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    MONDAY. MARCn 20, 1916.
A Wedding Present.
OPNTIY and Mary waited, and
love was rewarded once more
by nothimr less ethereal than a
second order for soap that very
Hj(rnij:r. It was from 1 Pickery's, and
this time they simply must till it. They
Kith agreed, wherefore they had llowu
at onve to Mr. Martin's Louse in the
rui-Nt of their honeymoon.
They arrived while Mr. Itronson of
CLiiiii;o was putting in Lis half hour
wait by feeding peanuts to the cbiji
munks in Central park. They found
only Ambrose there, though very much
ct home; and Ambrose, of course, once
the countess was disposed of, wanted
to know what the excitement was all
.b'ut. Mary told him. It seemed that
just after they jrot to the office that
morning a letter from Dockery's had
come iu.
"Orderinir 10.0O cakes of 13 Soap,"
interrupted Rodney.
"Now what do you think of that?"
said Mary.
"Pinch me I'm dreaming," Peale
told her.
"They say our advertising's wonder
ful." went on Rodney, "and has creat
ed su'-L a demand they want to handle
the soap iu town.'
Rodney went uu:
"you see, when I show father this
letter froiu In.-kery he's pot to admit
we've won out and supply us with
"Suppose he's still stubborn and
won't help c. what shall we do?" ask
ed Mary.
"Oh. we'll just have to plod alon?."
fa id Rodney .
"Don't plod irallop. son pallop pal
lop.' amended IVale, full of his hih
"If we ever come cut of this you're
fro ins to b;? u;y partner, lif ty to l-fty."
d Iared Rodney.
"Mr. Charles I'.ronson," Johnson an
"h. I be? pardon! I expected to
2:.J .Mr. Martin." said Mr. P.rouson
"I am Mr. Martin." spMce up Ib!ney
"Mr. Ibjdney Martin?" pursued I'ron-
"Yefs. s::id Rodney.
"Just the man I wanted to see "a
jiivate business," said I.ronson.
Oh. those rro my partners," saii
r.f!r.ey. "You ?an talk before them.
Thi.- is Mr. Peale and Miss Grayson."
"May I present Mr"
"Charles Bronson of Brown fc
The man from Chicago went
straight on with his errand.
"Now about your soap?"
"Now see here," protested Rodney.
"O Lord," thought Peale, then ad
ded aloud. "We're very sorry"
Mr. Bronson looked at the three in
a kind of busy wonder.
"Sorry?" he aid. "Why. your 13
Soap the last few days has had a
mosw remarkable sale at our store in
Rodney g:ped.
"You mean it is really selling?"
"Why, you seem surprised," said
Bronson, studying their faces.
Mary pulled h. irsclf together brisk
ly, them first of them all.
"Oh, not not a hit." she repudiated.
Peale longed to know the whole
"You mean people are actually com
ing into the store and buying it?" he
vent on.
"At a dollar a cake," said Bronson.
"It wa those page advertisements
in Chicago that did it." said Mary.
-Absolutely," said Peale.
Mr. Bronson wai ted to know if they
would keep up their campaign. That
would have some bearing, of course,
cn the subject in hand.
"Triple it," said Peale from the
bottom of his heart.
"Good, good!" said Mr. Bronson.
"We fre-e- a trerr.i ! dojs sale for
your goods. It's an amazing soap. Do
you control the company yourself?"
"Oh, entirely." said Rodney.
"Then I can deal with you," Bron
son began again.
"With us all of us." Rodney as
serted, and Bronson went on:
"We should be glad to contract
now for 2."0,0f.0 cake.-, with deliveries
to begin next week."
Mary, whoseb rain had been going
like lightning, now took a hand.
Our capacity just at present i3
limited," she said cautiously.
"Ye-, we have so many orders on
hand." agreed Rodney. "Heie an
idea." he said. "In view of our press of
orders, would you entertain the idea of
paying us merely for the use of our
Hack-murk, without any soap at all?"
"Yes. I think we would," Bronson
rail. "Your trndemaik is, of course,
your bitrerest rs:ct. You would give us
your formula?"
"Yes. if we till have that cook
book," blurted Peale.
"I beg pardon." said Bronson.
"Nothing, nothing. Have a cigar,"
mid Peale.
I've got the cook book," said Mary.
"You can have the formula," Rodney
Novelized by Samuel Field
From the Successful Play by
Roi Cooper Megrue and Walter
Mr. Bronson cleared his throat and
went ou:
"With a license from you to use the
title, I daresay we could arrange to
Lave the soap manufactured by Cyrus
Martin of the soap trust,"
"How much would you pay for the
trademark?" put in Mary.
