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    TTTT'T?P.Y. MATirn IT., 19IH.
"7 w
T- - t - . i - t taT - L .
c.u:.PTzr. xviii.
A Weeding.
F T n. MA I.TIN i -l.-vl :it IYnk'
-. ..!..:.:.. :.i;-n h--d
1 V h. ia :'. way did uvt
.Mr. i't..,f, I ilLc .vi'U," said -1-1 -dar-
! .. L:. I- ; : t r ;n:::i !.
: : -iy vi.:t t:;,t. ' ' ,r
; l! ..vd ;
l.-i-; "ti: c nv. lie i:iarJ
' r:
' Vv'- :'- V' f"
1 V.
u .... ii:.;...rtajir p d-.-al. n:. b. .
I i:.a: .y foro;." i... i.u.Wxl. .
at: lur l:.::t r 1 I.... :
v ::;.u tl-c . cat.; .-.s H -.
. . . , - . - '
I ... ; - '"1 C.:I. ' . . v
. fi.-tai-s wltca I ; ct l:ai "... t--'
J ;.; .-:--'ar"s ere
Ie d
1 .v. a ;
ra-'. He i:ia-t at-
v 1 ' . Li " e a-- r t. a. hu ... !
... So li'.- vei.t tr t the i
i . l.lcL. se v..i iiiu':.- a::i ,
'H-i. v-it!i a llouriLi tali.
: I:
! ' i:au a"
e j-ilccie ;..i-. 2-lit-.ra t.-- ;
-e . b-i-'e." j
u..-.:i i- t.w.e i.;' x . : ,
lilt v
i o
. : - n.t -a e. a e . ..
'. XT' it
"M.y. v. bar are rh;
; ;:r:':" i'etdf- iateritt; tci h
;!.. I ' to :
Mr.rt;u. she :
Y oa t d y thii.I; :"
1 -v.. ii' J-'U're aitaa- t-- '
ait: I won t srat'.d tor it.' j
.i - a a .'I
the . t-v
v. :. :
I tri 'T :
1 .
. Ti: b.- on th-:-
r 1 trv t' tr:.a
1 :
1 -
-1 1 v ::,
.:. 1..:..
1 a a laa
"He :-:ft :ae i
- tt ... . .e-ro is ..if iviu:
;; : - r;r:::i "
..: - a' f 1 en en all
-r.i 1 tijc v a..;. si.
Ml 1,
':e 7 1:
: e a-
'-" a., dobbt. ha.l pi vv-d Mary.
"Yuu've ai;vays luased ahottt that."
r. Oh. I'm : 1
T air:-; ;. ra-y ! s ia -tha: iu the way she sa id tae
b- : it i.a- ! ..-ei: ; v. ,, j n -. 1 p-ioued Iboaia y.
Ai'l th.'V.'r yet thl::': il's I srv-e-vbact
to him i Thh.a: i iu-s -ut?" Le d--ara a .h.-d.
j "V.-ji. u a f V.--S !" -t a-irl. his fiaiace.
v hearts of lei- J tnhes i:;.arv from a rich old man. and
..ta -)
. I
. .aacM rta;a- 1
leant si-e taat tae s.taauoao ;aet:;
; rat hid." sa" ! the j VllV.
she a hied, -ilia- -Why do yoa say lost V I hope J "il
j 4! -n't thin': it".; r 1 .st." rer--rtfd
' -or,.. I '.prv -l ,,.-t s.j,-h ;: -; ' , .;.,y CiV."
i at ih-- ii:s...iss:il j Y a. .,a know what 1 ii."..u." p- r-
E.e Up s TV .. '
"So h-t:-."
And so h.- a
tf of Mr. M
erLoon. Of th.
-r 'hi--:ig- V
!:-d v- t 1
-" . . ... T . " 1
L , . . . .
t' i - r'atarday a
t-. " n:.:l a.!.. w
the j.
..- v...s -i.-wh,
C '-. Will lr
:" a . .1 das
. : ' y I; -l:s"
':: - t a :--i a
.rs taat art- si
' ' . . he
!.. :- Ii,b was
-; : -e
had -ro-.vtj far
ii' 1 1.
r: t : ! -ay. follow
-. t .; a htary
y v a a ti "y s:ir,
!::,vo yen s--: 1 -th.-r?" Ibolnov
he h "I- he 1 - r
r... v.-aiti: a f. r hiva nw." Pcah
v rr-d.
