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Cbe plattsmoutb journal
Entered at Postomce at Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter.
The more you talk, the more you
have to pay for the privilege.
attributable to the military weakness
of the government. The president has
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Elihu Foot is the wisest and craftiest repeatedly called attention to the fact.
Of course, you know, it is not the I of all the leaders whose efforts will I When a government that has no force
cold you feel, it's the humidity. I be directed, this year, toward the over- behind it makes demands, however
:o: J thrown of the administration of J just, there is clanger of their being
A woman will keep silent if she is Woodrow Wilson. When he outlines ignored. It is for that reason the
shown anything to keep silent about. I the arguments that are to be relied on president is urging on the country that
i i
:o: I against Wilson and the democratic reasonable degree of preparedness
How easy it is to count the cost, the party, therefore, as he did in the New which should have been provided under
question, however, is
ran you pay ?
V There is a dust that settles
V on the heart as well as that 4"
which rests upon the ledge. It l
r is better to wear out than to
4 rust out. Sir John Lubbock.
Better a few millions for prepared'
ness than several billions for tribute.
:o: :
The man who sits down and waits
Folitics are warming up gently.
Another fable:
the door mat.
The "Welcome" on
Experience that you buy, if heeded,
is worth all it costs.
Man tells but little here below, but
he tells that little long.
Another issue which should not
worry you is whether Mars is inhabit
ed or not.
It frequently happens that the man
who asks for advice is looking for
:o :
He who starts out to meet trouble,
whether between nations or in
dividuals, hasn't far to travel.
:o :
The next drive of the allies will be
at Chicago the allies who are trying
to head off the Roosevelt boom.
:o :
Human nature is peculiar for its
prefers in many instances to take
exercise instead of doing useful work.
The friends of Provident Wilson in
Nebraska want to get busy if they
desire a Wilson delegation at St.
President Wilson's welcome to the
wet shows that his party is with him.
and that the
this year. Politics
jumbled up. See!
Every now and then we read a story
in the newspapers about some young
girl slipping away from home in order for success, saves nothing but shoe
that she may see the bright lights of leather-
the big city. Home life is too dull
and monotonous and home folks are
too old-fashioned and stupid to satisfy
the hot blood and the unbridled im
agination of inexperienced youth. She
gets tired of commonplace things and
common people, and she is drawn to
the bright lights of the city as the
moth is attracted to the candle flame.
She wants the excitement and the
turmoil of the city; she wants to hear j
the music and the hum of voices where
the city folks are making merry; she
wants to take a peep, just a little look
York convention, what he says is repubilcan adiminstration but was not.
worthy the study of democrats and I Senator Iioct declares this country
republicans alike. has suffered a loss of moral prestige
Senator Root assail.-, the administra- J through its failure to protest the in
tion chiefly on the focign policy. He I vadon of Belgium. If Senator Root
charges it with having failed to re- had been president, if he had been
spect the independence- of Mexico in secretary of state, if the republican
the first place; it should have refrain- party had controlled our government,
ed from interference in Mexico's in- would such a protest have been lodg-
No, we do not care to run for office ternal affairs. And secondly he charms ctl? It is safer to judge by the rec-
i " - i
are too badly it with having failed to protect the ord than by Senator Root's promises
lives and property of citizens of theJ and assurances. We had a republican
There is no rose without the thorn,
but there are a great many thorns
without the rose.
:o :
Dr. P. L. Hall has filed for regent
of the state university.
Doc, we're for you.
:o :
All right,
United States in Mexico.
