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    MONDAY. SEPTSSISER 13. 1915.
P.tGE S.
Nebraska Military Academy
YOUR BOY must be educated and developed. If he is not doicg
well in school, is disco Jra2ed, wants to do more and better wotk,
the NEBRASKA MILITARY ACADEMY is a school close at Imire
where yod can send him and be sure he gets what you want him
to have. This SCHOOL understands EOVs and deals with them
individually. Prepares for college and business. For informa
tion, talk to our patron:?, visit the school, phone or write for catalog.
Address COL. 3. D. HAY WARD, President
No. 1914
At Plattsrrouth, in the State of Ne
braska, at the close of business
September Una. 1915.
Local - News
-I. Fitch and
From Friday's Dally.
Judge Eegley returned to Omaha
thi afternoon, after a short, session of
the district court.
Henry Hirz, sr., was in the city yes
terday for a few hours locking after
some matters of business and calling
cn friends.
J. I. Fitch, from near Murray, wa those going to Lincoln this
morning to spend a short time taking
in the sights.
Mrs. Thomas Ruby r.i d children
were amon the passengers this after
noon for Omaha, where they will isit
for a short time. Fr..m Saturrlay s 1'aHy.
I? .T Mf.;in.'cr an,l wife, from near! eiSitiger wa
Cedar Creek, were here tociay looking visitors in the city today looking after
after some trading with the merchants the k-erd chopping.
for a few hours. I -Armour GamMin and wife ret time 1
I . T. .:.':., i. .v:, . r.,.
r. :
son. Dean, of Nehawka, motored to
this city yesterday and "pent the day
viskirjr with county j-eat friends and
attending: to business matters. While
here Mr. Fitch took time to call at
this office a:.d have his subscription to j
th: paner extended for another vtar.
Mrs. M. S. Eriggs, vice president of j
the W. C. T. U. county association : i
Mesdamt-s P. E. Rutin er, Charlc
Trcop. Joe.Wi-es. C. C. Wecott an :
daughter, ai d Goluie Kaff either ner and
Mis? Elizabeth Spangler were pas
sengers to Weepin.jr "Water this mom-
inc. where they wid attend the W. C. i Net
T. U. county convention., which i- b"-' he- !d there todav.
Loans and (ii-foui.t e-x- pt those
stv Uii on til
; vir-j ri- f is. st-c u o.-u iiimc: uust--
I'. tt...:tJ cieiMii;e(i 1 usee a re cir-
c-:lui : ii t ;ut- ruiue .
in.:. .is ..:t.. r tttu-i ! S.
ln!?ti i i i to s.e-
curf postal suviiii;. 0 ("A1 00
't'fur!' i -s i ttT X iinv. I'.
Points ( In il ! 1 1 1" 1 L- 1 1 1: iT
-K.'Ki Cl U lit (i UI1-
j.i.-d-e-,i . . . - K
S ill M.Til'! i' !! t C
stock of it-a-t-ti'.!
I: v M't Vf
Kant... i4 :'.'0 00
L.-- atni'uM
I nn i: ii r ;r
!::.: ati-.
i:i!r l.'.oi
.ii p
!: ii 2 I.. !.'.
J tifir..
, :.. d ..' !..-r ' I
. I I i.! I
(.'!' 'I'M".
(. :f u n n-
;n i .at . k -.'ml
nX r.i
2 ;c oo
11 ini ..... I
4 -ill'
Wililam A. Ir.galls, while ojt in the
state last week, had an experience in
an automobile mix-up that came near
beinc fatal both to Mr. In calls and a
gentleman who had accorr
cut on the automobile trip.