V c-.,o '.inrv i
"Ya: r-n. ;:! r the e--ttnte-
I " : i a ' :: at i '-.:s !y .
'-"h-y ah j . ve.h a b arras "(h ;md
ta '" v. .1: an awkwai paue. whieh
f " a. 1. 1 es lcohe.
I aaess l-.n i. -t wanted." sha
said I ":-. ::- -'. ! 'hiti shrewdly
: t the tr: . "s . I"!: tr.-t. I"2I tr.a. s-j
1 : -z. you 1" s.-apado."
.'vh;s f,.,r I ha ia-'aadhies of this
v.,rhi: If f-r A-ebre,.. V--.-- t!-r?p
la.-t days had beea blue, for Rouney
aad Mary they had bc-n all the color
f rose.-".
Math h: to-y had jiassed over their
d. a-, x el! as the company's in the
I a.i:a i.reii-ig up to truir '.ir at to Tdr.
II hbr:o-y and their foregathrr
i - tav. .- with. Am'.irp.-c ar.d the count-
. Th.- o f ora l)-own & James
1 a 1 begun i', ard that was really the
: an hi.ay'.- faab. ?i;.. e I.e had waved
1 raoi op l'stic wari 1 and caused the
fal-:e o. d r to pribg up out. of the
r '::-!. at.-? Mtr-v"? .(,U cor.tribu
t; r. to s an ijnr.yh rapital had
( - . i;. which may rlso he said
lz have betu the fault of the magnate.
Novelized by Samuel Field
From the Successful Play by
Roi Cooper Megrue and Walter Hackett
z'V?. I ' V 'mk :
F-V'--x-"''.-K .
--...-. ' s'
; 1 '): .
U .Z:' I
'r3-v' PmV;X-V--" V '..''
l :.; v-fc' k?. vV-v;.
r'Kt - - Jbi
fr ' T. .-.,. ;-" 3 :v' :
..'. , ; V i 1
it i
! -
t.. ' '
- ' Vc. J
r i
There V.'c-'s a "Crar.rJ M.-'keap."
The I-eva t. .Janses or-a r v. : epe- 1 T! ot wns a Th'trsdar. at i bv Fri
;..l;y t.i 1 laai", h vevt r. he-ai:.- it i;h:hT ther- v.-"re nr'rrie 1. so that
c. tj i;...,:,. i .
v,..y f.: :f.-.,;:aa.
"1 ,
thy had J.!:.;:..' !'-'-;''- lb til V-'n- i
;a:aat - i :..o.. ci. . v ... 11 i.-e -
:1a. -h 3:
: e
! 1.1. I1 ' f. .t..'l J .
, : . . . . :
Mary sail, they h..d a--:i- 1 'b-
i;;. CL'ar. h Ari-aad t!ie "o.:,r and
i -e. a laarn--'
That w.;s the v .i-..e
::y a:.! ti :: y v. .-. 1
t iit'n' ' mi t :' v i rraj - -0 ! v
hha fivai the l..-a:;::;iaa'. as Mary t.,-;d
i.,:s..:r a.;lu a:: l a.ii::. .1, fen Ii. !;.-i-
MnI l--4l:sl 1 "''- 1 '
rath wliea the ie v.- f hi, son uatr-
ri:uv to a tTewr;:er shovhl be 1 r,Uvii
;ei.:;-- to hha.
(ii'iarrt-I a:ae.
a a
April s
apt l ' d a c." of a
s 1 -u ii:. I sereiu
;y. In the aaaeral
loii -ivt-r IJfjWa .V Jaaa-s i.o.I-
i.ey had rear'.u d. .-e-;:!:. a Mr.ry r.p
t.'v a a. i.iaht, that i.ow to.- 1: :.--; thiii
L-:- v as to da v.dtii his share 01
jaoilts was to ay her l-aeh that
"il: re . i-;: t l e :.aj. :hl;. ; I e wei a u.-.
ij-iaieihii: in the tone of his vtr'-e.
a.- a..h,, ati onal oa ti." I ;.', part.
ft .1 v. h ts her lo,e it
'"i;:o- well. I d' li't mv why y.-u
- v ; I; - hi.v. "It v.-as darn.-d :e-::r
lost. A i.l tl it fehows you do care
rd .ii;t it ;taywav."
