf miCEi 11.50
-I-K-K- -H-H-fr KH -H-H
Our grand business, undoubt- J"
edly, is not to see what lies 4
i dimly at a distance, but to do !
g. what lies clearly at hand.
4 Carlyle.
More rain
more than a suffi-
Villa is acting a great deal like a
Fur-bearing animals are presum
ably gratified to learn that the price
of furs continue to advance.
Berlin insists that English mer
chantmen must be prevented from
kicking Germany's U boats around.
If the Irish in Ireland ever start
to hurling bricks the situation will
become real serious for Johnny Bull.
Four years more of President Wil
son's leadership will mean four years
more of steady progress and pros
perity. :o:
Decoration day was fairly well ob
served, and with a little effort could
have been much more demonstrative,
as it should have been.
Editors say a lot of things that
nriv.ntp citizens can't. Here is one
" , . , , . , ,,
of them: All babies under three
months of age look alike.
Boston has a municipal nag, and
is nuzzled over a suitable design. A
baked bean rampart on a high-brow
field should be about the prope
We arc now about to enter the dis-
cussion once again as to vhich is the
more cooling in summer, hot coffee
or ice water. No matter, everyone
will drink what they please, anyway,
From his latest pictures we note
that Justice Hughes has been trim-
ming his whiskers, but still retains
enough to conceal such opinions as
he may have about the issues of the
How marry of the old vets who
took part in yesterday's exercises
will be here to take part in the same
next year? They are passing away
rapidly, all getting old, and no one
can tell. This is something to think
ibout. I
The accumulation of gold in the
United States has reached the enorm-
ous total of two billion dollars a
greater amount than was ever held
before by any two nations combined,
And still there aie people who say
ihat the democratic party has not
given us a uusiness aummisiruuum.
Decoration day should be more gen-
11 - 1 1 J- ! in P!ottc
crauy uumtivcu u.. l .
mouth, but from some cause or other
our people do not seem to tae the
interest in it they ought to. In many
cities and towns the citizens turn out
en masse to observe the day ana many
from the rural districts are induced
to Come-to town to participate, and
why not in Plattsmouth?
The last report of the United
States comptroller of the currency
shows that the reserves in the na-
tional banks of this country (not
companies) are gr eater than the com-
bined total of all the reserves in the
Bank of England, the Reochsbank of
Germany, the Bank of France, the
Pank of the Netherlands, the Bank
f thp Russias the Swiss National
k nd the Bank of Japan. Yes.
. t-hn'c done fairly well un-
tne couirt j "
der a democratic administration.
A democratic congress has given
to the country a bill providing for a serious consideration, mis newspa
RtnnHimA nrmv with a maximum Per, like' the democratic administra-
0 j .
strath of 2Sfi.000. according to the
figures of the ranking republican
member of the military affairs com-
mutee of the house. It has provided
also for a reserve, or second line,
composed of a largely increased an5
strengthened militia, and of citizens
to be drilled in training camps, to b5
used in case of war. It is the first
and only measure for adequate mili-
Tary defense against outside aggres-
sion ever given the country, and it
- - x i I
will cost a pretty penny, let repuu-1
licans, inside congress and outside,
have attacked it as puny, inefficient
and ridiculous.
By unanimous vote of the demo
cratic members of the naval affairs
committee of the house, $160,000,000
is to be provided for new ships for
the navy. The total of the naval
appropriation bill will reach 240,
000,000, and the budget for the fiscal
year 1917 will be the largest ever
reported for the navy. It provides
for five battle cruisers, with a speed
of 35 knots an hour, to costjnore
than $20,000,000 each, for four scout
cruisers costing nearly $6,000,009
eact, and for twenty submarines, in
addition to destroyers, hospital ships,
fuel ships, ammunition ships, etc. I
Yesterday's Washington dispatches I
told that the republican members of
the committee have united on a re-1
port "attacking the measure as in-1
1 to I
f a standing
army 01 nearly 1
"w. i HUUU" lu
WJMW militia ana citizen reserves,
is to be inadequate; if $240,000,000 in
dn.le year to be spent on the navy
is inadequate how much prepared-
nessf at how great a cost, could we
expect the republican party to pro-
vide and saddle upon the country if
it had the power?
