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PAGE. 4.
'Cbz plattsmouth journal
pi iii.isiii:i si:mi-vi:kki.v at plattsmovth, xeiikaska.
Knteredat I'ostoffice at Fiattsniouth. Xeb., as second-class mail matter.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
......... a.?..'??. ! l-Z-
When a man has not a good
rtion for doing a thing, he has
one reason for letting: it alone. l-
Sir Walter Scott. 'I'
. : r-
It don't take much of a mechanic to
invent a poor excuse.
In distributing the milk of human
kindness the givers too often keep the
:o :
Perhaps the world is only tight and
will get sober some time in the near
If you don't like him and he doesn't
like you, remember there are two
sides of the street.
:o :
It is believed the English army will
be ready to move within several years
after the War is over.
It will take a greater war than the
one now in progress to exhaust the
supply of American mules.
In Texas they are feeding peaches
to the pigs. They ought to have a
peach of a pig crop down there this
year. -
:o '
An exchange tells of a dance at
which no girls were present, which is
our revised notion of zero in entertain
ment. :o:
This year has been a little worse
than which was something of a
terror as years go. And lPlu will be
one clay longer.
K!i-on pi edicts that the United
Stales has seven fat years coming,
and it is generally admitted that Edi
son is a great inventor.
:o :
A Philadelphia editor went fifteen
days without eating. This is a long
time, even for a Philadelphia lawyer,
much less than an editor.
Speaking of submarines, as the in
ternational notes we see from time to
time, Jonah seems to have been llie
pioneer in that line of business.
Some choose to refer to death as
the "Great Adventure," probably be
cause a person may get into one place
that is uncomfortable and hard to get
out of.
There is a possibility that the state
house feud will break out afresh after
the state fair if the bondsmen do not
insist on Treasurer Hall closing up
his fly-trap and not try to run the
bu.-iness of other stae officials.
The tc hooks of journalism ccom to
think that ability to write learned
editorials on the war is as important
in meeting public demand as to be
aide to turn on snappy society and
fa: hion notes. That may be so far as
the metropolitan dailies are concerned,
but the local dailies in the smaller
cities are here for the purpose of giv
ing their readers the local happenings
an-l spicy editorials.
:o :
Teddy Roosevelt got such a splen
did welcome in C nada we suppose
he was strongly tempted to stay over
there and find fault with Mr. Wilson
and the administration. Since Ger
tn tnv has listened to Uncle Sam in his
demands for a cessation of the prac
tice of blow big up merchant ships
carrying Anitiican passengers, and
accepted all our ( dc mands, Theodore
Koosevelt will henceforth have nothing
to harp about to discredit tV administration.
1'Kll VKAK l .tUVAM'E
The London Press seems far from
satisfied with the diplomatic victory
that President Wilson has wrested
from Germany. Apparently the Lon
don newspapers believe that it was the
duty of the United States to sup
press the German submarine campaign
against British shipping in all of its
aspects and to do for Great Britain
what the British navy cannot or will
not do.
That interpretation of neutral
obligations may appeal to Englishmen
in their present temper, but it will
make little appeal to Americans. The
United States government has done
what it set out to do. It has main
tained international law not merely
for its own benefit but for the benefit
of civilization. If Great Britain is
not satisfied, Great Britain is free to
carry the victory to its ultimate con
clusion. That is what the British navy
is supposed to be for.
This London journalistic notion that
American diplomacy should have
rescued British shipping from all
danger of German attack is charac
teristic of the contemporary British
mind. Whenever an Englishman's
head is punched by a belligerent for
eigner in any corner of the earth, the
British press rises in solemn dignity
and dramatically exclaims, "What
does the United States intend to do
about this infamy?" If the United
States must act as a guardian for
Great Britain's battles we shall insist
first that the British government be
turned over to President Wilson for
competent administration. New York
It begins to appear that the United
States is about as spy-ridden as the
European countries were. The num
ber of instances of munition plants
being blown up, or fired or interfer
ed w ith in some way or another, or of
United States and other ships being
threatened with destruction, by bombs
or fires, indicates that the United
Statss is being made the spy-resort
for representatives of European
powers. We had always imagined that
the American business was so con
ducted as to have little of interest to
the European governments, except
what they could find out by reading
the public press. The spies are thick,
evidently, and some of them deserve
hash treatment.
From present indications the public
schools of this city will exceed in at
tendance all former terms, and when
the teachers and pupils get down to
business, we may look for a great suc
cess throughout the entire term.
