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    M07TOAT, SEPTEMBER 6, 1915.
Review cf a Strong Plea For
a United Christendom.
Two Masterful Discourses Compared
Many Points of Likeness as Well as
I of Difference One Shepherd, One
Flock One Head, One Eody One
( Heavenly Bridegroom, One Heavenly
Bride Children of the Church One
Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.
New York City,
Sept. 5. Pastor
Russell. at the
New York City
Temple, W. C5rd
St., liear I'road-
way, preached a
strong s?riiun on
the subject of
Church Viiity. He
took for his text
Matthew 23:!
"Oue is your Mas
ter, even Christ:
and all ye are
brethren. He said in part:
Some time a?o. in the Cathedral at
Baltimore. Cardinal Gibbons delivered
a remarkable discount advocating a
united Christendom, llis strong plea
contains many jrood thoughts, some of
which I will now rend:
"It was manifestly the desire of
Christ that all llis disciples should be
united in the lrofessiou of one faith.
In His admirable prayer Wfore llis
passion He says: 'I pray for them also
who through their word shall lielieve
in Me. that they all le one, as Thou
Father, art in Me, and 1 in Thee, th-it
they also may be one iu Us: that the
world may believe that Thou hast sent
Me'; because the unity of tLe Church
is the most luminous evidence of the
Iivine mission of Christ.
"Uuitv of government is not less es
sential to the Church of Christ than
unity of doctrine. Our IivLae Savior
never speaks of His churches., but His
Church. lie does not say, "Uiu this
rock will I build My churches,' from
which words we must conclude that it
never was His intention to establish or
to sanction various conflicting; denom
inations, but one corporate body, with
all the memlrrs united under oue vis
ible head; for as the Church is a visible
body, it mu.t have a vi.-i!de head.
Unity of Faith and Government.
'Our Savior calls Ills Church a sheep
fold. "And there shall be one fold and
one Shepherd.' What more leautiful
or fitting illustration of unity can we
Lave than that whi h is suggested by
a sheepfoldV All the sheep of a flock
cling together. If momentarily se
arated. they are impatient till reunited.
They follow In the same path. They
feed on the same pastures. They obey
the same shepherd, and fly from the
Toice of strangers. So did our IjorJ
intend that all the sheep of His fold
should be nourished by the same sacra
ments and the same bread of life; th;it
they should follow the same rule of
faith as their guide to Heaven; that
they should listen to the voice of one
Chief Pastor, and that they should
carefully shun false teachers.
"Ills Church is compared to a human
body. 'As in one bodywe have many
members, but all the meml-ers have
not the same office; so we. being many,
are one body iu Christ, and every one
inembers one of the other.' In oue body
there are many members, all insep
arably connected with the head. The
Lead commands; and the fiot iustautly
moves, the hand is raised and the lips
oiien. Kven so our Lord ordained that
His Church. coiujMised of mauy mem
ters, should be all united in one su
preme visible head, whom they are
bound to oley.
"The Church is compared to a vine,
all of whose branches, though spread
ing far and wide, are necessarily con
nected with the main stem, and from
its sap they are nourished. In like
manner our Savior will have all the
saplings of II vineyard connected
with the main stem, all draw their
nourishment from the parent stock.
In fact, onr cnminen sense alone, apart
from the revelation, is sufficient to
convince us that God could not be the
Ai:Mnr of various opjmsing sy!eins of
-lii;ion. God is essentially one. He
is Truth itself. 'God is not the God of
dissension, but of pence.'
'l sk perfect harmony in the laws
which govern the physical world we
inhabit. 1 see a marvelous unity in
onr planetary system. Each planet
moves in its own sphere, and all are
controlled by the central sun. Why
should there not also le harmony and
concord in that spiritual world, the
Church of God. the grandest congela
tion of nis omnipotence, and the most
bounteous manifestation of His good
ness and love for mankind?
"Hence, it is clear that Jesus Christ
intended that His Church should have
one common doctrine, which all Chris
tians are ltoiind to believe, and one
uniform government, to which all
should be loyally attached. Where,
then, shall we find this essential unity
cf faith and government? I answer,
confidently. Nowhere save in the Cath
olic Church.
