The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 09, 1916, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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    THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1916.
rr.r: t.
Cbc ptetismcutb Jowm
run im nu.;vi:i:ui.v at
-la i-.,.-'.oi:;.,-at i'.aUX .".tis.
li.tuiiTi ruic-i:. n--.u
. 1
V ' c
V.: : v.: .: t.e K xe
, il i .ir.p-.-.l.e to kn-.
i t . :-.:uci-.--.
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... . T
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t-. r. ....e e-.iitlv.a
v 1 1 . -." ct i c; 1.
c; Kt:c:.
, . - : - . . :
'i'en-' -.
.... .'.
N.. livr
, '
1 -v !
" ..1-c: uele-i
... . --- i
-. ,
.t s to re.-r
: ;
ace him as t
: i
t i.c- :. e -..e
i r. , i .
laic j
w.U j
.a.-i r
tc-i '
e h ib ;
i.l i ! : 0 .- '.
b. ave aa ;
a - c:. : .. n tupn j: s, at
r cl e. c- femrdre hnauciers
a.."- w.tii of material, adl
- . -.I- lr.! - r, an 1 sell it at
t. r I
j r at i". c
A p. of : ol toe Lnivi-tVity o.
f w d .--lai. .-. tint after the Avar
v.. : - . In:, i to be a on til"
:-.i'ic. Tl: is a more iikc'.ihcod.
re,:. to be a si ranker demand for
the aru-.'.
.d-h..i.d. :
Mil.-. 1. t;
b.i'h i r, a.
1; :
. . v
e in one-dollar
to ti-atlesmon at,tli"
i..1, vi'd have ac-
tojr.ts of i?,. ."o, r-l.." ) and ? l.To to bo
::;! h a- 1 be- j'tnble to make
: !.v ci: .:.."-.
The )
11 up yet for
in tid.i co rr.-
ty. Th.-.e v. d.1 ,- .;.1 r.tere befo. a
th" ?:; ration of toe tin..' ilroit for
4. . 1. - . 4
' el t' c ,
lbeith Neville is somewhat of a troer
for govejr.or. He is rot letting any
ir , -.i.w under h.i.- tfet. He is :
iA o..h'-r am.! ha- e-ery a'-pearan t
, i.. i".g a gentleman of good, sound
r.n-ino principle?'. v,:-''
;r j eople wherever he go -. and ;: he
c.i-i secure the ?mr.-:ne-Hon. h: wiil be
the next gjvcraor of re.b.aka.
! i
h..itts-..hti!, m:bhs!v.i.
Ml...:. .-.-t:.i...v...-
i-i:u i:n in aiivaa k
T'f'i: PHOPi.E'S COl'KT.
'ir.e -u-.-iT.'.- ci:.t has declared ;
- : itiiulionr.l the law civutitv a i:.u- 1
al court 2m Craaa.t. It i-: a:: ir.i
' . , f
p..: tan: victory e.-la.-duaeat ,
of j .:. t:c- in minor locra! actions, in j
rii'irf vr. ii "n Jv: .-if:. 71 iir.-.l lirolA'l i V I
. - ...... l . .
called the "people's ceu- t. the sturnun;: i f
:b a i'. aac-- i trenches, however. To
la-i'u: v.-a;c!l Iai:.-.; hi
y.a mu.-t ,
i i i.-a.-hvd 13 crac;i:, leirish; .i; -a
i -a Idea Aviii Permit either party to an i: :: a ati.-e court, to on:er a.
: raarre ot vent
le toe
. . . - - i
-it 1.
- '
.t - ..; e-ian the new svstem. To make
. . , r
ar.u wiiiui win Oi:ier. i
r. . :unr.'.-n:
in ma.-.irar ce:ta.n
ther ref.n m, the voters must ex-i
i-.iert :r.tcn!'.-'.nee in.
.1 .rs.u'. - wr.o are to occupy tnis new t
- t'lii i-...v
! beach.
1 1 is the sTKetacaia" which always
" ., :
ait' acts r. at attention most easily
1 ,
il i: Lu? WOil(!-1' tnat the ul
. . .
" the ja-tieo oi tno peace ccurts.
-. t h-.r-e.eul i:i the .-vstcia aial .-ome
!" " , . ''
..ue to matter lien at el re tier, time.,
tild hae r-c: -I.e.-.