Neither indictment will stick. It
was the republican administration of
Taft that was responsible for the fail
ure of this country to perform its
neutral duties toward Mexico. It was
under Taft's administration that a
Mexican revolution was organized,
administration when Japan robbed
Korea of its independence, in ipite of
a treaty between Korea and the Unit
ed States pledging the Hermit King
dom the friendly offices of this coun
try in the event of r.:iy attack of its
sovereignty. Korea csked the United
States to fulfill the treaty, and the re-
Charley Bryan for governor and
largely on American soil, with head- quest was ignored. There was no pro-
uuarters in El Pa-.n and finaneed with test then. When Great Britain assail
into shadowy places, and to take just tlffar "ward tor lieutenant governor, the funds of great New York corpora- -! the Boer republics and robbed them
A fine pair to draw to. Ain't it? Hons to which K.-nninr 7J.k v,.rv of their independent the republican
'.0'. clivo It wic iin.K.,. Tiff tVi-i at,.vI-I partv was in power but it made no
a step or two into the forbidden paths.
And her vagrant curiosity lures her to
the big city and away from the checks
and the restraints of home. She in
tends only to look and listen, and she
can see no wrong in that. She is
quite sure that no harm can befall her,
for is she not fully quite capable of
It will soon be time for candidates can rebels were armed and equipped pi'ote: t. When Great Britain and Rus
to urge the dragging of the roads. At on American soil. Everything that p5a "divided up" Persia the republican
ter the election is over somebody else followed has come as a natural con- party was in power, but it issued no
will have to do the agitating.
sequence anarchy, chaos, assassina
tion, murder, pillage. With those
people are with that
History spends one-half its time
repeating itself. The other half is
spent in reversing itself. And man is
pretty much like history.
Oh, for another President Cleve
land! Wouldn't he put a quietus on
these federal officers taking part in
politics? Well, I should say yes!
Hughes forces come out victorious
in the New York republican conven
tion. Root's recent speech is also a
tig bid for the republican nomination
for president.
Why has the price of gasoline gone
up? Because Rockefeller lost several
millions in a speculation that didn't
pan out as expected, and the users
of gasoline must make up the loss.
:o :
Europe after the war ought to be
the ideal field for old maids intent on
marriage as a piece of reformation to
work upon . With all the latest im
provements in mechanical arms and
cork legs, she ought to reform in any
shape she chooses.
If the democrats of Nebraska ex
pect to get anywhere this year they
will set about it by selecting their
strongest candidates in open primarj-,
where there is no disposition to resort
to machine methods. This is the year
when the "Welcome" sign should be
hung up in a conspicuous place.
:o :
Human ilfe is a marvel. We enter
it naked, we know not from whence or
why. We play, we dream, we plan,
we do. And then we go out naked
stripped of all our gains and we
know not whither. It's a mysterious
episode. It's a gleam, a flash of light
between the darkr.ers of the womb
and the darkness of the grave just
a flath of activity between the silence
of two great stillnesses.
Arthur Mullen of Omaha will file consequences a democratic administra-
taking care of herself even in the as a candidate for delegate-at-large to t ion was left to contend. To hold it
bright lights of the big city? She is the democratic national convention, responsible is to hold the effect re-
different from all other girls who Arthur Mullen managed Champ sponsible for the cause,
have gone alone to the big city to see Clark's campaign in Nebraska four American lives have been lost and
the sights, so she argues. years ago, and every democrat knows American property destroyed in Mex-
The remainder of her history is as the result. Now he is just as warm ico, it is true. Such things happen in
familiar as the story of the fall in the in his support of President Wilson as the turmoil of wild and lawless revo-
Garden of Eden. There has never he was for Champ Clark. He's a lution and factional warfare. There
been but one ending to such stories, democrat of the first water, and will is just one way to stop their happen-
Her history could have been written battle for the renomination and re- ing a way bloody and costly beyond
a thousand years in advance, and it election of President Wilson. conception. We could declare war on
would not have required a prophet to :o: Mexico. Is Senator Root in favor of
fcrtell her ending. She was the only The patriotism of the entire country it? If he is, why did he not, as a
human being in all the world who will rally to the democratic party this senator of the United States, introduce policies or to f ollow them."' Again
on the record, the indictment is not
sustained. After P:ig years of re
publican rule, in which repealed prom
ises of tariff reduction weie made, it
had to remain for a democratic ad-
protest. There was no protest, either,
when Great Britain "gobbled up"
Egypt. And the republican party it
self was responsible for the crime of
"taking Panama." It deliberately in
vaded the sovereignty and independ
ence of Colombia to take away from it
the Panama canal zone because, as
Mr. Roosevelt callously put it. "we
needed Panama." On the record Sen
ator Root's charges against the Wil
son administration rings false.
