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The Great Campaign.
THOUGHT I'd like to borrow ten
say a few thousand dollars,"
said Rodney, gulping at ilr.
'N sir: not a cent," said Mr. Smith.
"Perhaps five thousand," amended
"if it was for a new club or some
t n;fo.!er.T, in a minute, but to put
int your business, it'd be just throw- j
ii.g ii away. by dou t you get your
father t back you?"
"Father and I don't agree on the val
iif of advertising."
"Oh. tnat's it, and you expect me to
d. Wiiut your father won't?"
"Well. I thoupht as a friend of the
f;ji;:i!y," stuttered Rodney.
u were wrung. Where is your fa
tLer':" nsked the friend of the family.
In th.-re 1 guess," said liodney.
"I want to see him. I guess he'll
thiak this is as funny as I do," Mr.
smith laughed, going out, leaving Rod
ney sunk dejectedly in a chair.
Well?" asked I'eale coming in again.
"lie wouldn't give me a cent," said
"He wouldn't? Well, he sounds like
your father's oldest friend."
"What alout the countess?" Rtnlney
in 'i uired.
oh. I cot her," said Peale proudly.
"You did: Ten thousand dollars?"
Fifteen thousaud. Pretty good,
"liood? Why, why, I'll have to raise
your salary," said Rodney.
"Thanks; I supised you would," I Vale coniplat eiitly.
"Where's the money:" asked Rod
Ley. "We don't get it till next week," ex
j l.ined I'eale.
"oh:" sai l liodney dejectedly. 'T.ut
we must have some more cash to start
I'eale meanwhile must have left the
in some suspense or else they
mied Ids cheery company, for pres
ently Mary came back and said the
f"t:nress -wanted to know how much
lo'.iCt-r she must wait.
"Coming now," said Feale. "Shall I
si--n for you?"
Sure! Sign anything sign it twice!''
s'M Hi drey.
"Y"U know this has got the show
business bont a mi!e," I'eale chuckled
n he disappeared.
Rodney turned to Mary fondly,
if there were not some way in
which they -ouM raise some immediate
eash. lint Mary failed him now for
n-K-e. She h.idn't mi Idea, she admited i
s'ol'y. P.ut in tho meanwhile Mr. j
Smith had emerged from the inner of-
re. and something must have come ;
over the spirit of his dreams of good
itvetmert, for he greeted Rodney i
very genially and encournsringly this
tini". Ilodnoy introduced Mary to him
with gre.-iT prid. catching her back as
fl: turned to po.
"Thnt's all rizhr. You needn't go,
Mary. Mr. Smith, this is the future
Mr. n.?iy Mm in."
4 Yv-i don't say sof cried Mr. Smith
"i suppose you and father had your
laugh at me." l liodney.
No. I didn't ted him anything," re
plied Mr. Smith.
"Thanks for that anyhow," said Rod
ney. "Of course it sninded funny to me at
CrT." injrsued Trifle William, "but
when I thought things over after all
why shouldn't you be a success in
"W'mt ?" said liodney, hardly able to
l li. ve his ears.
"Ymi've been successful In every
Cdi.g I?e you've tried." said Mr.
Si.:;th without a hint of sarcasm.
"Yes. yes, certainly, sure," said Rod-
Of course you haven't tried much,
but, as yoU said. I am an old friend,
and I figured that If you gave me your
v.-.rd that you'd return the money
within a year, jrhaps, after all, it
T.-ouM only be the a t of an old friend
t take a chance. That's what friends
a. re for," explained Mr. Smith. "How
much was it you wanted?"
I'chind his back the delighted Mary
held up the ringers of both hands.
"Ten thousand dollars," said Rodney
I'.ut didn't you say" queried Mr.
"Oh. I'm sure I said SIO.OOO:" Rod
i.ey declared. "That's the very least."
Tin: Well. I'll mail you a check
tonight." said Mr. Smith.
"I ll never forget it. I tell you.
fi lends do count. Thanks, thanks,"
said liodney.
Mr. Smith seemed embarrassed.
"That's all right," he said. "Don't
thank me. Good night. Miss Grayson,
an I I h ie you'll be very happy."
