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THURSDAY, MAY 18. 1916.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal 'Readers
Now It's the Cultivator and
Two-Row Machine Season!
If any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event or Item of interest in
tuis vicinity, anil will mall
same to this office. It will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all news items Editor
4. xrsstsSSS
lOX'T oarrv around
rency. If you lo you are br.-et by tv
groat evil?. One is the temptation to spend
rW.dily. A. man with $100 in currency in
liis pocket is freer to spend than the man
iviili little currenev. lie is more apt to
break a ten dollar "bill than he is to draw
a ton dollar check.
TIip other evil is the bait offered to thieves. A man
ivlw k Ln.nvii to rarrv a lari
possesion never can tell when he will be set upon by a
hiirhwavman. The wealthiest men in the country sel
doln oarrv large amounts of cash. When you accumu
late a :oodly an yum t of currency deposit it in the bank
at once. m
Four per cent interest on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Law.
John Hendricks and wife were in
Plattsmouth Tuesday.
Mrs. Chas. Track is dressmaking
for Mrs. Gilmore this week.
A. D. Crunk was transacting busi
ness in Union last Friday.
W. P. Hutchinson is sporting his
fine new Buick car this week.
Albert Young was numbered with
the sick the fore part of the week.
B. A. Root was looking after some
matters of business in Lincoln Wed
nesda. Lee and John Faris were calling on
the Union merchants last Saturday
C. F. Harris, of Union, attended the
funeral of Mrs. A. L. Baker in Mur
ray last Thursday.
D. R. Frans, of Union, attended
the funeral of Mrs. A. L. Baker in
Murray, last Thursday.
Ted Barrows and Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Boedeker were Plattsmouth visitors
Tuesday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Wiles motored
to Plattsmouth Wednesday afternoon
for a short visit with friends and to
attend to some business matters in the
county seat.
George Gibson gave a number of
his friends a dinner at bachelor
headquarters last Sunday. Those to
partake of the hospitality offered by
Mr. Gibson were: Albert Young,
George Nickels, Frank Dugay.
Albert Lillie has been, suffering for
the past few days with several broken
ribs, received from being kicked by a
horse last Sunday, while looking after
the feeding of the same. This is a
serious accident more ways than one,
not only the injury, but at the time
when farm work is so heavy, and Mr.
Lillie being so ba.dy needed in the
harness of the spring rush. He will
no doubt be laid up for several weeks.
for Ladies and Men. This article is a very scarce
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25 and 35c WHITE AND BLACK
Ladies try a
Jackson Corset
nothing better made for style, fit and quality in a
$1.00 and $1.50 Corset!
Miatt SL Tutt,
a rreat amount of cur
rc sum of moncv in Ins
Mrs. H. C. Ixng has been numbered
with the sick for the past few days.
Raymond Creamer, who has been
quite sick for the past few weeks, has
been improving this week.
Ines March, who has been visiting
with friends in Missouri, has re
turned to her home in Murray.
S. G. Latta and family motored
to Lincoln one day last week, where
Mrs. Latta is receiving medical treat
ment. Mr. and Mrs. Frazier, of Syracuse,
Nebraska, were guests of John Faris
and family over last Snnday. Mrs.
Frazer was formerly Miss Mae St.
Mrs. E. A. Burton of Clay Center,
Nebraska, was in Murray a few dyys
last week, being called here owing to
the death of her sister-in-law, Mrs.
A. L. Baker.
Misses Beulah Sans and Jessie Bar
rows went down to Union last Fri
day evening to attend the class play,
remaining over Sunday for a visit
with relatives and friends.
Rev. Ilutchmann departed last Fri
day for a few days stay over in var
ious town in Iowa, where he expects
to locate in the near future. Mrs.
Ilutchmann will remain in Murray at
the home of her father until Mr.
Ilutchmann locates in the new Iowa
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Leach are re
joicing this week over the arrival of
a fine eight pound baby girl at their
home on May 13. Ed says the little
stranger is the finest in the land, and
in no way contrary to other fathers,
he knows, because the neighbors say
she is the image of her dad. Both
mother and little one are doing nice
ly, and we understand that it will be
no trick for Ed. to easily plow two
rows of corn at a time this spring.
