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Novelized by
Murvin Dana, author
ir J-:-,:.,: - 4
ir'V" .i
of "Within
from the sac
- cessful play fay
Daniel D. Carter
J ev'J eV,
Cpyrlfht. 1913. by tfc
Not Madness. I
WAlN'A iUCIIT aU!nsse(l the j
jili;. si--i;iii ciifnli'.Jt!.v: j
Vk'.i set-, iifiw. II:irry. how j
it i. TLe Ihin 'inir to u cli- j
mas toni-lit. w l.u I lK'nn. with the j
kinlMpst !iiti.tiiu, to .isk liim some
tH:e-tion. ciif-crniiis his leal tlx. lie
ju-it plami at iu. as if J were trj-j
in t.. do Mm some iii.iury instoail i
of ronMy Wiintiits to help him in his
troiiNe. AikI tlion. all of a sudden.)
he pro'-eeded to make the mo?t pre-j
po!tT'iis m'liKiiuH yon couid possihly !
iia.-iLlne. Kirst lie repented all these1
HtrM:u:e imaciainps of wliieh you:
hae been !:e:?rli!r Iiere tjnizht. and j
ttin lie even was so wild as to tack j
on one in wiin-ii ne siatea tnei my
wife. tir. had leen convicred of theft
arid I'cea sent to jail.
To t'.! the truth, doctor." l.-e con
tiii'iofl. "I i--al(lnt make head or tall
oaf of l-is niatu.deriTicrs. And I.u"ene
rot so v.crried t! at. finally, as you are
an examiner in lunacy, with the power
of fommirnient. 1 thought the best
thit'ir would he tr et you over here j
and let you take him a Tray nnd put!
him safely under observation for a
"Andrew. c me Lere, please," the
.hyiii ian ordered.
-Yes. sir." The answer was uttered
with the utmost respect. The .Master
Muni iuiiiiediatfly advanced to a posi
t i. .n jut in front of I"orles. where lie
remained standing jaticitUy.
-Vuii Lae Lea d v. hat wa.s said?"
"Oh. yes, sir. To my surprise,
"Ah! to your preat suijirise, eh?
'hy d'd you siiy tlwss"
"I don't lemeiuocr sainp them. sir. sir, it d-'c.-n't s'-m posjtilc
to me that I oeid ever havt- such
dreadi'ul ;!'.:::.s al..ut the family of my
"Now tell me the exact truth,"
Forbes coj-i itiued. "lo you think that
Mr. Yt"a!'er is a thief?"
"N. iii'leeil. .sir." he disclaimed.
"or that Mr. Illount is a bank burg
i. ni . sir no. never, sir.
: ul Mrs.'ilit either."
did vi n threaten Mr. Wain-
wr;:i:.' that if he refused to d
yorr bidding you pul'Iisli tliese
ptoris ia the news-ia pel s';"
"I'ni very ry, sir," Andrew re
Kpomied, v. i'h a i;uick reversion to his
former meek manner, "but I don't re anything about it, sir."
"Io oU di "ike Mr. YVnhiwHsht?"
was tli" next i; ".iry.
"Oh. EToodfie-v no. sir!"
"Or Mrs. Y"ainwr:-li! ?"
"Oh. no. .tir oli, no. indeed. -5r. Very
far from it."
"I mii s;!;!(; to hear you speak in this
fr-hion." i'dib'-s said approririirly.
"Nevertheless, my sr.-.. il man. it a;
jieirs on !!'ii!iin:, tes:iino:y that
yro; h:ive k:cM t!n -- i-"rious an 1 offcii
sive t!r!!:::s. 'VYh.:' '.. ".e voti to s;iy to
m as t.. t hnt f.c t
Aain Andrew looked t:p.
"W'cU. sir." he siil. "to toll tin'
I am not surprised. A thim:
Iii:e it liappepeii to m
Fir." Th"re :i pen
!ico he fere.
!."!! moveineiit
oT aston':;in)cit. in v
-' i, It I til
p'.iysiei n shared, at thi
cain'.i 1 avow-
rl of Ids unfort una' e in-ntal condilion.
