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MONDAY, 31 A If ('If 27. 19 10.
Cbc plattsmouth journal
Entered at rostoflJceat riattsmouth. Neb., as second-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
tnscKimox phicei 9ixo pem veah in adva.nck
The vare m heart snail see
m -
- Gt.d. for inspiration and happi- v
l- r.css is their by divine right.
Corr.e en. Mis? Spring:, we need you
-ur business.
l:"s a k-r.g. kr.g way to Villaville,
1 u: we v ill get there.
Hyj ..h. lay themselves open to
.':covery by overacting.
up wur hoe and rake and get
to work. LK :."t L-t your wife do it all.
When a; begin to compliment
jcu or. your sujess look out. lie
v. t .-v':I r.n automobile.
:o :
The TAvcr::-r has issued a "clean
P pri lamation, r.r.d the week be
April 10, is the date to begin
the I
Miry pvopk' are reconciled to a
;- l hard c M, as they appreciate a
j-erft-ctly goo: excuse for an old-fa.-hicre-d
Hot Scotch.
Jim I.ih' is a source of much
v.. cry : ire Rrvans. Jim is not a
I r. r.. In-'.: -:. but they want him to
o-ir.e out ar. i .-ay t'iat he is.
"Safety first" is nothing more than
common sense.
Yes, of course, if you are a sensible
parent, you want a new school house.
A student who recently entered the
University of Virginia has reached
the lipe age of eighty-three years. He
graduated from the same institution
in the year 18G3, and now, more than
a half century later, he is again a
student. He is as enthusiastis over
his work as if he was a young man of
twenty, and he still draws on the
dreams of youth for inspiration and
for the renewal of courage and of
Swat the fly early and keep him
If you "get down in the mouth,'
sing "Tiperary."
For State Senator.
I will be a candidate for the demo
cratic re-nomination for state senator
from the district composed of Cass
and Otoe counties, subject to the will
Mr. Bryan is 56 years old. Not an of the voters, at the primaries on Ajril
:o :--
old man by any means.
Villa overplayed his hand, with
Uncle Sam's card exposed.
1 18th.
Nebraska City.
For County Sheriff.
We are authorized to announce the
candidacy of John Wunderlich for re
It will soon be time for politics to n omination for the office of sheriff of
hope. It will be said that a man who J be warming up in earnest all over the I Cass county, subject to the will of the
l i: l r 1 l ' i , I vntprs nt flip nvimnriea rn A nri 1 1 RtVi
L. "t -.-..
Children Cry for Fletcher's
The Kind You Have Always Height, ami avIiL u lias Jkt:i
iu t:se for over 0 s cars, lias lorx:e tlio td.maftiri f
aim lias ween mado xnitltT Lis jut-
has lived four score years has long
since run his course and that in the
economy of nature he ought to take
his place on the grim monster's wait
ing list and make ready to die. At
least it will be said that a man who
Mr. Bryan is willing to work for
permanent peace, or any other easy
I I 1 I Li x
job which won't interfere too much uai,Rl' luur slwe JMr! uugul lu
with the Chautauqua circuit program. rest and not give any thouSht to the
world s worries or the world s cares
that he sit around entertaining him
self with thoughts of death and cf
the dreary grave. It has been said
a man is just as old as he feels, and
it's a good saying. A man's life is
not measured by years, but by his
vision of the future and by dreams
that he keeps fresh and enc'ianting.
Many a man of fifty retires from bus
ne.-s, thinking that his lues work is
done and that the remainder of hs
years must be given to rest and
recreation. He wants to pez out of
the game and become a mere tlrone
dying of old age, but he is already as
dead as an Egptian mummy so far
as the passing show is concerned. The
nio-t miserable and the most worth
less man in the world is the man who
has nothing to do. How often do we
see the retired farmer or the retired
A Lousiana woman 112 years old
died the other day. It is said that this
remarkable woman did not smoke nor
drink, and worried as much as she
Wnile it is claimed that almost
everyone will soon be buying auto
mobiles, it is hoped they don't discon
tinue sidewalks for foot passengers
just yet.
For State Senator.
