The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 25, 1916, Page PAGE 8, Image 8

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THURSDAY, MAY 25, 1916.
y - - - - v u w w - w- - b - .
Silk Hosiery:
All the new shades in solid colors, black and
white stripes and polka pots, at per pair. . . .
Parisian Ivory:
Trays, Buffers, Files, Combs, Hair Receivers, Powder Jars,
Hat Brushes, Etc., at all prices.
J H. M. S
Ivory Fans, Plain White, and Ivory Ostrich Feather Fans
delicate shading, the very latest.
Tokio Leather, White, Buff and Gray Kid,
new shapes in black leather, at prices rang
ing from 65c to
As further suggestions we might mention Handkerchiefs, Glove, (both silk
and kid) Collars, Collar and Cuff Sets, Hat Pins, Pin Sets, and any number
of other items we might suggest to you at prices to suit.
We Live to Serve
b r
State Assessment Hoard Will Increase
the Sum About Million and
a Half Dollars.
Lincoln. Neb., May 21. A valua
tion aggregating l,r00.000 will likely
be atached to the railroad end of the
state tax roll this year as a re?ult of j
the deliberation of the state as.-es-ment
board today.
The increase will be on main line
mileage and not upon branch lines.
It will be moderate, in the eyes of
the board, and will not operate to
the serious disadvantage of any of
the carriers. At the tame time the
land value increase in the state at
large will be not less than that
amount, in all likelihood, according: to
board members.
Auditor Smith, with Secretary of
State Tool, favored the increase from
its first proposal today.
Figures collected by the board from
twenty-one counties show an increase
of valuation of lands about 23 per
cent in the past tix years and an
increase of 45 per cent in taxes. The
same tables show a total tax increase
of S3 per cent for the Union Pacific i
and 23 per cent for tha Burlington
"Willie Darius, the colored man, from
Weeping Water, who plead guilty in
the county court two weeks ago to
stealing a suitcase, a suit of clothes
and overcoat, the property of two
other colored men, was arraigned this
morning in district court before Judge
Begley, and on entering a plea of
guilty was sentenced under the inde
terminate sentence law to from one
to ten years in the state penitentiary.
I lie will be taken to Lincoln as soon as
possible to start serving his sentence.
Letter files at the Journal office-
Fancy stationery In different vari
eties at the Journal office. Come and
see us when you want stationery.
-3 --Trj--""S&tltoP- p5? sCSSS-:"S
6-Cy!indcr 7-Passcnger Touring Car $1145.00 f. o- b. Toledo, Ohio
" Model 83 Overland
it it "7C it
it '
-f '
To date the Willys-Overland Company has manufactured and shipped
over 125,000 1916 Model Automobiles, which is more than double of any
automobile manufacturer with the exception of one. It is also more cars
than the Overland Co. themselves made for 1914 and 1915 combined. We
have cars of each model in stock and will be pleased to demonstrate same.
AUER, Ageirt
Real Investigations Into the po'iT
bilities of the development of lore.
reserves in some of the treeless sec
tions of Nebraska is to be one of tha
duties of the conservation commission
during the coming season.
A tornado passed east of Wilson
ville and blew down two farm houses,
a number of outbuildings and did oth
er damage. It is reported that one
man was probably fatally injured and
that several others were hurt.
Fire in the main building of Cotner
university at Ilethany, four niiiea
from Lincoln, badly damaged the
southeast corner of the building and
caused the flooding of most of the
rooms. . The loss is about $50,000.
The Union. Pacific engineering de
partment continues the assembling: of
material for the reconstruction of the
bridge over the Missouri river at Oma
ha and active operations will begin
soon after the June rise has passed.
Sunday baseball won out in Dodge
county by a vote of four to three
when, the board of supervisors took a
vote on the proposition of allowing
the game to be played outside of1 the
corporate limits of villages and towns.
. Mrs. Anna llichter, formerly of Car
rollton, the wile of a farmer, who
gave birth to triplets by a Caesarian,
operation, died in au Omaha hospital.
The babes are doing weii and the at
tending physician says they probably
will live.
The suit for divorce of Mrs. Happy
Theodora Van Wyck Benner, daugh
ter of the late Senator Van Wyck,
against F. W. Benucr, New York real
estate dealer, was dismissed by Judge
Day of Omaha because of lack of ju
risdiction. Through the courtesy of Donald O.
State Department Advised That the
Message Is Coming Contents
Are Withheld.
Washington, D. C, May 21. The
new note from General Carranza will
be sent to Washington by special
messenger, Special Agent Rodgcrs at
Mexico City advised the state depart
ment today. Mr. Rodgers did not say
when the messenger would start and
gave no forecast of the contents of
the communication. It is expected to
reach Washington late next week.