The battle cruisers provided for in
the democratic bill will be the most
powerful vessels of their class afloat.
Each of these naval monsters will
displace about 32,000 tons, and mount
ten 14inch guns. They will be a?
powerfully armed as any of the
dreadnaughts now in the fleet, and
about 50 per cent faster. They wil
be the most expensive warships evei
constructed, and their total cost will
be greater than the total cost of at-
the real dreadnaughts now belonging
to the Atlantic battleship fleet.
These monster battle cruisers are
proposed, rather than dreadnaughts,
on the advice of the best naval e"x-
pens, ine lesson ot tne war in
Europe is the imperative need of such
vessels. Captain Sims, in command
of the Nevada, told the committee
that battleships without battle cruis-
ers would be worse than useless.
Asked if he would recommend four
battle cruisers and no dreadnaughts,
or two oi eacn, ne replied:
"Without the slightest hesitation 1 1
would recommend the four battle
I : -1 a 1 l 11 I
"uls"i; anu 11 ine snowing year
you should decide on four more capi-
tal ships, I should recommend that
you build four more battle cruisers,
I until we had eight or nine."
Kear Admiral Peary, in a letter to
the New York Times, declares the
"overwhelming weight of testimony"
is in favor of battle cruisers, of
which the United States now has
none. He declares them "the most
powerful fighting ships known to the
world today." He concludes his let-
ttr in these words:
"I venture the unqualified state-
ment that a fleet of 35-knot battle
I cruisers carrying 16-inch guns, with
I their proper accessories of destroy-
ers, submarines, and an ample equip-
ment of seaplanes, will put our navy
in second place, more quickly, more
effectively, more cheaply, than any
I .
other addition we can make to it, and
that these ships will be more adapted
to our need than any other type."
It is along the lines of this advice J
that the- democratic membership of
the naval affairs committee has act
ed. It is considered likely that the
senate will add to the house bill pro
vision for two more dreadnaughts in
addition to the battle cruisers. Yet
republican congressmen and republic
can newspapers and leaders continue
to denounce the inadequacy and- the
futility of the "little army" and "lit
tle navy" democratic administration!
The situation is one to call for
"on at Washington, is in favor of
reasonable and adequate measures to
protect this country against aggres-
sion. Itvis in favor of strengthening
.v. 1 t :
e army ami navy, aoi
purposes, to the point requisite to
insure the United States against a
possible invader. But it is not in
favor, nor, it believes, are the great
body of American citizens, in favor
01 a piogram 01 pitpau-unc xuu
mad, a program of militarism re-
irnivllose rf f-nt rtnrl TVfr:irr11p ff its
effect on the ideals and mission of
this republic, such as it seems alone
will satisfy the republican leaders.
The rule in politics is that the side
that owns the steam roller uses it.
Maybe after all the striped skirts
are nothing more than righteous pro
tests against hubby's striped shirts.
Some women are born beautiful and
ethers have beauty thrust upon them
by the society reporter who writes
up the wedding.
The newspapers "never get any-
thjng. rjght" because it is next to im-
possible to get the facts from a scored
0f eve witnesses
Fourth of July comes next as a
holiday. Very few celebrations will
be held in Cass county. Really, up
to Gate, none have been -advertised.
Dandelions are worth 2& cents a
peck in New England states. It is
-aid the land is so poor in that coun-
try that even dandelions won't grow.
- :o:
The New York World thinks that
:cn words from Justice Hughes would
rtop the Roosevelt boom. Perhaps,
but all ten of them would have to be
pure Americanism
'One way to keep the boy on the
Tarm is to have -a neighbor with a
?ooci-!ooking daughter, says an ex
change. An excellent plan, no doubt,
until another neighbor comes along
with a good-looking son
A paper is being published at In
Jianapolis in the interest of the can
didacy of one Charles W. Fairbanks
for president. And there are several
)ther ways in which money may be
The New York woman who left all
her money to her lawyer merely took
the shortest cut. Ordinarily there is
more or less circumstances in vesting
the title to a client's property in his
Most movie plays are advertised as
preventing a "social problem." Some
times thev involve a wife who has
an affinity, other times they depict a
husband with the same complaint.
