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Library Notes.
Murray Department
'. M I
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of the readers of the
Journal know of any social
event ir item of interest in
this vil li: it y. iimJ will mail
same to this otliee. ii will :i:
ix ar under t his lieatllr tr. W e
want nil news items Khi ion
J II T I irjfli tl M MT1 Cr -'Tk.
Proper business methods will
enable you to finance a home.
Four per cent interest on time deposit?.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty
The boy who plays truant from school and the man wlio
remains away from religious service are in the same class
but the man is at the head of the class.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday evening
j Sabbath School
) Preach i ni' Service
Sabbat h Service
No Sabbath evening service at present
u x i t i: i)
1 1 :0)
p n i: s ji v t i: n i a x c n r n c n
' t!mmmMmitrigMiitj,MjjiM
Frank Moore, who lias been quite ; W. V
iil for the pa-t two weeks, is reported i
some better aid improving at this J T..! e rot ice e,r the new
Hotel Berber.
oore, who has been sick, is
ign on the
Auction Sales a Specialty. Five Years Experience.
If you have anything to sell at
auction, wrile us for dates.
Phone Platts. 2112. VV. R. YOUNG, Maynard, Neb.
Geo: "c Ray was in 11 :it tsmouth last j
." .. . . . . A I
S.vturday visiting witn county seat
J. D. Tiitt. of Plattsmouth, was in I
tn.-i-.v Vi.iIr-h' v vis'tiri!' :t the I
home of his son, .Mr. and Mrs. E. S.
(.'has. Tucker ar.d family departed
.Monday for a two weeks visit at the
home of Mr. Tucker's father down in
James Lough ridge departed Wed
nesday evening for Omaha, where he
entered upon his i.ew duties as travel
ing salesman.
Mi n ford X- Creamer shipped a ear
of s'oci; to the South Omaha market
Tae- day of week. Mr. M infold
was n the marlci with them.
Walter, the son Matk Furlong, i e
sidirg down at Lock Illuifs. has been
jirle sick f.-r the past f.-w il.ijs. suf
fc! ircr with a cige of tons:i:t is.
Mrs. Levi Putt rhoPz n-ai daughter
M:-i Maude eiepaiaed Wednesday eve
ring of ll.i.s v.ek for Cedar Raj al.s,
Iowa, where they will spend a ioiip!e
;" v?eks visiting a the hoa:e of Mrs.
U" si. U r-in-lev.-.
Mr. and Mr,
if -C
Ms s. Jo! in liable has been v. l
) for the past few days,
Horn To Harrv Creamer s.nd wife
A! I
are tluitiL,'
(I! October '.h, a pri
! i' Wib
Mrs. luides Carre'!, who has hern
numbered with the sick, is hotter at
Mrs. C. W. Pat tor-on is ho re on a
visit with h"- daughters, Mrs. Moore
and Mrs. McDonald.
Mrs. IM I.utz ami her mother. Mrs.
F. Henrich. are visiting at the home
or Mr. and Mr,s. Demmi- Iliatt.
Homer Shi a 1 r met with quite an
accident while cranking his engii'O,
uttu:g an utrly irash on his chin.
Mis. M. V., Mrs. F. J. a -1 Mrs. J. F.
Iliomlel v. iil entertain th.
society t il Wednesday, Oeto!
The Library association will ive a
Halloween dinner and supper Satur-'
day, October 23. These meals will be
served at Oldham's. The public is
tilled to attend. j
Library will be open Wednesday's,
from 4 to 5 ami Saturday's from 2 to'
5:30 in the afternoon and from 7 to 'J
in the evening. j
Help the committee to buy the new j
hocks by paying your membership fee j
of $1.00. Only membership fees are
used to buy books. It may Le your j
dollar we are waiting on.
Fpend Saturday, October 'ln, with j
the Library association at Oldham's, j
Have' a e.ood dinner and supper, visit!
with your 'friends, ji'ei. the Hallowe'en
spirit and have a tfood time. j
If you have a favorite book you j
wi.-h to read, ask the library booh (
committee to 'ret it. They will be lad j
to do so.
"Uackward, turn backward." Makej
a Jack-o-Lantei n and come to the li- j
brarv dinner Saturday, October 23,
the lines will tend upward, as
Hone advocates, you will be hap
pier for weeks.
Make a l rantremc-nts to meet your
fi iends Saturday at the library; make
it a social center.
Mrs. Lela President.
The I'lace (o Htictor Automohiles.
