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Caiumet is so temptir
wno'esome ceuciou-
I want 'cm all. Tor
thin-s hard to bake rl-htllQ
it can't be equalled. Ca.a-lQtfV
s-s met is the world's best rjJ
(QtfVfl TliLin-r Powder it's mod-
X1 crate i.i price iire ir. the jpVVK
can a ! ;r..rr in fur k::fi
i: 5 .v. the ru si ecLitci..
to buy a -J to uc."
Received Highest Awards
A Ci faci
foil, - 4 -tULSS
Cheap fcndilg caBakir.:; Powders dc not
save you rr. one". C-i'-T-.ct U'sPr--and
far superior to sour milk and soda.
Report I'rom Athens, Howeer, Say
the Bulgarians Are Back of
French Lints.
Pari-. Nov. 1". Repulse with heavy
los.-s of a Bulgarian attack along the
ntire Fi tiich Tz-jma. river iine in
southern Serbia was announced by the
war ollice tociav.
Athene. Nov. IJritish, French
Sorb are ?aininr atrainst t
Bui'arian in nouthern Serbia.
The I'ular.s are in superior num
bers, hut liuir forces are in scattered
lands, home of which have b?en cut
of!" from the m;;in body and are put
ting up separate battles.
Thuj, b.-.iues the principal righting
li. 'j from Strumnitza alontr the Var-ia:-
river through Velcs to Tetovc, hot
enpatrements aie rapinjr at several
points southwest of this front.
Airain. t Vt les, French troops are di
recting a terrific drive. The artillery
has inflicted appalling- losses, on the
I; ulnars.
Tetovc i- in the Serbs' possession.
Tlie Serbs here took 520 IJulpar pris
oiiers and preat quantities cf rnuni
tions and supplies.
Serbs Fiht as Uu.-hw hackers.
Sofia, Nov. l.j. Buljrariar.s, Ger
rr.ans and Austrians are scoring1 suc-ccsr-os
i:i Serbia.
On ti:e touthern front the Bulgars
arc the British, French and
Iiussian Consul Strebutajev wa-i
captured by Bulbars at Uskub.
West of Nish, the Serbs are break
ir.z jruerilla banc'te; and are being
captured at the rate of 1,000 or so a
Never cn tell when you'll mash a
f:Tifrer or ruiTer a cut, bruise, burn or
scald. Be prepared. Thousands rely
on Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil. Your
druggist sells it. 25c and 50c.
Twelve Cannon Are Also Taken by
the Germans and the
Berlin, Nov. 15. (By wireless to
Sayville.) Announcement was madJ
by the war office today of the capt
ure of 8,500 Serbians, with twelve can
non. Of these 7,000 prisoners an'l
seven cannon were taken by the Bul
garians. Pursuit of the Serbians is
being continued all along the front.
A defeat of the Russians in Galicia
is announced today by the war office
which says that the troops of General
von Linsingen drove back the Russians
from the west bank of the Styr river.
The entire west bank has now been
clearing. Russian attacks near Smorg
on, eadt of Vilna, were repulsed.
On the western front the Germans
stormed a French trench 300 yards
long, northeast of Bourie.
Activity in the Labyrinth.
Paris, Nov. 15. Infantry firing has
been going on without interruption in
the "labyrinth" according to an
nouncement made this afternoon by
the French war ofike. Previous re
ports that the losses of the Germans
on November 14 were very high have
been confirmed.
Italians Report Action.
Rome, Nov. 14. (Via Paris, Nov.
15.) The following official statement
was issued today at the headquarters
of the Italian general staff:
"In the Ledro valley from the slopes
of Noziulo, from Montes Pari, Cima
uuru and Rocehetta enemy artillery
opened an intense fire against our
positions, also throwing inflammable
shells cn Bezzecco and Pieve di Ledro
without, however, damaging our solid
"On the Tyrol-Trentino front and
in Carnia there were no important
"On the Isonzo front our action con
tinued yesterday. We progressed on
Javortck, in the Plezzo basin and on
the heights northwest of Gorizia.