"Yes. sir." he w-nt :;. with obvious
reiuctaneo. uroppm
-r hi ors;
I h
ny last plaee befo;-.- tliis in the sanie
"Well. now. Andrew." said Dr.
Forbes, "how wouH yon hke to t"
ii lone with m for jut a littie while
to ret rested up a bit. you know?"
r.nt the patient '.i--'TIa ed a sr.dden
ami unexpected animat ifu iu opposi
tion to this pi.TKisa!.
"Oh. ti(. Indeed! Not to nn nu in
sane asylum no. no!" He wnm: hid
hands dipa irimrly. nnd hi face be
came writ hen with fear. "Oh. I am
ure that would drive me mad, la
need!" "Hut you sirciy nee,l n change of
some kind. Andrew." h-- nrpred.
"I know that, sir." he said softly.
"I know it only too veil, sir." Then
a li'tle more of spirit ct;ept into his ex
pression. He took a leifer from hi
pocket and in! 1 it forth to the physi
cian. "1 had thought that this njirh?
be the fh.n for in." he endd m
Forbes took, the. lcitt-r. VJi frsin
"1 i
the Law,
ji..: -fT
H. K. Fly company.
cousin of niino tlown in Vircinia. sir.'
The phyfd'-iftn scanned the missive.
"I see." he said thoughtfully. "As I
understand it. then, you have enter
tained the idea of pciii down there
and living with your cousin, for some
.J- 1- fc.. - ' - -(C- .rAv?"
"I'm under Mr. Wainwright's orders."
time at least, on his farm. Are you
still of a mind to follow this course.
Andrew, if you .slionld be allowed?"
The patient's face brisrhtened. and
his hands were raised in a movement
of entreaty.
"Oh, sir. if I only misrht!" he cried.
"I should like it so very, very much,
";ood!" canto Forbes" crisp com
ment. He tnniP'i briskly to Wnin
wriht. "That's the best way out of
the difficulty. Cortland, by all means."
he advised. "Fuder the circumstances,
now. an asylum wouid be the very
worst place in the world for Iilm.
lira My. Cortland. I couldn't think of
rdvishr- it."
Despite Wainwright's efforts Ir.
es refused to commit Andrew, aiifi
epnrted leaving the oddly nssort
iur in jc library.
The air of humility now fell from
Andrew a miuht a sal' incut when he
strode forward, so that lie faced the
others iosely.
"ln?enioi:s. Mr. Wainwrirlit!" he
said, with zest. "Oh. it was really
iui;e i:c'cnious. Its one demerit was
that it prove! so utterly inefficient."
He looked slowly over the others lu
the room, with the exception of Lu
cene. from whom he held his uaze
studiously averted. None r.-f the three
criminals who had joined in the futile
revolt airninst him ventured to meet
his eyes. They sat in nervous dejec
tion, expectant of condign punishment.
Andrew smiied as he contemplated
them, rnd the smile boded ill. The
smile jrrew amusedly contemplative as
he regarded Marshall, who was scowb
Injr heavily: tfica of . sudden the Mas
ter Mind's face set itself in stern lines.
He spoke with authority.
"Mr. Wainwrizht will rxcuse you
now." he said br'sL'y to the dete'tive
Marshall snorted indignantly.
"I'm uudr Mr. Waiuwrlcrht's orders
nnd following his instructions. Other
wise the situation would be different,"
he growled wrathful'y. "1 puess you
undeiV.aiid that."
Andrew did not trouble himself to
reply. It was Wainwriv-ht who re
en forced the command.
Andrew then continued.
"It was at thi. hour of the morning.
Mr. WuiuwriirLl." he said, with pro
found solemnity k -ihat my brother
dld-ibat h v:t ptit to death. Well.
i X
ITT.- ifrrjt ,vrp.-: ,L
tf Vj
-Oiis- v- -isjisiAi
the time united oo tn;twej;u u has
km'. What is your choice7"
Wainwright cpeke very quietly, firm
ly, yet with a sadness that told the
greatness of his eacriilee.
