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    PACE Z.
'Che pla.ttemcutb journal
Entered at Iistoific at riattsmouth. Neb., as sccoml-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Y 10 All
When we cultivate thoughts y
-1- of strength for o titers, we our-
selves grow ttrcr.g. Habitual
V thouuhis of peace oring us tran-V-
quility. C. II. Newcomb.
9 9 9 9 9 9 9
nemembcr torr.orrov; is groundhog
Real wi'.tcr weather hangs on good
ami plenty.
It is abt.ut time for seme good
democrat to file for congress.
The income tax has been helti ccn
ttitutional by the supreme court.
Wiih none to sell, we are r.eveithe-It-ss
glai to see whea' pass the dol
lar mark.
Why is it that ' kilowatt' looks as if
it ought to be in a dictionary cf
i moihology?
:r; . - -
Those Lu:ta:".ia negotiations shnulci
he either secret or public. This half
sir. d half policy is annoying.
It is quite possible to make a satis
factory run with an automobile, even
if "-he ii.ivi.-i d ics have to get along
without booze.
The Ien b.-r- f fashion are wearing
the 'f-'U-h-.vork skiri."' but it is not
s-r.:"e to u.-.-urv that they tewed the
The doctors of G and England
are r. logger advi ir.g patients to
j r. l th - a.-atiMn.-i in the trenches
as a qui". a:.J res'- cuie.
Xo dips, wiggles or hugs," -ays
the dancing teachers this year. Per
haps they issued their orders without
consulting with their pupils.
:o :
Some people eern to think that if
they do not scatter a lot of waste
rapcr on the streets the public em
ployes will not have anything to oc
cupy their time.
If the sun ernes out tomorrow, and
Mr. Grourdhcg sees his shadow, he
v. ill go back in his hole and remain
six weeks meaning six more weeks
cf winter. Keep your optics on Old
President Wilson is awakening the
people to their duty, and in every
spieth he delivers thousands of peo
ple rally to his standard. His increas
ing friendships are great, and thou
sands are turned away on account of
The recent issue of the Omaha
Trade Exhibit contains a fine write
up of Piatt1 mouth, illustrated with
seveial of the business houses. We
fed very grateful to tlie Trade Ex
hibit f.-.r its cplendid write-up, which
is bound to do a great deal of good
for our live little city.
Hon. E. M. Pollard, republican can
didate for governor, says the prohibi
tion question should be taken out of
politics. Most of the candidates for
j'jvernor are of the same opinion, ex
cept Charley Bryain, and he is simply
waiting for the voters to take him out
of politics for all time to come.
When a man is hard up, has a fam
ily to support and is doing the best he
can why is not a little sympathy ex
tended to him just as it is to a vom
i.n? Why should not .there be a
widower's pension law passed to help
out a man who is poor, has a family
of children to support and wants to
keep them together?
Democratic bossisrn must rule in
Nebraska or the republicans will be
given control of the state and the
electoral vote will be given to the op
ponent of President Wilson. That
seems to be the plan agreed upon by
Charley Bryar and a few of his fol
lowers. They intend to compel every
candidate to accept their way of
thinking in regard to prohibition or
he is marked for defeat.
It was thought for some time that
Governor Morchead would be a candi
date for re-election, but he says that
he has held that office for four years
and that is enough for any one man.
Whether he will conceit the election
with Senator Hitchcock is a question
that has not been answered.
Charley Bryan wants to be a candi
date for governor, but he and his
friends mut realise that his nomina
tion would be suicidal to the party.
! Among those who are best posted in
state politics say that he could not be
elected, and the more he attempts to
d c-tate the policy of the party the
worse it will be for all concerned. In
years pons by Mr. Bryan was strong
i:: the belief that the prohibition
question was one that should not be
made a party issue, but be settled at
a time by itself. This was the demo
cratic belief, but Mr. Bryan has
seen fit to change it. and now a man
must be a prohibitionist or suffer de
feat. The object of this fight is to make
it as uncomfortable as possible for
President Wilson, because should he
icse Nebraska it would mean to the
world that the Bryans were the su
preme dictators of the state.