Ion-. And
the o,u: t of litier ition is
! -.he n al "p.'" ide's cour
.1 i. ui.
l whi-.h rao.-t often ia ais cases in-
ln: th( se le t able' to in- ;
ice ar.d leas: able too' y able
- .nt te s-cire j.:-tiee
Lite marto ot .
uek-d. .hi-.-.
is v.
.'-. -
-: I
th-alnr:-.- e-o.o;.;aa- s many .
i .-
:. 1 .;t 1; irrl.-c u- evil-; .-h-ul i have e'.xlope 1
;t-lt'!ia ju ;v cent y rrrti-evil- which.'
;. t i ;-: i : .- .-.rr.e inf 'a.r.ce?; made the
e a:t r. mean to the persecution ol
:r '-.oeei-.t ' ier. -.n.i in.i t.aat'S ;
ra.a ; ' : the- than the pr - a tici of'-
tl. ..v. r ' d'.": s.
f ivff rr t' r t'.v.. : .i- cii.d reason-.: i.
r a.-. ana tr.e;.s a
-tt..r. Tin 'A ii-
to (!:-
a-r. a hi. r... r c :a.
ai -1 to c. r t . r ;rb: ic
f : cat-i .-..ate -.
rtl-si better . I
. v it i :- '. i-.,. i-,w. .
e mao.t.nrci. rr : .c .-s
. rel iel oy
the c-u. f h
city, prisum..! ty a; . '-
(: the citv hall, w'.ei :
will be ;.!": .tor pu'i.ity of its
- : f. -c inntrs is ociul;
j i. 1 . - . 1
i'-.m- ate -ca.'.e"cd about the: city. In .
.eh :it ever ofbre buli 'l-vr the j c i. e '
mav hamen to r.av rent.
Ihit kt th .:c be r.o i.;.ar. The t
-v ic o-'v b-.1 c-aJ ;i. T'-'o v.-i
ie.-s it. : e nrr el bv the ne
v ,;.,;,.,t :
ee a-o i-
i , i -ir t , rr -i !
t ;t:or.a! If'sr-'at ion. oi id-He rain. ;
. j
A soclo'.o-l.-t h-.
ci'Li.'-l ti " i
ecooomie value of a baby is to be e"0. i
Of course that
doesn't mean your
baby; ii dr.tnly means your n. iah- I
bor's babv.
After reading about the wickedness j plea, cd by this little mark of .atten
of the men re-pen able for the ia-t ' lb n. It ma ie them feel that they
Xew York die honor, soma wen wid i weie men of cca rq .once in their dis
proved to thvovv- a cigar en.l into a j trier, who Avero being looked after
waste bask t.
Xc-.v that the candidates, for ll'ld
are about to be picked out, it i ; t be
aopci ti.e nonntiations for vice
presitlert will rot be dc terrrdned by !
snapping up a cent.
The youth's i'ba of p: epaie.h.ess is take pains to fait out hove their con-moth'-r's
j.a.itiy full of line pies. gre.-smc-n vote, nr. 1 Avhether th.ey at
takes and doughnut That's why' ten 1 session-, and committee meetings,
grown-up men to lay clan i-ii the; the e .-."'e.-smcn would place their ie
thougkt of "Hcrne, hrr ic, sweet i Aholly on service,
home!" I ar.d would omit empty compliment.
:o :
If it-port.- are true of ti.e -.t:r.;bc.r .
of German.-, killed in th" war, the j
natural ouestion to a.,!: would he
wi '. re t:o
they g -t new German i?
Tt-1 " 1 T.'-n. l.t.nn --.-i tiff t--if !-.-
.'. : . L r. 1.7 1 ,. '
li:i ii.iio tiie- vjei :::-.:. v.njiu Meat-,
ir.g out from natural attrition. If
the v
y are sutfering from the UU-a,.'.-1
1 attrition, then ifj a ptetty good
dietcti.e to have.
The March winds are somewhat
L rcezy.
The i?;iper that does thi .ig tho
r-.Uvi.e the F.r.a.t hmhiiuy L-.n-rtUhe scrcity of (Jeunan dyes, has
The iir-t p.vsid-.- uial convention
h.!d ia InJia!:;
If we are te ho. -eve the hcailliacs, i paper was the principal item in in
:ao'.e Gerr.u:!! i ashes a;e : U'ppe.l than; t.u lor d.wa.inn. Labor has gone up
ever stalled. i so much of : t-eent vcars that an r.d-
. ;
Cahivaie the habit of thrift, a. id I
;:re sc. tie. s mi o:.U:oi.s won't eau-e I
Iliiiry I).;K, ivpuulicin i
pre;.ue:it, is cMryiniC ,
ca a (itnel eampav'.n :n NrLrasl.a, and
a. I
;.:rp:i.o aryeae if he j
lie -.o .-e-scs ' !