"I should Lave to call up our Chicago
office," said Bronson. "But I think I
can safely say we should be prepared
to offer you at least ?JoO,Och."
Peale gasped, but controlled himself
in time to hay "Indeed!" in a very gen
teel tone of voice.
"Can I Lave an option at tLat fig
ure?" pursued Bronson.
"No," said Mary.
"Yes." said Peale.
"No," said Mary again, loudly and
"No," said Rodney, following her
"Hadn't we better discuss the mat
ter a little more fully lirst among our
selves?" she said sweetly.
"Yes," said Mr. Bronson tactfully.
"Perhars I could wait somewhere for
a few minutes."
"Yes. do please in the next room."
suggested Mary.
Mr. Bronson stepped to the door.
The door had no sooner closed on
Mr. Bronson than the board of di
rectors of the 13 Soap company went
into immediate special session.
"Why iiot give him an option at a
quarter of a million?" asked Rodney.
"Because maybe we can get more
money than that out of your father,"
Mary said quietly.
Rodney kissed her. Peale coughed.
Mary said nothing more, for at that
moment she spied Johnson coming up.
and the sight of him helped give her
an idea.
"Johnson, oh, Johnson, you kiuw
I've always liked you." she began, at
tracting Lis attention vehemently
"Will you do me a favor?"
"Why, yes. Miss"
"When Mr. Martin comes back don't
tell him that Rodney and Mr. Peale
are here or Bronson either. Say I'm
"Yes, miss, but Mr. Martin Las just
driven up In Lis car. He'll be here
"Hurry up. then. Tell him I'm here,
waiting for him," said Mary.
J-lii.von went ut obediently.
"I've g t a great idea." said Mary.
"You two boys go into that ri,ni and
stay there. Now listen. Keep Bron
son tht re. When I ring this buz::er
twice you call me n this phone
there's a switch in there and never
mind what I say. Now hurry. I'm
going to try to make a deal with your
fat Lor."
They went out reluctantly. Mr. Mar
tin came in.
"Hello, Miss Grayson." he said, see
ing her: "this is another pleasant sur
prise. Where is Rodney?"
"That doesn't matter. I'm here."
said Mary demurely.
"Where's that that Mr." he began
"Mr. Peale:" said Mary. "Oh. Mr.
Peale's gone back to the office, but he
told me to te'l you that he'd got that
"Oh, he did, did Lei" said Martin.
"Great. gfi:it! He's j4 Mi.i t lv."
"We are all smart." said Mary. "It's
a smart frm. We've jtnt unit a letter
from Dockery's for KM ' akes of 13
Soap, and this time you didn't send
the telegram."
"Dockery s, eh? YV 11. well'. Now I II
be frank." be said. "I want Rodney to
come in with iue and you've got to
help. You started this scheme. Now
tinish it up."
"What's chanced you all of a sud
den?" asked Mary.
"Well, Dockery's, for one thing."
said the old gentleman. "That shows
sensational advertising d es pay.
Those boys are right. I've been too
conservative, but anyhow I've got the
whip hand. Rodney can't get his soap
for Do- kery's except from me, and if
I'm going to furnish U cent soap
that he selU wholesale for y cents,
I'm going to be in on the prolits. Any
young man who can do that is just
hound to Lave me for a partner, wheth
er Le wants me or not. What do you
say. Miss Grayson?"
"I'll d j all I can for Rodney." said
Mary, looking down.
"Good. Now, wLat's jour proposi
tion?" he inquired, sitting down.
"Five hundred thousand dollars
cash." said Mary quietly.
"WLat!" yelled Mr. Martin.
"That Isn't all. Wo are to get T.l per
cent of the stock, you put up a fac
tory and give Rodney $5yo a year,
Peale grMxjO mid me 5.20,000."
Mr. Martin whistled.
"As my sen once observe;!, wh-it
loveiy weather we're bavins," he paid.
M.iry pushed the buzzer twbo. Ai
most instantly the telephone rang.
"Shall I answer it?" said Mary po
litely. "Go ahead say I'm out." Martin
"Oh. hello." said Mary in the tele
phone., adding in an aside to Mr. Mar
tin, "it's for me. Hello, Rodney
you've seen Bronson?"
"Bronson?" repeated Mr. Martin.
"He did?" said Mary in the tele
phone: "why, that's a splendid offer.
I hardly dared think Brown & James
would be so generous."
"I'll accept your proposition. Miss
Grayson," interrupted Mr. Martin
"Wait." said Mary. "Have you
closed with Bronson yet?" she went
on. "Oh. you haven't 7"
"Good." grunted Mr. Martin.
"No," Mary went on, "I think you'd
bettor come right up from the office
and see me before you sign anything."
"Here, let me talk to him," Mr. Mar
tin said, and reached for the phone.