The News had hoped that the dif
ferences could be adjusted and the
JoMocracy present an unbroken fight,
l-Jt it now looks as if Charley Bryan
will rule the party or do all in his
power to disrupt it. Nebraska City
A man is as old as he looks, but he
uever thinks so.
: o :
Still, how to get the- army is not a
negligible problem.
It is the cold-storage robin that has
stayed with us all winter.
Bill Taft had a mouthful when he
said Roosevelt "come up red on the
Rural credits should not be omit
ted from the program of imperathe
j :o :
Groundhog day and his Highness
saw his shadow. Now what are you
going to do about it?
More married men have enlisted in
the English army than single men
Most married men prefer some quiet
and rest.
Unpreparedness is not a new thing.
It has been the habitual condition of
the United States and has cost thou
sands of lives.
R. L. Metcalfe, of th2 Omaha Ne
braska:! still throws the hot sjup into
Charley Bryan. Met knows him of
old; and knows how to do the work.
The republican papers are saying
all they can against President Wil
son, but that's not much because
they can't say anything, and tell the
Perhaps 40 per cent of the inmates
of the prisons are detectives, but if
high enough standards are used the
percentage is probably that high
among outsiders.
You ought to be patriotic enough
to li?ten while the other fellow sings
the "Star Spangled Banner," even if
he does sing through his nose.
:o :
The monument makers of Nebraska
have declared they are going to run
on a cash basis soon, and that they
will no longer tolerate deadheads, and
be done with it.
Speaking of leap year, the Atchison
Globe says "married men, as a rule, do
so much jumping around to make a
living that every year seems like leap
year to them." Isn't it the truth?
We are ready tc bet a coonskin, and
skin the animal aurself, that Gover
nor Morehead thinks he is about big
enough for the United States senate.
That's the simple rcascn he don't want
to run for governor again. See!
Charley Bryan knows as well as
he is alive that his position as a
democrat, if he insists upon bringing
prohibition into politics will dis
rupt and defeat the democratic ticket
in Nebraska. But Charley don't care
a d m, for "rule or ruin" is his policy
anyhow. Elect such a man as that for
gcvernor? Not o.i your tintype!
Congress is to be acked to stop tip
ping on sleeping and parlor cars. Con
gress should leave such matters alone.
If passengers want to tip porters on
trains, that's their business and no;
body else's. Some old stingy guys
are always growling about tipping.
If a passenger wants to give a porter
25 or 50 cents for fivoring him in
some way, no one else has any right
to complain. Attend to your affairs,
and give the porters a chance for their
"white alley."
Some men seem barn to command.
Wherever they are they dominate and
command the situation. These natural
victors have great self-confidence.
They know that they are able to cover
obstacles that achievement is their
birthright. They go through life tak
ing it for granted that they shall con
trol their surroundings; they are con
vinced that there is. but one power in
the universe and they are a part of
that power: They have grasped the
I , . 1 . , A 1 1 . . .1 automobile. Another man died a!""1 tL "e,u l 1""lt l" U,M
few davs ago at Pawnee Citv. this!'1 strcfiKth an1 thtir Power ff
state, from inhaling the same odor.
It behooves autoists to be very careful
Every democrat who thinks of at
attending the banquet should buy a
ticket. The price is only ?1.00, and it
will be a big event for all who attend.
Remember the date is Thursday
night, Fcbiuaiy 10.
Not many days ago a man in Chi
cago died from inhaling gasoline from
in monkeying around their autos.
