The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, February 24, 1916, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1916.
pact: z.
Local News
From Tuesday's Daily.
John Hirz and wife were among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where they will spend the day with
Frank L. Rhoden and Don C. Rhoden
came up yesterday from Murray to
spend a few hours here looking after
some matters of business.
Miss Minnie Marquardt, who has
Len here visiting with her friends for
a few days, departed last evening for
Feru, where she is attending school.
County Clerk Frank Libershal re
turned home this afternoon from
Greenwood, where he has been attend
ing a school meeting in that city last
Henry Hirz, sr., was in the city
yesterday for a few hours looking af
ter some trading for a few hours with
the merchants and visiting with his
I. W. Livingston was a business
visitor on the live stock market in
South Omaha today, going to that city
en the early Burlington train this
Henry Horn and his father, G. P.
Horn. sr.. returned home this morning
from Pekin, Illinois, where they were
r3 O lr
, ii
will be offered at auction to the highest bidder.
This stock consists of Beds, Mattresses, Dressers, Chif
foniers, Chairs and Rockers, Carpets and Rugs of all de
scriptions and sizes. This will be your opportunity to buy
Furniture, Rugs and Carpets at your own price.
Ladies are especially invited. We will have chairs for you
and you will miss a treat if you do not attend. Beautiful
and costly presents will be given away FREE whether you
buy or not. Goods will be offered one piece at a time and
the highest bidder gets it.
C. A. JANSSEW, of Beatrice, Nebraska,
a furniture and rug man, will cry the sale and he promises
to make it interesting for you. Sale begins on Thursday,
February 24th at 2:30 p. m. Evening sale at 7:30 p. m.
called by the death of a relative near
that place.
C. F. Vallery and P. T. Becker came
in this morning from their farm
homes to visit for a short time in the
county seat, looking after some mat
ters of business.
E. II. Chandler and wife, who have
been here attending the funeral of Mr.
Chandler's father, William Chandler,
and visiting with relatives, departed
yesterday afternoon for their home in
Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Meisinger
tmd little daughter, Florence, of Cedar
Creek, drove to this city yesterday
and spent the day visiting relatives
and friends and attending to some
business matters. While here Mr.
Meisinger took time to call at this of
fice and have his subscription to the
Pail j' Journal extended for another
From "Wednesaay'B Dally.
John Gerry Stark of Elmwood was
here today for a few hours looking af
ter some matters in the district court.
Adolph and August Bockelman of
near Alvo were in this city today for
a short time looking after some mat
ters at the court house.
Attorney C. S. Aldrich of Elmwood
was here today for a few hours attend
ing the session of the district court
and trying a few cases.
2:30 P.
Philip A. Hild of Murray was here
yesterday for a short time looking af
ter some trading with the merchants
end visiting with relatives.
Joseph E. Wiles and S. A. Wiles
were among those attending the auto
mobile show -in Omaha yesterday, re
turning home on No. 2 last evening.
John Rummell and William G. Mei
singer came in this morning from their
farm home and departed for Omaha
to spend a few hours at the automobile
Attorney Joe Capwell, of Elmwood,
candidate for the democratic nomina
tion for county attorney, was in the
city today looking after some matters
of business.
John Fight and wife were among
those going to Omaha this morning,
where they will visit for a short time
with their daughter, Mrs. Thomas Sul
livan and family.
James T. Reynolds, one of the lead
ing democrats of Liberty precinct, was
in the city today for a short time look
ing after some matters of business at
the court house.
Henry Hirz, sr., and son, Philip
Hirz, departed this morning for De
Witt, Neb., where they will attend a
big hog sale that is being held there
for the coming two days.
Glen Perry was a passenger this
morning for Omaha, where he will
spend the day with his wife at the
Presbyterian hospital, where she is re
covering from an operation.
John Whiteman came up last even
ing from his home at Nehawka and
spent a few hours here visiting with
his many friends, departing this morn
ing on the early Burlington train for
Omaha to spend the day at the auto
Earl Peterson and wife, of Madison,
Neb., arirved in this city last evening
to make a short visit with Mr Peter
son's uncle, J. C. Peterson and family.
Mr. Peterson was in Omaha with stock
and decided to drop down for a pleas
ant surprise on his uncle.
G. L. Meisinger and daughter, Miss
Mabel, of Cedar Creek, came down to
this city on the morning train and
spent the day visiting relatives and
friends and attending to some busi
ness matters. Mr. Meisinger was a
pleasant caller at this office and had
his subscription to this paper extended
for another year.