. . . l
l resident w nson s Mexican policy I hereby announce myself as a can-
is still watchful, but it's no longer didate for state senator on the repub-
lican ticket from Cass and Otoe coun
ties, subject to the will of the voters
at the primary election.
Why doesn't Roosevelt go to Mex
ico? One fierce gleam of those deadly
teeth are worth a thousand men.
Good school buildings are the pride
of any town or city. Let Plattsmouth
pick up some pride in this direction. 18th
A man may itch for fame, but Pres- or ounty Attorney.
I . . . ...
ulont Wile k,, u4. u wisn to announce to the voters oi
I PJC iAnnftT fnif T Vio 41-1 s v-i 4-Vr
-"'"""" w democratic ticket for the office of
For County Sheriff.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for sheriff of Cass county on
the democratic ticket, subject to the
will of the voters at the primary April
s- sonal supervision jsinro lis i;;.rai:' v-
All ('ountcrfeits, ImiJaiions and ''.Just-as-jjood " arc
KxiH-riineids that trifle Avith and end an ?.:'! t!:c; l.i'alL'i at
Infants and Cliildreu 2ij)criciice against iIii;rimciiU
Wfcat is CASTOR! A
Casforia is fi lmrinloss pnbslitutc for Castor "Oil, Iarr
frori. Drops and .Soothing .Syrups. It is plf-a.-n fit. It
contains neither Opium, 3Iorphino rsor other N '.r'-u','i:
Fulistiinw. Its ago is its jjiiaraiiti. JL Iestroy Vor:;i ;
ami aliays l'everishness. J'or more than thirty years It
lias hern in constant ne for the relhd of Co::- l;ati' ri,
1 latulency, AYind Colit', all Teething Tr;::llrs a:;d
Diarrluea. It regulates the Stoma h and Jiov.el-,
assimilates the Food, givintf healthy ami natural bleep.
The Children's Panacea Tho JlotIicr'c; rritx;.
Bears the Signature of
If we are to believe the advertise
ments the president's wedding cake
contained about forty different kind;
of taking powder, and we are still
wondering why it didn't explode.
Although the state of Utah gives
condemned murderers the choice to be
The city election seems to be creat
ing but very little excitement at pres
ent, and Tuesday, April 4, is not far
county attorney. I will appreciate
your support and if elected will do my
best to fill the office faithfully.
hanged or shot, there are probably LU5inoss man wandering up and down
some fussy people who are disappoint
ed because they can't be electrocuted.
ihe streets like a lost child looking for
fri ndly faces men of robust healtl
and faculties unimpaired, with noth
ing to do? Miserable because thev aie
Thvrc are enough candi-oav-
for rt-pieser.tative. Cass
i"-rty Las four and Otoe county j
Evvry ere f tiiem have their friends,
r.i u'.l g'Xd citn.
Ti v
i c-r r.mi
r. of the anti-prepared- i
'c ir.ilit prctitably 1-e direct
fact that it is straining this
mw.tarj- resources to
Mexican ban-Jit.
When a girl is first engaged she can
r.o more help looking important than letting their mind, their muscle and
sne can help breathing, lhats the able manhood go to waste, and miser
reason why none of the girls in Tlatts- ;dle indeed. Just a few day.; ago
mouth are looking important. Henry G. Davis of West Virginia d ed
:o: at the age of ninety-three. Up to
We would like to see the primary within a few days of his death he vrs
law done away with, simply because it active manager of an immense coal
J gives us some candidates that we don't and railroad business. In 1901, at the
want, and, in many instances, men Lr.e of eighty-one, he was the vice
who are not qualified for the offices presidential candidate on the demo
if they are nominated and elected. An- cratic ticket with Judge Alton Parker.
ether thing, the primary encourages
An inventor of a new submarine
Tr-!.:, :r.
:he At.hi-
V.v'1 I l L
r y- u t work on from
fli :-: Why does a wom-'-.
r to marry off her
.::.k thL r.o girl hi the
J tr.jJLn fcr h?r son?
m j -t l e admitted, can
;s !:.?ht. Its explanation
Ct-rrr...r y,
write as wdl
ef the si1, marine order is very clearly
iir l cleverly stitei, and ur.question
k aroused eon-iderable German
f yrr.jiathy.
