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9 Your Attention!
and are satisfied you will not find any better values elsewhere our prices rang
in 20c, 25c, 35c. Our Santos Peaberry coffee at 30c per pound is an especially
good coffe and cannot be equalled for its delicacy of flavor.
The Reid Murdoch people have made a special effort to give the
public a good Coffee at a moderate price. We carry a full line of
their quality goods, and are offering a 40c grade of Coffee at 35c.
3 POUNDS FOR $1.00
We invite you to inspect a new Bavarian Dinner Set we have
just received. You can purchase this in open stock, 104 piece set,
costing you only $16.00. This is an exceptionally good bargain.
1 doz. Van Camp's Pork and Beans $1 .00
3 Cans Standard Corn 25
3 Cans Early June Peas 25
3 Cans Hominy 25
3 Cans Tomatoes (2 lb.) 25
1 Can Best Grade Kraut 10
3 pounds fancy Muir Peaches 25
5 Cans best Hawaiian Pineapple 1 .00
I 3 pound Advo Tomato, extra fancy 15
California White Preserved Figs 10
Krispt Corn Flakes, per package 05
Sunshine Corn Flakes, 4 packages 25
W axtile Maple Flakes, 3 packages 25
5 pounds Rice 25
3 pounds Best Head Rice 25
The mission at the St. Luke's Epis
copal church in this city was com
menced last evening1, and despite the
stormy and cold weather, a large num
ber of the members of the parish were
present to take part in the first of
these great meeting:? which will be
held in every parish of the American
church and which is tended to awaken
in the church a clearer conception of
this church and its mission as the
standard bearer of Christ's teachings
in the new world. Father V. S. Leete,
rector of the church in this city, will
serve as missioner at the services dur
ing tne coming week, and a growing
interest has already been felt among
the parishioners that the church was
calling with its stirring message to
the American people. A nation-wide
preaching mission is designed, not to
revive for a brief space a gospel min
istry; it is designed to place a fresh
and permanent accent upon the lofty
ministry of the pulpit. If it is to be
effective in revivincr th- snrritual life
of the church and through it the! Halton Powell's "For the Love of
spiritual life of the nation, it mus4Mjke," one of the most famous cur-
not be spectacular or sporadic. It. is n musical forces ever produced on
not a movement, it is a re-affirmed -the American staire. i to be the at-
Miss Belle Hatch of Omaha was in
the city yesterday as n guest of Miss
Violet Dodge, and enjoying the pleas
ures of the day in a re. t from the city.
Miss Hatch will so'.n open a new mil
linery shop at 1820 I'-irnam street in
the most exclusive part of the city,
and Miss Dodge will assist her in the
trimming line during the coming .sea
son. With the splendid ability and
taste shown bv Miss Dodge in her I
previous experiences in this line he
should prove a most valuable addi
tion to tha new high-class millinery
Red H
ot Bath Heaters
will heat the water in your tanks quicker and easier than
any of the old style heaters.
This heater will burn any
soft coal, wood chips or cobs,
under water.
kind of fuel hard or
All the fire is entirely
Phone 53 and 54
"' )
We Like to Serve
principal of service.
The sermon last evening was one
filled with the deepest meaning on
"The Greatness of God," and its in.
spiring words found an echo in the
hearts of the members of the parish.
The instruction given was on
"Prayer," which gave the church's
position in regard to this part of the
religious structure. The missioner
will have a question box during the
mission when different questions per
taining to the teachings of the church
will be taken up and explained.
The general committee of advisors
who will assist in the work of the mis
sion and to help the missioner in the
general work will be: Dr. J. S. Liv
ingston, C. W. Baylor, Miss Barbara
Gering, Mrs. Eva Reece, Mrs. J. H.
The committee for calling and dis
tribution of literature consists ofi
traction at the Parmelee Theater on
Thursday night, February Its com
ing is in keeping with the efforts of
the house management to present a
series of the highest class of attrac
tion this season.
Mr. Powell, who is sponsor for the
attraction, will be remembered as the
producer of "Henpecked Henry,"
"Safety First' "This Is thee Life,"
In presenting "For the Love of
Mike." Mr.' Powell feels assured that
you will say it is his biggest success.
