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MONDAY, MAY 22, 191G.
Work Is Progressing Nicely and the
Structure Will Soon lie Keady
For the Roof.
From Friday's Dally-
The library board has been devot
ing a great part of its time to the
work of looking after the erection of
the new library building, which the
Carnegie corporation has donated to
the city. In order that the public can
fully understand the transactions in
the "affair and not have any misgiv
ings as to the matter, the following
correspondence in regard to the pay
ment of the funds to the city library
board for the expenses of erecting the
building will be enlightening. The
board will, from time to time, publish
the statements of the transactions
with the Carnegie corporation to keep
the public in touch with them.
On January 20, 1010, A. L. Tidd,
president of the library board, wrote
to said corporation the following let
ter: "James Bertram, Secretary Carnegie
Corporation, 570 Fifth Avenue, New
Pear Sir: Enclosed herewith fini
pledge, signed by the mayor and city
clerk of the city of Plattsmouth, Xe
1 ra.-ka. that the building plans called
for will be erected and complete and
ready to occupy within the $ 12,500.00
"Under other ci'ver I. send you by
express today plans and specifications
for the library building to be erected
in conformity with the donation. I
am, Very truly,
A. L. TltfD,
President Library Board."
On January 21 the following reply
was received:
"A. L. Tidd, Esq., President Library
B-ard. Plattsmouth, Neb.
"My Dear Sir: Your favor of Jan
uarv 20 aed plans received. On the
understanding that the building the
plans call for will be erected complete
and ready to occupy with the $12,500
promised, arrangements have been
made for payments as work prog
ressis. Please communicate with Mr.
R. A. Franks, treasurer, 570 Fifth
avenue. New York, and he will instruct
you how to apply for funds.
"When the building has been erect
ed. please send us unmounted photo
giaphs, showing front and side eleva
tions, together with a complete set of
the plans on a reduced scale, prefer
ably on a sheet not more than twelve
Ly sixteen inches.
Very truly yours,
"Approved plans under separate
In answer to the above letter, on
March 10 president of the library
board forwarded the following letter
to the Carnegie corporation:
"Mr. R. A. Franks, Treasurer Came
nie Corporation, 570 Fifth Avenue,
New York.
lcar bir: Un January 24. as
president of the Plattsmouth public
library board, of Plattsmouth, Nebras
ka, I received a letter from Mr. Jas.
Bertram, secretary Carnegie corpora
tion, informing me that plans for pub
lic library building to be' built within
the donation of J 12,500 promised by
the Carnegie corporation were ap
proved, and that the money donated
had been set apart for this building,
and directed me to write you for your
instructions as how to apply for funds
as the work on this building proceeds.
I therefore ask you to furnish me with
your instructions.
Yours truly,
A. 1j. TIDD,
President Library Board."
To which letter he received the fol
lowing reply:
"March 22, 1910. Dear Sir: Re
plying to your inquiry of the 10th inst.
"The fund of SI 2,500 provided by
this corjoration for erection of library
building at Plattsmouth is now avail
able, and payments on this account
will be made in installments of $2,000
cr $3,000 upon architect's certificates,
as needed from time to time during
the construction of the building.
"Please see that applications for
funds are made by letter, accompan
ied by a certificate from the architect
certifying to the amount due con
tractors for labor and material fur
nished on account of the building all
certificates to be approved by the
president and treasurer of your library
board. Yours very truly,
"A. L. Tidd, Eso., President of Public
Library Board, Plattsmouth, Neb."
On April 21 II. M. Foennichsen, city
treasurer, received draft from Car
negie corporation for $3,200, first pay
ment on the above donation, and on
'lay 10 city treasurer received $2,5C3,
me.king a total received to date of
5,70O from th Carnegie corporation,
and the reniainderNof the costs of the
building will be paid by the Carnegie
corporation as rapidly as the building
is completed.
It is believed that every citizen of
Plattsmouth should appreciate this
splendid library building, which has
been so much needed.
The library board is entitled to
much credit for the procuring for the
"city of this building without any cost
whatsoever to the taxpayers of the
city, and when the building is com
pleted it is believed there will not be
a finer building of its size in the entire
From Friday's Daily.
This morning the body of Mrs. Her
man Richter arrived in this city on
No. 4 and was taken direct from the
train to St. John s Catholic ehurcn,
where requiem mass was celebrated
by the rector, Rev. Father M. A.