Pastor Russell Agrees With Cardinal.
I am pleased to say that I can arree
most heartily with Cardinal Gibbous"
presentation in almost every particu
lar. Unquestionably sectarianism is
wholly out of accord with the teach
ings of the Scriptures. St. Paul de
clares that It is a proof of carnality, of
,1 I - M
a flesLiy mind, of an uuspirirual state.
(1 Corinthians S:3-T. All Christians
both Catholic anj lYotestant are com
ing to realize this fact, although bur a
few years ago some claimed that sec
tarianism led to a greater zeal and en
ergy in the Diviue service.
All conversant with history will un
derstand what I mean when 1 say that
, God has been pleased to permit an il
lustration first, a united Christendom,
and second, a divided Christendom.
For long centuries there was in Europe
practically but the one Church I'o
man Catholic. The results were not all
that could be desired. That unity
brought neither secular nor religious
education, nor did it bring to the world
je Millennium. Kather, throughout
that long period ignorance and super
stition held sway. During the last few
centuries we have had the division of
Christendom into various sects and
parties. While the results are not sat
isfactory, not what the Word of God
prompts us to desire and exTeot. nev
ertheless this divided condition has cer
tainly tended toward greater freedom
of thought, greater lilerty from igno
rance and sU'erstition.
Which Is the True Church?
Agreeing with all the Scriptural
premises laid down. by Cardinal Gib
bous, we must, nevertheless, dispute
his conclusion that this one Church,
which Christ declared He would build
upon the rock of Truth, and which
would grow to a glorious Temple com
posed of living stones, of which St. Pe
ter was one. is the Ilomau Church.
Equally we disagree with our I'aptist.
Presbyterkin, Methodist, Lutheran and
Congregational systems when they
each profess to le the one Church.
Our contention is that all who turn
their backs upon sin, accept the Lord
Jesus as their Savior, approach the
Heavenly Father in full consecration
through Jesus and who receive the be
getting of the Holy Spirit of God all
such are sons of God. whether or not
they join the Roman Catholic, the Con
gregational, the Methodist, the Pres
byterian or other human systems.
Furthermore, our contention is that
not one of these human systems. Cath
olic or Irotestant, is recognized of
God. They are all human institutions
originated by men and maintained by
men. Sometimes good men and some
times bad men have had to do with
their organization and maintenance.
Indeed, we hold that each conee rated
believer is a child of God wherever he
may be inside or outside of all denom
inational walls or creeds.
In the Scriptures the true Church of
Christ is described as ""the Church of
the First-lorns, written in Heaven
(Hebrews 12i.) Will our Protestant
friends claim that their church roll
corresiKinds to "the I-amb's P.ook of
Life"? (Iievelatiou-JlT.) Would Chris
tians of any denomination dare to make
such a claim? Most assuredly. No!
We all realize that at the very most
the various sects and parties of Chris
tendom are composed of wheat and
tares; and that, so far as human judg
ment can discern, the tares are vastly
in the majority.
Christian Union Never Lost.
From this standpoint we perceive
that the great masses, Catholic and
Protestant, never were the Church of
Christ. They have been children of
this world, not spirit-begotten New
Creatures in Christ, not living stones
in the Temple, not branches of the
True Vine, not members of the 'little
flock." They have been worldly people
with reliirious sentiments and good de
sires, who misunderstood the Bible
teaching that only the sanctilied are
in Christ Jesus, called to Ik; saints.
(1 Corinthians 1:2.) What these large
numbers of well-meaning but mistaken
people have done in the way of organ
izing churches, lodges, banks, etc.. has
had nothing whatever to do with the
great organization which God effect
ed eighteen centuries ago and which
has iersisted as a unit ever since.
The True Church has never beeu di
vided. Each memlx-r is united with
the Lord, the Head, and through Him
to every other member of His Hod v.
which is the Church. Iu this one
Church there has always leen main
tained one Lord Jesus, one faith IIi
Word of Promise and one baptism
consecration into His death. 2 Timo
thy 2:11, 12; Ephesians 4:4-0.