S4ii.i.-h war vvtciar.s are ready for
service at a moment's notice and it is
tlrr;ate 1 that Cj,'00 volunteers could
1-e had i.-.-:.:e of ten days. Tut will
e i;nfdV0.' able to
any ci
pre pared: an.or.g them'
Ar. i .-ti'd a.e-ti:tr candidate for float
1 1 p.v-e:.'-aliv.s tr.e demucralic tick
t Mr. C. J. Muliis. ot Dunbar. Otoe
ce-inly. We aie not personally ac
.2 sir. led with the gentleman, but cur
Irivr.'' down t Nei.raska City reeom
rr.cdcd him a- a fir.-t-clas citizen,
i.nd well qutlii'ed for the position.
It wouM .-eem th: t George IJerge's
fri-r.-l; are dctermir ed that he shall
r-u-. for Ftmething; ? they have pit
ted him against Attorney General Wil
lis Reed. They will find out they
arc barking up the wrong tree" be
fore they get through with their ef
forts. P. S. But George has with
II. I). Estabrook had better pack his
grip ar.d go Lack to New York. He
hasn't, s-o far, received very much en
couragtmcnt in his presidential a;;
t: rat ion.. I-a P'ollettee put it over
New York candidate 3 to 1 in
North I? I:?. nnd -3t'3 the waJ" il
h-. hef: in all the republican pri-E-.aric-i
in west.
sends this paper a circular explaining
the merits of the new boat, probably
under the impression that owing to the
conditions that prevailed in many
fields in the corn belt last summer, a
submarine may prove practical yet in
plowing corn.
John Wunderlich, for sheriff, should
be kept in the minds of every demo
crat until the date of the primary,
Tuesday, April 18, and then they
should march in one solid phalanx to
the polls and vote for him. John
Wunderlich is a good man, and no
one will ever regret voting for him.
There are not nearly so many op
pored to school bonds as there were
two years ago. Since the parents
have become familiar with the condi
tions of the old High school building
they have wisely concluded that we
need a school house and need it badly.
The bonds ought to carry this time by
a large vote.
Perhaps editorial opinion doesn't re-i
licet the opinion of the people of a
nation, and in some cases it doesn't
try, but, if you want to know how the
editors feel about preparedness, the
Literary Digest has questioned five
hundred of them scattered over every
state in the union, and learns that the
editors are for this preparedness
strong. In the army, the average
figure is for a regular army of 285,078
and a reserve of 1,215,'J50, which is a
big increase over present figures. And
they are even stronger for a large
ravy; forty per cent think a navy of
second rank will do, but sixty per
c-nt want a navy equal to Great Brit
ain's. And, whether these editorial
opinions reflect the sentiment of the
nation, the nation is going to vote for
them, for both big political parties
will be for preparedness, differing
only in degree and methods to biing it
lie used up his life till the thread ian
out. If Mfe is worth living at all, it
is worth living to the end. Th2 plans
of the Civator do not provide fov any
waste in the world. Growth to the
end is the natural order of things,
and when things stop growing they
die. A man may continue growing
mentally and spiritually although he
may have reached four score or four
score and ten, unless, of course, he is
broken in health. A man of eighty
three entering college as a student
is an example worth keeping con
stantly before us.
:o :
Securities valued at 2,000,000
pounds and suspected as being of Ger
man ownership, seized from mails in
transit, now are in possession of the
English prize court, according to an
announcement by the foreign office.
Securities have not yet been declared
absolute contrabrand, but it is possible
they soon will be placed on the contra
brand list. Meanwhile seizures will be
continued on the ground that under
the orders in council these securities
establish credit for hostile belligerents
and therefore can be legally held up.
The authorities in London declare that
innocent ownership "can be easily
proved by reference to the banks which
hold any of the detained securities and
that therefore nothing in the nature
of a hardship beyond a slight delay is
liable to be suffered by innocent own
ers. The American government has
not yet protested against the seizure
of securities, but Ambassador Page
has transmitted numerous inquiries to
the British office on the subject of
such detentions. These inquiries have
been made mainly at the request of
American banks to which detained
securities were addressed.