. ui. '
..; iters i;. ms n..uve
,. . . , . , j
If d:-. James is .--.aees-lul in bar- ;
' . . . i : i . . . TV r
. ,. c .. tV.i-.
mc.i l.(:n tr.e i e-.
i.ii vv.c a.:
publican r.atloaal convention i:: t'hi-,
, , ., .... I
:' - - ',:'. tr.e biai meters are ai-o Inceiy ;
: .-: tai-;e euae an mtercst:n:r periorm- ;
aare in that city, while the democrats j
'.v ill try to look worried to keep from
:o :-
:. .. , ati edic.a - (:;rc''oi a i.e.ivv
It ncvc'v-l a::d car : hoi lae ,
, . . . ...
,;c.;ah T.r ! .r.)lv n o e f tnem
- .i'd. - ' o! o arch of It. James J.
Hid ta.ktd an.l wrote about the needs
laicoa an.! t.-.eir unt-revr.reu- ;
. ... i !
to haa ile heavy tradie tinxe
. iv i :i (, :.,! ),-,'. it. ft, cvi-C 1 Oi
. . . i
pa: tin! crop ;
ar.; res m t:
i oat dctrlct ,
tav ed c.:T the br- ah-'own tha
hri h
, ilow jour- i
lean to 11 a that he was an the people find then riccf or it some-!-- !-i ar your- ladies m tne
' , .. . , itity ar! one v. r.. i- held in the he.rh
c.v 'c.t t:.o c. op; a - row. Tne 'an dlurd cnarqres it up with , . , r
" 1 j est esteem bv a. verv la; ire circle of
. lid:
i; o;-; -,: a.a .a ;
--'It tt ; have been
, . -.1 .1
nr. l
t if-m imp: c;. are ..
c.o iii:.Niiid s i-iii::: siiki;.-.
.or '.car
'. e . - . ; t
Is-;:! '. ear
., ,
'.U ieil'll a.- ,
, . . : : C e o :
an i -et.i ai:-i ana.. a I
. : :t
;:.. sy se
lac-e. oi
di.-tribj'.'. d n.;:.!.' for rcientid.
-''.'u s.
x m
ernm.-tit, -eius.
iii-rii lin" rsari-o :C- o. e a. ei in.t a l. i.
.. , . . j
until .'.as t' let I
cm .'.: . al .
i . ,
. !
-cirlet b.-am. i
yard. There is n . '. piobab'.y a ca.-e in
1 , ' i i l -1 . . , - O . , .-. . . v i n , . 1 i ' . . : V,'.
. -. ...4...
nay valuable lvtuni informati(.n as
to how its re ds t-uri-Ited. A private
va, .....- to tiy out its seeds
vouhi ot eccse i hint tuem sme oy
'' in err... ilme jdcts wiiere Ike
irs can be o -rimared. It is never
. to i. io t' -- v.. ue e. tin m C
. ;. . .... w..f. ., t-p-ip a, !
o'..i..,' o..e p.u e to a man in.
Maine and another to a man in
A: kan;is. and trtistintr tha recipient
to report.
s evctyboiiy knows, tire real rea-
s -n (;i' tne
ed distriiiution is ouiie
i.Tcent. Tho cor.;:resmcn !omr aifo
c..::. tituents were i
, '.: - j e . -.'ii i . ..i -.
and consul Led. This i : an asset to any
iiold iciau. Of course the congressmen
aien't the rrdy ones to blame for this
wa. de. "Like people, like priest." If
voters were not : easily lia'tered,
coaerrt --m- n would not try to cajole
them by friviolous means. If the
clt:rens v.orld rcrd the newspapers,
Vlanv org i esstnen are alrer.dv trving
V t-'d-re th: ; v.c.'d' '"a! charge by
rending seeds only- to those who ask
for them.
F R..
Fcr Infants and Children.
; Av.-ij s "otan
I he
i Si&' feature
The woes of thy household multip
die a h anee i.i is followed by
another. One of the latest is the a;:- that Avail paper, due to
I g-.n" up in piL'e fiom. "Jo to o0 per
! cent. The dark papers have advance.!