"You leave me no choice," he said
simply. "Yuii have won. I shall re
tire from public life."
"Today, you remeralM-r."
"I remember today."
I-ucone started up.
"No. no!" she breathed wildly. Fhe
went swiftly to her husband and
placed her two hands on his shoulders
and looked down into his face with
her eyes twin flames of dusky azure,
burnlns thvoujjh n mist of tears. "Oh.
my dear, you can't you can't! No, I
say, you shan't! 1 can't let you do
this dreadful thiny no, no! Oh, let
rue ro instead you must! I can't
spoil your life like this, dear. lrt me
go let me fr !"
Waiuwri-ht ordered the three crooks
and the detective to leave the room
In Wainwric,hi"s eyes shone unut
terable love for the lieautiful woman
whose heart was so torn by nncuish
brought uion her through love of him.
At least he must strive to comfort her,
tu assuage her jrricf, since her love re
mained to him. As for this other thing,
it was. alter all. by comparison, a lit
tle thin::. Y'ct, even as he thought so.
it was with difficulty that he checked
the uroan that rose to his lips. It is
no liirlit thine to tear out by the roots
the honorable ambition of a strong
man's lifetime.
The husband's voice was colorless.
"What would be the use?" he said
sadly. "Ab to your leaving me. why,
wherever you might go 1 should fol
low." The wife buried her face in her
hands and shook with sobbing.
"There, there!" he cried soothingly,
distraught by her agony. He stood
up and drew her into his arms, caress
ing her hair with exquisite tenderness
in the gentle tom-h of his lingers.
"Hush. hush, darling! Don't you
know. Lueene. that 1 have you. and
so nothing nothing else matters?"
The s-t-ne failed somehow to give its
evil genius the bliss he had thought
to lind in iL This lovers' rapture made
a mock of Ins vengeance. Y'et. even
as h. asserted this to himself. Andrew
knew in his soul that he lied; that the
venom of his punishment was even
stronger than he had guessed to ii
s. n the well of his enemy's hopes and
its virulence would increase, not lessen.
Nevertheless there was disappointment
to him here iu Ihe hour of triumph.
He had rained nil for which he had
striven yes. all! And something more
the misery of I.ucene!
In a fury of rage against his own
weakness Andrew thrust the thought
of I.ucene from him. nis voice broke
"Your resignation in writing, Mr.
Wain writ lit, if you please."
Wainwright sjndve listlessly.
"I will write it in my study at once
and bring it to you here. Come with
inc. I.ucene."
Abruptly, violently, the wife tore her
self from his arms. As he rested mo
tionless, amazed, she darted to An
drew, clutched his wrist in her two
hands, when he would have recoiled
involuntarily before this onslaught cf
the woman he had wronged. Her voice
came softly. haltingly. pair.fuliy
ighted with the burden of hue's
tragedy. The violet eyes, humid, ten
der, i'.iiit.itely pathetic in their plead
ing, met his ere lie could turn his gaze
aside ami held hiui in their spell.
"Oh. Andrew." she cried, "I have
trusted you I have loved you! lte
cause of that I have tried tj think
how you could do this terrible thing
to me."
"Must we go into that now?" the
man demanded roughly as she paused,
lie felt his strength slipping from him.
lie felt his wrath leaping high, wrath
against himself, against fate not
against her.
"Yes, we must." she said bravely,
"for I may never speak to you again.
I have fied to think what it could be.
And now now I know! I understand
at last. It was because you loved your
brother so much because yon ioved
him so that nothing else mattered at
all. Isn't that It. Andrew?"
"Yes, that is it." he answered husk
ily. "Tint don't you see don't you see?"
she questioned with the fierceness of
one bereaved. "You've hated the man
I love. And because you think he sac
rificed your brother vhoin you loved
now you will sacrifice me in the same
way. Don't you see, Andrew?'' Her
eyes probed the farthest recesses of
his soul. They tortured him with their
poignant reproach, yet he could not
turn from them so great was the
strength of her weakness.
lut, though he understood too well,
he stiii struggled impotently against
her, against a self he theugWt. dead.