Does some one say, "Where is the
history of this Church?" We answer,
in the words of the Apostle, "The
world knoweth us not, even as it knew
Him not." (1 John 3:1.) The world
of Jesus day Mere the professed re
ligionists. Yet they knew not the
great Redeemer whom God had sent;
and they crucified nim. Similarly, all
down the Gospel Age, the great re
litrlous teachers of the various systems
have not recognized the memlers of
the Htnly of Christ.
This is the very point which St. Paul
emphasizes. He declares that the fact
(and the philosophy of the fact) that
the Church are members of Christ is
to the world both the religious world
and the irreligious world a Hidden
Mystery. It is outside of their theory,
their understanding. Hence it is that
the most saintly characters, both Cath
olic and Protestant, have been mar
tyrs, as Jesus was, as St. Stephen was.
as all the Apostles were, as all the
faithful were during the intermediate
centuries; and as some yet may be if
an outward union be effected such as
once prevaneu in tne uarK Ages.
Counterfeiting the True Church.
If we now declare that to a certain
extent the True Church has been coun
terfeited by both Catholics and lrot
estants, let no one supiose that we
wish to speak unkindly. We do uot
charge that these counterfeits of the
True Church were made intentionally,
but merely that the Church, coming
under the control of brilliant minds
not spirit-begotten, followed 'their mis
representations of God's Word.
Fa ' instance, the averifge Eoniau
Catholic does not know that he is not
a member of the Church. But Cardi
nal Gibbons will not deny the fact,
neither will any other ecclesiastic.
Their teaching, most explicitly, is that
the Pope and the other religious in
structors compose the Church, and that
the people are the children of the
Church. Thus the Catholic Church ap
propriates the words of Jesus respect
ing the "little flock." etc., and applies
them to the clergy, not to the congre
gation. This is the secret of Papacy's
great mistake. In their ecclesiastical
system they have a counterfeit of the
True Church. Because the Scriptures
declare that the Lords faithful "little
flock." "the Church of the living CchI."
will reign with Christ, therefore Papa
cy claims the right to reign with Heav
enly authority over the kingdoms of
earth. Papacy's endeavor to carry out
this erroneous reasoning has led to
many grievous persecutions and wars.
If Papacy has the counterfeit of the
True Church and the True ICeign of
Christ, what does the Bible teach re
specting the genuine? This: That the
exeriences of the unknown, despised,
saintly followers in the footsteps of
Jesus constitute their preparation for
a share ' in the Kingdom with the'r
Lord. When the full number of the
elect Church, predestined of the Fa
ther, shall have leeu gathered out of
the world and glorified, then God's
Kingdom shall le established on earth,
and they shall be joint-heirs with the
King of kings Jesus Christ. His King
dom will rule the world, nor by guns
and swords, not by burnings at the
stake and iuquisitiouary torments, but
by Heavenly power.
What our Catholic friends have is
merely a foreshadowing of the Truth
resjK'Cting the Church as a mother.
The Scriptures teach that when Christ
shall institute His Millennial Kingdom
for the uplifting of mankind. lie shall
have a Bride the Church (Revelation
19:0 and shall figuratively beget chil
dren. That is, during the thousand
years of llis Reign the glorified Jesus
will be the Everlasting lather, Giver
of everlasting life on the earthly plane,
to Adam and all of his children who
will accept it on the Divine terms.
Then the Church will le the mother,
the caretaker, of all mankind, to bring
the willing and oledient up to full hu
man perfectiou and life everlasting.
All who refuse this grace of God will
be destroyed in the Second Death.
Are There Protestant Counterfeits?