Shine. After the services at the
church tiie body was borne to the
Catholic cemetery, where it was laid
to rest. The husband and mother ot
the departed lady accompanied the
bodv from Omaha and assisted in the
last sad rites that laid their loved one
to eternal sleep.
The death of Mrs. Richter has occa
sioned a feeling cf greatest sorrow
throughout the entire community.
where the familv had made tneir
home for the past year, and to the
grief-stricken husband and aged
mother the sympathy of their friends
will be extended as well as to the
throe little sons who wi'l nJVer know
the mother's loving care and for
whom she laid down her life.
Customer near Piatt smouth is un
able to finish payments on piano ccn
tract. We will turn piano over to
first satisfactory party who will pay
balance, cither cash or .$" per month.
Write Schmollcr & Mueller Piano Co..
Omaha, Neb. 5-1'j-ltd-ltw
ttmm show
From Saturday s Dan.
In spite of the fact that the ruin
clouds poured Jortn their contents
yesterday and last evening, there was
a large attendance at the Allman
tent show, and almost all the seats
were taken, which is a proof of the
popularity of this brand of amuse
ment that has drawn so heavily- since
its stay- in our city. "Out of the Fold"
was the title of the play offered, and
was perhaps the best that the com
pany has presented, as it odTered
greater possibilities to the members
of the company to demonstrate their
ability-, and each member cf the or
ganization gave a very realistic rendi
tion of their respective roles during
the presentation of tha drama.
Tonight is the last night for this
excellent company to be with us, and
a large attendance is looked forward
to as the show has proven very popu
lar and the tent has been filled night
after night to its capacity. From
here the Allman ' company goes to
Nebraska City, for a week's stand in
that place
The Journal is in receipt of a card
noni iJioomington. Illinois, announc
ing the arrival of Master Jack Bard
well, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Barney Bardwell in that city on
Thursday, May 18th. The friends of
the happy parents in this city will be
well pleased to learn of the good for
tune that has befallen Mr. and Mrs.
Bardwell, and wish that the little man
may live to enjoy many years of suc
cess and happiness. Mrs. Bardwell
was formerly Miss Mabel Poisall, of
this city.
Partner to take half interest in
my No. 2 show, which opened May
22. Show will make an average
of $400.00 per week profit. Must
have general business ability, and
capable to manage show. -Must
be sober and reliable. Call in
Manager Alimann Bros. Tent Show
Nebraska City this week. -
The Degree Staff of Nebraska City,
Accompanied by Mrs. Bruft, Cap
tain, Puts On the Ritualistic
Work of the Order.
From Friday's Daily.
Last evening the A. O. U. W. hall
was filled to its utmost capacity with
the members of the Degree of Honor,
to take part in one of the best attend
ed and most interesting meetings that
has been held" by this live fraternal
order in several months. The meeting
was attended by a large delegation
from the Nebraska City lodge, accom
panying the staff of sixteen members,
under the direction of Mrs. Bruft, as
captain, and which put no the ritual
istic work of the order during the
initiation of the class of twelve mem
bers which had been secured by the
"local lodge. The work of the Nebraska
City team was perfect in every detail
and enlightened the membership to
the beauties of the ritual by their
splendid handling of the initiation,
and the ladies deserve a great deal of
praise for their handling cf their
respective roles in the ceremony.
There were in the neighborhood of
thirty present from Nebraska City at
the meeting, as 'well as four guests
from the Nehav.ka lodge, to take part
with the Plattsmouth ladies in the
nlc a1 ant evert, and the total attend
ance passed the one hundred mark.
After the regular bushves session
of the lodge the members were invited
to join in ; most delightful social ses
sion, whieh occupied some time and
v:s most thoroughly enjoyed by ev
eryone present. A tempting an.l de
lectable luncheon had been prepared
hi the baro-ict hail bv the ladies of
flie lodge and this p.-ovod a most de
lightful feature of a most delightful
tily an
The tab!es were very pret
n-red with spring" flower?
making tru- !m!l most attractive to
the eye and a 'fitting re one for V:
heppy gatherin;
Dancing was also
enjoyed, for a short time by the rier
bei s of the party, until time fcr th'
vij-itors to de; art for th:ir home?.
