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    THURSDAY, MAY 18. 1916.
Practical Economy
Baking powders made from alum or
phosphate may be bought for a r trifle less
than Royal Baking Powder, which is made
from cream of tartar, derived from grapes.
Alum powders are not only cheap, but
they differ greatly in leavening power.
If a cheap baking powder is used for a
fine cake and the cake turns out a failure
there is a waste of costly materials worth
more than a whole can of the cneap bak
ing powder.
Royal Baking Powder produces - the
finest food, and its use therefore, results in
an actual saving.
New York
Lee Trouty went to Lincoln Satur
day. C. C. Bucknell went to Lincoln on
Dale Boyles went to Omaha Tues
day on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards autoed to
Lincoln Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stroemcr were
in Lincoln Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weichel were
in Lincoln Tuesday.
Mrs. G. P. Foreman went to Lin
coln Monday evening:.
Mrs. Ed Casey and Mrs. H. Moore
were in Lincoln Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hollenbeck
were having1 dental work done in
t'mr.ha Monday.
Mrs. Grace Thurrescn and little
daughter, Maxine, went to Lincoln
Tuesday on No. 1C.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kirkratrick and
Miss Florence McKinney were shop
ping in Lincoln Monday.
Mrs. John Elliott was called to
Champaign; HI., Monday, on account
of her father's sickness.
Mrs. Louis Dalbrow, who has been
visiting relatives here the last two
weeks, returned to her home in Lin
coln Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bennett ?pent
Saturday and Sunday in Elmwood,
visiting the latter's rarents, Mr. and
Mrs. II. A. Bragg:.
Miss Eva Sutton entertained at din
ner Sunday Miss Elie Stout, Mrs.
Irene Stout, Messrs. Louis Amick of
"Weeping Water and Archie Miller.
Mothers' day was observed here
Sunday. A special program was
given in the evening at the Methodist
Epircopal church in connection ..with
the Epworth league anniversary pro
gram. Wednesday morning Miss Carr and
her pupils and the Misses Lowry and
GirTin went out to Foreman's grove,
east of town, and had a "weenie"
roast. Breakfast in the open was
surely appetizing and enjeyed by all.
The special school meeting held
-f ,
1111. ,41H'I ' I 1,1
1 i:ltt llilii "J?. Ilk
t T&mk . , ;.: ' "... ' ' ''
' : "- .'-J,;'.' .--.-V -re'--"
Can You Afford Any but a Titan
Kerosene Engine?
AT present average prices for kerosene and
gasoline, Titan kerosene engines save
their owners about i.ic. per horse power per
hour over gasoline engines.
Figure it this way. On an 8-horse engine the sav
ing is 8.8c. an hour, 88c. in a io-hour day, $88 in ioo
days of work. Say that is all your-engine does in a
It would cost 3 0U OSS more than you need to pay, to
run an 6-horse gasoline engine one year. That is more
than a third of the price of the engine. Can 3011 afford to
throw awa- $S3 a j'ear? Can you afford even to think of
buying a gasoline engine, when you can get a Titan that
uses kerosene? See the Titan dealer and, talk this ever.
He' has some interesting figures to show j-ou.
International Harvester Company cf America '
. Tjajj I;pro?.f n engine are eoid by .
Mill F. GGRDER, PIsilsniouth, Hebraska
Tuesday evening in district Xo. 100
and the surrounding districts, for the
purpose of voting on consolidation,
resulted favorably in all the districts
except Hedge Corner and Tipton,
which postponed their meetings until
Saturday night.
Was It a Joke?
Last Friday afternoon relatives of
Frank Greer of Acme, Alberta, Can
ada, were delighted when they saw
a good-looking young chap riding
along home in the wragon with his
cousin, John Foreman. Noel Fore
man end Alvin Cashner gave him the
hearty hand-clasp in town, and when
the boys reached the Foreman home
Uncle George was at the barn and,
upon being informed of the possible
identity of the well-dressed stranger,
was glad indeed to see him. And
Frank ( ? )- talked freely of his broth
ers and sisters in Canada and said the
general condition of crops was excel
lent. In the meantime Lee Frouty
rushed over in his auto to see his
cousin Frank, and Fred Prouty's folks
called on the phone to talk to him.