"No, no!" he stammered. "No, 1"
Lueene went on:
"You can't ruin his life. Andrew,
without ruining mine to. You can't
you can't!" Her voice's music rose
throbbing. "Don't you care what be
comes of me, Andrew? Do you know
you are turning my love into hate?
You don't want that. Oh. you don't!
I know you don't. Andrew. You are
not going to tell me now that hate, not
love, is to rule your life and mine. Oh,
6urely, Andrew, you are not going to
send me through the rest of my life
hating you as you have hated him
not that! No. Andrew, you can't I
tell you, you uan't!"
Slowly, at last, the lids drooped over
Andrew's eyes. He turned his Lead a
little, with a movement of lassitude.
Then the lids were lifted again, and
he looked full into the eyes of Waln
wright, and his own were inscrutable.
In his voice sounded a note of futile
remonstrance against destiny.
"I've hated you for years." he said
quietly, "as you know very welL You
are aware also that my hatred of you
has been, rux rujinil passion since its
beginning. In that time, all my days.)
yes, every waking hour, have been de- j
voted to the task of accomplishing
your ruin. This in the instant of my
triumph. I hold you here in the hol
low of my hand, with the power and
the wiil to crush you. Well, sir, I
oen my hand and let you go."
An imperious gesture restrained the
exclamation that rose to Wainwright's
"The explanation of this inconsisten
cy is very simple. It lies in the fact
that I am a. fool the greatest fool in
all this world of fools. So. because I
em such a fool, you are safe from me,
Mr. Wainwright now, and always. I
wish you good morning." He moved
toward the door.
But the wife, radiant in an instant,
would not have it so.
"Andrew!" she cried. "Oh. thank
God! not only for our happiness, but
for your sake, loo, since love has con
quered hate, at last!"
The Master Mind spoke heavily.
"I only know," he said confusedly,
"that the most unlikely thing in all
the world has happened. I mean that
in the hour of victory mv trlunrob has
turned to ashes in my mouth. 1 only
know thnt, sicce I cannot crush my
enemy alone, I cannot crush him at
all. No other could, I think, but you.
Lueene you've beaten me"
Lueene spoke very gently.
"Then I was right all this time. You
did love me, and you do still?"
Andrew shook his head douotfully.
"I only know," he said, "that I can
not do you harm."
Lueene made an impulsive step as If
to follow him. then checked herself.
This man srtll held in his heart hatred
for the husbaDd she loved.
"Where will you go, Andrew?"
lie answered very gravely, sadly:
"I do not know only, not back into
the shadows whence I came." He
paused for a little, and added, wist
fully: "He happy. Lueene. and remem
ber sometimes, if you will. that, after
ail. it was I who brought you your
happiness" Then he went quickly
from the room, and so out of their
lives. But the happiness that had been
his gift abode wih them always.
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JrUr -
m . "-"-S I V
1 u
Local News
Feel languid, weak, run down ?
Headache? Stomach "off?" A good
remedy is Burdock Blood Bitters. Ask
your druggist. Price $1.00.
Mrs. J. M. Roberts and daughter,
Miss Helen, were among those going
to Omaha this morning, where they
will spend the day, combining business
and pleasure.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dys
pepsia and constipation weakens the
whole system. Doan's Regulets (25c
per box) act mildly on the liver and
bowels. At all drug store.
M. G. McQuinn and J. E. McCarroll
of Union motored to this city yester
day to attend to some business mat
ters at the court house. Mr. Mc
Quinn was a pleasant caller at this
L. D. Hiatt, the Murray merchant,
was in the city for a few hours today
looking after some matters of busi
ness, and departed for Omaha on the
early Burlington train to spend a few
hours with the wholesalers.
J. F. Tubbs of Mynard was attend
ing to some important business mat
ters in this city today, and while here
took time to call at this office and
have his subscription to this paper
extended for another year.
Charles Haynie and wife returned
ast evening on No. 2 from their honey
moon trip to Colorado and the west,
which has occupied several weeks.