The automobile r.weners of this lo
cality are sure b-: uini!T' to learn that
the proper place for sick : ia! disabled
cars is in L. 11. Puis' hospital in this
here tow n of Murray. T':o--. Porter,
the "head s: r;rer.n" is a man of no
small amn:nt of evpeiience in this
line. For three years he was chief
instructor in the Nebraska Auto
School, of Omaha, and to hold a posi
tion of this sort, he must be able to
t -. --1. most i pv of the cars that come
ladies' Aid1' '" way with tie- desired results. lie
... ,,,u lis an inciL we.der. and tl.eretoe is
i 1 1 . ;
lUo let ho
Porn lo
at She home ef Mrs. Dr. P. V. Premie!.
Mr. A. I. A-'i departed la.-t Friday
for Xew Voi k. w l.ere .- !:' will spend
. fe'.
an. I
I ie'ilti
!.:!' frie ,d
visiting with
Site wa ace
I'roj.i Fan.:.
w ave.
Monday eonir
v.fek, a l.uuneii'jr nine pound baby boy.
IMot'ier arid little ore are eoiicr. ni.-e'.y
and Howard is the happiest man in
this part it lass lounty.
Jik? Mont vcniory, of Sk:c:more, Mis
sou: i, was visiting a few dajs tlie ast
Corn husking will soon beg-in and it
is expected that there will be a heavy
Duroc hogs for sale, both sexes.
Pedigree blanks with each hog. Old
ham's. Miss Ogla Minford was home a few
hours Sunday, coming down in Sear!
Davis auto.
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Young enter
tained a large number of friends and
relatives Sunday.
Mrs. Wolever of Mondamin, Iowa,
sister of Mrs. D. A. Young, is spend
ing the week at the Young home.
Mrs. Edward Lyman and little son,
of Montana, came to spend a few
weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. A. Young.
Guy Stokes of Union is suffering
from a severe attack of typhoid
phneumonia. His mother left Friday
a week to be with him.
M. G. Churchill and Bert Crawford
departed Tuesday of this week for a
business trip out at Ogalalla, Neb.
They have some land interests to look
after on the trip.
I.. II. Puis is busy this week ir.sta!!-in.-
a lew furr.a.-e in his garage in
.Mr. and Mrs. John Ho! scheidt were
visitors Wednesday of
this week.
James Loughridge was looking after
some business matters in l'lattsmouth
last Saturday.
W. II. Puis and wife went to Oma
ha Wednesday of this week, to look
after some business matters.
Miss Carrie P.arger went o Ashland
last Friday, where she will mike a
couple of weeks visit at her home.
Miss Posa Knirelkemeier was a Mur
ray visitor labt Saturday eveninir and
Sunday, being a guest of Miss Laura
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Young, Mrs.
Wolever, Mrs. Hattie Royal and Miss
Ona Iiwton attended the Hilly Sun
day meeting Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Pen Dill are visiting
this week at the home of their son
Chas. and family out at Hoagland,
.enra.ska. ihey expect to be
about two weeks.
Off f Off
and things comfortable make life worth
It's distressing to a lady to be com
pelled to wear an ill-fitting corset.
A J. C. C. corset is made for case,
neatness in fit, style and design, and
above all is comfortable to the wearer.
You need a corset now. Try our J. C.
C, $1.00, $1.50, $2.50.
Hiatt a Tutt,
Ask Us for Eagle Cotton Batts.
week at t'r.e home of Mr. ar.d Mrs.
George Kay. Mr. .Montgomery is well
known in this locality, and h is a large
number of friends wl.. are alwajs
Had to see him.
George I-it.pat i iik, who made a trip
to Chase county Ia.t week, returned
home Tuesday. We underhand that
George purchased a loll acre farm in
that county, but we did not learn as
to whether or not he intends having
Cass county at this time. We hope
Oldham's bought a Pa Apple
Gerben Holestine calf from J. T. Cur
rent at llildrc-th, Neb. The grandsire
of this calf was a brother of the ?'';,-
000 bull that was sold recently in New
Yoik state. The calf is a splendid in
dividual t'.nd promises a money-maker
for the o.vner.s.
Rev Edward Root was a preacher
in the Paptist church at Weeping Wa
ter for a good many years. Mrs.
Lucy Root was grandmother to Mrs.
William Spr.rer and Mrs. Alva Long
of Murray and Mrs. Homer Wilier of
Mrs. K. A. Purton and Miss Hazel
Merriman, who have been visiting in
Murray at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Baker, departed last Friday for
Clay Center, Ntb., the home of Mrs.
Burton, where Miss Merriam will
make a brief visit before returning to
her home in Iowa.
The M. P. claim adjuster wos in
Murray last Friday to see Mrs. A. L.