The hoc sale of W. B. Porter, which
wiil be held at Mynard on Tuesday,
September 21st, gives promise of be
ing one of the big events of its kind in
this pait cf the state, as the stock of
Z.Ir. Porter is held in high esteem by
!?anled him I
cf ftr.e thorouehbied he
cut fro:
DiviJ Cir
"hey h::d
miles Monday, intt ndingr to enjoy
a short spin, and while toir.ti at a
good rate of speed the steerinc jrear
brcke tr. J the car. whit-h v as d.iven
by Mr. was soon out of his
control rnd run nine wild end striking
a small di-h by the roadside turned
. a;:. i
.1 h ! v'f
i icnt Slue 1
e ver the re
in it a: I it
evolution '
e m:'.cn:!i? went
mt? we i o t.
'.vas not ttr t il
' i l:
.1 !.
.1 ! .1
f r. .:n
r ! I.r.i:
: 1. !.n--i
! i.M.-.i r
- ii'-.-'.. u:ni ! T
i .- -ii it t : i
I I 't i. p til u r r r y.
j N..-... ..f c! I,.-- -nii. .mil bant;-....
I To:..! i.i: ;; ml c.-i i : It.-.. tt- the i l.-tEi-ifini-r n..i-i
I in i 'I i' in f il n.l il li I'. S. T !:! -in.
r. not irnr' ili: n j.-r .-til
uii fircuiat i.-n
Ceilar Creek were here yestenhiy for
a short time lookinc after s-.tne trad
inc and visitinpr with friends.
Will Fitzcerald. who has been em
ployetl on a ranch in the vest part of
the state, came in this mornintr for a
visit with friends in this city.
a vi-i; here with Mrs
Garr.blin'.s par-
2 :."0' 0'"
4 I ','. 'I'.
s.v" ri'!' .
1 C-.m'.iz.) -u-rU oai.l In
Ft ...1 Vnnnn nf Voiffr V"r om I nr::i-. ft: i J I
" -..- ( ,.,(( :il
over to thi- city last evening to utten.l ! i.n . i-r..tiw ...
to some important business matters,; "' "K i.-r.-t :.n.i i :t
;i!fcii t- !Ml.--
. v, ;! 0:1 I. :ii.l in
1 I :t r f f ft
l.-!lil"l -Ii Of ill 1 f::!!-
000 o"
Oscar Gapen was amo
inc to Lincoln this morninc to
the state fair :-nd be pre ent
closinc hours of that e:-:p isiti1
eTurninir heme this mornioc. ;
Adam and Acbm FornofT
I rcotoreu in from Uvar (.reek vester-I
those gro-j ,i;!V ;o Snend a few ho'irs lookinc af- ' I v. Ti
4 tt- f4
1 "4", 01
him ui.
v i .! 1
1- it
ten 1 '
: the!
-1 . -1 1
tor soiv.e
ye-'.e! d
line with the rr.erchi
iv afu iiioon f r r.i his farm
i' r-'fi
und Ris com:
of the car. a
v pi-
As it was Mr. Ir.-rtTis v
injured, havinc one of
'he lef hr.r.1 broken
richt si.ip 1 :l':1
to stick
iv '(''.'! 1
r. I r. call-w-i
up ar
a r.
f h:
on the richt s; v o
was several dr.ys bof.
to the hospital
mi bad w-?re th.e inju-i
Mr. In calls was
from the exporU nee in
A not he- cur th"t v.-a
distance from the mail
calis when the r.cci U n
e.. iic-nci... ,1 tne mr.clnne.
nite ini.Ily
tin co"5 cf
his entire
.' -ki.-,t-.P.l
1 ir.fiicteJ
hi ;. . : nd it
.' he wa- able
lhivid City.
inflicted, and
"- I'" ' I I'l i nTTl ?
and sd:F
'e a r,i wreck.
only a short
ire of Mr. In
o. -cur-red, took
1.1 e!
miii t
two men cl-
occupants stated
mir;u o tnat :
and hi com nat.ior. wove :.r
as it was they sutTcied ?
juiies to sati-fv the'r
: licit-:
c n outer
Art on Nitka departed yestc--day for; home and .pcrt a few hours h.oe loc-lc- i
MurdtH-k, Neb., where he accompanied ire after se me tradinr wih the mer- j
his r.iece. Miss Norine Schulhof, who j char ts. .