Finally, the distir.gui.-hed senator
indicts the democratic paity for its al
leged "incapacity either to originate
Net Cssnta IS Yis;MDradgj,
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Trends BislionChccrfiil
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Kot Narcotic.
Jlx'.S frrrtn
A rcHVd lfcincdy iv r ('nnslijA
Iac5iit:iic siiu.---rIritCOMr-vri
m w m mm turn m-m .:
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
Af if
For Over
Fhirty Years
(m fei (vinrm Fm fi n
"JTTTT -lr'l -3 M L3L1 VI 11 It tl 13 11 I. id
t..2wt CcJ' cf v rapper. thc cmTtun comptnr, niw vom citt.
F?:vfvf?'T.-r:: mT, TTT.tZ sr.'ii "'?-"T'r;- ......
r.... -jj. . -..7 r. -i. .- .... . - . .....
Dase ball fans are getting anxiou?.-
:o: .
line" caused the
Probably a "bus:
war i:i Europe.
A telephony company never expects
to be loved verv much.
mum nui mc eim. xne experience year, democracy carries the flag, a resolution in congress declaring !
of countless other girls was not a There is no possibility of democratic war? Is it because he was afraid to
sufficient warning to hold her at home, defeat, but in the success of those who take the responsibility, and prefers
Tne bright lights cf the big city not are secretly and seditiously plotting to merely to criticize those who are re
only draw a young girl now and then, destroy the neutrality of the United sponsible? Or is ic because he re
but they draw multitudes of them. States and thus plunge our country in- alizes that, after all, the policy pur- ministration to relieve the industry
and the consumers of the country from
the grip of the robber barons. After
long years of republican rule, and the
wasteful expenditure of hundreds of
millions of taxes, it is to a democratic
administration that the country must
St-a r .1 t- j' ! I . . ... . I
-.iu.u ui mese gins asappear as ii me to that bloody bacchana of foreign sued by Woodrow Wilson is prefer-
earth had opened and swallowed them fury that is placing a continent in able ?
up. Shame sends them into hiding, cshes and a world in mourning and
and vice and crime soon calls in death tears. But there is still one banner As to the European war, Senator
to their relief. This tragedy is acted upon which, thank God, there is no Root, indicts the democratic adminis-
over and over every nay and hour, and .-tain of human blood; one flag that tration for lack of foresight in failing
jet mere are unnumbered hosts of stands for freedom, for justice and to "make timely provision" for back- ook for an adequate prepare ir.ess. Af-
new victims ready to take the places for peace; one sacred ensign that still ing American diplomacy by adequate ter long years of republican rule,
of those who sink out of sight in the dares to flaunt its holy principles in military and naval force. And he with our banking and currency system
mire. Those who escape with their the face of a world in arms, flashing eibes the democracy because, if crying loud for reform, that reform
lives and return to the old folks at forth the American gospel of liberty adequate military protection is to be was obliged to wait for a democrat;
nome, carry witn tnem a mark that is and life against the old-world creed afforded this country, it will have to administration before it could be car
as indelible as was the brand that &f depotism and death the Star be done with the aid of republican Md into effect. So, too, it has ie
placed a curse on ancient Cain. Spangled Banner, the flag of the free votes in congress. mained for a democratic administra
i.euier it is, ngnx or no, ine worm heart's hope and home through one Does Senator Root foro-Pt nil ihe tion to rationalize ths anti-trust laws
has decreed it so. The girl whose Lf the most perilous periods in the rears that tho rpnuMiV. nnrtv WJiJand provide for regulated comnetitio;
:u ;
Would you be willing to be as wie
a Jap;:r.c."e staieoinan if you had
to lo
tt i ti rr c? hn --v ,i I xi i . .