Left alone liodney grabbed Mary by
Ler two bands and danced around ex
citedly. "Ten thousand, and he lent It to me!
Oh, isn't it great?" he shouted. lie
kissed her on the strength of it.
Wait till I tell Peale!" he cried and
slammed out.
In the meanwhile the countess came
APramsE w
Novelized by Samuel Field
From theuccessful Play by
Roi Cooper Megrue and Walter Hackett
back, her shrill French voice sounding
through the door long before she ap
peared. "Oh, e'est une affaire mag
nifique! Je vous remerc-ie. Oh. les
Americainsf etc., she rattled on as
she was bowed out into the hall to
the elevator.
-What did she say?" asked Mary of
the French maid.
'She said the American men are
splendid, but the women are crazy and
they can go to the dickens."
Mary recalled at last that she was to
reiort to Mr. Martin herself. She pro
ceeded to the door of his private room
and knocked discreetly three times.
The old gentleman came in promptly
in response to this concerted summons.
"Well, bow goes it?" lie asked.
MOh, Mr. Martin, he's perfectly splen
did:" said Mary enthusiastically. "So
full of energy, hustle and ideas. He's
a different man already. You were
right he only needed development."
Coo,i: Good:" said Mr. Martin.
"You're not saying this to flatter an
old man's vanity, are you?"
"Indeed I'm not," said Mary.
"Would you rather take n guarantee
of $2,500 additional and give up that
10 per cent of his proGts':" he asked
"I should say not: said Mary.
"You know. Miss Grayson, you're
making me believe we'll win that $30,
000 from old John Clark."
"Oh. Indeed we shall: You should
have Just seen liodney borrow 10.0A
from Mr. Smith without the least trou
ble." "Oh. that was my money." said Mar
tin, smiling. "Wheu Smith told me
"When you fail don't conns sniveling
back here."
Rodney tried to touch him well. 1
thought the least I could do was to
back my own son. so I sent Smith out
to make god with him."
"That was nice of you," said Mary,
outwardly polite, but inwardly disap
pointed at the deception.
"Well. I owed the boy a chance any
how." said Martin, softening a little,
then suddenly talking very sternly
again as he caught sight of Rodney ;
through the open door. ,
"So you're still hanging around, are 1
you?" he grumbled, facing his only son !
"Yes, sir, but I came to see Miss
Grayson," said Rodney, coming in to
his father perkily. "Come, Mary," he
added to the new secretary.
"Really going into business, eh?"
scoffed his father. "Well, when you
fail don't come sniveling back here.
You can't count on a dollar from ma
You're leaving my employ, of course.
Miss GraysGn?"
"1 won't snivel and I don't want
your money," retorted Rodney. "I
don't need it. Why, if I'd known how
easy It is to raise $10,000 I'd have gone
to work long ago."
Mr. Martin. Sr., grinned at Marv.
"Y'ou would, eh? Well, what soft,
easy going business have you picked
out?" he inquired sarcastically.
"The soap business," said Rodney.
Mr. Martin, Sr., was genuinely an
noyed. "What? Why, you can't make any
money out of soap."
"Oh, yes, I can."
"I control all the important soap
business in the country."
"I know you do, but I am going tc
tnke it away from you."
-What?" roared Mr. Martin.
Tes, air, I'm going to manufacture
5? ' i
i,im. , llr-t?
i-' - mf i-J:-i" rij-S
If- v
the 13 Soap." "began 'Rodney, snouting
his piece, "unlucky for dirt the must
expensive soap in the World. I'm go
ing to break the trust. I'm going (o
attack monopoly. I'm going to appe-.!
to the American people for f::'r -.y
against the soap trut. You've nlvv-ays
wanted me to go into lnisiness. Well.
I'm in. and forgive me. father, but Fir.
going to p-.u you out of business. Fin
going to advertise all over the v.or! 1."
"You can't tight the soan t j i:r t w'ul'
advertising; we're establi.-hed." sa'.d
his father coldly.
"Yes. yes, we can." s.ii I Rodney
"Think what advertising ni a:;s t he
power of suggestion, the psychology o.'
print. Why. .7 p"r cent of the public
believes what it's told, and what il".
to!d is what the other chap's been t M.
and the fellow v.-ho told him read i;
somewhere. Advertising is ro.-ponsib'o
for everything."