. v sh..,v'.hrt I care aboat it':"
said Mary. "Iiab-M I tidah is a
a'' ' 1 d' .tl '. f ni -ney."
"I t! i: "a it's a vhoh.. ha 'of na aoy."
saM Ia'.Ii.ty. "and yoti naist exctise me
J : e , ...... 1.. ;.. ... . i . : I
1 1 1 ia : 1 '.' : aue. liJCr ii-W .1 aili
it; y-otr poaa-a v, a able to vet hold
( f ib"
"A Lir! in irv position." e- !a' -"t Mary
se-,r:.''a"v. "That's riaht. Kab it in.
I'm reah'y a.-!::iii:cd of you. Ih-dt.ey
Martin. And ; ou know p- rfeat!" veil
I wasn't. Lorn a type v. riti i."
-Miir.," lie .-said, trying t he ier.'eat
ly 'aaa and pe;-sua-ivi', "ied l.o n-w.
.ion i.. . e .a;i-ii o i:a, '.n...
"1 (i'.';.'t La w it at ah,"' :.,id Marj
""! - ai.;tu - ..v.
"Mury, I'ieate." he said, tryiaa to
tai.e her haaJ.
-No." yaid Mary, "I th-n't l.c'.he
you'd li'ae lae if you knew."'
i "i'lea.-e," J ei si -b. J It.-ua-y.
j. i.i- h itjLC. aaai'i'i.i a., of Xiw Yuri;
house floats stn-r iied away ou i the.-s-ide
t.-f iheiu in the ib..-u;ity. A lvtl
ii'i.t tiahh d in n-- hay vi:d.w. and
hetaath the shade totad le se.-a the
iow of boohs, ia library. 2"car the
caiij opposite an atrani'iliaariiy .--iliat I
limousine h;sl just dtawa up. with a
little swi.,h of its lubber tires as it
came to rest, and presently a man and i
a woiaan in joyous eM-adig rai.aeut
came out of the hou.-e and j-'ot into it.
The woman wore a perfectly gor
geous opera dual;, and coiabs lia-hed
ia her beautifully arraiiai-d hair. The 1 r
laanhs linca iva' very white and his
Bilk h:- t a ery tdainy. Tiie chauffeur liad i
switched on the li'ht inside the -ar, j
and the oeeupuuts showed a moment j
un."uU"-. 1L Ui J"" t'1 or us in-
tenor I'ciiue tne iigut vent out una
the car moved off again, we-l :uid
fouth. to th' haunt-? vt pleasure, as
Ambrose Tcalo would have said.
Hi rob sine! a s-.:b came into Mary's
vi.i' - e as sh- saw it ail. ami she cn-
V.".! nii-iit Late r.!.;. AnJ I'm tak- !
i i: ( ;H a v. -ay 1'rum all that, whk b was !
y r:!it."
pv:it!y ami l:u;.:iy.
clir..; il t!:; s'.airs tirctLer, and
a V-;r mli-:n ":;:t ler" let them in.
IIouiu y du-w Mary iuts a bidfous little
1 ";h tli(' h U hl Li ;il'd
;ll:iry." iV said, -and ii-.,ihii:?j could
!'v' - rt ;;'.';ii;-t yon."
! In th ill li'.-ht.-l. ill ve:;ti;;tfv! little
thousand t-ve. the tntth caine out.
Marv told the v.-h.-. story fro:u the
icir . : ; ;i i: : u.
t wii'.'H:: soui h':i;: r
J'.ial l: "X vitiioa.t sn:e s::': ;.!: ion at
ertaa: p -rt - :" it. it v.a: t be on
fose.1: t ..f old Mr. Mania-.- fret -
tii - r tib--'t aiit'rv Cark. of the bet
with ITlIeryV father, of h.-r rhare in
the decer-tirn itnd of her reward in
! "V.";: t df I f e if you really I-ve
I rae." je-'" 1 Ib. '-Ma'-y. now
; yet; r.rtst - :' v iv :."
tut V
T iflVc tV o i: 'y of llO!iV-
.,v, -. ".. ia-d-
y .ih. Jt r,';V r.ll very quietly ar-
. ; : ri t ii 1
S'-. raiv-h for th . who ta'i: about j
; :l :' T V: 1
U - r. ,-, :-r:( m, v 1.0 one "l-.e --ed what I
71 ,lp ....Tl ,;: ; L:i c.ut. into their
t, . j.,, t'-iaed the eestasv that !
