The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 25, 1916, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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Cbe plattsmoutb journal
Entered at Pustofflceat Plattsmoutb, Neb., as second-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
No education is complete, nor,
indeed, of great permanent
J. value, that does not teach how
I to live contentedly and to econ
omize nerve energy. Mary
Roberts Smith.
School over a week from today.
And now what are we to da with
the boys?
We hope the rains will cease and
give the farmers a chance.
Love is the greatest thing in the
world. Character the grandest.
Don't forget to keep the dandelions
down. It don't look well to see a
yard full of dandelions.
And now we hear how last win
ter's mollis played havoc with our
teautiful summer furs!
Nebraska' may need a number of
things, but the bid order changeth,
and rain is no longer on the list.
. :o:
In -the good old days in order to
be considered honest a man had to
have hands like the back of a horned
Decoration day is drawing near
one week from today. All should
take a hand in the decoration serv
ices. The man who can master the diffi
culty of keeping still part of the
time can stay in public life a long
In the gladsome springtime, by
some unknown process, the green
grass taste gets into the oleomar
garine. :o:
After vhe rains are over, then's
the time to drag the roads. But you
Jinow this as well as we do, but will
you do it?
No matter what kind of society or
organization, it will never prosper
when two or three members try to
boss the whole business.
This is the time of year when the
small boy proves he really has a
heart, by "letting on" to the teacher
that he is sorry school is out.
Ninety-five per cent of all the busi
ness of the country is done on faith.
Faith gives a man energy. Faith
puts cement in your backbone.
Omaha is now holding the speed
record. It has a man who went to
the devil in four weeks. And he
wasn't running for office, either.
A man might be sincere in the be
lief that he could handle nitroglycer
ine as he pleased, but you'd have to
sweep him up with a whiskbroom and
tearch for him with a spyglass.
peeping the lawn closely cut does
more to eradicate the dandelion than
any other method yet devised. ; The
cut blossom may develop into a seed
ball, but the seed do not produce un
less permitted to mature upon their
Graduation day is long to be re
membered by those who graduate,
and to many it is the proudest day
. of their lives. And the Journal's wish
is that every graduate of the Platts
mouth high school will prove useful
citizens and competent tor any
branches of business in this life. And
if they possess the will power they
will no doubt accomplish their objects.
America at the present time has
two great agitators Colonel Roose
velt and Colonel Bryan. They arexaa
unlike as men can be, yet they are
alike in one respect they can draw
"capacity" houses wherever they go,
says the Des Moines Register. Col
onel Roosevelt has it within Jiis power
to defeat any man whom' the repub
licans may nominate. He is not a
candidate himself in an affirmative
way, yet he would accept the nomina
tion if the platform suited him. Peo
ple ought to be glad that there is
such a man as Colonel Roosevelt. He
has compelled his own party to dis
card a number of men and to discard
the old do-nothing plan in its plat
form. When the colonel began his
work for true Americanism he stood
alone as a public man. His magazine
nrticles were not reprinted extensive
ly, except in Europe, Now he is a
leader in regard to revived Amer-.
icanism. The colonel insists that
every man who claims to be an Amer
ican, regardless of the place of his
birth, must actually be what he pre
tends. The American people did not
know they were surrounded by so
much disloyalty until the colonel
tirred up things. If the next repub
lican platform speaks out on present
American issues which pertain to
loyalty, the responsibility can be
placed on the head of Theodore
Roosevelt. In Iowa there are prob
ably 3,000 men running for important
offices within the republican party,
nd not a man has opened his head
in regard to American citizenship and
American loyalty. They are all afraid
of losing votes. This same statement
could be made in regard to the situa
tion in Illinois. Therefore Colonel
Roosevelt is doing a work which few
other republicans are willing to do.
Iowa has elected its delegation to the
republican national convention, con
sisting of twenty-six members. Not
a man on the delegation has expressed
himself in regard to the doctrine of
'etting a European monarchy butt
into our American politics for the
purpose of telling us what to do. All
of them are silent. Nobody knows
who the Iowa member will be of the
committee on platform. 'He may be
a non-committal office seeker afraid
of his shadow. This is something
that ought to have been thrashed out
in primary, but it did not appear as
in "issue. Colonel Bryan took the
democratic platform in 1896 and re
built it. Then in 1900 he altered the
steering gear and made other import
ant changes. He told the rich men
of the democratic party where to
head in. In 1904 he made other im
portant improvements. He brought
the democratic party down to date.