Baker in regard to the injuries and
shock she received in the wreck some
weeks ago. The matter was very
amicably settled with Mrs. Baker, the
adjuster allowing her S'2."j.i)() W t?
shock received in the wreck.
Alf. Nir-I.e!:, who has been down tft
Kxccls-ir Springs, ?Jo., for the past
few months, was expected home this
week. He has not been improving
with the treatment at the springs
as he had expected, and was return
ing home, but some new treatment ap
peared to him, and he decided to try
this for a couple of weeks. He is in
about the same condition as when hcA
left Plattsmouth.
Thos. Hansen, who has been visiting
at the home of his son, Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Hansen, out in Colorado, for
the past two weeks, returned home on
Wednesday of this week. He was ac
companied by Mrs. Arthur Hansen,
who will spend a few weeks visiting
old friends and relatives. She will be
a guest at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moore, and at
the Hansen home. Arthur is expected
to arrive in Murray within the next
few days with a car load of cabbage.
W. G. P edkcr, Ted Harrows, and
John and ( has. Satis went to Omaha
Howard!!;..-! Snmb'.v to attend the Biilv Sun-
of this ! lav s;. r vices.
County San. inteiide-it. Mis.s
uii'idt, v,;.s in .Murr.iv Wednesday ef
this week, after some busi
ness matters in her school work and
visit i;:g with the Murray schools.
Kvery thing in the Mtrr::y Fchools is
moving along nicely at this time, and
the term now under way promises to
be a very successful o;:e in every particular.
to make most any old part (J a
car : s good as new. Cars are now
romir.'r to the Murray hn-pltal from
f.r a vl iu r. and the bows ar.d al.vays
i- to ti t ir eves in work.
Dr. G. II. Cilmoio returned horn-.
!"; :a his Oklahoma trio last Sundav
evening. lie reports evcrvtnmg 1.1
iocalitv looking Sine lies season. 1 ih
cro'-s are gool, ami most nil tne corn
has been gathered and is in the cr.'l
There are a great many Cass county
people in this part of Oklahoma, and
a:l those that the Doctor met are do
ii.g fire- this year.
The social dance given at the Puis
& Ganscmor had! last Saturday even
ing was a grand success m every par
ticular. There was a large crowd in
attendance, ami a most excellent time
was (i:joe'i ay all 1 i-e occasion was
given by the Murray Dancing Club,
and another one will be given in the
same hall on Saturday evening, Oc
tober 23.
Lucy Sophia Palmer was born April
10. 1S21, in New Haven, Conn., and
passed away September 23, 10 la. She
and an only brothe r, who survives her,
at the age of '.'I, were left orphans
when she was only years olel. Her
father was a defendant of the Palmers
that come to this country in the
She was united in marriage to Ed
ward Root May la, LS-12. To this union
wese born 10 children, (i boys and 1
gins, l our oi me hoys passeu away
in early youth. A daughter, Mrs.
Mary Edmunds, died in 1S88 at the
age ef 31, and a son in lOOiS at the age
of i3. There remains to mourn her
loss Mrs. H. C. Jeffers of Shenandoah,
Iowa; Mrs. W. W. Carter and Mrs.
T. W. Fauirht of Co.'.a 1, Neb., ajid F.
A. Root of Gettysburg, S. D.
She was raised in a Methodist home
and in caily life united with that
church. After her marriage to Ed
ward Root, who was a Free Will Bap
tist minister, she united with the
Baptist church and remained a mem
ber of that body until death. She
was very broad in her religious views
and to be a true follower of the lowly
Naznrine was her highest ieleal. She
ar.d her husband spent .r0 years of
their lives together working in the
cause of the Master.
Short services were held at the
home of W. W. Carter Friday after
noon at 3 o'clock, Carl E. Knapp of
the Christian church officiating. The
remains were taken to Weeping Wa
ter, Neb., for burial.
I'nited Prcsbj terian C hurch Notes.
The Women's M i -sionary society
met. with Mrs. D. C. Pho k-n last Fri
day afternoon for a study of the .-ub-ject.
"Young Worn '-a and Junio:s in
Missions." There were about thirty
ptesent, a good beginning that makes
the members hope for splendid work
this winter. A bountiful lunch was
served by Mrs. Rluden aa d her assist
ants. Nt;t many were present at Sabbath
school and church service last Sab
bath, owing partly to tlie service not
being fully announced.
Come for Sabbath school at 10
o'elock and stay for church. And also
attend the Wednesday evening prayer
-i - -it i i .
meeting, l ou win oe welcome.
No Sabbath evening service is being
held at present.
Do you know this is the season to figure with us on
John Bsoro Corn Elevators and
Manure Spreaders
We handle the famous John Deere Low Down Mauuie
Spreader the best on the market.