Dr. B. F. Brendel was an Omaha
visitor Monday.
A. L. Baker was looking after some
business matters "'in it Omaha Monday.
Will Seybolt was' looking after some
business matters.' in 'Omaha Monday.
Miss Ilenriettea ' Creamer was a
Plattsmouth visitor Tuesday evening.
J. D. Shrader of Omaha was visit
ing with Murray friends Wednesday
of this week.
John I). Tutt, of Plattsmouth. was
visiting with his son E. S. Tutt, on
Wednesday of this week.
L. D. Hiatt was looking after some
business matters in Omaha and Platts
mouth Tuesday of this week.
Glen Rawls, of Plattsmouth, was
visiting a few hours with Murray
friends on Wednesday of this week.
Miss Oala Minford came home from
Lincoln last Saturday evening to re
main over Sunday with her parents.
Karl Lancaster and Chas. Chris-
wisser shipped a mixed car of stock
to the South Omaha market on Tues
day of this week.
Jake Hild shipped a car of cattle
and a car of hogs to the South Oma
ha Tuesday of this week. They were
loaded at thfs station.
Uncle Ben Beckman was visiting
with his daughter in South, Omaha a
few days the past week. He returned
home Tuesday evening.
James Hatchett has been experienc
ing considerable illness in the various
members of his family during the last
few; days. Mrs. Hatchett, and the
children have been sick, all of whom
are improving at this time.
The Sunshine Band will give an
ice cream social on the Christian
church lawn on next Saturday even
ing. Come out and take some delicious
ice cream and cake with the young
ladies, and help them swell their net
The Passion Play in motion pictures
will be given at the Christian church
on next Saturday evening, May 20th.
These pictures will be accompanied
by a most interesting lecture, and you
will surely miss a great treat if you
fail to see these pictures.
Dr. B. F. Brendel accompanied Mrs.
L. L. Alix to Omaha Monday morning
where she was placed in the hospital
for treatment preparatory for surgi
cal operation, should her condition
not improve sufficiently after a few
days treatment to insure her former
health. .-
Dr. G. II. Gilmore and Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Philpot, who have been spending
the past two weeks in the western part
of the state, up near the Philpot
ranch, are expected home Thursday of
this week. They will no doubt report
one of the most pleasant vacation trips
of their Mi ves.
Sam Shumaker, the Plattsmouth
windmill and tank man, has been in
Murray a couple of days this week
making some repairs on the windmill
of Dr. B. F. Brendel, also installing a
new water supply tank in his resi
dence. This is Sa,m's line, and if tW
work can be done he can do it.
Rev. McCory and family, late of
Xenia, Ohio, arrived in Murray last
Friday evening, to make their future
home in this village. Rev. McCory
has taken charge of the United Pres
byterian church here as the pastor.
He is an excellent gentleman, and will
no doubt be well received by the con
gregation of hi3 new charge.
Oldham's are still shipping those
fine Duroc-Jersey pigs, and the are
beginnig to land at almost all corners
of this great stock raising belt of ours
This week, they are sshipping four
teen head, twelve gilts of which num
ber were sold to one breeder in Colo
rado, and were shipped from Murray
Wednesday evening. The other pair
were shipped to Kennard, Nebraska.
We are indeed pleased to note that
our excellent old friend D. A. Young,
who has been sick , for the past few
weeks, has improved the past few
days, and was able to be out among
his many friends again this week
He has been suffering from an injured
limb that he received several years
ago. We join with other friends in
hoping that, this seige may end the
Mrs. Ted Barrows has been spend
ing the present week at the home
of her brother, Chas Sans, east of
Murray, assisting in caring for Mrs.
Sans, who has been so seriously ill
for the past three weeks, suffering
from blood posioning. Mrs. Sans has
been recovering very rapidly for the
past few days, and the trained nurse
was permitted to return home this
week. The present indications are
that the patient will soon be restored
to her former health.