There are no other social problems.
according to the movies. But it is
just what the public wants, and why
not gratify the desire?
.'Kind friends, have you heard of
the town of No-Good, on the banks
of the river Slow, where the Some
Time-or-Other scents the air and the
soft Go-Easies grow? It lies in the
valley of What's-tfte-Use, in the prov
ince of Let-IIer-Slide; it's the home
of the reckless I-Don't-Care where
tne Give-it-Ups abide. The town is
as old as the human race, and it
sleeps in the flight of years; it is
wrapped in the fog of the idler's, its streets are paved with!
discarded schemes, and are sprinkled
with useless tears." This is from an
exchange. But the author has no
reference to Plattsmouth, which has
so much get-up-and-get.
And yet we have plenty of rain.
Flag day, June 12. Old Glory and
Few political dictators die in the
By the way, has anybody captured
Villa yet?
Berlin predicts the fall of Verdun
by August 1.
It is easier to learn to run an auto
mobile than it is to keep one up.
How colorless oflicial dispatches
.1 11 1 r ir
,aie m ucnums uie i.onuia
Next week, and off comes the re
publican national convention at Chi
cago. : :o:
A country woman's idea of shift
lessness is to trade a cow for a cot
tage organ.
Discussion of the cause of the war
will not promote peace. That will be
in dispute a century from now.
It's a rather thoughtless congress
man who sends free garden seeds to
a man who works on a morning news
paper. :o :
Speaking of the four corners to a
husband, the lady lecturer must have
had in mind those that are on the
The ruinous advance in the price
of violet dye is not going to worry
the violet that coyly hides by the
mossy stone.
There is a controversy as to what
constitutes the ideal household pet.
We can settle it. The ideal household
pet means petticoats.
Carranza is now confiscating the
Madero family estates. A Mexican
property owner should acquire skill
in recognizing band wagons.
One thing is evident. Billy Sunday
is making more money than he would
n baseball, and some consider his
ater performance better sport.
While Oak Hill cemetery is looking
setter than it has for several years,
much of the credit for its present
appearance is due to councilman
. t
Harris. Give him the necessary en
couragement and he will go right on
with the good work.
When the republicans must have
something to talk about, it must be
Secretary Lansing or Secretary Dan
iels. Now they have circulated the
report that Secretary Lansing is
about to resign, which, of course, is
a lie of the first water.
The "women say it is hard for a
widower to get through the second
summer, it ne does, iney say ne is
liable to make good his escape. We
don't believe this, for there are sev
eral widowers in this old town who
have remained single five and ten
years, and then married.
Speaking of vacation, the exchange
says: jnow a scnooi mistress, ac
customed to a hushed interior, etc."
Inasmuch as a few school ma'ams are
privileged to board at home, it is
plain what the exchange really r.veant
was a "hashed interior."
Don't bother about who originated
an idea rust get the idea. The fact
that it didn't originate with you
doesn't .shut you off from its benefits
The other fellow didn!t originate it,
either; maybe it was originated by
some duck back in ancient times.
RecenUy one of our adjoining states
that docs more or les crowing made
the statement that the value of its
crops and live stock for the year 1915
averan-ed S3.G60 ner farm. This was
somewhat startling, but when the
statistics of Nebraska were obtained
it, was observed that the crop and
live stock ' value outstripped ' our
windy neighbor by a thousand dollars
per farm, or, to be exact, it was
! $4,506. Nebraska is not much for
braging, but die is always ready to
deliver the goods. Stand up for
Occasionally, but not often, one
still hears something of Senator La
Follette. His latest suggestion to
come this way is the use of the army
in social service. That is in line with
suggestions from other statesmen
that the army ba devoted to building
roads when there is no war in prog
ress, or easing th? harvest hand
shortage or otherwise helping ouz in
the agricultural situation. Another
high brow would apply a college
course to the period of enlistment.
All of which are pleasant dreams of
those who have vague notions of mili
tary matters. They should remem
ber that the business of an army is
fighting. With that possibility re
moved, the army would'nt be needed,
but the possibility will not be re
moved so long as nationalism exists.