Round Oak Heaters,
Monarch Base Burners
We are also prepared to figure with you on
Vacuum Furnaces
Murray Implement and Hardware
Card of Thanks.
To those who assisted in any way
during the sickness anil death of our
beloved mother and grandmother, and
to those contributing flowers, we here
by express our heartfelt thanks and
appreciation of the same.
Mr. and Mrs. II. C. Jeffers and Family.
.Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Root and Family.
Mr. arid Mrs. W. W. Carter and
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Faught and
Family. Local.
Who Has the Best Corn?
Social Dance.
The Murray Dancing Club will give
another one of tho;e very pleasant
social dances at the Puis t Gansenur
hall iu Murray, on Saturday evening,
October 2:1. Tile usual good time' is
in store for ;. ou. Music by the Holly
( rchestr.i, .of FlattMuouth.
The Murray Hardware and Imple
ment Company have decided to offer
a prize for the best corn raised in this
locality, and for the best ten ears of
corn left at their store before Thanks
giving tiay they will give a pair of
.3.0ii halters. Competent judges will
be selected to judge the best corn of
the lot and the prize will be awarded
aci.-oriling to their deci.-ion on Thanks
piv'i.g day. Here is the chance to see
who has the best corn in this locality
this fall. The contest in open to all
acd there is no charges for the entry. biing in the corn.
Please Settle.
Read the want ads in the Journal.
I take this method of notifying all
parties knowing themselves indebted
i to me. from the time 1 was in the
hardwaie business alone, to call aial
settle same at once. I need the money
at this time, and if not settled soon
same will be placed in other hands
for collection.
George Nickels.
H rasa fx n
Death of Mrs. Hamilton's Father.
On October
ifter an illnes.-
lastir.g many mor.ths, Wil'iam Baxter
7i' years old, a veteran of the Civil
war, died Sunday afternoon at on.
o'clock at las home, P'30 Piene street.
The funeral was held Tuesday i
2:30 p. m. from the family residence.
The deceased is survived by Mrs. Bax
ter and the following children: Mrs
Ada Frnk, Mrs. Alta Olson an.l Wil Baxter of Manhattan; Mrs. Cor:
Pomeroy, La Platte, Neb.; Mrs. Agnes
Price, Stockdale; Mrs. Carrie Hamil
ton, Murray, Neb.; Mrs. Martha Gee,
Vancouver. B. C; C. Homer Baxter,
Guernsey, Wyo., and Mis.s Edna Bax
ter, Omaha, Neb.
The G. A. R. furnished pall-bearers
and conducted services at the Sunset
cemetery. Manhattan (Kas.) Democrat.
Kicked bv a Horse,
A want ad will bring you a buyer.
Mr. Sprague, a young man residing
with his parents over on the I hns
wisser farm, we-st of Murray, was
kicked by a horse o:i Monday of this
week and was quite seriously injured.
The blow struck him on the left leg.
breaking both bones below the knee.
and crushing the flesh very severely,
fhe young man was taken to Omaha,
here he was placed in the hospital
for treatment, ar.d is getting along
very nicely at lhis time considering
the seriousness of the injuries.
Elmer Rwitzer and family, from
near Nehawka, were in Murray on
Monday evening of this week, visiting
with Murray friends.
: s
Hunt up all your dull safety razor blades and mail
them to us, and have them sharpened as good as when
new. Send us the names and addresses of your ac
quaintances that use a safety razor and we will sharpen
your dull blades at our special advertising price of 10c
per dozen. They'll be back in a day or two.
toTThis special offer is good only until October 18
Remit in coin, P. 0. money order, or bank draft.
We cannot accept postage stamps. .
Olson Sales Company,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Up Stairs Opposite Perkins House
Having disposed of my blacksmith
shop in Murray, I am very desirous
of closing up all my accounts, and in
order to do so must call upon all those
knowing themselves indebted to me to
call and settle same at once. Your
early attention to this matter will be
greatly appreciated by me.
James Loughridge.
A want ad in tlie Journal will bring
Puis H -Sansonosr
are still endeavoring to carry everything that you need
today or will need tomorrow in the line of Dry Goods
and Groceries. We want you business and realizing
that by keeping the lines of goods that you will need
today or in the future, is one chance in our favor of se
curing your business. We are buying goods to suit you,
not ourselves, and if you will only let us know what you
want we will be in a letter position to please you, should
we not have the article in stock.
Let us know your wants and we believe that we will be
able to prove to you that we are a money saving station
in Murray for you. When those wants are in our line
wewant to talk to you.
Puis & Gansemer,
v j