They will visit here at the home of
Ilrs. Haynie's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
G. G. Hoffman.
Miss Hazel Hunnicut, who has been
here visiting at the M. S. Briggs
home for a few days, departed this
morning for Central City, Neb., where
she will take up her school work in
the Nebraska Central college in that
Henry A. Guthmann of Murdock
came over yesterday afternoon from
his home to visit together with his
family here with his mother, who has
just returned home from ti visit in
the northwest with her son, C. F.
Guthmann, and wife at Murphy,
Harry Pein, who has been visiting
here and in Omaha with his relatives
and friends for a few days, departed
last evening for his home in Kansas
i City. While here Harry became a
! a .l -v 1s J Jil
reader oi tne journal ana oraerea me
paper to follow him to his home.
Carl West, while working about the
elevator at Wyoming, had the misfor
tune to get his hand caught in the ma
chinery and badly bruised the same.
A physician was called and dressed the
injured member. It will be some little
time before he will be able to have the
full use of the same again. Nebraska
Citv News.
FOR RENT Two unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping, or one fur
nished room. Inquire of C. S.
Ruopp at Gering & Co.'s drug store.
Smoke the "Exquiseto" end "Eagle,
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A Candid Caller.
A smull boy had been coerced Into
making nu afternoon call with his
mother. He had relielled vehemently
over the calling business, saying: "Aw,
what you want to make me go there
for? She hsisn't any boys, and it won't
lie any fun."
Hut. dressed In his best suit, he had
Iut on his company manners and had
beknved very well indeed, and when
their hostess nervrd refreshments he
beirin to feel glad that be hnd come.
When It came time to leave he held
ottt his luiiid. saying gallantly:
"Good by; I've had n good time" and
theu. right while his young mother
was bennihug her approval, he added
honestly "n whole lot better time
than t exiected to have." Indianapo
lis News.
A Bsnevolent Refusal.
'Senator. I wish you would give me
a job ns your private secretary,"
"Oh. my boy," responded the oily
senutor. "don't get mixed up with the
government service. Nothing to it
iUilus a young man. Besides, 1 hare
promised that fKs!tlon to my son."
Kansas City Journal.
"Is he a good nfter dinner speaker?"
"If there is such a thing as a good
after dinner speaker 1 presume you'd
call him one." Letroit Free Press.
"I saw Mattel buying rouge th.C other
day." V"
"Thnt gives color to the report that
she paints. Baltimore American.
Man's Adventurous Side.
There Is always a temptation to
cross a bridge which has been con
demned, man being hd adventurous
cuts at beart, Atchison Globe.
Calls Upon All Citizens to Note
Dignity of Toil.
August a Good Month For Secretary oi
State President Gustafson Arrang
Ing Farmers' Meeting Quick Exarn
(nations of County Treasurers.
Lincoln. Sept. 2. In order that th
people might not forget that Monde.y
Sept. 6, was a legal holiday i nd fiat
it was also Labor day, Goernor More
head issued the following proclama
"Labor is the law of the universe
From the mote that floats in the sum
mer breeze and lives but for a few
moments, up to the shining sun thai
holds in its grasp the revolving p'an
ets. all proclaim the dignity of labor
The brain unused would soon hecomt
a blank and the muscles, denied ti.f
privilege of use ind exercise, would
soon wither away. Among lie oinest
teachings of the reripture is the CO"
trine, "if a man will not work, nrithet
shall he eat." Independence comoc
from the sense of the ability to tic
things and that he who knows and ic
capable cf doing enough shall rot
want for any good thing Labor in
every department of industry is enti
tied to, ard should receive its just re
"The first Monday in September has
been recognized and set apart by thf
rjeople of Nebraska ps 'Labor day aid
Is therefore a lecal holiday The f rst
Monday comes on Sept f. this year
and it gives me pleasure to announce
the fact and to rnuest that it be sc.
observed and that the people through
out the state make the day one that
will commend the spirit thereof :ihd
teach the dignity of toil, instilling irtc
the minds of our youth that there ir
an immortality ir. what men do and
that no honorable calling is without
its reward.