-eea iteneatn taeir c ryuay
n, ,.(.,.;r..f. chl Mr. ?rarUn's obdnnwv
hn -, a ,,t0,v ,,.,t itolney was
thron-h'mr and -,ori,.alv haimv.
lie f'.-1: c-T'-rv ia -h a man now and
(1,,.t.a u r,,,it; v-;rh t.v,.rv jfik-ulry,
'M:ai: we tell tli old ger.tleinan?"
a. -a-.-d .'a.ry, !aea:alaa' of course the
f.. t of their bt taarried.
-No. i!:d"ed. r-T yet." said Mary,
l.h.tdar ever .-- little. "Just let me
wait for the p-yeholoi?al moment'
(To Be Continued.'
"la atrcabie V.'eather Brings Sickness.
char.i.-aahlc- weather of March
'.'.; .a . rol ls, Crcup and grippe,
is n-- M:eh thing as a "light
I'.ot.c that a ; cr?on can safely
lc. fa
neibiCM Foh.'y's Hcaey and Tar is a
afe aa reliable family medicine that
.'.: ir.fav.r.ea, congested -ir passages,
ps coaah-.s and eases breathing.
Sold everywhere.
mitk i: ay AtiMiMsnt vtio.
In lite 'on it t.i ( 'i.'.rl ut ( tiniilj,
7. ; t .j-- b.-i .
In t '. Ala- '. ; i i-tate of A 'lam
, ! : ; : i. - . a i i -;i i .1 - si ;i 1 1-
-. . . t ' a i ' .- :i : :!: has
. : a;- ; ai . i t i ; .a.i-uaar that
, ; , a -a p a i . ; win.
1 '. :.:. f- ; t'"-!!bs;r;iti!i u j"ti
; . ( - '. : . . . i ' ' ' T ; !!: V.' i i i 1 if
- a a ; t i: h. 'naa
! . i , . T .-i. : -.'-!.,: !, i r v t ! i day of
'.::. . .'. . i '. i ' ' a. : ; -:..t I ;' t ! r-y f .. i i
,. a : ; : r ; : . .! fee 'at T f'- sal
s , : o ;. ' 1 . u t o"-uek
! .-:) - -' s i ! ' ' : i ''a the foiiri
; -.- t. : : ..: ... :.:.'. :r:..-i! :t ihn ir-
. f . . . . t .,um M.
;. e ! S- a I l.. P.-" .1 ' OeTSOli
. I a , an l L'l.i . ' ! 'eia--i.- : I !
aaha': v.:i: .
c.iunn .tioiae.
a - u -uks
Motion, Fsrensrs
Gchl RcHed Disc
U:.gD& E'sl EEL'S
j o i c di i
anG Pearl St Platmouth
B: l:; in your Di.-:c. and have them
r:..i - d. Don't have them cut away
ivahea jou tun have them rolled at the j
no j. ai:e.
Dxuocitiraticn Saturday
fi r lx
Local News
From Tuesday's DaTiy.
Bennett Chriswissor was among
those going to Omaha this afternoon
to spend a few hours looking after
feme business matters.
Miss Mathikle Vallery was among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where she will visit for the day with
relatives and friends.
ilrs. Harry Gouchenour was among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where she will spend a few hours at
tending to some matters of business.
Miss Olive Horning was among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where she will visit for a few hours,
looking after some matters of busi
ness. Mrs. S. A. Wiles and son, buy,
were among those going to Omaha
this morning, where they will visit
for the day. attending to some busi
ner.s matters.
M. P. Mcisinger of Madison, Neb.,
who has been here visiting his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Meisinger,
for a few days
Rudolph Ra
morning for S
where he will v
those cities witl
s, departed this after-
Ramsel departed this
r Seward and Columbus,
risit for a few days in
those cities with relatives and friends
and enjoy a vacation from his work.
