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19 Hi.
The Meeting Was As Peaceful and
Calm As a Summer Morn Just
Before a Storm.
The netting of the city council last was as peaceful as a summer
. ..y, featureless with speeches
t , a;unt.-.;5 which might tend to
t.c-ck the whet Is of progress in any
...y or form. Every member was
tve;.t at the meeting when the gavel
f M.iy.r Kichey fell, and at once the
members proceeded to get busy with
.l.c transaction of the city's financial
A petition was read to the council
n; Mrs. II. i. Straight and three
..;.vr in to the smoke nui
u e. whi:h they claim has greatly
: !.... ;.. ! tium in their present rooms
. . the Beck building and asking that
-. '.e eity council take some steps to
;he sir. ike abated. This matter,
e i iirnig juumiik "'to,
i to th-? lire and water
ar.d look into
hkh is
mrr.iife who will ti
; r.e m kc ,:
what bj t.
t e:v.
7 ... .
-lion and determine
m:o to relieve the pcti-
r.d.ven. the city ra
ted a report covering
.-i.vilr.g controversy over the
g al joining the property of
il....-ki- :.r.l William
n ar.d the rcpoit of the cn-
t- the '-.TcL-t that the pav
;iVi'ti c- in peaces and this
lie pinion of the engineers,
plaocd in proper shapa be-
V." i'rw. C
. 1::
.u kl be considered as
l.r rticv.lar piece of
r t:".
-.(.- wiy.cti
given the
in the
trimmed up and placed in proper
ouncilman Buttery of the second
ward asked that board of county com
missioners be notified to finish the cul
vert on West Locust street which was
not completed last summer owing to
lack of funds at the time.
The finance committee of the coun
cil reported the following claims
which were allowed and warrants or
dered drawn for the different
amounts: Nebraska Lighting Co.,
street lights, $212.34; Don Seviers,
work at cemetery, $2.40; J. W. Tu
lane, work at cemetery, $7; J. N.
Cummings, hauling one drunk and
one dog, 81; W. P. Cook, burying one
dog, 50c; Guy Clossen, secretary of
fire department, salary, $6.25; Max
Pries, salary foreman fire department,
0.25; Emil Stenik, same, ?G.25;
Frank Sabatka, same $6.25; Joe Se-
batka, same, $G.25 Henry Lahoda,
same, $0.25; C. M. Forbes, same,
?G.25; A. F. Braun, fire chief, $12.50;
Mike Lutz, street work, S3G.S0; Dan
Headley, street work, $13.20; John
Fieler, same, $4; Albert Funk, same,
?S; Jess Green, same, $20; C. E. Mc
Bride, same, $1S; Merle Farmele,
same, $35.00; Mike Carnes, same, $4S;
Catherine Green, inspecting nurse,
537.07; Klopp & Bartlett, election sup
plies, $10.83; J. E. Xemetz, expenses,
$2.85; Q. K. Farmele, livery for po
lice, $7.75; Nelson Jean, coal at city
hall. $3.25. After the allowing of a
number of orders for street work the
city fathers adjourned and wended
their way homeward.
c f
t v.
U '
co'-..-t vuc'.ed in
the v.T'.er .-lards on it
.ii ..: .g m; ar.d the owners
rty have refu-ed to ac
i'"g and the city as we!'
o' lie p:
to ro.lch
rty have
et t lenient
. i" r.
h o i;
u -ed
e department
to the. council
c;i v.-.--t Main
d wh :i ret a it. -
( r
v r
v: :
-1: let to include a
F .urlii and Fifth
brought up by the
d bridge-; committee
is first reading i.rd
;:i:".imous vote placed
third reading by its
age and by a unan-c-r,urcil
wa."; passed
ft j i
rt :h
" t
. .
': f.
c : r.
Iv-t created. Thi act was
f t--r-t c mmer.dable that the
c jid do for the improvement
1".!-i'-es flection of the city and
...- a '-rg standing eyeore in
.w.ith.-r, t!';;,t of thio muddy
- v.hirh it :s wholly imprac
e o hck afti-r properly and keep
- travel. Thi- new district will
j le the half block? leading off of
.-tnct to where the
The ba.-? ball fans a id beginning to
v.arm up and come out of winter quar
ters with the breath of spring time
and already nil manner of ''dope'' as
to the possibilities of the Red Sox for
the coming summer are being dis-
e;:ssed with interest by the "bugs"
V-ho are longing for the firit warm
day when they can decorate the
bleachers at the So:; park ami cheer
on thiir favorites to victory. Bill Ma
::.n. Bal, llerold and Parrictt, the
vcti ran.-, are all rta '.y to begin sv. ing
i:.g the big stick ar.d each is figuring
en his playing his best during the
coming .summer down 027 the old lot.