"Oh, hello, hello," called Mary quickly
and jiggled the bell. "Oh, dear, we've
been cut off."
"I'm grateful to you," said Mr. Mar
tin. "Shall we sign a memorandum
now?" asked Mary a little nervously.
"Sun1 sure just the rough details,"
he agreed.
"Sure, never put off till tomorrow
what you can sign today," said Mary.
Mr. Martin began to write:
"Fifty-one per cent Rodney fifty
thousand Ai.d what's that young
man's name again Spiel?"
"Peale," said Mary.
"That certainly is one dickens of a
name $.'.. ( Grayson wt there.
You sign here."
"No, you sign first," said Mary,
ol eyed.
"Now I'll sign for Rodney."
Mary, and did so gleefully.
"That's great," said Mr. Martin.
"You don't know how great it
:isented Mary, and started for
door. "Now I've a big surprise for
you. Rodney's not at the office: he's
m there."
"What do you mean?"
"Only that I thought I'd handle you
less sentimentally than he would. You
see, once before I spoiled Rodney's
plan. This time I tl.'.uLt I ought to
fix it up for him. Rodney, Ambrose."
she called, throwing the door open.
Rodney and Peale came in.
"Rodney, it's sip. settled." Mary be
gan. "Your father has come in with
us. I've the contract for all the soap
you want."
"Then 1 don't care what the arranga-m'.-jit
is," cried Rodney, "now that we
can make g od. Twenty per cent c?
profits and any salary."
"Twenty per cnt! Why. she bun
koed ny out of ."I per cent and half a
mi" 1 i-i down!" growled his father.
"Half a millb'i 1" gasped Peale.
"You did?" asked Rodney. "Mary,
you art a wonder."
Mary turned b Mr. Martin.
"And by the tt rms of my contract
..... w
q-lurrah, Mary! It's all right' nowl"
with you you now owe me lu per cent
of what Rodney Las made ),iXu."
"What contract?" asked llodney of
Mr. Marl in growlod and snorted.
"So that's why you held me up, eh?"
Le s-puttered. "Just to get your 10 per
cent. Say, young lady, I've got a lot
of otLer money that you are overlook
ing." "Father, what do you mean?" Rod
ney queried.
"I'll tell you -what I mean," said Lis
father. "She gt engaged to you to
make you go to work. She only left
me to keep you on the job because I
promised her 10 per cent of what you
earned. All the time that shy's been
prettnding she would marry you bhe's
been 'making use of you."
"You owe me $o0,0ct. Can I Lave
the clieek. please?" said Mary quietly.
"Yes." said the soap king, "if you'll
quit now get out of here for good.
I'm disappointed."
"What's the difference?" asked Mary.
"If I'd really, loved him you'd Lave
objected to Lis marrying only a typewriter."
v. "X
M lit
"Objected! If you'd been on the lev
el I'd have been proud to have you
for my daughter," said the father,
handing Lis cheek to Rodney.
"Hurrah, Mary! It's all right now!"
cried Rodney.
"WLat is this a Joke?' said Martin.
"Certainly It is. You put up a joke
on Mary and me, and I thought we'd
put up one for you. Mary Las told
me about tLat contract already."
"You mean you're going to marry
Ler?" asked his father.
"Certainly not," said Rodney.
"WLy aren't you going to marry
her?' demanded Martin.
"Because we are married already
-married yesterday," said Rodney
proudly. "And we thought before we
told you of our marriage we'd get Ler
percentage for a wedding present."
Mr. Martin whistled.
"By George, you boys were right!
I am an old fool. Anyhow I'll win
that bet from old John Clark."
"Now for Mr. Bronson," said Mary.
"You boys know Bronson?" asked
' Mr. Martin.
"Oh, yes!" said Mary. "We had a
long talk with him right in this room
about a proposition from Brown &
Mr. Bronson, wLo had come in, turn
ed to Rodney.
"But I tLought I was dealing with
"No, sir; with me. Now, what's your
proposition?" demanded tLe soap king.
"A quarter of a million casL just for
tLe trademark," said Bronson.
"A quarter of a million?" said Mar
tin scornfully to the quailing Bronson.
"Why, you ought to be ashamed of
yourself to try to trim these poor boys
iike that."
The excitement of riitrln through an
important deal, the winning of the bet
from John Clark, the reclamation of
his boy Rodney and finally Rodney's
marriage with Mary Grayson, some
thing he had always wanted, ex
hilarated him. He squared away like
Ambrose Peale, for all the world, and
let Bronson have a full blast.
"You know that 13 Soap is worth
half a million in Chicago alone!"
he shouted. "And you try to take
advantage of these kids' Ignoranee.