The Nebraska C:ty delegation war.
cntettainrd at a
the Piattrr.-.Mtih
oCc at thx
riior to the session of the lodge, and
the v'sters v:ro Mifrhte-d with the
splendid time afforded them by the
gracious ladi.-.- conrosir.g the local
The Degree of Ilur.or is opc of the
largest and nr.n successful fraternal
orders in the citv and never docs any
thing half way when it starts ir., :
the pleas.-; nt time cf last even::";
From Saturday's raily
The Allman Comedy company will
give its farewell performance tonight
in a western bill entitled "The Queen
of the Ranch," an uproariously funny
comedy and one that is sure to leave
a good impression with the people of
Plattsmouth, and that is what the
company wants to do as it intends to
play, here at least one week out cf
every season, and this season it will
play here two weeks, as it intends to
play a return date this fall on the
way back from the coast. The mem
bers cf the company have made many
friends during their week's engage
ment here and will look forward in
eager anticipation of a return engage
ment at an early date.
The citizens of Plattsmouth and the
members of the Allman Comedy com
pany are now negotiating with each
other with a view to forming a Mutual
Admiration society, as the citizens
appreciate the Allman Comedy com
pany and the players have a kindrci
feeling for the. citizens.
A Symbol cf Health.
The Pythagorians of Ancient Greece
ate simple food, practiced temperance
and purity. As a badge they ur.ed the
five pointed star which they regarded
as a symbol of health. A red five
pointed star appears on each package
of Chamberlain's Tablets, and still
fulfils its ancient mission as a symbol
of health. If you are troubled with
indigestion, biliousness or constipa
tion, get a package of these ' tablets
from your druggist. You will be sur
prised at the quick relief which they
afford. Obtainable everywhere.'
John McNurlin departed Sunday
morning for Garnet, Kansas, where he
will make a few days visit at the
home of Miles Standish and family.
Subscribe for the Journal.
From Saturday s Dallv.
This morning at the court house
occurred the marriage of Mr. Max
Duda of this city and Mrs. Mary
Devis of Omaha. The ceremony was
performed y County Judge Beeson
in English and Edward Donat in
Bohemian, as the contracting parties
were not familiar enough with the
English language to grasp the mean
ing of the beautiful service that the
judge hands out to those seeking con
nubial bliss Quite a large number of
the officers at the cr;rt house as well
as a number of visitors were present
to witness the ceremony.
Mr. Duda is well known in this city,
where he has made his home for a
number of years, and is r.n employe
of the Burlington in the freight car
7cpair department and a gentleman of
gr .at industry. The bride has been
making her home in Omaha sinee the
death of her husband, a few years
j. go. Mr. and Mrs. Duda will make
their home in this city.
Miss .Mildred P. iih y. Daughter of .Mr.
and Mrs. C. (i. Bailey, and Mr. '
Clark (icnaJes, F-olh cf
From Saturday s Pally
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. G.
Bailey in this city, on Wednesday
m :ri
if hv-t week, occurred the
of their daughter, Mildred,
to Mr. Chirk Coir.alos. Promptly at
S o'clock Miss Margaret MeNeiney of
Lincoln pang "I Love You Truly,"'
on the. piano by Miss
Daisy Lar.rh.orst. Following this the
al party entered to the strains cf
i i t , i : . . 1, . . 1
eecetssenn , v. eu.:iii'r iiui!i:i nni
ccok their place-, under a lattice bower
decon.ied with .ferns, where, during
the i c unt ion of Mac Dowell's "To a
Wild Ros",
ceremony was per
formed by Dr. P. Van Fleet. A large
thron" of thc relatives and friends
of the contracting parlies were wit
ires.-er. The 1 i !e was attended by
her siste". I!is.-5 Ilettie. and the groom
bv his school friend., Mr. Russell Hunt,
of Bennett, Neb. .
The bride was gowned in white
chiffon over acecrd'an-r laite I crenc
le chine. She wore a veil of chiffon
caught by lilies of the valley, and
lairicd a rhower bouquet cf roses and
sweet r-eas. The bridesmaid were a
dress cf yellow meosalino.
While supper was being served
rrusic was rendered by the Clements
orchestra, asi-tcd by Miss Dai'
Langhorst. Punch was served on the
porch during the entire evening, Miss
Ruth Elliott presiding at the punch
Many beautiful anJ valuable gift
indicative of the high regard in which
hose young people are held, were re
ceived. Miss Lcuise McNerney pre
sided over the gifts and guest book.