"On the Carso pateau we have taken
strong entrenchments called Dello
Frasche, to the southwest of San
"Our aeroplanes on the twelfth, not
withstanding bad weather, made suc
cessful raids over the Carso. They
bombarded the railroad stations at
Reifenberg, San Daniele, Syope, and
Dottoglino and long lines of trains
standing at the stations. Twenty
enemy machines of the Albatross type
and one of the Aviatik type, which
were met on the way. were put to
flight by machine gun fire. Our ma
chines returned undamaged."
Daughter at Bert Knorr Home.
From WednesrtaVd Dally.
Yesterday there arrived at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Knorr a little
daughter to brighten their lives. The
little daughter is doing nicely, but the
mother has not fully rallied and her
condition has given her family con
siderable apprehension.
Gypsy Boots!
The GYPSY is a
new Fall Creation in Wom
en's Boots!
It is the newest of the new!
It is greatly admired by every wom
an that sees it!
It is artistic and handsome!
Lace or button styles, Louis heel,
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Price $4.00
We've every variation of size and
width for perfect fitting. Sizes,
to 7; width, A to E.
Fetzer Shoe Co.
Ralston Shoes for Men.
Utz and Dunn Shoes for Women.
The funeral of the late Sam Long
will be held Friday afternoon from
the home in South Bend, where the
services will be conducted and the
body taken from there to Lincoln,
where it will be laid to rest in the
Wyka cemetery in that city. The fun
eral has been held at this date to per
mit relatives residing in New York
to reach South Bend in time to at
tend the ceremonies and pay their
last tribute of love and respect to
this splendid gentleman who has been
taken from our midst.
Plan Expansion of Industry After the
War to Pay Off Stagger
ing Debt.
New York, Nov. 15. The most im
Iortant action taken by any of the
belligerents for recovery from the ex
hausting destructiveness of the war is
the American tour of an industrial
commission from France, which will
study ways for increasing French
productivity when peace is declared.
France is thus preparing in advance
to offset the financial burdens of the
war. There is only one way for the
belligerent nations to overcome the
dead weight of indebtedness which
the war is causing. A nation pays its
debts by its products. If, when the
war is ended, the European countries
are able largely to increase their pro
ductivity, they can provide without
difficulty for the proper liquidation of
the liabilities they are now contract
ing. This is what saved Europe after
the Napoleonic wars. An era of in
vention of labor saving machinery
caused an immense industrial expan
sion throughout Europe and the largo
increase in productivity was much
more than sufficient to wipe off Eu
rope's long years of financial losses.
During the century which has fol
lowed the United States has made
greater strides in industrial efficiency
than any of the European countries.
American workers are from two to
five times more productive per mat
than are European workers. France
has recognized this fact and has sent
a commission to the United States to
learn American methods. The indus
trial center of France is in the north
ern departments now held by devas
tated area. Here is the opportunity
to catch up with the financial -waste
of the war.
If the new factories are equipped
with American machinery and if the
American regard for efficiency is ap
preciated and followed, France can re
cover from the exhaustion of the war
and can increase in wealth and pros
perity at the same time. The samt
principle is open to all the other bel
ligerents and they must adopt it, or
future generations will be enthralled
by the staggering debts of the war.
American industrial methods alone
can save Europe from almost intoler
able taxation after the war is ended.
Washington, Nov. 16. Associate
Justice Charles E. Hughes of the
United States supreme court is taking
iiuiet steps to have withdrawn the
nominating petition filed by some of
his admirers in Nebraska, who have
named him for the presidency. Ne
braskans in Washington do not believe
that the justice will be forced to the
embarrassing course of appealing to
the courts of Nebraska to keep his
name from the Nebraska ballot.
Those familiar with the Nebraska
law say that Mr. Hughes' simple re
quest will probably be enough to ef
fect the withdrawal of the petition,
though a ruling by the attorney gen
eral of Nebraska may be necessary.
But it is said on good authority that
even if judicial -action should prove
to be needed Mr. Hughes will not
hesitate to go even that far.
Mr. Hughes feels that the least sus
picion of political activity -on the su
preme bench weakens the prestige and
assails the dignity of the highest court
in the country.
Genuine Fletcher's Castoria, this
week only, at 19c. Gering & C., the
Spot Cash Family Druggists. 'Phone
No. 36.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. V.