For twelve years it was a Bryan
party. In 1908 he was still in con
trol. In 1912 he bossed the party
and compelled it to nominate Wood
row Wilson, although Champ Clark
had a majority of the convention.
When Bryan ceased being an agitator
and entered Wilson's cabinet he was
unhappy. He had been an agitator
so long he could not quit. The great
anti-slavery agitator. Wendell Phil
lips, could not suspend his agitation
at the conclusion of the civil war,
although the subjects available for
?.is use were trifling as compared with
bis former endeavors. Now, Colonel
Bryan being once more an agitator,
must deal with lesser problems. He
watches the daily newspapers for
themes, and when a moment arrives
when a big meeting can be held and
an agitation can be pulled off, he is
there for that purpose. Colonel
Bryan has not been brave -enough to
say a word about American citizen
ship, nor American loyalty. His agi
tations for peace have been of such
a nature as to mafce.him popular with
one of the nations at war. He lays
himself open to the charge of at
tempting to make friends with the
opponents of the United States. Of
this he may not be guilty. Agitators
usually do their worlf in a hitand
tniss manner. Colonel Bryan, unlike
Colonel Roosevelt, is" deficient in
executive ability. He does jio enjoy
such work. Colonel Roosevelt can
criticise and also construct. .The
country is none the worse for having
these two colonels. We may be
thankful, however, that one of them
was elected president, and that the
other was three time defeated.
All we need now is thirty days of
-. . :o:
Have you decided what to do with
the boy during vacation ?
r- :o;
Most any joke is funny if the man
for whom you are working tells it.
: :o:
When a man claim to be as good
as anybody the chances are that he
i :o:
You have no doubt noticed that the
aian who begins at the bottom often
stays there.
Governor Major stands about as
much chance of the nomination for
vice president as Governor Morehead,
and he doesn't stand any at all. .
. ;q:-t
Are you all talking about "Home
Coming" week? Keep agitating it,
and by so doing you- will get people
of the county interested in the big
gest event ever held in Cass county.
And that's just what it must be.
Remember, Decoration day is one
week from tomorrow. And remember,
also, that it is your sacred duty to
turn out and assist what few old vet
erans that remain pay tribute to the
memory of their comrades who have
gone before.
Visitors like to come to Platts-
mouth and why? Because our peo
ple always extend them a cordial
greeting and make their stay as
pleasant as possible. This is why
Plattsmouth is noted far and near, as
one of the most hospitable cities in
the west.
Most of the democrats of Nebraska
are going to stand by the party.
Whiie many of them will vote for the
constitutional amendment and at the
same time vote their party ticket.
Prohibition cannot be forced upon the
party as a party measure, and any
party that attempts it is going to
get badly left.
There is going to be some pretty
hard work done to harmonize the
democratic party. If the leaders fail
to do their duty in this direction, what
can they expect of the common herd?
With Lon Langhorst as chairman of
the state committee and Arthur Mul-
en national committeeman will make
a good pair to draw to.
There is a man up at Lincoln by the
name of Corrick who says there is no
question about the nomination at Chi
cago of Roosevelt. But this self-made
politician, while making a grand rush
to get in on the graft business, will
get badly left. He thought Roosevelt
would surely be elected four year ago,
and he will get as badly left this year
as he did then.
Some republican editors seem to
think that the democrats would pre
fer Hughes to Roosevelt as the repub
lican candidate for president. Well,
now, right here is one democrat that
doesn't! Judge Hughes is an able
man and would run like lightning,
while the people of the United States
have had enough Roosevelt, and he J
would prove the easiest man to beat.
No man whose democracy is true
blue can afford to bolt the democratic
ticket. We know It has been done,
and 'to the extent of defeating the
ticket.. All parties have their differ
ences, but this year we have as good.
clean ticket as was ever place4 before
the people for their suffrages, and no
man has any cause to desert his party.
friends unless for some personal griev
ance which has become irreparable,
and we dont believe any good demo
crat should do it then. We know we
wouldn't. . ,
The cat is let out of the bag by
the Kansas City Star, a strongly pro
gressive republican newspaper, which
tells the plain truth about the
Hughes campaign.
"Hughes is . a "candidate for the
nomination. He has been a candi
datefor some time. He has been
closely in touch with the campaign
Conducted for him by some of the
cleverest practical politicians in the
country. His emissaries have been
at work in practically every state.