Louis Leiner was a passenger this
morning for Omaha to visit with his
daughter at the Immanuel hospital,
being called by a message stating
that the little daughter was not so
Harry Craig departed this morning
for Brownsville, Neb., where he goes
to assist his parents in making ar
t angements to move to this city where
they will make their home in the
Mrs. W. H. Rainey and little daugh
ter departed last evening on No. 2 for
1 Peru, Nebraska, where Mrs. Rainey
was called by a message announcing
a serious illness of her mother, Mrs.
i-an-iott. who is not expected to nve.
lr- and Mrs. D. W. Foster and
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Foster motored up
troin Union yesterday afternoon to at-
tend the performance 01 lne iiirtn
of a Nation" at the I'armele theater,
returning to their home after the close
of the show.
From Wednesday's Dally.
John Seagraves departed this morn
ing for Omaha, where he was called
to look after some matters of busi
W. T. Vallery was in today from
his farm home attending to some mat
ters of business and visiting with his
Louis Rheinackle and family of near
Murray were here today for a few-
hours attending the funeral of Mrs
Louira Stamm.
Mrs. George Dodge departed this
morning for Omaha, where she will
visit with her daughter, Miss Violet
Dodge, for a few hours.
The Rev. John Albert Williams,
rector of St. Phillip's church of Oma
ha, came down last evening and held
services at St. Luke's church.
Miss Etta Nickels of near Murray
was in the city today for a few hours
er. route from her home to Omaha,
where she visited for a short time
with friends.
George A. Kaffenberger departed
this morning for Omaha, where he
will spend a few hours looking after
some matters of business and visiting
with friends.
Mrs. Vincent Slatinsky departed
this morning on the early Burlington
train for Omaha, where she will visit
for a few hours, looking after some
matters of business.
Glen Parriott and wife departed
last evening for Peru, where they
were called by the illness of the
grandmother of Mr. Parriott, as well
as that of his father.
C. L. Rundstrom, wife and little
daughter, who have been here visiting
with friends in this city, departed on
-.he early Burlington train this morn
ing for their home in Lincoln.
Mrs. W. B. Rishel and daughter,
Miss Margaret, departed this morning
for Omaha to spend a few hours in
that citv looking after some matters
of business and visiting with friends
Arthur Hull and wife were among
the passengers on the early Burling
ton train this morning for Omaha,
where they will visit for the day, at
tending to some matters of business.
Ralph Ilaynie came in this morning
ft cm his country home and departed
on the early Burlington train for
Omaha, where he will visit for the
day, looking after some matters of
Charles McGuire, wife and little
r.on, Connie, departed this morning
for Osmond. Neb., where they will
visit wih their daughter, Mrs. Wil-
liam Becker and family, there and
also at O'Neill.
Tl IT.. .1 1- 1 T 1
' ir ,!prt.rl this nft.ernonn for ' Man- '
Mrs. Collier Says Could Not Keep
Hosse Without Black-Draught.
Hardin, Mo. Mrs. J. W. Collier, of
this town, who knows from experience
of the merit of Black-Draught Liver
Medicine, has following to say for
publication: "I want to let everybody
know that I have used Thedford's
Black-Draught for manyyears, and it
b just what is claimed for it. I am
never without Black-Draught, and
really I couldn't keep house without it.
Whenever I feel bad, I take a small
dose, and feel better right away.
I advise everybody who suffers
from liver or stomach trouble to use
Black-Draught Liver Medicine."
For three-quarters of a century
(73 years), Thedford's Black-Draught
has been regulating irregularities of
the liver, stomach and bowels, and has
long been recognized as the standard
remedy. It is a fixture in thousands
of homes as the main stay of the fam
ily medicine chest.
If you have not tried it, get a pack
age from your nearest dealer, today.
Ie sells it in 25c and 1.00 packages,
making it cost you only one cent a
dose. NCB 3
dan, North Dakota, where Mrs. Had
raba will visit her daughter, Mrs.
Louis Jiran and family for a short
time, while John will remain there to
make his home for the present at
Asks for Probate of Estate.
t'rom Wedmsda3'8 Dally.
A petition for the probate of the
estate of Abraham Mast, deceased,
has been filed in the county court by
Arnold and Barton Mast, sons of the
deceased, who state in their petition
that the deceased left an estate con
sisting of real estate of the rental
valeu of 1,000 per year and personal
property of the value of $1,000. The
deceased was a resident of near Ne
Best thing for constipation, sour
stomach, lazy liver and sluggish
bowels. Stops a sick headache almost
at once. Gives a most thorough and
satisfactory flushing no pain, no
nausea. Keeps your system cleansed,
sweet and wholesome. Ask for
Citrolax. Sold everywhere.