IIr. and .Mrs. Cionaies enter cn
their new life attended by the best
wishes of a host of friends. Both
have' crown from childhood's estate
light here in this community, and
both are known to possess character
and refinement par-excellence. They
have gone to housekeeping on the
Gonzales farm, soutrnvest of town'.
Elmwood Leader-Echo.
"Chamberlains Tablets Have Done
Wcnders for Me."
"I have been a sufferer from stom
ach trouble for a number . of years,
and although I have used a great
number of remedies recommended for
this complaint, Chamberlain's Tablets
is the first medicine that has given
me positive and lasting relief," writes
Mrs. Anna Kadin, Spenccrport, N. Y.
"Chamberlain's Tablets have done
wonders for me and I value them very
highly." Obtainable everywhere.
County Commissioner, J. A. Pitz
and wife were among the visitors -in
Omaha today, going to that city on
the early Burlington twiin.
Ralph Atwood of Cedar Creek was
in the city for a few hours today,
looking after some business interests.
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Years
Always bears -
Signature cf
TWO rBOllrfilT
nop mm
This i9 the week we are showing
some distinctive novelties in
Ties 50c
H News. r
Jess Allen of Latimier, Kas., is here
visiting with his brother, Frank, and
Mr. Chandler and family of Oconto,
Neb., arc here visiting with Mrs.
Chandler's mother. Mrs. Reynolds.
Grant Palmer returned to his home
in Detroit, Mich., Monday, having
spent the past few weeks with his
brother. James Palmer.
'John Whitcman returned home last
Saturday from Excelsior Springs,
Mo., havfng been there the last few
weeks taking treatment for the rheu
matism. Hope, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. I. St. John, had a very painful
accident Tuesday morning when she
fell and broke a bone in her wrist.
She was goin;? to school on roller
skates when the accident happened.
John Griffith left Friday- afternoon
fo- Fayettsville. Ark., where he ex
pects to make his future home. John
informs his friends that he has pur
chased a farm in that part of the state
and he intends fixing it up for a home.
Mrs. John Lloyd and daughter,
Ixra, were passengers to Omaha last
Friday, going up to visit with Mrs.
Lloyd's brother, John Henton, who hss
been confined in St. Joseph's hospital
as a result of blood poisoning.
Mrs. George McReynolds returned
home from Omaha on last Saturday
morning, where she had been confined
in one of the hospitals, greatly im
proved in health and rapidly conval
escing from a recent operation for
gall stones.
Last Saturday afternoon, when Tom
Mascn was on the last lap of his mail
route, his horse became frightened
near the south bridge. . After putting
on a high kicking performance and
ditching the driver, he ran away, tear
ing a wheel, from the buggy, belong
ing to Robert Dore. He was finally
rounded up by Earl Opp, east of town.
Charles Stone went to Beatrice last
Wednesday to attend the state bank
ers' convention.
Mrs. J. B. Elliott left last Monday
morning for Champaign, 111., to visit
her father, who is quite ill.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wiseman are
the happy parents of a ten-pound baby
boy, born last Monday.
Mrs. William Langhorst and little
daughter, Corene, went over to Ma
nilla, la., last week for a visit of
several davs with her sister, Mrs.
William Penterman.
Word has been received from Earl
D. Capwell saying that he has just
finished proving up on his claim near
Jordan, Mont. lie expects to come
home for a visit in the fall.
James Gamble returned Tuesday
morning from a visit with his daugh
ter, Mrs. William Malone, in Omaha,
who is very weak as a result of having
undergone a very severe- siege ,of
diphtheria. She is gradually improv
ing, we are pleased to learn.
II. Dcttman was in from his home
at Imperial, Neb., a few days the fore
part of last week, shaking hands with
eld friends and attending to business
matters. Mr. Dettman says they are
still in the hotel business at Imperial
and are enjoying a fine patronage.
Ths program for Memorial day
exercises in Elm wood 'is now being
prepared by the committee and will
be printed in full in next week's issue.
Chief Justice Mojrissey of the ISie-
braska supreme court will be the
speaker of the day. All should plan
to be present on Memorial day.
One day last week Willie Branscom
and Joseph Albright went fishing and
for the men folks will make wife or mother hap
py and the price
6 pair for 60c
is so very low that every man should try a box.