Whenever a officer is refused per
mission to quarantine any house which
is deemed necessary by the author
ities, the same should be reported to
the proper officers and the parents
who refuse such permission arrested
and fined. It is not a pleasant duty
for any officer to quarantine anyone,
but he is compelled to do his duty.
For State Senator.
I hereby announce that I will be a
:o: candidate for the office of state sen-
Suggested war plans: Drive the ator at the primaries held on April
Mexicans into the cactus country, and 18th, subject to the will of the repub-
l a f x i . i i
then declare an embargo on shoe "can '0lt ri OI ine ulsxncr' composeu .
in use ror wer ou sears
The Kind You Have Always Bought
tJU .ill ; -m-L -m. ..-,: : . . --CJ
I iV to i i.- -fH.,
of Cass and Otoe counties.
They are talking of making Keith
Neville's nomination unanimous up at
Lincoln, the same as everywhere else
in the state.
Don't worry, my friend, because you
want the earth. You'll get every inch
that belongs to you when the under
taker gets you.
If Mexico had anything to do with
the introduction of chili con carne in
this country, let's mobilize the navy,
too, while we are at it.
If you are a loyal citizen, and be
lieve in having n comfortable place in
which to educate your children, you
must necessarily support the school
bond proposition.
When the Journal publisher fails to
receive more than one letter a day
telling him of a rise in the price of
paper he is convinced something is
wrong with the mail service.
Mr. Bryan is.a great big man when
it comes to oratory, but a very little
man when it comes to politics. Con
sidering Mr. Bryan's former standing
among the big men of his nation, it
illy becomes him to meddle with the
local politics of his home state if
Nebraska can be considered his home
There is no doubt that the race for
the democratic nomination for gov
ernor is between Keith Neville and
Charles W. Bryan. After the people
have seen and heard these gentlemen,
it will not take but a few minutes to
decide which is the proper person to
preside over the destinies of Ne
We've been so busy veeyifying Villa
the last week or so that we've almost
forgotten our regular business of in-
sultin' the sultan. We are not sure
which front he is on today, but we
hope he sticks his head up over one
of the parapets at Trebizond some
time before it gets dark.
It is pretty thin argument to say
that the voting of bonds for a new
school building will retard emigration
to our city. It will be hard to find a
city or town in the state that is not in
debt for a school or some other public
building. And a man who is looking
for a new location, will always prefer
a town that has up-to-date sciiool
buildings as well as good schools.
Such a newcomer wants a desirable
place to educate his children, and
wants to pay for same, and never in
quires as to the bonded indebtedness
of the school district.
Nehawka, Nebraska.
For County Treasurer.
For State Representative.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of state representative sub
ject to the will of the democratic vot
ers at the general primary on April
18. Your support will be appreciated.
Alvo, Nebraska.
To the democratic voters of Cass
county, I desire to state that I will be
a candidate at the nrimaiics on A:ril
18th for the oiH-.e of county treasurer
and would appreciate their support.
W. R. Bryan.
For County Treasurer.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
re-nomination to the office of county
treasurer on the republican ticket,
subject to the will oi: the voters at
the primaries on April 18th. The
support of the voters will be ap
preciated. MAJOR A. HALL.
Funeral of Marvin E. Tjltr.
The body of the late Marvin E.
Tyler arrived this afternoon from his
home in Omaha and was taken to the
home of his parents on West Rock
street where it will rest until the hour
for the funeral. The funeral services
will be held Monday afternoon at 2:00
from the home of his parents.
Saturday evening a stranger giving
the name of Hanson and stating that
his home was in the state of Iowa was
at her,
:d in by the police for having
For County Treasurer.
I desire to announce my candidacy
for the office of county treasurer on
the republican ticket, subject to the
wishes of the voters at the primaries
April 18th. I will appreciate the
votes of my friends.
For Float Representative.