Lawyer. J
4 East of Riley HoteL
4 Coates' Block,
J Second Floor.
i!!t:::b ii.!,.-:',. i::H!!:ie!;;,:! !'"(!': ! av: :"' .j'-a; ; 'i'Sii,.::!
Uii.ilf.illili.,'.hi -t-1"'i-'-1M-li': '"W- hb 't' ' ''InLi 4
Plow Shoes!
We are ready for Spring
with a splendid line the
Best that's Made.
The above cut shows a Shoe ex
pressly made for farm use.
The leathers are tan and black calf,
especially tanned, manure proof. Sold
leather heels, Goodyear welt sewed
soles, which give you a perfectly
smooth inner sole, reinforced in toe
and shank.
Box or plain toe, Blucher lace, with
belloues tongue, all sizes. Price,
If you are interested in Plow Shoes
you'll be interested in ours, for Plow
Shoes cannot be made better.
Fetzer Shoe Co.
ZW Parcel Post Paid
K f Wl!
Celebrate 65th Wedding Anniversary.
March 10, 191G, being the sixty
fifth wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. George Parsell of near Green
wood, several friends and relatives
gave them a surprise. Among those
attending from here were their son,
J. E. Parsell and wife, Mrs. Harry
Parsell and daughter, Beatrice, Mr.
and Mrs. George Hall, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Casey and Mrs Davis, who took
their pictures. His daughter, Mrs.
Frank Linch, of Lincoln; sister, Mrs.
Eliza Wood, of Tecumseh, and brother,
Joe Parsell, of Lincoln, were all pres
ent. Mrs. Parsell is 86 years of age
and quite spry, while Uncle George is
85 and quite feeble, not being able to
be up all day. A fine dinner was en
joyed by all.
Mrs. R. F. Johnson was in Lincoln
Dr. L. Muir was in Lincoln on busi
ness Thursday.
John Foreman was a capital city
visitor Saturday.
John Murtey transacted business in
Lincoln Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Kitzel were in
Lincoln Thursday.
Mrs. James Foreman visited her
husband in Lincoln Monday.
William Casey was in Greenwood
Friday afternoon on business.
George Bucknell of Sterling visited
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Buck
nell, Sunday.
Frank Trumble of Eagle and Robert
Casev of Havelock took dinner Friday
with their cousin, Will Casey.
We have our new Wall Paper sam
ples in. Come in and get our prices
before you buy. Alvo Drug Co.
Joe Forman returned home Friday
from Burr, Neb., where he has been
running a lumber yard temporarily.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hardnock left
on No. 17 Wednesday for Miles, Texas,
where they will farm the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Grove were in
Hickman last week preparatory to
moving. They returned home Thurs
day. Benn Weaver came up from South
Bend Saturday to spend a few days
with his cousin, Mrs. J. A. Shaffer
and Mr. Shaffer.
Arthur L. Baker of Murray was in
town Wednesday. He is a republican
cndidate for county treasurer at the
primaries Tuesday, April 18.
Lem Foreman of Bethany and
George Foreman of Valparaiso visited
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. George
Foreman, sr., Monday night.
Major Hall, brother of George Hall,
was in town Wednesday. Mr. Hall is
a republican candidate for county
treasurer at the primaries Tuesday,
April 18.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Wolfe and
daughters, Mrs. Lale Mullen and
Mrs. Lincoln Dimmitt, and Mrs.
George Leibhart, were Lincoln visitors
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyles left Sun
day for a visit at Kenesaw with their
daughter, Miss Flo Boyles, who
teaches there, and will visit other
relatives at Overton en route home.
The Mothers' council met last week
with Mrs. Charles Kirkpatrick in the
interests of "better babies." There
were sixteen nice, lively babies pres
ent, and a social and instructive after
noon was spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bornemeier
and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cook gave a
party Saturday evening at the home
of the former to a number of their
friends. Ice cream and cake were
served and a delightful evening spent.
About forty old friends and neigh
bors pleasantly surprised Mr. and
Mrs. F. M. Grove at their home Mon
day evening, the occasion being a sort
of farewell party, as Mr. and Mrs.
Grove are moving to Hickman this
week. Well filled baskets of delicious
eats helped to make the evening en
joyable and at a late hour the guests
departed, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Grove
success in their new home.