There will be a Hughes headquarters
at Chicago in charge of Frank Hitch
cock; they will be opened ten days
pr two weeks before the convention
meets, and Hughes knows of it. Tnis,
summarized, is the story the Star
prints from its Washington corre
spondent, the following paragraphs
of which are of special interest:
"Justice Charles E. Hughes of the
United States supreme court will ac
cept the republican presidential nomi
nation, no matter what the circum
stances, whether it comes in a hurrah
of the entire convention or after a
"Men who at this, moment are at
tempting to stampede the G. O. P.
gathering for Hughes are authority
for that positive declaration of his
position. It is further confirmed by
the very apparent attitude of the
justice himself toward the campaign
that is being conducted in his behalf
'Justice Hughes, it is said, not only
Is willing to accept, but is eager to
be named as the republican standard
bearer. In everything save name
only he is an active candidate for
the nomination. He is as much a
candidate as Burton, Fairbanks, Cum
mins or any of the others, who have
had their hats in the presidential ring
for months.
'While Justice Hughes has been
screening himself behind his position
on the supreme court bench from
any and all embarrassing interviews,
one of the best organized and most
skillful campaigns in political history
has been going on. in his behalf. He
has been in touch with and constantly
acquainted with the progress of this
campaign. ... In the face of this
molelike campaign for Justice Hughes
the campaigns of practically, every
one oi tne so-caned iavonte sons
have collapsed.
The positive statement is made
that within the last two weeks Jus
tice Hughes has given his word that
he will accept the nomination if it is
given him. . . . Immediately there
after there was a gathering of
Hughes boosters in New York. It
was the sort of a gathering for which
Frank Hitchcock, director general of
the Hughes campaign, is famous.
Held at a secret meeting place, it
was three or four days later before
anyone outside even had a chance to
suspect such a meeting had been
held. By that time Hughes' emissar
ies were at work in practically every
state with a convention delegation
of any size."
The Star is here merely putting
into type a story that every intelli
gent observer of republican politics
had come already to realize was true.
The evidences of design are writ
across the political heavens in letters
to large and glaring they cannot be
mistaken. Who the designers were,
and are, can only be conjectured. In
Nebraska, we know, Victor Rose-
water had a finger in the game. In
New York, where headquarters are,
and the big designers have their
habitat, we know only that they are
the class of men for whom Frank
Hitchcock is usually found working
when a big political scheme is to be
put across an unsuspecting country.
That, perhaps, is all we need to know.
A part of the big plan with shame
be it spoken when a justice of su
preme court is to be the beneficiary
-is that delegates directly elected by
the people, and instructed by them
in the primary, shall violate their in
structions. In Nebraska, for example,
the rank, and file of republicansmade
it plain, ' by ! overwhelming? vote,' that
they are for Cummins, for whom ths
delegation is instructed, or for a
peace-loving, progressive candidate
like him, such as Henry Ford. But
j plans are already laid, by the Hughes
j managers, for , a switching of the
delegation to Hughes after a per-
f unctory vote or two has been cast
for Cummins.
Old-fashioned people, with a deep
regard for the supreme court, solici
tous that it should be kept forever
free from partisan politics, and that
its judges should never be subject to
the influence of personal ambition or
party welfare, can but view with
apprehension the further develop
ments of the situation. World-Her
The Fourth of July comes on Tues
day this year.
Stand by Plattsmouth in the way
you ought to and Plattsmouth will
stand by you.
Now it seems that Mr. Hughes is
all in the ring except his hat, and
Mrs. Hughes has that.
Some people can't understand when
their services are not needed until
they are tapped on the head the sec
ond time.
The writer will be 74 years old a
week from next Friday, June . Don't
xorget the date if you desire to re
member us.
There were 80,000 weddings in
England in 1915, and the war going
on. But they don't state the number
of divorces practically about as j
They can boost all they please for
'favorite sons" for vice president
but Tom Marshall will be renomi
nated just the same. Mark the pre
A woman with good sense and
ireckles go hand in hand. And a
woman who whistles is pretty apt to
ue able to knock her husband down
if it becomes necessary.
Some newspapers are trying to re
vive the agitation of a "Fathers'
day." Father will be contented with
a pay-day now and then to support
mother and the children..
Thc flies come slipping in one at
a time. Keep your fly-swatter handy
and you may not have so many when
summer comes. So far they have not
been numerous around here.