Why. it's outrageous, but you can't
trim me. No, sir we wouldn't take a
million. Do you know that the Bingo
cracker trademark is valued at six
million, the Honey Bee soap at ten
million and our trademark is better
than theirs? We're going to advertise
all over the world That's what ad
vertising means the power of sugges
tionthe psychology of print. All you
have to do is to say a thing often
enough and hard enough and DT per
cent of the public'll fall."
"Well, father." laughed Mary, hear
ing this torrent of advertising talk
from these erstwhile conservative lips.
"You've got religion."
Mr. Martin took out a large silk
handkerchief and blew his nose quite
"I'll settle $100,000 on the first grand
child." he said, "just for luck."
"Well, well," said Ambrose Feale,
with a suspicious twinkle in his eye.
"Believe me, it pays to advertise."
How to Prevent Croup.
When the child is subject to attacks
of croup, see to it that he eats a light
evening meal, as an overloaded stom
ach may bring on an attack, also
watch for the first symptom hoarse
ness and give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy as soon as the child becomes
hoarse. Obtainable everywhere.
Ill tin County Court of Ciinm County,
In t!:e Matter of tlie Kstate of Atlam
Kurtz. l)eceast'fl.
All jersons interested in saiil estate
n:-e bereliy notifie.l that a petition lias
1'crn filed in saiil Court allefjinK that
said deceased died leaving no last will,
and praying for administration upon
lii? estate, and that a hearing: will he
had on said petition hefore said Court
on the Twentv-eiurhth g St li dav of
March. A. I . lPlti, and that if they fail
to appear at said Court on the said
Mli day of Mart!.. at ! o'clock
a. ni. to contest said petition, the Court
may giant the same and prrant admin
istration of said estate to Adam M.
Kurtz or some other suitahle person
and proceed to n settlement thereof.
(Seal) Countv Judgre.
3-6-3 wks
Attention, Farmers
Cold Rolled Disc
Sharpeners at
Blacksmith Shop,
3rd and Pearl St., Plattsmouth
IJrinpr in your Discs and have them
rolled. Don't have them cut away
when you can have them rolled at the
same price.
Demonstration Saturday
Miss Kittie Fae Worley was down
from Omaha the fore part of the
week on a visit to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Georpre Worley.
Charles Bogenrief of Mt. Vernon,
S. D., arrived Wednesday evening: for
n visit at the bedside of his uncle,
Samuel Bogrenrief.
Jas. Gamble returned Wednesday
evening: from Omaha, where he went
to see his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Malone,
who is slowly recovering; from diph
theria. On the sick list: Mr. and Mrs. Her
man Stege's baby boy, Mrs. Leonard
McLaughlin, Mrs. McCabe, Uncle John
Hess, of Wabash, Everett Brockeman,
Elda Kunz, William Hottle.
L. W. Roettger attended a meeting
of the official board of directors of
Midland college at Atchison, Kas.,
Tuesday and Wednesday. They are
building a fine gymnasium for the
college at that place.
Last Friday Charles Beckwith sold
seven hogs that were just six months
old that weighed over two and a quar
ter apiece. The hogs brought $137.00
and were as fine a bunch as we have
ever seen for their age.
Attorney William DelesDernier
went to Manila, Iowa, Monday and
returned Tuesday with his daughter,
Mrs. William Prenterman, and her
little daughter, who will visit for some
time with relatives and friends. Mr.
Penterman is expected over some time
John Bartz of Pierre, S. D., came in
Sunday for a few days' visit at the
home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Al
bert Seiker. Mr. Bartz is well known
to many of our people, having former
ly lived for a number of years on a
farm a few miles northwest of Elm
wood, where he still owns 80 acres.
The building now occupied by John
Morford as a residence was purchased
by Chas. WTest and will be fixed up
and will be used for his barber shop.
Mr. West is occupying the room in
the Elmwood State bank and was
compelled to move because of the fact
that the bank will fit up this room
for their own use. Mr. West will
have a good location for his shop
and the building will be very suitable
as soon as he gets the building in
proper shape.
A. A. Alloway arrived here the first
of the week from Iowa to look after
his property interests here.
On Wednesday, just to keep up with
the times, Mrs. E. P. Betts sliced the
ball off the thumb of her left hand,
and she, too, is under the care of a
Mrs. T. R. Crabtree received sev
eral bruises Wednesday when she fell
out of the front door of her cream
station onto the cement walk in front.
Dennis Kellleher, who resides on a
farm west of town, stumbled over a
box Monday and injured several ribs,
which required the attention of a
WTill Burdick of Bismark, North Da
kota, arrived here Wednesday evening
for a few days' visit with his brothers,
Anson and Ivan Burdick, and other
A four and one-half-pound girl ar
rived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
P. Purbaugh, who reside north of
Eagle, Sunday, March 12ih. Mother
and little one are reported to be get
ting along nicely.