:o :
Capt. C. S. Aldrich, of Elmwood, is
to be toast master at tlie democratic
banquet on Thursday night, February
10. This will be a great event in the I
achievement is limited only by the
limit of their confidence. Such people
are optimistic. They never doubt or
hesitate they have no anxiety about
the morrow. They do not worry and
are not over-anxious. They feel that
they can do the things they undertake
i and do them well. Thej are the peo-
The section of the republican party
that is determined to make high pro
tection the principal issue in the com
ing campaign is getting hard hits
from some of its own members. The
old guard wants to get out the old din
ner pails and shout again for high
tariffs as they did in Lhe SO's and 00's
but some of them do not see things
in that light. Jacob II. Schiff, at the
republican dinner in New" York de
livered the following warning
"Standing here on holy republican
ground, I say without fear or favor
if you renew i.i the next presidentia
campaign the tariff agitation of the
past, if you threaten the country am
show it you want a renewal of spec
ial privilege and high protection, the
people will hae none of it. The peo
pie have learned; the workmen and
the farmers have learned, and they
cannot be 'nislcd anv longer. I do not
not say that because I love the repub
lican party less but becnuse I love it
Bui if the republicans cannot shout
for high tariffs, and Mr. Schiff says
"the people will have none of it,
what are they to do? The only re
course in sight at the present time is
to denounce the president's foreigr
policy and not many people will have
mything to do with that. To attack
preparedness is a pretty dangerous
thing and most of the republicans
themselves aro in favor of more of it
than the president favors. But there
are the Philippines and Mexican ques
tions which might be deemed safer
ground. The Wall Street Journal goes
tor Wilson, hammer and tongs in the
following fashion:
"The de.-laratio.n of President Wil
son that Mexico should have the same
right to fight it out as had the Eng
lish colonies and his latet reported
.icc-aratio': that the Filipinos should
be given political in
three or four years, are worthy of an
: - . , . . K , . T . ...... - T" li . n-ill
never be any peace in Mexico until
the strong arm of the United States
:.- phictrl oc- that country and the
piople educatid, civilised and develop
ed into a measure of individual and
collective integrity."
There may be a campaign along
those lines, but the probability is that
the i xople will have no more to do
with that kind of a campaign than they
will with high tariffs and burnished-up
dinner pails. The United States has
been in the Philippines about fifteen
years educating and preparing the
people there for self-government and
the Journal scoffs at the idea that they
will be ready in three or four years
At that rate how long would it take
to prepare the Mexicans? World-
Let us have wheat bread and corn
bread separately.
:n :
St. Valentine's Day will soon be
here. Coward's day.
The groundhog seen his shadow yes
terday and the coal dealers are happy.
The Ford peace party, as it passed
through Germany, was penned up in j
railroad coaches. The kaiser, with hi;
usual fine efficiency, didn't want any
loose nuts in his empire.
Most of the iong-haired men and
short-haired women seem to be op
posed to pi-epai edncs :. Not that the
peace-at-ar.y-prioers are all like that,
for Bryan is rapidly getting bald.
"Marpolt," in the dictionary "One
who, by his officious interference, mars
or frustrates a design, plan or plot."
New whom can President Wilson
mean by "marplot?" Lincoln Star.
v fcV-v" F.'ti UrtR
tf-a I
It's simply amazing the number of
democrats in Cass county who won't
touch Charley Bryan with a forty
foot pole, but who arc- ready to vote
for any gco 1 democrat for governor.
; j ;
Don't w.nry about Governor More-j
nena no will let vol' Know m time
what lie wants. That is something
you can bet your bottom dollar on.
Charley Br yan may be able to tell you
on the slv.
:o r
It is now stated upon good author
ity that Ross, editcr of the
rremont Tribune, will be a candidate
or Unite ! States se.ij'tor on the re
publican ticket. Bully for Ross, may
le get thee with both. feet.
Democrats, be ure and arrange to
ome to the banquet Thursday night,
"elmiary 10. Plenty of enthusiasm.
i.enty to .-at, ana a i-muinc goou time
general iy. W e will give you a royal
weeomo. And don't you forget it!
Now, will you come?