Although Protestants repudiate the
Catholic idea that the clergy alone
constitute the Church, nevertheless in
many denominations we see this in
sidious error in a slightly different
form. This is notably true in the
Episcopal Church, which puts the gov
ernment into the hands of the clergy
and treats the laity to a considerable
extent as children. The Methodist
Episcopal Church follows closely the
same line of procedure. The Presby
terian and Lutheran systems also dif
ferentiate the clergy from the laity,
even though the laity be given some
recognition on the ecclesiastical boards,
usually for the purpose of securing
financial or legal advice.
Congregatioualists, Baptists and Dis
ciples most nearly recognize an equal
ity iK'tween clergy and laity that the
entire Church f God is a Royal Priest
hood. Yet even wuh these congrega
tional bodies an attempt is made to
separate clergy from laity and to hold
all the spiritual power and authority
iu the hands of the clergy. In the 'on
gregational Church this is done along
financial lines through the Congrega
tional Union. In the Baptist Church
the Baptist Ministers Association holds
reins over the people and tells them
whom they may call for a pastor
whom the Association will ordain aud
whom refuse. Thus the same spirit is
manifested in all these earthly systems
and distinctly differentiates them all
from the One True Church and her
Scriptural regulations, which declare.
"All ye are brethren; One is your Mas
ter, even Christ"; and One is your
Pope, or Father, even God.
We ask Cardinal Gibbons to consid
er with us the Scriptural teachings
which we Lave presented; namely, that
the Royal Priesthood is composed ex
clusively of saints, whether clergy or
laity; that this One Church is indivis
ible; that the Heavenly Father, the
Husbandman of this True Vine, per
mits none to remain as branches, mem
lers of the True Church, unless they
bring forth the true fruit of the Vine.
We ask the Cardinal to consider the
Scriptural teaching that this saintly
class is now the Esjioused Virgin men
tioned by St. Paul (2 Corinthians ll:2i;
and that these are now awaiting the
completion of their number, when the
Heavenly Bridegroom, at His Second
Coming, will receive them to Himself.
By the power of the First Resurrection
they will "Ik; changed in a moment, in
the twinkling of an eye." to be like
their Ixrd. Then, as the Scriptures de
clare, will come the Marriage of the
Lamb. (Revelation 1D:7.) Shortly aft
er that event will come the Millennial
Kingdom and the regeneration of Ad
am's race the giving to them of new
life from the Life-Giver.
As for the great human institutions
which more or less counterfeit Christ's
Kingdom, these are also called vines
in Scripture the vine of the earth, in
contrast with the Vine of the Father's j
right-hand planting. It is not for us
to determine how much good and how
much harm these earthly churches,
vines of the earth, have accomplished.
This our Lord will declare in His own
season. But He tells us that the
grapes lorne by these vine? anger,
malice, hatred, envy, strife, evil-speaking,
etc. will overflow the Winepress
of the Wrath of God in the near fu
ture, and bring upon mankind that
great Time of Trouble which onr Lord
declares will lie such as never was be
fore known. Matt. 24:21; Daniel 12:1.
From Saturday's Daily.
The lipht question 5.eem? to have
again been brought to the forefiont
after it had been resting i-ince the
passage of the light contract o:-Jin-nce
at the council meelivp: last Mon
day night, when it was a-jrec! 'o
enter into -a five-yer.r contract with
the Nebraska Lighting comr:a?y for
cost of S'2,G'." per yeur, and j-,n in
creased number cf lamp.-, which were
figured would co?t a fraction over 7c
per kilowatt. This was opposed Ly u
great many of the citizen ; and a
petition has been circulated, which
has received a great .many signers,
asking that Mayor Ricbey ,-,,, the
ordinance, while the direct or.-- of th-
Commercial club have j e t-i,1.'d a
petition to the mayor a kin'r that he
see that a provision to secure lower
gas and electric rates for the private
consumer be secured from the
company before the matter is closed.
This action will probably hr.M the
matter up for some time nt least, and
what the result of the diU'eulty will
be is hard to figure out. and just
where the company and citizens will
be able to gfci together seems up in
the air, unless the council stands pat
on their passage of the contract and
make it stick. The light question has
been up before the public for almost
a year since the lighting contract
with the citv expired.
From Friday's raiiy.