To try them is to buy them.
for Six Months
We buy them in case lots hence this very low
price. All colors.
were driven into an old house by a
sudden rainstorm. They discovered
an old wolf and seven little ones. The
old one escaped, but they captured the
little ones. The boys feci quite elated
over their find.
L. W. Roettger happened with a
rather peculiar experience last Sunday
afternoon. He had stopped to talk
with Rev. Klette at his rooming place
and he made the remark that he won
dered what was the matter with him,
and almost immediately he fell to the
walk and was in an unconscious con
dition for a short time, but soon re
covered. This was probably due to
over-exertion as he had worked quite
hard the day before.
rrn i i i tjw ttttt
W. H. Mark returned Sunday from
a short trip to Kansas City and Ft.
Scott, Kas.
The oil well is nearing the 800-foot
mark and with favorable sailing we
will have oil within the next six
The graduates of this year's class
are glad to know that they will receive
full tlf irty-two credits should they de
sire to attend the state university.
Dr. Huston, wife and son intend to
leave the latter part of the week for
an auto trip, in the hopes that Mrs.
Huston's health will be somewhat im
proved. Leslie Pittman is now a full-fledged
soldier of Uncle Sam. He is a son
of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pittman and
left here last fall for Omaha, where
he enlisted. He is stationed at Ft.
Meyer, Va.
Ben Roddy's smiling countenance
can now be seen behind the counters
of the Fran's store. Ben says that
he intends to stick like glue, and "it
will do the firm no good to fire him as
he will keep on working anyway.
Mrs. Henry Becker left for Dunbar
Tuesday, where she will remain about
a week and keep house for her father
while her mother makes a visit to
North Dakota. Henry will now see
how nice it is to become a bachelor
for about a week.
The pupils of the primary room en
joyed a picnic Wednesday afternoon.
The picnic was held in a pasture about
a quarter of a mile south of the school
building. Miss Crozier, the primary
teacher, managed the whole affair. A
few patrons were present.
Loy Clarence has been forced to
leave Union because he could not
secure employment, not even day
labor. He is now working for the
Burlington at Plattsmouth. It is a
mighty good advertisement of prog
ress for a town when its residents are
forced 'to leave town to seek employ
. Beacon.
.HK-K1 'H' 'M-H'
Joe Richardson returned home last
Tuesday from Marysville, Mo., where
he had been visiting his mother.
Russ Mick was taken to the Lincoln
sanitarium the first of the week to
receive treatment for rheumatism.
A. H. Vanlandingham shipped a car
load of hogs to the Nebraska City
market Friday. He accompanied the
Mrs. A. M. Trumble returned home
Wednesday night from a week's visit
with her sister, Mrs. George McFall,
at Neligh, Neb.
Mrs. A. P. Stewart of Fairmont,
Neb., arrived here Wednesday for a
few weeks' visit with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. G. C. Trimble, and otner
G. W. Balderson of Pickrell, Neb.,
arrived here Wednesday for a few
days visit at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. F. W. Blomenkamp, and
George Trunkenbolz has started the
foundation for the erection of a fine
modern house on hia lots that he re
cently .purchased of C. C. Cooper in
the south part of town.
Ed Peterson, who has been confined
to the house the past few weeks with
a siege of pneumonia and rheumatism,
was out cn the streets Tuesday for
the first time since his illness. Ed
has lost fifty pounds of flesh and cer
tainly looks as if he had gone through
a great deal of suffering.
Fred Dihel arrived home Tuesday
from Portsmouth, N. H., from which
place he received an honorable dis
charge fr om the United States marine
corps, in which he had served for the
last four years. Fred enlisted in the
marine corps in May, 1912, at Rock
Island, 111. From there he went to
Norfolk, Va., where he served for
three months at the marine corps
training school. From there he was
stationed on the battleship U. S. S.
Arkansas, where he served for two
years. From there he was transferred
to the naval prison at Portsmouth,
N. II., where he served as guard until
his discharge.
Whooping Cough.
One of the most successful prepara
tions in use for this disease is Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. S. W. Mc
Clinton, Blandon Springs, Alabama,
writes: "Our baby had whooping
cough as bad as 'any baby could have
it. I gave him Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and it soon got him well."
Obtainable everywhere.
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