will teach there durir.c the cominc I Geoice "W. Shrader came up this1
1 " '.-ft
year. inm nis ;arn nome ne:-.'-
Ben IVckman came up yesterday I -rrt-y ar.,1 was accomr.anic! i.y r--! f.orr,.,., A;w.M
r, -., h; tioo i MnvMr nrA Bn.-n r.eor.t'w. fcidney wno is r -
i 1 11 . f hit Ilil" V r. TV Ct Tfi C (V 1
a lew nours nere iookihr arter some -":'- ''
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Euhs
Rh'tompot and Mrs. Mary
T..i ;.l
J r, :.! .1 of ( t'"H 1. i
l'f lit'' ili. IV. III M -1 '!! '
' ' t l.t- lO t t s: a' 'M.'-n:
1 my k nowl. ii't n.i u-iii-f.
4t'-' r.i' '
T.X.I 01 -y. r:-,;,i. t
. llo M.'.-III'li.V MVI-Iil
:s iru 1.1 Hit- U -i of
with the mer-
matters of business
Will Smith, from south of the city,
was a passencer this nomine for
Omaha, where he will spend a few
hours lookinc after some matters of
Rev. J. M. Eades and wife came in
this morninc from their "lorne south
of this city and were passencers on
the early Rurlinctrin train for Lincoln
to visit at the fair for the day.
J. M. Roil, wife and family were the stafe fair i.-.iur today,
drivinc up from their home south of
this city and were passencers on the
eaily Rurlincton train for the state
Georpe M. Hall and wife, who have
been spendine a week here with
friends, departed this afternoon over
the Missouri Pacific for their home at
Tails City, after a honeymoon of sev
eral weeks.
II N. 1 n.vrv. f'
' Kl . K I j. I I .
! i: K I! m Ml.ATl 10
1.. V . k .
I 1 : ri"-;ors.
M. I SiiIkt ri'x'.l r-tui iwtti-p 'o l:-fore ire ilr.
t. . - I uii ii.v nf Sc.'i-ni'-r. i 'l...
i-atil or I I111 lm vfii.
M y ronin'
.ion (
Noi ary I'u'.iir
0:r.-s An-ut ::.
Ptkin. Illinois, who have been here fori
the past week visiting- at the II. G.
M isir.jrer home in the of;
( eda C reek, as well as with other ,e!a- GETS IKSURANGE FROM an.l friends, uej'arted tr.i. morn
inc for their home.
I'or Sale.
Nine head of cows and calves for
-ale. an.l one 2-year-old Holstein bud
C. R. Todd.
A wart a 1 will brine you a buyer.
Coates' Rlock,
East of Riley Hotel.
Second Floor.
This W. R. Ri-heh clerk of
j the local Woodman of the World loJ.ce,
. i e-ceived from Omaha two warrants
I for J.".tO each- for Mrs. Christina Nes
I son and W. F. C. Nesson, in settle-
men of the $1.( 00 j.olicy carried by
the late William Nesscn in the Wood
man of the World. The death cf Mr.
Nesson occurred on Aucust !th, and
the settlement was delayed somewhat to tlie fact that it was neces
sary to secure tne appointment 01 a
evarciian for the minor son of the de
ceased, and for this position T. E.
Parmele wi's appointed by the court
-rd t
r-d i t
t in :
as -ilama
art-' w.-t
V.'il !'0'
to I ia-ld City and
tV-t - w-. rd-
. but
t in
fer The
- v,.
liecra t BAILEY A HACK
Th larfttt and bast equipped dental oSSces In Omaha. Experts la
eharg-a of all -work. Lady attendant. C Kdrat Prices. Porcelain
filllxg-s just like tooth, laitruaienti careful! j s terllitad after usic.
; stole r.-om m ..lLtr rav. Known as the
'-.'J and Smith star.d. There
1 ."re four t od bvir rr rooms in conn--c
1 ; ion wito 1 .e room. i or narticu ars
or write .7. V.". Holmes
i Net-
lersew ooq
Tuesday September 21st
I am offering t iublic sale 44 head of pure bred Duroc Jersejs. Amongst the efferirg are
18 boars, 19 open gilts, 4 sows with litters and one open tried sow.