Mrs. J. II. Latrom had the misfor
tune to fall Monday morning, receiv
ing a dislocation and fracture of the
left wrist. Under the care of a
physician the injuerd member is get
ling along nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Wetenkamp,
who reside west of town, are the
proud parents of a nine-pound baby
girl which arrived at their home Fri
day, March 10th. At last reports the
mother and little one were getting
along nicely.
A deep gloom was cast over the
community Wednesday when it was
learned that Mrs. Walter N. More
land had died suddenly from
septicemia at 3 o'clock that morning
at her home just east of town. The
news came as a great surprise to
everyone as on Sunday she had been
een by several friends and appeared
to be in her usual health. She was
up and about the house Tuesday at
tending to her household duties as
WW . A i i
East of Riley HoteL
Coates' Block,
Second Floor.
.2. !
5"" J" ,I"i""I""2"I" II",A,,Arv
4 4
J. Beacon.
.2. A
"""" ""
J News. 4
Marion Tucker is confined to his
home this week nursing a case of the
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Thomas were
passengers to Omaha Saturday to
visit a short time with relatives.
Mrs. Lottie Shotweil left Tuesday
for her home in Seattle, Washington,
fter 'pending a short time with rel
atives and friends.
Mrs. Clayton Iiosencrans came
down from Plattsmouth Tuesday to
visit a short time with parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Wunderlich.
J. A. Whiteman purchased a Jersey-cow
from Abe Billings in Nebras
ka City Tuesday. She arrived Mon
day. The price paid was $13.". This
is a good price for a cow and shows
our farmers believe in getting the
While Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kirk
patrick were on their trip they saw
Ray Coleman at Yuma, Arizona. He
is night passenger agent there. He
is married and has one daughter two
years old. He lived here with his par
ents seeral years ago and is now
making good in Yuma.
Nicholas Klauren? and family mov
ed to the Kirkpatrick residence Mor
dny. Mr. Klaurens recently purchas
ed the property. Frank Allen and
family recently moved into the place
vacated by Mr. Klaurens and family.
We are informed that Mrs. Kirkpat
rick will build in the near future.
We made a mis-take last week
when we mentioned R. Kettlehut made
one trip to town on the road drag.
Instead of one trip he has been mak
ing trips as far us the Pollard bridge
almost every day. The roads be
tween his place and town are the be.-t
we have been over so far this year.
Many of our readers are doing this
work and we are pleased to mention
Representatives of three dilteter.t
companies were in this vicinity lust
week for the purpose of if.troOuc1 'g
week for the purpose of indueir. .:
farmers to lease their lands in anti
cipation of the striking of either oil
or gas in the well being drilled six
miles east of Nehawka, and fr the
prospective drilling in this vicinity.
We are informed that leases on many
ff.rms were secured but a number of
owners are waiting the outcome of
the well now being drilled, which ;s
leported to have reached a depth of
500 feet.
C. II. Dysart has been confined to
the house the past week with an at
tack ow the grippe.
Ralph Davis and wife are the happy
parents of a fine new son which reg
istered at their home last Saturday
J. B. Roddy and family are now
residents of this village, having moved
last week into their fine home near the
school building.
Albert McNamee departed Monday
morning for his home at Brush. Colo
rado, after making several days visit
with relatives and friends in this vil
lage and vicinity.
The enthusiasm in connection with
the oil industry continues, and in ad
dition to the drilling east of town
there have been quite a number of
promoters in this vicinity seeking
leases on land for other companies.
Ezra Williams, of Belleville, Kan
sas, arrived Wednesday and is making
a visit with relatives and friends in
this village and vicinity, all of whom
are always glad to meet him.
Editor W. II. Brown and wife de
parted on Monday morning for Con
cordia, Kansas, having received a mes
sage stating that Mrs. Brown's moth
er, Mrs. A. T. Greene, was dangerous
ly ill.
Several intccrsted parties here in
town are planning the organization of
a band, and it is expected that a meet
ing will de held soon and the neces
sary arrangements made to employ an
instructor. We are informed that a
few of the young ladies will be memb
ers of the band and that it will be or
ganized as a permanent institution.
Rev. W. A. Taylor, who for the
past ten years has been pastor of the
Baptist church at Wabash, in addition
to his pastorate of the church here,
has leceived a, call to continue his
work at Wabash for another year,
and he has reason to feel gratified that
the people of that village seem to be
so well pleased with his efforts in
their church.
Farm Position Wanted.
By a young man. Have had con
siderable farm experience. Call or
'phone Wm. Seay, Plattsmouth.