Zucker entertained the ladies of the
Kensington club at her cozy home and
the occasion was one of the most
pleasant that the ladies have enjoyed
this season and the gracious hospital
ity will be long very pleasantly re
membered. The occasion was one
tinged with regret, however, as the
event was in the nature of a farewell,
as the hostess is to withdraw from
the club and the members will miss
very much the pleasant association
they have enjoyed in the past. The
afternoon was spent in the making of
dainty articles of needlework, as well
as pleasant social conversation and
several pleasing instrumental selec
tions by Miss Dorothy Zucker served
to add to the pleasures of the after
noon. At a suitable hour a most de
lectable four-course luncheon was
served, that added very much to the
pleasures of the event. The dining
room was arranged most artistically
with streamers of red and green drap
ed from the chandelier to the center of
the table, where a centerpiece of fruit
and smilax made a beautiful touch
to the general decorative scheme, tiny
baskets in red were placed as favors
of the afternoon. Mrs. Zucker was
assisted in serving by Mesdames W. D.
Smith and Chas. Mehering. As guests
of the club on this occasion there were
present Mesdames W. E. and Clayton
Rosencrants, Joseph Droege, John
Bauer, sr., M. E. Manspeaker, C. F.
Vallery and F. G. Egenberger.
Any vulgarian can gain a laugh, but
it takes an artist to bring a smile
without a blush. Fathers and moth
ers don't want their sons and daugh
ters to listen to suggestive lines; a
man would net take his wife or sweet
heart to see a risque scene, r.o matter
how ludicrous it might be, but the
world wants to laugh. Every funny
"jest," every bit of "business" in the
"Two Merry Tramps" is clean, abso
lutely clean, that is why the "Two
Merry Tramps" Musical Comedy,
which will be at the Parmele theater
on Tuesday night. November 28, sails
the sea of prosperity, while other
shows are wrecked on the rocks of
Y'ou cannot make a good cough
medicine at home for as little as you
pay for T oley's Honey and Tar, nor
can you be sure of getting trfe fresh,
full strength, clean and pure ma
terials. Did you ever hear of a home
made cough medicine doing the work
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over the country? Sold everywhere.
Earl M. Geis and bride returned
this morning on No, 6 from McCook.
where they were married Tuesday
tvening, and will at once start house
keeping at their new home on Lincoln
"Nehawka's Best"
Not only our opinion but
the verdict of a host of sat
isfied customers.
If you are not using
Neliawlia Flour
take a sack home with you
today and try it.
Every sack guaranteed to
give entire satisfaction.
For sale by every mer
chant in Nehawka, all the
leading dealers in Platts
mouth and Hiatt & Tutt, of
Nehawka Milling
Nehawka, - - Nebraska
Mrs. H. Moore was a Lincoln visitor
Will Kitzel was in Lincoln Wednes
day on business.
Joe and John Foreman were Lin
coln visitors Sunday.
C. R. Jordan was a passenger for
Lincoln Wednesday morning.
Miss Etta Miller spent Saturday
and Sunday with home folks.
J. V. Cochran of Hallam visited at
the Fred Prouty home this week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Casey were in
Lincoln Saturday visiting friends.
J. A. Shaffer and son. Castle, spent
a few days last week hunting at South
C. E. Stauber of Marvin, Iowa, is
visiting Rev. E. L. Uptegrove this
C. C. Bucknell was visiting his son,
George Bucknell, at Sterling Wed
nesday. The Misses Mary and Florence Tay
lor of Murdock visited friend here
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert John
son, November 14, a son, weighing
eleven and one-half pounds.
W. E. Casey, accompanied by J. A.
Shaffer and family, autoed to Green
wood Monday to shoot a few ducks.
Thomas Stout, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Klyver and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Klyver motored to Lincoln Saturday.
Miss Ella Coleman of Lincoln came
down Saturday to visit at the Henry
Miller home and with others friends.
A freight wreck near Richfield on
the C, R. I. & P. R. R. tied up traffic
Monday. Fortunately no one was in
jured J. H. Stroemer, Castle Shaffer, W.
E. Casey, J. A. Shaffer and wife- and
Miss Hammond motored to Green
wood Sunday.
Melvin Kear and sister, Mrs. Her
lington, of Lincoln, took supper with
their brother, Fred Kear and family,
Monday evening.
Orrin Baldwin came down from
University Place Wednesday morning.
He and William Sutton motored to
Sterling on business.
Mrs. Lem Foreman of College View
visited from Friday until Tuesday
with Mr. Foreman's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. P. Foreman.