ucc,i -" y i" history of the republic, President WTil- in undisputed control of the govern
bright lights of the city, does not re- Qn has held aloft and preserved that ment? Does he forget the hundreds
turn as did the prodigal son to be re- banner untarnished and unscathed. It upon hundreds of millions of taxes
stored to his old place among his is a g.ood time to stop and think what collected by it to provide for the
friends. She never gets through pay- might have been with another at the military and naval forces of this re-
mg tne penalty that the world inflicts, helm!
And if the girl who has a longing to
see the bright lights of the city should
in this country rather than regulatcv
monoply. It is to he democratic ad
ministration that the country must
look for a system of rural credits, for
needed conservation legislation, for j
public? Why did not his party, when non-partisan tariif board and tor other
it. huA tho nnuor n-nrl rosnnncihilltr wise reforms loili? '-IOmiscd by the
With the Brvans lined un against "make timely nrovisiW for th back- republican party but never granted by
x 1 - -
out iook aoout her and consider the the president, Brother Charley's elec- ing of our diplomacy by force ? What republican administrations
a"5 inat are ,amiIiar to all the tion would be a sIap ftt the adminis. did it do with all the money it expend- r the charges Senator Root brings
world, the home said home folks would tration, at least it would be so inter- ed? Why is it that, after long years are thc gravest that can be launched
ave new value to her. preted. and would make it morP diffi- of republican rule, during which the against President Wilson and a demo-
:o: cult to carry out the policy of pre. United States spent as much money cratic congress, the democracy of the
ISO doctrine is so darn foolish that paredness which at present is the for military and naval purposes as nation may await with complacency
it can t attract a few ardent admirers. main issue before the country. We Germany or France, we are still in the verdict of the people in Novem-
:o: coujd afford to disregard that consid- the condition of helplessness that Sen- ber. World-Herald.
Six years ago when Jim Dahlman eration if Mr. Bryan were equipped ator Root depicts? :o:-
ao tanuiuaie ior governor, V. J. with the ability and qualities which He charges the administration with And still the number of people who
uryan and all his lnends he could get, would be of valuable benefit to the making threats and failing to make can sing "Dixie" is as limited as the
bolted him at the genoral election. Of state in that position. But he has no them good. The truth is the admin- number who can .-ing "Thc Star
course, Jim was badly treated, but qualifications which especially equip I istration has obtained, without war, a Spangled Banner." Do we ever dream
now Jim is right in line with the him for the office. He has not demon- settlement of the Lusitania issue. It songs "clear through?"
Brvans nrohihitmn nrul oil T, 11- I r.i i i i i . , Ii c. i . : :
- " laini ouaicu maiKeu uuiuty in any dusi- I na& muuu ninny iiuic&liii uivuswih q
about politics making "strange bed- ness way, and could not claim to be of American rights on the sea by
fellows!" fitted to give the state a business ad- Great Britain and the allied govern-
. ministration. He has not shown him- ments. What would Senator Root
The Nebraska progressives are not self an able executive in the position have? Would he have a declaration of
all asleep, and they are to have a which he now holds, as mayor of war against Germany? Against
state convention soon to take matters Lincoln. If he had business or exe- Great Britain? If .0, why does he
Dick Metcalfe is not as fine an ora
tor as Bryan, and should they debate
"Met's" side of the question would be
explained in such a manner as to re
ceive the plaudits of the audiences.
"Met" is a good talker.