Ambrose I'eale came in during thi
tirade and sto il litt Ti;i;g, sur; rised
and pleased wild his pupil's aptitude.
"People are sheep yuj advertising L
the way to make V:n follow your lead."
went on Rodney, trying not to forget
th" speech. "S't.v. what u.akes j on
to the theater: I'll ted you. It's what
you've read of the play or what some
fellow's told you. and the fellow that
told him lead it in a newspaper. An 1
that, father, is the whole secret of i;.
You've g. t to be talked ::boUt. ('..;
'em praisin or tus- n", but don't hi
Yin be Uiv't. I wart to te'l y 'U Say.
what kind of dn.-k's e.igs lo you cat V
"Whr.i:" cried Mr. Maitin aglait.
"I. you know anyihing againt the
diKk':" sliouted Rodney. ".o. vot:
don't. Rut when a clu..k lays an egg
it's a fool and keeps quiet, but when
a hen lays an egg cluck, cluck, all
over t'ae place. Advertising:"
I'eale joined the chorus on the old
gentleman's off side, and together tli-y
talked su-h a blue streak that Mary
put her fingers in her ears.
The offices nf the soap company were
located abrat halfway down I 'road
way. There was a waiting room and
a private office as private as ,u!l be
expected with three people tiding it. It
was a rather e-omn; "iiplace roo-n. fur
nished eonafortal.'y. but not rhibo. . !(-
! ly. The walls w ere hung, wit h poster-;
I extolling the virtues of 13 Soap.
; such ns
no you i:i:lh:ve in sigxs?
13 Soap is Fnlucky fir liirt.
r.i: ci.R an.
Chran Soap is for Cheap People.
13 Soap is the .Most expensive
Soap in the World
one dollar a c:rl;e.
One particular!
wall bore the leg
large stand on one
The average cake of soap
gives you rd
A rake of 13 Soap
gives you only "J 1
what wasiii;s.
There was a door on the left of the
room and also two more on the right.
At the? back were windows, through
which the callers could see the bail-ling
across the street literally covered
with 13 Soap posters.
There was a desk in the middle, and
there were chairs, cabinets, a rack.
a water cooler, a safe, etc.. which evm-
pleted the equipment. The vat::r col
was much appreciated by the vari-
ous ciTfiiid boys, who were its chief
In a month from the time Roduvy
had left his father' house and Libr.rk
ed on his business career with Am
brose I'eale there was a very fair show
of activity in the 13 Soap Company's
ofiice. There was a fairly huge mail
mostly circulars w hie h the entire of
fice stall' read through every morning,
for lack of more interesting reading
matter in the way of orders. Disci
pline was not yet rigorously enforced
by anybody. Next to the circulars the
largest part of the mail was invitations
forwarded to Rodney from the Fifth
avenue address uptown. In her ca
pacity as secretary Mary, with her
woman's curi-.sity. rt'n her steel en
velope slitter through these, too. :unl
sighed sometimes as .she opened 'up
some especially attractive bit of card
board to think of ihe joys that ;"d::ey
had turned his back on.
(To P.c Con!inupd.
B. F. Wiles, one of the leading
farmers from south cf thi.s city, was
here yesterday for a few hours look
ing after some trading with the met-'
From Wednesdays Dally.
The Junior Guild of St. Luke's
parish was entertained very pleasant
ly yesterday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. R. F. Patterson on North Sixth
street, r.nd the young ladies spent sev
eral hours most delightfully in sewr
i ig and discussing their plans for the
work of the society r.r.d their part in
the church work. The members of
the Guild, after plying the busy needle
Tor a time, were served with very de
'.cctable refreshments by the hostess,
which further heightened the pleas
ures of the afternoon. The event was
one most delightful and the oppor
tunity of enjoying the gracious hos
pitality of the Patterson home was
appreciated by every one of the mem
bers present. The regular monthly
business meeting cf fhe Gui'd will be
held on next Tuesday evening at the
home of Miss Edna Petersen.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The Woman's Relief Corps yester
day hel 1 a very interesting socigl
meeting at the beautiful home of Mrs.