There is the prospects of new players that can bo a-ed in several
badly need.e 1 places to strengthen the
lire up. Mar.pge" Smith has not given
c ut his pi'opood line a , to the season's
work but it can br depended on that
there will be something doing about
the middle of April on the diamond
and the fans will be given the benefit
of the opening of the reason they
have all been looking forward to.
Many Cities Are Paving, Building
New School Houses, Hotels and
Churches, and No Bonds
For School Houses
Dr. E. W. Cook this morning re
ceived a message conveying the sad
news of the death of his uncle, Dr. E.
L. Cook, at his home in Harlan, Iowa,
yesterday. The news came as a se
vere blow to Dr. Cook, as he was un
aware of the illness of his uncle, and
the message failed to reach here in
time to permit him to reach Harlan
for the funeral which was held in that
city this afternoon. The uncle of Dr.
Cook was some seventy-two years of
The summer program of public im- ae a tne time 01 his deatn and lor
t - 1 1 11: 1 I Trfnrs linn1 Kpon rna rf tlna lrnlinrr
provements wnicn nas Decn ouumuu ..
here by the city government is one Physicians of that section of Iowa. It
ihnt will po far towards Duttine this Ps in m-e 01 vr. Lt. ook
hn i-.TL-e it tha nvrt(rroccivi I ' - vjwn. 111.11. onivntu unu-
cities of the state and should be aided lcine and the ncle was held in the
in every
tho rommunitv in nu
. ...... 1. j- iu c I rected to the familv in this ritv
cessiui conclusion oeiore me ciuse ui 1 - -
the summer. The largest single un
dertaking is that of extending the
paving of the streets to include'
of Washington avenue and Elm street
from Seventh street to the Missouri
Pacific depot. This will add immense
ly to the value of the property inter
ests of those residing along this high
way that is one of the points of entry
to the city and connecting with the
railroad line as well as being a pa: t
of the automobile highway between j
this ciiv and Omaha. While the wori
t tne state anu snouiu ue mueu -
y way by the good people of deepest affection by his nephew
nmunity in pushing to a sue- the news of his death was most v
The plans for the district conven
tion of the Cass County Sunday
School association which will be held
in this city on Tuesday, April 4, are
may seem costly it will be made at the beinpr thoroughly arranged with the
lowest possible cost and when com- view to making the meeting one that
pieced will more than repay the out- will bo most pieasant to all those who
lay in the saving on street woik aro abe to attend. The meetings of
which is constantly having to be done lhe first district will be held at the
1 i 1 i. . - .
over time anu time again iu Keep u.-- yirst Presbyterian church in this city
.-treet in proper shape, and then often both afternoon and evening and the
unsuccessfully as the conditions are pr0gram will be one of exceptional
such that the work can only be tern- worth to the teachers and members
porary ami money expended is lost asi0f tjle casses.. The organized classes
there is nothing permanent to show of t!le city are preparing to attend the
for it. Otner cities in the state as meetings in a body and take part in
well as m cur neignooring siaie 01 t le discussions and eniov the SDecial
Icwa are launching their plans for the features. The opening session will
coming year and these are being car- be lcd at 2 o'clock Tuesdav and will
ied out to a successful end by the cit- commence with a musical service fol-
- . , C . 1 J A. I .
ies wiinout any iear 01 xne com as it ;0wed by a devotional period. Attor-
is realized mat tne placing 01 perma- ney A L T,dd will speak on "The
rent work cn the streets is saving the Adult Class Up to Date" at this ses
111 Mienan- cion At trip pvpnintr mpptino1 nt S
revel in
the new
ties we
show this
Are Yon G
to join the "Dress Up" crowd
and help advertise Platts
mouth as the best dressed,
most prosperous looking com
munity in the state?
The germ of improvement seems to be in the air.
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garb of winter for the bright new attire of Spring. It
adds to your own self respect, quickens your spirit
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money ot the taxpayers
paving wil
y paving, making it
: o .-"ble t' get into the business
"r.i cs without having to wade in
Ct-unc'dman Harris of the cemetery
committee called the attention of the
nv n b( -r r f the council to need for
r-t rmanr-r.t markers in the cemetery at
fach lo in order that the lots might
1 o e:i: i'y dininoruif-hed. This is some
that has long been needed and
mot ion was adopted unanimously
i y tbe coureil.