I will be a candidate for the office
of float representative from the dis
trict composed of Cass and Otoe coun
ties, subject to the will of the demo
cratic voters at the primary on April! came not and his coin was turned over
18th. The support of the voters will to the city strong box to swell the
accumulated an overload of Nebraska
corn juice which his sy-tem could. not
assimilate propeily and caused him to
he rather unsteady in hi.; actions and
IT -.. - T-
caused uowniau tneie v. lie was
escorted to the city bn.-tile to rest and
recuperate from his skate and yester
day morning expressed a desire to re
turn to his native Ian 1 over anil be
yond the gr-t-at muddy river and in to
ken of his de-ire deposited a cash bond
of Jo with the chief, that being the
amount necessary to satisfy the law
for his experience with John Barley
corn. This morning in the police court
when the case was called Hanson
See the kinds cf fancy stationery,
the latest up-to-date, and sure to
pleae, at the Journal office.
t'-J: i '"'y-,'-.--4r .' : .' ;
be appreciated.
Union, Nebraska.
funds of the tieasury.
For Float Representative.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of float representative for
Cass and Otoe counties at the pri
maries on April ISth. Subject to the
will of the democratic voters.
M. G. KIME, Nehawka.
Andrewr Carnegie is said to have
only $20,000,000 left, but it is believed
that by strict economy he can avoid
having to ask his neighbors for help.
.March came in lion and is evidently
going out the same way.
'.' & :
-. . - ' ' .-: '? ir
A Lawyer of Wide Experience
For Associate Justice of the
Supreme Court
Twenty-five years in Omaha, ten
years in Bridgeport, western Nebraska,
hss made George J. Hunt a most de
sirable candidate for the State Su
preme Court.
Those who know him call him "A
ycung man with a ripe legal experience."
Float Representative.
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of float representative
from the district composed of Cass
and Otoe counties, subject to the
democratic voters at the primaries on
April 18th. A. E. FAILING.
AH Rectal Diseases cured without a surgical,
operation. No Chloroform. Ether or other ttcn- t
eral aneasthetic used. CURE GUARANTEED
to last a Lit' K-TI ME. ('examination fkee.
r ir if TfiRBY. Omaha. Nebraska F.
For District Clerk.
I hereby announce to the voters
that I will be a candidate for the
fice of clerk of the district court
the April primaries, subject to the
wishes of the republican voters.
"March Bulletin of lief a Attractions
For Float Representative.
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for Float Representative, be
tween Otoe and Cass counties, sub
ject to the will of the democrats at
the primaries on April 18th.
C. J. Mullis.
For County Assessor.
I will be a candidate for the nomi
nation for the office subject to the
wishes of the democratic voters at the
primary April 18th. The support of
my friends will be appreciated.
P. E. Kufrner.
For County Assessor.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of county assessor on the
democratic ticket at the forthcoming
primary election on April ISth. Your
support will be appreciated.
Al. D. Despain.
The Spring season of low one-way fares to California, Washington.
Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Montana, will last only from March 1". to April
14, inclusive.
$32.o0 one-way to the Coast, and $27.50 to Utah, Salt Lake, Idaho. Cen
tral 3Iontana, Untie District, etc.
Apply early for through tourist sleeper accommodations in the r.i;t!in-.-ton's
through 'service routes via Scenic Colorado, Salt Lake, to Califor
nia or over the direct northwest main line through lulling, to Seattle.
The coining season will bring the greatest: volume, of Eastern tourist
into Rocky Mountain National Eestes Park, Yellowstone P.itk. (.!.wi. r
National Park, yet recorded. Special tours will be arran-od by re
operation between the railroads and the Government., t. n .
and routes will be greatly extended, and the R vky Mountain National
Parks Tour is going to be mado more att r.ict i e t h:. 1
ever. Such a vacation tour will pay you a trenn-i -dou.s
health dividend, besides being the scenic ad
venture of a life time. It is none too early to l"
thinking over such a possible trip and a .-king nio
how it can best be made.
R. V. CLEMENT, Ticket Atent
L. W. WAKELEY.General Passerificr Agent, 1004 Farnam St.. Ornaho.Neb.