J. E. McDani.l, where they we: e
entertained by Mes.'imes McDanicl,
J. II. McMakcr. and M. Archer, r.rd
'lu occasion 'was o:i of the mo t
pleasant ihat this .society lias enjoyed
for some time and th? afternoon pass
ed very rapidly in Hie enjoyment of
the genei social good, time which had
I ecu provided" for them by the hostes-se-
The attendance was quite large,
.here bc-ing some seventy-five ladies
ore .sent, and the event will long be
very pleasantly reinern'nei cd by every
one. During the afternoon M;?.;
Gretchen Donnelly gave c most charm
ing vocal number, b?:r.g accompanied
cn the piano by Mrs. George II.
Palter, ar.d this feature added greatly
.a the enjoyment and pleasure of the
guests pre.-ent. Ai ; suitable hour
dainty and uelicio.u3 refreshments
v.-ere serve d, adding greatly to the de
lights of the occasion, and it was with
i egret that the close of the day warn
ed the members of the party that the
time for parting had come, and leav
ng for their homes they vowed it
was one of the most pleasing gather
ings they
have enjoyed for a long
4. UV!. !.
The Bank cf Commerce has recent
ly put up a couple of neat metal
rigp.3 on their building.
Forest Brunson went to University
Place Saturday evening to visit with
friends and take in the "Birth of a
Nation," at Lincoln.
Miss Karin Kimblom of Nehawka
visited her father, O. Kimblom,
week, arriving on the Burlington
Thursday, via Omaha.
Miss Myrne Tracy of University
Place, made a week-end visit with her
rifter, Mrs. E. A. May field, returning
o her home Saturday evening.
The officers and stockholders of the
new Home State lank enjoyed an
oyster stew luesday alternoon at tne
Hctel Drake in honor of the opening
of the new bank building.
The friends of Theodore Koop will
be glad to learn that after a severe
attack of pneumonia and pleurisy, he
i.? row on the road to recovery, al
though still needing careful nursing.
Vv'c are glad to report that W. A.
Clcghcrn, who has been very weak and
ill since last . Sunday, suffering from
a derangement of the stomach, is im
proving and his friends hope to see
him out again in the near future.
Wlien buying canned goods be sure
to examine every can and to discard
thos- that bulge. This bulging is
caused by the pressure of gas within,
which Is formed by the action of
bact2ria. Food so acted upon is un
wholesome and may be dangerous.
C. J. Gaebel received two bred
Durcc-Jerrey sows from Hickman,
:seo., and one irom tne J. j. uuoir
herd at Milford. Wednesday. Mr.
Gaebel has quit holding annual sales
which he conducted for twenty years,
but has never lost track of the fact
that it pays to keep up his herd and
breed thoroughbred stock, even for the
pork barrel and market.
FARM LOANS, at 5 per cent and 5!i
per cent. No delays. T. II. Pollock,
nn m
U I u uu
From Wednesday's Dallv.
The Cuilom Social club
evening held another of the
ful gatherings at the Philip ii. Tritsch
heme in that locality, and for several
hours the Triusch homo iar.g with
merriment as the intmbeis of the
party enjoyed themselves to the ut
most. Games of all kinds were play
ed and later dancing wan enjoyed un
til a late hour and a grcrt deal cf
merriment was derived f rom ihis feat
ure of the evening until the hour for
departing drew near. At tho midnight
hour a sumptuous repast, was nrougrt j
toith iiom the well-tadt-n buckets o:
the members of the party, and with
steaming cofFee, a most enjoyable
luncheon was participated in by all th.
member:; of the jolly party. Tho:-e
who were present were: A. B. I'oinorT
and family, Henry Kcil and family,
W. H. Scybert and family, Charles
Keil and family, Frank Biotzer and
family, V. J. Hicks and family, Julius
Helfiiek?'.- and family, Lou Jordan,
George Pick. Mr. Ilolden. Hans
Schroder and ths Tril-eh family.
from Wednesday's Diny.