- ,..i,;i., .1,.. i:,.!.;.,,. , ,.' ,o ...... ,vit
so much affected. T'r.e time has gone
!y, wove r, w.ien
the cost of Avail
r.!ie.' in the cost c I lae panr-i- nas lie-
I 1 -
cnu a secondary item. This adJsd
exp.irse of interior ix iiovatic n is keen-
jy y h,u.,;iV. Occasional
,..., , , ,
I r.pphealior.s of clean new paper add i
greatly to the attractiveness of a;
h me. The. e ae days of dirt and
t".ust and ;rnoke. and wall paper docs
!K.. wear e!e::n th" way it u--ed to. The
r.ajv:-.-. onr yi '.fath'-r put on v.o.dd
,,j u-n la -it
i L..O.IL IlJ.tliS ..W, .111.1
at many years, and
seem fresh and neat even then. To-
: : i.vorv witi' iincr automobile s-ends
!ep.-,.:!ts of dh t, every railroad
j- r 4 i- i
tram facbiry chimney lias its con-
. .MM II IMC .Mi .x .x.r..
i-;;(l:tl. n of m:. Li"ht colored pa-' , -rt " r it
' 1 , n the -i '-m. They were fonowed by
pt.: u;u ,,ok dla-y in a very fc-AV.'the bridesmai 1 and the irroomsman,
This item of household expense can
bv much kept down by usiinr daik
j ci red j e.i i -s, t'aou.h :;s noted above
j ih-M' are the most expensive now.
, tvr.t .t costs no more for ti e paste
, , ,
' b a: a aiti.-tr who puts them on.
U - i . , . rt , ,.
sir..';; noi.scv.ive-; object to dark pa-
per.-, cn tr.e ?r round that tiu v make
' "
roor.ts look smaller, and. if a house is
n i- i . i ... '-.'i.. .... ...
r.o. v u.:;.:u"i tiiey mi ae an a;-
moph.ere of clnji:. Ih;t they are the
hrei'-s that can be dencndetl on
to wen'- in these times. In spite of i i
these extra c-es the paper hanir.vs
he p bu y moth of the time. As in
ali other departments of domestic "life,
1" i. .. 1 4.1. .111 I . !
nis ht.:. ari l ie puuisc jj'oia ini'.i
rays the bill.
j After we vret throned: with March
! we car. perhaps ted more about it.
j :o:
j J! cry Ford has a new peace plan,
: as h m: a - it involves the sneri 1-
:!.-.; of much m.mcv, ne can icly on a
foi midahle follow in rr.
X"W li. ten to the newspaper?, say
;r nice aboui Henry Ford,
lie : eao: t comes from Detroit that
he ir :reparin;r to launch a country-
wide c.impai'n in support of his peace
r lar.s ar.d. arrai:.. i the hurre appropria-
i n for army ar.d navy purposes.
Do you In.ow that about the most
dacse: oi; ; vorls in the hlncdih lan-.;-,
f i cm the staiuiooint of the
c '
Thc-e little wo: ds are often hidden in
the midt of aliuiin. pro-positions, and
the people o I'iattsmouih should net
oe a'i.ireil any more
hf :i"
Canadian statesmen are inclined to
reseat the "laxity" of the United
States in permitting plots against
Canada to be hatched here. Perhaps
if Canada will undertake to look out
for plots against the United States
hatched here Uncle Sam will then be
able to guanl Canada's interests as
th'y sliould he.
From lo!r to 1T0G bachelors were
taxed in England, all men of twenty
five or over having to contribute .sums
Ahieh varied with their station in life.
A duke had to pay ?"! a year for the
privib ge of remaining without a
i-rou-e after he had passed his twenty-fifth
milestone. A marquis paid
: r. earl SO 7, a viscount, ?1, a bar
on .'e'o, a baronet $18, ami knights
from 212 to SI.-?. A bachelor e squire
win taxed s;;; a y. nr, mtd "a gentle
man'' Persons wlio did not fall
r-nder any of these classifications, but
who laid incomes of over $1,200 per
year or estates woiah over f;1,000,
were su!jct t- a bachelor tax of
$1.1 i. All other bachelors contributed
4 cents a year to the government as
ti.e price of aingic blessedness. That
there were many Englishmen who con-
ideied the coa lition of bacheloihood
woith the pric i" evidenced by the
! fact that, the revenue from this course
bhih A bmbm
71 M
1 bKtfhbfi
: ni , ji -.. j . t ' . . l : ll.. :
H s s iiuia i.uuwsii liim-.u in .uunwgi-
to Mr. Harry liufilngton, of, Nebraska.