Previous reports fromNMr. Rodgers
have described the attitude of Car-
lanza officials as increasingly friendly
toward the United States, and added
that the feeling prevailed among
them that the critical period as to
the border situation had passed. Offi
cials have attributed this result to
General Obregon's verbal report to
General Carranza on his conference
with Generals Scott and Funston at
the border.
Leader Iieing Ilrought In.
Mnrnihim Tcv M;iv '24 Fm-oited
Thompson, a captain in the Nebraska detachment of the Eighth
national guard, famous nevvspaperi J T- . ,,i
uhotoraiher on European battle cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel Alvarez,
fields, members of the Nebraska gn art
will be permitted to see stirring bat
tle scenes from the world war.
At a mass meeting in Omaha, rep
resentatives of about a dozen leading
labor unions spoke ou the strike sit
uation in Omaha. The suggestion was
made that all building crafts strike i
a comerence as not gaineu ueneeu
contractors and striking laborers.
A hearing before the state univer
sity board was had at Lincoln on coin-
plaint of P. F. Z burner of Lincoln that
certain hail insuianee companies had
entered into a combination to prevent
farmers from taking out hail insur-
ance in any companies except uio&e
belonging to the combine.
a leaded of the Glenn Springs and
Roquillas raiders, will be brought
here today and turned over to the
local officials to be taken to Alpine
for trial, Colonel Frederick W. Sibley
said this morning.
Alvarez and two companions sepa-
iated themselves from the rest of
the bandits in order to stand guard
over seven Americans captured at the
Doquillas mines, after they had
crossed the border. The three Mexi
cans were overpowered by their cap
tives, led by Karl Halter, mine super
intendent, ami vieie given to the
expeditionary force.
Speaking of the foray into Mexico,
3 C
that do not Smoke or Smell!
We have a large assortment of all kinds of Oil Stoves
to pick from. Stop in and talk it over with us.
JiJ x-vivji i ju't' j . i v. ivviut
I believe that our men have shown
in Douglas county to oust Ida M
Ipv from the snnreme bankershin of
the Woodmen Circle and to install in, in an unmistakable way that bandits
that office Nora DeBolt, who alleges j and murderers cannot operate with
she was duly elected to the place at' impunity for long in the Big Bend
were argued
r- court.
was a little
scene of the
the supreme gathering,
before the state suprei;
After twelve years
from his home nea
j mtr iin villi fhom nml tinn hr jlicnrts.
in district court, which . , . ; -
interest to in- mem, wnicn was-one oujeci 01
column was wel-
held iu the Modern; corned along the route by the natives
Woodmen of America. because the bandits had covered the
Charges of attempted murder and fame road in their retreat and had
country. Our column
slow in reaching the
ears' disappearance .depredations, but j-ee there we lost
ir Gothenburg Hen-' nQ time Jn finding their trajn caU.h.
5 oeeu ueciuieu icganj . ...
I iiif nit it'll h
dead by a jury
lia5 awarded S 2.0 00 and
Willyns' heir, John Voss, upon an in- the expedition. Our
surance policy held iu the Modern; corned along the rout
outrages on the people.
coming was a source ot great re-
re were the re-
Saturday Night, May 27th
A Grand Good Time Assured
Music by Holly's Orchestra
conspiracy form the chief allegations j c ommitted
in the suit lor divorce ana me cross rur
petition filed in the Arthur county dis-j15ef to them aml w
tnct court by Aiirea j. uraueu aim ... , Vi4, , ,
his wife, Mary Draden. The ca?e is ; ;
on trial before Judae Westover. sit-i teics, both coming and going.
ting for Judge Grimes, at Arthur. we reached r.I Pino we found Jesse
A report has been received that gold Deomer and Monroe Payne in a little
has been discovered on the farm of nut. ine uancuis at mat time uia
Harvey Gannon, whose place is locat-j not realize anyone was en their trail,
ed three miles southeast of Giltner I especially American soldiers. They
Quite a sensation has been caused by ha(1 eft r)ocrner anj payne at this
adobe to go out on another raid on
a nearby ranch and upon their re
turn were to resume charge of their
prisoners. You can imagine how sur-
.- lAl. 1 i 1
county would like to have State Amll-! Pseu mey were wnen one oi our ue
tor Smith and State Treasurer Halb tachments caught up with them."
devise some means which woun? in- Last night Colonel Sibley received
able to get out of paying the $3,- a telegram from General Tunston
This morning shortly after 9
o'clock Clay Tyler was operated on
at his home in this city for an abscess
that had formed on his side, and the
operation seems to have been entirely
successful. The patient was reported
as resting easy as we go to press.
The operation was performed by Dr.
Schleyer of Omaha and was carried
out at the home, owing to the weak
ened condition of the patient, which
would not permit his bemjr taken to
a hospital.
the find, which is in a that
has yielded some definite traces of the
yellow metal, pronounced by old mi-,
ners as promising.