Five of the?e animals are sons and daughters of the famous "Old King the Col," and are ani
mals of real merit; one yearling boar that will weigh cronrd 500 pcunds (out cf ECHO'S CRIM
SON WONDER, GRAND CHAMPION at the Nebraska State Fair 1914.) This boar I will make a
special offer on. V ill agree to take him back at the price he fells for at sale, in one year's time,
providing he is in as good condition as he is now.
Will have 4 Spring boars of the JUMBO CRFfIC strain all large and good; one of them w ill
beat 200 pounds, and is a real outstanding animal of this strain. Balance of animals are mostly
by the above boar "Echo's Model Wonder." Ore sow with litter by her side, a grand-daughter of
"COL. GAN0," an' animal I paid $95.00 for at Oscar Larson's sale last winter, will go in the rirg
and some one will get a bargain.
ef Remember the Date Tuesday, September 21. Sale to be held in large building, one
half block from the depot.
Mi"TinvpPRCLC0L H- G- KRASCKEL, Assisted bj
W. B. PORTER, Bvner
O. I. PUR DY, Fieldman for Nebraska Farmer
M. S. CRUSE. Fielciman for the South Omaha
Stockman and Drover's Journal
There are few re -ld-.-'.-.ts cf this city
who fullv appreciate tke amount of
wo: k th;tt each dav is sent out of here
from the Olson Photograph company
to all parts ot tne Lnited Staf-s and
its possessions, as well as Canaoa. and
there is no concern that helps swt-11
the po.-tc-ffice receijts hire more th corrnp.'tv. as practically all its
l;iir?s comes through the mails and
it has prown from a small concern io
a mail order house of no mean cl
mcns.ion throughout its hundreds of
thousands of circulars mailed out
fiom here, as well as the larpe amount
of wo; k rectived each day thi cu;
the mail. Gus Olson, the four.cif r t-f
the company that hears his name, has
just returned from a two weeks' trip
through the eastern cities where
similar companies are located, hut in
none of these cli.l he find anything1
that cot:! 1 compare to the Oion com
par.y here, either in the output or the
facilities for handlinir the wo;k. This
company .-ta-ted on a very rmall scale
a number of years airo, but is now
rco.r;-es;"i:r in a manner that is very
satisfactory to the stockholders an
members of the company and a very
tniirnt iutue is anead lor the com
pany without a doubt.
This afternoon Chief of Police Bar
clay chanced to run onto two your.:?
lads 1 about 15, who were gleefully
quaffing beer fiom a jug in which they
had purchased a quantity of the
liquor, and the chief decided that it
was time to check such operations and
accordingly the boys were taken be
fore Judge M. Archer, Mho, in view of
their age, let them off wich a lecture,
in which he stated that if they came
before him again he would put on a
sentence to the reform school, and
this served to impress the boys some
what, although they are pretty well
hardened, and if they are not careful
wiii probar-Iy be sent np to the re
form school. The selling of liquor to
boys of this age should be checked,
and anyone doing it is always taking
a big ris.k, as in case trouble arises
the person procuring the liquor always
shifts the blame onto the person sell
ing it to him.
He has forty-four head of fine Duroc
Jerseys, vhich includes a number cf
very high-priced stock, and these will
be offered at open sale white the ani
mals can be examined arid bid on.
This sale has attracted a great deal of
attention and Mr. Porter has prepared
a catalogue which will be mailed on
Sunday morning sho:tly before
o'clo'.-k. at the Methodist parsonage
cccutred the marriage of Mr. Rert
Ode-man and Miss Fioience Cory, both
of this. city. Tke wedding was a very
quiet or.e, as the young people had
made preparations for an atuomobile
tiin to Pender, where Miss Cory was
to vi-it at the home of her .ister. Mrs.