By' that time John, who was bursting
with laughter on the other side of the
team he was frying to unhitch, un
concernedly let the joke get the bet
ter of him, and the tell-tale look on
Do's face gave it away. Disgusted,
Uncle George wended his way to the
bcue. where he called to his wife,
"Cornelia, there is no joke about it,
no jcke at all, but she was in Lin
coln. They say John is laughing yet
about his new-found friend, whom he
allowed to ride into town with him,
and then decided to joke his folks.
John Lynch and wife were visiting
their uncle, Jim Foreman, Wednesday.
Mrs. Jim Foreman 2d accompanied
them and will visit several days.
DEUEL CO. LAND. The best in
vest ment in the state. Write for
prices and terms.
Ritchey Land Co.,
Miss Iva Dunn spent the week-end
with friends in Lincoln. Miss Dunn
is the head of the department of ex
pression. Dean E. L. Rouse was in Waterbury
last week, where he gave the address
at the high school commencement.
On Friday the Philomatheans gave
a splendid Shakespearean program.
This meeting was held in the chapel
and the Everetts were guests.
Professor Howie attended a meet
ing of the Nebraska A.cademy of
Science in Lincoln on Friday. Pro
fessor Howie was made vice president
of this association.
President Hayes, Dean Rouse, Pro
fessors Delzell and Gregg attended a
meeting of the Schoolmasters' club in
Lincoln Friday evening. Professor
Delzell was elected president of this
club for the ensuing year.
Miss Eva Pickwell has been elected
to a position as teacher of English and
history in the high school at Ewing,
Neb., for the next school year. Miss
Pickwell is a member of the class of
1916. Her home is at Murdock, Neb.
Miss Louise Mears, formerly a
member of the Normal faculty but
now connected with the Milwaukee
state Normal school, will teach geog
raphy again this summer in the Ohio
state Normal college, which has the
largest summer school for teachers in
the United States.
In observance of Mothers' day the
Y. W. C. A. planned a program of
especial interest to mothers and gave
a special invitation to all mothers to
meet with them at their Sunday aft
ernoon meeting. In many instances
the girls called for the ladies and
accompanied them to the meeting.
The large drainage tunnel put un
der the athletic field last summer has
been well tested recently and has
proved its efficacy. In spite of the
hard rains on Thursday night the field
was in a fair"condition for use on
Friday afternoon, at which time the
Normal team defeated the Cotner uni
versity team with a score of 3 to 0.
One of the unique features of this
year's commencement will be the
"Pageant of the Ages," which will be
given by the seniors on class day,
Monday, May 29, at 10 a. m. This
will be followed by the planting of the
ivy. The annual May pole dance will
be given at 7 p. m., and at 8:30 the
class will present its play, "The Man
On the Box," by Harold MacGrath.
The faculty members especially in
terested in the training of rural teach
ers met in Lincoln on Friday after
noon at a conference for the purpose
of formulating a course of study to
meet the requirements of the new law
on the training of rural teachers in
the state Normal schools. This con
ference was attended by members of
the state board of education and by
representatives of the rural depart
ments of all the Normal schools.
"Word was recently received that
Tillie Kolnen, the great contralto, who
was to have appeared in the May
festival on May 30, was suddenly
called to Europe by the serious illness
of her mother. Dr. Home has en
gaged in her stead Cyrene Van Gor
don, prima donna contarlto of the
Chicago-Philadelphia Grand Opera
company, auss v an uoraon, wno is
said to possess a magnificent voice
and to be one of the most beautiful
women on the operatic stage, will take
part in every program of the day.
Life is altogether too short to be
worried away. You want to enjoy it
when at work, when at the table, when
at rest. But you cannot get the best
out of life if your digestive apparatus
is not working smoothly and your
stomach reminds you continually that
something is wrong, that it cannot
supply your body .with the heeded
amount of energy and strength; will
not allow you to sit down to the table
with a good appetite; will spoil your
rest by making you feel uncomfort
able. But there is no need of you
suffering this way, when a dependable
remedy is offered to you. Take
Triner's American Elixir of Bitter
Wine for some time regularly accord
ing to directions and you will soon
feel again like a new being. Your
daily duties will no more be a burden
to you but a pleasure; you will en
joy your meals and you will feel com
fortable when resting. At drug stores.
Price $1.00. Jos. Triner, Manufac
turer, 1333-1339 S. Ashland Ave.,
Chicago, 111.
Pains m small of the back, in joints,
in muscles, etc., will soon disappear
when you apply Triner's Liniment.
At drug stores, 25c and 50c; by mail,
35c and 60c. -
Pasture For Cattle.