"Therefore. I. Tohn H. Morehead
governor of the sLate of Nebraska, dc
hereby proclaim that Monday. Sept. 6
be recognized as Labor day and Uiat
all public institutions recognize It ae
such; that the pupils in the public
schools especially be reminded of th
day and the reasons for its institu
Rail Board Issues Order For Wires.
Th state railwav commission Issued
an order restraining the Continer'al
Gas and Electric company of Otnaha
the Aurora Electric Light company
and the York Gas and Elecrric Light
company from increasing its voltage
on a transmission line running from
Hampton to Aurora until the con
panies have received permission c
build the line. The companies filed an
application to extend the line eas' .as
far as Bradshaw. and it is probable
that they will comp'y with the law cud
make application o build the line al
ready built without permission.
August Good For Pool.
Although the month of August i?
generally considered a slow month
for business. Secretary of State Poo'
was able to take in fees totaling ur
to $10,910. an increase over the same
month of last year of $4,171. Appliea
tions for automobiles showed 3.17.1
new ones for the month, not countinc
renewals. Many are believed to be
neglectful of the requirements of the
law and are believed to te runr.ine
under their old numbers. Where not
paid up the numbers are given to rew
applicants and mary may have unau
thorized numbers.
Arranging Farmers' Meeting.
C. H. Gustafson, president of the
Vphraska Farmers' union, was a caiiei
at the state house to arrange for the
national meeting of the organization
which embraces unions from twenty
four states, cove-ing the agricultural
part of the country. The meeting ii:
he held Sent. 7. S and 5 in tne c:t
auditorium. Mr. Gustafson left here
for Plainview. where he will speak at
a picnic of the organization at tat
Valuable Objects of Art.
Two paintings, said to be worth
about $107,000. will be on exhibition
in rhe art hall at the state fair nr1
week. The pictures are the "Vblagc
Blacksmith" and "Sylvia." Seere'an
Mellor is feeling exceeding'y fine over
seecuring these paintings and beliefs
thRt thi lovers of art will appreciate
the opportunity to visit the art hall
and view them.
Quick Examinations.
All offices of county treasurers hnve
been examined, according to State
Auditor Smith, the time taking ser
months and three weeks. The state
iceountant assisted in the work,
aniining three treasurers besides
twelve trust companies. The audi'oi
believes this is the quickest time tV
state has been able to make in exairl
Democratic Editors to Confer.
Democratic editors will hold a ss
Inn at the. Lindel! hotel nn next T'is
.day evening, the second -day of thf
fair tn'ratlr nvpf mnttwt: Mprohor?
ottli legislature and state officers o'
tfiat -faith have been invited. ;
f York to Have Festival. ;) ,
York. "Neb.. Sept. 2 York's Com
mercial club has decided to hold a fal
festical. to last four days, beginning
on Sept. 2$ and ending Oct. 1.
OTIt i: Tit 4lt!-;iUTOIt. -In
the- iuu Court of ( (nnnl,
r hru
In tlif Mntt'-r . t u- i.-mif- i f rhr.
S. Win I man. I !! - u
N-itlcc tu ail cr.-I.;..- ; M 1 1-.-1 '1 .' n s;t il
estate is 1. :-' ;--: : ' a: "::'!?!
Wormian. nm-Llor "f ;;''-i -t.M-. i : : :
hmi i tin.- i : fil i :. ms : a-il : :. ' '
county C'U'tiOi,ni in l!t ' V.n
mouth, fhi.I m:iitv, on t? :;! c on v of
Sfjit f in ht-r. 1 I ... ami !. ti..- ..'' . h.v
of March. 1 !;.. at t !. h o.: of : .: k
A. M., ior t!.- jMirinci- '! !? nr.t'. inl-jiiMOo-nt
uriil a ! 1 v;i tin- o' ii;.;:n
atraitisf nuhl t-sta'..-. m-vs.o..- I .. Msi;
clair.,s or dcliiamls umi.t. . m1 .--Ta.i
must filf thf sano- i;i mm! "iu:i o:
ii.-loic tl ! 1 1 . it: v o: .:::!. i . m
said i lims uill I lot, hi l.ii'.l
lialcil tins 1st da' ot ?-i iu rri i.-! . 1 :;...
auj;.n .i. i:i:ks' 1 v
i i iu I.I v .1 i i i:
thi: iiisTiutT oi iit or
fOI'M'I. IN Klilt AM A.