The riatt.-mouth water company
t-e-ertcd a communication asking
: -.a tn?y l.e given permission to
l:i-v th. ir metho.1 of charging for
"ai.r ratos to eliminate the charging
. y gallon rate- and substituting the
haru-e f"- water by the hundred feet,
:, ; it would make the office work easier
;-r the water company and not affect
the i-en.-umer. The rate as proposed
would 1 as follows:
Kat s for home?, stores and offices
I"rrt 400 cubic feet per month, 22c
rcr 100 feet; all excess of 400 feet
per, le pc- 100 feet.
Kates for hotel, stables and sa-
I'iri-t 4.000 cubic feet per
month. 2'c per 100 feet; second 4.000
to I'M'OO feet, IT.c per 100 feet; third
30.0. i to 1-V'OO cubic feet per month,
J'V j cr 100 ftct.
TIi" park ar.d improvement com
mittee u'o recommended that the city
park commission be instructed to take
i p the matter of improving the land
-vned by the city at the foot of Win
tciMn hill and having it made into
n small park as well as to look after
ihe irr.m'overr.ent of the parking along
:h- ct::b nr.d guttrr leading up High
Last evening the annual congrega
tional meeting of the Firrt Presbyte
rian church was held at the. church
ouikling on Granite street and the
meeting was attended by some fifty
members of the congregation. The
report.- from the various societies and
organizations of the church were read
rnd showed that all were in the most
flourishing condition and that the
work cf the church was progressing in
all departments which was most pleas
ing to the membership. In the selec
tion or tne otlieers lor the ensuing
year to carry on the work, the follow
ing were elected: Eiders, C. A. Rawls
J. M. Roberts, James Robertson; trus
tees, D. C. Morgan, T. H. Pollock; su
perintendent of Sunday school, G. L.
Farley; assistant superintendent, R
Glenn Rawls; secretary, Miss Mar
garet Ilodgcrt; organist, Miss Blanche
Sayles; librarian, Miss Estelle Ilaird;
church treasurer, L. O. Minor. Miss
Margaret Ilodgert, who was elected as
secretary of the Sunday school, has
held this position for the past twenty
years continuously and has filled it in
i no most ciiicient manner in every
doah, Iowa, a city of 5.000 population,
there will be laid forty blocks of pav
ing this year to place their streets in
first class diapo and the conditions
there are not more favorable thr.n
here. In North Platte, a city not
much larger than ours and where the
industrial conditions are almost sim
ilar, it being a railroad shop town as
Plattsmouth is, there will be public
improvements made this year aggre
gating s5O0,O0O, and of this $100,000
is for street paving and the other im
provements include a $50,000 hotel, a
$50. C00 junior high school building,
J $20,000 Knights of olumbus club
house, $15,000 addition to the Elks'
home, and a $25,000 Catholic school
The recognition of the value of per
rnanent work or. the streets is shown
every day in the cities throughout the
country and the smaller cities and
towns are rapidly getting away from
the policy of having a lot of expen
sive work put on the streets which all
will have to be done over at a future
time, when by a little more money ex
pended tho work can be put iu to last
for all time and save al lthis leakage
of the public funds.
o'clock Attorney C. A. Rawls of this
city and G. G. Wallace of Omaha will
Normal Color.
Tree Trimming Time.