Hence it is the business of the army
in time of peace to stmly warfare,
which is a more difficult course than
that required of those engaged in the
piofessions of civil life. Driven at
top speed, a soldier may learn his
craft rather well in a year, but with
leasonable hours for his duties, two
years arc nearer right, and after tha'tf
there is much to learn before he is
really competent to fill the higher
non-commissioned grades, and still
more before he can properly qualify
as a commissioned officer. War is
becoming an increasingly exact and
difficult profession, and, even after it
is learned, as well as it may be in
peace, there is always the necessity
for keeping in condition and keeping
the knowledge of the game fresh and
up-to-date. No man should join the
army, even in a time of peace, and
think it is to be a life of sloth and
ease. Soldiers work harder than
ether government employes, and for
less pay. The social service and the
read building and" the farm vork will
have to be done by others if the army
is to be fit to play its part.
My old, friend Elmer Thomas
chuckles with glee over the prohibi
tion resolution adopted by the Episco
pal council and he takes a poke at
Father Jchn Williams and Dr.
Mackay, both of whom were opposed
to that resolution. No one can blame
Mr. Thomas for his enthusiasm. He
has fought so long in the minority
and has suffered so much for his pro
hibition views that it is perfectly
natural he should feel elated at every
new evidence that his opinions are
winning. But why condemn the men
who differ with you? Even if I were
not in favor of every man having his
own opinion and the untrammeled
right to express that opinion I would
favor special dispensation in that line
for Dr. Mackay and Father William's.
2sTever were there men more honest
in their opinions than these two "fine
clergymen. Never men who rendered
greater service than they to this
community and to their church. I
would demand, this right for Dr.
Mackay, whom I have known and
loved for a quarter cf a century, but
would fight for it for Father John.
Come to think of it whether we will
it or no, Father John will have his
opinion and he will express it in no
uncertain terms. Whatever that opin
ion may be, it will have the profound
respect of everyone who knows this
molder of his own opinions, this mili
tant defender of his own convictions,
this man whose whole life has been
devoted to the service of his God and
of his fellows. I differ with him cn
many subjects, but our ' very differ
ences make me love him r.ll the more.
I hope he will live for many years to
bless and comfort-other men even
as he has often blest and comforted
me. When he falls asleep I hope
there will be someone who knew him
well, who will write of Father John
Williams this simple truth: "He was
every inch a priest." Omaha Nebras
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Since the withdrawal of Henry D.
Estabrook from the presidential race,
a' number of curious persons have
written in demanding to know who
he is. Why? Is he-going to run
Henry Ford is talking about organ
izing another squirrel trip to Europe,
so a Detroit rumor goes. If he hur
ries, he may be able to patch up an
other row in King Constantine's
In the midsummer the fancy of the
young and old of both sexes lightly
turns to thoughts of fruit. We have
already ascertained that there is no
shortage in the strawberry crop. We
shall not know for some time about
cantaloupes, watermelons and the
like. But a special bulletin of the
committee on statistics and standards
brings the glad news that the general
outlook for fruit is unusually prom
ising. With the single exception of
peaches, the fruit yield will be the
greatest known in years, provided the
wet days in June are not too bad and
"the June drop" does not cause un
usual damage.
Billy Sunday's ten commandments
aie appearing in the Kansas City
papers, and here is one, which is not
even hinted at by those given out by
Moses: "Thou shalt not be stingy."
The evangelist in commenting upon
the commandment declares: "Some
would-be Christians are so stingy that
they would steal flies from a blind
spider. There are others so mean
that they sing through their noses
to save wear and tear on their false
teeth." It's real mean for Billy to
talk like that. What does he know
about the stinginess of others? He
has no trouble in getting his money,
and is the highest priced soul-saver
the world has ever known.
It's only the paper line that will be
found at the Journal office, but this
line will be found complete. Come in
and see.
J. E. Meisinger, one of the leading
young farmers of Eight Mile Grov
precinct, came in this morning from
his home and spent a few hours with
his pai'cnts, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad
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