Good pasture for cattle and horses,
plenty of grass and water. Reason
able terms. Call A. C. Bartlett, tele
phone No. 3113.
TnnigYjri AKO ALL
Uill I 1 WEEK
AHman Bros'.
Comedy Players
Band and Orchestra
Entire change of play tonite
"By the Order
of the Court!'"
New Vaudeville
10c 5,000 Seats 10c
In the account of the sale of the
G. E. Dovey stock in the First Na
tional bank to H. A. Schneider, ap
pearing in last evening's Journal, the
heading gave the impression that the
entire stock of the Dovey family had
been sold, but this only includes that
owned by George E. Dovey and not
that of II. N. Dovey, the cashier of
the bank, who still retains his interest
Situated on one of the four best cor
ners in tho city, four blocks north of
Hotel Riley.' Tho prettiest half mile
in Plattsmouth.
One block from grade school, two
blocks from Catholic church and
schools. Level lot in good sod, park
ing space well seeded, young trees
thriving, curb and gutter in and paid
for, concrete porches, walks and
steps. Good cistern and pump, citjr
water and sewer, water heater, gas
and stove, electric lighting and fine
fixtures. Good cellar, new screens,
storm doors. Nev.iy papered and
painted inside and out.
Six rooms, a largo store room, two
closots and fully equipped Tath room.
A growing valus property.
A REAL SNAP if sold at once. Fa
vorable" terms.
II. H. COTTON, Owner, With F. R.
Gobelman. P. O. Box 91. Phone
v 241-J. 5-l-tfd&w
This afternoon Frank Neumann and
August Bakow returned home from
Columbus, Neb., where they have been
as delegates to the grand lodge of the
Sons of Herman, which has just closed
its session there. The boys were able
to secure the next grand lodge meet
ing for Plattsmouth in 1918, and Mr.
Neumann was selected as the grand
outer guard by the grand lodge. The
two delegates put in some good licks
at the meeting and their efforts were
crowned with success.
The Allmann show last evening
drew the largest house so far during
the stay of the company here and
one of the best plays yet shown was
given by the excellent stock company.
The title of the play was "The Net,"
and every one of the company did
splendid work in their respective roles.
The vaudeville was, as usual, one of
the most entertaining features of the
evening, and the clever members of
the company in their songs and
dances pleased everyone.
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum
sets you crazy. Can't bear the touc'
of vour clothing. Doan's Ointment is
fine for skin itching. All druggists
sell it, 50c a box.
L. M. Ingwersen bores wells. Ne
hawka, Neb. Phone 61. '
A want ad will bring what you want.
$100 Reward, $100
The readers of this paper win be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages and
that is catarrh. Catarrh being greatly
influenced by constitutional conditions
requires constitutional treatment. Hall's
Catarrh Medicine is taken internally and
act3 thru the Blood on the Mucous Sur
faces of the System thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, giving the
patient strength by building up the con
stitution and assisting nature in doing its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith in the curative powers of Hall's
Catarrh Medicine that they offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it falls
to cure. Send for list of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo.
Ohio. Sold by all Druggist. 75c
Glenn Springs Merchant Found By
United States Troops 125
Miles In Mexico.
Marathon, Tex., May 18. United
States soldiers have rescued J.
Deemer, American storekeeper cap
tured by Mexican raiders on Glenn
Springs, and Boquillas, Tex., accord
ing to a man named Terry, who ar
rived yesterday morning.
He said the soldiers entered a vil
lage 125 miles in Mexico and the
bandits rushed out, leaving Deemer
and a captive negro named Monroe
Payne. Payne and Deemer are being
brought back to the United States,
Terry said.
Relief at Washington.
Washington, D. C, May 18. Genu
ine relief over the Mexican situation
was evident in administration circles
yesterday.' The principal cause was
the assurance conveyed to President
Wilson and his cabinet through Secre
tary Baker that the Carranza govern
ment now is convinced the United
States has no intention of intervening
in Mexican politics and that conse
quently resentment against the puni
tive expedition is rapidly decreasing.
General Scott, chief of staff of the
army, brought this word to Secretary
Baker from his conference at El Paso
with General Obregon, war minister
for the Carranza government.
Report Confirmed.
San Antonio, Tex., May 18. The
rescue by the American soldiers of J.
Deerher and the negro cook, Monroe
Payne, carried off as prisoners by the
bandits that raided Glenn Springs and
Boquillas, was reported to General
Funston today.