This is the season for trimming up
your fruit trees. This is my line and
all work guaranteed. Prices reason
able. Drop card to P. T. Murphy,
Plattsmouth, or phone this office.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to the firm of G. P. Easwood
are requested to call at the store as
soon as possible and settle their ac
counts, as we are selling our stock of
goods and desire to have all accounts
closed. We thank our friends for their
patronage and bespeak their continued
kool hid and to see that the trees i patronage for our successor,
;lGi-.g the streets of tho
Everybody knows that at times it
seems to him as if his complexion was
The funeral of the late Mrs. Louis
Kissling was held yesterday afternoon
from the German St. Paul's Evangel
ical church and was attended by a
large number of the friends who had
known this lady during her residence
in this city and shared with the mem
bers of the family their grief at her
uca;u i uc - ci vnvTo v.cic i:unuuiivu
byr Rev. J. II. Steger, pastor of the
church, who celebrated the burial
service of the church as well as
The board of education and those in- preached the sermon. There were
terested in advancing the work of the several numbers given by the choir of
rchools have prepared the follow- the church which brought to the be
ing figures dealing with the school reaved family a feeling of peace in the
bond proposition which will be of in- knowledge of the uprightChristian life
tcrest to every one: which the departed wife and mother
The total valuation of the taxable had led and softened their grief at
. i
property at one-fifth of the actual I her going from their side. The floral
value in the school district for the tributes were beautiful and numerous
year 1915 was $570,993. and atested the feeling of grief felt by
At five per cent interest per annum j the friends at the death of Mrs. Kiss
the interest on the bonds would be ling. At the close of the service the
$2,500. body was tenderly borne to Oak Hill
A five mill levy would raise in cemetery where it was laid to rest in
round numbers the sum of $2,500, (the family lot there
which would be sufficient to pay the The death of Mrs. Kissling has been
interest on $50,000. greatly regretted by the many friends
A five mill levy would raise $2,500 throughout the city and in their loss
annually to be applied on the payment the family have the deepest sympathy
of the bonds. By dividing $50,000, the of these friends to bear them up in
amount of the bonds, by $2,500, the their hour of trial and grief, as well
amount to be paid annually on the as the memory of the pure and un-
bonds, would give exactly 20 years! selfish life of this good woman, who
not of the right color, as if he was and the building would be paid for, was devoted to her home and family
turning yellow, or pale or grayish, and during all of this time the boys second only to her belief in her faith
Then it is imperative to undertake and girls of our city would have the in her church.
some steps immediately so that the benefit of the use of this building.
condition would not be aggravated. This means, if a man owns $1,000 A Menace to Health.
The cause is evidently the stomach worth of property, the asscsed value
not doing its works as it should. First would be $200, which at 10 mill levy Who would have thought that the
of all take Triner's American Elixir would cost him $2.00 per year for his tin can is a menace to the public
of Bitter Wine and keep on using it sdiare of the taxes to furnish the health? The expert malaria investi-
rcgularly. That will bring everything school boys and girls this building gators of the United States public
again to a normal state. The stom- now, and have it all paid for in 20 health service have found that dis-
rch and the digestive organs begin years. I carded tin cans containing rain water
functioning regularly. The appetite
returns, everything is digested prop-
ill Wih '
Clothes That Keep You
V7i 4,r t t i . .i
iviciivc your Lress w Time last throimhnnt
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- ...jv...,. ivfemni, 11 j iniivii v vi ttii, iik" " "' vnv,... Hiries arc fuill unbroken and select vour now i f f l q
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be worth $2.00 per vear to every man ing a debilitating illness. Empty tin Or them.
Bemember that there is not a bet- in the city. cans have no business about the prem
ier remedy to relieve pains than An improperly lighted school build- ises anyway, but if we must so deco
Triner's Liniment. Try to steam the ing injures every boy'3 and girl's eyes rate our back yards let's see to it that
aching place and then rub well with more or less. the can has a hole in the bottom.
Triner's Liniment and note the result. An improperly heated and ventilat-
Price 25c and 50c, postpaid 35c and ed school building endangers every Changeable Weather Brings Sickness.
COc. bov's and girl's health more or less.
Improperly provided toilets and sur- The changeable weather of March
Mrs. J. R. Murray came in this aft- foundings in school building endan- causes coughs, colds, croup and grippe.
ernoon on No. 24 to enjoy a short visit cers every boy's and girl s moral char- There is no such thing as a "light
Also a full
line of Spring "Dress Up" hats
Suits $10 to $30
men 3
here at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Charles Parker, and family. Mrs.
ccters more or less. I cold" none that a person can safely
1 w
Improperly provided and overly neglect. Foley's Honey and Tar is a
Murray has made her home in Omaha crowded school rooms stunts and safe and reliable family medicine that
for the past few years.
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Always bears , r-
Stetson Hats
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more or less. stons coughs and eases breathing.
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Chris Beil and wife from near Ke
nosha were in the city yesterday for Mrs. C. L. Martin was a passenger .,.. or . ,
a few hours looking after some trad- this morning for Omaha to visit for a
ing with the merchants and enjoying few hours with her daughter, Mrs. Ed
a visit in the county seat. Egenberger, at the Clarkson hospital
Mrs. Egenberger is reported as not
Letter files at the Journal office. feeling as well as she has been.
Car hart Ozrnrs!'
Hansen iAto
I f 11 -a,, iiWIU,.1. J5"
I 4 , ... . . . v ',;-.n', :',-.'Vi.'-v i-
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