For Sale.
Single Comb Rhode Island Red
eggs. $1.00 per 15; $5.00 per 100.
Baby chicks, 15c each.
A. O. Ramge,
Platts. 'Phone 3513.
J. A. Shaffer went to South Bend
Morgan McCurdy went to Lincoln
Sunday evening.
Scott Jordan was a passenger to
Omaha Tuesday.
Dan McCurdy is building a garage
for Charles Ingwerson.
Mr. and Mrs. Castle W. Shaffer
were in Lincoln Thursday.
L. Lauritsen and family visited with
relatives in Lincoln Sunday.
For particulars of the "coon hunt"
in Alvo Monday evening ask little
Carl Rosenow.
Miss Ruth Ryan came down from
Lincoln Friday evening to visit her
aunt, Mrs. Ed Casey.
Alvin Cashner was visiting his
uncle, Sam Cashner, in University
Place Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Boyles were
week-end visitors in Lincoln, returning
home on No. 14 Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clarke and Mr.
and Mrs. C. F. Rosenow were shop
ping in Lincoln Tuesday.
Mrs. L. Lauritsen and daughter,
Miss Clara Dickerson, were passeng
ers for Omaha on No. 14 Tuesday.
Ed Casey returned home from Oma
ha Sunday and went there again
Tuesday morning to visit his father.
Mrs. Vincent entertained her niece,
Mrs. Hattie Strain and little daugh
ter, of Bethany, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Ed Casey and William Casey
came home from Omaha Tuesday eve
ning, leaving their father not so well.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Armstrong and
son, Ivan, were dinner guests at the
home of Aunt Bina Kitzel Monday
Mrs. William Casey retnrned home
from Omaha Monday evening, where
she had been helping care for her
father-in-law, Mr. John Casey, since
Fred Weaver of South Bend visited
his niece, Mrs. J. A. Shaffer, Friday
and Saturday and attended the Old
Fiddlers picnic, held in Jordan's hall
Friday evening.
The Misses Gladys and Marie Ap-
pleman visited home folks Saturday
and Sunday, returning Sunday even
ing to Lincoln, where they attend
the state university.
Mrs. Anna Richey acme up from
Kansas Friday to visit her mother,
Mrs. Mary Vickers, who has been
quite ill at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Florence Jacobmeier at Eagle.
Mrs. Eula Lackey of Minatare, Neb.,
went to Lincoln Friday morning to
visit relatives, after visiting several
days with her cousin, Mrs. J. A. Shaf
fer, who accompanied her to Lincoln.
Wllilam Sutton and Bert Kitzel
were at South Bend Monday to see
ice blasting at the Rock Island bridge.
The ice has not broken up much as
yet and little dynamiting has been
done there.
Miss Bertha Bucknell entertained
the following guests at a birthday din
ner Sunday: Miss Christine Rose
now of Elmwood, Roy Stewart, and
her brother, Clarence Bucknell, of
University Place.
Mrs. James Foreman and son, Glenn,
visited in Lincoln Saturday and Sun
day with Mr. Foreman, who is getting
along quite well at present and ex
pects to be able to come home in a
couple of weeks.
Ed Casey and brother, William
Casey, were called to Omaha Saturday
morning by the serious illness of their
father, John Casey. Mr. Casey was
resting easier Monday, though in a
serious condition.
Mrs. Hiel of Ruskin visited Thurs
day and Friday with her daughter,
Mrs. L. Lauritsen, going to Lincoln
Friday to visit relatives for a few
days. Mrs. Lauritsen accompanied her
to the capital city.
Word was received here Sunday
evening by relatives that little Irene
Grove had died at 2 o'clock Sunday
afternoon at Holdrege, Neb. She was
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah
Grove, formerly of this place, Mr.
Grove being a son of Jas. Grove.
Mrs. Dan McCurdy returned Friday
from Hickman, Neb., where she was
called on account of the relapse of her
little granddaughter, Lola Vannoy,
who has had pneumonia. The child is
lecovering nicely at this writing. An
other granddaughter returned home
with Mrs. McCurdy.
James Grove and son, F. M. Grove
and wife, left Monday morning for
Holdrege to attend the funeral of the
former's granddaughter, little Irene
Grove, who died Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bird went out Sat
urday morning in response to a tele
gram announcing the serious illness
of Mrs. Bird's little niece and name
sake. Last Sunday being Aunt Bina Kit
Lei's sixty-sixth birthday, she enter
tained at dinner hef children, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Weichel and children
There is a Real Difference
Cream of tartar, derived from grapes,
is used in Royal Baking Powder because
it is the best and most healthful ingredient
known for the purpose.