High School Hill is once more
thronged with happy girls and boys
morning, noon and evening, going to
and returning from school. "I wish
I were a boy again." Don't you, old
If General Wood keeps on in his
work of developing an army, he may
become nearly as much of an honor
to the Wood family as Joe Wood, the
bate ball pitcher.
:o :
Skin-tight trousers are to be
fashionable for men thi3 year, and at
least it will be possible to persuade the
wooden models in the store windows to
wear them.
Thcre are so many hypocrites that
you can be perfectly consistent in
smiling into the face of a man you
would like to smash.
Most people are auto-something,
rather than pro-something else.
And still it rains, when we don't
need it.
Three recent immigrants were last
week fined by Justice C. W. Britt for
having murdered meadowlarks. Dan
Geilus, deputy game warden, caught
the culprits boarding a Union Pacific
train with their bloody booty in hand
The arrest was made at Valley and
the fine was administered at Omaha
May Dan Geilus continue his good
It is a matter of common knowledge
amone those who love birds that
whenever a railroad work-train is
sided the songsters promptly depart.
The song birds are not fools. They
have long since discovered that the
men who inhabit the bunk cars carry
a veritable arsenal in those cars, and
anything that boasts a feather is shot
down in cold blood and hurled into
the evening stew.
Oh, "Billy" Sunday, if you would
save souls in this community, think of
the soul of the songbird, whose only
mission upon this earth is to help
and better humanity, both financially
and otherwise.
Scientific investigation has more
than proven that the songsters stora
aches are always filled with worms
and insects which prey upon the plant
life so necessary to human welfare.
And the clear-voiced joy brought by
these birds to the hearts and souls of
truly civilized humans is a source of
spiritual uplift easily compared to
that of the most ardent Pentecostal
The Almighty Jehovah did not bring
into being the glorious Cardinal, the
American Redstart, the Rose Breasted
Grosbeak the myriad other beauties
of woodland to fill the vulgar platter
of voracious humanity. In the boiling
caldron it was never intended that a
tiny piece of flesh, once some splendid
warbler of the treetops, should be
sacrificed and forever lost in its undis
puted usefulness.
John Burroughs, perhaps the most
ovable and thorough admirer of bird
ife, in his great work, "Wake Robin,"
admits that the eye and ear cannot
thoroughly identify many of the birds
he loves, and that he finds it neces
sary to slay in order to complete his
knowledge of the various feathered
clans. There is ample reason to ex
cuse such a man as Burroughs for his
somewhat bloodthirsty research, but
for one who will shoot a warbler
merely to enjoy one tiny mouthful of
consecrated bird-flesh, there can be
no pardon.
Even the schoolboy of today, who
formerly beat about the copses with
his trusty sling-shot, and who bragged
of his collection of birds eggs, ha
forgotten that seeming pastime for
the much more interesting enjoyment
of actually knowing the birds. The
study of bird life is a part of school
nstruction nowadays. "I saw a Nut
hatch" has succeeded "I shot a Nut
Let the law for there is a law
that covers the situation take the
fondest care of our songsters, both
summer and winter. Let the real love
of God's own orchestra supplant the
gory idea of shooting everything
that boasts a brilliant feather, and in
this work let the courts and their
officers see to it that the ignorant be
not permitted to visit their ignorance
upon the great big outdoors the
nature that has made American the
greatest home country in the world!
Are the Germans quietly torpedoing
the English dollar mark?
:o :
Discontent is not so much caused by
poverty as my monotony.
When you walk in triumph some
body's neck has been hurt.
Wild oats is a peculiar plant. It
is never injured by too much water.
Elihu Root favors a short ballot.
Well, he isn't the only one in that
:o :
Holland and Switzerland must envy
Bulgaria, which is making money out
of its neutrality.
With the passing of the light ordin
ance and signature of Mayor Richey
attached thereto, we will soon have
plenty of lights. And our people will
all be satisfied, or should be.
If you are keen for vacations this
may interest you, Christmas falls on
Saturday this year.
:o :
The law may assume you are in
nocent until you are proven guilty, but
the public isn't anything like that.
Perhaps the czar thinks that he will
make a good general because he has
failed at everything' else.
Blessed are the poor, for they shall
inherit the earth, just as soon as it is
decided that the others have no use
for it.
A man who boasts of forty miles
an hour in an automobile should have
his license revoked, unless it was a
case of life and death.