John Foreman and Ellis Coon
brought the G. P. Foreman cattle from
Seward county the first of the week
for winter feeding here.
Mrs. Arzilla Foreman's little daugh
ter returned to her home at Valpara
iso Wednesday, after spending a week
here with her mother and brothers.
Dan Donnelly of Valparaiso visited
relatives here a few days last week.
He will make his home with George
Foreman at Valparaiso this winter.
Word was received here of Mr. Alex
Skiles, which occurred at 7 a. m. Wed-
esday at the home of his daughter.
Mrs. Clara Prouty, at University
Place. The body will be brought to
Alvo for interment.
Mrs. Ralph Uhley left Tuesday for
her home at Verdon, after a week's
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. P. Rouse. Her baby is doing nice
ly since he was in the Omaha hospital.
Mr. Rouse is getting better.
The Alvo High school gave a hard
time party Saturday evening. Games
were indulged in and nuts, candy and
popcorn were served. Clara Dickerson
and Charlie Foreman took prizes for
their extremely hard-time makeup.
Mrs. W. L. Folden of Beatrice, Neb.,
announces the marriage of her daugh
ter, Kathryn E. Hammond, to Castla
Watson Shaffer, which occurred No
vember 1G. 115, at Omaha. Mr. and
Mrs. Shaffer will be at home in Alvo
until after the holidays.
C. E. Elanchard, postmaster, Blan
chard. Cal., writes: "I had kidney
trouble so bad I had to go to the hos
pital. Foley Kidney Pills completely
cured me." Men and women testify
they banish lame back, stiff joints,
sore muscles and sleep disturbing
bladder ailments. Sold everywhere.
Showing Some Improvement.
Mrs. Bert Knorr, who is quite ill at
her home, is reported as being slightly
improved today and her condition is
much more assuring to the fam
ilv and friends. and it is
thought that with her present im
provement she will soon be on the
highway to recovery. The little
daughter i3 doing nicely and is a fine
little lady.
Am J
j- East of Riley HoteL 4"
Coates' Block,
f Second Floor.
How to Prevent Croup.
It may be a surprise to you to learn
that in many cases croup can be pre
vented. Mrs. H. M. Johns, Elida,
Ohio, relates her experience as fol
lows: "My little boy is subject to
croup. During the past winter I kept
a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy in the house, and when he began
having that croupy cough I would give
him one or two doses of it and it
would break the attack. I like it bet
ter for children than any other cough
medicine, because children take it wil
lingly, and it is safe and reliable."
Obtainable eevrywhere.
On Tuesday, November 10th, at
Omaha, occurred the marriage of Miss
Catherine Hammond of that city an 1
Captain Castle Watson Shaffer of
Alvo. The wedding will be a source
of much pleasure to the many friend?
of the young people in this county and
two more estimable people could not
be found than Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer.
The bride is the daughter of Mrs. W.
L. Folden of Beatrice and a youn"
lady of most charming personality
and has won a host of friends among
those with whom she has come in con
tact. The groom is one of the leaders
in the National Guard of Nebraska
and in the aeroplane corps has been
one of the chief aids of General Phil
Hall. He is a son of our old friend,
J. A. Shaffer, of Alvo, and is a young
man of exceptional worth and ability.
The young people will make their fut
ure home at Alvo, and the Journ-il
joins with their firends in wishing
them a long and happy wedded life.
DONT MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with five cents to Foley
& Co., Chicago. 111., writing your name
and address clearly. Y'ou will receive
in return a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, for
coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kidney
Pills, and Foley Cathartic Tablets.
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The Empress vaudeville at the Par
mele theater last evening pleased n
greater part of the audience with their
different acts, which were purely in
the nature of a program of laughter
and mirth, and there was not a dull
moment from the start to the finish
and everyone was given their fullest
opportunity of enjoying a good laugh
at the different acts presented. De
Voe and Dayton, the eccentric dancer?,
were one of the pleasing features of
the program, as well as Creighton,
Belmont and Creighton, the Mudtown
minstrels, added their part in the ban
ishment of sorrow with their novel
and interesting burlesque on the reg
ular minstrel show. Paul Bowen,
"The Human Freight," in his dancin r
and novelty acts, as well as his mono
logue, pleased the greater part of thj
audience. Bert Wiggens & Co., in i
comedy act, "A Trip to Joy Street,"
was something novel and entertaining
and received his share of the ap
proval of the audience.