County Treasurer Ure of Douglas
818 which has been charged up against
him because he failed to obey the or
ders of State Treasurer Hall and re
mit state funds month'y.
Nebraska is out of debt, has $10,-
000,000 loaned out, owns many thou
sands of acres of school land and Is
proud of her showing,
complimenting him on the successful
termination of the campaign.
Governor Morehead. wrote back to H.
F. Long, secretary to the governor of
Massachusetts, who to amuse himself
Is writing to all the governors collect
ing thir autographs on their official
Talk of secession of five western
counties of Nebraska. Scottsbluff.
Banner, Kimball, Morrill and Chey
enne, on the ground that the eastern
fart of the state is not in sympathy
with the west in the fight for water
rights on the Jrrigatioi projects, was
brought to Lincoln by a local attor
ney who nas neon mteresieu in vari
ous water right cases.
That the larger Nebraska railroads
have no designs against the 2-cent
passenger rate law, attorneys for the
railroads told the state supreme court
in arguing the injunction suit brought
by Attorney General Reed, who said
the movement- against the 2-cent fare
law in federal court by the Missouri
Pacific and Rock Island was the re
sult of a concerted effort by railroads.
The case was submitted to the court-
York citizens and friends of J. II.
Afflerbach, who has been missing
from his home in Grass Range, Mont.,'
for the last five weeks, have raised a
reward to be paid as follows: York!
county 100 and the citizens ot York
$100 to be paid for the arrest of Ran
dolph, who was last seen with him;
the Knights of Pythias $100 for the
whereabouts of J. H. Afflerbach, and'
W. L. White $100 for the automoba.
which Randolph took from a York
If jou are thinking of visiting the
cemetery Decoration clay, patronize
the auto line of the ladies of St.
This is what Mary's (Juild. Cars at Baylor's coal
office or the F. G. Fricke corner at
Sixth and Yine streets; 25c round
trip. Will call at residence for 50c,
round trip. Call up Mrs. J. A. Done
lan or Mrs. R. A. Bates for cars.
Fire Insurance One Year
$400.00 $4.00
Fire and Theft Insurance 1 Year
$400.00 -$8.80
We write your insurance at the same
rate each year if we get the insurance
on your new cars.
Riley Block
Won by a Bluff.
Wlion the armies of Xapoleou were
jverpjiining Europe, General Massena,
with Is.(kx) men, suddenly appeared
before the Austrian town of Feld
kiivh and demanded its surrender. In
stead of complying, the burgomaster
issued orders that the church bells
wore to be set ringing and that the
burghers, their wives and daughters,
clad In holiday attire, were to assem
ble in the market square and there
make merry.
The result was exactly what he had
hoped for. Massena heard the sounds
of rejoicing, watched from the heights
overlooking the town the gathering
throngs in the streets and came to the
conclusion that the townsfolk must
have received intelligence that the
Austrian army, which was believed to
he somewhere In the viciuity, was nd-
i their relief.
As to give battle there ana then
formed no part of Napoleon's general
plan of action, Massena ordered a re
treat. Feldkirch was saved, and by a
bluff, for as a matter of fact no reliev
ing force was anywhere near at the
Blotted Out "Lord Penn."
The first book of any kind publish
ed in Philadelphia was Atkin's Al
manack for the year 1GSG. It was an
unpaged pamphlet of ten leaves, only
two copies of which are now known
to be In existence. The first copy of
the Almanack printed was sent to
Colonel Markham, Fenn's deputy, who
reported to the council that the book
had erroneously declared Pennsylva
nia to have been founded by "Ird
Penn." The council disapproved such
a high sounding title and directed the
author and printer (William Brad
ford) to "forthwith and effectually
blott out ye words 'Lord Penn.'"
This had the effect of recalling the
whole edition and the abolition of the
obnoxious words.
Yesterday afternoon there arrived-
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Robertson a fine little son and
heir, who was received with the
greatest acclaim by the delighted
parents and the little sister. The
occasion was one filled with the
greatest joy to the proud father, and
James M, Robertson, in honor of
his grandfather, will at once be
trained to become a member of the
legal profession, when he reaches a
sufficient age. The many friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Robertson will extend
their best wishes for alon g and suc
cessful life for the little man, as well
as congratulations on their new happiness.
Homely Philosophy.
Don't build your house on the site
of Tribulation Town and then growl
when the hurricane sweeps it away.
The minute we think we're over
stocked with wisdom it's high time to
ask the good Lord to give us some.
When we hang out the trouble sign
that's the time all the little troubles
locate us and crowd in to give us all
that's coming to us. Atlanta Consti
tution. . ,
Long Wear from
2 Each Pair
is the reason for the great popu
larity of pure silk glovesJbear
ing in the hem the name
Niagra Maid
We show all the popular styles
in all sizes
prices from 50c to $1.25