Only about six months till the next
primary election. April will soon roll
around, and it will soon be time for
candidates to be making their wants
known. Remember, the "early bird"
Some are born great, some achieve
greatness, and some kick greatness
aside after they have acquired it
and we fear, a certain once universal
ly popular statesman has done it to
a fare-you-well.
Club members in some states are ex
tremely docile. They seem to think
that official authority has the right to
interfere with their convivial
privileges. So long as they surrender
their constitutional liberties, more
surrenders will be demanded of them.
Mayor Richey hesitated for some
time before he signed the light ordin
ance, and became fully convinced that
the proposition was as fair as any they
could get if they waited months long
er. Now the private consumer will
get a cheaper rate, the city better
ights and more of them.
The office of county assessor should
be abolished at the very next session
of the legislature. We note that there
will be a general movement in the
western part of the state to petition
the legislature to abolish the office.
We formerly got along just as well
without this extra-salaried officeholder
as with him. The county clerk can do
his work, the same as he used to.
The big balance of trade in favor of
this country is no doubt going to
bring a vast amount of gold across
the water. The shipment of $50,000,
000 received in New York the other
day is only the beginning of it. Will
this inflow lead to more common use
of the yellow metal in daily life? In
Europe gold coins have always been
popular in retail use. Coins like the
English sovereign or the French 20-
franc piece are the common change
for paying the butcher and the grocer.
There is a merry and musical clink
about a little roll of gold coins that
makes one feel rich. It is much more
cheering than an equivalent amount in
more or less soiled greenbacks. Also
there is a cleanness about gold that is
pleasing to fastidious taste. The paper
bill is a trap for grease, and brings
its trail of dirt from every pocket.
Many banks exercise a great deal of
care nowadays to give only clean
money. Yet a crisp roll of bills, pleas
ing as it is to the eye and other
senses, sometimes sticks together, so
that people may possibly hand out
two bills in place of one. The par
ticular objection to gold has always
been that it takes care- to handle it
Some persons have no doubt paid it
out for bright copper cents. In gold
using countries, people are used to
handling gold coins and they keep
them in separate purses. Our people
are too hurried and hasty for addi
tional precautions. In older days the
American people used to handle hard
money pretty freely. But the prefer
ence for paper currency has become
an ingrained national trait, and will no
doubt continue. Piles of yellow metal
are said to have a quieting effect on
depositors in times of panic. But
other than that the public's connection
with it is mostly theortticaL
You may think that Germany yield
ed to Wilson because Germany was
afraid. While Germany has a supply
of enemies on hand, there is no use
thinking she would fear to face more
if the occasion seemed to demand it
But the fact is, despite the number of
ships sunk, the submarine campaign
is an utter failure, so far as blockad
ing Britain is concerned. At no time
has it reduced British shipping 3 per
cent. Troops and munitions and food
stuffs continue to reach the allies
along the sea line in even increasing
proportions, as more and still more
ships are put into service. Therefore
the Von Tirpitz policy isn't the effect
ive weapon claimed when the Lusi
tania was destroyed. Hence it might
as well be abandoned, if to continue it
would only add an enemy to the al
ready vast array which faces Ger
many. And in yielding to the presi
dent's demands, the kaiser helps his
case in this country, which may in
cidentally prove a real help. The hope
of real benefit lies in our next note to
Great Britain, concerning the order in
council, and the possibility that strong
language may have as great influence
with the English as with the Ger
mans; that Britain may back down to
the extent of permitting shipments of
foodstuffs to German civilians. Great
Britain has already yielded something,
in permitting certain early purchases
of German goods to come to this
country, and she may yield more, for
our friendship is more important to
Britain than it could ever be to Ger
many. And the sum total ot these
concessions should prove a greater
gain to Germany than anything her
submarines could accomplish in viola
tion of international law. Nor will the
submarines, so highly developed by
the German navy, be entirely lost to
Germany. For the most part, it has
been conforming to the rules of war
and humanity pretty steadily, ever
since the Lusitania was lost. Germany
learned by that and some other ef
forts that frightfulness can hardly
win wars, and is a two-edged sword
that may cut both ways, and it is of
considerably less consequence than
powerful and perfect organization,
such as Germany has, in the matter
of winning wars. But this country
shouldn't get cocky and fancy that it
has bluffed Germany; there is nothing
in recent history to indicate that Ger
many knows much of the meaning of
the word fear.
One of the greatest and most prev
alent mistakes of modern merchandis
ing is the idea that these retailers of
any small town or city can successful
ly fight each other, or that the best
interests of the merchant, the custom
ers or community at large are served
by cut-throat competition instead of
intelligent co-operation. If you must
fight, let it be with your next town,
not your next neighbor. Omaha
Trade Exhibit.