From "Wednesday"? rallv. '
Last evening Dr. E. W. Cook was
called to Murray in consultation with
Dr. J. F. Brendel of. that place in the
case of Mrs. Herman Richter, resid
ing west of Murray, and the patient
was found to be suffering greatly, and
it was deemed necessary to take her
at once to the St. Joseph hospital in
Omaha for an operation in order to
save her life, as the condition of Mrs.
Richter was very critical. As soon as
possible after reaching the hospital a
Caesarian operation was performed,
which seems to have been very suc
cessful, and the three baby boys were
born, while the mother, at last reports,
was dong nicely and everything point
ed to a most successful operation in
every way.
Elsewhere in this issue of the Jour
nal will be found an advertisement for
Miss Ojrla Minford, announcing the
date of the opening of her summer
school in pianoforte. Miss Ogla will
graduate from the State University
in the early part of June, and soon
thereafter will open her school in Mur
ray. She is very desirous of securing
a good class on the opening date, and
those contemplating enrolling will do
well to see Miss Ogla as early as pos
sible. Henry and Chas. Creamer went to
Ashland last Sunday to attend the
funeral of Charley Craig, the husband
of their neice, which was held from
the home near that place Monday.
Mr. Harris was thrown from a load of
hay last Thursday, and quite severely
injured, which resulted in his death
on Friday. The young mas was a
prosperous farmer, and he leaves a
wife and three children to mourn his
death. The Messrs Creamer return
ed.home Tuesday.
The Applegate players that appear
ed at the Puis & Gansemer hall for
three nights the latter part of last
week, were greeted with good houses
each night as usual. This company
have always given the best of satis
faction with their Murray engage
ments. They will return to their us
ual home headquarters in Union, and
will soon start out for the summer
season under a canvas. Mr. Apple-
gate is an old Cass county boy, and
is sure a great favorite in the home
towns where he has visited.
Frank Grauf and family, residing
east of Murray, motored to Platts
mouth Tuesday in their new car, hav
ing some matters of business to look
after and to spend a few hours with
county seat friends. Frank has been
one of the valued readers of the Jour
nal since the present ownership's ar
rival in Cass county fiftten years ago,
and lately his name has been on our
list of daily readers, and on this trip
to the city, we are thanking him for
the renewal of another year to that
issue of the paper.
The Murray State Bank and The
Murray Hardware and Implement Co.,
have donned a new coat of paint on
their fronts this week that certainly
adds much to the appearance of these
two buildings. A little paint properly
applied is without doubt one of the
greatest beautifyers of the land, as
these two structures will certainly
demonstrate to all people visiting in
Murray. There is still room for more
and now that the ball has been start
ed why not let all join in the proces
sion and get in the paint beautifying
The Murray Hardware and Imple
ment Co. have been very busy for the
past few days setting up a shipment
of gasoline engines received this week
T. H. Pollock, Jim Pollock and O.
C. Gapen passed through Murray on
Wednesday of this week en route from
Weeping Water to , the home of Mr.
Gapcn north of Murray. They were
traveling in the fine new Buick car
of Mr. Gapen, that they had been
down to Weeping Water to get, one
that had been shipped to Mr. Pollock
in the Weeping Water agency consign
Remember the big social dance time
at the Puis & Gansemer hall on next
Saturday evening, May 20th. The
music will be furnished by the Holly
Orchestra, of Plattsmouth, and you
know that this means the very best
music to be had. -You will miss a
good time if you fail to attend.
Office supplies at the Journal office.
He Had Been In Poor Health for Some
Time, and Was Unable to With
stand Attack of Pneumonia.
Yesterday J afternoon David L.
Amick, for the pasf sixty years a
resident of Cass county, was called to
his final reward after an illness cov
ering a week's time, suffering from
an attack of pneumonia. The death
of Mr. Amick will bring a feeling of
great regret to the many old friends
of the family in this city and vicinity,
where they have long made their
home, and in their hour of sorrow the
widow and son will receive the deep
est sympathy of the entire commun
ity. For the past few years Mr.