Mrs. George Foreman went to Lin
coln Wednesday to be present while
her granddaughter, Miss Hazel Bob
bitt, was operated upon Thursday for
appendicitis at St. Elizabeth's hos
pital. At this writing Miss Bobbitt
is doing nicely. Mrs. Foreman re
turned home Friday evening, after
calling on her brother, James Fore
man, who expects to be able to leave
the hospital to return home next Sat
When one wakes with stiff back,
pains in muscles, aches in joints, or
rheumatic twinges, he cannot do his
best. If you feel out of the race,
tired, languid, or have symptoms of
kidney trouble, act promptly. Foley
Kidneys Pills help the kidneys get rid
of poisonous waste matter that causes
trouble. Sold everywhere.
li:gai xotice.
Notice to Kon-IleRident defendant.
Their Heirs, ievisees, Lfratte. I'"
sonal Representative and All Per
sons Interested In Tr.elr Estate:
To Mrs. Daniel McConn. first real name
unknown, wife ot Daniel McConn;
the unknown heirs, dvisees. legatees,
personal representative, and all per
sons interested in the estate of Wil
liam T. McConn. deecat-d ; Mrs. Wil
liam 1J. lawjton. tirst real name un
known, wife of William U. L.awtor. :
William F. Hosbysht-ll, if Ilvinn. if
dead, the unknown htlrs. deviee.
legatees, personal repr.'iitatives and
all J ersons interested in the estate
of William F. Kosbvt he: 1 :
You and eac-h of you are herel.y
notified that Stephen Jm l:im, us plair.
tifi. on the 17th (lav of Feoruarv. A. I .
I$tl6. f led liis petition in the Pistriet
Court of Cass County. Nt-brasku. where
in you and all of you are defendants,
the object and prayer of which peti
tion is that the claim, interest, ripht,
title and interest of each and t;very one
of you in and to the
East half tl e the Southwest Quar
ter and the West half of the South
east Quarter, and the West half of
the Southwest Quar'.er, all in Section
one (1), Township eleven (11 North.,
iZanve eleven (11) East of the 6th i".
M, Cass County, Nebraska,
he (It-elated invalid and ol no force and
effect; that the title of said plaintiff In
and to said real estate and every part
therecf he quieted as against you an l
eaclf titid every one of you. and npait.-t
any and all claims of each and ail of
you, anrt aeainst the claim of each and
all of anv person claiming under,
through or by you. and that it be ad
judged and decreed that each arid all
of you whose names are above set
forth. If living, and if d-ad. the heirs,
devisees, legatees, and personal rep
resentatives and othe- pe rsons lnU-reM-ed
in the estates of e it Ii and every -n
of you. have no richt. till', tlaim or
interest in or to said real estate, or anv
part thereof, and thtt each and all of
said defendants, those named and those
whose names are unknown, and not
stated, be forever barred from claiming
or asserting any right, title, interest or
estate in and to said real estate or anv
part thereof, and for s-ich ottn r an l
further relief as to the Court niuy
seem just and equitable
You and each ol you are further
notified that you are required to an r
said petition on or before Monday, ths
lotli iiav of April, A I. 1916.
C. A. I1AWLS, Attorney.
I.KO XI. SdTiri-
Notice to Non-Kesident Defendants,
Their Heirs, Ievisees. legatees. Per
sonal Hcpiesentatives and All Per
sons Interested in Th-ir Instate: -
To the unknown h' irs. devise",
legatees, personal representatives,
and all persons interested in t(.e
estate of William T. McConn. dec-eased;
Setii Karr, Junior, if living,
if dead, the unknown htirs. devise.-.,
legatees, personal representatives
and ail persons interested in tie
estate of Seth Farr Junior; W. C.
Potts, if living, if dad. the unkwTi
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and i-l. persons Interest
ed in the estate ol . C. Potts. Wm
C. Poits, if living, it dead, the un
known heirs, dev. see, legatee.-.
PI -
sonal representative and all
p. '-
sons interested in the estate of
C. Potts; Mrs. Ianbl McConn.
t:rf t
real r.anie unknown, wife ot I'amei
McConn; Wm. ir Uwxm, if living, if
dead, toe unknown ht irs. devisees,
legatees, personal representatives and
all peiisons interested in the t-;ie
of Win. H. Lawson:
.You and tach of ou att.Uul'v
notified that Henry Kehne. as phirit:lT,
on the 17th day of February, ,, l.