Charles C. I'armeic, J'iamtilf,
C. II., t-t al.. I icft-tolaiit s
To C 11. KU-einaii. lirst n n I naiio
unknown: Mrs. (J. H. K!e ctn.ui. lust r
1 1
name unknown; the unktio-.vri h-i:s.
devisees-, legatees, personal represent
atives and all pel sons in t et e.- ten in int
estate ot C. II K Vi-man. Jir.-t rem nano-
unknown; and the ur.kmowi lie, is, n--
visees, lecratees, pergonal rt 1 r-s n i -alive.-,
find all other pernors inietesieil
in the estate ot Mis ( . li. Ko email,
iirFt real t.atne unknown. u feniiai.t.- :
You are heiel.y n 1 1 1 f Mil that on Jul '
!Uh. A. J '. 1 !!". toaititlft liietl his suit
in the IMstrirt ourt ot i asu oun;.
Nebraska, to Uiet tin- titi-- t toe lul
lowinp riescri iie'l laiol:- in i "la t tsinou t h.
Cass County, Nebraska, to-v. it:
Lot Five (..i. in Ilio.-u 1-.,rtv-th?e-r.3.
in the Citv of I'lattsnioutn. Cass
Cniintv. Nebraska.
The object and praver or whn n
are to have fxininti-'i iron, ii,e n
and declared null and onl
one lerlalll
to the lle
d hit. dated
deed pretendiiiir to convex
fendant. li. Kleeman.
AueruHt JSth, 111. ui
d hied for record
and recoil. ed ill
August 11-.
Hook al, at pace
of Cass County, Nc
join v.ui and each i
of t lif deed recot ds
h: aska . a n-1 to n
f j on from I ia x- i n ii
or c'ainnntr any
rixht. title or interest
in or to Miid tea! esi;:t
ouietinr the title tlii-rft.
; nd foi ex er
:n the plain-
tif:. and for onuHabie it in f.
You are reouired to Hni'r said peti
tion on or before Monda, iiti-tnwr
Htl A. V. 1.1 a.
Iated this ::nl dav of . 1 1 crtis t . A. n.
1915. OHAULKS C. 1 'A ! ill K I.K.
C. A. I.AXVL3.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
mith i: or M it to cit it htm;.
Iu the PiHtrlrt Court of the ( utility of
nr.. Nrlirn1 ii.
Amelia Vallery Mtreight, l'lainiil?,
A. L. Small, first teal name unknoxxn.
et ah, I icTendaiits.
To the 1 et enrtan t s:
real name unknoxxn;
real name unknown:
real name unknoxxn;
SniaM. lir-t
Small lir.-t
Small, hist
s L,. .-mall.
I '. Al.
1. C
O. L.. Small, hrst real loin e unknin'i.l
YY. M. Small. Hrst real name uiistioxxn.
J!ay Catlin. Iaisy Miller, nee VVrijjft;
llarry T. Miller, lu-rdie ."ackson. n-i-Wruilit:
James S. Bums, aiso knimn
as James S. I'.urnes, and the iii.l.novx n
iieirs. legatees and devise s of Alice li.
Nexxton. deceaned, also known as Alice
Newton, deceased.
You are hereby notified thnt on .lulx
"0th. A. I. lila, plaintin tiled lier suit
in the Pistrirt Court of t! f County of
Cass, Nebraska, to quiet title to the
following: described lai.d. to-wit:
Lot three (3. in l:!o k tiinef'-n
(lii, in the City of Clattsmou th.
'ass County, Nebraska
liecause if lier adverse iossession bx
herself and her prantors for more tlian
ten years prior to the rommencf men t
of said suit, and to enjoin each and a:l
of you from haxinc: or i lalmlriK un'
ripht, titlf. lien or interest, either ler.-il
or fftuitable, in or to said land fir a n v
part thereof arnl fi'r pi'trrttl enMftan.e
relief. This notice is made pursuant to
the order of the Court.