The application of ihe schco! law in
regard to the school tib-.trict.-. having
and maintaining a tenth g"aIc in their
school, which allows these r.chool dis
tricts the right to demand six section.-
is creating a great utal of tioubie lor
ihe county at the pre.-or.t time, as
iheie are several districts which are
a-kiisg that they be allowed in
crease their districts to hold the full
amount of "and they are allowed under
the law. ThL-, if carried out, will
mean that the entire county must be
redirtrictcd and ieauj"rticl and it is
doubtful if a satisfactoiy settlement
can even then be ec-rcd i:: the ap
porticr.ment of th? land. One of the
means that would probably lead to the
lettlcment cf the question in the most
rati? factory manner would the ccu-
.-olidaticn of the dii-i.:-'ct?
m ii:e coun
sehool dis-
b-ousrht to
ty, and by making fewe:
tricts the schools could b
a higher standard and the teachir.,; cf
the higher grades in tlie nv n s.d; j;,!s
be secured. With the con-oliIatior. of
the districts and the application of the
uniform levy for the schools of the
county there wculd be found a more
satisfactory settlement of the question
of increasing the size of the districts.
From Wednesdays na.rjv.
The Journal has received a copy
of the Forest Grove (Oregon) Ex
press, which has just been launched on
the journalistic sea by W. C. Benfer,
an old-time Idattsmouth newspaper
man, and the paper is of the usual
bnght, breezy type cenducteel by this
able journalist and printers The Ex
press is a five-column quarto in size
and is independent in politics, with
socialistic leanings. May the rew
publication meet with the success it
so well deserves.
120 acres, 4 miles .southeast of
Weeping Water; 100 acres plow land;
?5,000.00 worth of improvements.
Price $110.00 per acre.
200 acres, 2 miles northeast of Wa
bash, Xeb., good all-round farm, well
improved. Price $150.00; good terms.
I have many others that are good
bargains. Write or call on me for
what you want. John Colbert,
Weeping Water, Xeb.
To Arrange for Tournament.
From Wednesday's Dally.
A committee cm-iting ef Prof.
-rames oarca, t rank Asiionorenner and
John Toman wee in Omaha Sunelay
for a few hours arranging for the
turning class from the local K. S. so
ciety to. attenel the national tourna
ment of the society during the com
ing summer. The members of the lo
cal clasr arc turning steadily and will
be in first-class rhepe to take part in
the meeting.
Feel languid, weal:
lun eicwn
Stomach 'off?'' A good
remedy is Rurdex-k Blood Bitters. Ask
your druggist.
Frica $1.00.
line R i
- t
Prof. W. X. Dilzell of the commer
cial department was in Strang last
Wednesday and gave an address at a
liatro'v--' meet in. 7.
Reorganisation of ihe editorial staff
of the Novmalite wan made necessary
by the resignation of L. F. Chard, who
hns so ably irumagod Ihis school paper
ihis year. Mr. Chard lias other im
pel tant work this semoster which dc-niarJ-
his time and makes this step
?vce ;sarv. Lewis Trier of Auburn
was ciecte
1 to
take his place, and
was chosen to take
editorship. Homer
L. Iliblcr
the a;
Schioer.tker. who has been acting in
that caplcity volunteered to serve as
business manager in place of Ray
Scott, who has been out of school for
- orr.o time on a( count of illness ar.d
the death of a broth; -.
On Monday a very large and ap
preciative audience vns entertained
by the Cde- club'-; in their annual con
cert. The boy.- lecently gave a series
cf (oncevts in several different towns,
bui. this is the first appearance this
year rf tho Girl-' clab. The program
eornpibcd the uual quota of college
songs, but was characterized as usual
by th" predominance of music that is
cally good. There is .'ome exception
ally good material in the club this
year, but a great deal of credit is due
to Dr. Hau-e, who gives so freely of
"rrs time and energy to the training
of these singers. Miss Meyer of the
voice department appeared in two of
her splendid solos and in two ensemble
numbrrs with the clubs. One novel
and entertaining feature of the pro
;.:a:n was the ten-piece band. Only
. - - - V.
;o nae r. ?a;d one ot Dr.
concert.- can realize what the
quality of the work jj;.