M. E. Rrantner, and their relatives
and friends were unawaie of the in
tention that the trip was to be in the
nutuie of a honeymoon and it was
q trite a surprise to them to learn that
wo worthy young people had
decided that
shctd 1
were lea
the futuie their
is one. The marriage lines
in a most impressive ntan-
. i-
i y Pev. 7 M. Prulirer. pastor cf
Method-r-t church, with only the
i-ers of the pastor's family pres-
t;h rr. i
on to wit:
tlie close r'
Cokm:;r. d
FOUND A watch. Owner may have
same by calling at this office, prov
ing the same and paying for this
advertisement. y-7-tfJ
the ceremony. After
the service Mr. and Mrs.
:.'t--'i via the auto route
few davs vi-it at render, and
will tr-i from there to the home of the
mother of the groom in the western
part of the state for a short visit be
f oi e returning to this city. The bride
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Cory of this city and was horn and
reared to womanhood here, where she
has a very large circle of warm
friends, who will kr.rn of her new
found happiness with pleasure and
'rust that the futuie may be full of
happiness and joy. The groom has
made his home in this city for the
past two years and is a young man of
ability and worth and has been em
ploye r by the rim of Peteis & Rich
ards a
a member of their carpenter
Fied Pettle, a gentleman who has
made his home in this locality for
several years, and who seems to have
been afflicted with a mental ir
r es j-onsibilty, caused a great deal of
excitement in the vicinity of Washing
ton avenue Saturday evening where
he hud been taken with one of his
spells and his yelling and noisy
demonstrations aroused the residents
c f that section and a search was made
for the man making the disturbance
but withe ut success and it Mas not
until last night that the man was lo
cated by the police at the Burlington
station and placed in jail for safe
keeping. Fred drifted in Saturday-
afternoon and was apparently about
''all in" physically, as well as mental
ly, as his clothing was torn and hi
shoes were only a sad ruin of their
former glory, while he was desirious
of getting something to eat. It was
thought that he was going out to the
home of some relatives near Murray,
but such does not seem to have been
the case and Fred is happy and con
tented as a child today in the county
jail with a good meal assured and the
necessity of having to work banished
for a few days at least. He will prob
ably be committed to some institution
here he can be looked after in bet
ter shape.
Secures a Marriacre License.
Saturday afternoon a marriage li
cense was secured by Mr. Harry B.
Schroeder and Miss Louisa Lemon,
both of Greenwood, at the office of
County Judge Beeson, and the young
p.eople will be united in the bonds of
wedlock at the home of the bride in
that city.
For a limited time will sell best
grade of Soft Coal at $4.85, delivered.
Phone 513-J. J. B. MOORE.
Parmele HHheatre!
September 17th
ig Time Vaudeville
Three Missourians
Singers Who Really Sing
Mile. Gillis & Co.
Sensational Equilibrittic
Willy Zimmermann
World' Createst Protean
Bogard & Nicoll
Comedy Due
And 3-ReeIs of First Run Pictures!
sfi PRICES 15c, 25c and 35 f.
Seats on Sale at We3'rich & Hadraba's Drug Store.
Purchases New ISuick.
from Frklar'j Pall v.
Fred Spangler is now boasting of a
fine new Buick "Six," which he secur
ed through the office of T. II. Pollock,
the local agent, and Mr. Spangler is
well pleased with his machine, which
is one of the latest model and provid
ed with the most modern equipment
and fittings, and is in fact truly a
"complete car" in every way and one
in which he can find perfect satisfaction.
Worth Their Weight in Gold.
Local IMews
George A. Sherwood w:t here to
day for a few hours visiting with his
brother, Ileibert, and other fiit-nds,
departirg this afu-rnoon for Omaha.
Miss Nettie Cook departed for Ivrj,
Neli., tills afternoon, wh re sin- vi!l
attend the State Normal mIi.-o! at that
place during the coming ye:.-.