The democratic officials want to re
organize themselves in the next few
months if they expect to be candidates
for re-nomination, which they do, no
doubt. It is to be hoped that some of
them will not shove themselves upon
the party again, especially those who
have had the official itch for the past
ten years. It means defeat as sure as
they come out again. The party does
not owe them any more than it does
thousands of other democrats in Ne
braska. :o:
There will be an opponent of Treas
urer Hall for the democratic nomina
tion next April. You can bet your
bottom dollar on that. Mr. Hall has
made himself entirely too officious in
other matters than his own business
to suit the people, and especially the
. ;o;
Navigation was safer in Noah's day
than it is now. Whales were then the
only submarines.
:o :
Governor Morehead will soon find
out by suit who's who at the state
The bank robbers are getting some
helpful ideas from the war.
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Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Wheat is going up gradually these
coming in style these
: :-
No, no, every man who doesn't
agree with you isn't a hypocrite.
Unless you are a lawyer, you prob
ably can't build up much of a business
on advice.
It may be well to criticise less. If
you don't like your neighbor, hold
your tongue.
Alfalfa tea is now said to be a sure
cure for the blues. Brink in another
cup, please.
: o :
ripe manufacturers are clearly en
titled to a share of the profits of the
match trust. Gotta match?
It is said that overcoats the coming
winter will be knee length. What
about all that talk we heard about
protecting the poor calves ?
. :o:
Fear is expressed on account of the
war purchases there will not De
enough horses left in the United
States to do farm work. The man
maybe, who expresses the fear, has a
lot of horses for sale.
Now the leading banks join Mr
Edison in forecasting an era of un
precedented prosperity, and you
might as well begin hustling in an ef
fort to get your share, which is fre
quently a difficult performance.
It did not require David Lloyd
George's announcement that the allies
were whipped thus far in the war for
the world to know that is what has
happened; but it is interesting to note
that the English freely acknowledge
the fact.
Monday of this week Alfred Maybecl
of Douglas, Illinois, 65 years of age,
was in financial trouble. He decided
to die, and went to a lonely spot, seat
ed himself on some dynamite and
ighted the fuse. His kin are still
gathering up his fragments.
Even those who oppose President
Wilson's policies in the international
affairs, are handing him bouquets
every day for the manner in which he
is bringing about success. Still there
are some who continue to argue
gainst success. It is like the light
question in I'lattsmoutn, no matter
how successfully the question may be
settled, there are those who will con
tinue to argue aaginst it from a pure-
ly selfish standpoint.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears tl
For Over
Thirty Years
The tenor of the next German note
on the Arabic may decide the status of
the United States and the Berlin gov
ernment. Yes, we have an ice plant. But are
they giving satisfaction to the con
sumers? Not by a long shot. The
reason therefore seems to be with the
management. But we haven't long to
wait for winter and another ice
The feud at the state house suspend
ed hostilities last week while the state
fair was going on. We are listening
for a renewal of the engagement, with
more vigor than ever. The governor
has the power to do a great deal in
quieting "Know-It-AU" Hall.
TroLably one reason why the Pana
ma exposition has been a financial suc
cess is that the wise men of Califor
nia did not stand around on the street
corner all the time critizing the man
agement. Some fellows in Plattsmouth
even, see a point that might if they
try open eyes.
Just now some people are claiming
that the school teacher is paid too
much. But we claim they are not paid
half enough. The average wages in
the county is forty dollars per month.
After paying board and incidental ex
penses they haven't enough left to pay
admittance to a picture show.
: o :
If America can loan money to Eng
land they should certainly be able to
do the same for Germany. Over
000,000 German-Americans and how
many American-English? The Ger
mans have used their best efforts to
build up the country, and what has
the English done? With a jealous
eye they have simply looked forward
to the downfall of American institu
tions. Which country deserves th
sympathies of the American people?
It is easily answered by all fair-mind-
ed Americans.
The business interests of a town
should be united. What we mean by
the business interests are those who
are directly interested in building up
the welfare of the whole town, and
not the interests of th private in
dividual. The private individual, who
figures in his own interests is what
hurts many towns, and if there evfr
comes a drawback to the present pros
perity of Plattsmouth it will be on
account of too much self-interest on
the part of those who are selfish in
their own behalf and don't care for
those who reside as their neighbors.
These are facts and everybody knows