Nothing frightens a mother more
than the loud, hoarse cough of croup.
Labored breathing, strangling, chok
ing and gasping for breath demand
instant action. Mrs. T. Neureuer, Eau
Claire, Wis., says: "Foley's Honey
and Tar cured my boy of croup after
other remedies failed." Recommended
for coughs and colds. Sold every
Mrs. George E. Dovey and daugh
ter, Mrs. R. F. Patterson, were visit
ors in Omaha today for a few hours,
looking after some matters of import
Loy Clarence of Union was in the
city for a few hours this morning,
driving up in his car with a number
of persons who were anxious to catch
the early Burlington train.
Are you buying your winter goods
at the Fanger Department Store this
Fall? Remember the Great Retiring
Sale offers you exceptional bargains
at this time.
George Barr was among those
journeying to Omaha this afternoon
to look after some matters of busi
ness for a short time.
United Doctors Specialist
will again be at the
Saturday, Dec. 4, 1915
HOURS 10 A. M. TO 8 P. M.
Remarkable Success of These Talented
Physicians in the Treatment
of Chronic Diseases.
Offer Their Services Free of Charge
The United Doctors, licensed by the
State of Nebraska for the treatment
ot uelormities anu all nervous and
I chronic diseases of men. women mil
children, offer to all who call on this
trip, consultation, examination, ad
vice free, making no charge whatever,
except the actual cost of treatment.
All that is asked in return for these
valuable services is that every per.-on
treated will state the result obtained
to their friends and thus pioe to the
sick and af'icted in every city ar.d lo
cality that at last treatments have
been discovered that are reasonably
sure and certain in their effect.
These doctors are anrmg A me ri .-'
leading stomach and nerve special. sts
and are experts in the treatment of
chronic diseaies and so great ;ul
wonderful have been their results that
in many cases it is hard to l.nd
the dividing line between tkill und
Diseases of the stomach,,
liver, blood, skin, nerves, heart, spiecii.
kidneys, or bladder, rheumatism, sci
atica, diabetis,, taie
worm, leg ulcers, weak ar.d those
afflicted with long-standing deep seat
ed, chronic diseases that have baffled
the skill of the family physici.ins,
should not fail to call. Deafness often
has been cured in sixty days.
According to their system no more
perations for appendicitis, gall stones,
tumors, goiter, piles, etc., as these
diseases are treated without operation
or hypodermic injection.
They were among the first in Amer
ica to earn the name of "Blood. ess
Surgeons." by doine: away with the
knife with blood and with all pain in
the successful treatment of these dan
gerous diseases.
If you have kidney or bladder trou
bles bring a two ounce bottle of our
urinc for chemical analysis and
scopic examination.
No matter what your ailment may
be. no matter what others may l.uve
told you, no matter what experience
you may have had witn other physi
cians, it will be to your advantage t
see them at once. Have it forever set
tled in your mind. If your ca.--e is in
curable they will give you such advice
as mav relieve and stay the disease.
Do not put orf this duty you ewe your
self or friends or relatives who are
ffering because of your sickness, as
visit at this time may help you.
Worn-out and run-down nun and
women, no matter what your ailment.
consult them. It costs you nothing.
Remember, this free offer is for thh
visit only.
Married ladies come with their hus
bands and minors with their parents.
Laboratories, Milwaukee. Wisconsin.
Dance on November 27th.
There will be a dance on Saturday
evening, November 27th, at the Ger
man Home, and for this event the gen
eral public is cordially invited to be
present. The music will be furni.-hed
by the Plattsmouth orchestra.
Mrs. Mason Wise of DeWitt. Mis
souri, is in tne city, canea nere ny tne
serious illness of her cousin, Mrs. Jen
nie Schudtnecnt, who is very low at
the present time.
Mrs. Mary Hen rich was a pu-sei.g-
er this morning lor umana, wners
she will visit for a few hours, looking
after some matters of business ani
visiting her daughter, Mrs. Karl
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tor cougt-s, coltls, croup, rrtioopit g
couch, tightness and soreness in,
chest, grippe and bronchial coughs. ,
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worked and disordered kidneys tnd
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