It is mo-t laughable r.nd to add to
its charm it is presented by an especi
ally fine company headed by the well
known eccentric comedian of note,
James L. McCabe.
Comment and criticism that have
preceded the show are of the mjost fav
orable nature and
here should be one
Candidate for Governor Says Dry
Amedment Is Separate Issue Is
for Prohibition as an Individual.
Omaha, Jan. Co. Following is the
statement with respect to the prohibi
tion amendment and his candidacy
for the republican nomination for gov
ernor made by E. M. Pollard here
amendment. Should I be elected gov
ernor, I will be required to take an
oath supporting the constitution and
the laws as I find them. To me this
oath will be a solemn obligation.
Should prohibition carry at the elec
tion, whoever is elected governor, will,
when sworn into office, take an oath
that will make it obligatory on his
part to carry out the spirit of the
new constitution. To be true to his
oath, it will be necessary to sign a bil
submitted by the legislature to make
effective the constitutional amend
Will Enforce Laws.
"I will enforce all existing - laws,
under my oath, to the best of my abil
ity. This has been my attitude on the
question from the beginning. In my
travels about the state, I find that the
people generally, whether they favor
the amendment or whether they op-
George Dodge Mrs.Dodge. Dr. T. I
Livingston, Mrs. J. H. Thrasher, Miss!events of the season
Barbara. Gering, Mrs. Eva Recce, ' 'overs in this city.
Mrs. RA. Bates, Mrs. J. II. Kuhns. j
Mrs. R. F. Patterson, Miss Marie
"The constitutional amendment.
adopted a few years ago, providing ;Pose lt accept my position as being
tne initiative as a means of submit
ting questions to the people, had for
its purpose the eliminating of all
rrv-ral questions from politics. The
3tilature that convened following
the adoption of the amendment, en
acted a law which specifically stated
that no political party should endorse
any matter submitted under the initi
ative. The law further provided that
any qustion submitted under the
initiative, should appear on a separate
LaUot. It is apparent that the people
in adopting the constitutional amend
ment and the legislation in providing
the machinery for carrying it into ef
fect, safeguarded the initiative in
every way against political interfer
ence. I believe that a man who aspires
to become governor of the state
ought to have the highest regard for
r-t only the letter, but the spirit of
the law. In this instance it clearly
estops him from becoming active
either in support of or opposition to
right. In fact, the only position a con
scientious man can take. During the
three or four days I have just spent
in Omaha, I find that among certain
business men who are handling many
of the great industrial enterprises of
the city, and for the most part, tem
perance men in their private life, are
insisting that a candidate for governor
to be acceptable must oppose prohibi
tion. This simply mean? that a candi
date for governor who is acceptable to
ti.ein must be a person who will
onnose the carrying out of the will of
the people should prohibition carry.
"It is well known that the governor
has no voice in the adoption of the
amendment. That question is to be
settled by the people at the November
election. The governor can neither
approve nor veto the will of the people
as expressed in the election. A man's
views on the temperance question
ought not to be material to the op
ponents or proponents of prohibition,
because he has nothing to do with it.
the prohibition amendment. As an j The only excuse for bringing this mat-individ-jal,
I expect to vote for thejter into the primary campaign on the
jam 1
Wood, Bailed Hay and Feed!
1st Door East of Court House. Tel. No. 278
I have opened up a new Coal and iVed Store and
will be pleased to see all my old patrons in the new
location. Prompt and courteous service will be ex
tended to all. I solicit a share of the public patron
age, and will treat you right.
part of the friends of the liquor in
terests is to secure the nomination of
a man for governor who is known to
be opposed to the enactment of legis
lation for carrying into effect prohi-1 Donnelly, Dr. J. S. Livingston, Guy
bition should it carry and who will I Reece, Miss Verna Leonard, Madame
stullify himself by winking at the law j and Mrs. W. S. Leete.
in his failure to enforce it. To my Services will commence each even
mina. mis is one or tne most contemn:-1 mg at i no,
ible and disgraced situations imagin
Qualifications for Governor.