A very pretty was solem
r.izvl last evening at the Chris-
ehareh whon Mr. Ilr.vrv Hi:fT;n'rn-
i f v , .. , M-
: 'u.i ci lv.i.iir, .NeorasKa, and .uiss
uth Cio.'.win of this citv wyre united
; in the l.or.ds of no'v wedlock by Rev.
! C. K. PciLee, pastor of the church, in
! the prcsenc? of a larjre number of rel-
jt.tive and friends.
1'iecedin;: the ceremony Mr. Don C.
j York san-r "At Dawninjr," by Cad
lira:1, in a most pleasing manner, and
' as the not s of the son .if died away.
i the stiui::-; of the beautiful Lohen-
a'i in" wet !il march were sounded
. - . . , T1 ... . . . -
i !.v . n.-s IMatdv hull mjrton, sister of
! .jK. o.r0om. The bridal nartv entcrine
: t!ie church were preceded bv the ias-
I. , , ., ... . . ,
; tor, the bride attired in a very eharm-
i inir costume ol wlnte r;Jk and carry-
. . J
Miss Esther Godwin, sister of the
bnde, and Mr. George Brinklow of
San Antonia, Texas, a cousin, Miss
Godwin wearir:.u- a strikinjr co.-turne
of pink eivpe ie cdi:e".e and carryinfr
a shower of pink carnations.
i The vcumr people taking their sta-
," e '. , . . .,
It;. .as before the mimster while the
roh-nm and imnressive words which
I ,-
were to make them ere were read bv
. . . . ... . .... ., .
the mimster, joiner for all time their
j !u.arts and lives as one.
At tli" close of the .-ervice at the
.march the wed dnr paity returned to
tiie h.ome of the oi ide's parents,
h'.'i" thw were entertained for a few
. pours ami tne new v avoos received
it i i
; vnir::,.tula! :,-n, of their relatives
.s' n.lded for iht happy event.
T.u bride i-- ore of the most charm
'ur.e; ladies in the
friends, who while tla-y regret great
ly to lose her f ror.i their cbcle. will
eXccad to her their best wishes for a
long ar.d humpy life in her new home
and a future that Avid be free fiom all
rare and sorrow.
The grcom is a brieeht and eneigetic
young man. who has been engaged in
farming near Ewing. Xcb., for the
free few Ac.irr., bur he will remove to
Cody. South Dakota, and there Mr.
and Mrs. lUuTlrgton wdl make their
home on a farm near that place.
After a few days' visit here the
new'y wed- expect to leave for their
Wolf Hunt a Dig Success.
Tln rc was c!:? of the most success
ful welt hunt.- of tli Kea.on held in
tho territory north of Murray on Mdn
v.e.y ht.-t, r.n-l as a result of which
there were fu'e of the animals shot.
The hunters numbered over GOO in the
fatty .trid th? territory was thor
oughly searched in the hunt. The
iound-up of the animals was made
on tr.e farm of Charles Beverage,
where the wolves were driven into the
yard and then shot down. The event
was very largely attended and a jrreat
many amusing stories are releated as
to the exploits of tha hunters in the
Sreat chive over the hills and dales of
that part of the county.
View the fine line of fancy station
ery at the Journal. We can fill the
The Bank of CassCounty
of rial tsrr.outh. Nebraska.
Charter No. 642.
1 i!Ooi:"i nt"l i ti t lio st ale .f NclraUa. at the
cli.-' of li;Miirs. I'Vliruary -1. ill 16
K!-:sor iters
Imti-i nii.l lix-oi!its ?4fl..".o
( vM-.r:ifts 2.Hr, i;(
MoikU. iM'urii i s. ,inle n-cttt s fir '.'.-rr .'i1.1
llaiikiiie- 1idiis ft.nii! ure an'l
tuto 0.n.0 00
o; ii.'!- roal i;atf 1 1 fi 7."
( .-is'.i iwrns 1 !" v")
i iii4- frnin rial ioniil and sial hanks Io'.'1.4;," .Vi
f'li-i'k ;i ii. t itoni- f x - i i a j : ? ... "7
rui-HMM-y M.vii oo
(.old coin : 7.U7 ."m
c :: iii:kt Is un-1 cents 4.172 M
..i' st
raivtnt sto. pai.l in.., '- 00
s.uii.1.:-. fmi'i tkuKnj CO
I'n li vi.N .I iri.!i!s I. i-xi"':ii-. taxes
:iinl iiit'-i-st .. t 1 .-..T M
tu i:v: ".in! !einsil- .-..' i '' to eiieek C"4.iR'l 4
Tim' c, i i i;ie;il s of ciejiosil ' -
C'asli!e-'ciiei-Ks oiitstaiiiiiii-r '.'.il'l to jtatioti;-.l and state hanl.s I - 4 1 4j
Depositors' yuaii.iity fund 4.-'ni ..