Ledger. 4
Notiee to N't mi - Kt .- id n t I ft ii!
Tm-ir Jleirs, 1 evi.-.-- , L . i i -sonal
I :ep! t-sen la t i v.- ai.d All 1 ' I -sons
Intet -sted in T! -ir i;tat.-:
Tn Mrc. Iiiiniel MeO'.m. ::rst ia! r. tij
unknown, wife of 1'iiiiel M '. .n i. .
tiie unknown heit s. !' is-. s. l.-v.itt
Jit-rsC'liHl l -pre.- r. t ;i t 1 s. xtid in. ! ! -S"i.s
int!t .(! in I ! - - T . i t - V. .'
ham T. .M.'"..i,n. Un
liiini i:. Lsi wsdii, tii -' i ; : li.irii-- un
known, wiiv ni' i:;ii-a ;. i..iu-. i,.
Willi. mi 1'. I 1 ;. r-i 1. if .:
dead. the t I : k 1 1 T l !.!. le !-
legatees, per ! ; :e.-' tit .1 I I - .1 'j 1
all I'irsi'i.- : ii ' ei es t 1 1 ,ri ll.e t-.-tlt
of William F. 1 - 1 ! . 1 ;
Y oil a 1 1 J e.-i ' . ,i , , . ;, ,. ,, f ! i v
noti.'iid Stpn j ! im. ,i i.i.n
litl. uu ti.e ITlli uav of I ei ; i.ii v. 1 .
1 '.' 1 I. ! i ! t - i j iet : ' i ri mi t : 1 i - I i . :
C'UUI t Of "il.S Cotmty. ' I i i. a. Wt. Te
lll ou and :ill of .i 1 a .
ti.e ot jei t ju.d pr. .'"'I f !. i. !. pet i
tio'i is t 1 1 it t tie elaini. j'itei,..t, : -T ' ! .
title and i :i 1 e i t of a . . a nd e ! e :e
of on in a nd to t ! ."
Cast I. alt the tlie Sn'it'west i.'u.r
ler and ti e West iftii of ti e
east (Quarter, and t r .-t I n't of
ti e Southwest -.'!:. ntf r. all in . !...!
one ill. Tov nsl.ip t ! en : I t ! .
lilllilf eleven '111 I". .');- of ll.e l.-.U 1'.
M. "as i'otint. t- l.t :i s ka.
he deflated invalid and of ,- ;,r,.l
:'(( l; tiiit tie- t;i.. ..j M,id pla.r.t if: l-i
and to .-aid real .state a?,d ev.rv p.irt
t! . reef )- f d .,- ;-..::.-( v.. ,
each and every on" of a.-id a "..i I -t
a I y and all . - ,a i - t .a :. a i. 1 . . ; . f
on, and a-.;:t..-t t ! 1 I m ( a , a :i i
. Ii of a n v p. i-o:, ..:,t:iiri.r t. ..! r.
through ni- .v i tj,..t ,t I..- ., !-
jlldeed a tld ' d t ;. t I, l a ' I
of you Wo... n.i"o-- ai-'. -,t
fofth. if liv)!;".. an. i if .lei, I. the I ,!'-.
devi.-ees. li'Wi lees. II I p. . .- . I . i ' . .-
l eM-n t a t i ( - .i nd "l r .. -. . n - i n t : , . i -ed
in the e.-tates of ., i : a n.i e i i v . re
nt" o u. I a re- i.t: t . tit!.. . .., . i,, .. r
inte! est .n or to -.i i . :. ; , -1 ., ; ... . . r ...
art ther-iof, and t !.; . ... ,. a nd a ' ..f
sa id do f nda n t .- . t i . o.-,- . . i. , . .1 and t .
w::ose nam-- ai" ;r i,. ..... an 1 i. .t
stated, he foiexcr ha : I in ... " , .
or a sse t t i ii": any i i u i . t . ! 1 1 i--. i n t i - t . :
estate in and to ii.l e-tat. .-t a r .'
tart tl.eit.f. arid for -..!. ... . t ., ;
f i it 1 . r i e! j.f - t., ' . i . j t n, I
.- eem just and ; i : t a ! 1 ,
You a . d : o i , it o i a r . f . i ' .
not i .'i.-d t 1 at y u ate i , r . . i t . , .
said -tjjiti on or h... M . , t. . l.i , t
link dav of , pi il. . I l:-h.
st r:'i i ::." .n .ii.m. r.ait tirr.
C. A. il.VWLs, Attoir.t.
l i I. mi i n i:.
Xotiee to N'oii -1 ;(- -1 -.;t I i . i . n
Their Jieirv, I ..-v i --. I t. . I'. - -
s na I I .. I I es. I. t a . I . i. I , . I . . i 1 '. ; -
soi, 1 ureter ted i '.' 1 r I
To t i . unknown . . , r . . ; v i .