Father William F. Rigge of Creigh
tc :
university lectured on Saturday
evening to an arp! cciative audience
His topic was "A Glimpse of the," and with the aid of lantern he brought to his hearers
clearer realization of many of the
of the heavens. The Science
el I
ch was instrumental in brintr
!:.- this learn;-. I man to Peru, was rc
centiy organized and its membership
comprises students and faculty mem
bers who are interested in the various
Athletic enthusiasts had the pleas
ure last week of witnessing two de
cidedly entertaining basket bal
games. On Monday evening Grand
Island met the home team in a game
that was a whirlwind from start to
finish. At the close of the first half
the score stood 10 to 14 in favor of
Gnu d Iidar.d, and although the score
was c!o
at all time', not until near
core ci. x e: a succeed in tying
pcoi e, and at the blowing of the
whir-tie the score was 22 to 20 in favor
of Peru. On Thursday evening Peru
won from York college by a score of
39 to 19. The game was closely con
tested throughout the first, half aiu
the visitors were many times m the
lea l, but the Peru team succeeded in
getting in some good team work in the
second half and soon outclassed the
From Wednesriav's Dally.
A temporary restraining order was
issued yerieuiay by County Judge Al
len J. Beeson i;i the case of C. Law
rence Stull vjs. John Long, in which
the plaintilf desires to restrain the
oetendant from using or trespassing
on a tract of land adjoining the Tlatte
river, and lot 4, XW quarter of sec
tion 3, township 13, range 13, which
is the property of the plaintiff. The
land in question on which M,. Long is
seeking to settle on, is formed by the
waste from the river, which has
gradually filled in and is now com
posed of quite a tract of land. The
plaintiff claims under the law that
this belongs to him tis the owner of
the adjoining land. Mr. Long, as the
petition of the plaintiff states, has
threatone'd to erect a house on the
formed land, and the plaintiff seeks to
have him icstrained fiom any further
use of the land. The matter of mak
ing the injuntcion permanent will be
heard in the district court on Thurs
day, February 17th.
George M. Hild Better.
From Wednesday's Dally.
George M. Ilild, who has been con
fined to hi.3 home fen- the past two
weeks with an attack of ervsmelns.
- I T
was icportcl yesterday afternoon as
being slightly improved and his fam
ily and friends are very hopeful that
he may continue to improve until he
is able to be up and around and soon
be able to be with his friends again.
tii)i:it to show ai k Knit
lii tlic IllrJet Court of Can (ounlr,
J ri tie: Matter of the Application of
Ui-rn-y Snuke. (Juaidi.iri ot the Katat
of Kmrna Jlandrock, Incompetent, arel
Kieila llari.lro k, Artlmr Hatelroi k.
Cm I Hiin'irot k. "tti H;uelrck.
Keli-ri Hanilrock. Walter Haielrotk,
und Marguerite Hatiflroi-k. Minors, fr
l.i-ue to eli l:al Kstate.
On reailinir ami filing tt:e ptltleri
duly verified by Henry Si. eke, 'lualdiaii
of person and estate if Kmm.t
Ilati'l-oik, ir-nm'teti t , aril l-'red.i
1 Tandrof k, Arthur Haridroi k. t'ail
ilamb-oek, Nettie I la Tel rue k. lleti
Handrock. Walter Jlari'lreek, arid Mar
guerite Hatnlux k, iiiirvrs. fur a li-en
to sell the inteiests f sanl 1 nc!ti -t ri t
arid rr. intirs in the fulinwirii; i1-miI1i1
real estate, to-wit: .Ml that part of tl
uthvest quarter of .-eition twenty
JOi, township ten 1. Haute riitu- Oi,
Ivir.j; north of the riwht of u uy of the
Miss.ir1 J'Hc-iflc Kullway, nnd contniri
ins acres more or les In (.'as
e'ounty, Nehraska. for the purpose of
raising fun"Is for the paying off of h.
irortuaue of $1.;""00(i. w'tti lnt-r-st. on
said iand anl others lan1s-, and for the
purposi- of pavint; the expense of ui. U
i-aie ati'l for the mai ntena nee and sup
port of said i ri'-om pet en t and minor
and for tl.o ediicati")n of f.iid r-iinors.
and It appearlntr from sai-l pi'tltion that
saiil real estate consists ot farm lan-is
ami snitahle on!- f"r lairn p"irpo. p.
it is Ti! :: i :!::' ii:di:i:i:i that
ti; next of kin of sai"l Ini omp-tt nt and
p;i:d minors and all persons inteit-Med
in said estate appear hefire inf at
clianit'ers in tlie court house in the City
"I I'tatlsriioiit h, Cass I'o'inty, Net'iavka.
ori the ith ilav tf March, i:lfi. at
o'clock a. in., to show cause, if nnv
there he. why lie;i" shouhl hot l-e
granted to said Henry Siioke, Cuar'lian.
to se'l real estate fr tiie piirpose atoc
set foith.