It is said that while all of the spec
ulative presidential states are being
gone over by the G. O. P. brethren
in different states, Teddy maintains
a perfect silence a silence that is
thought by many to be ominous.
What an endurance trial the Colonel
must be passing through and what '
a reverberating explosion will follow
when all the pent-up force finds op
portunity for exhaust!
The May number of the National
Alfalfa Journal contains quits a story
of the development of the alfalfa in
dustry in the state of Nebraska and
gives a table showing how this state
has climbed into second place in the
production of this great money maker.
Cass county is shown t6 occupy
a' place among the several counties
showing the largest acreage and pro
duction of this plant dnd its seed.
There are two fears that need
never enter the mind of an American
citizen as long as Woodrow Wilson
is president. One is that the federal
government will go off half-cocked;
and the other is that the national ad
ministration is being controlled by a
coterie of nice gentlemen with exact
ideas as to what is best for them.
Those fears beset many of us under
the administrations of Wilson's two
. :o:
Former Representative Richard
Bartholdt is not going to the repub
lican convention at Chicago as a dele-
trict in St. Louis. He wanted to go
very badly. The leaders decided that
he should stay at home after he had
indicated that he would work for a
plank in the platform which was
designed to make more difficult the
problems which President Wilson is
trying to ' solve with respect to our
international affairs. For years Mr.
Bartholdt was the idol of the "Old
Children Cry
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f it wm im.
Plattsmouth, first, last and always.
Do not attempt impossibilities. Do
not, for instance, promise to make a
woman happy.
Of course there are going to be
strong planks in the republican plat-
lorm, but who will stand on them
Some girls become "engaged," but
those having a title or money in their
own names are "betrothed."
Vice President Marshall is going
to be harder to down than you think
!or. If there was anything wrong in
his private or political career, then it
might be different. But there isn't.
Some politicians ar? awful good to
a newspaper man as long as they can
use him, but when they have gotten
through with him they can go to
or some other hot place. Such men
are not fit for any office, and when
they step down and out they will
stay out. Now, piease pin this to the
wall, will you?
There has been no egotism, no noise
and bluster, no attacks upon honest
business men from the White house
in the past three years. There has
oeen no junKetmg or excessive
speech-making. President Wilson has
handled the world-power which des
tiny bestowed upon the United States
at the present crucial period writh
faithfulness, discretion and the re
serve strength that symbolizes the
nation's greatness.
Great Britain complains that a re
cent consignment of smoking tobacco
from AV erica was heavily drugged.
Simultaneously, Italy reports that a
shipment of meat from Chicago con
tained metal hooks, slugs and other
dangerous adulterations. Very likely
the "drugs" England complains of
were nothing more dangerous than
arsenic, and the meat Italy got prob
ably contained nothing more than
some scraps of wire and maybq some
cinders little things we cat every day
and think nothing of. The more we
hear of European fastidiousness, the
more we respect the iron-bound, fre
quently corrugated American stomach.
to last a
no. r- r. TARRY.
Drs. I2ach & Mach, The Dentists
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for Fletcher's
It I ll V
Signature of
A f
'Home Coming" week a
The people of this city arc united.'
and happy.
Yes, we are unanimous for
Coming" week.
"Progress" is written on the brow
of every good citizen.
National honor and national pros
perity are safe with Wilson.
If you want it done .. don't send a
committee, but go do it yourself.
A scientist in England has discov
ered that potash can be manufactured
out of dried banana stalks. What
'" :o:
They are having dandelion contests
in many places with the boys. Offer
prizes and the kids will get the dan
delions. -:o:
Some writer says that the wind
doesn't blow as much as it did twenty
years ago, but the people do a little
more of it than ever.
The city council is after the light
ing company, and from the way the
lights have been working for the last
month they needed "jacking up."
You can save a lot of argument by
admitting that the whale swallowed
Jonah. And the matter is one" of the
least important of public contro
versies. :o:
Several noted republicans in Ne
braska have declared for Wilson and
will vote for him, no matter whom
rhc republicans nominate. If it be
Teddy, there will be hundreds coming
our way.
"I told a neighbor whose child had
croup about Foley's Honcy-lnd Tar,"
writes Mrs. Rehkamp, 2404 Herman
St., Covington, Ky, "When sh gave
it a couple doses ehe was so pleased
;vith the change she didn't know what
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Omeha. Nebraska '
3rd Floor Paxton Olock, OMAHA
ton avenue.