.. "ate. -. " i i ; . , I. . ..I .
and .. i 1 p.-t ...ft- : a : -r . - r .-1 : t
state nf Ui'Ii.iiii T M :. -
i :.': S.-tn 1'ai:-. .la,i.". ;t i:v .i.u.
if .leal, ll.e r r k n o.- :i , 1. ... . t
lt.itees, pi-I-MUiil 1 . Ii ." :.l.i(, a
and all i : 1 t , ; ; -, . .
estate of S.-ik l'ai: 1
i'otts, if !...:.-. if .had. t:e :-k.o.,
i i I S. ll - I .- s, 1 .'.'.' I f e-. j e!-.".., 1 e ; .-
1 t .-ei. t a t i v - and ai p.!-.',- a-l-ed
If; t int.- .,f ' . . . I ':- : -.,
C. I'otts. it lii:,.r. it it.;..', ti,. ,.:i
k no w .-. h.iis, . h 1 - -. i .. t . -. j . 1 -sonal
1 1 '"i . si ti ' 11 1 1 1' - a-il a'l ! :
son. Mitel, .-ted in t .,' ...
C. I'..:-; Mrs 1 ., M t ..r.r. t.r-i
rial iam- t n i n v 1 . u i t e r
M 1 "...ill . 1 1 I. I.:. . sol . .f ; ,t
il-H'i. t! ' iinktr w t ( ir-. .1. - ..-.'s,
1 e"a te.-s, pel. -on. I I 1 1 1 . .- 1. la t 1 v - .. 1 I
ail tier- !..- ititi ie-t. ! in tie . - a :
i f rn . Ik Iiw.-'.;.i
Vu'i and 1 a e :. nf v ;l a 1 ( . r v
I.ot, to. 1 ti at l.t,! a- la.i t i ". .
'n t he 1 7 1 hi of i t I 1 a.. 1 . 1
I !!:. :i -.t his petit; -i ni ti" I-.
"out t of Ca.- "o a t . ."e.r.-t-k.-i. w ! -in
j on and all of . .' . a ' . 1. ' ., r . - .
the o I .. .-. r and j .1 r ; 1 . 1. . .
I I on is that the 1 a I 1. i nt .t'.-i 1 1 - t .
title and inlete.-t ot e.ail atid '... o...
of yon in and to the
W'est half of the S iil!.wi-t ...t;.r
of Se t ion :- i 1 1 . T' w r; - a 1 1 . -i
111 1. North, ha:. 1:1 tw.lie 1 1 . , 11. , t
of ;t!, r. .M . n, C... t.t'.
kl ask;;, and t ii ,.-t ha . ! of 1 ..
Soutlieast yuil! It r 1 ! Se'tjo., i,;,, 1 j
To w r:s h i ; ! v. n C : . I ia t
( i '. ). Jiast of the .it!; 1". .M , ;n 1 -
County. Ni I :a-ka.
he tl. i ialed m.vulid aid of n f
-;T-i t : Cat t!-- hhi- of s.nd ;-..i-,:i-:
in and to sam r.-ai e-tai-- an I . . 1
part tl. leof ... ii,i, t d a.ii'.-t ' ;
ar.d ea. !i and er;.' ot..- ot .. . I
aainsi any and a 1 1 .anus of ,,. : .,: d
all of nn. and ana n-t ; .- . ... -n . f
ea!i and all of an-. ' r-o,i .i.tiru
i;;.ier, t.hroiiul. or 1 - ..-i. a r. 1 t .' ..I
it 1 e a-'.I idried ;: !. t I'-t 1 .-, , t : ; t . .,. :,
and all of on n l.os- naun - ai.- ai.. v.
set forth, if iil'":, aed if t
heirs. tle is--es, Jeu.itt e, and p.-t -:.. 1
: presetuat i es aid --tier pi-:- .n
tt re-ted in the estate ..f , h ai l -one
of you, hae ta riiiht. tito. .a.:-i
or inteiest in or t. sud r.-ai ..-ati-
I ait t net e"f. ;.l l tlat ,..; ., fl
a ' 1 nf fa id defendant-. 1 1. rained ar I
those whose names ate unk'iowr;. an t
not stated, he fun ft r f 1 . : 1
i la i rn inir nr ;;.".- rtiri : a n v 1 1-! :. tit. .
interest nr 1 state la and to -aid t .. I
estate or anv part t 'o f, and for - . .
other and further ? 1 : f as t .. t i ..:.:
m;i- s. ( m jvist and jii.tah'.e
"ion and eatli it mi are f;.i!ir
rtotitied that you are --united an-w. -s;iid
petition on or l.t..-, M-.n-la., tt.e
lotli dav nf April. A I 1 I
iii:ni:y k i:n.ii, ci.iint.rT.