Total :; ni
-T XTK OK N K 111! A SK A. ' .
easiiier of tlie siiove nain.d rani: do liere-l-sir.i-
tliall:e aSevc. si airmen! is a cor
rect rnd true, copvofllie r ide to tlie
Slate Haniwli' Uoard. T. M. I'a.tkkson.
C asliier.
iCtiAS. '. I'AtivKf.K. Director,
Attest: - ,. (i j.;,,!.,.v;:vif(.:i. Dirt-etor.
n!i-,erit.-,; ai!i sv.-oru to l efore Uie this 4tL
day of Mau ii. ksa IJ rr.
Not arj-Public.
Lseai My coauulsiiooejipireaJulj' 14tL 1917
Children Cry
Tho Kind You. Have Always Bonglit, ana v.Ii:: a has hern
iu ix.c for over CO years, lias borne tlic s:-mitt:ro or
and lias been made xizul r ju r
r y- sonal supervisioa .iine c ils i:-.;.;rtr y.
-VJ; -&4csU4C Allow no one to deei.-ivo re- la f .: .
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' '-t. ,
At the meeting of the board cf
county commissioners' this week G. H.
Tarns, superintendent of the county
taim west of this city filed his report
tor the vear just closed, from .March
1, 1015, and this report is one that
will be very pleasing to the taxpayers
of the county, as it shows beyond a
hadow of a doubt that the splendid
business methods of Mr. Tarns, which
have produced the results which now
ias the farm on a self-sustaining
asis. When Mr. Tarns assumed the
management of the farm it was in a
condition far from satisfactory, but
now the application of the strict busi
ness methods has resulted in bringing
it to a paying basis. In the list of
purchases and expenses made neces-
-arv during the year the following
sums were expended:
Groceries, meats, etc
Clothing, shoes
Lumber, fence posts
Drugs, paints, etc
Hardware and implements.
Coal, wood, ice
Harness, blacksmith work.,
Threshing at farm
78. SO J
Repairs, miscellaneous ex
expenses 105.00
Stock purchased
Total expenditures 314G3.0S
In the receipts of the farm and ma
trial and produce on hand the fol
lowing is shown by Mr. Tarns in his
report to the commissioners:
Received from sales $ 841.49
Produce and grain on hand.. 1177. 60
The salary of the superintendent
for the twelve months shows that he
received the sum of $1,170, which, in
view of the excellent showing of Mr.
Tarns, is money 11 expended and
should be most satisfactory to the tax
payers of the county, and it is the
subject of congratulation that he is
again to guide the business affairs of
the farm and to look after the in
terests of the taxpayers there.
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for FEei
and Jiist-as-;jeL " :-.r: l.w'j
Signature of
Hon. Zack T. Sutky of Reliance,
South Dakota, who has made arrange
ments to take over the ownership of
the Hotel Riley in this city, is row
here with his son and daughter and
the family expect to make this city
their home in the future, and another
daughter will be here in a short time
to join the family. Mr. Sutley has
been residing on a large ranch in
Lyman county. South Dakota, and has
been one of the loaders there in the
democratic party cf that .-tate and for
a time represented his county in tru
state legislature, having been elected
in an overwhelming republican count v,
which is proof of his personal popular
ity and the feeling entertained for him
by his fellow citizens. One of his
daughters, Miss Ida Sutley, was also
able to be elected for two terms a
county superintendent in that repub
lican county, first by 71 votes and
later by 400. We are glad to wdct me
this excellent family to Piatt th.
where they are to become such a
prominent part in the "life of the com
munity and assure them that they
will receive with the usual whole
hearted welcome that Plattsmoutli
people always extend to those who
are coming to make their homes with
us. Mr. Sutley, who has been here
for a few days, called at the Journal
headqaurters yesterday afternoon and
spent a few hours very pleasantly in
visiting and getting acquainted, and.
it was a rare pleasure to meet with
this genial and courteous gentleman,
and in his new vocation as owner of
the Riley he certainly should metfc
with success.
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