Thc country could get 2,000,000 rc-
into consideration, and arouse the cutive ability above that of other as- not urge a congressman of his party
rank and file to their duty. They will pirants for the position, it might be to introduce in the senate a resolution
perhaps put a state ticket in the field pardonable to disregard the political declaring war? The war-making
and select delegates to the Chicago consideration, but his connection power is in the hands of thc congress, cruits in thirty dayr., as Mr. Clark
national progressive convention, which with the chief opponent of the presi- not in the hands of the president. If says, but it would require a little time
may raise merry h 1 if they do dent is the only thing which makes there has been if there should be to devise ways of feeding, clothing and
not get A fair shake in,the regular re- his candidacy of any interest what- any failure to enforce American de- arming them and to teach them the
publican convention.
I ever. Beatrice Sun.
mands, that failure would be directly rudiments of modern soldiorinf
There is ikis about prohibition: One
hea; .-; less about the old wot my chest
nut, the water wagon.
Let's all whoop i up for cue- base
ball team this season. That's the
way to have a good one.
Nothing makes a splendid bridge
player so mad as -to refuse to sic into
a game with him or her.
in: .
Tile re are over one million Fords
in service it day. No wonder Henry
has money to throw at the bird.s.
Thc trouble with, eradicating a cold
is vhat the stupid thinir does not
know when it has been eradicated.
:o :
Wars and pestilences of course are
very unfortunate affairs, but what can
describe the boil on the dimpled chin?
"Feeling like thirty cents" will
mean something else again when
gasoline reaches that figure and more.
The war s?cms to already have
demonstrated that going broke is no
mere of a calamity to a nation than
it is to a man.
No one will object to seeing the ice
melted off the wheat fields. It is a
pretty treacherous covering and the
wheat is better off without it.
Having decided to quit farming, I
will offer at Public Sale at the Thom
as Sullivan farm, four and a half
miles south of Tlattsmouth, and three
miles east and three miles north of
Murray, my personal property, con
sisting of live stock, farming imple
ments and household goods, on
Sale to Commence at 10 O'CIock A. M.
One bay mare, 0 years old, weight
about 1,300.
One bay mare, b' years old, weight
about l,2o0.
One bay mare, 2 years old, weight
about l.OuO.
One brown gelding, 2 years old,
weight about 1,000.
One bay gelding, 2 years old, weight
about !'00.
One yeailing colt, weight about J(0.
Exact weight will be given at the
Fifty Head of Hogs and Shoats.
Farming Implement.
One Sattley disc, 1(-10.
One 1-row cultivator.
One John Deere mower.
One 3-section harrow.
Two wagons.
One top buggy.
One Dempster press drill.
One galvanized water tank.
One new Black Hawk corn planter.
On fi-foot Deering binder.
One Newell-Sanders disc gang
1C0 rods woven wire fence.
Some lumber. J
All household goods.
And other articles too numerous to
Lunch Will Be Served at Noon.
All sums of $10 and under, cash in
hand. On sums over S10 a credit of
six months will be given from date,
purchaser giving good bankable pa
per. All property must be settled
for before being removed from the
W. R. Young, Auctioneer.
G. O. Dovey, Clerk.
03eiimg of Valuable Govern
ment Irrigated Homestead Lands
miles north of C, 15. - Q. II. K., nearest Bayard and Minature. Nebr..
in the North Platte Valley. They are well adapted for alfalfa, small graii..
corn, sugar beets, livestock and dairying.
TERMS: Land is free. Permanent Government right costs peJ acre, -0
years time, payable 52. to per acre down, no further payments for live
years, no interest charged.
HOW TO 03TAIN A FARM: If you are interested in the method of openirg
these farms between March UUh and 24th, or the location of 41 additional
Government-irrigated farms now oped to entry, write at once. There is
no time to lose, if you would become the owner of one of
j. these very valuable farms. Our publication. "The North
k't''i Va,le ' frcc oa reguest, will give one excellent idea o
!afif l!RSiil!Jithis desirable locality.
Sfe S. B. HOWARD. ImmiCTation A sent
inn a C Ci i i vt
iw x ctriiam aireei, umana, neo.