Amick had not been in the best of
health as he suffered a breakdown in
his robust health about three years
ago, from which he had never fully
recovered, and during his stay in
Arkansas a little over a year ago
suffered very much from his health,
due to the climatic conditions there,
and in his weakened state of health
was unable to withstand the attack
of pneumonia.
David L. Amick was born April 24,
1856, on a farm in Des Moines county,
Iowa, twelve miles west of Burling
ton, and when but an infant of a few
months was brought to Nebraska by
his parents. George D. Amick and
wife. The family settled on a farm
in Cass county and since the fall of
1850 made their home in this county.
The parents passed away several
years ago and after their death Mr.
Amick continued the management of
their farm, two miles east of old
Eight Mile Grove. In 1S80 Mr. Amick
was united in marriage to Miss Ruth
Hickman, whose parents had been old
friends of the Amick family and came
west with them, locating on the Iowa
side of the Missouri river, where they
made their home on a farm. After
the marriage Mr. and Mrs. Amick re
turned to Cass county and continued
to reside on the farm until a few
years ago, when they moved to Platts
mouth to make their home, and for a
short time Mr. Amick served as chief
of police of the city, resigning to look
after his farming interests. Later
they spent about a year in Arkansas
with their son, Theodore, near Monti
cello, returning to Plattsmouth about
a year and a half ago. and three
months ago came to Plattsmouth,
where Mr. Amick and son had since
operated the Smith garage on Vine
To mourn his loss Mr. Amick leaves
the widow and one son, Theodore
Amick, both of whom reside in this
city; one brother, John P. Amick, of
near Weeping Water; two half
brothers, Judge M. Archer of this city
and Charles Archer of Lincoln.
The funeral services will be held
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at
Eight Mile Grove, and will be under
the auspices of Plattsmouth lodge No
739, Benevolent and Protective Order
of Elks. The funeral will leave thi
city at 1 o'clock and the burial wil
be held at the Eight Mile Grove ceme
tery in the family lot.
Mrs. Anna Richter of near Murray
who underwent a Caesarean operation
at the St. Joseph hospital in Omaha
Tuesday night, passed away last eve
ning at eleven o'clock, after a brave
fight for life to care for the three
little sons who were born to her and
for 'whom she had laid down her life,
The serious condition of Mrs. Richter
on reaching the hospital early Wed
nesday morning after being brought
by an auto from her home at Mur
ray made the operation necessary at
once, as she was suffering from con
vulsions. This is the first time in
the' history 'of Omaha surgery, where
such an operation was performed that
tripletts were born. The children are
reported as doing as well as could be
expected under the circumstances
Mrs. Richter had no time to be pre
pared for the operation on reaching
the hospital, but cheerfully submitted
to the ordeal insisting that she was
ready and willing to withstand it
Dr. C. C. Allison and Dr. A. L. Der-
mmody performed the operation.
Mrs. Richter was twenty-three years
of age and was married at Carrollton,
Mo., to Herman Richter two years
ago, and they have made their home
on the farm west of Murray a greater
part of the time since their marriage.
Her husband and mother, Mrs. Emma
Walker were at her bedside at the
time she passed away.
-231233 '
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Telephone No. 20. MURRAY
When, where and what for? At
the Christian church in Murray, on
Saturday evening. May 20lh. for the
purpose of buying' new song books
for the church. The social will be
?iven by. the young people cf the com
munity. Cake and ice cream sundaes
served for 10c. Don't miss it.
1 Ogla 0. linford, I
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piemen! Co.,
We take this method of extending
our sincere thankfulness to the many
friends in and near Murray who rend
ered us such valuable assistance in
the hour of our greatest need, during
the sudden illness and death of our
beloved wife and mother. Your many
kindnesses shall always be remember
ed by us.
A. L. Baker and daughter
Oj.ha Raker.
For Sale.
The Hotel Berger, of .Murray, Neb
raska, is oifered for sale, and a price
that is right, if taken soon. For full
particulars and terms see Mrs. J. W.
Berger at the hotel.
Wanted Stock to Pasture.
Cood blu2 grass, plenty of shade and
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