You are required to aiisxver said peti
tion on or before Monday, the 1"U. day
of September, A. 1'. I'.'K.. or x our de
fault will be dn!x- entered thei'lii
V. A. HOUERTSON", Attorney.
&--4x lts-wlt! v
oTiti; ti o-iiiiii:t
IM't'KMI M"i.
To Jac.-ib Stettu r. James Settler, Sarah
.la-kson, AVi'.liam llauinai:. (o.oe,.
I'.aumaii, .lacoh liaiiin.ii, James tu
m;.n. Sarah lioxvnca. Kate
Winnie Kanons, Theron Steltlet.
Mamie Sheltz, Clifford Stettlit. Clar
ence Stettler. latward Si l!ii i. 'ri
-m-I ? !
ill, Ni
Stettler. IMxvard Hail,
liams, and Kmnia 11am
1 1 -
J :m -
dent Iielcrnlants:
You and each of xu
notified that on the " T t i i
A. I. 1011). Haiiey Wolfe.
a re her bx
day of .1 u 1 ,
as pla mi 1 '1 .
filed his petition in the Ids-tiut Court
of Cass County. Nebraska airainst on
and eacli of x mi us liefendatits. (re
pleaded xxitii Frank .1. StettU-r an I
tJeorpe Stettler; tint said plalntift m
said petition alleces that I e is tlie own
er of an undivided, one-half of ti e loi
loxvins descrilied real estate, to-xvit:
Tie Kast Half ( U. of tne
Ntirtliwest yuarter (N YV. '.4 i f
Section Thii tx -fcuir C!l, atnl t ti
West Half i W. V- of ti e South
east Quarter IS. i-:. of Section
Twenty-seven (2"i,all '. n Tovnst.n
j:ieven (11). North, of Ilange Nine
last of the tth I', il., in Casn
County. Nebraska;
that Jacob Stettler. James Stettler rnd
Sarah Jackson each owns nn utkV.-x i ie.i
one-fourteenth thereof, that William
Hauman, (jeorpe Di, uniHi,, Jmdh l:an
man, James IJauniiin and Sarau iiowio n
eaoti owns an undivided one-scx-ent i.-i li
thereof; that Kate Sxxihart. W mioo
Kanous, Theron Stettler. laixxard Jlal':.
Tlieda Williams and Kmm.-i llamliu
each own an undivided one-fort x -second
(1-41 therefore, and that Maui'"
Shultz. i.eorpe Stettler. f'rai.k .1. Stet
tler, Clifford St'-ttle:-. ("larrnce Stettler,
LMward Stettler aiid Coon st-tile'
each oxx-ns an tindi v i ded oio--n ; n ' -eiphth
(l-ys thereof; that the ot',e
and prayer of said ietition i to ot.taiti
li .ir.dKiii'-nt of said Court i-m.lirniinc
the shares of the parties as above
stated nnd to partition the said leal
You and each of you lire reumn
answer said petition on or before
L'Tth riav of September. A I). l!'l...
1 to
I l,e
in failinp so to do your
duly entered Herein
taken as prayed for
default wiil be
i nd jiiihrt'oo't
in plaint i:t !
pet it ion.
1 ;ited this ll'th day of August
A. I.
If MILKY Wvil.FK. Plainer.
Ey PALM K 1 1. TAVlXil; A.- l'AI.Mi:i.,
His Attorney!,.
R-12-4 ks.
In the County Court of the County oi
Cass, Nebraska.
In He Estate of Francis Kushinsky,
To All Persons Interested:
You are hereby notified thr.t hea--ing
upon claims ngainst said estate
will be had at the office of the County
Judge, Court House, PlBttsniouth, Ne
braska, on the 8th day of September,
A. D. 1915, and on the 8th day of
March, A. D. HUK. at 10 o'clock a. ni.
on each of said days. All claims not
filed before said hour on said last day
of hearing will be forever barred.
By the Court,
County Judge.
Atorney. 8-SMtwL!y