Phosphate and alum, which are de
rived from mineral sources, are used in
some baking powders, instead of cream of
tartar, because they are cheaper.
If you have been induced to use baking
powders made from alum or phosphate,
use Royal Baking Powder instead. You
will be pleased with the results and the
difference in the quality of the food.
New York
and son, Mr. and Mrs. William Kit
zel and children, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Kitzel and son, and Bert Kitzel of
Alvo, Lillian Wheeler of Plattsmouth,
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Elliott of Elm
wood, Uncle George Cook and Rev.
M. Allen Keith, all of whom report
a fine dinner and a delightful time.
Old Fiddlers' Contest.
An Old Fiddlers' contest was held
last Friday evening in Jordan's hall,
which was well attended and much
enjoyed by all present. Eight old
time fiddlers were present, viz: Dan
Skinner, John Clites, Chris Dreamer,
Dan McCurdy, Jesse Baker, of this
vicinity, and William Copple of Wa
bash, Grant Stanley of Eagle and
Fred Weaver of South Bend, who play
ed several selections, accompanied on
the piano by Charles M. Jordan and
Mrs. F. M. Grove, to the delight of all.
A contest was held, Fred Weaver win
ning first prize on "The Irish Washer
woman," with a rating of 98 per cent;
William Copple second prize with
"Mississippi Sawyer," with a rating of
88 per cent; Grant Stanley third prize
with "Miss McCloud's Reel," with a
rating of 88; Dan McCurdy fourth
prize with "Mississippi Reel," with a
rating of 85 per cent. Charles Kirk
patrick, C. R. Jordan and R. F. John
son acted as judges. The old fiddlers
played a few selections in concert,
which were well rendered considering
the fact that there had been no re
hearsals. They were later treated to
an oyster stew, which all enjoyed.
They will hold another similar enter
tainment on Friday, March 3. There
are about eight more old fiddlers
around this vicinity who had expected
to attend, but circumstances pre
vented. CITROLAX
Best thing for constipation, sour
stomach, lazy liver and sluggish
bowels. Stops a sick headache almost
at once. Gives a most thorough and
satisfactory flushing no pain, no
nausea. Keeps your 3ystem cleansed,
sweet and wholesome. Ask for
Citrolax. Sold everywhere.
FOR SALE 7-room house, 2 lots,
barn and outbuildings; 3 blocks
from Columbian school. Inquire of
Homer Shrader. ll-3-tf-d&w
The People's Store
..JT PAYS...
Prices always the lowest
Goods always the Best
481b. Ftt?fr
We Deliver Perkins Hotel Building Tel. 116
Having decided to quit l'. I
will offer at Public Sale at the Tn".;;
as Sullivan farm, four a:id a half
miles south of Plattsmouth. ar.d thnc
miles east and three miles north f
Murray, my persona! property, con
sisting of live stoc k, farrr.i.:g in: pie -merits
and household good.-, o:
Sale to Commence at 10 0'CIkK A. M.
One bay mare, (5 years old, weight
about 1,300.
One bay mare, P years old, weight
about 1,250.
One bay mare, 2 year? o,, weiuht
about 1,000.
One brown geldh g. 2 years ol i.
weight about l,('UO.
One bay gelding, 2 years old, we:::h:
about 100.
One yearling colt, weight about ".
Exact weight will Le givcii at the
Fifty Head of Ho.: and :-hoat.
Farming Implement.
One Sattley disc, lo-l;.
One 1-row cultivator.
One John Deere mower.
One 3-section harrow.
Two wagons.
One top buggy.
One Dempster puss drill.
One galvanized water tar.k.
One new Black Hawk corn p; ..Ur.
On G-foot Dcerir.g binder.
Une .eweil-fcanticrs uc
100 rods woven wire
Some lumber.
All household goods.
And other article; too r.umeiou
Lunch Will Be Served at Ncmhi.
All sums of ?10 and i:r ,!cr, ca-h i".
hand. On sums ove r ?1U a credit of
six months will be given from date
purchaser giving good bankable pa
per. All property inu.-t be settle-1
for before being removed from the
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
G. O. Dom v. Clerk.
lrii;Pl.l. A - I T ML' HI-
uiVioNr i.ium) n i.i t tt:
of Elmwood, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stone