And it is further ordered that a copv
of this order he served on all peisunt
int ere.-in said estate hy hirii: puh
lishel in the I'lattsmouth Journal for
three successive week--, said 1'latt.--motnh
.Journal heinLr a newspaper
printed and published at l'la 1 1 stiiout h,
in said i'minty, and of -nt ial cireulu
tion tlicrein.
lated at iJln 1 1 smou t li this Tth (lay
of January, lyi6.
JAMCS T. iu:c,i.i;y.
Judge of Iistrict Court.
xiTici: t rici:niToiti.
In County Court.
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of the lZstat- of Ueii-
anin K. Horn in leceas'd:
Nc-tlce is herehy l-'iven to tl e credit-
iis el' sai'l decease. I liealiniis will
he had upon claims tiled anaiti-'t sacl
e-;ate. ' etore me, '.n:riy .Imli-'e "f Ca.-s
e'oiinty, Nehraska, at t'.e County Court
loom in I'lattsmoui h, in said County,
on the -Ith day of March. l'.Mfi. and on
t'.e ."tl. day of Sei.t -m her. I'M'-, at '.
o'clock a. in., each da c for examination,
adjcstiip nt arnl allowance.
All claims must he t:t-. 1 in said ount
on or hefore said last hour of hearini;.
AViir.ess my hand and seal of said
Court, at t . Nebraska, this
L'th !av of January, l'.r,.
ic-zA) ' alli'.n j. r.i:i:sN.
County .I'.i'ine.
.Minn: to citnniToit.
In County t nurt.
Cass County, ss.
In the Matter of the Kstate of Janns
Cassitey, Iieceasetl:
Notice is herehy civt-n to the creditors
of said deeeased that heatings will !
had uiH)n claims rile.i against sai-l
estate, before tne, County .1 tre- of Cas-
County. Nebraska, at the County Court
room in I'lattsmout h. in said County,
on 1 1 1 e Hth day of February. an-i
on the dth day of Setdemb.-r, liM1?. at
K) o'clock a. xrir, CHMrOHyfT 'vrnlna
lion, adjustment and allowance.
All claims must be tiled in sai'l court
on or before said last hour of hearing.
Witness ruy hand and seal of x.u.t
County Court, at I'lat tsmouth. Nebras
ka, this i'"th (lav of Jmihiiiiv, 1!1'..
(Seal) aLLKX J i:i:i:sN.
County Jiolce.
l-JT-4 wks
Notice is hereby given that a meet
ing of the Stockholders of the Bur
lington & Missouri River R. R. Com
pany in Nebraska, will be held in
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, at 10 a. m.,
February 24, 191 G.
The meeting will be held for the
election of nine directors of the com
pany to serve until their successors
are elected and qualified, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may legally come before it.
C. J. ERNST, Secretary.
Omaha, Nebraska, January 5, 19P.
To All Whom It May Concern:
The Commissioner appointed to
view and report on the expediency of
establishing and locating a public
road 40 feet wide, running across
the North East Quarter (NE 1-4) of
Section Twenty-two (22), in Town
ship Ten (10), North, Range Thirteen
(13), East of the 3th Principal Meri
dian, parellel and adjacent to and on
the north side of the Right-of Way
of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Com
pany, where said right-of way crosses
said land, has reported in favor of the
establishing thereof; and all objec
tions hereto, or claims for damages,
must be filed in the County Clerk's
Office on or before noon on the 2.itli
day of March, A. I)., 1910, or such
road will be established without ref
erence thereto.
County Clerk.
Done at Plattsmouth, Neb., thia
loth day of January, 191C.
1-17-4 wj.s
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