-I have used Chambei Iain's Tabelts
and found them to be just as repre
sented, a qtick relief for headaches,
dh'.zy spells and other symptoms de
noting a torpid liver and a disordered
condition of the digestive organs. They
are worth their weight in gold,"
writes Miss Clara A. Driggs, Elba, N.
Y. Obtainable everywhere.
'Juir.po" Returns lo Lincoln.
Frrm Saturflav Datrv.
Evvald O. Stiehm returned to Lin
coln Friday from Johnson Creek, Wis.,
where he and his family have been
spending the summer at Mr. Steihm's
former home. Mrs. Steihm stopped at
Flatsmouth and will return to Lincoln
the first of next week. "Jumbo" has
been spending the summer in the open
air and is ready for the strenuous job
of v. hipping a winning foot ball team
into shape. State Journal.
To the Public.
"I feed that I owe the manufacturers
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy a word of gratit
ude," writes .Mrs. T. N. Witherall,
Gowanda, N. Y. "When I began tak
ing this medicine I was in great pain
and feeling terribly sick, due to an at
tack of summer complaint. After
taking a dose of it I had not long to
wait for relief as it benefited me al
most immediately." Obtainable everywhere.
Makes Nice Appearance.
From Saturday's Dailv.
The Eagle Beacon this week ap
pears with a brand new "dress." which
adds very much to the general appear
ance of that paper, and Editor Frank
McMannis is to be congratulated on
the success he is making in the pub
lication of the Beacon and his con
tinued improvement of the sheet.
None Equal to Chamberlain's.
Retbert Sherwood, sr., came up yes
terday morning from his hi-.'n'1 at Ne
braska City and spent the day heie
visiting with relatives aril friends.
John R. I'ierson. the Springfi.-M
banker, wa an over Sunday visitor
here with Ids family at the home of
Mrs. Mary II. Allison, returning to his
home this morning on No. lo.
Frank Schille and family of Omaha
were here yesterday for a - hort i-it
with relatives and friend-, as gue-ts
at the home of Mrs. Schiiie' - parents,
Mr. and Mrs. William Web r.
W. L. Mote and wife. h-ulcs E.
Greene and wife nod Th-ima-- Mc
Ilenery arrived this aftc-inoon from
their homes at Plainview fir a short
visit here at the home of Mr. an 1 Mrs.
A. G. "ole. The party motor.-1 ior.
from their homes.
John Wunderlich. or.e cf the worthy
citizens of near Nehavvka. came up
Saturday evening from his home to
look after some matters of b iii.ess,
and remained in the city until yester
day afternoon, when he departed fr
his home.
Miss Betty Bennett of Glenwood i
here visiting for a short tinr- at the
home of her uncle and aunt. Mr. ari l
Mrs. C. R. Frans and family. Mi s.
Bennett was one of the soloists at the
M. E. church at the st r ice
County Judce A. J. Beeson and
fami'y returned home hit evening
from r.n auto trip of several days
through northern Nebraska, and while
there were guests cf Mr. and Mi s. II 1
Brantner at Tender.
"I have tried most all of the cough
cures and find that there is none that
equal Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
It has never failed to give me prompt
relief," writes W. V. Hamer, Mont
pelier, Inch When you have a cold
give this remedy a trial and see for
yourself what a splendid medicine it
is. Obtainable everywhere.
Mrs. Agnes Chapman, who has ben
spendirg several months on tlie .Pa
cific coast with her sister, Mrs, Sue
Morrisey, and many old friends, ar
rived here Saturday aftc-rno in for a
visit with her son, John W. '"n ii-man
and wife, as well as her many fi i-n.l -.
She enjoyed her visit very muc h and
feels much benefited by her sojourn
on the coast.
Grapes are ripe now and ready for
making wine, and I can supply all
you want at 2c per pound.
J. C. Peterson. -
r -.. -ii i.i. .1 i-i ii . i
'.H ; i"' ':: j M?r -l k ;
ft Ua M i" !' '- J ' : -ff K
from $15 to $150
Come in and Hear Them!
Records, Needles, Etc.
John W. Crabill