It is said that at his birthday ban
quet in Lincoln, Neb., Mr. Bryan will
open. hU fight against the renomina
tion of Presidenc Wilson in "real
earnest." and fh::t it will scon be rag
ing fiercely in congrt-rs and quickly
ipread out among the people
- V
t m
'( J
, - s
7. f
iiaiinclllierooilnn'lCula 1
tirlh: :: (ornate anJJii? A
Premies I)icjcslioD,CIictir
ODitraJiarpliiaa rxrllscfli
Not Naiicotic.
J.'rrheiff &t&
Jaux Sttd
J'fHTTMtt - m
Jl'. (':trtn;!l S. i
fcrrrt Stttt -
cZt T.Vmrdv iof t'CHs'
I lVoriurcvcnshncaSf
JacSinulc Sinatarec
For Infants and Children.
Fvlothers Know That
Oenuine Castoria
Bears tin
For Over
Thirty Years
I TL- - ij IPkil Fill J BH C. tf ff H.-i BtL
mm m u MM 'UL mJ mU U
Exact Copy cf Wrapper.
In a rec-iT.t piece of magisine fiction
w;u ei forth the remaikable story of
a grudge more lasting than life. A
Along was done, and the one wronged
made lev-nge a life work and even
ir.vrc, to tlie iioint of hiring another
.o hound the object of the grudge af
ter death had claim?.! the original
nemesis. The net result of which was
that two lives, which might, in the
ordinary course of events, have been
useful and reasonably happy were
made miserable and empty. And that
bit of fiction has it- basis in fact,
oven thou.uh exaggerated for that
i-mpb.a.- is which fiction gives to many
of the real things in life. Anger may
history of Cass county, and every i
: p!e who accomplish the great things
democrat who possibly can come
of the world the giants who turn
should be here on thac night and start !
the ball to rolling for the campaign. !
.neither to tbe right nor to the left and
are always equal to the occasion. The
man of this stamp, who has a firm
conviction that there lies within him
The fiiends of Senator Cummins of such native strength, such ability to do
Iowa claim that they have Nebraska, things, who has a passion for achieve
Don't be too sure about that. Where mer.t and is thoroughly convinced that
is Henry D. Estabrook to come in ? ihe vigor and courage will seldom fail.
And what about Justice Hughes? All He needs only to remember that what
these have friends in Nebraska. And 'ever he does will be governed by right,
then, you know, we have our own j Otherwise, as with the shorn Sampson,
Pdunderbus Lurkett for vice president. his strength will leave him.
Laborers in powder plants are earn
ing their wages now.
Six more weeks of winter is not bad,
if it will only stop at that.
Rhubarb pie is not at this time a
harbinger of spring. It is only an in
troduction of how far toward the
tropics the truck farmer has emigrat
ed. :o:
It is poor policy to go outside for
sympathy, for while you may be right
in the position you take to the imposi
tions placed upon you, you will quite
likely be censured by those who hear
your story.
The more often you tell your story,
t.nd the gossips repeat it, the faster
it goes and the more sensational it
becomes, till after a half dozen have
repeated it yov would not recognize it
as belonging to your life.
We would like to see harmony in
the democratic party, but it seems im
possible to have it while the Bryans
pursue the "rul2 or ruin" policy. In fact
they have pursued this policy too long
row for the benefit of democracy.
Wc very much regret the cancella
tion of 'Potash and Perlmutter,"
which was to appear here next Tues
day night at the Tai-mele. It is a
show that comes highly recommended,
and few amusement-loving people who
have seen it but say that it is one of
the best in the country, and we are
satisfied our citizens have missed a
rare treat.
outcome, in all liklihood, will de
pend whether the democratic party
is to remain hi power, under the lead
ership of Wood row Wilson or be
come again a minority party, the
party of opposition aid criticism, un
der the renewed leadership of Wm. J.
Dryan. St. Joseph News.
Attorney A P. Moran late yester
day afternoon went into the office of
the county treasurer and deposited
his l filing fee and took his receipt
and stated that he was going to file for
state senator on the republican ticket
subject to th? republican primaries.