"For my own part, I have always
lived in the country where I have
ueen surrounded by nature and lived
in a wholesome atoysphere, where
ability, high character and fidelity to
duty is' the rule by which men are
measured. I find a great many men,
in the class referred to, who consider
these accomplishments a bar to politic
al preferment, especially in so far as
its engagemert
of the notable
for iimusemci.t
We offer fiom our Dry Goods De
partment the following goods at cut
figures :
1 lot of Outing Flannel, regular
Kc and 12c goods, at, per
yard 81 2 c
1 lot Bed Ticking, ..he regular
lc graJ-2. iit, per yaid 15c
1 lot of Pillow Tubing, the 20c
grade, at, per yard 16c
1 lot of Linings at U off the
regular price.
1 lot Dress Ginghams, at, per yd. .10c
Hot Worsted Dress Goods, 50c
grade, at
1 lot Worsted Dress Goods, 00c
grade, at
1 lot of Children's Wool Hose, 25c
grade, at
1 lot Ladies Cotton Ho:.;e. 25c
grade, at
1 'ot of Err.b: oidi vy that sold up
This morning two Omaha seekers
after connubial felicity arrived in this
city on No. 4 and at once inquired
their way up to where they could se
cure the necessary license to entitle
them to be joined as man and wife,
and at last reaching the county build
ing visited the office of Cupid's ally,
Judge Beeson, who granted the desired
license and also performed the mar
riage ceremony in his usual impres
sive manner. After he wedding the
newly weds visited for a few hours,
taking in the sights of the city, and
departed this afternoon for their home
?t Omaha, where they will give their
fiiends a surprise at having stolen a
maich on them and being married.
HIBTIONTONIGHT Prof. Lewis of New York, who
the candidates for governor are con- claims to be the champion finger bil-
cerned. ' I do not mean to intimate
that this situation is universal. I
know personally a great many men
throughout the city associated with
great industrial enterprises who have
no sympathy with this idea. I also
know that there are thousands of
people in Omaha who want a man of
liardist of the world and the only man
in the world playing billiards with
his nose, is to give an exhibition in
the Dunbar bililard parlor at'7:30 this
evening. Following this exhibition
Prof. Lewis will appear in an exhibi
tion in the Elks' club rooms which
to 27c, jroos at, per yard
let of Lace a special to close,
at, per yard
lot of Misres' Shoes,
.SI. 25 and SI. 50 goods
per pair
lot Children's Shoos goes
per pair
go at,
Old-Fashioned Spelling School.
Winipeg, Man., Jan. 2$. The al
most extinct buffalo may roam the
northern plains in great herds once
more. The Canadian government is
conducting experiments looking toward
that. Four bulls and sixteen females
of the species catalo, hybrid buffalo.
have been placed in Buffalo nark.
Wain right, Alta.
high character and recognized ability vlkit;M . 0
elected governor of the state. To alll . , . ... . T . .. . .
u vtvn.iv kiua evening. j-it;vvi3 ill Ills
Dunbar exhibition is scheduled to play
a P-arriA of halk- lino nf inn
"The friends of the liquor interests noints aftpr -.h5rh h(, wlT1 nlv thp
are forcing their issue by their ac- hpat fonr lftrfl, niawra. tW
: nr. t l ,1 .
nun in mis maiier. i wisn to appeal k
to all tne good people in Omaha and
those who share this belief, I
to sound this warning.
throughout the state to rebuke any
such effort. There is no reason why
the liquor question should be drawn
into the gubernatorial campaign. It is
perhaps not material to the people of
the state whether I am nominated or
elected gvernor or not. In my opinion
however, it is rof the utmost import
ance that a man be elected governor
that is known to be a man of recog
nized ability, of high character and
who will conscientiously perform the
obligations of his oath in enforcing
the constitution and laws of the state
regardless of whether prohibition
carries or not."
a handicap of 50 to 25
points in favor of the locals, while the
professional will play the game with
his "long nose" as a cue. The visitor
expects to put on some fancy shots in
which the nose and fingers will be
prominently used.
Meeting of Eastern Star.
The regular meeting of the Eastern
Star will be held tomorrow at the
lodge rooms at 7:30.
Yesterday morning the body of the
late Albert Newton Long was ;taken
from his home in this city to Gretna,
Nebraska, the former residence of Mr.