C. A. KAWhS. Attvine;. .
iii i( 1: or i it to uii:i ti 1 1 c
In llie llislrlei ( fieri of llir ( uuul) u(
ni. r iruU.
Sidoitie lieam s, I'hii.tiiT,
C.eoie Ma.klt . it al. I . :'. t.d t r t -
To tlie def. 1 hi at -. ;!" M.i.:.;-.
M Is. ii'iU'iti MiM Kit , ! : ' - t t :m na 1 , i- , j -I;
1 111U' l! : the '. 1 r 1 1 . r . o v n 1 . 1 . d . ; - . .
legatees, p.rsoriai I I t e -i !, t .. t n - .. 1 i
: 1 . other persons ; ,t. i est.-d in 1 1
1 state of ;. 0 " Mi k i . . le. : . t
iiiilll'iiH 1, 1. 1 1 .-. d 1 - s . ; .. : -sonal
I . p resell t a t 1 : and ; : ! "Ii 1 1 ; -son-
. ti t . s 1 . ii in -ie .-tate .: Mi-.
1 koi " i- M a 1 k I -, ti 1 r t leal ii . r i M- un
known, dee. -if. d . 1 .. : - .:...:. Mi ...
Charles Stnll, nr.-: t . I n..uie -. 1. 1. n . . w 1. ;
l!- 11 1 1. IIO l hill-. 1 0 1 ... ...
pel S" i, a 1 r.-pt -e 1 t a I i '. . - and a 1 . 1
pi ! SOUS i II t . II - I ed i' t . I ,. e if
i a r 1 1 s S t o 1 1 . 1 1 .- e a .-. . I : ; I , m.i.n . n
heirs, devi-ees. ii " -. pi I ".;..i i r !
I esenta t : - and a!! "t ! : 1 r .- ..... ;. -teest
I in the estate of Mr-, i'.i.h i'
Stol!. 1 1 1 s t rial n: iif 1, t. k 1: i-.v n. .n -ci:i
-1 . i : the ia l.i r , i 1 1 e - and t 1
unknown ilanuants of .n i' 1.. 1... ;i,
I k Jive t.'.i. in th .. of
1 1 1 k , 'a -s 1 '01 1 n t . N'. I ut.-ku.
V . 1 u aid ea : 1 o . i a ' ' -lioti.'ie.l
that or, the I'ld div of I ". .
ruary. . I '. 1 : i ti. j.1.1 ,nl ift t. . . 1
? nit in the 1 k-triet 'ourt of t , .
of I'ii--, .Vi-I'l-ieKli. In - in t tea : t, ' .
tit!" tn th" ffilnviii.',..,)
I I . -u i t ; hot t h 1 ee ( : 1. m I k t. .
in the V:'!i"e l" '"eiai 1'ie.k, in the
1'niiti! .' of "ass. N-otJi.-ka. .in..-
l er a 1 rse i..--1 .. s 1 n h . I . 1 -. f i. . 1
ler nianlnrs for tune than T r 1 yt ,a
pri -r to the eoiiin.en .-n" m of . ,, ; -1. 1,
to enjoin ea h a n 1 ii : 1 of ...i f .- ..01 !.-,-in-
or 1 hii;:iiti- a ri ; ::.!. t, t it 1,. r;
if i n t el t. t ihi-i' 1 1 "111 or e.i : ; ; ,, 1 . . ; m
nr to said land or fi :. v part t' f.
I'-'i'lil'.- villi to s. I fmth o.r 1 ; - ! t ,
title, li.-n nr inten -t I! 1 ni-., it an...
either li'-'al nr euu tald.-. t 1 t to 1 .
the same a.;;nd":eil inlet e.t P. t u t '.
of tdaintiff jind f"i to-m-mi . ; t-ii o
relii.f. This noti-e i- mud.- puruant i t
the order of t.i- ' "ol I t.
Yon are re.i;ire.i pi at. w r 1
petition or, or .e? .re M'Oid.i,, 1, ;
ID. A. In IU If,, or v.ur default .i:i h
duly eiittred ther. i 1.
s i i Ni c 1:1; ami:-.
w. A. T:oi:r.i:r.fu.N",
Mr. and Ivlto, P.. M. Hutrhins of
Lucas. Ic'Wa, who have boon h.-e
visitinp: at the hxne of Mrs. Huich'.r..-
sister, Mrs. C. P. Syoenb'd harr . 'im
parted this mornihir for their hor.j,
j going on the eaily Burlir.gton trair..