A very pleasant gathering was held
last evening at the beautiful home cf
Mr. r.nd Mrs. T. K. rarmele or. Chi
cago avenue, where a In Tire number of
the younger social set we"e entertain
ed at an informal d incir.g party in
honor cf Miss Ruth I'itzgern'd of
Louisville, who is a guest at the I'ar
mele home. Some forty f the young
people were present to c: :j.y the
pleasures of the evening avl in the
delight of the new dances. I w? hiv: the
evening dainty and delicious refresh
ments were served that added much
to the pleasure of the occasir-n.
Everyone reads the want ads.
of the
Bank of Murdock
cii,r.TT.i: so. til'i
Of Murdock, Neb., Irr-orporated in the
State of Nebraska, at the close of
business, A ugiist-.i!t), HMo.
i;r. )n;('i:s
Loans and iJ;.-oiii:i f
i vtrtr:i!'i
J a : ik i nr lnu:c. furiiiiun an. I fi-
t u re
Current e. m-iii-s. i.v,- uml inu rcst
i ::..r;'.
t.lMt' l
CIO 77
Iuih from nat'l ainl Nia'e
C!ttks :n! ii-fii- of
(Mlllt Cllili
Silver. iiit'LeK aini cents.
:''hi to
:r: :,4 y: f7
Capital st'V'l; :ni in Si.vv-i pc-
Surplus fund l.rm c '
l'ii(li-id-l prorils 1.1:4 74
1 mliv idual i!';om i Mil'j-ot
tO flli'l-k. ?." .K'H'i 'M
Time (n if icais of lcp(-ii s r."..7ii!' M
C'itsliir"s elicrks imKi unt li njf -M." ti.'!-.".4.i'"l 44
IejoMUr's puaranty fund 1.147 1;'
Count y of as t ' ''
1. II. A. ; utlimanti. Cashii'r of tin- alovc
named liank. !o lierel.y swear that tlie
aliove statement is a correct and 1 rue ropy of
Hie reiKiil made to the State Cankiiur Hoard.
li. A. liniiMANN. Cashier.
Henry A. Tool, director.
.1. K. ; ut hinaun. direri.M'.
SutscrilN'd and sworn to U'fore me this "fith
day of Aiitftist. pm:..
.lEitKY K. Mclli-cn. Notary l'uh'.ic
Seal My rommi.isioti expire-. Match J... l'.'l'O
A Power Grs&n Separefor
increased de-
tMr-Sf .vvmand and low-
!i-'i er seUinS cost
pa 1 enable the
?. J manufacturers
to male this
big reduction
in price of the
separator you
Sesaritor S ...
Caatioed X-36 v'onderfcl
It akima while you milk. Savrs time,
drndeery and cream. Holds world's record
for close skimming. Maintains hich, even
speed, without vibration. Runs itself at
cost of 2 cents per hour. Reliable, sure
start engine and separator built into rigid,
compact fuuac. CtUl and ace it today' -
John W. Falter
1 t
1 fmsk
ma r-''-j- .1.1
ri my V'-
mif '' r 11 rrnir Trr
m m b$
-'; ,,,
FW1 E5
Jaturi.iv'K ' mllr.
evc-.nip.rr Mr. r.nd
'lis:. M. Rloornp:.
M:-. F. C.i
and Mr.-;.!
at'- Fv;ill. all of Pekin.
Illinois', ar
rived in this city en route home from
PiairAievv, Neb., and will visit here
for a shott time with relatives and
f i ii-nds in this section of C.-'.s? county.
Mr. and Mrs. I'l.hs aie cousins of V..
II. M'-isdnm1, r.nd they wee met here
this mo-nimr by Mr. Meisinprer and
wife, who will entertain the party foi
a few days. They hae not l.een hero
for several years and the occasion is
lieinsr very mach ri:joed !y 11 in the
Artude Is in Error.
l-'rom Saturday's lnitv.