Long, where he had resided for close
to forty years, and laid to rest there
yesterday afternoon in the family
burial lot in the cemetery at that
place. The members of the family ac
companied the body of the husband
?nd father to the old home for final
interment. A large number of the old
friends and neighbors were present jTel No 1
mere to laice-pan in me last tributes
of lov and eatetm.
T. H. P01L0GK
Real Estate
5o Farm Loans
Office and Salesroom
Washington, D. C, Jan. 2!. Th
house of representatives has passed
the Ferris grazing-homestead bill
which would permit one person to
homestead 640 acres of land whiel
shall have been designed by the sec
retary of the interior as stock rais
ing lands. The designation will be
based on his opinion that the surface
is chiefly valuable for grazing and
raising forage crops, does not con
tain merchantable timber, is not sus
ceptible of irrigation from any known
source of water supplv, and is of
such a character that 040 acres are
reasonably required for the support
of a family.
Congressman P. D. Norton of North
Dakota tried to obtain amendment of
the bill that aformer homestead entry
of agricultural land shall not be a bar
to entering enough to make up G40
acres in all.
The bill is promised a stormy pass
age in the senate, where a number of
western senators defeated it at the
last session.
Suffering From the Grippe.
Miss Alice Eaton has been number
ed during the past week with the
grippe victims and has been suffering
quite a great deal from the annoyance
of this malady, but is feeling a little
better at present and is now on the
highway to recovery.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express to our friends
in Plattsmouth our sincere apprecia
tion of their treatment of us while
residents of this city and for their
pleasant relations in a. business way
and patronage during our stay. Should
we ever return we know our business
record here' will be well earned.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Zucker.
Let us install a Gas Range or Wa
ter Heater for you now. It will prove
most satisfactory. See the Nebraska
Lighting Co. now.
Hot Ladies Shies, regular S2.00
grade, go at. per pair $1 .39
1 lot Boys' Shoes, regular S2.00
values, go at, per pair $1.33
1 lot of Children's Underwear,
separate garments, at, each. . . .
1 lot of Ladies' Kid Gloves, in sev
eral colors, former price $1.50,
to close out, at, per pair
New arrivals Children's Hose, at,
per pair
Bed Sheet", 72xl0-in. at, each.
D. M. C. Crochet Cotton, in white,
in No. 2, 3, f, 10 and 15, only a small
A special Handkerchief, with em
broidered coiners (ladies) for,
There will be an '"Old-Fashioned
Spelling School" and Box Social held
at the Eiht Mile Grove school, Dis
trict No. 25. on Saturday evening,
February 12th. Everyone is cordially
invited. Spelling will begin at 8
o'clock. The ladies are requested to
bring boxes and the gentlemen the
coin. Mae Barker, Teacher.
William Stohlman Here.
William Stohlman, one of the lead
ing citizens of Center precinct, and
also one of the staunchest democrats
in Cass county, came in this morning
from his home near Louisville, to
spend a short time in the county seat
with friends. The visit of Mr. Stohl
man to the county seat is the first for
seme time and his many friends were
well pleased to see him.
Not at the Dance.
Card of Thanks.
I am taking this means of express
ing my most heartfelt appreciation of
the pleasant manner in which my
many friends joined in entertaining
duiing the time following the an
nouncement of our departure from
Plattsmouth. Especially the Wood
man Circle, Mrs. W. E. Rosencrans
and the Ladies' Kensington club which
entertained at the home of Mrs. F. G.
Egenl.erger, and all my friends for ards.
Roy Rinker, who it was stated last
Monday was arrested at the dance at
the German Heme, has asked that he
be placed in the proper light before
the public, as he was not arrested at
the dance, bur was arrested near the
Egenberger corner for being drunk,
but was not fighting.
Make your old floors look like new
by having the old paint or varnish and
uneven joints removed by the Electric
Floor Surfacer. See Peters & Rich-
' Phone 35.
their kindnesses.
Mrs. V. Zucker. Read the want ads in the Journal.
ywnii'Anw n xy.y y-y-' W"u
.i. tif.ii. i.-:V,:i-v. -li -; n .
FEBRUARY 4th to 15th
Details in next Thursday's Advertisement
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