1M0. tiled his petition in the Ia-tro-t
Court of Cass County. .Nebraska, where
in you Mild ail of yon are defendant-,
the object and prayer of which peti
tion is that the claim, interest, r14.1t.
titl and interest of each and evtry one
of you 'in and to the
West half of the. Southwest Quarter
of Section six (61 Townsijp eeetp
tilt, North, Kunge twelve il.i, i;.i.-t
of the 6th P. M., in Cass County. Ne
braska, and th? Past half of the
Southeast Quarter of Section one i 1 1.
Township eleven (111, lutnge eleven
Ol ). Kast of the .th P. il., in Case
County. Nebraska,
be declared invalid and of no fort t tnJ
effect; that the title t-f said plaintiff
in and to said real estate and every
part thereof be ouieted as against you
and each and every- one of you, and
against, any and all claims of each arid
all of you, and against the c:u:m of
each and all of nr. y person I'aimir.g
under, through or bv you, ard that
it be adjudged arid decreed that each
anl all of you whose names are above
set forth. If living, and if dead, the
heirs, devisees, legatees, and personal
1 epresentatives and other persons In
terested in the estate of each and everv
one of you, have no right, title, claim
or interest in or to said real estate, or
any part thereof, and that em h and
all of said defendants, those named and
those whose names are unknown, and
net stated, be forever barred from
claiming or asserting any right, title,
interest or estate in and to said real
estate or any part thereof, and for suc'i
other and further relief as to the Court
miv seem just ar.d e-iuitabie
You and each of you art- f-.irther
rif tiried that you are required to answer
said petition on or before JJondav, thj
10th cay of April, A I lsl6.
HKXKV KCMNi:, Plaintiff.
C. A. It AWLS, Attorney.
XOT1CK OF Sl IT Tt ill ii:t titi.i
III tin DiMtrlet Court of the County f
n, Nrhra.kti.
S.donie Keames, Plaintiff,
George Mackle. et ah, If fendar ts.
To the defendants, George Mn'-kh-.
Mrs. George Mackie, first real name un
known; the unknown hens, dexisee-.
legatees, personal representat 1 ves arid
all other persons intetestcd in
estate of George Ma kle. deceased.
1 1
unknown heirs, cevisees. legatees.
svinal repl esentatix es and all other p. r-
sans interested in the estate of Mrs.
George Mackle. Ii ta-1 real name un
known, deceased: Claries Sloli. Mrs.
Charles Stoll. first real name unknown,
the unknown hens, devisees, legatees,
personal represe.itat i es and all other
persons interested In the estate of
Charles Stoll, deceased: the unknown
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other person in
teersted in the erdate of Mrs Charles
Stoll, lirst real name unknown, de
ceased; the unknown owners and tie
unknown claimants of lot three :: . in
block five i."i. in the Village of Cedar
Creek, Cass County. Nebraska.
You and eac 1 of you are l.erebv
notified that on the ".'.'trd day of Feb
ruary. A. I. 1916. piaintlff filed her
suit in the Iiistrict Cour t of the Count v
of Cass, NehrasKa. to ijuiet plaintiffs
title to the following oescribed laroi,
to-w;t: Lot three :, in block five t T. .
in ti e Yillaire of Cedar Creek, in tl
county of Cass. Nebraska, betause of
her adverse possession by herself and
her run tors for more than ten jear
prior to the commencement of said suit,
to enjoin each and all of you fr. m hav
ing or claiming any right, title, lieu
or interest, eith-r legal or etpiitabie. i:l
or to said land ar anv part thereof, t.
require you to set forth our tight,
title, lien or interest therein, if any.
either legal or equitable, arid to have
the same adjudged inferior to the tttl"
of plaintiff and for general equitable
relief. This notice is made puruant t'
the order of the Court.
You are required to answer tali
petition on or before Mondax. April
10. A. D. 1916. or our default will be
duly entered therein.
vr. a. r.oBintTs-OK.
Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Hutchins of
Lucas, Iowa, who have leen here
visiting at the home of Mrs. Hutchins'
sister, Mrs. C. P. Sydenbotham. de
parted this morning for their home,
going on the early Burlington train.