Ii; the Murray items appearing in
he Journal this week was one of thj
injury of a lady near that place in a
runaway, rtid owinp: to a typopraphi-
il error it was made to appear that
this was Mrs. Mark White, when it
should hen ?Irs. Mark Wiles,
who was the party injured. This was
a most unfortunate mistake r.nd has
caused much annoyance to both Mr.
and Mrs. White, who have been kept
busy nr.swerinp: inquiries as to the
accident, and we make this correction
that tho?e who were misled by the
published statement may be riven the
real facts.
Smoke the Exquiseto"and"Eape,"
the best .rc cigrars. Herman Spies,
Tuesday, September 21st
I am offering at public sale 41 head of pure bred Duroc Jerseys. Amorgst the cfTciirg are
18 boars, 19 open gilts, 4 sows with litters and one open tried fow. .
Five of these animals are pons and daughters of the famous "Old King the" Col." and are ani
mals of real merit; one yearling hoar that will weigh aronDd 500 pounds (out of ECHO'S CRIM
SON WONDER, GRAND CHAMPION at the Nebraska State Fair 1914 ) This boar I will make a
special oiler on. Will agree to take him back at the price he sells for at sale, in one year's time,
providing he is in as good condition as he is now.
Will have 4 Spring boars of the JUMBO CRITIC strain all large and good; one of them will
beat 200 pounds, and is a real outstanding animal of this strain. Balance of animals are mostly
bv the above boar "Echo's Model Wonder." One.sow with litter by her side, a grand-daughter of
"COL. GANO." an animal I paid $155.00 for at Oscar Larson's sale last winter, will go iD the ring
and some one will get a bargain.
SvT Remember the Date Tuesday, September 21. Sale to beheld in large building, one
hilf block from the depot.
iv. t. richardson, clerk V. B. PORTER, Owner
J"MI ;" fxTiTr'!f
i Mi ir t rmrri 1 nMrw W
m m m m
The weather conditions have
been against the lumberman so
far this season. The result is
that the stocks have accumu
lated and prices gone down.
Shingles are cheaper today than
they have been in the last ten
years. If your roofs are in bad
condition now is the time to fix
y LTTJ Usa U ra
From Friday's T'ailv.
The stork was a welcome visitor on
Wednesday niorninp: at the home of
! Mr. and Mrs. Julias Nc-ilson in
j ci:y arid left in their care a bright lit
tle son and heir, and the little man
is considered iy the proud parent? as
.usi dout the f nest little one in the
land. IJoth the mother and child are
iretiinjr itlonjr nicely, and Julius is firm
in the belief that the new hoy will
make an expert engineer when he pets
: little older.
Departs for Lincoln.
From Fridav'p Iaily.
This afternoon Frank R. Gobelman
:.nd Ileih Cotton departed for Lincoln,
from where they will start out paint
injr the siirns for the Lincoln-Union
road, and from Union north to Omaha,
in order that the auto travelers over
j these roads may find it much easier tu
travel. The work will take up some
time and will be clone in a most com
plete and capable manner.
None Equal to Chamberlain's.
''I have tried most all of the couch
cures and find that there is none that
equal Chamberlain's Couph Remedy.
It has never failed to pive me prompt
relief," writes W. V. Harner, Mont
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rsey -Ho
One of Interest to Our Header.
Cood news bears repenting, an 1
when it is confirmed alter a lo.rr
kip.-e of time, even if v. e he.-iiatid t.
believe it at fir.-.t heai'tintr. we fei I
secuie in acceptinir it:- truth now. Th-.
following experience of a I'lat t-in uth
man is confirmed after f e year's:
Herman Tickoetter, contractor.
Ninth and Day Sts., I'latf-niouth,
Neb., says: ' My kidneys caused n .'
much trouble and 1 had a dull. ti'-e.J
feelinp across my loins. If I Mt.op-d
or straightened, my back hurt me and
in the morninjr i was all ti'ed out. A
box of Doan's Kidney 1MI- promptly
relieved every symptom of the com
plaint." (Statemo; rien Jti"e t'.h,
Tickoetter said: "The kidney
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Fieldman for Nebraska Farmer
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and Drover's Journal