Colonel Frederick W. Sibley, com
mander cf the expedition sent to
Mexico at Boquillas to capture the
Glenn Springs raiders, is about forty
miles south of the border, according
to information sent to headquarters
yesterday by officers of the signal
corps working along the line of com
munication. Major General Funston
has not received a direct report from
Colonel Sibley since "the latter took
up the bandit chase in Mexico.
Three companies of coast artillery
were sent from here to Del Rio yes
terday for distribution along the main
line of the Southern Pacific to guard
bridges and garrison towns. The four
remaining companies will take up
similar duty as soon as rolling stock
has been provided for their trans
portation. BRYAN NOT GOING
Corrects "Deliberate and Malicious
Misrepresentations of Corpora
tion Papers."
Lincoln, Neb., May 18. William J.
Bryan is not going to the democratic
national convention as an alternate
from Nebraska nor as a delegate from
any other state, according to an an
nouncement made yesterday.
Neither is Charles W. Bryan, de
feated candidate for the democratic
gubernatorial nomination in Nebras
ka, planning to run independently or
as the candidate of another party.
Mr. Bryan's statement, which was
made, he explained, "to correct the
deliberate and malicious misrepre
sentations of corporation-controlled
papers," says:
"William J. Bryan has never had
any thought of going to the demo
cratic national convention as an alter
nate from Nebraska or as a delegate
from any other state, and Charles W.
an has had no thought of running
for governor without the democratic
C. W. Bryan received the people's
independent nomination for the place
by a vote of 203 to 133 for Neville.
For any pain, burn, scald or bruise,
Tipply Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil the
household remedy. Two sizes, 25c and
50c, at all drug stores.
From "Wednesdays Dally.
Mrs. Frank Marler, who is at the
Immanuel hospital in Omaha recover
ing from the effects of an operation,
is reported as showing marked signs
of improvement, and her condition has
been very encouraging to her friends
and relatives and leads to the hope
that in a short time she may be able
to return home to this city, restored
to health and to her family.
Big Auction Sale of
ewins" Machines!
Wheeler & Wilson
and Kow Home
Also one 6-hole Kitchen Range 2nd Gent'
at my residence, one block south of Wurl's store
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Foreign Secretary's Remarks on the
War Brings Sharp
Answers. '
Berlin, May 18. (By Wireless to
Sayville.) "German newspapers dis
cuss at length the statements attrib
uted to the British foreign secretary,
Sir Edward Grey, in the recent inter
view in which he took up the origin
and object of the war," rays the Over
seas News agency. ''The newspapers
agree that Sir Edward merely repeat
ed statements which already had been
refuted by Chancellor von Bethmann
Holiweg, who in his speech of August
19, 1915, discussed Premier Asquith's
utterances on the same topics. The
premier then stated that Germany had
made impossible an undez-standing
with Great Britain in the negotiations
before the war by asking Great Brit
ain to pledge her absolute neutrality
in the event Germany became engaged
in war.
"The chancellor pointed out, how
ever, that Germany had asked assur
ances of Great Britain's neutrality in
case war should be forced upon Ger
many, which is quite a different thing
inasmuch as it excluded the possibility
v i v 1
a Sewing Machine at al- !
own price!
that Great Britain would be forced to
remain neutral if Germany should en
tertain intentions of agres.-:ive action.
"The newspapers refute the declara
tion of the British foreign secretary
that England had no inicnticn of act
ing aggressively toward Germany by
quoting stcret reports cf Belgian dip
lomas which show t?.e manner in
which British diplomacy hid aimed
for years to isolate Gc-rmrny and ex
pose her to i?:e attack cf a coalition.
"Sir Edward Grey's remarks in re
gard to the restoration cf B2lgiur.i
::re answered by pointing out that
Chancellor von Bethmann-IIclhvcg in
h:"s latest speech indicated that Ger
many favors a really rcutral r.nJ
really independent Bc-lium, a r-U'.te
which is willing to cclIaLciata with
Germany as with ether covr.tries.
"Sir Edward disregard'? v. sll estab
lished factors, the newspapers say,
and therefore his utterances are hard
ly likely to promote the cause of
peace, although he do?s not use the
high-sounding phrase that Germany
ought to be crushed, which previously
has usually been given as Great Brit
ain's object in the war."
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All College Stars
The College Stars have
made a great showing this
season and boasts of some
of the fastest material in
the base ball line in this sec
tion of the state. A rare
treat'for the fans, so be on
hand early.
3:00 Sharp
Admission 25c