This is the first filing on the part of
the republicans for this office. Mr. Mo
ran was born and reared in this coun
ty and is well known to all. He is a
personal fiiend of Senator John Mat
tes, who has filed for the same office
on the democratic ticket. Mr. Moran
will have to file with the secretary of
state his application to have his name
placed upon the primary ticket. Ne
braska City News.
The year lSlo, one hundred years
ago, throughout the United States was
known as the year without a summer.
January of that year was so mild that
most people would have let their fur
naces go out had they possessed any,
rnd February was only occasionally
colder. March and April coaxed the
buds and flowers out, and May was a
winter month, with ics and snow. By
lhe end of May everything perishable
had been killed by the cold, and the
young leaves had been stripped from ;
the trees. June was as cold as May.
Both snow and ice were common
throughout the month all over the corn
belt, and after having planted coin
x a1 i . . - .U , fn.n...f. 4 .nl' t
lVO or mice limus tut; inuiaiij
up their hand3. Snow fell ten inches
deep in Vermont. The following win
ter was tho hardest the people of the
United States have ever known. One
had to have a stockade around one's
even the meiit of justice, but the per
son who i-an get over it; can neither
forgive nor forget, io something of a
saying, and doomed to a miserable
existence. And, while anger is some
times inevitable, the grudge that is
to endure must be nursed and nursed
to the exclusion of more useful efforts.
The rweating over renvenge has been
greatly over estimated, and the one
who choose it for a career is bound to
miss a great deal that is worth while
and finish miserably and with much
loss to the community. Hatred is a
disease, or worse, ;n that it affects the
mind as well as the body. It isn't a
normal state of mind, and the one
who cultivates it is edging toward in
sanity. Cheerfulness aids digestion,
and augments the general health, and
one can't be cheerful while contem
plating devilment to be done another.
Therefore, if you have enemies, as
most of us have, avoid them, and pay
more attention to your friends. Your
enemies probably will do as much for
you, and thus the grudge is gone, and
life is worth living. And, to help you
forget your grudge, it isw ell to re
member that it is apt to hurt you
more than it does your enemy. It
takes two to make a quarrel, but one
can bear the brunt cf keeping it go
ing, and that one is the one with a
mania for revenge, and a knife be
tween his teeth. You probably won't
love your enemies, but you needn't
devote overtime to hating them.
The Grim Reaper continues to get
in his work throughout the county as
well as in town.
It is hard work to get your money's
worth from a million dollar rain at
this season of the year.
:o :
Congressman Mann is standing
manfully by the president. Mr. Mann
is the republican leader of the house.
The Shackleford good roads bill
that has gone through congress ap
propriates $25,000,000. Nebraska
should get in early for their share
of the porkchops.
The republican state committee met
in Lincoln Tuesday night, at which
meeting Walter George, the chairman,
resigned, and J. C. McNish of Wisner
was elected in his place. Walter don't
intend to be handicapped in the pri
maries, even.
Experience is the greatest of all
teachers, but so many of us are so
obtuse that we fail to see the signifi
cance of the facts which she so quietly
but persistently sets out before us.
In nature itself there is no waste.
Even the decay of dead matters
fertilizes for new growth. It is oidy
man who is wasteful, who defies law
and disobeys it, and suffers evil con
sequenccs. If one who has received a
;omfortable salary for five or ten
years suddenly finds himself out of
a position, without any money saved
up, he is quits likely to blame his
"luck" instead of looking at the mat
cer as the direct result of a definite
cause. Experience is putting before
Jiim a lesson which he has refused to
learn any other way, and which he
must learn by heart. If, instead of
futilely bemoaning his "luck," ha will
listen, he will hear a rtill, small voice
whispering to him of nickels, dimes
and dollars squandered in ways which
have not yielded their value in enjoy
ment or self-development. Money
spent in legitimate pleasures arc those
which do not leave a bad taste in th?
mouth but, instead, bertow delightful
memories that no amount of hardship
can deprive one of.
Drs. EVlach Bl fllach, The Dentists
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